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New and Different

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Although he had thought about it so much over the years, he was just not prepared for it. He ran the scenario over and over in his head and he could always be suave, witty, charismatic, and romantic. But when it actually happened he was like a deer in the headlights. The softness of her hand on his at first nearly overwhelmed him because for so long he had wanted to know what she felt like. And now that it finally had happened it was so much different than he imagined.

Her hand was a lot softer than he ever thought. Her skin was yielding from frequent use of moisturizers and washings due to her job. He never really thought much about her nails before but seeing her French manicure up close gave him a new appreciation. He just enjoyed the radiating warmth coming from her hand. It was a new experience; one that promised to be the first of many.

He wasn’t sure of what to say. He knew what he had wanted to say for years when thinking of this moment, but all of those things had simply ran into the furthest recesses of his mind and hid away. Perhaps there simply was nothing to say. Maybe he didn’t need to say anything at all. He knew deep down that words were superficial and that what really mattered in a moment like this was not ruining it by saying something stupid and unnecessary.

She looked him over time and again which almost made him feel on display. Although he was not at all uncomfortable with the notion of her eyes wandering over him and studying his face, it was far more different than he thought it would be. He wasn’t sure what to do with his own eyes. Whenever his eyes met hers he felt a peculiar flutter in his heart. He would only hold the eye contact for a brief moment before needing to look away out of fear of his heart exploding within his chest. Part of him wanted to shrink away from the scrutiny, but the inner exhibitionist wanted to proceed.

The thoughts that were running through his mind were temporarily disrupted when she shifted her position slightly. She curled her legs up beneath her on the couch and leaned heavily against the back of it. Her hand moved up his arm slightly, just barely brushing against the light hairs dotting his skin which set his nerves on end. He found it a tad bit difficult to breathe comfortably.

His eyes darted from one part of her body to the next. The curve of her hip to the bend in her knee, the angle of her shoulder to the crook of her neck, the slight bulge of her collarbone beneath her shirt to the swells just below. He didn’t look for very long due to his face feeling hot and he didn’t want to come across as a pig. Though, she did look a lot better than the image he had created around her couple pictures. She looked a lot more real.

Her polished and well-manicured fingernails scraped against his forearm gently which gave him goose bumps. No amount of mental preparation could truly make him ready for her actual touch. Dryness filled his mouth and his skeleton was ready to crawl its way out of his body and run away. It wasn’t like him to be nervous in almost any situation. Then why this one? He chastised himself to get a grip and be a man. She was only the most important woman in his mind and the person he loved the most. No pressure. Part of him knew that he needed to be careful and respectful out of fear of embarrassing or disrespecting her and another part of him knew that she loved him enough to not really care about what he said or did. He could probably get away with murder and she would be alright with it. But it was hard to convince one half of his mind with the other’s opinion and instead he sat there on the couch locked in mental debate while her hand felt his arm.

The couch gave the slightest squeak as she shifted her weight forward, leaning closer to his body. He needed to get a grip, he knew. She was probably just as nervous, or maybe more. In spite of her experience compared to the lack of his, he had usually remained more level-headed when facing difficult to answer questions about their relationship. This must be hard for her. He needed to take some control over the situation to show that he was not just all talk. Sure it was easy to be assertive long-distance, but this was the real thing and it was much more difficult.

If he could just muster up the strength to do this one thing then he knew everything following would be that much easier. He had been in somewhat similar situations and far more dangerous and life-threatening ones before, but none of them really compared to this. This was completely new because she was the woman that he had known for so many years, who had been his best friend for so many years, who he loved with all of his heart.

Gathering up all of the possible strength from all of the furthest recesses deep within his body and soul he forced himself to look into her eyes. They were beautiful to him, though she would like to disagree. He moved his own hand and brought it to rest on her shoulder next to the crook of her neck. Her shirt felt a lot smoother, silkier than it looked and he could feel her body heat against the palm of his hand which was almost more than enough to make him lose his nerve altogether. Her body gave an almost imperceptible shiver upon contact which showed to him that she was in fact just as nervous as he was.

