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Neighborly Relations

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Claudia sat on the edge of her lawn recline chair, rubbing suntan lotion over her bare, 36-B breasts. Her nipples became erect as she softly caressed them in the process. Once finished, she sat the bottle of lotion on the ground next to her yellow bikini top, and then pulled her blonde hair back and secured it into a ponytail before picking up her wide-brimmed baseball cap off the ground and putting it on her head. Then she grabbed her dark-black sunglasses and put them on before laying back on the chair to soak up the sun.

The beautiful Brazilian 30-year-old repressed her smile as she noticed movement in the upstairs bedroom window of the house next door. She realized that Erik, her 40-year-old divorced neighbor, was watching her, just as he had every day this week when she pulled this same stunt.

Claudia had caught him watching her several times when she lay out by their above ground pool when her two children were playing. She didn’t mind. With her attractive looks and firm body, she often had men staring at her. This week her kids were at camp, so Claudia had decided to tease Erik just a little.

Claudia had known Erik’s former wife, Sandy. They talked a lot, until Sandy and Erik divorced a year earlier. It was from Sandy that Claudia had learned the one thing that had surprised her the most about Erik; that he was well endowed, with nearly a ten-inch dick.

Claudia’s husband, who happened to be the only man that she had ever slept with, was just over five inches. She could not imagine having something nearly twice that size inside of her.

Yesterday, Erik had risked sneaking outside and creeping over to the bushes along the fence separating their yard. While Claudia pretended to sleep, she saw that he was filming her with a camcorder. While that should have upset her, it had instead aroused her more. With her hat and glasses on nobody would be able to tell who she was. And besides, Erik wouldn’t dare show it to the neighbors. Even if he did, Claudia had learned just before her kids went to camp that her husband was being transferred. He was already gone about one week a month, but now they would be moving out of state. Claudia didn’t like the idea of moving, but the fact that they would be gone by the end of summer made her just a little more daring when it came to her new game with Erik. While he had watched yesterday, she slowly slid her hand into her bikini bottoms and rubbed her clit to orgasm, all the while pretending not to notice the man spying on her.

She wondered if he would do the same today. Claudia’s pussy began to tingle when she heard the sliding glass door open and close next door. She held still, while watching for his head to peak through the bushes. As she normally did, Claudia pretended to sleep, hoping that he would get a little closer.

She caught something out of the corner of her eye. Holding still, she adjusted her peripheral vision enough to see that Erik was sneaking up the hill. He had gone down the fence, into the woods that marked the parameter behind their homes, and climbed into her yard. Now he was daring to come even closer with his video camera.

This was too much for Claudia, but she dared not move yet. Safe behind her wide, dark, glasses and hat, she permitted Erik to come closer.

Erik quietly walked up to the chair, taking in every detail of Claudia’s luscious body with his eyes, while recording them for posterity. The way her head slightly moved let him know that the woman was pretending to sleep. That encouraged him to continue on. Holding the camera in his left hand, Erik undid the fly on his cargo shorts and pulled out his hard cock and began stroking it.

Claudia nearly gasped when she saw this. Once more she had to force herself to remain still as she watched Erik expose himself in front of her. She could not believe the size of his dick. She had no desire to do anything with this man, and was not about to let him touch her in any way, but the idea of watching him jack off that monster was making her wet. She decided that she would lie there quietly and enjoy the show.

Erik stroked his cock for a bit, and then moved between Claudia and her house. He sat the camera on the window sill, where it would continue to record the topless woman. Claudia wondered what was going on when he stepped behind her. The brim of her cap prevented her from seeing anything. “If that son-of-a-bitch tries to touch me or cum on my face I will scream.” She thought. She heard something behind her, but could not figure out what Erik was up to. She felt something touch her right hand. Both of her arms were stretched behind her head, and at first she thought, “He’s putting his dick into my hand.” But realized that was not it. She felt something thin lying across her right wrist, and then felt the same thing on her left. Suddenly she heard a duel zipping sound and felt something squeezing against her wrists, holding her arms in place.

Eric stood up, looking at Claudia’s arms, which were now zip-tied to the lawn chair. “You can open your eyes now.” He said, as he stepped over the chair, straddling Claudia. She tried to move her arms, but found them held tight as Erik pulled off her hat and sunglasses.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” She demanded.

“I’m tired of jacking off to you, Claudia. I think it’s time that we had some real fun.”

Claudia struggled to get her arms free, all the while looking at the giant cock being stroked above her. Erik lowered his body down, pressing his cock to her face, “Suck my dick.”

“Fuck you. I’m going to call the cops if you don’t let me go.” She vowed.

Erik laughed, “You won’t tell anyone. With all the video I have of you teasing me, I can convince anyone that you were willing. Plus, you would never want your husband to know about any of this. Otherwise you would have screamed by now.”

Claudia was not about to scream. She wanted nothing to do with Eric. She did not mind teasing him, but sex was out of the question. Still, he was right about one thing. There was no way that she could let her husband know about any of this.

Erik rubbed his cock along her lips. “If I suck it, will you promise not to cum in my mouth? And to let me go after that?”

“Sure.” Erik lied.

Claudia opened her mouth and accepted the head of Erik’s cock between her lips. She sucked on him, taking as much as she could into her mouth as Erik moaned with delight. Erik had not had a woman suck him, or do anything else with him, since before his wife told him that she wanted a divorce. He wished that she could see him fucking her friend’s face at this moment.

