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My Secret Confession

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I have a secret that I’ve never told anyone, not even my husband who knows everything about me. The events of a summer night, after I turned 18 and graduated from high school, that changed my life and contributed to who I am today. I learned a lot of things from my mother that summer, some of which she didn’t intend to teach me.

First let me tell you a little bit about my mother. Have you ever seen a woman walking down the street, or even in line at a grocery store that seems to ooze sexuality; the one that has the attention of every man within fifty feet of her without even trying? My mother was one of those women.

At 5’8 and 145 pounds, she was a bomb shell. Her silky, chestnut colored hair framed her high cheek bones and strong jaw beautifully. Her large hazel eyes, decorated with naturally long dark lashes could mesmerize the most prominent of people, and her full lips added a kiss of softness to her otherwise slightly angular face.

She never committed herself to a serious relationship for various, but questionable reasons and she raised my brother and I alone. I found out that summer that just like any other woman, she had her needs and accommodated them in an interesting way. She stopped trying so hard to shield me from her endeavors and it didn’t long for me to put it all together.

Her favorite place to pick up a man was the airport. I’m sure it was like hunting for her. She never really told me about it, but with what I know and what I seen that summer, I would bet that it went something like this: She sat at the bar, nursing her whiskey until she zeroed in on a man that was alone and good looking. If he was just passing through or there for a short time, she would seduce him and bring him home. After satisfying her needs she sent them away glossy eyed with lop sided smiles.

Anyway, the summer after I turned 18, I finally started blooming, and grew out of the tomboy mentality I sported through high school. My mom was overly elated and immediately began teaching me how to be a “woman”. These lessons included make-up application, endless demonstrations of walking, leg placement, hip movement, even how to hold my head and shoulders. She had me sit with my back straight and my legs crossed, and by the end of the summer I was wearing six inch stiletto’s better then any super model could.

If and when I complained, she would say things like, “You’ll never know when you catch the right person’s attention. In a “man’s” world a woman has to know how to stand out and be noticed.”

Towards the end of that fateful summer, on a cool night, I watched my mother in action. That night I was supposed to be at an orientation for various colleges, but for one reason or another I ended up back home. On the way to my room I have to walk by my mother’s room, and since she didn’t think I would be home she didn’t bother to close her door.

I knew she had company as soon as I walked into the house. The wine glasses and music gave it away. As I approached her bedroom I could hear her soft moans and couldn’t help myself. I peered into her room and the images captivated me.

My mother was laying on her back with her legs spread wide, her fingers tangled in the hair of the man whose mouth was eagerly feasting on her pussy. Her breaths were shallow, quick. He stroked his cock as his tongue licked and sucked at my mom’s cunt.

It didn’t take long for my panties to become wet, I felt tingles racing over my skin, my mouth dried and I found it hard to swallow. Instead of heading to my room, I hid in the shadows and watched them. My nipples ached against my bra and I slipped my hand into my pants to touch my clit while I watched my mother. She rolled her nipples between her fingers, whimpered and bucked her hips, screaming things I couldn’t make out. Within minutes my own pussy was twitching as she shuttered against her pillow, her body trembling.

I watched, fingering my soaked cunt, as her stranger continued to explore her body, kissing her flat stomach and caressing her legs. It didn’t take long for her to recover and posistion herself on her hands and knees, meeting the man’s rigid cock with the tip of her lips. I licked my own lips, at the sight and watched unable to take my eyes from her mouth. She moaned, bobbing her head down the shaft of a man’s cock that I knew she didn’t know, sucking hungrily. I watched his face twist as he thrusts his hips to meet her mouth, grunting and pulling her hair.

I wasn’t a complete stranger to oral sex, but I always though of blow jobs as strictly for his pleasure. My mother showed differently; she seemed to be enjoying herself just as much as he was, if not more. Her back arched as she swallowed his cock, twisting her head and occasionally teasing just the tip. Her tongue darted between her lips twisting around his shaft as she pinched her nipples, tugging them hard, moaning when her fingers moved feverishly to her cunt.

I felt tingles run through my veins, heat flushing my cheeks as my mother backed away from him, turning to offer her ass to the man. I pinched a nipple with my free hand and gasped at the sensitivity of it. Butterflies lifted in my stomach as he eagerly grabbed my mother’s hips and pulled her back onto him, guiding his cock into her cunt. My eyes flicked over their bodies as I rolled and twisted my nipple, enjoying the pleasure rippling from it.