* * *

Words had failed earlier, too. He really had no idea what to expect anymore. For years and years he told himself different things about what would happen when this finally happened; what would happen when they finally met after so many years of long-distance. His thoughts always shifted from one thing to another, always trying to create a more rational and logical situation that would occur. But when it did finally happen, those thoughts vanished like dust in the wind.

The front door looked completely different than he had pictured which sent a shudder through his chest. If something as simple as a door was so different and alien, then what about her? He stood there and stared at the door stupidly for a long moment, not entirely sure what to do. Should he knock? Should he use the doorbell? Should he just open it and go in? His heart raced faster and faster as his nerves stood on end to let him know that he is encountering something completely new and strange. However, the thought of turning back and leaving had never entered his mind.

Just standing there, he let the indescribable feeling of unknowingness wash over him. Was this the way it would always be when it came to her? He shook his head. Of course not. This was just something new and different. New and different is not necessarily bad, just new and different. Everything that is new and different eventually becomes known and familiar. That is how their relationship had progressed over the years. First becoming friends had given him the same feeling that this was something new and different and it scared him a little. When he found out that she had feelings for him, and more so yet that he had feelings for her, that was something new and different and it scared him a lot. But with a little time those things became less menacing and alien and had become familiar enough to the point where he could safely say that he was in control of himself. But he couldn’t say that right now.

His breathing came in short and fast waves as his pulse raced. How could just a door cause such trouble? He looked around. It wasn’t just the door. The whole house, the bushes and plants, the neighborhood, everything looked different than he imagined. New and different.

He was being silly. He knew better. This wasn’t like walking to the electric chair after the final meal. This wasn’t even like being naked on stage in front of a large crowd. This was just finally meeting someone he loved face to face. He knew there would be differences in them both as well as differences in what his perceived mental image was, but he told himself that he could handle it. He mustered up enough courage to finally decide on knocking on the door. Ringing the doorbell would feel too much like a blind date and he decided it would seem too disrespectful to just walk in.

The wait was agonizing. The seconds after the knocking just seemed to drag on by at a snail’s pace. His heart was jumping and his stomach was doing hoolahoops. He felt like he was going to be sick. Maybe she wouldn’t open the door. Maybe she had changed her mind and decided that she would rather not meet him face to face. She was probably nervous, too. It was a gigantic leap in their relationship into new and different territory and it was doubtful that either one of them knew what was going to happen exactly.

After what seemed like two and a quarter decades, he heard approaching footsteps on the other side of the door. Those footsteps made his heart clench painfully in his chest and he sucked in his breath sharply. It was finally going to happen. The door opened.

In a sense, he was both incredibly relieved and just the tiniest bit let down. She was there, standing in the door way and he could finally, after so long, lay his eyes on her for himself. In a way she was right about what she had constantly warned him about. The difference in age was more apparent than in his mind, but at the same time it just didn’t really matter to him because she looked better in her realness than she did in his fantasy. Although her hair was lighter red, almost blondish if the light hits it in such a way, than he imagined, he still thought it was incredibly beautiful. She was exactly as tall as he knew she would be, the top of her head coming just below his chin. Her face held some lines, but still looked beautiful to him. Although he had seen her in pictures and on camera before, seeing her fully and for real was just something that his eyes were not used to. Even the shirt and slacks she was wearing didn’t quite match up with what he had imagined. But there she was.

No words were spoken. None were needed to be spoken. It was the final gap in the relationship to be crossed. It was time to face the real reality. She looked at his eyes which made his face feel warm and his cheeks turned a bit red. He couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Her face didn’t betray enough emotion to tell except that her eyes were glistening and ready to overflow with tears but he didn’t know if they would be tears of joy or tears of sadness. Tears of joy from finally seeing him face to face or tears of sadness upon realizing that he isn’t as good as she had thought. He just didn’t know. But after a moment of looking at one another, she finally stepped forward and put her arms around him and hugged him close. Instinctively he put his arms around her, too. The feel of her warm body against him was surprising. He was hugging the woman that he loved so much. He could smell the fragrance of the shampoo and conditioner she used in her hair mixed with a tint of perfume that he couldn’t recognize. The sight of her, the feel of her, the smell of her, everything was new and different.

