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Mother-in-law’s Special Massage

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Jake knew he was in for a long weekend. His mother in law was coming for a visit and he really did not have the patience to deal with her. It wasn’t that he didn’t like her, but she was an extreme busy body. She spent most of her time suggesting ways in which him and his wife Patty could change. On her last visit, she had gone as far as rearranging all of the furniture when they were at work one day. His mother in law Karen, meant well, but didn’t know when to back down.

Karen was a successful therapist and had her own practice in New York. She had always been vague about what she specialized in, and would only say that she treated people for stress problems. The business must have been doing well, because his in-laws had a nice house and afforded at least one great vacation a year. Jake liked his father-in-law as well, and they both enjoyed the same things, but his job at a real estate company was keeping him too busy to make the trip. Jake tried to concentrate on the positive side of things as he made his way home through the damp snow that had begun to fall heavily.

Lights were shining through the apartment windows, so Jake knew that Patty must have already arrived home with her mother. He took a deep breath and put on his game face before entering the door. His wife and her mother were sitting on the couch talking as he came in. He tossed off his coat and gave both of them a hug.

“You look like something the cat dragged in.” Patty told him, and it was true. The week had been rough and Jake wanted nothing more than to enjoy a hot shower and relax in front of the television.

“We had planned on going out for dinner, but it looks like the weather is getting pretty bad. Mom and I were thinking about ordering Chinese tonight. Do you mind?” Patty continued.

Jake didn’t mind at all. In fact, he had no plans on going back out into the snow. “Sure, just order me some fried rice and I’m all set.” He said.

His wife gave him a hug and Jake excused himself to the kitchen. He was fixing a glass of water when Karen came in. “Hey, let me get you something to drink.” She told him, and immediately set about grabbing a few bottles of liquor from the pantry. Jake had to admire her. She was confident and forceful, and even though he felt that she could be pushy, her heart always seemed in the right place.

Karen whipped up the drink with a few ice-cubes and handed it to Jake. She had used a good combination and Jake nodded his head in appreciation as he took the first sip. “This is really good, thanks.” He told her. The drink really did hit the spot.

“Patty was telling me that work had been pretty rough this week. How’s the merger going?” she asked.

“The rough part is over with. Everyone who is staying on has been given his or her new assignments. I think it will be business as usual next week.” He explained. Karen listened as she fixed two more drinks, one for her and one for Patty. “Just make sure you get enough time to relax. You don’t want to get too stressed out.” She cautioned.

Jake nodded with a smile. “I plan on it.” He said. He had been home less than an hour and she was already giving advice. He mentally shrugged it off. She was just being caring, and he knew the pressure from work was making him cranky.

“You’re looking pretty good. How’s Don been doing?” Jake asked, trying to switch the subject. It really was the truth. Jake always told his wife that he knew she was going still be hot when she was older, because her mother was. Karen was fifty years and still looked forty. She worked out five times a week and had a shapely figure that a woman half her age would die for.

“He’s doing well. He wanted to come this weekend, but he can’t get way. It works out better anyway. I told Patty that I’d show you some relaxation techniques and Don would just get in the way.” She said.

Jake thought he was doing a good job at keeping a smile on his face, but he was wrong. Karen smiled at him, and since she was holding a glass in each hand, bumped him playfully with her hip.

“Hey, I know I can get to be a bit bossy, but I only want to help you relax and keep you from being so stressed. If I get too overbearing just let me know.” She said while head toward the door. “Just give it a try before shooting it down.”

Jake downed his drink and refilled it before heading to the living room. He made a quick and genuine apology to Karen, who accepted it without question. The food arrived soon and they ate dinner while watching a movie on television. The two women talked late into the evening and Jake eventually left them talking and retired to bed. His wife sliding into the bed awakened him in the middle of the night, but he quickly fell back asleep.

It wasn’t the light that streamed through the windows that woke Jake the next morning, but his wife shaking his arm. He opened up his eyes and playfully glowered at her. “What time is it?” he asked sleepily.

