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My Lingerie, Her Lingerie

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After eight years, Paul and I were trying to keep our marriage fresh and romantic and, yes, sexual.

So on a Tuesday night in May, I prepared for Paul’s return home after work by dressing up in one of the sexy outfits he liked when we fooled around in the bedroom.

By 6PM, I was waiting for him in the family room by our driveway entrance wearing a black, lacy bustier, delicate black stockings attached to the bustier’s garters, a sheer thong panty that I wore over the garters (the easier to slip down without removing my stockings – which he loves), and my ridiculously tall black platform pumps with studded ankle straps that we bought together in Miami last year. I had put on dark eye makeup with long false eyelashes and scarlet lipgloss. I tousled my freshly shampooed hair into what I hoped would be a sexy, dark brown mane for his arrival.

At 5:57 by the DVR’s digital clock, the phone rang.

“Damn.” I whispered to myself as I ran to get it.

“Honey,” Paul said tiredly, “I got called to go to New York right away. I’m on my way to the airport as we speak.”

“Oh, dear, I had something special planned for you, too.” I said as my heart sunk.

“I’m sorry, babe, save it for leftovers, I’ll be back tomorrow night.” He said in a distracted voice.

“Well,” I purred, “It wasn’t dinner that was special…if you know what I mean.” I said seductively.

“Oh, really?” Paul’s voice seemed to perk up a bit. “What did you have planned for me?”

I bit my lip and decided to let him know what business was delaying for him. “I’m in your favorite bedroom outfit waiting here for you.” I said quietly.

“Goddamn it, really?”

“Yes, really, all for you, sweetie.”

“I’m so sorry, Robin. I hate to miss that but I’ll call you on the way back tomorrow from the airport. Can I have a raincheck?”

“I think I can save myself for you, honey.” I said brightly, not wishing to give him a case of the guilts right before a business trip.

“Give me a wake-up call at 6 tomorrow morning, OK, sexy?” he said with a bounce in his voice that made me feel warm all over.

“I’ll tell you what you missed and what you’ll have tomorrow night when you get back.” I said in a sexy voice.

“Hmmm, bye bye, lover. Can’t wait to get back.”

And then we rang off. I slumped into the deep sofa beneath the mirror I was primping in before the phone rang. I sat there feeling a little ridiculous in the sexy attire and turned on the TV to kill time before undressing all the lingerie I had so lovingly put on.

As I flicked through the cable channels to kill some time before undoing all that I had done, the doorbell rang with its muted three chime tones. “Ah-ha!” I yelped to myself. “It’s Paul playing a goof on me.” I thought. I ran to the front door and after taking one deep breath opened it wide, standing there in my lingerie, and yelled, “Surprise!”

It took a moment, a millisecond, really, to see that it wasn’t Paul outside the door. No. It was Sondra, our recently moved-in next door neighbor.

“Well! Surprised, I am.” She said with wide eyes. “I didn’t know you were expecting me.”

I saw her give me a quick once-over, head to heels. God, I could’ve melted into water right then. “Jeezus! Sondra.” I screamed in a little girl voice as I tried to cover myself up before her.

“May I come in?” Sondra asked in the slightly aggressive manner she had. At least she laughed when she asked.

“Yes.” I ran to the living room, then the kitchen, trying to find something to cover myself.

Sondra followed me and finally cornered me in the kitchen with no place left to run without being an ungracious hostess. “Sondra, you shouldn’t be here.” I finally managed to squeak out as I covered my eyes.

“Robin, relax, it’s just me.” Sondra said in a calm voice, although she kept approaching me as I cowered.

“You were supposed to be Paul.” I said from behind my hands covering my face.

“Yes, dear, I figured that out already. It’s OK.”

I peeked out from behind my fingers. Sondra was standing close to me, smiling in a strange way. She was a little older than me, maybe late thirties and very attractive in that way that wives of successful husbands often are. It’s the way I hope to look after Paul makes it big with his employer, as his last minute trip to New York indicates will happen. She continued smiling at me.

“Relax, Robin.” She said simply. “You had a suprise planned for Paul, I see.”

