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New Adventures

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Guy comes into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender gives him a draft beer and says, “Hey Buddy, you don’t look so good, you OK?”

Guy says, “I have the world’s worst hangover. I tried Alka-seltzer; I tried a Bromo, aspirin. Nothing works.”

Bartender says, “Let me give you a tip. Whenever I have a real bad hangover, I have my wife give me a blow-job. Cures the hangover every time.”

Guy says, “Oh good, is she home now?”

That old joke came to mind when I opened my eyes and wished I were dead on that morning after my liberty ashore with my buddy Pete. Waking up with a hangover on a Navy ship in a compartment full of noisy sailors is not good. I thought I was going to die and wished that it would happen soon.

As I came back into the world of the sober, my mind began to work. A good memory is sometimes a bad thing. I began thinking about the night before with Pete. I seemed to recall we were drinking a lot of beer in some bar and were thumbing a ride back to the ship. Things got a little hazy after that. Rising from my bunk slowly, I worked my way to the showers, hoping the hot water would bring me back to something resembling a human being. I let the water run over my body and scrubbed off the beer smell. As I was showering I began to remember what happened in the car last night. It all came back to me and I wanted to crawl into the shower drain. I remember the guy in the front seat coming in back with me and Pete and sucking me off. I remember Cumming something fierce. Then the other guy did Pete. They did us again before dropping us off at the pier.

Several thoughts were running through my aching head. Am I queer? Is Pete Queer? I was deathly afraid someone would find out. We could be bounced out of the Navy if word got out about what we did last night. It would disgrace my family. How can I ever live this down? I hated myself.

Before I threw my dress blues into the laundry, I checked the pockets and found the piece of paper that the guy wrote his phone number on. It said, Larry & Moe, 555-7073. I had to laugh, “Larry and Moe!” I wondered if they had a friend named Curly. I crumbled it up and was about to throw it into the trash. Something made me hesitate. I shoved it into my pocket.

I tried to get it off my mind by applying myself to my work. Pete and I were avoiding each other. I’m sure he felt the same way. Then I remembered that Pete suggested that we should maybe get together and do some experimenting with each other. He was drunk, I was drunk, forget it.

Just as I was thinking that Pete and I had to talk about this, he came into the showers. I was just finishing and wiping down. He threw his towel aside and turned on the shower next to mine. Pete has a great body, about 6 feet tall, maybe 200 pounds, great biceps and a nice firm butt. I know he’s proud of his 8 inch cock. I saw it hard for the first time last night He didn’t look at me. When the other sailors in the shower room left and we were alone, I said, “Pete, we have to talk about this.”

“I know, not here,” he said.

Just before I started to wrap the towel around my waist, Pete said, “You got a nice bubble butt sailor, I never noticed that before.” I’m 5 foot 11 and about average weight. I’ve always kept in good shape by working out almost every day. My cock is about 7 inches, uncut.

He finished showering and turned the shower off. As he was wiping down I said, “We have liberty tonight, let’s go the Enlisted Men’s Club on the base and have a few beers.”

“Not the EM Club. I’ve been looking at sailors for the past year and a half. Let’s go someplace where there ain’t no sailors,” Pete said. “I noticed a small bar just outside the base. It’s quiet. I think the locals hang out there. Let’s go there.”

“OK,” I said.

The place was small with one long bar and a few tables. The bartender served us the beers and went back to the TV where the Angels were playing against the Red Sox. We sat at the other end so we could talk.

I started the conversation. “I’ve been thinking about last night, have you?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what to make of it” Pete said.

“I know that guy’s mouth on my cock felt real good,” I said. “I think I’d like to have some more of that.”

“Did you save his phone number?”

“Yeah, I almost threw it away though.”


“I’m wondering if we’re turning queer.”

“We didn’t suck any cock.”

“Yeah, but whether you’re the suckee or the sucker, if anyone finds out we’re outta here. But anyway, I’ve been thinking about it.”

“Me too,” said Pete. “Call the guy. We’ll see what happens. At lease we can get another blow job.”

I walked to the pay phone, taking the crumpled note from my pea-coat pocket. I dialed.

“Hello,” a guy answered.

“Ah, hi, my name is Ted. You gave me and Pete a ride to the ship last night?”

“Yes, hello. Glad to hear from you. I’m Larry. You must have enjoyed last night for you to call so soon. Is your buddy with you?”

“Yeah, we’re on liberty again and horny as usual.”

“Where are you now?”

I told him about the bar and he knew of the place. He said he’d be right down and to meet him out front.

Larry took us to his place overlooking San Francisco Bay; a beautiful studio apartment high on a hill. Larry was about 35 and very well built. He wore a polo shirt, open at the neck with just a little of his chest hair showing. He was over six feet tall with a slightly receding hairline and a gorgeous tan. We were directed to the living room which had floor to ceiling windows and a sensational view of the Golden Gate. We sat in comfy upholstered chairs facing the window. Larry brought us beers and one for himself.

“My friend Moe will be home soon. He went out to get steaks for tonight. We hope you will stay for supper,” he said. “Let’s see, I’m guessing you both are about 22 or 25 years old, right?”

I spoke up. “I’m 24 and my sidekick here is 23. We’ve been serving on the same ship together for the past two and a half years.” Pete nodded his head in agreement.

I took a good look at this guy and remembered how he smiled up at me after he took my load of cum in his mouth. I was a bit amazed that I was beginning to get hard thinking about it. We were on our second beer when Moe arrived. He was a big guy, also over six feet and about 250. Moe was totally bald. Everything about him was big. Thinking back, I wondered how he managed to squeeze in the back seat of that Buick with the three of us and sucked Pete off. Larry reintroduced us and we sat around talking.