Erik slid his cock back and forth into Claudia’s mouth as she sucked him. He could feel his orgasm nearing, but refused to let Claudia know. He was going to cum in her mouth whether she liked it or not.

Claudia sucked on Erik. He held her head in his hands as he humped her face. Suddenly she heard him moan. “No.” She tried to say, but only a muffled sound came out as his cock stuffed her mouth. She felt Erik’s cock quiver and then felt the first wad of his cum striking the back of her throat. His hands held her head tight as he began spewing his cum into her mouth, forcing her to gulp it down as he continued to cum.

When Erik pulled out of her mouth, Claudia looked up at him and said, “You mother fucker. You promised not to cum in my mouth. Now let me go.”

“Not yet,” Erik said with a smile. “I wonder how that looked on camera?”

Claudia remembered the video camera. She turned her head, realizing that she had just been filmed sucking him off. “I want that tape.” She demanded.

Erik ignored her as he stepped away from her. He then moved down and grabbed her bikini bottoms and began pulling them down her legs. Claudia kicked, trying to stop him as he stripped her. “Oh, that is nice.” He commented, upon seeing her mostly shaved pussy. He grabbed two more zip ties and wrestled each of Claudia’s legs into place before tying them down. Now, with her legs spread, he grabbed the camera and began filming every inch of her exposed body.

Erik put the camera back and crawled between Claudia’s legs. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m about to eat your pussy.” Erik told her, just before driving his tongue between her legs.

Claudia struggled as Erik licked her clit. He thrust one, then two, fingers up inside of her, finger fucking her as he licked her now swollen clit. With his other hand, he toyed with her left nipple.

Claudia cursed, begged, threatened and said anything else she could think of trying to get Erik to stop, but he continued on. Soon, despite her resistance, Claudia could feel her body responding. She fought back as much as she could, not wanting to give Erik the satisfaction of making her climax. But the man was just too damn good at what he was doing for her to hold out forever.

Claudia could feel her orgasm nearing. She tried not to let Erik know that she was about to cum, but she was unable to keep her hips from thrusting, then she began moaning. Erik enjoyed the sounds that Claudia was making as her moment neared. Then Claudia spasmed and exhaled loudly as she orgasmed. Erik’s tongue worked her clit throughout her orgasm, until Claudia was begging for him to stop. Finally he did just that.

Claudia refused to look at him. When she did open her eyes she saw Erik standing over her completely naked. His shorts and tee-shirt had been tossed aside and he held his throbbing nine-and-a-half-inch cock in his hand. “Now I’m going to fuck you.” He told her.

“No!” Claudia protested, as Erik moved between her legs. “I can’t take that.” She insisted.

Erik pressed his thick, hard, pole against her wet pussy and began to slide it inside of her. Claudia gasped as it filled her. She could not believe that she could take his entire cock up in her. Erik leaned over her body, thrusting his cock in and out of Claudia.

“No, no.” Claudia echoed over and over as Erik fucked her. She saw the camera and blushed, realizing that he would be able to relive this moment anytime he wanted to. Claudia felt completely stuffed by his cock. She felt it ram against her cervix as he pounded inside of her. Soon, she realized that her “no’s” had stopped. Her hips were fucking back against Erik, despite what she wanted to do. Claudia was about to climax again. She could not believe that her body was welcoming this, but there was nothing that she could do about it. She wanted to orgasm on this giant cock.

Erik relished every moment of feeling Claudia’s tight pussy wrapped around his manhood. He sensed that she was about to cum and did his best to bring that on. He lowered his head and began going back and forth, licking each of her nipples in turn as Claudia thrashed about beneath him.

“Ohhh!” She moaned as she began to cum. Claudia’s eyes rolled back as Erik’s cock made her climax. Then she heard him crying out, “Yes!” Before she could protest, she felt Erik releasing his man seed inside of her pussy as he came.

Erik continued fucking her, making sure to spill every drop before he was willing to pull out of Claudia’s pussy.

He got up and got dressed, then took the camera and recorded some close-ups of the woman’s sweaty, satisfied body, and of her ravaged pussy, with his cum dripping out of it.

“Untie me.” She whispered.

Erik pulled out a knife and cut her right arm free. “There, now you can get yourself loose, but not before I’m back inside my house.”

“Please, don’t show that recording to anyone, or tell anyone about this.” She begged.

Erik smiled, “It will be our secret, but I will be coming over to pay you a visit at least once a week. I guess I won’t be able to see you much when your kids get back, but as soon as they’re in school, I’ll be coming over quite often.”

Claudia watched him leave before using her free hand to unto her other arm and both legs. She quickly grabbed her bikini and rushed inside, jumping into the shower to wash off. Thankfully she knew that they would be moving away before school started, so she guessed that she might be able to avoid Erik until then, although she wondered if she might let him catch her once or twice. But she was thankful that she would not be around long enough to become his sex slave.

Claudia got out of the shower, only after hearing her husband calling her name. She wrapped a towel around her naked body and walked into the bedroom. Looking out the window she saw Erik standing in the backyard, watching what she knew to be the video of them having sex on the viewfinder of his camera. She turned to greet her husband as he entered the room.

“Good news, honey,” he told her, “I just found out that I’m not being transferred. They reassigned me here for another three years. I just told Erik and he seemed as happy about us staying as I am.”

Claudia smiled, “That’s just wonderful news.” She told her husband as she looked back at the window to where Erik stood, silently adding “Oh fuck.”

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