“Yes.” I croaked.

“Let’s get a look at you, honey.” Sondra said in an upbeat voice.

I let my hands down and stood backed against our kitchen counter.

“You are a very sexy young wife, Robin.” Sondra said, giving me the once over with her eyes again. “Is Paul on the way home?”

“No, no, he just called to say he was going to New York but I thought he was trying to fool me when I heard the doorbell ring, so I thought you were him.” I said in a torrent of words.

“So, he won’t be home tonight, then?” Sondra asked.

“No, tomorrow night.” I said dejectedly.

“Let me see you. That’s quite an ensemble you have on. Model it for me.” Sondra said in a business-like tone of voice.

“Sondra, I’m mortified.” I felt more naked than naked wearing lingerie and high heels in the bright lights against granite countertops and all the solid kitchen appliances.

“Just relax and walk around a bit. You look hot, baby.” she said casually as she leaned against our fridge. She sensed my hesitancy. “Go ahead, it’s just us girls.”

I stood up straighter and took a tentative step away from my defensive position against the countertop. The stiletto heels echoed in the kitchen as they clicked across the floor.

“C’mon, don’t be so bashful. Work it, girl.” Sondra said with a dare in her voice now.

I took a deep breath and decided it would be best to get this over with and placate her. I walked across the hard floor and turned back to her at the far end. As I prepared to pass in front of her, Sondra took my bare arm in her hand and turned me towards her. She again gave me an appraising once over, smiling as she did so.

“Smokin’ hot, Robin. You have some body, girl. I wish my ass still looked like that.” She said.

“Thanks.” I managed to croak.

Sondra took half a step to bring us close together. She looked at the top of my bustier where my bosom heaved up on the shelf of the bustier’s firm underwiring. “Great tits, too, Robin.”

Sondra leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Will you stay right here and not move if I run back home?” She asked.

“What?” I said quietly.

“Just promise me you won’t move or do anything until I come back…ten minutes, tops.” Sondra said as she gripped my right forearm.

“Huh, yeah, OK, I guess.” I said, still dazed, and wondered if this night would be the neighborhood gossip beginning tomorrow.

“Back in a flash.” Sondra said and ran off through my house and I heard the front door slam shut.

I aimlessly wandered around the kitchen, looking vacantly in the fridge, wiping a plate in the sink, and finally going back to the fridge to pour a glass of day-old white wine to settle my nerves. I sipped the chilled wine and felt its warmth trickle into my core. I continued to sip the wine, meandered around the kitchen in my lingerie and high heels, and finally climbed atop one of the high barstools we kept around the outer kitchen counter.

I was surprised that it was only another fifteen minutes beyond the promised ten minutes (tops!) that Sondra promised when I heard our front door open and close, heard the rustle of a coat being dropped on our cofffee table, and suddenly Sondra was standing in the archway opening to the kitchen.

“Sondra!” I whooshed the name from my lips as I spied her in the archway frame.

“Birds of a feather, huh?” She answered, as she struck an upraised-arms pose for me, dressed in an almost matching lingerie ensemble of bustier, garters, stockings, heels, and tiny black panty that was almost entirely hidden by the way she had crossed her thighs and legs in the salacious pose. “Not half bad for an older broad.” She said as she let go of the pose and clicked across the hard tiles towards me, carrying a small black nylon gym back she swept off the floor behind her. “Tony’s out of town, too, so I thought, why not have a party with Robin, the sexy next door neighbor.” She laughed and put the bag on the countertop.

“Sondra, you’re a trip.” I smiled as I took the last sip of the wine in my glass.

Sondra rummaged in the gym bag and pulled out a tall, smoked-glass bottle of vodka and plunked it on the counter with a dull thud. “Get a couple of glasses, doll. Let’s start drinking.” She said in a bright voice.

I let out a small laugh (I realized it was nice to have company after the deflation of Paul’s unexpected absence) and reached for two tall Collins glasses in an overhead cabinet.

“Ooh, hold that pose, sweetheart.” Sondra said as I was reaching up to grab the glasses.

I heard the click of her heels on the tiles behind me, then felt her body against mine as I stood stock still reaching upward. Sondra’s hand circled my waist and I felt her lean against me.

