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My Waiting Fantasies

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I walked up the steps, glad to be out of the train station. A hot, humid train mixed with a large crowd is not exactly “the perfect atmosphere”. I hate the subway. Men and even women took the opportunity to ogle you and even get a passing touch as they passed you to exit the train car.

But back to my story, it was a hot day so I was glad to be in my blue jean skirt, grey t-shirt and silver sandals. I looked fairly cute that day.

See, I won’t say that I’m the prettiest girl in the world but I like to think that I’m sexy. My light skin is smooth and clear, covering my athletic 5’2 frame. I have brown eyes that change to light brown at times. My hair is brown with natural dark blonde highlights. It’s layered and stops beneath my chin. So all in all, I’m a fairly good-looking package. The people seemed to agree with me as men and even some women took a few lingering glances at me as I walked down the street but I paid it no mind because I was focusing on other things. Like trying to find out how to get to the movie theatre to meet a friend of mine. We’ve been planning to see each other for quite some time but never got the chance because of our busy schedules. Now that the day was here I didn’t want to be late.

I pulled out my cell phone and pulled up the email that my friend sent to me. In it were directions to the theatre. A long bus ride and a few cheesey pick up lines later, I was finally walking to the theatre. It was a big building with crowds of people stretching outside. I looked for my friend and when I didn’t find her I stepped inside to look.

Cool air and the smell of popcorn and candy greeted me at the door. I looked around and when my eyes landed on the concession stand, my mouth watered. Not because of the food but because of the girl standing at the counter. She was chatting with someone at the register and eating some popcorn that they were sharing. Though the food looked good, it was she who sparked my hunger. I stood back and watched her. I started at her dark cornrows that stopped at her shoulders in a zig zag design. Her black t-shirt hugged her chest tightly, showing off small, pert breasts. Her loose baggy jeans hung low on her hips and crumpled past her black sneakers. The diamond stud in her ear added an edge to her. She was light-skinned like me. My tongue shot out and I licked my lips as the image of me tasting every inch of her flew into my mind.

She was sexy as hell and a shot of pleasure flew throughout my body straight to my pussy. I felt myself getting wet and I had to bite back a moan when she turned and spotted me. Everything around me disappeared as her kissable lips turned up into a sexy lopsided smirk that I had to answer with a shy smile. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I stood still as she walked toward me, her brown eyes holding mine the whole time. When she got close enough, I smelled the cologne she wore and it was intoxicating. I instantly stepped closer and she did the same until she was so close that I could feel the heat from her body. She leaned in and kissed my cheek softly. Then she wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me close and I gasped silently when our bodies touched. Breast to breast, thigh to thigh. I put my arms around her neck and pulled her closer still. Her nose was in the crook of my neck, right at a sensitive spot and I felt her inhale deeply. She spoke softly in my ear and my breath caught.

“Damn, you smell good.”

“Thanks.”, I answered breathily.

“What’s it called?”

I hesistated before answering. “Pleasure.”

She moaned softly in my ear, squeezed me tightly before letting me go. She looked me over slowly and bit her lip. I got wetter from the sight and I itched to clench my legs together just to apply some kind of pressure to my clit. But by doing that, I’d give away my arousal and I didn’t want that.

She grabbed my hand and started walking. I followed close behind like some kind of lackey until I finally came out of her spell. Everything going on around us rushed back into my head and I welcomed the distraction because this girl was going to be the death of me.

“Our movie isn’t scheduled to play until 2:30”, she said, her husky voice waking me out of my reverie.

I checked my watch and noticed that it was only 1:50pm so we had quite some time before the movie started. I suggested that we go play around in the arcade and she agreed. 30 minutes later we were still there, laughing just like all the other little kids around us. She cracked jokes with me and the atmosphere was care free. I mean hey, who says that 18 year olds couldn’t have fun in a kiddy arcade. Anyway, it was time to leave and we went back to the concession stand to buy popcorn and soda before proceeding to our proper theatre. We sat high up in the empty back rows (that’s where every teen sits) and the lights went dark. I instantly became aware of our closeness but I ignored it, reminding myself that we were in public and we were just friends.

Even knowing that fact, I still wanted her. I’ve wanted her for some time now, ever since we met online a few months ago. None of us know how she got my screen name but after she messaged me one day asking me who I was, we instantly hit it off. I found out that her name is Lena. And although she lives in the bronx and I live in brooklyn, we’re close. We talked practically everyday, all day. When I finally saw a picture of her, I was definitely hooked. My sexual interest was sparked as was hers when she saw a picture of me. We spoke of our fantasies from time to time and she vowed to fulfill each and every one of them when the time was right. My body was hoping that the time was now.

I shifted in my chair and a tingle shot to my clit. I sighed softly and pressed my thighs together. I kept clenching and unclenching my thigh, sending bolts of pleasure to my pussy. The light from the big screen was the only thing that illuminated the room so I felt secure knowing that she possibly didn’t know what I was doing. The movie began and I was wrapped up in it. It was an action flick, something about assassins. A lot of gun and fighting scenes, my kind of movie.

Some time during the movie, my head ended up on her shoulder and her hand landed on my bare thigh, absently tracing little designs on my sensitive skin. A jolt of electricity shot through me. The sexual tension between us was high and she squeezed my thigh, letting me know that she felt it too. As the movie progressed, her hand continued tracing little patterns higher and higher up my thigh until she stopped at the seam of my skirt. My hands itched to grab hers and press them into the wet crotch of my panties but I held back.

