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My Older Neighbor

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Irene lives over my back fence. She has been alone for most of 10 years that I’ve lived in this house. Her husband had been the local OSHA inspector who had perished during a routine safety inspection downtown. He was testing the safety cabling around the perimeter of the 18th floor of a high rise under construction, when he tripped and fell into a wheel barrow full of water, knocked himself out and drowned. The story was glorified a bit about having fallen to his death, but I knew better.

My second year in the house I had a girlfriend move in with me, but it didn’t even last the summer. For the next two years Irene and I lived back to back with only an occasional wave every now and then.

One windy winter night, the back fence dividing our yards blew down. We now had a reason to talk, discussing how best to have the fence fixed. We stood both at the edges of our yards bundled against the snow flurries, and spoke for the first time ever. She was nice. I liked her. I had previously figured her for middle forties, but up close realized that she was more like late fifties, even early sixties. We continued to chat, as neither of us had had anyone to talk with for weeks. We talked until we were both freezing, and had to go inside. She gave me her number, as I was going to get some quotes for having the fence fixed and call her.

That evening, having called 6 or 7 guys who all laughed at my wanting to have the fence fixed immediately, I called her and told her that we would likely be sharing a backyard until spring. She told me that it wasn’t so bad having a neighbor to talk to. She hadn’t had that for some time. I invited her to call me anytime and gave her my number.

The following evening she called. She was feeling really down. The snow that had fallen all night was still coming down heavily. She was bored to tears, and trapped in her den with no TV; the cable was out. I had satellite, which worked fine as long as I broomed the snow out of the dish every hour. She was frustrated that nothing worked in her house. When I asked, she listed the items that were currently broken including her heater; the house was frozen, literally! She was lying under an electric blanket! I was aghast; what if the power went out. I realized that the power had gone out two days ago, in the middle of the night. She admitted to have nearly froze to death, but for running the oven all night.

I demanded that she come across the yards and stay with me until she had working heat. She wouldn’t hear of it. I pressed the issue until I had to hang up, go to her house and practically drag her home with me. We gathered a few things for her personal comfort and headed to my house where she stayed for 3 days. Our light snowfall had turned into the biggest ice storm in 10 years.

So began a friendship that continues to this day, 8 years later. We are very close friends; closer than most. We eventually, step by teeny tiny step, became lovers. that began during the following winter, when I gave her a massage that got very heated.

We never did fix the fence between our yards, but simply removed the debris and fused our gardens together. We spent the spring together gardening and having Sunday brunches together on her back porch. She would sometimes join me, or sometimes me and a date, swimming in my pool and bar-b-queing. I began to realize that for someone of her age, 62, she looked fantastic! My “girlfriends” were always fascinated how a man my age, 29, would find her attractive. But I found her to be terrifically attractive; sexy; arousing.

She had only one bathing suit, but it fit her perfectly! High on the hip, open back, plunging front. It was very hot. She had a full figure, but what a figure! Very large breasts, high and upstanding, wide hips but not at all fat. I realized what Reubens found so appealing about his models; they were hot! As was Irene. We were together at some point practically every weekend, throughout the long hot summer.

One drunken Saturday afternoon when the temperature hovered above 100 and the humidity was off the chart. We lazed by the pool, not wanting to exert too much effort at anything. The burning sun finally went over the edge and the evening cooled. She was going home, when I drunkenly invited her back that night for a skinny dip in the Jacuzzi. I was immediately embarrassed after I had blurted it out, but she laughed it off and went home.

I was naked and in the tub at 9:00 pm when she appeared out of the shadows to join me. I had an instant shudder of arousal that she was going to get naked with me, but I soon realized she was not nearly so bold. She wore her suit as we soaked, floating quietly, not speaking. I was more than slightly smashed, having consumed beer all day long and eaten almost nothing. I joked about getting out of tub and walking naked to the house and going to bed, she told me to go ahead. She calmly watched as I stood up slowly, revealing my erection, got out dried off and went inside. I was compelled to move slowly and allow her to look if she wanted. I had the funny sensation of wanting her to see me nude, I’ve always been in good shape and proud of the size and shape of my penis. Her face was unreadable as she studied me, nude in front of her. I said goodnight, I think.

We repeated our Jacuzzi soaking once a month through the summer. I was by now trying to get her to get naked with me but to no avail. Finally, on Halloween, having taken her to a party with me, “as my date”, we had our late evening soak. After which she stood up, got out of the tub, turned her back to me, stripped out of her suit, squeezed the water out of her hair, and wrapped a towel around herself, never once turning, even slightly.

“Wow,” I finally burbled out. “You shouldn’t be nearly so shy, with a shape like that.”

“Well,” she finally managed, as she collected her things, “Not so easy for someone that’s never been nude in front of anyone besides her husband.”; Not even once, I asked. “Not even once” as she blew a kiss and headed for her house I called after what a crime that was. I could hear her laughing out there in the dark.