* * *

His hand on her shoulder trembled. He hoped that she didn’t notice how jittery he was. Even if she did, though, it was doubtful that she would particularly care. Her shirt was incredibly satiny and he couldn’t help but to feel it with his fingers, though he tried not to make the movement particularly bold or noticeable.

Her body almost imperceptibly drifted closer to his until her face was right in front of his. Nothing in his imagination could have prepared him for seeing her so up close and intimate. It was all real and he simply couldn’t believe that he was finally with her. He didn’t have the nerve to close the final small gap. He was afraid that if he moved he would frighten her off or that he might do something stupid like bump his head against hers. Luckily, he didn’t have to do anything.

She closed that final gap, leaning in slightly more until her lips lightly brushed against his. His heart went through his esophagus at the contact and the back of his neck felt incredibly tingly. Her lips were absolutely nothing like he could ever possibly imagine. They were soft, warm, and even though they just very barely brushed against his, he could feel their moistness. After the tiniest of lip touches, she pulled away just slightly. Her hand on his arm didn’t move, nor did his hand on her shoulder. They just looked at each other as if neither knew exactly how to proceed.

With his heart beating uncontrollably in his chest, he forced himself to breath through his nose. She moved in once more and her lips pressed against his a little more than previous to the point where it could actually be considered a kiss. The texture of her lips was new and different and he found that he absolutely loved the feeling. He found his lips responding almost by themselves by pushing forward ever so slightly, his top lip nestling between her lips. His mouth felt dry and he hoped that his lips weren’t. Her lips weren’t. They tasted slightly of lip gloss.

They held the kiss for a long time; their mouths staying mostly still save for the occasional shift to feel a different part of one another’s lips. He could feel the warm air when she slightly parted her lips. Her breath smelled of mint and it felt particularly pleasant against his skin. It was something new and different that he could definitely get used to.

The longer the kiss went on, the more comfortable he felt. His heart rate had slowed enough to the point where it didn’t feel like it was going to spontaneously combust. He wasn’t sure where to focus his eyes during the kiss so he just closed them and focused on the sensation her lips brought.

He gave a slight jump when he felt her firm hand on his leg. It was a rapid progression that he was not prepared for, but didn’t entirely mind. He knew that her superior experience would help guide the whole situation. Her hand on his leg had even emboldened him enough to move his own hand several inches so that it rested lightly against the side of her neck. Her skin was soft and yielding and he could feel her pulse. It was rapid, too.

The very notion of the woman he had loved for so long finally kissing him and touching him had always made him feel a bit weak around the knees and gave him butterflies in his stomach, but it finally happening had more than tripled those sensations. He felt like he was going to be sick but at the same time he didn’t want to stop at any cost. Her nose brushed against his as she deepened the kiss. The closeness was not something he was ever familiar with. But he didn’t have much time to dwell on that because he felt the tip of her tongue push between his lips.

This, too, was very new and different. He could barely feel his own body from the neck down due to raw nerves but he could feel every single curve, crevice, and texture of her tongue as it slid past his lips and into his mouth. He could taste the mint on her tongue. Although the way her tongue brushed against his teeth felt intrusive, seeing as it was something he was not particularly familiar with, he felt a sense of intimacy with her that he had never known before. He didn’t mind her tongue at all and in fact welcomed it once he managed to rattle his brain enough to react to it.

He found his own tongue brushing against hers. He played with her tongue gently in his mouth, getting the feel of it and trying to delve into the back of his mind for some sort of experience that he could use. His tongue slid along the underside of hers, pushing it against the roof of his mouth before backing off enough to let his tongue slide along the top of hers. It was slippery, warm, and tasted good enough to start driving him a little crazy.