“It’s only eight, but I have to run out to the office. I forget to send out a package that must be sent. I’ll only be gone for a few hours.” Patty told him.

Jake glanced out the window and could see that the snow had accumulated at least four inches. Patty hated going out in the snow when she didn’t have to, so he knew the package must was important.

“All right. Call me when you’re on your way back and we can meet up at a restaurant for brunch.” He told her. Patty gave him a quick kiss and then was gone. Jake lay in the bed for another few minutes and enjoyed the feeling of not having to go to work. The winter sun was shining brightly and the room was toasty warm. Jake almost dosed off, but a knock came at the bedroom door. He had totally forgot about his mother-in-law.

Karen cracked the door and poked her head in. Her hair was down around her shoulders, with a rumpled look that was still sexy. Jake couldn’t tell whether she had put any make-up on, or she had just forgot to move what she was wearing the previous day.

“Patty told me like a little juice in the morning, so I thought I’d bring you some.” Karen said as she slipped in to the room.

Jake was somewhat embarrassed as Karen crossed the floor to the bed. She had not dressed, and was wearing a short, black, oriental style robe. He could see the hint of a red nightie peeking out from under the robe, but her legs and much of her thighs were bare. It was not an outfit that he would have expected her to wear around him. Karen climbed onto the bed like a schoolgirl, and handed him a glass of juice. The front of her robe parted a bit as she moved and Jake almost choked when he saw the tops of her breasts.

“Thanks.” He said as he tried to keep his mind off of Karen. “I told Patty to call on when she was on her way back, and we’ll meet her for brunch.”

“That will be great. It will give me enough time to show you a few things.” Karen said as she hopped from the bed. “Finish your juice, and I’ll be back in a few seconds.”

Jake was relieved that she had left. His cock had started to get hard and as usual, he had slept without any shorts. He was just about to slip from the bed and grab a pair of sweatpants when Karen returned to the room. She was carrying a small leather bag, which she tossed on the bed before climbing back on herself.

“I was explaining a few relaxation techniques to Patty last night and she thought that some of them would really help you. I told her that I would help you with a few of them, so now is as good of a time as any.” She said.

Jake didn’t want to be rude, but there was no way that he could sit through whatever she had planned. Her robe had come open even further and the lace of her short gown was barely hiding her breasts.

“I should get dressed in something more…” he started to say, but Karen cut him off.

“The first thing you need to do is cut out some of the distractions. We’ll start out with sight.” Karen said, interrupting him before he could finish. She had already unzipped her leather bag, and had proceeded to pull out a black sleep mask. Jake was caught off guard as she placed the mask over his eyes and cut off his sight.

“The next step will be audio, and the goal is to find a soothing rhythm that promotes free thought. With that in mind, you should only use instrumental or mood music. Never use anything with vocals, as they may place thoughts in your head.” Karen explained.

Jake felt her leave the bed and heard her as she placed a CD in the stereo next to the bed. The room was soon filled with the sounds of a rolling river and the soft chirps of birds. The setting would have been relaxing if not for the strange manner in which it was unfolding. Jake waited for what was to come next, but Karen didn’t say a thing. He could hear her moving around and feel her near the bed, but nothing else betrayed her. He eventually heard a short hissing sound that was followed by a few more. He didn’t have to wonder long what the noise was, because the sweet scent of a perfume soon reached his nose.

“Scent will also help you relax, and is another piece of the puzzle. It can help block out distractions the same way as the music does.” Karen told him.

The perfume was almost more than Jake could stand. He had weakness for women wearing perfume, and the scent was causing his cock to stir again. He tried to block the thoughts out of his mind and remind himself that this was his mother-in-law, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. He thought he had it under control until Karen climbed back onto the bed. She sat next to him, and the heat of her body brought a different dimension to the perfume.

“Now, take a few deep breaths and clear your mind, then return to breathing normally.” Karen instructed.

Jake followed her advice, but he was feeling far from relaxed. He tried to concentrate on the music, and slowly found himself calming down. The music was soothing, and Jake finally relaxed. He had blocked out the fact that Karen was there in the room, and had more importantly, purged his mind of any thoughts of impropriety. He became so relaxed that he almost fell asleep, but Karen’s voice roused him.