Around midnight the phone rang. “It’s Irene dear,” she whispered into the phone. “I hope you’ll forgive me for calling so late, but I’m feeling a bit drunk, for which I blame you completely.” She giggled a bit. “Actually I’m quite … well … drunk I suppose and simply cannot sleep.”

“So talk to me,” I slurred into the phone.

“I just, … really just,” she stammered, “Wanted to know why it is that you’re so fascinated with seeing my, … me, … in the nude?” I snapped fully awake at that.

“I’m sorry, ” I choked out, “What did you … are you kidding? Why wouldn’t I? You are fantastic looking! Your body is exquisite! Do you think it’s not?”

She chuckled doubtfully, commenting on our age difference. I swore to her that I was not lying but that I found her remarkably sexy. She was silent on her end.

“Forget your age!” I demanded. Your body turns me on like crazy! Forgive my saying, but you asked.” I continued describing what I found so sexy about her; her mannerisms, her eyes, her shape; that incredible view of her naked back and behind; her voice and the silkiness of her skin, white and flawless. I told her how much I longed to see her completely nude. She just listened quietly. I imagined her dozing in bed, listening to my rambling.

I moved on to telling her what I would like to do to her. Hours passed it seemed as I continued telling her all of the sensual and sexual things that I would do to and with her. I continued to hear her rhythmic breathing and an occasional quiet moan, but she never spoke, only listened. We both finally fell into a drunken, stuporous sleep, without even hanging up. She left the next week for a month-long European vacation with a distant relative. I was never so lonely, as without my neighbor.

Irene called me on a snowy Saturday afternoon. She had been in the south of France, and had just returned an hour ago. She wanted to see me. I was thrilled. She admitted to an awful plane trip back and was so sore. I offered a massage for her back. She was really unsure, so I backed off. Dinner and a video? Sure. She would be over in half an hour.

She arrived at my door in a long down parka, to her heels and her Sorel snow boots. Once inside she removed them to reveal her silk pajamas. I could tell in an instant that she was nude underneath. Her nipples were pushing out the front, almost obscenely. There was almost more cleavage showing than in her bathing suit. I was enchanted and told her so.

“Can I kiss you?” she asked out of the blue, her eyes filled with trepidation, not that I would say no, I think she knew I wouldn’t, but because she seemed to want it to go no further and wasn’t sure if we could. My simpleton’s smile told her absolutely and we kissed. We kissed like we had wanted to for months, which I guess we had. It was amazing! We kissed long and deeply, but touching no where else, just our lips; and tongues.

“Hungry?” I asked, after we had broken.

“Sore.” She replied. I turned her and began rubbing her shoulders through the silken material. Her head lolled around happily.

“You should really let me set up my table and give you a proper massage.” I worked her shoulders a bit more and then stroked my hands down her back and then, very cautiously, around her in a hug. Her arms encircled mine and we hugged for a long time. Finally I turned her back to face me and realized she’d been crying. I kissed her again, and then we hugged for a very long time.

Finally we parted; I looked deep in her eyes, took her hand and led her to the spare room where I had my massage table. It was piled high with stuff, from non-use. I uncovered it, laid a blanket down, and approached her with a questioning look. She slowly began undoing the buttons of her pajama top. I watched patiently, expecting her to ask me to leave the room and not wanting to make her feel uneasy. Finally, she removed it. She peeled it back off of both shoulders exposing to me, for the very first time, a pair of breasts that made me want to cry. They were absolutely spectacular!! Very large and softly rounded; creamy, soft, elegant skin; tipped with large, darkly pink areolas with perfectly erect little nipples. They pushed up and out impossibly, weightless, into thin air. They could easily have been the breasts of some 18 year old girl.

She self-consciously hurried through removing her bottoms and then stood before me completely, gloriously, sensuously nude. Her hands were folded demurely in front of her rather small patch of hair. My smile and the look in my eyes conveyed how much I admired her form. We kissed again. I cupped her face and she stroked my back. She sucked my tongue and then gently bit my lower lip, smiled a sexy-sweet smile and laid down face first on the table.

Her body was absolute velvet in my hands. Her skin was very fair and elegantly soft to the touch. The curves of her mature body were far more exquisite than the harder, sculpted shapes of girls much younger. She was not athletic, but soft and round and curvy beyond anything I experienced previously, and it made me crazy for her. It was pure pleasure to simply touch her skin.

I massaged her quietly for an hour and a half and then, rolling her onto her back after a bit. She did so without a hint of shyness or hesitation. It was heaven gazing at every inch of her nude form as I stroked my hands over her. Covering her with a soft blanket, whispered in her ear to get up whenever she was ready. Without opening her eyes she reached up, took my face gently in her hands and pulled my lips to hers. We kissed softly. As I stood to leave she opened her eyes just for a moment and caught sight of my rather painful erection. She closed her eyes, a slight smile on her full lips, and laid back to rest.

