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Nailing Naughty Natasha

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I’ve lived on a relatively quiet street for the past three years. Usually keeping to myself, focused on work and not much else, my routine has continued without much deviance for the duration. That was true, until a young hot Russian babe moved into the complex, just two doors down from me.

It was a cool evening in September when I first caught glimpse of this fantastic blonde. I was out walking the dog, on my way to collect the day’s mail when I first noticed the truck pull up.

I gazed in wonder as this gorgeous, tall, lanky blonde stepped down from the cab, followed by two guys. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, only to realize that she was probably moving in. I nodded to her. She smiled and waved. I smiled back and she returned my smile with a wink. Looking at the guys she was with, I nodded them as well, and offered a low toned, “Hey, what’s up.” The guys looked at me and nodded in return. Although most folks would find it strange that these guys did not speak in return, the area has recently been seeing a large flux of Eastern Europeans. I quickly reminded myself of this, and told myself that they may not understand much English.

Not giving the situation any more thought, I turned with my dog and headed about my business. Getting to the mailbox, I inserted my key and collected the mail, tucked it under my arm and continued towards the complex door to go back inside.

From that evening on, I saw the blonde lady every once in a while, walking from her car, to her car, to the mailbox, or just taking out her garbage. There were a couple of times that I was able to see her from my front window, watching her from behind the blinds. Her hair was long and straight and flowed smoothly over her shoulders, to just below her shoulder blades. She was skinny and in perfect shape. From the looks of it, she never dressed down and even when in jeans, she looked great. I could tell that she was a big fan of heels and the color red. Many of her tops were fire engine red in color. Sometimes, she wore her hair up in a pony tail, tied with a red hair tie, ribbon, or fabric. Her face was strong with features. Her jaw line was square and her cheek bones were high. From my vantage point, she looked like she could be a model. But when she walked, I was in awe. It was like watching art in motion. Her long slender legs alternated effortlessly while her ass gripped each stride in perfect time. Her arms were slender and smooth and swayed in synchronicity with each glide of her thin figure. Although I’m not much into tits (quite frankly, I could take them or leave them), I noticed that she didn’t have that much of a stack. I didn’t care, really, for I was much more focused on her legs, face and can.

The other characteristic I noticed was that she didn’t wear too much make-up, which was another great plus. I’m not a fan of a caked-on face either. She had a little eye shadow on and some rouge by her cheeks, and that was about it. I figure that it’s a shame that so many women hide their natural beauty with so much make-up. This one, however, had much beauty in her physical appearance, that thank God, she didn’t overkill her looks with the paint.

As she walked past my window one afternoon, she was wearing a baseball cap and her blonde hair flowed like golden silk in the warm summer air. She was wearing sunglasses, the kind that look frameless and the lenses gradient from dark to light. Her bright red top was tucked into her jeans and hugged her torso like a second skin. Her jeans, much like her top, were form-fitted snuggly against her text book perfect legs. I just stood and gazed, completely transfixed on her figure as she passed my window and opened her car door.

Reacting quickly, I grabbed the kitchen trash and ran out the door. There was not much at all to throw away, but I did want a quick excuse to see her up close. As I sauntered by her car, she noticed me in her rear view mirror and rolled her window down.

“Hi,” I motioned.

“Hello,” she smiled, her sunglasses covering her eyes. She put her car into drive and left, smiling and waving to me through the open window.

As I watched her drive away, I only wished that I could be the leather on the seat of her car. “Wow, amazing looking woman,” I thought out loud. I sheepishly continued to the dumpster and threw away my trash in disgust. “A day late and a dollar short, AGAIN,” I muttered. I wanted her, and badly.

The next day, I was out walking the dog when I heard a car turn the corner and she parked in her usual space, outside of my window. She got out and grabbed the groceries from her trunk and immediately made her way to her door. She turned and saw me starring her way.

“Hello,” she offered, smiling behind her sunglasses. She looked like a movie star in her dark shades and stunning dress. Her skirt, like many others was just about mid-calf length. She was wearing nylons this time and from the looks of it, had just gotten back from work. Her high heels made pierce clicking sounds against the asphalt as she walked, carrying her items. Without warning, one of her bags dropped. A package of crackers landed on the ground as she continued walking briskly.

