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Nearly Sisters

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If there is one thing that most men hate doing, it’s shopping with their wives. I know for me, trying to get Mike to go shopping for anything is like pulling teeth, especially if I’m shopping for clothes. Mike on the other hand will see something he likes or wants, and go buy it without trying to compare pricing at any other store. Personally, it drives me crazy, but shopping with me drives him crazy too.

And it’s one of the reasons that I learned a long time ago to lure him shopping with the promise of doing something “naughty” while we’re out. He never knows when something is going to happen, or even what I’ll do. But that’s enough at least to keep him interested and with me as I drag him along from store to store.

We’d already been shopping for well over an hour, and I could tell that Mike was starting to get a little irritable. It was time for some “naughty” fun; at least enough to keep him entertained. We happened to pass by one of the few stores I actually enjoyed shopping at, and noticed a particular slinky dress in the window. Pulling Mike inside with me, I quickly found the particular dress I was looking for.

“Go find me a really sexy bra to go with this.” I told him.

If Mike knew one thing for certain, it was my bra size, so it was just a matter of him finding something he liked. I headed for the row of dressing rooms that stood along one wall and motioned to him.

“I’ll be in here.” I stated suggestively. “Just bring it in with you when you come back.”

Mike hurried off, and I was just pushing against the door of the dressing room when I noticed I’d grabbed the wrong size. I quickly spun around and headed back for the rack, found the correct size, and started back towards the rooms. At that very moment, another woman slipped into that particular dressing room that I had been headed towards, so I was forced to take the one adjacent to hers.

When I’d first glimpsed the other woman heading into the room I’d intended to go into myself, I thought initially that I knew her somehow. It suddenly dawned on me, that she looked an awful lot like me! We had the same hairstyle, as well as coloring. But it wasn’t just that. We were easily the same height, same figure, but most importantly, we looked a lot alike!

I’ve often heard that everyone has a “doppelganger” or look-a-like someplace in the world. But until today, I’d never seen anyone that I thought even remotely resembled me, until now. I mean it’s not like we were twins or anything, but she could have easily passed for my sister.

Stepping into the room next to hers, I quickly stripped out of my clothing and tried on the new dress. Mike hadn’t returned with a bra yet, but I decided to see how the dress looked without one. I had intended to keep an ear out for his return, knowing that he’d not seen me have to take a different room. In the meantime, Mike had in fact returned, and as I’d told him to do, opened the dressing room stepping inside with my near sister.

“Here ya go honey. Try this on for me. I’ll bet it will make those tits of yours really stand out in that dress.”

Hearing Mike’s voice, I suddenly realized he was in the room next to me. I was actually waiting for the scream, or some kind of commotion anyway when I heard the other woman’s voice speaking quite calmly, if not sensually in stead.

“Why thank you honey, but actually as you can see, this dress doesn’t really call for a brazier to be worn with it!”

“Oh…I am so sorry…I thought you were…” Mike’s voice trailed off momentarily then.

“You know, you really do look an awful lot like my wife!”

At this point I was wearing only a pair of panties. Grabbing the dress I was about to put on, I held it in front of me and stepped out of the dressing room I was in. It was time to “rescue” my confused husband. There weren’t really a lot of people in the store, and I didn’t have a problem with anyone seeing me partially dressed anyway. But at the moment, it was more important to reach Mike. And besides, I was curious to meet my doppelganger too.

“Mike?” I said, now stepping into the suddenly over crowded dressing room. “I was next door…” Now my own comment sort of disappeared as I looked into the same exact eyes of my near sister standing before me. And likewise, she had the same surprised expression on her face as well.

“I’m so sorry…” I finally began again. “This must seem so strange to you…” And then as quickly as I could manage, quickly explained why Mike had accidentally barged into her dressing room instead.

At that moment, she began laughing. Not because of the situation being what it was, though in a way it was funny. But because I was standing half in and half out of the room holding the dress up against myself which was barely concealing my exposed breasts. Likewise, she stood with her own hands crossed over the front of her fully exposed breasts. Obviously when Mike had walked in on her, she’d just finished slipping out of the dress she’d been trying on.

“Hi.” She said suddenly. “My name’s Cindy.” At that moment, she actually dropped both of her hands, allowing her breasts to be completely revealed and offered her hand for me to shake it, and then did likewise towards Mike.

“I guess under the circumstances, it’s a no harm no foul sort of situation isn’t it?” She said still snickering.

“It’s nice to meet you Cindy. My name’s Debra, and the man standing here ogling your breasts is my husband Mike.”

Mike was still shaking her hand, and only then let go when it had become obvious that both Cindy and I realized he was in fact staring at her breasts, and not at her face as he was introduced to her.

“Well, Well…what have we here?” Another man’s voice suddenly said from behind us. And that forced me to step even further into the room as I turned around to stand beside Mike, and find out what the hell was happening now.

“And this… is my husband Kevin.” Cindy stated, once again making new introductions, still standing there topless, and still as nonchalant about her semi nudity as if we’d all been life long friends. Figuring that turn about was fair play, I then allowed the dress I’d been holding up in front of me to fall down across my arm and reached out with my hand to take and shake Kevin’s.

As Mike had done, It was now Kevin’s turn to stare at my bare breasts, which he did. And once again I heard Cindy softly laughing behind me.

“Men…can’t live with em, can’t live without em.” She said.

I joined her in my own laugh as well then as Mike and Kevin finally shook hands in greeting.

“Listen, rather that stand here inside the dressing room and try to explain why we’re all standing here like this anyway, I was thinking that since Mike and I were going to grab a bite to eat after we were finished here, that maybe you two should join us!”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea!” Cindy enthusiastically responded. “We were thinking the same thing ourselves!”

“Good!” I said turning to her, and then shooing both of the “boys” out of the dressing room. “As soon as we’re finished here, we’ll go eat!”