I went to the kitchen to make us dinner and kept rolling over in my mind every inch of Irene’s body. I had examined it very closely during the massage and tried to memorize every square inch, not sure if I’d ever see it again. I was standing at the sink peeling potatoes when she reached around a hugged me from behind.

“Whatcha thinkin’?” she asked, not letting go. I dropped the potato, the peeler and held her hands in mine. I hesitated a long time. “That bad, huh?” she said at last. Her hug relaxed noticeably.

“Bad?” I countered. “Whadya mean?” Irene was silent a long time, her arms around me. Somehow I perceived that the “lovers” hug had relaxed into a “Mother’s” hug.

“Nothing.” She said at last, letting me go and moving to sit at the table. I asked again, what she had meant by bad. She was thoughtful for a very long time. She looked like she was considering her words carefully, so I just let her.

“I wasn’t sure,” she started finally, … I’m not sure, how to … what to do with my feelings about us. And this.” She finally looked up to me. “I like you, Jake. A lot. You’ve been a good neighbor. Well, … that’s silly, … you’ve been a good friend.” I was about to tell her that I liked her a lot as well, but she looked as if she wasn’t done. “It’s just that sometimes I feel so alone.” She suddenly looked as if she might cry. “I’m terrified of being the silly old woman that …, “she trailed off. Her eyes pleading now as if hoping that I was getting whatever it was she wasn’t saying. I wasn’t. “How I wish you could’ve seen me when I was your age …” she trailed off. “I know that I’m older than … well …” She trailed off for a very long pause.

“Sometimes, I want so much for us to …” She was growing more uncomfortable by the moment.

“Are you concerned …,” I started. She looked up at me. “That I won’t find you attractive because of your age?”

“More than twice your age.” She was very near crying now. “Worse. I’m in my 6o’s and you’re in your 20’s.”

“Twenty-nine.” I corrected, then instantly recognized that it didn’t help. “I really don’t care what your age is.”

“It’s not that I want a relationship, because, … well, I do, I might, … but with you, …” I waited. “I just don’t want, …God!” she stood and walked a small circle and sat down again. “What is it with you? Why are you so interested in an old woman like me? Am I some freaky fantasy thing? Some “mother” complex thing goin’ on?” She was really worked up now, tears were coming.

“I …” I was at a loss for what to say. She was looking at me to fess up and come on out with my freaky fantasy. “It is really none of those things.” I defended.

We sat there staring at each other for awhile. “What is it that you’re afraid of?” I asked. “That I’ll suddenly run off with a younger girl? That you might just be a fling? That you aren’t sexy and exciting?” After a long pause I asked, “What are we talking about anyway?”

“I just don’t want to be thought of as some kind of joke!” Now the tears came in earnest. “The old woman who gets played by the young man. I feel so lonely sometimes and I want to be thought of as sexy and fun and … you might not think that I think about sex … well … but I do and I think as much as anyone that sex is … my body is as much as the young girls that you do with … when you look at me and then I … you say that you think … when we’re together and you look at me like I’m … I do get all wet and hot and want to … I need to feel like I’m … FUCK! I don’t know what I’m saying!!!”

Irene got up to leave. She went for her coat and I had to grab her and keep her from running out the door. She finally burst. Her dam crumbled and she began crying in earnest. I held her as the sobs wracked her in my arms. We slowly melted to the floor as her legs gave out and she fell into my arms. She cried hard for a minute or two. I simply held her.

Finally she spoke in a hoarse whisper. “I’m sorry that I’m so pathetic. Being alone is easier when there isn’t such temptation.”

“What are you so afraid of?” I whispered into her ear. She turned to look into my eyes.

“Do you really think I’m sexy? No bullshit.”

“Of course” I replied.

“No. Fuck that” She stated firmly. “Not ‘of course’. Do you think that I’m really sexy? Like the other girls that you’ve had over here?” She stared into my eyes a long time. “Would you have sex with me?”

I smirked, “Is that an invitation?” She tried to push me away. “Whoa, whoa! Hold it. Hold it! What is this? What are you so afraid of?” I held her close to me. “Would I have sex with you? Absolutely! You have been in my fantasies for months now. Years actually, now that I think of it. Fuck me! Are you kidding?” I looked her hard in the eye. “Yes! I would. I will. Yes. Nothing would thrill me more!”

We sat together, her half in my lap, half sprawled on the floor, for along moment. “Are you afraid that I would have sex with you as some sort of curiosity, then just leave you?”

After a long pause, Irene slowly nodded at me. “No.” I simply said and left it at that. She stared at me hard for a bit and then slowly moved back into me, as the tears came anew. I simply held as her years of loneliness and pent up sexual frustration poured out onto my shoulder. We knelt there together for a long while.

We got up and began to make dinner in silence. Much had been said and now needed to be digested. I poured her a glass of wine and gave it to her with a kiss and embrace.

