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My Very Gay Weekend Ch. 01

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I couldn’t believe that this was happening. It all started as an innocent bet. Of course, I had lost. Because of a stupid tipped ball in the endzone, I, Cliff Bartum, Mrs. Bartum’s baby boy, was on my hands and knees between my roommate’s, Aaron’s, legs.

Because I lost the bet, I was supposed to be Aaron’s slave for the week. (I know it was stupid, but I was cocky and my team was up by 14 points in the 4 quarter at the time.)

It was all pretty routine stuff at first. I was doing his laundry, cooking his meals, and cleaning up after him. Then it started to get weird. I wasn’t allowed to wear any clothes, except for my underwear. Then, I had to not only cook his food, but also serve as his table. I had to get in my hands and knees in front of him and literally be his table. That was the most humiliating thing in the world. He would deliberately eat slowly. Then he’d put his feet up on my neck. Finally, when he spilled some hot soup on my back, I snapped.

“Goddamnit, this is bullshit!” I shouted. “I didn’t agree to this.”

“But you agreed to be my slave.” He had me there. I had agreed, but who knew he’s be such a bastard about it. “I tell you what,” he continued. I’ll let you off the hook if you do one thing for me. You see ever since I broke up with Jules last month, I haven’t been laid. In fact, I haven’t cum at all in that time. I’m pretty blue down there.” I feared where this was going. “If you suck my cock and get me to cum, I’ll relinquish you of your duties. I know you want to.”

That last sentence was like a splash of water in my face. It was true… to an extent. Every night he and Jules would fuck in the room next to mine. They would fuck like animals. I’m sure you could hear them down the hall, so I could hear it loud and clear. Every night she would scream about his huge cock. She’d say things like “Stick that monster into me” “Fuck me with that huge thing” And my personal favorite “Make me walk funny.” After all of that talk, I became very curious about the size of his cock. I would try to sneak glances a him when he wasn’t looking. I tried not to be obvious, but I guess I did a bad job of it. I always considered my self straight, but when his dick started popping up in my jerk-off fantasies, I knew I had a problem.

I watched in amazement as he slowly undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. My body betrayed me a little as I stared open-mouthed at his crotch, waiting in anticipation for him to unleash his monster cock.

“You really can’t wait for this, can you? I really thouight you would take longer to break.” Aaron taunted. “Well if you want it so bad, why don’t you take it out.” He put his hands behind hit head, leaned back, and pushed his groin towards my face.

I took a deep breath and nervously reached out to pull down his pants. Aaron lifted his ass a little as I pulled his pants down. My eyes practically bugged out of my head as I lowered them because they were almost a foot down and still hadn’t revealed his entire cock. His cock was so hard that when I finally did unleash it from the confines of his jeans, it sprung up and hit me in the chin. I fell back in shock as Aaron laughed at me. I was about to get pissed, but them I caught sight of Aaron’s dick in all of its glory.

It had to be at least 10 inches long , as thick as a kielbasa sausage, and just as smooth. It had a beautiful purple mushroomed-shaped head that was already leaking a little pre-cum. Aaron started stroking himself as I just sat there and watched him in awe.

“Like what you see?” Aaron asked.

I nodded my head. “Come here and show me how much you like it,” he said with some authority in his voice.

After that, something inside me snapped. I hurried over to where he was sitting and started stroking his cock very slowly. I was amazed that I wasn’t nervous. I started getting into a rhythm while I was stroking him. His cock was leaking more and more pre-cum. I looked up into his face and saw that he was sitting there, eyes closed and head back in total ecstasy. I smiled to myself and increased the speed of my strokes.

After a couple of minutes, I could sense he was about to cum. He must have wanted this to last because he slapped my hand away. “I didn’t tell you to give me a handjob. If you want to get out of this predicament, you’re going to have to suck my cock.”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. With lust in my eyes, I dove onto his cock. He didn’t know what he was in for.

In college I had participated in a strange sexual tryst at a sorority. I was there one night and these two gorgeous sorority sisters wanted to get into a threesome with me. They said they would rock my world if I would just suck a cock for them. I said no way, so instead they made me deepthroat one of their dildos. It was then that I found out that I must be a pretty good cocksucker because I deepthroated the whole twelve-inch dildo on my third try. For the next 10 minutes. I demonstrated what I’ve always imagined to be a pretty good blowjob. I must have put on a hot show because these girls let me fuck them and suck them in every orifice and every position imaginable. The whole night ended with me cumming over both of their faces as they kissed. It was wild. I knew from that night that I could take all of his dick, and take it well.

