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My Time with Brian

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Criticism much appreciated, this is a rewrite of Brian’s Fuck and have changed the title as you suggested.


I felt Brian’s fuck like I knew I would. He was a big guy and I just knew when we did foreplay it would hurt first time, but the fact is I wanted it and I wanted to share the experience with Brian who I trusted implicitly.

He took me nicely, gently manoeuvring my buttocks as he gave it me, I guess I couldn’t have chosen a more nice gentle bloke to break me in.

We met in a local pub, got talking – you know how it goes, then back to his place…

“You are doing fine, Jason, just remember to relax and hold it on there awhile, I wont rush it alright?”

Nervously, I did as Brian suggested, feeling the utter strength and heat of him pegging me like a thorn up there.

I remember it felt like that when I was an adolescent and did all that experimenting with a screwdriver handle, the mad things we do huh when our hormones start developing? I remember laying down on the bathroom floor with mirror adjusted also on the floor so I could see everything because that was part of the absolute thrill. Watching and feeling the sensual stretching of my anus as I worked it there, then pausing each time I worked it into me deeper and deeper, wondering if it would be safe to insert the full extremity of the handle which was about eight inches. I took it gingerly, still enjoying the feelings it gave me – and swaying my buttocks to and fro with it wedged tightly inside was sheer heaven, I was really imagining then just how it would be with a real vessel up there inside me, would I feel the pulsating like I feel in my erection when I massage it?, would I be able to massage a good hard cock inside my ass like I can do with the screwdriver handle? (just about)

It did make me feel so warm and wanting inside, like I wanted to be all ass for some nice guy to fuck me crazy. That would be so nice – I so wanted that and remember making up my mind I just had to find a mate who would really want to share all the intimacy with me. I would make it so right for him, the feeling if the handle thrusting in and out of me, gently at first, made me imagine I was really with a real life guy, pampering him to the hilt and giving it my all

And when all the fucking was done, when my hole was raw and numb, standing up again and walking about, grabbing the feeling inside which still felt like something was still up there coaxing my fuck – I sort of felt gratified and complete, that is really what I wanted, I was well and truly gay and for me to meet the guy of my dreams was the ultimate.

During those early experimental times I made sure I lubricated myself with loads of Vaseline enabling me to eventually get the bulbous handle inside me. I remember that hurt like hell at first, especially when I started to move it in and out of my tight asshole but the sexual incentive made it all worthwhile and I soon got the gist of self fucking, even experimenting walking about with the handle still planted tight inside, which made me feel really good. I had a couple of unexpected shocks though when suddenly the handle popped out, Wow! What a strange feeling that was,.

But now my dreams had been answered and I was being fucked by a real live cock and not a substitute for one, it was just magnificent and, with the initial plunge done. I was ripe and ready for Brian to continue with his deep fucking of me. Already I knew the tension and pliability of live flesh made all the different, like Brian’s lovely appendage moving inside and causing all sorts of really sensual feelings

“You’ve got a great ass, Jase,” he said,” I knew just as soon as I saw you bending to pick up that fiver your dropped in the Rising Sun, I wanted it.”

His eyes were lust filled which made it all the more exciting.

I discovered a comfortable position as I laid across a couple of well placed cushions over the kitchen table – suitably gagged with Brian’s blue briefs -duly anointed with his pre-cum after my first taste of him beforehand, now it seemed I was still tasting him in my mouth as his fuck progressed and it seemed so lovely and so complete – and in order to make it better for Brian I discovered I could move my rectal muscles and squeeze him inside me, as I had done with the substitute handle – and I also discovered with great joy that if I moved a little this way or that – it felt a little different and very, very compelling – like it was having the screwdriver handle inside as I walked, giving me wonderful gorgeous sensations, his fuck was sublime and beautiful, His cock magnificent. I just knew after the fuck I would want to suck it all up again, the thought even as he continued to fuck me, thrilling me the thought that I could taste each of our body fluids.

We started to have many lovely times together. Brian showed me many things to enhance the sexual act and he really spoiled and pampered me to the extreme. And it was all so exciting and thrilling. Just discovering the things we liked. I remember when Brian producing this long peacock feather from his bedside drawer thinking what was he going to do with that?

“You really should learn to chill, Jason and I want to help you do that, now just relax on the edge of the bed – that’s right, I need for you to open wide for me … now see how this feels”

He worked wonders with that feather as he so very sensitively ran it along the lower shaft of my cock, down under and around my balls and, asking me to open even wider, teasing my ass all over. It was so divine, a real tantalising tease as I felt my cock prop up each time he teased and teased the feather over it.

“Nice?” he said, his face flushed, enjoying. It was simply lovely and I guess my moans answered his question because he said he wanted me to roll over and show him my ass, so that he could spoil that too.