As he slid his tongue along the top of hers, she withdrew hers back into her own mouth very slowly as to not lose contact with his, but instead drawing his into her mouth. This was also very new to him. He felt her teeth brush against the top and bottom of his tongue as it slipped past her parted lips. Her tongue began to swirl around the tip of his and he found that he rather enjoyed the taste of her.

The kissing had melted away a large portion of his raw nerves and he found that he could move his hand down her back. He felt the back strap of her bra beneath her shirt against his fingers. That was something new and different for him, too. It was all different and new for him and he wasn’t sure just how far he had intended to go. Granted he knew her for years and years, but this was the first real time seeing her. He didn’t want to screw up their relationship, but he also wanted to keep going. He was confused and didn’t know what to do. But luckily, once more, he didn’t have to think about it.

He felt the pressure of her hand pressing against the top part of his inner thigh, moving in a slow circle against his pants. She moved her head away from his, his tongue slipping from her mouth. There was a single strand of saliva connecting his lip to hers. She didn’t seem to mind it, and neither did he. Her eyes were glistening once more, but she didn’t look particularly sad. She moved herself closer to him and her lips nestled on the side of his neck. The raw sensation made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. She sucked on his skin and lightly nipped it between her teeth. He was glad for her experience. It felt strange and new, but very pleasant.

Her hand had finally settled over the bulge in his pants. She gently put pressure against it which sent wave upon wave of nerve-addled pleasure through his body. He always knew that she was good and that her touch would be good, but he didn’t know just how good it really would be.

The softness of her breath tickled his neck between her kisses and slow licks. He simply tilted his head back and closed his eyes and allowed his hand to travel lower to the bottom of her shirt. He had relatively few qualms at this point about sliding his hand beneath the back of her shirt to feel her skin. She was incredibly smooth to the touch and ever so warm. He lightly scraped his nails along the small of her back.

She straightened her back and moved her head away from his neck. He looked at her. In his imagination or in real life there was absolutely no mistaken the look of desire and lust. Her lips met his once more as her fingers fiddled with the button and fly of his pants, finally getting them open. The kiss was not timid this time, as it was the first, and she hungrily drove her tongue into his mouth which was met with an almost equal vigor by his tongue. He might not have had the experience, but he had the enthusiasm and the love for her.

Her hand slid into the opening in his pants and beneath his boxers. He jumped and almost yelped when her fingers slid against his hard erection. This, too, was something new and unfamiliar. Her hand was so warm, so smooth that his erection jerked at the first touch. He could feel his brain turning off and the more primal and lustful aspects taking over so that he wouldn’t have to think or be nervous at all. They both knew what they wanted and it was doubtful that either one of them minded giving it to the other.

She broke the kiss. The sweetness of her breath made him aware of just how truly close they were. She lifted one leg and put it over his lap and then straightened out the rest of her body so that she was straddling his legs. She was taller than he was in this position so he had to look up at her. She really was beautiful to him. Her hands went to the bottom of her shirt and she pulled it upwards. Her stomach came into view, her belly button, her ribcage, her bra-covered breasts, her collarbone, and then she finally slid it up off her arms and tossed it aside.

The heartbeat in his chest elevated rapidly. He had imagined so many times what it would be like to see her naked and it was happening and it was far better than he could have ever thought. Although in fantasy her body was perfectly flawless, in reality her body was perfectly real and that excited him more. His trembling hands were guided by hers until they were placed on either side of her ribs. She put one arm on his shoulder and let her other hand almost absently fondle his hardened shaft in his pants.

Taking his sweet time he ran his fingers and palms along her ribcage, feeling the texture of her skin and feeling the difference as his hands moved down to her stomach. His hands then moved upwards until the tips of his fingers were less than an inch away from the bottom of her bra. He didn’t know what he should do. This was all very new and different for him.