“Robho,” she muttered as she turned to retrieve it.

I ran quickly, trailing the dog behind me. Getting to her feet, I picked up the box and handed it back to her, saying hello.

Her looks were just as good up close as they were from a distance. She looked good enough to eat. Her skin was milky smooth. Her hair and make-up were immaculate and her tight-fitting business attire covered her every curve with gorgeous perfection.

“Spaseeba…uh, thank you,” she smiled. Immediately turning away, she bolted towards the door. I did notice that she looked back, however, obviously checking to see if I was still watching. Of course I was. Our eyes met with a quick connection and she winked and smiled seductively at me as she disappeared behind the security door.

“Wow,” I thought, comparing my experience of crossing close paths with her to that of a supernatural phenomenon sighting. Could there be a way that I could get to see her in a different light? My male member jumped at the thought of seeing her naked. I returned home, only slightly disappointed this time around.

Two days later, I was coming home from work and walked my usual routine to the mailbox. While flipping through the collection of mostly junk mail, I heard the security door open. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught this blonde babe stepping out and seeing how she was dressed, I think my jaw dropped to the ground.

There she was in brilliance. Her hair was up in a pony tail and she stood like a goddess in front of me, wearing a black tight short mini-skirt, high heels and the brightest red blouse I have ever seen. Our eyes met quickly and I looked down, pretending not to notice. My heart beat was sky rocketing in record time and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hide my nervousness. My eyes shot to the stack of mail in my hands and I immediately returned to casually flipping through it. I heard her heels click against the cement and grow louder in volume. I looked up and she was right next to me, smiling. I took a deep breath.

“Good evening,” she said, in a heavy Russian accent.


“Is nice night?” she smiled.

“Yeah, very nice,” I agreed.

“Excuse,” she said as she leaned over me to get to her mailbox. Her scent was outstanding…like clean spring flowers. Rocking on her heels, I’m not sure if she was teasing me or not, but she grabbed a hold of my shoulder and stumbled a bit.

“I many sorry. I lose balance.”

“I can help with that,” I offered, slinging my arm around her petite waist, grasping her hip.

“Da, darling,” she smiled, relieving some of my anxiety. “I like strong man.”

I looked into her eyes. They were ice blue in color and their coolness burned into my soul as I stared.

I watched her helplessly while she returned to getting her mail. As she leaned forward, her skirt rode up her leg, revealing about 2 inches more of her sleek thighs. She wasn’t wearing any hosiery, but her legs were shaved smooth and looked like they’d feel like heaven to touch. I swallowed hard, took another deep breath, and reached for her. My hand gently rested on her inner thigh, just above her knee.

She immediately looked over at me with disgust. I knew I was in for it and readied my face to be slapped. To my surprise, she smiled devilishly, cocked one eye brow and said, “If you to grab me, then you grab!” She gripped my hand, turned it and placed it square on her ass.

“Now, you like?”

“Yes,” I choked.

“Good. We go inside.”

At this point, I was in a dream state as I followed her into her apartment, watching every move she made. Her shoulders flowed naturally from side to side as her legs stretched with each move. Her ass was incredible and now that I had a close range, I could see how tight it was up close. I couldn’t wait to see her completely naked. I marveled that if she looked this good in clothes, seeing her without would certainly be a sight to behold.

As soon as we got inside, I slammed the door behind us and pulled her close, pressing her slender figure against mine. Grabbing the back of her neck, I looked strongly into her icy blue eyes and growled, “If you want a strong man, here I am.” I pulled back on her hair and exposed her slender neck line and immediately went to town, licking up and down her taught skin. As I traveled, I heard her breathing, soon becoming sighs. Kissing her nape, sucking away my saliva, I looked up at her and watched in glory as her head tilted back, her eyes closed and her lips formed pout circles with each breath.

I continued on, kissing her clavicles and shoulders. With each moment, she seemed to fall deeper into exhilaration as I pressed on with my mission of pleasure. Turning her to face the door where we had just entered, I forced her up against it, and pushed my pelvis against her tight ass. I could feel my cock awakening and growing stiff with my force against her.

She turned to look at me over her shoulder and whispered, “Ya cochu visosat’ tvoyu khuyem.”

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

She giggled with embarrassment. “My English…is young.”