I was only too gad to turn over for him, I wanted that, wanted to be all ass for him and he could do to me just what he liked. I felt him sucking me between my cheeks then, helped him stretch my cheeks wide so he could get his mouth there, his tongue doing things I could never have imagined, all so wonderfully thrilling. He was intent on having his fill of me and I wondered what he was going to do next as he tied my wrists to the bedrail with two black stockings he had me wear when he was sucking me up. That really got my senses sparked up like nothing before, even though he was gagging and tying me I had no fear, it was something about his charisma, anyway for the next hour he had his way with me with what he called his recipe of the day, when he plastered me with squirty cream, sucked me up as I came like a volcano, him panting like steam engine, manoeuvring my ass cheeks, kissing, licking and nudging them so wide apart.

Then he got me to change position so my legs were bent beneath me but my wrists still tied and my mouth full of his soiled briefs. Then I realised what he was next about when I felt the firm slap of the palm of his hand give me five on each side, if I could have yelped I would but being gagged all I could do was toil groan.

“Now take it easy Jase, trust me – but your ass is crying out for it, I want to try with my belt to get it worked in, there is nothing more stimulating than a good sound spanking and I will show you – even though it will initially sting like hell, how some really good deep massage with coconut oil cane make you feel so good afterwards.” Brian decided he’d like to bend me over his knee for a purposeful belting, massaging and kneading my cheeks sufficiently – at first the feel of him stroking the buckle of the belt across my bum was compelling, the slight titillations of my balls between, my cock swelling with the touch, me rubbing the inflamed vessel against Brian’s knee to ease the aching. But then the first contact of that leather belt, and the swish as it came down on my tender cheeks, between each swipe he kneading the beaten part to give me some relief, but give a couple more each side I was numb, the pain mixed with the pleasure.

“Next time over my lap it will be the cane” he said and I felt the shudder in my spine at the thought of that, “And I shall want you in very tight jeans. So tight pulled up that you shall wear braces,” he said.

I felt my ass cheeks burning, when Brian allowed me to get up I sort of wiggled a bit in an effort to release the pain, but there was Brian, on his knees, his mouth pressed into my ass, his tongue forts prodding me there and then his fingers slowly massaging oil into me, feeling them sometimes slipping between to take a feel of my hanging balls – and he was right, all the pleasure of those things sort of made the pain easier, like when he started to slap my ass with his belt the pain seemed to numb and there I was like his servant, taking the punishment. Besides his saying he wanted to cane me , he said he would whip me too but all in good time, when I had been properly initiated – but for now my ass was well and ripe for another deep ripe fucking and I was like meat in his hands, his huge cock finding its way between my thrashed red ass, its head circling my hole to make it assessable once more, feeling his cock stretch it like his fingers had done before, that wonderful warm sensation of being all ass for him again, but this time for his fuck.

All those beautiful things made me feel so right with Brian, he was my mentor and I just loved him so very much I wanted to enjoy the taste of him too as much as I was able – sucking him to my heart’s content, licking the length of him and balling him at the same time, giving him my all whatever it took, if he wanted for me to wank him over my face, I’d do it, feeling the feel of his hot cream smother my face was something else! – if he wanted to wank over my cock that was good too, watching his expression and hearing his sexual throat sounds as he did those things with me.

Then the way he talked to me like once, when I came to visit him it was freezing cold,,, all he said was; I think you need some of my central heating inside you and, when he did it so deep and so firm, I felt the heat warm my whole form and that, combined with one of Brian’s extraordinary fucks made me feel warm and wanting again, so much I’d spent more quality time suckling him to the extreme, having him nestle down over my face until he was smothering me with that lovely cock and fabulous balls and I was happily sniffing and tasting him again, the wonderful lavish nectar of beautiful erect throbbing cock spiriting my face, licking his p-hole and his balls so ripe and full, so ready to deliver into me. I found myself wanting that more and more, he never wore a condom, he was not promiscuous and nor was I and we wanted both to enjoy the full sensitivity of flesh to flesh contact.

It was fun to be with Brian, he made me laugh too, trying to get into these tight jeans, he wanted for me to pull them up so tight to fit between my ass cheeks which was a real spanking turn on for him, he’d spank me over his lap, first with his hand and then with his long handled hair brush, and, as promised a cane and even a horse whip, I got use to taking the initial pain knowing the reward afterwards, all that slow pampering and massage, it felt so good and stimulating.

And a special treat too when he stood there showing his swelling all well aroused and standing up like a guardsman as he had me kneel before him and tease his p-hole after spitting on it, drawing his foreskin well back to give it maximum sensitivity, then he’d moan and make all those wonderful throat noises which I became accustomed when making it with him. First I took his cock in my mouth, moving it around without touching with my hands, he liked that, me just kneeling there like his servant enjoying the taste of his throbbing pungent cock which I just could not get enough of, my mouth numb with the sucking of him until his hot cum spurted into my mouth and over my face again, I grew to really like that, feeling the dribbling down my chin as I then felt his cock still throbbing, squeezing and stiff wanking it until he came a second time, it was simply divine and I am besotted by him…

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I want more stories this is one of the best.