“I feel like a complete dope but I’m still a bit lost” I told her.

“I’m just afraid of feeling like a fool, or being made a fool of.”

“By me?” I asked.

“Well, … I’ve found that it is easiest to be hurt by those closest to us.” I waited for her to explain. “If …,” she started again, “If, … we were to be … lovers, …” My heart began to pound anew. “I would hate to be … some kind of experiment or fantasy and then be cast aside. Mind you, …” she hurried on, “I’m not looking for a relationship, and I don’t expect you to … well, … be …” She trailed off again.

I walked over to her and put my arms around her and held her tight. “God, you make me so turned on.” She looked up at me. “It would be the hottest thing in my life if you and I were lovers.” She smiled a bit. “Do you really believe that I wouldn’t, … I find you incredibly sexy at any age. You are the sexiest woman that I’ve ever met, no fucking around. Your body is superb. Absolutely incredible and luscious!!! I would fuck you, … well, … make love to you, … well you would be hotter than any other girl I’ve ever been with.”

I leaned down and we French kissed like passionate lovers. Irene slid her hand down between and stroked my erection lovingly. She pulled me tight and whispered in my ear, “Jake, you have the most gorgeous cock I’ve ever seen, or even dreamed of.” We kissed again. “I would so love to have you fuck me, with this beautiful penis, let you take me any way you choose, … but, … could I ask something of you that you might not like?”

I looked her in the eye. She continued, “Could we take it slowly, though?”

She looked completely embarrassed to being saying this at the end of the conversation we just had. I admit to wanting to fuck her right there on the floor of the kitchen, but part of me knew how exquisite it would be, now knowing that we were destined to screw, to hold off and make the moment last. The build of the anticipation of getting closer and closer but not quite doing it until neither of us could stand it any longer.

I kissed her again and smiled broadly at the thought of teasing her and of her teasing me for the next however many days, nights, weeks or … “You really are the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.” She smiled wide with moist eyes at finding out that she was nothing like a joke or freak show, but really was sexy, desirable, beautiful, sensual. “I get the feeling that I’m going to go crazy from wanting you before you let me in.” I joked. “Well, two can play that game baby. You are going to want me so badly, it may turn into a case of rape.” We both laughed hard. The stress of our conversation melted away. We kissed again. We gazed into each other’s eyes with the knowledge that at some point, (soon I hoped), we would be fucking each other so good! For good measure, I turned her in my arms and gently cupped her beautiful big breasts in my hands and, finding her nipples all erect I toyed with them a minute. “I can’t wait to suck on these, lick them, bite them.” She was literally panting now, before I moved away. “But, you’ll just have to wait.”

She actually hit me in the arm. Hard! We laughed long and hard, then sat down to dinner and more wine. She looked gorgeous in her silk jammies as we ate, and I told her so. Several times as I got up to get something or other we both noticed how erect my penis still was. After dinner we retired to the couch to watch a movie, some spy thriller. A couple of times we kissed passionately, our tongues dancing. She even stroked her hand over my erection as we did. The movie was exciting but we were more into concentrating on each other proximity.

“I have to go” she said rousing herself. I had fallen asleep. I think she had dozed for a bit in my arms, because the movie had shut itself off.

“One sec,” I said as I pulled her back into my arms. I kissed her neck and took both of her gorgeous breasts in my hands and gently stroked and squeezed them. One of her hands squeezed my thigh as she lay there and let me. I played with her erect nipples for a moment and then she moved to get up.

“I really must get to bed.” She told me rising. She looked down, and noticing my erection reached down to stroke it gently. “Oh, baby! You feel so good” She whispered.

“Don’t leave me like this.” I whispered back.

“I’m afraid that you’ll have to take care of that yourself tonight.” She said standing. She stood there for a moment simply gazing at the effect that she was having on my cock. As she watched I reached down to unbutton and unzip my pants. She stood there watching as I slipped my pants and skivvies down exposing my cock.

“You mean like this?” I asked as I began stroking myself in front of her. She watched in silence. I stroked it softly, slowly, performing for her, showing every inch of me. She just watched.

“Oh, baby!” she said. She actually licked her lips. “I’m going now.”

“Give me something to masturbate by.” I asked. She noticed that I was gazing at her erect nipples. After a moment she slowly began to unbutton the front of her pajama top. I sat there jacking off watching her slowly unbutton. One after the other, her button came undone until a slight opening was visible from bottom to top between her breasts. She softly pulled her top open revealing her exquisite breasts. Her nipples were so hard! She brought her hands up and began cupping them softly. She then began gently squeezing them, one in each hand. My hand became a blur as I jacked of hard and fast. She just watched, trancelike, as her fingers began toying with her nipples. She would milk each breast from the base to the tip and then pull the nipples out and slightly twist them. My eyes were glued to them. Her eyes were glued to my cock.