As if sensing his hesitation, she reached behind her only long enough to unhook her bra before putting her hands back where they were previous. He had imagined this moment many times and the real thing was much, much better.

His hands made the last stretch of the journey, the very tips of his fingers brushing against the bottom of her breasts. He moved the bra a bit down her arms to reveal the sight to his eyes. They seemed larger than he had thought, but that might just have been because they were so close to his face. Once more renewed with lustful desire which drown out inhibition, he slid his hands up further until both of her breasts were firmly cupped in the palm of his hands. She let out a low mmm sound accompanied by squeezing his shaft a bit harder.

Her nipples pressed against his hand and were hard and firm. Her breasts were soft and almost pliable feeling in his fingers. He could easily see why so many people loved breasts. Just the sight of them so close, her nipples being squeezed lightly between his fingers, was enough to make his mouth water. He squeezed her breasts firmly in his hands and she arched her back a bit, pressing herself forward. He already felt like he was ready to die anyway from a combination of sheer pleasure and raw nerves so figured he might as well go as far as he can before that happened.

The firm, hard nipple felt unlike anything he had ever put between his lips before. He darted his tongue out and started to caress the nub. He could feel every miniscule bump and nook. Her breast tasted vaguely of salt with just the hint of soap. It was not unpleasurable to say the least and he found himself taking more and more of her breast into his mouth until he couldn’t fit any more and he just sucked and licked as much as he could. Small lustful murmurs escaped her lips and coaxed him on as she arched her back more and pressed her breast into his mouth.

His teeth scraped the underside of her nipple and then he pinched the hard little nub before sucking on it hard. These actions seemed to excite her more and more as her soft panting turned into low pleasurable groans of delight. The more encouragement he heard from her gasps the more he licked, sucked, and nibbled on her nipples. He had never been more turned on in his entire life and that was just the beginning.

He was almost in a euphoric state when she pulled her saliva-covered breasts from his mouth and hands. Her lustful look promised things greater than her breasts as she slid her body off of his. She stood and ran a finger along the inside of her thigh up to the button on her slacks. She opened them revealing her red panties and pushed the garment down her legs and kicked them off. He couldn’t say anything even if he had wanted to. There was a distinctly darker spot in the center of her panties. She kneeled down in front of him and brushed the front of his knees with her cheek before giving the inside of his leg a little caress. Her breasts pressed against him as she lowered herself. She put her hands on his knees and pushed his legs apart so she could settle herself between them. He knew what was coming but he just couldn’t wrap his mind around it. It was actually happening. It was so incredibly new and different that he just sat there and looked at her as she did all the work.

Her fingers hooked into the waistband of his boxers and pants and she pulled them towards her. The clothes were pulled down to the bottom of his thighs, revealing his granite-hard erection which stood straight up in the air and glistened with fluid at the tip. He had masturbated for her before on camera, and he enjoyed letting her watch immensely, but this was so far beyond that. She studied the bulging veins and various curves of the long, hard shaft as well as how the skin was more taught at the head then on the shaft. She ran a finger down the underside of the shaft which caused it to twitch. He bit his lower lip as she brushed her fingers against the smooth, hot skin of his erection before gripping it gently and enclosing her fingers around it. She began to stroke the shaft very slowly up and down which forced precum at the tip to ooze out lazily and travel downwards to mingle with her hand. Her eyes never left the tip. It all happened faster than he had imagined it would as she opened her mouth and took the tip of his penis inside.

The hot wetness of her mouth was definitely something new and different and something he would want a lot more of if he had anything to say about it. It was just amazing to see the top of her head between his legs. It was almost too real.

Her wet breasts pushed against his thighs and her curly red hair tickled him as it brushed against his skin precariously. Her tongue began to slowly swirl around the head of his shaft, just as she had done to his tongue, which caused more precum to ooze out into her sucking mouth. Her mouth was like a small vacuum and he could feel her hot wetness envelope him, coaxing him to his inevitable climax. Inch by inch his erection disappeared into her wanting mouth. She would alternate sucking on him and running her tongue against the underside of his shaft. He buried his fingers in her hair as she sucked on him. The sensation was incredibly. It was not like anything he ever could do himself.