As Cindy finished pulling up the half-worn dress she’d been wearing, I then slipped into mine as well. It also gave us the moment to chat, and allowed me to quickly explain to her in a little clearer detail what really had been going on when Mike mistakenly entered her dressing room.

“Oh…I do that to Kevin myself.” Cindy added after I had told her of my intentions of teasing Mike with a little bit of a flash in the dressing room for him. “They really do hate shopping don’t they?” She stated then as though reading my mind. And again I had to laugh at that.

When I had first walked into the dressing room, Cindy was standing only in a near floor length light green cotton skirt that buttoned all the way up in front. She’d been about to put on a nice contrasting blouse (no bra) to go along with it when Mike had suddenly barged in.

“As a matter of fact, I was just seconds from stepping out of the room here and finding Kev who was wandering around looking at all the sexy underwear so I could give him a nice little surprise flash of my own.”

Surprisingly, Cindy then showed me what she meant as she opened her skirt and revealed that she had nothing on except a sexy pair of black lace stockings, garters, and an extremely seductive looking pussy peeking out from beneath the skirt.

“Oh yes “Sin”-dy, I said, emphasizing the “Sinful” sexiness of her idea in the way I pronounced her name. “I was thinking very similar thoughts, waiting for Mike to come into the room so I could give him a nice erotic little tease myself.”

Cindy now laughed once again. “I swear, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were my sister. But even she and I don’t ever talk about things like this…and I’m rather enjoying it.”

“All the more reason we all go to lunch and get better acquainted then.” I said. “And maybe, we’ll still manage to find a way to give the boys a reward for being so patient with us. Now…as I see we’re about the same size, let me try that skirt on kiddo…and you try on this one. I think you’d look slutty in black…just like I do. It’ll look good on ya.”

For several more minutes, “Sindy”…as I now called her…and I, stood trying on clothes and chatting about various things we enjoyed doing. Number one on the list being sex of course, and how we might find a way to tease them both over lunch. Talking to Cindy the way we were after just having met might have seemed strange to some people, but to us, it was as though we’d been friends, if not near sisters all our lives.

We discussed where we’d like to go eat, and I remembered a little Italian sidewalk café’ nearby. Though it was still early afternoon, I felt like having a glass of “vino” and a nice light salad and some pasta. My new friend “Sindy” whole- heartedly agreed with me, and so it was we emerged, made our purchases, and walked out of the store in our sexy new clothing walking arm in arm together.

Mike and Kevin seemed to hit it off fairly well too, and I was happy to see that as already the “naughty” side of me was suddenly beginning to think of all kinds of possibilities. And though Cindy and I seemed to be getting along fairly well, It was one thing to do a little teasing with our husbands, and something else entirely to so pointedly suggest, or even imagine doing anything else.

We finally reached the little café’, and I immediately saw the perfect place that I wished us to be seated, and requested it. Shown to our seats after that and given menus, Mike immediately headed for the men’s room. There were several “tiers” where tables had been placed, and I had purposely requested one of the upper tiers closer to the sidewalk, but still one level below the street. Watching Mike descend the short few steps to the main sitting area and then head towards the men’s room, I leaned over towards Cindy as she sat looking over the menu.

“Time to give Mike a little taste of this outfit.” I whispered to her. “Watch his face when he returns to the table.”

Cindy gave me a knowing nod of her head, and glanced briefly at her husband who was still glancing over his own menu as well.

“Mind if I join you?” She said, and without waiting for a response, reached down and deftly undid every button save the top two of her skirt.

I reached over and gave her hand an affectionate squeeze. “Five will get you ten he trips.” I once again whispered to her conspiratorially.

“No bet.” Cindy laughed then, and Kevin glanced up at the both of us.

“What are the two of you up to?” He questioned us.

“Oh nothing…just trying to decide on what Mike would like to eat.” I deadpanned. And looked down at my menu before giving away the innuendo. Cindy likewise returned to her own menu, but kept a watchful glance over the top of it for Mike’s return.

A few minutes later Mike emerged from inside the building and came out heading back towards us. Simultaneously, I spread my legs apart beneath the table as wide as it was possible for me to do, already having bunched my own dress up around my thighs in order to do so. Cindy on the other hand had a much easier time of it, and in the split wide open dress, displayed her own self as equally open as I was. For a moment I was worried Mike wouldn’t even notice. But then he glanced up towards us smiling, and we watched as realization suddenly dawned on him as to what it was that we were doing. There “Sin”-dy and I both sat pussy’s wide open and displayed for him. He faltered, tripped, and actually stumbled into a nearby table knocking over one of the water glasses. Kevin spun around in his chair to see what all the commotion was about, and gave Cindy and I the perfect opportunity to quickly and “properly” rearrange our selves.

“Does Kevin tend to walk funny too?” I asked, laughing openly now.

“Only when he’s excited.” Cindy responded. “And I think before we’re through with lunch, he’ll definitely have trouble walking back to the car.”

By the time Mike finally did reach the table he had an obvious and growing bulge in his slacks. I almost laughed at that too, but it would have had (then) the opposite effect of what I was hoping for. Mike shot a curious and wondering look in my direction as well as in Cindy’s, but she ignored him completely and continued glancing down at her open menu as though nothing had even happened.

I finally got my glass of wine as did Cindy, and the boys ordered beer. The waiter, a sexy looking young man in his own right took our orders and hurried off to get them going. But not before I made a “point” of leaning over Mike and showing him what it was that I wanted, and in so doing, ensured that one of my now bra-less breasts nearly slipped out of the deep “v” cut of my dress. It was then that I saw Kevin had also gotten quite an eyeful as well, so I’d inadvertently scored a double “flirt” hit with the one simple motion.

As the “guys” got better acquainted, and began talking about “guy” things, Cindy leaned over and spoke to me.

“Nice one.” She teased. “I think we’ll get excellent service from the waiter now.”

“It does have its benefits.” I quipped back smiling.

“And I’m sure that Kevin’s interest went up a notch.” She added. “And…once our food arrives, I plan on escalating that quite a bit as well.”