“No,” Moe said, “there is no Curly. We get kidded about that all the time. We’re just the two stooges. So how did you boys enjoy last night?”

“Well,” I said, “we’re here aren’t we.” We all laughed.

“How about a swim before dinner” Moe asked? He got up and led the way to a very large pool, shimmering in the California sun.

I was nervous again, horny but nervous. I wondered if they would expect Pete and me to give them head. We disrobed and all got a look at each other’s equipment. As expected, Moe was indeed big all over. His cock looked about 7 inches soft and very fat. I was anxious to see how big it was going to get. Of course, no bathing suits were worn. We all sank into the warm water. It always feels so good to be swimming in the nude. We all took a couple of laps around the pool and then settled at one end. Larry got out and got us some beers. I could see that his cock was growing in anticipation. So was mine. While waiting for the beers, Pete laid back and began to slowly float on his back. We all laughed as we looked at Pete’s hard on, sticking up like a sail.

Larry came back and put the beers down. He slid into the water and eased himself next to me. I was leaning against the edge of the pool. The water was up to my hips. I felt Larry’s hand caress my ass and then move around so he was cupping my balls. He took my hard cock in his hand and started to jerk me off, slowly. The he looked at me and gave me one of those smiles I remembered from last night. He sunk below the water and I felt his mouth engulf my entire cock. I thought I might shoot my load right then and there. “Damn!” I thought. “I can’t get over how good that guy’s mouth feels around my cock.” The four of us got together and felt each other’s bodies. Everywhere you turned there was a hard cock bumping up against you. It was so hot! Pete held my cock for the first time. He looked at me and then let go and turned to face Moe. I went behind him and reached around. I took Pete’s cock in my hand and stroked it, moving my cock against his ass. He didn’t push away. It was an odd feeling.

After some more playing we got out and dried ourselves off and Moe supplied robes for all of us. It was time for steaks. After a delicious meal, accompanied by a bottle of California wine we followed Larry into the bedroom. There was the largest bed I’ve ever seen. It was round and took up most of the large room.

Soft jazz flowed from hidden speakers and the scent of lilacs permeated the air. Knowing that Pete and I were novices and a little hesitant with each other, Larry closed the blinds and all was very dark. As I mounted the bed I felt it bounce as the others climbed on. In the dark bodies wrapped around bodies, cocks were felt, caressed and sucked. Someone was sucking on my hard cock while I groped around. I felt someone’s ball sack in my right hand. What a weird feeling. Then I was holding his cock in my hand. Never having held anyone else’s cock before, I was surprised how it turned me on so much. Everyone was still moving around but I held that cock and began to stroke it. I was getting hornier by the minute. The guy sucking me kept taking my cock deep into his throat. It felt wonderful. Suddenly there was another cock in my left hand. I began to stroke that one too. My first time holding someone’s prick and now I have two in my hands. Wow! Just when I was almost ready to cum, my cocksucker removed his mouth. Everyone moved again. I had to let go of the two cocks. There was moaning and murmuring, “Take it baby, suck my hard cock, take it all in. Suck me like that, oh yeah. Your cock is so big; tell me when you’re going to cum.”

I was feeling everyone, hands were all over me. Suddenly a hard cock hit me in the face. I grabbed it and held it in my hand. His hips were rising and falling, hinting that he wanted his prick to be in my mouth. I felt it with both hands for a while, rubbing it all over my face. Then, for the first time in my life, my tongue tasted the warm skin of a man’s hard cock. I let it enter my mouth and held the head of it on my tongue. I can’t describe the feeling, a kind of tingling way down in my gut. It was a horny feeling. My own cock was ready to burst. No one was touching it at the time. The owner of the cock in my mouth kept pushing and urging me to take him deeper into my mouth. Holding his big cock in one hand and his large balls in the other, I let it slowly slide into my mouth. I could feel the veins in his prick as I licked along the sides of it. I found it was not at all unpleasant, it was delicious. He continued to push and I felt the huge cock head probe to the back of my tongue. Just then I felt a warm, wet mouth engulf my throbbing cock. Oh, man, was that good! I was almost ready to cum. I took a deep breath and pulled on his balls as his cock entered my throat. My nose was into his pubic hairs. I held his balls against my chin. I wanted to devour this magnificent cock! Just as he pulled back, for air, I felt his hot cum hitting the roof of my mouth. For the first time I tasted a man’s seed. It was a bit salty, but I loved it. That was enough to cause my cock to erupt into the other guy’s mouth. While I was savoring this guy’s warm cum and swallowing it as it spewed forth out of his throbbing cock, the other guy was drinking my come and sucking all of it down his throat. He swallowed all I had and licked my cock and balls clean. The guy in my mouth was backing off. I didn’t want to let this beautiful cock go. I held his balls and licked all his cum from around his shaft. I sucked every drop out of the hole that it had spewed from. I heard someone moan that he was Cumming and then all was quiet as we lay back and rested. I was still holding this guys cock in my hands and licking it when someone turned up the lights a bit. We could then see each other. I was surprised to see that I had been sucking on Pete’s cock. We looked at each other. A moment went by, and then we both smiled, and then laughed.

“If the guys on the ship only knew,” Pete said.

That was a new beginning and a turning point in my life. I was to be discharged from the service the following week. Larry and Moe asked if I would like to stay with them while I decided what to do with my life. I thanked them and said I would think about it.

Thanks to all who commented on my previous story. Let me know if I should continue with this adventure.

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