“Get the glasses, Robin.” She whispered close to my ear behind me.

Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was just the unexpected comic relief of the moment, but I pushed my hindquarters back against Sondra’s body as I brought down two tall tonic glasses.

“Oh, I like that, honey.” Sondra said as she pushed back against my ass.

I scooted out of the tight quarters between us. “I’ll get some ice and tonic for us.” I said, heading to the fridge.

“Just ice, doll, this is a straight vodka night.” Sondra said.

I brought back the ice-filled glasses and had hardly placed them as Sondra began pouring the clear vodka into both of them. She handed one glass to me and said, “Here’s to lingerie and traveling husbands.” We clinked the glasses and took sips.

I discretely gave Sondra the kind of once-over she had given me. Sondra had a beautiful face framed by a medium-blonde, mid-length hairstyle with bangs over her blue eyes. I noticed that her bustier was more of a corset, with strong boning and a sturdy brassiere shelf that held her larger breasts up and out in a round swell of cleavage. Her panty was a shiny PVC material, her stockings appeared to be very delicate, sheer and undoubtedly expensive. Her high heels were gleaming black patent leather pumps with exaggeratedly long and pointy tips. I felt a quick flush of excitement, standing there in my own lingerie and admiring the way Sondra looked in hers.

“You look pretty damn sexy, Sondra.” I said as I took another small sip of vodka.

“I’m glad you like, Robin. This is going to be an interesting evening.” She said as she winked at me over the top of her glass.

She stepped closer to me and gave me a small kiss. I could feel the traces of her lipgloss on my lips and the smell of her perfume. I gave her a quick kiss in return. Sondra put her glass on the counter and took me in her arms. We were staring into each other’s eyes. I could feel my knees wobble as I let the nervous excitement wash over me.

Sondra pulled me closer and kissed me again, this time longer and with more warmth. I put my glass down on the counter without looking and wrapped my arms around her back as in a slow dance hold. We met again in a more passionate kiss, letting our mouths open and tasting each other’s tongues.

“Whew.” I breathed when we broke the kiss.

Sondra was looking into my eyes again. I saw her eyes crinkle into a small smile. “You know where this is going, right?” She asked quietly.

“Yes.” I whispered my answer.

She took my hand in hers, we grabbed our glasses, and she led us back to the family room.

“Geez, I haven’t played dress-up for ages. It feels great.” Sondra said animatedly. Then she did a stroll for me across the family room to the television set and a slow turn on one stiletto-heeled foot as she re-approached me. Then she continued to walk about cat-like in her lingerie, slowly dragging her fingers across the side tables and bookshelves as she vamped around the room.

I marvelled at her confidence. Sondra had a magnificent ass, just this side of being too hefty, the twin globes of her derriere rolled when she walked, with the back of the tiny vinyl panty riding high in the cleft of her buttocks. Her billowing breasts were soft white mounds above her corset, floating like clouds. Now she was standing a few feet in front of me. My eyes were drawn to the triangular patch of panty stretched tightly into her crotch between her luscious upper thighs. I pressed my own thighs together while I stood in an almost defensive posture as I began to feel a sexual excitement course through me.

“I see where you’re looking.” She said with a trace of humor in her voice. “You like Momma, baby?” She asked seductively.

I reached a hand out to touch her stocking top where the garter was snapped. “Yes, I like.” I said looking up at her.

Sondra cupped my chin in her hand as I looked at her. “Let’s not rush things, Robin. We have all night.” She said and walked back to the side table and picked up her drink, drained it with the sound of clinking ice cubes, and said, “Let’s have another.”

We walked back to the bright lights of the kitchen where I got more ice for us and she poured two more straight vodkas. My earlier embarrassment was replaced with my new-found sexual excitement as I admired Sondra’s body and the sensuality of my own lingerie weakening my inhibitions.

“Do you dress like this for Paul often?” She asked.

“Oh, every once in a while. He likes it.” I answered.

“And you like it too.” She said, not asking, but telling me.

“Yes, I do.”

