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Naughty Daughter

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Don’t get me wrong. I love a good sexy scenario as much as the next horny young woman. But even I knew this was completely unacceptable.

I was your typical rebellious girl. My parents had divorced when I was little, and I refused to bother with anyone of their partners. I didn’t see the point in pretending to like people I had nothing in common with and who, as far as I knew, were only bothering with me to please my parents.

My mum had been a bit of a player throughout my teen life and never really hid much, which was fine, I was old enough to handle it. She was quite taken with this one guy recently, so she decided to invite him over and I did my usual indifference act, nothing unusual aside from his constant staring at my body. I ended up going to bed early because I felt like I was an accomplice in his misbehavior.

I complained the next day that he creeped me out and I had caught him staring, which of course caused a huge argument. Apparently I’m a self-centered bitch that can’t handle the thought that someone wants her and not me… After that I stormed out and hadn’t come home until I knew she was out, so I could be alone. But I wasn’t alone.

I opened the door and put my bag on the counter, turned the lights and TV on and started pulling my clothes off. I liked to walk around in my underwear on nights I knew mum wasn’t home, it felt naughty and had no consequences.. Not until now.

I was down to my skirt and thin blouse when I saw a man’s reflection in the window. I started and spun to face him, ‘Holy fucking shit, Mace, what are you doing here?!’ I screamed at him. He’d given me a huge fright and I was pissed off.

‘I left my jacket here the other night,’ he replied calmly, placing the red parka on the counter.

‘What, and you have a key now?’ I said indignantly.

‘Not exactly.’ He eyed me up and down slowly and I immediately felt awkward .

‘What do you want?’ I asked, seeing through his petty excuse.

‘Your mother told me about what you said.’ He stepped toward me, menacingly and I stepped back.

‘What did I say?’ I was confused for a moment, but realized he was talking about how creepy I’d said he was.

‘You know what you said.’ He took another step and I backed into the area of the counter behind me. Shit.

‘Well, what did you expect? She was sitting right there and all you could do was stare at me! What choice did I have?’ I tried to act justified and confident, but I knew there was nothing to protect me from him or his agenda.

‘What choice did I have?’ he emphasized the ‘I’, ‘you, wearing that skimpy little dress, with your sexy legs exposed for me. You were just gagging for me to stare. Weren’t you? That’s exactly what you wanted. And what do I get in return? You narking me out. Drawing attention to my hardon for you. Don’t you know how much harder it’s made this?’ while he was speaking he drew nearer to me, until our bodies were touching and he was holding my upper arms, gripping tightly. I shuddered and backed my face from his.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, you creep!’ I spat at him.

‘Your mother isn’t here now, you don’t have to pretend anymore, baby,’ he leaned to my ear and whispered. For some reason this sent a pleasurable tingle down to my hot spot. I shook it off and pushed him back,

‘Look, I don’t want any trouble, just leave me alone and I won’t say anything more to her.’ I reasoned, but his breath heaved on my neck and I couldn’t help but like the sensation it created. He slid one of his hands up my arm to my neck very sensually, then gripped my hair hard.

‘Hey!’ I yelped in surprise and pain. He dragged me by the roots of my hair to the center kitchen bench and forced my head into the marble. I was completely bent over and at his mercy. I tried to push myself off the counter but he was unbelievably strong.

I had never been so helpless or turned on in my life. The realization that I was prepared to let my mother’s boyfriend take full advantage of me (and enjoy it) hit me hard. I’d never been truly bad before; yeah I drank and smoked a little weed, but never anything to this degree. Before I could object, my body betrayed me and I felt my wetness seep through my panties.

‘You need to be taught a lesson, little girl’

His hand ran over my body, down to one of my ass cheeks, and I bit back moan as he squeezed a little too hard. SLAP! A hand landed on my ass cheek so hard tears sprung in my eyes. ‘AAH!’ I squealed and he cackled in delight. He pulled my panties down to my knees with one quick motion. SLAP! My ass stung horribly but my pussy tingled with excitement, my juice had slowly trickled between my legs and was being spread around by the same hand that had caused me pain a moment earlier.