I threw my lips around the crown of his cock and sucked as hard as I could. I heard him gasp. I started circling my tongue around the head of his cock in a clockwise motion. As I did this, I started to slowly take his cock into my throat. I heard him moan, “Oh my god.” Now I could have easily taken all of his dick on that first try, but I thought I’d tease him a little. I faked it like I was gagging and pulled his cock out of my throat so fast that a mix of pre-cum and spit connected the head of his cock to my lips.

“Oh shit, dude. Do that again.”

I started sucking his cock again, this time getting it a little farther down my throat before I pulled back. I did this a bout five more times, still not taking the whole thing in my throat. In the meantime Aaron had unbuttoned his shirt and was playing with his nipples, which turned me on to no end. Being 6’2” and an ex-athlete, Aaron had the body of an Adonis. I looked at his abs and got even harder than I already was.

“Dude, you’re an awesome cocksucker.” I smiled at his compliment. “If you can get the whole thing in your throat, I’ll be YOUR slave for the night,” Aaron said drunk with lust.

I don’t think he knew the words that were coming out of his mouth. Before he could realize what he had said, I went to work again on his cock. As long as he was a man of his word, I knew I had him. I slowly suckled on his plum-like cockhead. I did this for a few minutes before shoving my whole face onto his cock until my nose was buried in his pubes.

“You little whore, where did you learn to do that? You’ve done this before.” Aaron gasped.

I pulled off his cock with a pop. “Nope,” I said. “First time.”

I started sucking his cock again. This time I bobbed my head up and down taking the whole of his cock into my throat and taking it back out. It wasn’t long before Aaron started shaking. To my disappointment he pushed me off of his dick. He got off the couch and I tried to grab his cock, but he slapped my hand away.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered. I did what he said kneeling on the middle of the floor. My cock was straining in my underwear. Aaron then stood up and without the slightest bit of tenderness, grabbed my head and shoved all 10 inches of his cock into my mouth. He started fucking my face with a vengance. I was loving every second of it. Every few thrusts he would pull his slime-covered cock out of my throat and smack me in the face with it. Covering me in a sick mixture of pre-cum and saliva. Finally, after fucking my face for 10 minutes or more he started breathing heavily, and I knew he was about to cum.

Aaron started groaning loudly and shoved his cock straight down my throat as far as it would go. “Oh you MOTHERFUCKER!,” he screamed before withdrawing his cock from me.

I had only a nanosecond to feel disappointed before he started shooting 6 weeks of pent-up cum all over my face. To say his orgasm was massive would be an understatement. I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone cum this much. Not in real life and not in any porno, not ever. The first rope of cum hit me in the left eye and slid down my cheek. The second spurt sliced across my forehead from left to right. The third was the biggest of all and lasted a good three seconds, hitting me on the top of my forehead and going into my hair. Another cum volley hit me in the nose and splashed all over my face as I moved in to take this spurting monster into my mouth again. I missed my target and his cock continued rocketing cum onto my face and chest as I tried to get it into my mouth. Finally I got it into my mouth where he must have shot 7 more. I didn’t swallow. I wanted to savor the taste. It was salty and had a weird texture but I swished it around in my mouth, making sure that it his all of my tastebuds, as if it was nectar from the heavens. I felt like such a whore, but I was so sexually charged that I didn’t care.

As I did this, I saw that Aaron hadn’t stopped stroking his cock. It was still hard and seemed ready for more action. I decided to give him a show and opened up my mouth for him to see. I gargled with his balljuice, all the time with this slutty grin on my face. I then leaned my head back a little and let it drain out of my mouth and into my hands. His cum was so thick that I could pick some of it up between my fingers. It looked like spaghetti. I looked him in the eyes as he stroked his massive cock and winked. I then dipped my head down and caught the cum that was slipping between my fingers in my mouth. I then tipped my other hand and let the remainder of his cum slide onto my tongue. When I was sure I had got it all, I licked my lips, threw my head to the side and swallowed it in one gulp.

“Aghhhhh…” I exclaimed, as if I had just had a refreshing Coke instead of a thick wad of man cum.

This perverted display was too much for Aaron who shot his second load in 5 minutes. Though not nearly as big as the load he just shot, Aaron covered my already cum-soaked face with another 5 shots of juicy thick sperm.

I went a little nuts then and started moaning. “Oh God, Aaron, I love your cum. It feels so good on my face. It’s so warm. Give me more. More. MORE!” I then leaned forward and sucked his cock until it softened and I was sure that I had milked every last drop from its tip.

“Oh my god Cliff, that was amazing,” Aaron said as he crashed onto the couch. “I have never, EVER, cum like that.”

I flashed him a wicked smile through my cum-covered lips and said, “glad you had a great time. Now it’s time to fulfill your duties. Flip over. I want some of that ass, Slave.”

To be continued.

This is my first story, so let me know what you think.

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Really hot story!