“Cum sweetie.” She murmured. I almost didn’t hear her at first. “Cum baby.” She watched entranced. I don’t know if she was aware that she was even speaking, she was so quiet. “Cum baby. Shoot it!” I was pounding my meat now. “Shoot it sweetie!” She was tugging her nipples hard now. The sight of it pushed me over. My head fell back and my body lurched as great arcs of cum spurted out of my cock. My hips rose up and lovely streams of cum jetted out of me towards her. I’ve never shot that far before!!! I realized that the first had landed on the leg of her silk jammies.

“Wow, stud!” she said after we calmed a bit. “That was amazing!” I continued to stroke gently and slowing. “You cum like a champion!” She began to button up her top. I was crestfallen watching her cover those exquisite titties. “I don’t know that I’ll sleep tonight,” she said as she leaned down to kiss me, “But I really must go.”

I pulled her close one last time, “I can’t wait to fuck you.” I whispered in her ear.

She looked me in the eye and then leaned to whisper in my ear, “I can’t wait to let you fuck me. Especially with that gorgeous penis of yours. It is so beautiful!” She kissed me quickly on the lips and stood to leave. I got the sense that her very last shred of self-control was all that was keeping her head on and moving out the door. “Call me.” She called back just as the door closed.

We spoke the following morning. I admitted to falling asleep right there on the couch with my pants down around my ankles. I awoke at 4:00 AM shivering and went to bed. She went to bed and thrashed all night. She admitted to having serious second thoughts about our conversation the night before. She was now thinking it would be better to stay just friends. I was immediately crushed. She was concerned about having a lover who was so much younger and that she would be holding me back from meeting girls of the right age and who would be better candidates for a life-partner.

I protested vehemently, but she held firm. When I asked when we could get together again, she was non-committal. We agreed to talk later. I had to get to work.

Talking later became much later as it turned out. A few days after our dinner I called her to ask her over. Her answering machine told me that she had gone to visit her sister in Florida. It did not say when she would be back. I was crestfallen. I had been afraid that it would all fall apart and now it appeared that it had.

The winter progressed alone. For months it was not as cold as previous years, but remained cold and wet. The sun shone rarely and the rain fell in icy blobs hanging on everything until finally, near spring, it sealed the entirety of my town in icy sheets. The overhead power lines snapped and trees and branches were crashing down everywhere.

Around about midnight, in near total darkness, without power, I was jolted awake by the ring of my mobile phone. It was a woman by the name of Susan. In my sleepy stupor I could not quite get the story, until it became clear that Susan was Irene’s sister calling to tell me that Irene had just flown home and had been in an accident on a frozen road. There was no way Susan could reach her from sunny Florida and would I help her out by checking on Irene’s condition at the hospital. I was now fully awake a dressing quickly in the dark.

I was very slowly puling out onto the frozen lane in my car within 20 minutes. I began the long slow trip to the hospital. A few near misses were all that I suffered as I crept along and got to the hospital in about an hour. I rushed into the emergency room which was surprisingly busy for that wee hour. I was shown to Irene’s room and let myself in. The glow from the hallway woke Irene in her bad and she turned to look at me. Her smile spread as she saw me.

Her car had slid down a hill and into a tree, wherein she broke her arm and landed hard against the steering wheel. Her chest and internal organs were fine but she was pretty sore. “Yeah, I know what you’re gonna say,” she told me. “Shame to ruin such a great chest like yours.” We laughed, although it hurt her to laugh. I called her sister to convey the news that she was a bit beaten up but otherwise fine and would heal completely. She signed off by saying, “Be gentle and kind to her, sweet man.” I got the distinct impression that Irene and Susan had talked about me in some detail which made me feel funny. I stayed the night, sleeping uncomfortably in a chair, but realized that I would rather be uncomfy in that chair than anywhere else.

The following morning she was released and I drove her home. She was quite stiff the following morning and I really had to help her into my house. We agreed that she was in no condition to stay at her place alone. There was still no power, the roads were icy and she was in need of some level of care. I told her that it would be my honor to help her out. She thanked me and I told her that I loved her. It just popped out. I just said it, neither of us flinched, nothing further was made of the comment, although I think we were both a bit shocked. I know that I was shocked to have said it; also that it felt so natural to express that feeling for her; and was equally shocked to want to tell her that again. She made no comment.

I made breakfast and we ate slowly, not saying much. I wanted to know why she had run off to Florida without saying anything to me, (even though I knew the answer). I was curious about how much she had told her sister. I was even more curious to know what she thought about “us”. We both let it lie for now. After breakfast a ran her a nice hot bubble bath. With power I lit a bunch of candles around the tub and bathroom so she could see. She went in to soak and I crossed the frozen waste of our collective backyard to her house for some stuff she wanted, including her PJs.