He slid his fingers inside me harshly and pumped them in and out, indifferent to my cries. ‘Please, Mace! Stop, it’s too much! You’re hurting me! AH!’ he ignored my words, perhaps took pleasure in them, and continued probing me, his fingers making a loud squelching sound as they repeatedly entered my cunt.

I struggled harder but he was too strong, obviously under all those clothes he was pure muscle. Every time I tried to cover my ass or move away, the next slap was harder. The warming in my pussy was growing. So wrong.

SLAP! He switched between slapping my ass and probing my cunt, and I was in ecstasy. Eventually I began pushing back against his hand, encouraging his finger’s thrusts. ‘I knew you loved it, you hot little slut,’ he growled at me. As I began to respond instead of struggle he stopped slapping me altogether and started rewarding me..

I was just feeling the peak of an orgasm rising when he stopped finger fucking me and flipped me onto my back and spread my legs. My ass was right at the edge of the counter, so I put my feet on his shoulders for balance. I laid my head back on the counter and couldn’t see what he was doing, but slowly I felt a soft wet trail starting from my belly button, passed my hairless mound and gliding over my hooded clit.

The intensity of the build up was almost too much, but I stayed still for fear of being punished again. My heart quickened with every hot breath I could feel on my wet pussy lips and clit. I was aching so badly for his tongue I could have cried. Then he began a steady motion of lapping at my clit and suckling my lips and slooowly sliding his fingers in and out again.

It was such a contrast to his unrelenting demeanour, but just as hot. I could feel every lick, every probe, every swirl, my pussy was so sensitive from his gentle treatment I thought I would cum any second, this lasted for five minutes as he gradually built me up, going slowly very purposefully, wanting to enjoy my taste and squirming for as long as possible. I felt every moment of my orgasm hitting peak and when it did, an earth shattering wave of pleasure vaulted through my entire body, I bucked my hips violently, my body so overwhelmed with exquisite satisfaction it could barely handle it.

‘Ah! Ahhh! Oooh! Uhhhh.. Fuuuck, fuuck.. Ohh God..’ My screams of bliss dwindled to quiet groans of disbelief, and I felt my cum dripping down my ass crack.

Mace appeared above me, abruptly. He leaned over me, between my legs and pulled me up to him, so I was sitting. ‘Clean my face’ he ordered, and I could see the lower half of his face was covered with a thin layer of my horny juices.

I began tentatively lapping at his stubbly face, my taste was actually quite sweet, like a juicy strawberry. I noticed that he wasn’t as creepy looking as I’d first thought, in fact he was pretty fucking good looking for a 40 something year old. I saved his lips for last, licking them lightly then locking my lips around them and sliding my tongue into his mouth. He responded immediately, holding the back of my hair and deeply probing my mouth with his powerful tongue.

‘Now, my good girl, you know what you have to do.’

And I did.

I dropped below the counter in a swift motion and he had already released his hefty cock from it’s restraints. Mum is one lucky bitch, I thought to myself. This cock would have easily been eight inches and thicker than I thought was humanly possible, I couldn’t touch my fingers and thumb together while holding it.

I had done this a lot, in the back of cars, at parties, with boyfriends, but this was totally different. I could barely get my mouth around his head, but I tried my damnedest to get that gigantic fucker down my throat. I grasped him at the base and pumped my fist full of cock up and down, while deep-throating him the best I could. He purred and encouraged me, looking down at my face, apparently very pleased.

‘Mmmh, you know this beast was hard for you the second I laid eyes on you,’ he said as I continued sucking and pumping, his words excited me, thinking back to the other night with my mother right there, and him sitting there devouring me with his eyes. I had thought it was creepy before, but now I couldn’t think of a bigger turn on. God I’m such a whore.

‘After that I had to have you. There was no, uuughhhh, way I could be here without knowing I’d had you, mmm fuck.’ I let out a little moan as he grasped the back of my hair with both hands and smoothly thrusted himself down my throat and back up again. ‘Fuck you’re a naughty girl’ he said, his voice growing more tense as he continued to face fuck me.

After a minute of using my mouth and throat for his pleasure, he slid out of my mouth. I had make up running down my face from gagging and he wiped the tears away. ‘You did very well..’ He kissed me lightly and turned me over so I was bent over the counter again.