“And what do you do together? Straight sex? A little spanking? Anything kinky?”

“Nothing too kinky…you know, the usual stuff.” I answered slowly, reverting to my shyness.

“Ever been with another woman?” Sondra asked.

“No, we don’t swing, if that’s what you mean.” I said quickly.

Sondra approached me again. “No, baby, I mean you, yourself. Have you ever been with another woman?”

I felt my face flush and Sondra chuckled softly. “I, yes, a couple times in college.” I admitted.

Sondra leaned against the countertop and sipped her drink. She sighed and put her head back. “Oh, honey, I was such a pussy hound in college.” She said expansively and laughed. “I just love pussy. And I haven’t thought about it for so long until I saw you tonight.”

There was something in the way Sondra said that while she looked at me that made me feel warm and wonderful. I took another sip of my vodka and took the half-step between us. I put my free hand on her panty, feeling bolder. “I like pussy, too, Sondra.” I said and we kissed again.

Sondra pushed her hand between my thighs and I felt my beginning dampness seep onto my panty and her fingers. “That’s wet, honey.” She said as we kissed again. She brought her hand up to my mouth and ran the fingers across my lips.

“Do you like that, Robin?” She asked, appraising me.

“Yes.” I said softly.

When we parted, Sondra said, “I had my tits done a few years ago in New York. Tony’s 10th Anniversary present to me…and him.” She laughed.

“You have wonderful breasts, Sondra.” I said, envying her massive knockers propped on her corset’s half-cup brassiere. “Really, you’re wonderful all over, Sondra.” I finished.

Sondra laughed. “I like the way you’re thinking. You should get your tits done, too, Robin. There won’t be a soft cock in the neighborhood.” She said.

“We’d be in competition then, Sondra. Two busty broads living next door…in our lingerie when the husbands are gone.” I said feeling more confident.

Sondra remained standing apart from me, took another long sip of her vodka, put it down, and said, “I’m going to come over there and kiss you, then we’re going to go upstairs.”

I smiled and said as coquettishly as I could muster, “Come right over, if that’s what you want.”

Sondra made a fast step towards me and I intercepted her and we embraced powerfully and with our mouths on each other before we stopped moving. This time our hands moved quickly over each other’s bodies. Sondra didn’t push my hand away when I put it over her tiny panty and pushed gently between her thighs. Sondra had a tight grip on my ass as we kissed sloppily under the bright lights of the kitchen. Sondra necked me and I took the opportunity to cup her magnificent breasts barely contained by the tight corset brassiere. I could feel myself melting under her liplock on my neck and the softness of her bosom in my hands.

“Fuck! I want you, baby.” Sondra whooshed as she came unglued from my neck.

“Yeah, let’s go.” I said as I grabbed her hand and we jogged back to the living room and up the stairs.

“Which way?” Sondra shouted anxiously at the second floor landing.

“To the right.” I cried excitedly in response.

Sondra broke away from me and found our Master bedroom and launched herself onto the king size bed, still immaculately covered in a deep red quilt. “Get your ass on here and let’s fuck.” She shouted as she adopted a lounging position diagonally across the bed.

Inspired by her energy, I threw myself on top of her and we began groping, kissing, and rolling around atop the large soft quilt.

Sondra began rolling my panties down over my ass and thighs and shot a hand between my legs to touch my soaking pussy. “Oh, I want to eat that right now.” She said and began maneuvering her body to get her head lower where my exposed pussy lay open. I scooched off the panties the rest of the way down my legs and kicked them to the floor. Sondra went down on me without hesitation.

I was amazed at how voraciously she went to town on my pussy. I can honestly say that no one has ever eaten my pussy like that: not Paul, not any boyfriend, not the other college girls I had experimented with. Sondra had a full-on pussy-eating mouth and tongue and she found my clit right away with hard tonguing action that sent me squirming and moaning. She raised my thighs up with a surprisingly powerful lift and pushed her face into the wide opening it left for her.

“Fuck, yes.” She said when she came up for air momentarily before diving back down to get me tossing around and gripping the pillows behind me.

I heard my own voice as if a stranger’s saying, “Eat me, Sondra. Eat me, Mama.”