The sight was so erotic; my mother looked like a goddess, a thin layer of sweat made her skin glow, and her dark hair clung to her moist face. She immediately pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts, and cried out as he plunged a finger into her ass hole. My panties were so wet, and my clit throbbed under my fingers.

I watched them fuck each other with a fierceness I’ve never known. My mother’s body moved against him rhythmically and I let a small moan escape my throat as she began to tremble. He seemed to now exactly what to do to her, and I wanted desperately to feel what she was feeling.

He was nothing like the young men I’d been with who fumbled with my clothes and laughed to disguise his inexperience. I had never experienced an orgasm that I didn’t give to myself, but as I watched my mom have several, I knew that I soon would.

I tiptoed to my room when they collapsed against each other, and gave myself multiple orgasms as I replayed what I saw in my mind. An hour later I fell into a restless sleep.

After that night, I started watching her every night. On the nights that she didn’t have a man, she used dildos and vibrators, which I learned to use from watching her. I didn’t have one of my own, so I used hers when she wasn’t home. I became a master of masturbation pretty quickly thanks to her demonstrations, but I wanted to experience sex the way she did.

A few weeks later, I seen my chance and took full advantage of it. I was in my room while my mom was having dinner with her catch for the night, laughing and drinking straight shots of whiskey. I wasn’t keeping count but knew she had had more then her normal amount and was drunk. She slurred her words and had trouble standing.

The tall man she had brought home was extremely good looking with dark blonde hair, that hung over his forehead, blue eyes and broad shoulders. I guessed him to be in his late forties judging by the slight laugh lines and the gray hairs at his temples; but he was fit and had an accent that made my nipples hard.

He followed my mom into her room, making sure she didn’t run into any walls. She was all over him and I could see that he couldn’t wait to get her to bed. I waited for a few minutes then cracked her bedroom door, just a tad. I watched as he did amazing things to her. I listened to her moan and watched her body react to his fingers and tongue. He didn’t even bother to get undressed before he brought my mom to a body racking climax.

I watched his tongue move expertly around her clit as my mom’s breathing became rapid, and when her body began to shake he pulled his face away from her and looked towards the door. I thought I seen a faint smile and raced back to my own room, my face red from embarrassment and arousal. Despite my pounding heart it took only minutes for me to calm down, and gently begin stroking my swollen clit. I brought myself to a mediocre orgasm then passed the next hour listening to music and hoping that the man pleasing my mom wouldn’t say anything to her about seeing me.

I heard someone in the kitchen and decided to go investigate. I saw the stranger poking around in the fridge, and backed back into my room where I tore my clothes off and put on a teal blue thong, with a white tank top, no bra. Then padded back out into the kitchen hoping he was still there.

I felt my nipples harden at the sight of his bare chest, and my breath stalled as he made eye contact with me. He wasn’t wearing anything other then a towel wrapped around his waist. The light from the kitchen casting shadows along the dips and curves of his muscular arms and chest made my heart beat fast. My pussy twitched and I felt my belly fall, but still I managed a smile. I thought he was going to choke on the piece of lunch meat he was eating as he watched me.

“Hi, I’m Beth,” I said walking on my toes toward him. My mother would be proud of my hip movement, I thought unable to contain my smile.

I knew that he had seen me watching him give my mothers pussy a good eating, and decided that I was going to swallow any hesitation and just be bold. I wanted desperately to feel what my mother had, and knew she was probably passed out. “Is mother sleeping?”

“Umm, yeah… yes your mother is asleep, I was just getting something to eat,” he answered slightly uneasy, eyeing me strangely.

My heart was pounding but I don’t think it showed. “Good,” I said as I slide onto the counter, remebering what my mother had taught me. “Do you have enough left in you for me?” I asked completely shocked by my own words. I think my face flushed, because my cheeks were burning and suddenly I couldn’t catch my breath. I knew I needed to know what it was like to be with a man that knew what he was doing. I wanted to experience an orgasm that I didn’t give to myself. It wouldn’t be my first time, I reminded myself, just the first time with a man that knew what he was doing.