Our food did arrive, perfectly prepared and within short order. Water glasses were refilled and everything was checked and double checked as to our satisfaction. At that moment Cindy moved her hand and her dinner fork went flying off the table. Bending over as though to retrieve it, I noticed then for the first time that one of Cindy’s blouse buttons had mysteriously come undone. As expected perhaps, the waiter was Johnny on the spot to bend over and grab it before she could, though meeting and locking his eyes with hers as she remained leaning over. Even from where I was sitting I could see the soft flesh of her twin globes clearly exposed, and knew that our red-faced waiter was seeing as much, if not more than I was.

“Thank you.” Cindy said sitting back up as the waiter spun around behind him getting her a fresh wrapped setting of silverware off a nearby table.

“Your welcome”. He stammered, obviously and visibly aroused by all this not quite innocent teasing. He quickly left after that and we began enjoying our perfectly prepared food.

For a short time, we all sat eating and enjoying our lunch quietly. At one point, Cindy reached up to brush a bit of sauce from the corner of her husband’s mouth. It was the typical thing any couple who is very comfortable with one another might find themselves doing. But I also watched as Cindy quickly slipped her index finger inside his mouth where Kevin quickly sucked whatever sauce it was that had been collected and wiped off from his lips. A minute or so later, she did it again. And this time I watched afterwards. I watched as Cindy slipped her hand beneath the table. Watched as she moved almost motionlessly for a moment, and then moments later, once again reached up, brushed her fingers against his lips, nearly under his nose this time. Kevin sucked her digit in, licked it off and allowed Cindy to once again withdraw it.

“Everyone enjoying their lunch?” I asked innocently. “How’s yours Kevin?” I asked not even waiting for an answer from anyone else.

“It’s really delicious.” He answered.

“I bet that sauce is pretty tasty. I wish I’d ordered that.”

“Here Deb, you can try mine if you’d like. I ordered the Pona Pelly too.” Mike offered to me.

“No thanks Hon, Kevin’s enjoying a little richer sauce than you ordered.”

Kevin was smiling now. And Cindy was once again “feeding” him one of her fingers.

“I’m sure that Debra can “spice” yours up as well.” He stated, joining in now on the private secret that only the three of us were fully aware of.

“Here…” Cindy suddenly stated. “Let me get that for you.” And before anyone knew what she was doing, she leaned over the table then, her breasts near falling out of her wide open blouse which had yet another button suddenly undone, and reached towards Mike as though he had a splash of something dripping off his chin. He even started to reach up to his lips with his napkin, but was stopped short as Cindy’s finger lightly brushed the corner of his mouth, and then slipped inside where Mike’s eyes went wide open with surprise and sudden understanding.

“Oh…” Was all Mike managed, taking a quick glance over in Kevin’s direction who was still sitting there smiling, glad that now everyone was in on the “Special Sauce” that was being taste tested around the table.

“Hey…what about me?” I said then. Deciding that a somewhat teasing request such as this was a good way to find out if Cindy had any inhibitions about another woman. I watched her then as she slid her hand down between her legs. Sitting as she was, her chair pulled back slightly away from the table, I had a clear and unobstructed view of her as she slid two fingers inside her self momentarily and moved them about. Withdrawing them, she held them up and offered herself to me.

“Ever been to Hawaii?” She asked. Suddenly I wished that Doris and Steve were with us. I had a fleeting image momentarily of Doris and I taking turns going down on her.

Still holding her fingers up to me, “I think in Hawaii they have something called two finger “poi”. “This is what you might call two finger Sin…” She didn’t finish the sentence, or the obvious use of her name. She didn’t need to; we ALL knew what she meant. I took her hand and slowly drew my mouth and lips over her outstretched fingers, enjoying the heavenly scent of her and taste of her as I licked them both clean.

“Everyone enjoying their dinner?” Our waiter suddenly asked, appearing almost out of nowhere. I looked down, saw the now very obvious bulge in his pants and smiled at him. Obviously he’d kept his eyes on the four of us for what had to have been the majority of our lunch.

“Oh my yes.” I responded. The “sauce” was particularly nice. My compliments…” “Sin”-dy actually was blushing at this point.

“Yes…I can only begin to imagine.” Our now bold waiter responded, though it confirmed my suspicions that he had been watching us nearly the entire time.

“Can I get you anything else? Some desert perhaps?” He asked us.

“As a matter of fact, you can.” I said standing up. “Come on “Sin”-dy.” I said, once again emphasizing her name even more pronounced as I stood and pulled her up along with me. “We’ll be right back. We’re going to look at the desert tray.” I announced.

Standing up and then walking off, nearly pulling Cindy and the somewhat startled and surprised waiter along with us, I turned around and blew Mike an affectionate kiss. “Be right back!”

“What on earth is she up too?” Kevin asked Mike.

“Well you see…its like this. I’m actually married to two women. One of them is normally the shy almost quiet type. But there’s this other woman…I call her “Naughty” that emerges every once in a while. And when she does, I just sit back and watch. Or in this case, sit back and wait to hear about whatever she’s up to later.

Kevin turned around in his chair and watched as his own wife disappeared along with Debra, still leading the startled young waiter back inside the building. She was looking back over her shoulder towards him with a curiously surprised expression etched into her face as well.

“I wouldn’t worry about it.” Mike told him. “She’s like this sometimes. But she’s also very careful about what she does too. I trust her, she’s just having a bit of fun at the poor waiters expense, though at least we’ll not need to leave much of a tip afterwards.”

Kevin laughed knowingly then.

“Women. You can’t live with em, and you can’t live without them either.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Mike said lifting up his beer and clinking it against Kevins.

Several minutes later Mike watched as we strode purposely back towards them.

“Well? We ready to go?” I asked.

“Ready if you are.” Kevin added. “But…we still need the bill first.”

“Lunch has already been paid for.” I teased them both saying.

“And I got the tip!” Cindy added, smiling almost giddily.