Entering her house I realized that I hadn’t spent much time there. Maybe 2 or 3 times at most. Even then she hadn’t given me the tour of her home. I felt like a burglar, prowling through the place with flashlight in hand due to the lack of power. Going through her drawers felt strange even though she had asked me to. I took my time going through her closet and underwear drawer. In the bottom of her drawer I found her vibrator. It was metallic gold and shaped like a torpedo. I decided to pack it with me. I lingered in her closet taking note of some of the sexy dresses that hung there. When had she last worn these I wondered. I lay on her bad thinking about making love to her there. It was nice and firm; perfect for having her ride on top of me. As I lay there, I repeated in my mind the casual way in which I told her that I loved her. I did. I really did. Was that a problem, in wondered. What would it be like to take her to company parties; she being twice my age. What would my boss think? His wife was half his age, but that kind of difference was almost acceptable to most people. What the girls my age think? ‘Lucky old lady’? ‘Lucky young guy’? Who knows. More importantly, ‘who cares’? I thought.

I lugged the stuff back through a heavy drifting snow to my house. Would spring ever show up? I realized that I didn’t care much now. Irene was back. I was happy. Having put her stuff in the spare room, I went to check on her. After knocking softly she bade me come in. I entered the bathroom and saw her soaking in the tub. The bubbles had dissipated and there she was fully nude to me eyes again. She turned to look at me without a hint of shame or nervousness. Her smile seemed very ‘come hither’. I went to kneel next to the tub. The arm with the cast was leaning outside the tub. Her free hand came up to stroke my face. I gazed at her nudity, which didn’t seem to faze her at all. Her beautiful breasts floated up and rose gently out of the water, capped by her exquisite nipples; they were perfect! Darkly pink which sexy areaolas and her nipples were barely standing up from the surrounding skin. Her chest was a bit bruised but none the worse for wear. Her stomach was softly rounded, but I realized not the slightest bit fat, just soft; lovely! I then realized that the hair above her pussy had been trimmed. She had shaved the upper area, leaving a slight little puff-ball at the apex of her mound; adorable!!

“Miss me?” she asked. I simply looked her in the eye and nodded. “I’m sorry I ran away.” I simply smiled and nodded. “Help me out?” she asked.

I helped her out of the tub and took the opportunity to dry her body. I dried her back and her bottom; did her shoulders and arm, the one without the cast; I dried her perfect breasts taking my time with each; I knelt and dried her legs all around and then when she put one foot on the edge of the tub, carefully dried her pussy. It was all I could do to keep from leaning in and swiping my tongue all over it. She allowed me to take my time and didn’t seem at all self-concious about showing me her most intimate areas. When she was dry I helped her into her PJs. I pulled the bottoms up and then helped her into the top. She let me clothe her completely; I think we were both enjoying it. Just before I finished buttoning the front, she took my hand and placed it on the bare skin of her breast. We gazed into each others eyes as I gently stroked, squeezed and enjoyed the feel and weight of it. I kissed her softly. I led her by the hand to my bed and tucked her into it. She slept the remainder of the day.

I woke her around dinner by climbing into bed with her. She was very groggy from having taken a pain pill about two hours before. I snuggled up behind her and reached around to hold her. She took my hand and placed it on her beautiful big breast which I caressed lovingly. She sighed and let me play with for a while. Her nipple was really erect as I passed the palm of my hand over it.

Finally she roused and we ate dinner together by candlelight. The power had since come back on, but I was beginning to enjoy the darkness. We chatted about her trip and the accident. She admitted to getting very scared about “us” and ran away to visit her sister. It was her sister that, when they finally talked about me, convinced her to take the chance with me and ‘get her ass home’. Susan had to told her that regardless of what might happen between us later, the opportunity to have such a kind, gentle and young and studly lover doesn’t come along very often. After the death of her husband she deserved a little passion in her life. Irene had agreed and rushed home to me.

We chatted about the accident and the prognosis that she would recover just fine. After eating I cleared the dishes away as she sat and watched me.

“Is your hot tub hot?” she asked. I told her that it was as a matter of fact. The glass of my tub enclosure was completely fogged up against the icy backdrop of the backyard. “How about a nice skinny dip?” The look on my face said it all. We grabbed some wine and headed to the tub.

She needed help getting out of her PJs and I was happy to assist. Once nude she turned to me and we kissed. This was the second time today that I got to see her gloriously nude. I was on my knees helping her out of her bottoms. Once nude I leaned forward and planted a nice lingering kiss on her pubic mound. My hands came up behind her and cupped her beautiful round bottom as I kissed and kissed her swollen mound. She simply looked down at me and moaned. I was dying to swipe my tongue between her legs but held off. I helped her into the tub and she sat and watched as I stripped for her.