He stared awkwardly at me for several moments, “I uh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” he said finally, his flicking from me to my mothers bedroom. But even as he spoke the words I watched his cock respond behind the flimsy towel. I smiled when his eyes once again slide a little slower over my body.

I crossed my legs, knowing I looked like a younger version of my mom, except not as tall, and my eyes were green, my hair slightly lighter. I was paler then my mother, and inherited my father’s side of the family’s freckles, but other than that I liked to think I looked like my mom. I was proud of my 34C tits, and showed it by leaning back so that my tank top spread tight against my hard nipples. When his eyes fell to my legs I quickly uncrossed them allowing them to fall open so that he could get a good view of the wetness gathering on the soft silk of my thong.

“I may not be as experienced as my mother but I promise to do exactly as you tell me,” I said touching my clit through my panties.

I watched him swallow hard as his cock thumped against the towel. I found myself wondering if I could handle him, but decided quickly that I was going to give it a hell of a try.

“You are your mother’s daughter aren’t you,” he said thickly.

“Yep,” I told him with a smile, knowing exactly what he meant.

I watched him, hoping desperately that he would take my offer; I wanted him so badly. I wanted him to make my body squirm, I wanted to feel his lips and his hands. Trying to look as sexy as possible, I slipped my hand under my panties and willed my breathing to be normal. I smiled sensually at him, and was slightly surprised but deliciously hopeful when he walked towards me, eyeing my hand moving slowly under the silk material of my panties.

He moved between my legs and pinched my nipples firmly between his thick fingers. I gasped at the sensation that was part pain and part pleasure. He took my other hand and guided it between the slit in his towel where his rigid cock awaited my touch. I could hear that his breathing was slightly labored, and his hands moved eagerly over my nipples. When his cock filled the palm of my hand, I almost stopped breathing. I was holding about nine inches of granite like flesh.

His lips curved into a devious smile, and I immediately felt a need, a want that I had never experienced before. My pussy twitched and my clit throbbed as I ran my hand down the length of his cock. My hips began gyrating as soon as his hand moved to my soaked panties, pushing them aside. I drew in a heavy breath in anticipation.

“Yes, please touch me,” I breathed when he stopped and looked at my glistening, swollen pussy lips.

“Such a pretty pussy,” he said; his voice husky.

I smiled, spreading my trembling legs further and licked my lips. “You can do whatever you want to it,” I whispered on the verge of begging him.

His lips moved to mine quickly, his tongue darting into my mouth as he kissed me hard. I thrust my own tongue over his, and enjoyed the sensation of a hungry, needy kiss. He pushed on my chest forcefully, catching my off guard and I landed hard on my elbows, my flesh digging into the tiles of the counter. He spread my legs then bent down, bringing his mouth to my clit. I could barely breathe as anticipation and need filled my head, my chest.

I threw my head back when I felt his tongue slide slowly through the slickness of my sex. I wanted to scream as he licked me, flicking my clit with the tip of his tongue. Pleasure tore through my body and I felt like I couldn’t fill my lungs with enough air. My back arched and a moan slipped through my lips as his tongue pushed into my cunt. Never had I felt something that made my whole body react and feel like it did at that moment. Ripples of pleasure raced through my entire body from my core out. My toes curled and I slowly rocked against him breathing hard, his tongue sliding slowly back to my clit. A heat burned in my belly that erupted when his fingers circled the entrance to my cunt.

“That’s a good girl,” he told me as I lifted my ass, eager to experience his expertise.

I felt his finger enter me and gasped at the sensation. It felt so different form my own scrawny fingers, and as he went deeper he massaged a place I never have; a place that sent my body bucking as he suckled on my clit, massaging my cunt with only one thick finger. I felt my body tighten as I began to tremble, and cried out as another finger gently entered my ass hole up to one knuckle. He stopped when I started to close my legs, and brought his mouth away from my twitching pussy.

“Just relax, It’ll feel good I promise,” he said hoarsely.

I did as he told me, and he inched his finger into my tight ass hole. It felt as though my body began to melt as he brought his tongue back to my clit, and fucked me with two fingers, one in each hole. I panted and whimpered as he brought me to the edge of the world. My skin tingled, and I felt weak; a pleasure lay like a thick blanket on my skin and white dots filled my vision.

“Oh god yes, please do it, do it harder,” I begged as my legs tensed, my back arching further.