My throat suddenly went dry under her ministrations so I lifted my head to drink from my soda, then placed it back in the holder. It provided an instant coolness to my overheated body. Lena did the same and then put her soda down. So wrapped up in the movie, I didn’t notice her leaning toward me until she placed her lips on my neck. I jumped slightly but she placed a firm hand on my thigh to calm me. Her touch was cold and I gasped as I realized that she had a small piece of ice on her tongue. It slowly melted as she pressed it into me. Small droplets rolled down my neck, the cold sensation sending a chill down my spine before she licked them up. Her raspy tongue caused me to moan and shift in my chair. My nipples hardened beneath shirt, pressing into the silky material of my bra. My eyes closed and I forgot all about the movie. I could only focus on her tongue on my neck and her hand that continued to trace patterns on my thigh. She bit into me softly and when I didn’t reject her she did it harder. I arched my back and moaned, gripping the arms of the chair. Though she was just touching my neck, it was still pleasurable as my neck was always sensitive.

Her hand travelled higher up my thigh, under my skirt until she was tracing the outline of my pussy lips through my silk panties. I spread my legs and bit my lip to hold back any sounds that I knew I would make. I thrust my hips against her hand, letting her know what I wanted but she ignored it and continued tracing my pussy through my panties. She pressed her finger into my slit, pushing the material into my clit. I moaned her name softly and pressed my pussy into her hand. She felt the wet heat travel over her finger and she bit me harder. A small whimper escaped from between my lips and she brought her other hand up to cover my mouth. Her finger retreated and I whimpered in desperation.

She gathered the material of my panties and pushed them to the side. The cool air in the theatre caressed my hot lips sweetly. Soon her finger was back on me, dipping into my wetness. She traced a long line up my slit a few times, always stopping before my clit, never touching it.

The sweet torture of her mouth on my neck, and finger on my pussy was becoming too much for me and I trembled before moaning, “Please.”

Her hand was on my mouth so my word was muffled but she chuckled softly knowing what I wanted. Finally she obliged, she pushed a finger up into me, dipping in and out before spreading the juices around my hardening clit. I gasped and moaned under her hand. Her finger was relentless, flicking my clit then circling it before flicking it again. This pattern continued until finally she thrusted two fingers hard into me. She fucked me slowly and as deeply as possible, my hips thrusting against her. Her hand hid the soft screams I was making.

Her mouth moved from my neck and she licked my earlobe before whispering, “Open your eyes, baby.”

When I did, they immediately focused on the screen and I gasped at what I saw. The two main characters were naked, kissing each other, the man laying on top of the woman in a large bed. The woman gasped as the man entered her roughly and they began to fuck at a fevered pace. (Obviously this wasn’t a kids movie). I started to close my eyes but Lena told me to keep them open and so I did. The scene playing out before me was so potent and so erotic that I slid my hand up my leg and brushed it against Lena’s hand as she pumped in and out of me. I continued going up until I found my clit. I flicked it slowly, then rubbed it before flicking again.

Lena raised my skirt so that both my hand and hers was exposed. I continued manuevering my clit while she watched, her brown eyes clouded over with passion. She looked into my eyes and when I saw the raw hunger there, I flicked my clit faster and harder, occassionally pinching it for added stimulation. I began to feel a tingling start low in my tummy. I shivered and Lena must have felt it because she began finger-fucking me in time to the man’s hard thrusts on the screen. My head fell back and her mouth found my neck again. She bit me and sucked my skin hard between her teeth. Trembles racked my body and slowly built. I bucked beneath her hand and lifted my hips, her fingers sank deeper as she thrust in, brushing against my g-spot. A warm feeling wrapped around me and I closed my eyes. She sucked and fucked me harder, roughly banging her palm against my pussy lips. The mix of pleasure and pain felt so good that I eventually exploded in a shocking orgasm. I moaned hard and she quickly removed her hand from my mouth and replaced it with her lips. I turned my head to give her better access and she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on it as my pussy sucked her fingers deeper into me. She continued to fuck me, dragging my orgasm out. Even after it was over, soft trembles shook through my body.

I kissed her deeply as she removed her hand from between my legs. She straightened out my panties and skirt, then, breaking the kiss, she looked me in my eyes and brought her fingers to her mouth, licking off my cum with a soft moan. I watched her with a growing passion then, I took her hand and brought it to my mouth and licked and sucked on her fingers, tasting myself there. She gasped and I sucked harder, cleaning off every drop of my pussy juice before letting her fingers go and kissing her hard again. Our tongues intermingled in a heated dance of passion and lust. Breathlessly, I pulled away, smiling against her lips. She smiled back and we settled in to watch the rest of the movie.

Before I knew it the movie was over and the lights came back on. I blushed under the realization that now I was exposed. When the lights were off, it felt magical but with them on Lena could see everything. I hastily grabbed my soda and hers too, giving myself a reason not to look her in the eyes because of the look I knew would be there. My cup was almost emty but hers was practically full.

When I asked her about it she shrugged and said, “I didn’t want to wash away the taste of you just yet.”

I blushed and walked away with her close behind. We threw our garbage in the trash bins and she grabbed my hand. Pulling me close she kissed me softly on the lips. Everyone around us saw, but I didn’t care and I know she didn’t either.

Whispering against my mouth she said, “I think it’s time for me to take you home and fulfill your fantasies.”

And with that she wrapped her arm around my waist and exited the building, directing us towards her home and my waiting fantasies.

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