When she slid her mouth up the shaft, he could feel her breathing through her nose which tickled the wet skin. Then she would plunge the thick shaft back into her mouth all the way to the hilt until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She repeated this motion a number of times, occasionally swiveling her head slightly to change the angle. Small glorping and sucking sounds came when she slid her lips along the shaft and there was a small pop when she pulled his erection out of her mouth. The cool air felt even colder after being between her hot and wet lips.

The woman he loved the most was kneeling between his legs with her saliva all over his rock-hard erection. She gave the head a lick before trailing the broadside of her tongue all the way down the underside of his shaft until she reached his testicles. She traced one and then the other with the tip of her tongue while her eyes looked up at his. She had mentioned doing this to him but it actually happening was so much better. She slid her tongue beneath them and gave them a long, broad lick. Her lips parted and she took one testicle into her mouth and began to suck softly and delicately on it. Her fingers closed around the shaft and began to stroke up and down, lubricated by precum and saliva. Her pace quickened as she took the other testicle into her mouth. He knew she could feel him retracting as his climax approached rapidly. It was a miracle he even lasted this long. He was ready to explode the fist time she touched his arm.

After briefly sucking on the testicle for a moment longer, she released it and took the tip of his penis back into her mouth and she began to stroke the remainder of his shaft almost mercilessly. Occasionally she would slide her lips all the way down to the base of his shaft and back up and resume stroking him. His hips bucked upwards slightly, uncontrollably, and he felt the heat of her hand and mouth coaxing his semen from his testicles. Her tongue pressed forcefully against the tip of his penis as if she was licking the precum. He didn’t want to fight the urge anymore and let himself go like a piece of driftwood on a river. His shaft shuddered and throbbed hotly until long spurt after spurt erupted from the tip into her sucking mouth.

He watched. It was like slow motion and he could scarcely even believe it was happening at all. The person he has longed to see even face to face for so many years was sucking his semen right out of his shaft. The tip of her tongue flitted about the head as the spurts turned into dribbling streams. She licked and sucked all of the cum into her mouth and swallowed. Not a drop made it beyond the tight seal of her lips. That was a new and different experience for him.

* * *

Her panties were soaked through. They were so wet that it was amazing that she even made it to the bedroom with him at all. He knew that she would be wet, but it just surprised him that she was thoroughly soaked through to the point where her panties clung between her legs and had to practically be peeled off. However, he was up for that rather new and different challenge. His thumbs hooked around the sides of her panties and he lowered them down to the top of her thighs. He was invigorated but he didn’t want to rush things. He wanted to take his time and savor everything. Her neck tasted slightly different than her breasts he noted when he started to kiss the side. He knew how much she loved such neck kisses. He drew small circles on her skin with the tip of his tongue, drawing on all of the times that they had talked about sex together. It was just so amazing to be able to put that knowledge to real use.

Moving down from her neck, he kissed her collarbone. The scent of her perfume was strongest in that spot, but it was also mixed with arousal. He started to suck on her skin, feeling its elasticity and smoothness against his lips and tongue. His hands caressed her thighs and back, occasionally giving her ass a light squeeze or fondle. It was her turn to just sit back and enjoy the sensations.