My shoes and socks went off and then my shirt. She had told me several times that she really liked my chest; broad and strong. I had spent the day going commando in my jeans and now my cock was very nearly bursting the seams. I undid the button fly and pulled them aside. She now had a view of my hair and the root of my cock. I had taken her lead and trimmed the hair nice and close. I reached down to stroke the length of my posing cock. You could even see the outline of the head through my pants. I slowly slid them down inching more and more of my cock into view, until the last bit sprang up and out. “Sweetie,” she smiled, “your penis is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. If you were to make love to me with that beautiful cock, you would make me feel so good!” I stroked it for her viewing pleasure for a moment and then slid into the tub opposite her. Our knees intertwined immediately.

The tension was electric between us. We soaked for awhile in silence; both of us thinking about making love together. We sipped our wine and smiled at each other. Finally I mouthed the words, ‘I love you’ to her. She looked like she might cry for a second and then repeated it to me. Smiling broadly, I leaned over and kissed her lips very gently.

“Time to get out, I think.” I whispered.

I dried her again top to bottom and noticed that her pussy was very aroused; swollen and open. The pink color of her inner lips looking so inviting!!! I wrapped her in her towel and grabbing all of our clothes we headed for the guest shower for a quick rinse. The handheld made it possible to rinse her body without wetting her arm cast. It was thrilling to direct the hot water over her exquisite form following it with my hand. I washed her everywhere and she let me.

Drying her yet again, (I was becoming addicted to this), I mentioned that the guest room was all made up for her. She was silent until I stood again. “Would it be alright if we slept together?” I told her that it would be great although maybe distracting for me to simply ‘sleep’ with her, but she stopped me and told that she wanted to ‘sleep’ with me. “What I mean is, … I want us to go to bed together … and make love.” She was nervous again. “I want you to take me … fuck me.” I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply our tongue stroking over each other passionately.

I pulled back the covers and witnessed a sight that I had dreamed of for months, years. Irene was nude and climbing into my bed for the purpose of giving her exquisite body to me to make love to all night long. I was feeling faint. My cock was painful it was so erect, but soon very soon it would have the chance to experience the most wonderful sensation of fucking this beautiful woman who hadn’t had any in many, many years. We got her comfortably situated with a pillow under her cast to hold it up and I moved in close and we kissed long and deep. Our first real kiss as lovers. My hand found her nipple and began playing with it, which elicited a deep satisfied moan of pleasure.

“Baby,” she panted into me, “My nipples are so sensitive!!! Kiss it?” she practically pleaded. I leaned down and kissed it and licked it and suckled it into my mouth. It was heaven! She was really turning on hard now. I spent a long time going back and forth from one to the next and back. Her breasts were heaven to touch and hold and squeeze.

“God, Irene! You have the most exquisite shape. Your tits and so fantastic!”

I continued for a bit. Her hips were really working now so I slid one hand down and found her mound, which was thrillingly swollen! She was so swollen just under the tiny patch of soft downy hair. I caressed her thighs and tummy and sexy mound before finally slipping my fingers over her pussy. ‘Wow!’ I thought! She was soaked! Her lips were full and wide open for me. I coated her entire sex with sexy wet moisture as I stroked her clit and began stroking the hood back and forth over her clit. She came instantly crying out loudly. I was sucking one nipple as she abused the other, tugging and twisting it. Her orgasm went on for quite awhile, racking her body heavily! She was so awesome to watch. There was no apprehension in her orgasm; she was loving it and holding back her thrusting and crying out not at all! She was positively loud!

Once down from her peak she burst into loud and boisterous tears. I moved up to kiss her neck and she took firm hold of me and held me tightly as she sobbed, having expended the pent up need to come, not just alone but with someone you can love and be completely open with. I realized that this was her supreme moment of exposure. She was completely open and vulnerable to me and I loved it!

“Irene, I adore you baby.” I whispered in her ear. Her racking sobs only increased. “I love you.” I whispered. She held me tighter; she was quite strong. “I love you.” I repeated. She turned her head and thrust her tongue into my mouth kissing me with a passion I had never known.

“Me too, you” she whispered back. “Oh, I love you too!”

After kissing her some more I finally rose to my knees. She noticed my erection and gave it a wicked look of desire. Slowly her hand inched over and her fingers gently, lovingly closed around it. “Oh, darling! What an incredible cock! You feel so good. I want you in me!” I moved around to kneel between her open legs. Her knees were pulled up and her gorgeous pussy beckoned me in. “Yes!” she whispered. “Yes. I want to feel you in my pussy. I want you in my body. I want it so bad, baby!” Her eyes burned as she watched my cock approach her glistening puss. Her hand came to her breast and she began twiddling her nipple again. “Oh sweetie.” she panted, “Fuck me baby! Fuck me so deep and hard, lover!” I held still a moment thrilling to the sight of a sexy, older, nude, gorgeous woman dying for my cock. Her eyes came up to mine at last. “Do it baby! Give me your gorgeous cock!”