“Well then…I guess we’re all set.” Mike stated, standing up, and still throwing a few extra dollars on the table anyway.

“How “was” desert anyway?” He asked me then.

“Creamy. Nice and creamy.” I told him. “Show them Cindy.” I told her. Cindy didn’t have to open her blouse much wider than it already was, but several thick pools of white creamy nectar still ran in little rivulets down between her breasts.

As we headed back outside onto the sidewalk walking back in the direction of our cars, I told them both how we’d half dragged him into the women’s restroom. Once we were assured that no one else was inside, I had reached down, unzipped the young mans pants and withdrew his manhood. As I’d already guessed, it was hard and erect, and already glistening with slick sticky streams of precum.

“It didn’t take long. Once I had him in hand, I began jerking him off. You know how I enjoy doing that.” I said turning towards Mike.

“Anyway, he was standing there staring at Cindy’s tits while I was doing this, and I thought to myself, Hmmmm now what better way for him to enjoy this?” And so I placed his cock between Cindy’s breasts and rubbed it up and down between them until he came. It “really” was enjoyable watching it.”

I heard Cindy laughing up in front of me and looked towards her.

“See? I told you…they’re “both” walking funny.” She announced. And they were too!

Glancing down, Mike was already trying to desperately conceal not only the bulge growing inside his own pants, but attempting and failing to do so, the obvious dark “wet” spot that had now soaked through as well.

Cindy had even gone so far as to turn her own husband sideways as we walked. He “balked” momentarily as she pointed out to Mike and I his obvious hard on. But it was rather obvious.

“How far away did we leave the car anyway?” He asked her.

“Speaking of which…” I chimed in then. “Have you two got any plans for this evening? Or would you rather we just part here and now?”

Cindy quickly reached into her purse and withdrew a notebook and quickly jotted down their address.

“We don’t have any plans that I’m aware of.” She announced. So if you two would like, why don’t you drop by later on this evening?

“Sounds good by me.” Mike stated. “I’ll bring along plenty of beer.”

“Don’t worry.” Cindy told me, “We’ve got a few bottle’s of wine at home too! Though I actually enjoy a good beer myself.”

“Oh, its not that I don’t enjoy beer!” I stated. “It’s just that after a few beers…well, anything could happen.”

“Beer it is then!” Kevin spoke up suddenly. “By the way…which kind do you prefer?”

With address and phone number in hand, Mike and I hurried home to finish a few weekend chores. Though we had just met, and in fact hardly knew very much about Kevin and Cindy, the mutual attraction as well as the easy going nature and comfort of being with them and around them was extremely refreshing. Needless to say, we were “both” very anxious and looking forward to spending the evening with them at their place.

Surprisingly I found myself rummaging through clothes trying to find just the right thing to wear. Mike of course simply changed shirts and put on a pair of jeans. (I always have liked a man who looked good in a pair of clean well-worn faded Levi jeans). So in seconds, Mike of course was looking handsome and sexy. I on the other hand couldn’t for the life of me decide what to wear. I pulled out blouse after blouse, tossing each one off to the side once I’d considered it.

“Just what are you doing anyway?” Mike said while sitting on the edge of the bed watching me lay hands on nearly every article of clothing I owned.

“I’m looking for something comfortable, AND sexy!” I tried explaining, and noticed that there was an “edge” of irritability to my tone, if not a dose of frustration mingled in with that as well.

Mike continued to sit on the edge of the bed watching me with an amused expression on his face.

“What?” I barked at him once again.

“Nothing.” He replied. “But I think you’ve already made whatever “first” impression earlier today that was going to be made. So finding something particularly “specific”, if your trying to “impress” them isn’t really that important now is it?”

Turning, I “glared” at my husband. Of course he was right. And I hated it when he was. But I still wanted to find something that would be casual, sexy, as well as not something that I would wear trying to state that I was something I wasn’t. I hated people, especially women who put on “airs” trying to impress someone.

“Wear the red knit blouse I gave you for valentines.” He suggested.

I’d already decided on a pair of white knit shorts, and as the image of that blouse came to mind, it all seemed to fit together perfectly. Damn…I hated it when he was right. Especially about what clothes I wore. Going to my closet, I immediately found that particular blouse and pulled it off the hanger.

“No bra though.” Mike added then, coaxing me. “You wanted casual, comfortable and sexy. No bra in that blouse gives you all three.”

One of the reasons Mike had purchased that particular blouse was for the dark deep rich color of red…almost the color of blood. But it really did look good on me, accentuated by my hair and skin tone. Added to that of course was the deep neckline that allowed a great deal of my cleavage to show through as well.

“Perfect”. Mike stated simply. And then doing his best imitation of Billy Crystal imitating Fernando Lamas, he added. “You look marvelous…simply marvelous!”

“Ok Fernando…or Billy…or whoever you are. I’m ready. Let’s’ go!”

By the address we’d been given, it was no more than a thirty or forty minute drive from our place to theirs. I don’t know why I was so “anxious” but I was. We’d spent nearly the entire afternoon with them, and had had a wonderful time. But now I was worried that they’d have plenty of time to reconsider the afternoon and perhaps have misgivings about having invited us over later. We managed to find their place easy enough, as Mike pulled the car up into the drive; I was immediately assured and comforted when we pulled up.

Cindy and Kevin were sitting outside on their porch in a swing enjoying a beer together. Two “others” sat on the rock stone ledge of their porch waiting for us. Cindy was wearing a pair of red shorts, and a white knit blouse that had a deep cut “v” neckline exposing her alluring breasts. Mike laughed.

“And you were worried about what you were going to wear.”

“Shut up.” I scolded him, nearly bounding out of the car before it had fully stopped. “Not a word…not one single word!” I warned him.

Turning back towards our newfound friends, Kevin was already walking towards us with the beers in hand. He seemed to have an amused expression on his face too.

“I didn’t hear Cindy call Debra before you guys came over.” He seemed to be teasing more to Mike than to either Cindy or me. And Mike just smiled at him, took up the proffered bottle of Coors and smiled without saying a solitary word.