He felt far bolder than he had when he first arrived. It was amazing what a pair of lips and a little time can do for a man. He felt ready to be as assertive as he always imagined that he could be. Kneeling down in front of her, his fingers pulled her wringing-wet panties down her legs until they fell to the floor. Her pelvis was perfectly level with his face and for the first time he was actually seeing her fully naked. It took him a good long moment to realize that he was actually seeing her for the very first time. He looked up at her face. He knew that he loved her more than anything else in the world. He ran his fingers over her pubic area and then kissed the spot. He slid his hands along the underside of her thighs before pushing her back onto the bed. Her hips were off of the bed, as were her legs. He put his hands on her knees as she had done to him some moments previous on the couch and opened her thighs to his gaze. Once again, less to his surprise at this point, her vagina did not look entirely like what he had imagined. It was real and that made it far, far better. He could smell her aroused odor mixed with perfume as he moved his body forward between her legs. In spite of exploding into her mouth not very long ago, he was already turning hard once more just by inhaling her scent.

The tip of his tongue caressed the inside of her knee, licking the skin lavishly all over before lifting her leg up and kissing the spot behind her knee. He repeated the action with her other leg and then made his way up the inside of her thigh which was moist with arousal. Her skin tasted saltier yet and he began to taste her sexual runoff as well. It was very new and different. He loved it and couldn’t wait any longer for more. With one more lick of his tongue against her thigh, he moved himself forward.

He pushed his mouth up against her swollen sex lips and began to suck on them. He didn’t know exactly what he was doing but from the sounds she was making he seemed to be doing a good enough job. He wiggled his tongue against her entrance which was pouring forth copious fluid. The fluid covered his tongue and entered his mouth which somewhat surprised him but he found he enjoyed the taste of it and began to lap at her with the broadside of his tongue. Occasionally he would slow down and just trace the outside of her swollen sex lips with his mouth and tongue.

Her hips wiggled and squirmed as she panted and gasped loud enough to fill the room. He would occasionally scrape his teeth against the seemingly more tender parts until he ran his tongue firmly over her clitoris. The little hard nub fit between his lips perfectly, he found, as if it was made to be there. This, of course, elicited a sharp cry from the woman he loved and her hips bucked upward. He sucked hard on the nub and began flicking it with his tongue.

She tangled her fingers in his hair and pushed his face into her groin. He tried to cover as much of her with his mouth as possible. He ran his tongue up and down her wet sit again and again which she seemed to enjoy particularly. Before long she let out a louder moan yet and her body began to shake. This was something new for him and he loved watching her body quiver as she climaxed. He buried his tongue as far as it could go into her opening and kept licking and sucking as she climaxed against his mouth. He loved every second of it and drank in as much of her juices as he could.

He watched her chest rise and fall rapidly after her body stopped convulsing with orgasmic pleasure. He placed kisses on her stomach and dipped his tongue into her belly button. All of her skin tasted faintly of salt and soap. Her hands let go of his hair and rested on his shoulders. Neither of them had to say anything to one another. They both knew what they wanted.

His hands rested on her hips and he pulled her a little forward so that she was right snug up against him. The tip of his renewed erection laid against her wet slit and was becoming covered with her arousal. They both had talked about it in the past, about how sex would be the first time for them both. It was far better than the imagination could ever possibly comprehend. She was the woman he loved no matter what their differences were.

She gyrated her hips, rubbing her moist slit up and down his shaft as if giving it a massage. He was so close to being inside of her. Just the very thought was enough to send tremors up and down his body and shivers along his spine. He didn’t think of condoms or any other protection. He just thought about making love to the woman he desired most. He pushed his hips forward and guided the tip of his penis to her entrance. After so many years he was about to actually be inside of her.

With one long, slow thrust he buried his erection deep inside of his lover. They both let out long-awaited moans of pleasure as they finally physically joined together. He looked down at her face and saw the tears in her eyes. Lowering his upper body on top of hers, he started to kiss her lips softly, gently without moving his hips any further. He wanted to the feeling of her dangerously hot and wet walls clinging to and squeezing him to last.

His tongue explored her mouth freely without any of the hesitation that existed earlier. Her mouth was still somewhat minty but had the salty tinge from his semen. No doubt she could taste her own sexual fluids on his tongue. Both of their tongues swirled around one another’s slowly and moved freely back and forth between mouths to caress teeth, gums, and each other’s tongues.