Then her giggling turned serious as the smile disappeared from her face.

“How you say?…Um, show me him,” she pointed to my crotch.

“With pleasure,” I returned, releasing my hold of her against the door.

She watched with anticipation as I kicked off my shoes, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. I stood there in front of this blonde babe as my dick protruded tightly against the confines of my boxers.

In what seemed like lightning speed, she was on her knees in front of me, yanking my shorts down and licking my balls. After quite a few licks, she was on my cock, parting her lips over my member, milking me with ease. Her tongue lapped against my shaft as she held my member tightly against the roof of her mouth.

“Oh no, you don’t, honey!” I yelled, “that’s only going to get me to cum way too soon.” With that remark, I pulled her up to face me and she sneered, breathing through her clenched teeth.

“What you do?” she gasped.

“I’ll show you!” I stammered.

Pushing her against the door again with a soft thump, I grabbed her blouse at the front and ripped it open. Buttons flew like snowflakes and hit the floor, scattering. The blonde gasped in surprise and then smiled eagerly as my mouth salivated with the sight of her perky breasts. Her tits were on the small side, probably about an “A” cup, but I didn’t care. The fact that her nipples were hard and erect kept my interest high, as I massaged each one of her breasts in a circular motion through the dark red lace bra that elegantly nestled them.

I then grabbed the front of her bra and pulled it up and over her firm tits, exposing the glands to the open air and to my open mouth. I firmly pressed my tongue and ran circles around each of her breasts, spiraling in to focus on her nipples. Before long, she was breathing like a cat in heat and her nipples were like firm pink pencil erasers, pulsating with each suction of my mouth.

“Bozhe moi!” she called.

“I’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you, babe,” I whispered, “and soon, I’m going to fuck you.”

“Oh, da!” she hissed.

I again pressed up against her, my cock now hard and fully erect, pointing right at her, locked on her like a torpedo target. She gasped again when I pushed my hardened member into the void of her legs, rubbing my cock against the darkness of her skirt. She was getting hot now, pulling my head towards her with one hand, pulling my waist against hers with the other.

Instincts overcame me, as I reached behind her, located the zipper to her skirt and pulled it down quickly. She responded by letting the material drop to the floor and stepped out of it. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any underwear and her blonde bush glistened in wetness before me. I picked her up by her ass, her long supple legs wrapped around my waist in response. Turning around, I located the optimum spot and set her on the kitchen countertop and stepped back to admire her body.

“Oh, my…you’re fucking beautiful.”

She smiled again and stretched out on the counter, arching her back, spreading her incredible legs, pulling one of them straight back, pointing it straight up in the air. This movement created a wonderful focus on her pussy as I stared in awe. Her ass on the dark granite formed a perfect “double-U” as her clit, swollen with excitement beckoned me.

“My God.”

“You like?” she cooed.

I didn’t answer her, but I’m sure my cock pulsating in the open spoke for itself.

I dropped to my knees and began stroking her inner thigh with my tongue, enjoying the smoothness of her extremities. Her legs were flawless, firm and incredibly smooth. I ran my hands up and down them, alternating positioning with my tongue. Her legs were like freshly churned butter–soft, smooth, and deliciously creamy. As I licked up and down her thighs, she stroked her clit, and began squirming before me on the counter. Before I knew it, her legs were wrapped around my head, pulling me towards her mound.

“Your pussy looks so pretty.”

“Mmmm,” was all she replied with, her eyes closed, her mouth gasping for air.

I pulled her labia open and located her swollen clit, bright pink and dripping wet. With both hands, I held her lips open, while my tongue lapped up and down her soft wetness. Her juices tasted musky and sweet as I continued licking her slit, increasing with speed and intensity. I stopped a few times to catch her bright blue eyes gazing upon me with lust and anticipation. She pulled my head closer to her box. In response, I stuck my tongue out and used it to fuck her pussy, pausing every now and then to suck on her clit. The babe on the counter simply moaned and huffed in response to my art, bucking her hips, rubbing her labia against my chin.

I stood up, my aching cock hovering over her waiting pussy. Her pussy was beautiful indeed, her blonde pubes trimmed short, her fair skin toned pink with the blood rush to her privates. Her lips shone like a golden star, wet with anticipation. Taking my cock in my left hand, I slapped it against her moist opening, remarking, “I can’t wait to put this in you.” My cock heaved in excitement, as I continued to tease her, pressing my mushroom head against her mound and pulling back, only to return.