We stood a while, chatting and getting reacquainted all over again. Finishing our beers Kevin asked if we were ready for another yet.

“Not until I visit the Ladies room first.” I replied. Then changing mannerisms I added, “If I don’t pee before I have another beer, I’m liable to wet myself right here.”

“Come on Deb, I’ll show you the way.” Cindy responded grabbing my arm, and then led me inside the house. Me in my Red blouse and white shorts, and Cindy in her red shorts and white blouse.

“You sure they weren’t separated at birth?” Kevin joked.

“I heard that!” I threw back at him.

“And so did I!” Cindy said. “And if the two of you don’t behave when we get back…” But she left that thought hanging in the air.

A few minutes later I came out of Cindy’s bathroom. She was waiting for me in their bedroom. “I think the boys are up to something.” She said.

“What a surprise. But what makes you think so?”

“Because I heard Kevin get into the kitchen drawer looking for a deck of cards.”

“And that leads you to think they’re up to something?”

“Well…unless he’s planning on playing solitaire while you’re here…yes!” She nearly laughed.

“Sounds like something Mike would have “suggested” too.” I added. “Well, I guess we might as well go out into the front room and see what it is they’re up to then.”

Kevin was sitting next to their coffee table shuffling a deck of cards when we came into the room. Mike was sitting across from him on the couch and handed me a fresh beer. He patted the seat next to him then.

“Come on Deb, sit down. Kevin and I came up with a fun little game we could all play.”

“Oh? And what’s that Kev?” Cindy asked him.

Kevin looked towards Mike for support. But Mike simply continued to stand there and grin. “You’re the host buddy!” He told him. “And besides, it was more of you’re idea than mine anyway.”

As Kevin continued shuffling the cards, he finally told us what it was they’d come up with. “Well…we thought it might be fun to play a variation of strip-poker.”

“Ah huh…” I said, pretending to feign interest. When in fact the “Naughty” in me had been wondering all evening long how we “might” finally broach the subject, if there even was one.

“And just exactly what is the little variation on the game that you had in mind?” Cindy said joining in.

And then it was Mike’s turn, and obviously his arousal level was up to…along with something else as I quickly noticed. “Well, we’d call it Truth or Strip.” He stated. If you lose the hand, then you either have to answer a question “truthfully”, or remove an article of clothing.”

I turned looking towards Cindy. Actually the idea wasn’t half-bad. She gave me a knowing wink of agreement, and we both then consented.

“Ok, deal the cards then.” Cindy commented. “This is going to get interesting.” She mused.

Kevin quickly started dealing out the hand. “Five card draw is what we’ll play each round” He stated. “Oh…and no folding. If you fold, you have to strip off something!”

“I see. And are there any more rules you need to tell us about before we continue playing? Or are you just going to make the rules up as we go along?” I teased.

And as it turned out, I won the first hand.

“Ok Mike, you first. Truth? Or strip?”

“Truth!” He said boldly.

I pondered my question to him momentarily and then came up with one I liked. “OK, if there was ONE thing…and Only ONE thing you could do to Cindy, but anything at all. What would that ONE thing be?”

“That’s easy.” Mike responded glibly. “Eat pussy.”

I had an idea that’s what his answer would be. He loved doing that and I loved him doing it…especially to me. But asking him the question would at least set the “tone” if nothing else of the erotic little game we were now playing.

“Ok Kev, now it’s your turn!” But before I could give him his options, he was already removing his shoe.

“Both shoes!” Cindy demanded, adding a rule of her own. “You two already have more clothes on than we do anyway. So “shoes” count as a pair…same as socks!”

Kevin gave in then and removed his other shoe.

“Truth” Cindy stated then, not waiting for me to ask her what her choice was either.

“Have you ever been with another woman, and if not have you ever considered it?”

“Actually Debra…that’s two questions. So I’ll answer just one of them. No.”

“No what?” I asked her again.

“Sin”-dy laughed. “I guess you’ll have to ask the question again to find out which one I said No too huh?”

“Hey!” Mike butted in saying. “Isn’t that like a pair of shoes? I think you should answer both questions. Or at the very least which question you answered NO too!”

“Nice try Mike.” Cindy chortled. “But no…it’s not like a pair of shoes…no.”

Cindy delt the next hand, and as luck would have it, won it as well.

“Ok Mike…Truth or Strip?”

“Truth!” He said again. Obviously enjoying this.

“Ok…if Kevin was to cum on your wife, where would you like to see him do it the most?”

Even Kevin looked at “Sin”-dy with a surprised expression on his face. “I think someone’s getting horny!” He commented.

“Getting?” I quipped. “I think she already is. I know I am.” I said, and simply undid the buttons of my blouse and removed it. Sitting there topless now, though I could have chosen to remove my shoes instead, seemed like a pointless exercise. Somebody needed to get naked if anything was going to happen. And so one of us might as well get there as soon as possible.

“And it might as well be me.” I thought.

“Obviously you’ve chosen to strip Debra. But Mike still hasn’t answered his question yet!” She stated reminding everyone that he hadn’t.

Looking towards me, Mike reached over and cupped one of my breasts lifting it up and tweaking the nipple in the process. “Right here!” He said, flipping and toying with my rapidly growing nipple. “I’d enjoy seeing him cum on her right here!”

“Careful Debra…you might just get your wish!” Cindy said pointing suddenly over towards Kevin who was obviously trying unsuccessfully to re-arrange himself. Though no one could see for sure what it was that he was doing, it was obvious that he had his hand down the front of his pants.

“You playing with that yourself? Or would you like one of us to do it?” I asked.

Kevin looked at Cindy and I together. “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be with two women he announced boldly.”

“And I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with two men!” Cindy said looking directly at Mike.