The feeling of her legs wrapping around his waist spurred him on to start moving his hips. The first few thrusts were very slow and long. Her body clenched down on his shaft tightly, threatening to never let go. It was heaven. Her arousal gave a thick coat to his erection as it plunged into her to the hilt and then withdrew until only the tip was inside. Their breathing became elevated as their hearts increased simultaneously. He looked into her eyes without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Soon her hips rocked in rhythm with his. They increased their speed until he was thrusting into her over and over, his testicles slapping against her ass. Her fingers dug into his back as his body weight pushed her into the bed.

Finally he stood up straight but did not slide out of her wet vagina. His hands gripped the back of her knees and he pushed her legs up towards her body and away simultaneously. He kept his grip on her legs as he started to push into her deeper and faster. Low grunts emanated from the bottom of his throats which mingled in the air with her groans of pleasure. Each thrust would elicit another delightful moan from her and neither one of them noticed the precarious amounts of precum and feminine arousal dripping from their joined groins to the floor.

With several more long, deep, hard thrusts that buried his throbbing erection hip deep into his love, her fingernails threatened to break the skin on his back and shoulders as her body began to tremble uncontrollably once more. She panted loudly and gave a long moan as an orgasm overtook her. As she came, her vagina clamped down with great force on his erection, squeezing him like a vice. He completed several more thrusts before letting go of her knees and pulling his shaft out of her.

His erection dripped long strands of female sexual juices as he climbed up onto the bed and laid flat on his back. He knew from the times that they have talked that she liked this position as well. He knew he didn’t have as much experience as she had, but he did know what she liked and had it committed to memory. He also had the enthusiasm and drive to make sure that she was satisfied and knew that she was loved by him.

With no words spoken, she rolled over and climbed up on to his lap. She settled her legs on either side of his body and positioned her wet, dripping entrance over the tip of his erection. She didn’t hesitate and just let herself slide right down the shaft, taking all of him into her in one motion. It was his turn to groan loudly. The weight of her coming down on him almost made him climax right off. If she hadn’t sucked him off earlier, he would have. She put her hands on his shoulders and began to move her hips up and down, his erection disappearing into her hot, wet depths.

Her panting began to fill the room and beads of sweat formed all along her body as she pushed her hips down into his again and again. He reached up and cupped her breasts once more, taking her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and pinching them. Earlier in the day he was almost embarrassed to be touching her at all, and here he was now with his erection buried deep inside of her, her breasts in his hands, and her sexual juices on his face. It was amazing how new and different things became more comfortable with a little time.

He lifted his hips up off the bed to meet her downward thrusts and the room was filled with panting and the wet slapping sound of skin on skin. He moved one hand down her body, feeling the cool sweat on her skin pool against his fingers, until they reached their destination. His fingers began to massage her clitoris as she bounced up and down on his shaft. He could feel the tightness return to his testicles and the familiar throbbing of his hard shaft telling him that it was almost time. Judging by her heightened moans and more frantic humping motions, she was there, too.

With one final plunge into her deepest depths, she began to rock her body in orgasm. He continued to rub her clitoris with his fingers as she came, which made her squeeze his shaft harder yet, forcing his orgasm. He erupted deep inside of her, sending hot, gooey spurt after hot, gooey spurt into her, coating the walls of her sex.

Both of their bodies writhed and she laid down on her side next to him. The smallest touches either of them made caused the other to tremble slightly and mutter something blissful with pleasure. It took awhile for their breathing and heart rates to return to at least a relatively normal rate and they kissed each other’s noses and lips. The whole situation didn’t feel uncomfortable or alien to him any longer. It really was amazing the difference a little time made. It was all new and different, but new and different wasn’t bad. He held her close and buried his face in the crook of her neck, leaving a trail of kisses. He felt warm and safe in her embrace.

He tucked an arm around her and basked in the closeness of her warmth and touch, raising his head long enough to kiss her bottom lip. He was thinking of going for more things that were new and different.

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