Sondra began maneuvering me with her hands under my thighs and said, “Let’s get that ass in the air, honey.”

I rolled over and got on my knees with my ass high up and my legs spread wide right in front of Sondra’s face. She buried her head into the cleft of my lower torso where pussy and ass converged. She pushed her tongue deep into me and licked me with hot urgency. I pushed myself backwards into her face and shook my head from side to side, moaning as she got me close to orgasm.

Then Sondra adjusted her attention upwards by just an inch and licked my open asshole.

“Oh, jeezus, Sondra!” I screamed as I felt her tongue on that secret place.

“You like that, baby?” She asked between fervent licks across my small opening.

“Yes, I like that, Sondra.” I said – maybe too loudly for this intimate session – as I opened up my ass for her mouth.

Sondra took that as a cue to begin tonguing my ass with a passion that perhaps surpassed her pussy eating. When I felt her hands pull my asscheeks apart and then her wet tongue worming into my asshole, I began groaning with a feeling I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” was all I could whimper as she ate my ass, pulling me into her and with me backing my hindquarters into her face. I could feel her jawbones pressed tigtly between my asscheeks as she continued to lick my asshole.

“I want you, Sondra.” I managed to wheeze the words as she finished rimming me.

“Good, girl. Come and get me!” She squealed, as she came off me and rolled next to me on the bed. She was lying on her stomach and arched her haunches up invitingly, daring me to eat her ass as she had mine.

When I saw the soft globes of her ass framed in the garters and divided neatly by the vinyl panty, I whistled and made a quick move to remove the panty and expose her target for my attentions. Her tiny round opening was deep in the center of her meaty behind and I pushed my face into it to get my first taste of Sondra’s ass. I was able to tongue her easily as she opened up for me. The sensation of having my face enveloped by her asscheeks as I tongued her was warm and, yes, comforting. I had the twin sensations of licking her soft pink anal opening with the slight musk of her scent in my nostrils. I licked her ass like it was an ice cream cone and gently pushed my tongue into her as she had for me.

“Nice, baby.” She whispered throatily as I tongued her deep.

I moved down to taste her pussy for the first time. Sondra had thick vaginal lips and they were moist and easily parted by my tongue. Instictively, I found her clitoris and aimed my attention at it, licking and sucking the small bullet at the top of her opening.

“Fuck, yes!” Sondra screamed as I got a firm position on that tiny spot.

I was proud of my ability to get Sondra squirming on the bed as I ate her pussy for what seemed a long time but was perhaps only a few minutes. I let my hands glide over her soft nylon stockings which felt so sexy it spurred me to greater effort to please her.

“I don’t want this to end.” She said in a soft voice, which told me that I was doing a good job, having not forgotten how to pleasure a woman after so many years. I buried my face into her vagina and licked, tongued, chewed and sucked on her.

“Eat that pussy.” Sondra said between clenched teeth as I continued my wet assault on her cunt.

Sondra rolled over and spread her legs for me. I was more than willing to continue eating her luscious cunt and I reached my arms up the length of her body to heighten my sensation by feeling her breasts in my hands. I found those massive breasts, now easily spilled-out of the small cups of her corset after our tussling earlier. They were glorious to hold and knead as I kept pushing my face into her damp pussy.

“Oh, baby, you want Mama bad, don’t you?” Sondra said with a clear voice.

I pulled away from her crotch long enough to answer,”I want you real bad, Mama.”

Sondra reached down and lifted my head from her crotch. I was staring up the length of her body. Her face was barely visible over the incredible girth of her breasts from this vantage point.

“Tell Mama how bad you want me.” She said looking at me right in the eyes as she had done earlier, a dare glinting in her orbs.

My face was moist with her pussy juices and I realized that I was grinding my thighs together like a teenage masturbator as I returned Sondra’s gaze. “Real fucking bad, Mama.” I answered in as sultry a tone as I could muster.