And suddenly…the card game was over almost as quickly as it had begun. Standing up, I kicked off my sandals and began unzipping my shorts. Cindy was already in the process of removing her own blouse at that moment as well. Having removed my shorts by this time, I walked over towards Cindy. Without asking or even waiting to find out anything, I reached down and slowly began pulling her zipper down. At that moment, you could have heard a pin drop. Though the faint heavy increased breathing coming from both Mike and Kevin was plain as day.

“By the way “Sin”-dy…” I said asking her in as sultry and as seductive of a voice as I could manage. “Now that we’re all done playing cards…what “did” you say NO too?” I asked her.

Cindy laughed then just as lustily as I’d sounded in asking her the question. “I meant that No…I haven’t been with another woman before. But the other answer would have been Yes. I’ve always been curious about it, and Kevin…” She said looking over in his direction then, “…has always wanted to see me with another woman too!”

“And so then…your answer is?”

“My answer is…I think we’d all be a lot more comfortable in the bedroom!”

Almost immediately the three of us followed her down the hallway to their bedroom. Cindy and I crawled up into the bed together, now naked, and waited for the boy’s to join us. Kevin and Mike were still fumbling with their clothing while we waited.

“Maybe we should have them do a strip tease for us?” I stated.

“Fuck that.” Mike responded hurriedly. And then as he finished removing his jeans and boxers, his hard erect cock jumped out with what could only be described as eager anticipation.

Kevin wasn’t far behind him either. And soon Cindy and I were looking at two beautiful throbbing erect pricks. Mike started towards the bed at that moment.

“Hold it!” I said stopping him in mid stride. “You’re not horny enough for the two of us yet! And neither are you Kevin!” I added.

Mike and Kevin both looked at one another curiously. But I didn’t wait long enough to expect any response as to what I meant either. In the next instant, I rolled over onto Cindy and immediately began kissing and licking her lovely hard erect nipples. “Sin”-dy began moaning in surprised but delighted pleasure.

“Maybe she was right.” Kevin stated. “I think we need to get a lot hornier than we are.”

Kevin and Mike sat down on either side of the bed with Cindy and I situated comfortably in the middle. I spent my time caressing and toying with her marvelous breasts, and then as Cindy pushed me over onto my back, she began to reciprocate…doing the same lovely things to my titty’s that I had been doing to hers.

Every naughty little game I could think of, we tried. Lying side by side facing one another, we meshed breasts together, dueling nipple’s rubbing them against one another holding our own breasts, and then those of each others as we tickled fucked our nipple’s and swirled them back and forth against the others.

Mike and Kevin sat stroking their hard glistening cocks while they watched us. Occasionally glimpsing over towards them as they did simply heightened the erotic mood of the moment for both Cindy and I. We then played at other naughty little games, each one a new and special thrill. I first pressed my left breast, holding it in my hand and massaged it in circular motions against her extremely wet pussy. I tickled her erect exposed clit nub with my taut nipple. Fucking it and teasing it. The sensation of my breast being covered in her slick juices stimulated and aroused me passionately. The feel of her pussy sucking my tit, lapping at my nipple as I rubbed her with it was extremely pleasurable.

“Hmmmm, let me try that now.” Cindy urged breathlessly.

And so we did. Exchanging places then, I lay upon my back, knees bent with my own pussy displayed obscenely wide. Cindy then took her own magnificent tit and began rubbing herself up and down my near hairless furrow. Bathing her own soft pliant breast with my juices, and slickening it up so that it slipped easily up and down my cleft, rubbing my clitoris and sending massive shivers coursing up and down my spine.

“Ok…I’m horny enough!” Mike nearly growled. “And I need to suck on one of those tits now.” He added.

Moving towards Cindy, Mike then captured the nipple that she’d been so wonderfully and expertly teasing my pussy with. He lapped at the hard little bud, licking off the nectar of my cunt that he found clinging to it in pearly clear little streamers of my pussy juice that he savored and dined on as though it was some exotic delicacy.

Kevin was sitting close enough to me that he was easily able to lean over and begin caressing and sucking on my breasts as well. He did so, tasting his wife’s juices and flicked his tongue out rapidly against my swollen nipple. It felt so good that I found myself moaning uncontrollably, near whimpering with desire and ecstasy.

Although it had been my intention to introduce “Sin”-dy into the joys of Sappo love, it surprised me when she suddenly scrunched down and began to lightly lick my wet slit. Kneeling over me as she was, Mike immediately took advantage of the opportunity and stood up behind her. I watched him as he began to rub his cock over and around her fleshy ass. Feeling the heat of him, the stiffness, Cindy near purred.

“Oh yes Mike…slip it inside me. Fuck me with it Mike. Stick your nice hard cock inside my pussy and fuck me!”

One thing about Mike, he didn’t need to be told twice about doing anything. I watched him then as Cindy went back to licking me, and eased his cock head inside her gaping cunt. Her lips easily surrounded and devoured him then, sucking him in and taking in the full measure of him slowly and smoothly. Even as she licked me, I could tell by the change and tempo of her tongue thrusts that she was feeling every single inch of Mike’s tool as he slid deeply inside of her from behind.

“Come here Kevin.” I said then in an authoritative tone of voice, though it was sultrier and lust filled than demanding.

Edging up towards me then, I slipped the swollen purple headed tip of his cock between my lips and sucked it, allowing the pressure of my teeth to bite into the soft aroused flesh as I did. I sucked…”popping” at the head of his prick with my lips, slowly at first, and then much faster as the dance of Cindy’s tongue on my clit caused me to match her movements and tempo. And this, I realized now was being “dick”-tated by Mike’s now continuous deep thrusting in and out of her cunt as he stood behind her fucking her doggy style.

“Oh fuck…this is TOO good. I’m gonna cum!” Mike suddenly announced. I quit sucking Kevin’s cock so I could watch Mike’s face. I “loved” watching him cum anyway, and being in the perfect position to do so, I continued rubbing and jacking off Kevin’s swollen stiff member against my breasts, delighted however that I had a clear unobstructed view of Mike as he pumped in and out of Cindy’s heated pussy.