“These relaxation techniques can help you at any time. You can close your eyes when commuting, or even do the full routine in your office at lunch.” Karen explained. “These are the basic techniques. I want you to keep them in mind as I begin the advanced session.”

Jake was comfortable, and didn’t give her words any thought. Everything she had shown him up to this point had worked, so he had no reason to be suspicious. He felt her move, and didn’t give it any thought, until she moved over him. Jake was startled by her movement, but quickly found his head cradled between a pair of soft thighs. He could feel her warmth surrounding his face and was frozen. “I want you to keep doing what I’ve already taught you, but follow my voice and do as I tell you. I know from the talks with my daughter that you’ve been a bit high strung as of late. You don’t have any choice in the matter, and only by surrendering will you be able to let go of your troubles.” Karen told him. Her voice had become commanding, and it was a tone that Jake had never heard her use. His heart was beating like a hammer as he felt her hands press against his chest and slowly push the covers down.

Jake stiffened as she pushed the covers down to his waist and the flipped the off the rest of his body. His cock had already begun to stiffen and it was almost fully hard.

“That’s good. I knew you would respond properly.” Karen told him. She slid her hands back up his chest and then Jake could feel her lifting up the hem of her short robe and gown. Jake felt a brief rush of perfumed cool air and then his mouth was abruptly pressed against Karen’s warm flesh.

“I like to shave because it feels so good to be nice and smooth. I want you to take your time and explore every inch of my pussy. I’ve been thinking about this all night, so you’ll find a loot of nice and slippery cream.” Karen told him.

Jake didn’t know what to do, but he was in no position to move. Karen had him firmly pinned to the bed and it was evident that she was serious about getting what she wanted. Jake had kept his mouth shut, but he knew that she had not been lying about being excited. Her cunt was wet and slippery against his lips and he could feel the cream oozing between his lips. Jake opened his mouth slight and slid his tongue out. The salty taste of her cream filled his mouth and he began to slowly explore her cunt. Karen was indeed shaved smooth and her cunt was soft and hot.

“That’s it. Relax yourself and enjoy my pussy. You don’t have anything else to be concerned about. Now, when you feel my hand on your cock, I want you to keep at what I told you to do.” Karen instructed. Jake’s cock throbbed at her commands, and he shuddered as he felt her warm hand wrap around his shaft. Jake continued push his tongue deeper and deeper into her cunt and was spurred on by her manipulation of his cock. His concentration broke when he felt her wrapping something around the base of his balls, and he jerked as what felt like a cord was pulled tight.

Karen’s pussy was getting wetter as Jake did his best to please her. He kept licking, but was keenly aware of what she was doing to his prick. Jake knew that she was tying him up with a cord, and what she was doing was making his cock even harder. Karen wrapped the cord around the base of his cock and then again around his balls. When she was done, his balls were pulled tight and swollen, and his cock felt three times its normal size.

“That’s perfect. You’ll notice how much more sensitive you are now.” Karen explained. She slowly dragged a fingernail over his ball, which caused Jake to moan loudly into her cunt. “That’s it. I know what you enjoy, so just let go and take it.” Karen said slowly. Her voice was still commanding, but less severe. Jake had stopped thinking her as his mother-in-law, but the thought was still driving his subconscious. He liked the few times that his wife took a more dominant role in their sex games, and Karen seemed to be an expert at it. Jake was totally immersed in what she was doing to him. The heat of her body, the combined scent of her perfume and body, as well as the taste of her cunt was dominating his senses.

Jake had stopped thinking about what he was doing, or the consequences, and had given himself over to what he was doing.

“Suck my clit and make me cum.” Karen commanded, and Jake eagerly complied. His tongue slid from her slippery cunt and he captured her stiff bud between his lips. The reaction was immediate as Karen ground her pussy down against his mouth. Jake had to work hard to keep up with her, and struggled to keep her clit in his mouth. Her movements caused her wet slit to jerk across his face, and he soon found himself snorting like a pig as her wet cunt-slime oozed into his nose.