I felt him push his fingers deeper and he sucked my rock hard clit into his mouth, rolling it between his tongue and his top lip. I heard him grunt, and he grabbed my leg with the hand he wasn’t using as my body shook on the counter.

He seemed to know exactly how to move his fingers, and exactly what my clit wanted. I trembled and cried out as my orgasm took control of my body, not at all like the orgasm’s I gave to myself. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and I clutched the counter as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. My cunt throbbing, I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from screaming.

I felt his fingers slow and his tongue move down to clean the cum dripping from me. My legs twitched and I pressed my back against the cool tiles of the counter as I struggled to catch my breath.

“I told you it would feel good,” he told me as he ripped the towel from his waist and smiled.

I smiled weakly still struggling to collect my senses. I felt so good, my body relishing in the after shocks that rocked me. I knew he was going to fuck me, and wondered through my haze if he would do it right here in the kitchen.

“Come suck my cock baby girl,” he demanded, his accent nearly jumbling his words beyond comprehension.

The way he said “baby girl,” made me smile as I sat up shakily, and realized that the idea of sucking his cock had me excited. I readily slid my body off the counter and rested my weight on my knees, skimming the head of his nearly purple cock with my lips. The familiar musk of a woman’s sex wafted in my nose and I knew that it was my mother’s pussy I smelled. It was similar to the way my sheets smelled the morning after I had used her toys for a few hours.

I felt him grab the back of my head as I parted my lips, and forced it to the back of my throat, gagging me. I quickly swallowed in an attempt to accommodate his cock as a groan erupted from his throat.

“Use your hand baby, stroke my cock and suck at the same time.” His voice was wavy, and pitched as he spoke.

I eagerly obliged, turned on by his instruction. I twisted my hand down the length of his cock then followed my lips back up in a quick rhythmic motion.

“Oh yeah, that’s good. Just like that baby girl,” he breathed hoarsely.

My eyes watered, but I continued to take him to the back of my throat, practically swallowing the head of his cock as the walls of my pussy contracted. I felt like such a bad girl and loved it.

“Watch it honey, slow down or I’m gonna drown you in cum,” he warned.

I felt his thrusts weaken, and his legs vibrate as he released the back of my head. I wanted to feel his cum fill my mouth but the need to feel his cock buried in my pussy sent electrical pulses flickering through me. I was vaguely aware that I held my breath and almost squealed when I felt his hands under my arms as he jerked me to a standing position, his cock slipping from my mouth with a popping sound.

My chest heaved as I sucked air into my lungs and watched his eyes. They were dark, full of experience and wisdom as they flicked over my face.

“That felt so good, too good baby girl,” he whispered as his hands pushed my tousled hair from my face.

I was acutely aware of electrical pulses of pleasure riveting through me and removed my tank top without fully thinking it through. A strange kind of satisfaction stirred in me, as his eyes dropped to my bouncing nipples, and I giggled as I pulled my soaked panties down my legs.

I stood naked in front him and relished in the way his eyes slid over my body. My breaths were still coming in short, shallow spurts and when his hands gripped my hips I barely controlled the urge to jump into his arms and slide my wet cunt onto his cock.

His head lowered and I arched my back as he took a nipple into his mouth sucking hard. I wondered, only half heatedly, if he compared my tits to my mothers. I was twenty years younger then my mom, and although hers were still defying gravity pretty well, I knew they didn’t look as supple, smooth and perky as mine.

I sighed heavily as he gripped one ass check pulling on it to run a finger over my ass hole. The pressure felt great and I was slightly relieved when he didn’t enter. I gasped then giggled at the sudden air between my feet and the kitchen floor, as he lifted me effortlessly onto the counter.

“God I need to feel you,” he whispered almost so quite I didn’t hear him.

I spread my legs and let him look at my neatly trimmed hair, feeling good that someone besides me could enjoy it. His eyes lingered there for several moments as he stroked his still raging hard on very slowly. I shook a little knowing what was soon coming. He stepped closer between my legs, and parted my puffy lips easily, dragging the head of his cock over my clit.

I moaned at the sudden pleasure and rocked slightly, quickening the movement. My nipples tingled, wet with his saliva and hardening further in response to the cool air. My stomach tightened and a long gasp parted my lips as he pushed his cock half way into my cunt.