“Yes baby!” I told him…”Cum. Cum inside that hot went cunt!”

Mike loved it when I talked dirty to him. Especially when he was as close as he was. For both of us, erotic dirty talk was apart of the orgasm itself, and I knew that by “coaxing” him with my words as well as actions, that his climax would be far more powerful and intense for him when he came. I lay there watching as his face began to redden, and as the grimace of near pleasure-pain began to spread across his face. Mike suddenly “lunged” inside Cindy’s cunt then, held himself there unmoving, and I knew that the first powerful jettison of his cream was coating the inside of Cindy’s pussy. Mike withdrew slightly, and then buried himself deeply inside of her once again, the sound of his groin slapping against her ass as he filled her with yet another glorious discharge of his semen.

This…seemed to trigger “Sin”-dy’s orgasm as well. And though her mouth was filled with pussy at the time, she moaned fully into my cunt as she felt the surge of her own orgasmic delight overwhelm her. She stopped licking me then, obviously the pleasure far too intense for her to continue even doing that much, and then I saw as Mike looked down, his cock still fully impaled inside her. Great torrents of what I could only describe as “pussy” spray suddenly began shooting out from behind her. Mike stood there watching with surprised amazement as Cindy released her feminine cum cream and coated his cock, balls, and pubic hair in the near syrupy substance.

“Fuck me!” I said then. “Does every fucking woman on this planet except me ejaculate? What’s up with that?” I said somewhat exasperatedly.

Cindy however was still in the throes of her own orgasm, still milking herself out and around Mike’s now quietly resting cock, though he’d kept himself deeply rooted inside her, enjoying the sensation of Cindy’s cunt clasping, clenching and contracting itself around him.

I had continued slipping my hand, using the lubrication that had been leaking out of Kevin’s prick to toy and masturbate him with against my tits. Having seen Mike’s orgasm followed swiftly afterwards by Cindy’s, he soon joined the two of them and began throbbing hotly in my hand. Realizing what was about to happen, I then placed the fat head of his knob directly against my nipples, and waited as the first wonderful glob of pure milky white cum suddenly shot out of his dick, splashing against my breast and nipple enveloping it completely. Now I thought that Mike came a lot for a man. But the amount of fluid that flew from Kevin’s prick was a sight to behold. I continued pumping and jacking his cock against my breasts. Kevin continued to erupt, one streamer after another of white sticky paste splattering against my tits, throat, and finally my mouth as I then took him up and drank down the last remaining vestiges of his orgasm.

By this time, Cindy’s own powerful climax had at least subsided enough that she went back to licking and sucking on my clit. She now (thankfully) added the use of her fingers and began walking them around inside me while gingerly nipping at my clit-nub. Finally, I felt the first approaching tingles…knew by them that I was approaching my own sweet release and succumbed to the sensations.

Mike had finally un-cunted himself, and walked around the end of the bed to sit down beside me. Kevin was already massaging my breasts, using the torrents of man goo that he’d left there to further arouse and stimulate me with. Mike joined him. Together, they tweaked, pulled, and rolled my nipples around, using Kevin’s cum cream as further sweet torture and heavenly pleasure as Cindy’s tongue now darted and flicked against me unmercifully.

“Ah yes…that’s it, right there!” I screamed.

“Cum baby…cum.” Mike sat urging me, and now pulling nearly as hard as he could on one of my nipples, stretching it away from my breast so that the full pain of it was felt the moment my own pussy erupted in pure bliss. Kevin followed suit, and likewise pulled and twisted my other nipple as I began thrashing about and beneath Cindy as she latched onto my clitoris fully with her lips and suctioned me like a miniature vacuum.

My orgasm was hard felt. I saw stars dance in my head, felt my toes curling and clenching, my cunt spasiming with delight and rapture. And though I know Cindy was certainly enjoying the sweet delicious taste of my pussy at that very moment, the little “juice” that did flow was no more than usual. And for a second in my mind’s eye, I saw Doris and Cindy sucking one another’s cunts, cumming in rivers of rich frothy cream, and envied them both.

All of us collapsed down on the bed together, and for a time merely lay quietly trying to collect ourselves as well as our wits. Eventually Mike got up and went into the bathroom to pee. Kevin padded out naked to the kitchen to grab us a few beers, and left Cindy and I alone, still somewhat snuggled up together on the bed.

“Well…was that anything like you would have expected?” I asked her.

“Better.” She replied honestly. “It was incredibly exciting. And something I’ve always wanted to do…to try. But there’s never been any other woman I felt comfortable enough, or even attracted enough to want to try and experience it with…until now that is!”

I smiled knowingly at her then. I’d been there before myself. “One thing you still haven’t experienced yet though…is my tongue inside your pussy. You up for that yet?”

Cindy immediately flipped over onto her back, spread her legs apart and even held her pussy lips apart for me with her fingers. The pink little nubbin of her clitoris stood out shiny smooth and glistening. I immediately knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed and teasingly began running my tongue up and down her lips, tasting her essence, and lingering occasionally to swirl that hard little nubbin of flesh with my tongue. And that was when Mike came back from the bathroom, as did Kevin from the kitchen carrying the beers.

Handing one of them to Mike, and setting the other two down on the dresser, Kevin turned to Mike.

“Might as well sit down and enjoy ourselves.” He stated, motioning to one of the chairs they had in their bedroom. Mike took a large swig of his own beer and sat down in the chair to watch.

“I love watching Debra eat pussy.” Mike commented.

“I think I’m going to become a fan of it myself!” Kevin added.

But all I could think about at the moment was hearing Cindy’s raspy almost staccato breathing as I speared her split with my tongue, fenced with her clitty, and fingered the sloshy wet recess of her inner pussy walls with my fingers. If there is one single thing that could be considered the perfect aphrodisiac for men…it’s seeing two women together. It certainly wasn’t very long before I heard the squeak of both chairs behind me as the “guys” renewed arousal overtook them both. This time, Kevin came up from behind me, and so it was natural for me to stand up then, my lips still glued to Cindy’s pussy, and allow him the reciprocal introduction of his cock inside my cunt from behind. Likewise, Mike then joined Cindy on the bed, who immediately began toying with my husband’s cock with her lips. So…basically in a matter of but a few short minutes, we were all at it again, but in reversed roles.