Air was becoming a precious commodity for Jake, but he didn’t panic. His chest was heaving with the exertion, but he was in heaven as Karen rode his face. He knew that she was close to climaxing when her movement became even stronger and erratic, but was unprepared for when she finally came. He would have sworn that he was ready to black out as her thighs tightened around his head. The music and all other sounds were blocked out as his mouth began to fill with her cum. He swallowed as much as possible but it caught in his throat and he gurgled like some slut choking down a load of sperm

The pressure eased when Karen began to calm down, and she loosened the death grip she had on Jake’s head. Jake was spent and he hadn’t even come. His body was soaked with his and her sweat, and her clothes stuck to his body wherever they touched.

“That was good.” Karen crooned. “I want you to clean me up now, and I’ll give you a reward for such hard work.”

Jake weakly began to tongue her cunt again. Cleaning her seemed like a hopeless task, as her cunt was now gaping open and drenched with her cum, but it was a task that Jake was relishing. He had totally forgotten about his plight until Karen grabbed his cock. He jerked like a fish on a line, but Karen kept him firmly in place. His cock was super sensitive, and her hand felt better than anything he had ever felt before, but it got even better.

Jake felt a thick, warm liquid pour over his cock, and Karen began to slowly stroke his shaft. He could feel every vein and curve of his cock as her hand glided up and down.

“Keep licking like a good boy.” Karen told him as she began to increase the pressure of her strokes. Jake shivered as she jerked him harder. He continued to lick, even as she became wetter, and her taste became saltier.

It took a few seconds for Jake to realize what was happening, and his body language told Karen that he was aware. She gave him a slight squeeze with her thighs with just enough pressure to let him know not to stop.

“That’s it boy. Just keep licking. Doesn’t it feel good to know how much you’re pleasing me?” She asked. The question was rhetorical, and Jake was not in a position to answer anyway. He had a flash of insight as the flow of liquid began to increase, and he continued to swallow. It did feel good to please her. It was a simple pleasure, but one that was fulfilling.

The flow eventually slowed and then stopped, but Jake kept licking. His balls and cock were rock hard, and his legs were shaking from the need to orgasm. He didn’t know how much more he could take. Karen was stroking him with firm, long strokes and his cock was throbbing with every beat of his heart.

“Now I want you to wait until I give you permission.” Karen told him. She kept stroking, but he could feel her free hand tugging at the cord that was wrapped around his cock. The cord came free quickly and Jake pounded his fists into the bed as his cock tingled with new sensations.

“Come for me. Come for me.” Karen urged him, and Jake complied. His whole body became rigid as he felt the sperm pulse up his shaft. It was powerful, but like no other orgasm he had ever had. His cum didn’t shoot out of his shaft as usual; it oozed out in thick gouts. It seemed like his orgasm was endless and Jake felt his cum landing heavily on his balls. Karen continued milking him until his cock began to soften and his body was limp.

“Now, that’s how you do it.” Karen said, and Jake felt her move from off top of him. He was covered in sweat, totally drained and totally satisfied. He didn’t have the strength to sit up, or even remove the blindfold, and was now confronted with what had just happened.

“I session like this a few times a week will do wonders. Most men can eventually do a session or two every day.” He heard Karen say. “From the looks of things, he might be ready to go for another session soon.”

Jake would have smiled if he had the energy. She was right, because his cock was already stirring. But why was she talking to him like that? He moved his hand to remove the blindfold, but Karen grabbed his arm and stopped him. She quickly climbed onto the bed and mounted his face again. Jake instantly knew something was wrong. Either she had sprayed a different perfume or…

“You can thank mom later for the session. She charges quite a bit for her services, but she counseled us for free.” The voice was unmistakably Patty’s.

“I want you to remember everything Mom just taught us. It’s my turn to relax now, and I’ve been needing it for a long time.” Patty told him.

There were a dozen questions on Jake’s mind, but they were all silenced as a fresh, warm cunt was pressed against his mouth.

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