I was afraid for a moment that he might slap my ass again, when I felt his knob beneath my pussy. He latched onto my hair and twisted it around, using it like a reign. ‘Oow!’ I yelped,

‘Shh, pet,’ He comforted and began massaging his cock between my ass crack, where my juices had trickled. For a moment I thought he would plunge into my asshole, but he moved his head passed my tight slit and worked on my clit with it.

Although I was pinned, I moved my hips back and forth, encouraging his movements. ‘You’re a dirty, dirty little lady aren’t you?’ He slid his huge head into the entrance of my now stretching cunt. ‘What would your mother say?’ He pulled it back out and I moaned with anticipation, ‘what would your friends say about you being bent over like this?’ He pushed back in and crammed a few more inches down into me. My eyes rolled and a noise escaped my mouth that I’d never heard. I was stretched, sore but my cunt was searing with undeniable ecstasy. ‘You’re so much tighter than her, you know,’ he pulled out again, slowly, leaving my pussy begging for more, ‘your pert little ass, ughh,’ he squeezed one of my ass cheeks and gave it a little spank, then held my hip and used it to guide me closer. ‘You’re a hot little goddamned slut and I’m going to give you more than you’ve ever had. I’m going to fuck you hard and it’s going to hurt. But you’re going to take it all. And you’re going to love it.’

I gasped at his words, they made my body rush with excitement and fear. ‘Yes! I want it all, please, please give it to me,’ I moaned desperately. ‘That’s the magic word,’ he said bluntly and silence followed, until I screamed.

He had worked his way up inside me until he was ¾ of the way in, then suddenly he rammed in, his balls slapped my clit and continued to make slapping noises. He slammed into me over and over, his wider-than-possible girth stretching my cunt wide and sending aches of pain and bliss through my legs and stomach. I was being used like a ragdoll, he pulled me onto his cock vigorously while pumping himself to the end of my pussy and back again.

He pulled my hair back, not stopping his pounding, and I lifted up until I could see his face. He replaced his hand from my hair to my throat, holding me there gripping tight. Our bodies were moving so fast and frantically I couldn’t lock my lips on his, but he kissed my neck and shoulder when I came down again and again.

I moaned so loud I could hardly hear out bodies slapping together anymore, I could barely even hear myself over the gushes of pleasure riding through me. I was close and he could feel it. He lifted my leg so his huge cock hit me on a different angle and fresh currents of electricity exploded through me.

‘Ooohh! Oh Mace… Fuck! This is it.. Oooaah! Ohhh my God.. Auuhh.. Right there.. Auuh! Yeah.. YEAH! AAUUHHH! AHHH! OHH!’ My orgasm ripped through me, I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I shuddered and shook, the counter bruising my hips. I squeezed my nipples and my pussy convulsed around Mace’s gigantic member, causing him to groan loudly. I had never felt such an intense burst of pleasure. I bit my lip so hard it bled, and the rusty tang only added to all the sensations my body was being exposed to.

Then finally I heard him, ‘UUOOGGHH!’ He grunted loudly and I felt a hot burst inside me. His cock somehow expanded and refreshed my peak. I could feel his cum spurting out of me and down my thighs. Pump after pump, he filled me right up, until I felt him relax behind me and pull out. Cum gushed from me as his thick, but flaccid cock emerged.

I collapsed onto the counter, totally spent. I felt something soft on my thighs and looked around to see Mace cleaning his cum off of me. I smiled and thought it was funny how such a ruthless man could be that considerate. He finished cleaning me and dabbed the hand towel on his drooping member, then popped it away into his pants.

I pulled my panties back on and straightened myself out, just before I heard keys in the door. I jumped as I saw mum come through the door, and hid the towel behind me. I remembered I was supposed to be angry with her so I rolled my eyes and stormed off to my room. I heard them talking calmly, he explained that he’d come to straighten things out with me and that we’d sorted out our differences. And he was right, in a way. She believed him and he went on his way, everything continued as normal aside from the kinky midnight fuck fests we had while she was asleep when he stayed over.

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