Feeling Kevin’s nice hard cock slipping up inside me was an added treat to the deliciously tasting pussy I was hungrily devouring. Mike was enjoying the pleasure of Cindy’s lips as she sucked, licked, and ran her slim tongue up and down the sides of his shaft.

There was one good thing about Mike’s second hardon that I always appreciated. I’d never ever had an orgasm with him when we had intercourse the “first” go round. He simply never lasted long enough for me to have one. Even if I was already way horny and stimulated before hand. But…once he’d climaxed, and had a chance to “recover” he always lasted at least three times as long the second time. So though Cindy was giving Mike and “expert” little blowjob, there was no worry about his cumming anytime too soon.

In the meantime then, I simply enjoyed the feel of Kevin’s cock thrusting in and out of me from behind as I enthusiastically clit-licked and tickled Cindy’s extremely wet cunt. Every time I felt Cindy even getting “close” to having an orgasm, I slowed my tongue action down to a trickle. Kevin seemed to pick up on what I was doing as well, and every time I stopped or slowed…so did he. Momentarily, I remained then, my tongue barely resting on Cindy’s slit, and Kevin’s cock, though fully inside me…unmoving.

What I had been patiently waiting to happen, finally happened. Cindy’s talented sucking lips and swirling tongue had Mike on the brink of his second orgasm.

“Bring it here baby!” I told him. “I want you to put it right here!”

Mike quickly stood up and nearly ran over to where I was obviously indicating that he shoot his load. And he barely made it as it was. Two quick jack’s of his dick, and he was suddenly spewing long thin ribbons of his spunk all over Cindy’s pussy lips. Seeing this, Kevin once again began thrusting his cock rapidly in and out of me now, and as he headed off towards his own wonderful climax. I dove back down into the thick creamy pools of Mike’s nectar that was waiting for me as it was now so erotically displayed all over Cindy’s pussy.

I wasn’t long at this either before Cindy was once again “gushing” perhaps even more fluidly than she’d done previously. Almost instantaneously my face was covered in a splurge of juice that soaked, actually drenched me in fact as she orgasmed yelling loudly all the while at how good it was feeling.

The first hot spurts of Kevin’s joy-juice began saturating the inside of my cunt. I felt the first incredible hard spurt of his jisim shooting inside me, followed close by several others that began to dribble out of my pussy and run down the inside of my legs.

Kevin had barely finished filling my cunt, slipped out, and sat down on the edge of the bed when Cindy slid out from underneath me.

“Ok kiddo…” She began. “I’m going to show you what it’s really like to cum!”

“You two can help by taking one of her tits and sucking on it while I go to work here.”

Once again…dutifully told, Mike began sucking on my left breast, and Kevin on my right. Feeling the sensation of them sucking me simultaneously was heaven! Cindy moved up to sit beside me on the bed, but rather than using her talented flicking tongue, she began plying her delicate fingers on me instead. Applying pressure to the outside of my lips, and mons, Cindy also began reaching up as though she was trying to massage a nice little sweet spot just barely inside my pussy, but up and behind the ceiling of my cunt. She caressed me there, massaging and twirling her fingers, and with her other hand, manipulating and rubbing me softly and gently on the outside of my pussy too.

I soon began to experience sensations I’d honestly never quite felt before. It was like having several pairs of hands caressing me and touching me simultaneously. I know that apart of it was because the guys were doing a wonderful job stimulating my breasts, but it was more than that. Cindy’s hands seemed to stroke me like a wave of warm water washing over me. The gentle rubbing, pressure, stroking all mingled together was causing me to feel tingly sensations where I’d not felt them previously. This warmth suddenly seemed to spread across my entire being. I felt it running up my belly, coursing through my breasts, nipples. But I also felt it tingling not at or around my clitoris like I usually did…but somewhere deep inside me.

In the next instant…I exploded!

Half sitting up on my elbows on the bed, I gazed with amazement, and astonishment as a small geyser of pearly liquid arched into the air away from my cunt. The intensity of the sensation was near overwhelming, but it was followed quickly by another, and then another. I was squirting! I felt like crying…hysterical in the ecstasy of my release, my pussy throbbing and expelling my first female ejaculate. Even Mike and Kevin quit sucking my titty’s in order to watch it. No longer able…nor wanting to control myself, I felt my pussy relax…contract, and then another hard felt expulsion of pussy juice suddenly cascade out of my cunt, drenching the bed, and covering Cindy’s now slick hand with my juices.

“Oh my god!” I was crying…”Oh Cindy…Oh Cindy… Don’t stop…PLEASE don’t stop doing that!”

I don’t know how long it was that I came. But it seemed like an eternity before my pussy finally quit spasiming. It had been for me, the longest, hardest, most intense orgasm of my entire life.

Long afterwards…feeling much like a liquid bowl of Jell-O, I lay on the bed, wet as it was, and just languished in the afterglow of the moment. Once again I thought of my other dear friend Doris.

“Oh Cindy…I know this will sound silly, but can I use your phone?” I asked her.

And as though reading my mind, she answered.

“Sure…and tell Doris I’m looking forward to meeting her!”

“Fuck me!” Mike groaned then.

“Who’s Doris?” Kevin asked curiously.

“Don’t worry Kevin old buddy…I’m sure that knowing Cindy and Debra…you’ll find out soon…very soon in fact.” “Hi Doris? It’s me Deb. Guess what?”

And as I told her about the wonderful experience we’d all just shared together…I was already beginning to imagine and picture in my mind the marvelous time all six of us were going to be having together.

“How big IS Steve’s cock anyway?” Cindy whispered into my ear.

And I showed her with my hands like a fisherman showing the one that got away…

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