“Da!” she retorted, pulling on my waist with her wrapping legs.

I grabbed one of her legs and held it in front of me, resting it against my shoulder, pushing it back. She looked at me with desire and complete submissiveness.

“Put in me,” she whimpered, her eyes locking on my cock, awaiting my entry. She closed her eyes and threw her head back in ecstasy. I reached down and pulled her lips apart, revealing a dark wet hole. With my other hand, I took hold of the base of my penis and pushed my head into her opening. She gasped in receipt as I slowly pulled my dick completely out and then repeated the passionate action. Each time I pulled out, her pussy walls gripped against cock, encouraging me not to leave. Then with each teasing reentry, her lips parted easily as I slipped in and out of her tight cavern.

“You feel so fucking good, babe!” as I stroked slowly watching her folds flex with my motion.

“Yob mnye!” she called back.

“You’re so goddamn tight!”

“I like,” she gasped.

I began picking up the pace a bit as my dick passed in and out of her with ease, her pussy yielding to my piston-like strokes. As my cock head brushed against her clit, she called out in passion. This encouraged me to fuck her harder and deeper. Grabbing her thighs, I pushed them towards her head and she accepted with gratitude as my strokes inside of her increased in power. I grabbed at her tits and she took one of my hands, eagerly put two of my fingers in her mouth and sucked as I continued rocking in and out of her honey pot.

Feeling the edge of my climax approaching fast, I quickly pulled out of her and returned to worshipping her with my mouth. Her primal juice covered my mouth as I worked inside of her recently taken tight hole. Pushing my fingers into her engorged opening, I easily inserted three fingers and began fucking her diligently without pause. Her breathing was off the charts as she began to curse at me in her native language, presumably because I had stopped fucking her traditionally.

“Sorry, babe,” I tried to explain, “but I want you to fucking cum before I do.”

She seemed to understand as she circled her clit with her fingers. I continued probing her drenched cavern, in a desperate attempt to keep her going, while postponing my inevitable release. A few minutes passed, feeling like hours and my cock was a little more relaxed. I stood up again, pulling her pelvis to the edge of the counter and thrust my hardened staff back into her soft wetness. Taking strong hold of her sumptuous tiny waist, I gripped her hips and plunged my dick back inside. This time, my thrusts were wild as I alternated in and out of her mercilessly. She felt even wetter and tighter as I looked down at my stiff cock ravaging her slippery box. She twitched and heaved as I felt her squirt with an intense orgasm, her hands gripping me roughly around my back as I continued to piston inside of her.

“Yob mnye!” she screamed. Her body convulsed against me and the countertop as she rode my dick with her movements, milking me with each writhe.

“You like that, bitch?” I snarled.

“Bozhe moi!” she replied, without hesitation. Her eyes glowed with unparalleled lust.

“Ah, yeah!” I exclaimed, glad that I still had a little stamina left before I’d blow.

“Now, other hole,” she sneered at me.

“What? You’re fucking kidding, right? No chick’s ever wanted me up their ass.”

“Yob mnye v’ zhopa moya,” she stated matter-of-factly, pulling her ass cheeks apart.

I pulled my throbbing cock out of her and rested it on her thigh. Looking down at her privates, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I stared at her gaping asshole. It looked to breathe on its own as her muscles twitched, opening with eagerness to be impaled by my fucking cock. Had her bung hole been like this the whole time? I wondered. No, it couldn’t have been, I answered myself.

“You like it in the ass, bitch?”

“Ooh, very much.”

“How did you…”

She smiled before I could finish my question and said, “I relax for you.”

I had always wanted to fuck a chick in her ass, but never got the opportunity. None of my girlfriends ever wanted it, let alone thought about it. I was so disappointed, that I just gave up asking, assuming that all chicks were alike in that regard.

Although her sphincter was open and awaiting my cock, her ass was not at all wet. I quickly looked around and located a flask of olive oil on the adjacent counter. I grabbed it and turned back towards her. She giggled with agreement as I poured some on my hand, rubbed it on my cock and smeared a handful of the make-shift lube into her gasping ass opening.