I scooted forward until I could stroke the head of my cock over her sexy wet lips. Even at her age, her pussy looked like that of a much younger girl. It made the head of my cock look so big. I have a nice sized cock; it’s not porno huge, but its plenty big for most girls. Against Irene’s sweet little pussy though it looked really big. Added to which I was more turned on than I’d ever been. I stroked it over her clit which made her eyes roll closed. I stroked the head down to her opening which made her hips push up towards me. “Don’t tease me lover.” She hissed to me through gritted teeth. “Put your big beautiful cock in me.”

“Irene.” I called her softly. She looked up to me, confused. “I’m going to be your lover for a very long time. I’m going to fuck you so much and go down on you, 69 with you, take you in every position I know.” She was ginning now. ” Right now though, This is the first. This is the very first time I get to slip in you. You are so wet right now.” I slid my fingers over her soaked puss and brought them to my mouth and stuck them in. It was heavenly! She was absolutely delicious and I told her so! She was beginning to tremble from the anticipation; I was too. I went back to the well a few more times, dressing my fingers with her wetness and then tasting her. “Your pussy is so delicious! You are so fucking wet! I love it!”

I went back to stroking the head of my cock between her lips and over her clit, slowly, slowly. Each trip over her clit made her eyes roll closed. Finally I nestled the thick head of my penis at the opening to her vagina and gently teased her opening. My cock glistened with her liquor. I eased the head inside which elicited a quick intake of breath from her. Her eyes flashed open and she nodded to me, a slight smile on her lips. I withdrew completely and then did it again. She bit her lower lip. Her tits were slightly trembling along with the rest of her. I began a slow rhythm of completely removing the head and then guiding it back in, only an inch each time.

“Oh, you fucking teaser! I love it, baby. You feel so nice and thick. I want it all. Give me all of it. Fuck my pussy baby!” She was teasing me mercilessly and knew it! She knew I could take much more and had to have all of it. We both did. By now my entire cock was soaking wet. I held it an inch away and gazed and how wet she had made us both. It was thrilling!!!

“You ready?” I asked unnecessarily. She gave me a look.

“No. I think we should stop now.” I blinked at her. She smiled and followed this with the most exciting ‘fuck me’ look that I’ve ever seen. “Yes. I’m ready.”

“Good” I grinned back. “This is it! I’m going for it. Get ready to take every inch of me. This is the first penetration of many, many to come.” She smiled a deep and loving smile and nodded. “Take my cock, lover!”

I lined up and stuffed it all the way in, in one deep hard thrust! She gasped loudly.

“Oh, fuck, baby!” she cried out. “Oh yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh God that feels so good! Fuck me lover! Fuck me lover!” I was now pounding in and out thrilling to the incredible tightness of her pussy. “You feel so good!” She cried out again. “I love your cock! Your beautiful, big, thick, hard, gorgeous, …. Fucking cock!” Her legs locked around me, pulling me in harder and harder. Her abusive fingers became more abusive on her poor nipple. She was crying now. Real tears were flowing heavily, but she kept her eyes on me the whole time that I fucked her sweet pussy full length and hard!!

She bit her lip and came again, crying out loudly! I leaned down closer and closer to her as I battered her wet pussy. My cock was agonizingly hard as I kept at her. Our noses touched, our eyes locked. She was sobbing hard now. I kissed her mouth and her hand came up to the back of my head holding her tight to me. I kissed and she returned it between wracking sobs. Our tongues washed over each other. I was at a fever pitch now. Her orgasm just ran on and on, thrusting her hips up towards me. In this position I could get every painfully erect inch deeply into her body. My balls were smacking her bottom so hard!

I pulled an inch away and our eyes met again. “Shoot it baby! Cum for me!” That did it, and by instinct I moved up withdrew my cock from her and began to shoot! It fucking flew! I had never cum so hard, so much, or so far before! The first big blast streamed out and arced up and onto her cheek and neck. It seemed like in slow motion as the second followed the trajectory of the first. Irene turned her face towards it and took it straight into her face and her open mouth. Her eyes closed just as it landed on her. Her tongue swept out and captured a big splash of it. The third streamed out and onto her big titties, the color contrasting with the flushed color of her nipples; gorgeous! A fourth, fifth, sixth flew out onto her tits and tummy. She was gathering the splash that landed on her cheek and brought it to her lips. The sight made me shoot even more. She was covered!

“Wow!!” she finally managed. “Holy shit, baby! You are a cum machine! You shoot like a champion!” I began to laugh in amazement at the volume and force of my ejaculation. Irene was toying with the cum on her tits. “Oh, baby! You fuck so good!” She brought a big blob of cum to her mouth as I leaned and kissed her deeply. At first she seemed shocked that I would but, that even made her hotter. Her tongue was a dancing machine in my mouth. I then moved to lick her titties and tummy clean of my amazing volume of cum. I then leaned down and took a long deep drink at her luscious pussy. “Mmmmm yeah baby eat that puss.” Her hand went to the back of my head and our eyes locked again as she watched me devour her sweetness. “Oh, yeah baby! Lick it! Mmm hmmm. Lick it sweetie!”

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