“Then I will give it to you real fucking bad, baby.” Sondra said, and in a quick move lifted herself from the bed and before I could stop grinding my hips, she disappeared out to the hallway and I heard the soft clunks of her high heels going downstairs. She was back quickly and standing in the doorway holding a long, shiny black, flexible double-ended dildo in her hand that quivered even as she assumed a pose for me. “This is for you, Robin.” She said matter-of-factly.

“Hmmm, I like the look of that, Sondra.” I replied with a broad smile.

“But this is all for you, baby.” She said as she reapproached the bed, letting the long length of black rubber swing wildly in her hand. “Get on your back!” She said brusquely.

I turned over quickly and moved to the top of the bed, resting my head on our pillows.

Sondra climbed on the bed on her knees. “Put your legs up.” She said quietly.

I raised my legs to a 90 degree angle.

“Pull them back for me, sweetie.” Sondra said in a no nonsense tone.

I did as told and grabbed my ankles, bringing my legs back over my torso.

Sondra immediately began feeding the dildo into my pussy.

“Oh, that’s big.” I breathed as she inserted it deeper into me. It felt so good to have something in my cunt after all this foreplay.

Sondra put her free hand under my haunches and tilted me back even further. Then she took the free end of the dildo and began pushing it against my asshole.

“No, Sondra, don’t.” I said in an urgent voice.

“Relax, honey, take it in.” She said with a calm tone.

I could feel the cool air on my still-moist asshole and the slick dildo head pushing into me. I screamed a silent “Oh!” as Sondra pushed it past my reflexive point. “Yowww, fu-u-u-u-ck!” I screamed as the rubber intruder slid into my asshole. Sondra pushed it in a little deeper and knelt over me.

“Now you’re double fucked, honeypie.” She said, looking into my wide eyes between my upraised legs.

I wanted to say something but all that came out was a whimper as I experienced the sensation of the huge, thick dildo in both my cunt and asshole.

Sondra maneuvered herself over my head and turned herself back-to-front so I was once again staring into her pussy and asscheeks. “Now eat me again like you mean it.” She said as she lowered her pussy onto my face.

I once again began licking Sondra’s moist pussy and as I did so, she pushed the dildo even deeper into my two openings. The incredible feeling of being double penetrated with the dildo made my pussy-eating even more urgent and intense. Sondra began moaning and the more she moaned from my oral attention to her, the more she played with the dildo: first toying with the end that was in my ass and then playing with the end that was deep in my cunt. Soon we were both moaning in our separate pre-orgasmic sensations.

“Fuck me, Sondra. Fucking fuck me.” I cried from under her crotch.

“Don’t come yet, Robin, I’m close…but not yet.” Sondra whispered.

I took that as a cue to assault her clitoris again and I nibbled at that gleaming, tiny knob. Sondra began to quake above me and as she did, she pushed down on the dildo with both hands where it was bent between my ass and cunt.

“Oh, fucking yes, do that to me, Mama.” I screamed before tonguing her clit again.

Suddenly, Sondra seemed to turn to pudding above me as she quivered and screamed a long, high-pitched wail as she began to come while continuing to toy with the dildo buried in me.

The sound of her animal release pushed me over the glorious cliff of orgasm and I thrashed violently as the pleasure waves washed over me. “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck…” I repeated silently in my head as I kept a firm lip lock on my lover’s clitoris.

Sondra collapsed and fell sideways next to me, one thigh laying across my torso. “Holy motherfuck, you can eat pussy, girl.” She said as she lay limply next to and still partly on top of me.

I relaxed with the satisfaction of orgasm still ringing in my head. The dildo remained buried in me. I didn’t want to remove it. It seemed a part of me now.

Sondra straightened herself to lay next to me and I turned on my side in a fetal position and sucked on her left breast like a newborn child. “Babydoll.” Sondra whispered as I sucked her nipple.

We lay like that for quite awhile. Eventually, we spoke in normal, albeit tired, tones of everyday things, still in our lingerie and heels on the bed, head on pillows, looking ceilingward. The clock on the bedside table read 9:05. The whole incredible journey had taken only a few hours. Finally, Sondra raised herself and said, “Let’s have another drink. The night is still young.”

I quickly climbed off the bed to follow her downstairs. From now on, I would follow Sondra wherever she led me.

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