No sooner had I completed this task, that I had my cock lined up in site of its new target, her tightening ass. I pressed the tip of my dick against her fluxing opening and pushed my head against her outer ring.

“Oooh, da!” she sizzled.

“Oh, yeah…your ass is nice!” I exclaimed, pushing my head deeper into her taboo hole. The outer edge of her asshole gripped my mushroom head feverishly as I continued to push into her. She gasped and clawed at the countertop.

“You like that, bitch, huh? You like my big dick in your tight ass?”


Pressing my pelvis into her, I felt my head pass deeper into her anus. Her ring now gripped my shaft firmly.

“Fuck! And I thought your cunt was tight!”

“Ooooh, da!” she hissed, watching the look of awe on my face.

I looked into her ice blue eyes as I pulled back, almost bringing my cock outside of her, slowly pressing it back into her accommodating backdoor. She grimaced a bit, but immediately smiled with delight as I continued easing my staff back inside.

“You like ass?” she whimpered.

“Babe, I love your ass,” I corrected her.

The olive oil was doing the trick as her asshole became a bit more slippery with my presence burying into her dirt box. I continued my pace, pulling and pushing watching her tight ass flex with my invasion. The walls of her ass gripped my cock like a fist as I watched in delight.

“Без перевода,” she cooed.


“Faster,” she answered.

My dick was back to full erection again and I felt my balls ready to explode as I continued to glide in and out of her. My cock was starting to pound inside of her ass with less resistance now, so I answered her request with a deeper thrust, increasing my speed a bit.

“Fuck, yeah!” I breathed, as I watched her ass swallow my shaft entirely. My balls slapped lightly against the cleft of her ass cheeks. She raised her legs again and pulled her knees back, rocking back onto the small of her back. Her ass was completely exposed as I hammered into her swollen opening, pulling back slowly and then slamming back into her tightness.

“Feel very good,” she sighed, rubbing her clit again. I could feel myself on edge, my balls twitching in preparation.

With one last ditch effort to get her to cum again and knowing I had nothing to lose myself, I threw my pounding into overdrive and slammed quickly in and out of her abused anus.

“Da!” she coached, “Oooh, ХОРОШИЙ.”

Her remarks made me want to go even faster, harder, deeper. I bit my lip, trying to desperately remove myself from consciousness of fucking her back hole.

“I’m going to fucking cum!” I grunted, “Where do you want it?”

“v’ zhopa moya” she screamed now, my thrusts thrashing wildly inside her.


“Here!” she blurted, pointing to our connection point.

A few more strokes and I knew I’d be finished, but I kept trying to hold back. Just then, her legs quivered and her body shook like I’ve never seen before. A second wave of intense orgasm washed over her, leveling her limp on the counter. As I marveled at the fact, my balls clenched and my dick revolted. Cum spurted deep inside her anus. I pulled out and gripped my pulsating purple cock and pumped it as more thick white cream spurted with each twitch.

“Fuck, fuck, yeah, oh God, yeah!” I huffed, watching my cock unload all over her labia and crotch. Feeling dizzy, I steadied myself against the counter top and rubbed my cock head against her creamy legs, gasping for air.

Leaning over her to kiss her, she eagerly met my lips with hers in a passionate thank you. She sat up and slid off the counter, dropping to her knees, she inserted my shrinking cock into her warm mouth and cleaned me off with her tongue. After a few good sucks and swallows, she stood up and kissed me softly again. And then she smiled and giggled in gratitude. I must have done the same, still amazed at the fact that I had just fucked this chick’s ass.

“Wait a minute!” reality coming clear, “I just fucked your ass, which was great by the way, but I don’t even know your name!”

The blonde babe just giggled again, smiling devilishly at me.

“Well, you are going to tell me your name, aren’t you?” “Da…yes,” she answered coyly, “It is Natalya Sinoplova…You say ‘Natasha.'”

“Natasha, huh? That fits you. A pretty name for a pretty tight ass bitch.”

“What your name?” she smiled.


“It was pleased to meeting you…Gary,” she laughed.

“Yeah, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.”

“Yes,” she said, walking into the other room.

I dressed and prepared to leave as I heard her disappear into the shower. Maybe next time I’ll shower with her, I thought as I left. I hoped there would be many more “next times” to come.

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