I trembled against him, gripping his shoulders and grinding myself into him. He stopped and moaned then slowly pulled his cock back out before pushing it back in, all the way this time. A slight pain mixed deliciously with pleasure as my cunt stretched over his cock squeezing it. He waited for me to accommodate him, kissing my neck, and when I rocked my hips, he let out an animalistic groan.

“Oh baby girl,” he moaned, “You’re so tight, and wet. You feel so good.”

“Mmmhmm,” I managed. My eyes were closed and I squirmed wanting him to fuck me.

“Oh you’ll get a good fuck, for being the bad girl you are,” he moaned as if reading my mind.

His voice was deep, low and took on a dark tone, as he pulled out until just his cock head was buried inside my begging pussy. I felt his rough hands grip my hips as he pushed into me hard. My ass slide back further on the counter and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he hoisted me into his arms.

My mind buzzed with pleasure as he easily held me against him, his fingers digging into the cheeks of my ass. I bounced on his cock, my cunt contracting around his shaft. My fingers gripped his shoulders as I squirmed in his arms, pleasure engulfing me.

It wasn’t like anything I had ever felt before and I cried out as the sensations hammering my body intensified. He held me by my hips and moved my body with an easiness that surprised me.

“Jesus you’re so hot, you feel so good baby girl,” he moaned huskily.

Without warning my body erupted in white hot flashes of pleasure, “I’m going to cum, oh fuck yes don’t stop,” I begged between sharp shallow breaths, his thrusts got harder and faster.

My pussy clenched his cock as every muscle in my body contracted. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck, tiny explosions erupting through me. My orgasm lapped over the tingling skin of my body, as the explosions got bigger and more intense. I bucked in his arms, throwing my body against him as involuntary spasms shook through me. An ecstasy swamped my body and I marveled in the new found pleasure.

“Yeeesss, oh god yes,” I moaned as my whole body tensed in the finale of my experience.

Under the pads of my fingertips I felt his shoulders spasm, and his muscles get rigid. I could feel my cum rush over his cock, as I went limp in his arms gasping for breath. My mind spun as his chest vibrated against my tits and belly.

I hung on as the thrusts got stronger, and listened to him groan, his breathing erratic, then in a quick unexpected jerk he pulled me away from him and shot hot cum all over my stomach. My legs thrashed in the air as my feet searched for the ground, my pussy contracting hard from the lack of his cock. I stood on wobbly legs and tried to regulate my breathing as my head spun. His grip on my hips was strong as long ropes of creamy white cum shot from the end of his cock.

When he opened his eyes, they were hazy and dark, his smile sexy. I pushed myself against his chest and kissed him softly, smearing his cum between us.

I pulled away from him and smiled, “That was fucking fantastic,” I whispered feeling elated.

He chuckled and shook his head as he wiped the thick cum from our bellies. I felt like I could fall in love with him then, and felt warm when he gathered me into his arms and kissed me passionately.

“Damn girl, between you and your momma I think I’ll make a few more stops to Anchorage through out the year,” he said when we separated. “By the way my name is Ben.”

I laughed hard, and collected my clothes watching his cock soften. “Thank you,” I whispered as I pulled my tank top over my tits.

“Anytime baby girl,” he said nodding his head, “Anytime.”

He kissed me once more, then disappeared back into my mothers room. I went to my room and smoked a cigarette, something I didn’t normally do, then fell asleep feeling more satisfied then I ever had before in my life.

I didn’t see him the next morning, he and my mother were gone when I woke up. I felt a twinge of sadness but it only lasted a short time. I had been an adult for several months but it wasn’t until that morning that I felt like a real woman.

I never told my mom about my experience with Ben, and since she never said anything I don’t think Ben told her either. I never seduced another of my mothers men, instead I took what I learned from her and started my own escapades. For some reason they were always at least fifteen years my senior.

I met my husband who is twenty years older then me about five years later. It started as a purely sexual relationship, but quickly turned into something more. We have two beautiful and healthy sons and we’ve been married for almost ten years. The sex is just as great as it was the night we met, only we get to share more then just our bodies now, and I couldn’t be happier.

I do wonder if Ben thinks of that night occasionally. It makes me smile to think that one day he could come across this story and recognize that night we shared so long ago.

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