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My Lady Grotesque

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She did not clean herself after I had spunked over her over ripe, fleshy tits and her make up pasted face. She simply sat there, still in the position she had been in as I had fucked her, and with the cum that I had showered over her beginning to run down her chin to her neck and from her tits towards the gentle rolls of her stomach. In remaining like this, she was silently offering me an invitation to admire her and I was keen to accept it.

She reached for her cigarettes, took one from the pack and placed it between her lips, lit it and dragged hard. She took the cigarette from her mouth and exhaled, and with her other hand began to smear the thick spunk over her tits, and at the same time she rolled out her tongue to lick up what she could reach of the sperm that was running down to her chin.

I was sitting in the chair opposite her, where I had been before we had begun, and my cock had risen again and far more quickly than it ordinarily would, so soon after such vigorous sex; but this was not an everyday kind of experience.

She looked over, her keen eyes focused on my cock, and she smiled. Her cigarette almost finished, she took another from her pack and lit it from the burning stub of the first and pulled on it with all the loving intent with which she had sucked my cock half an hour or so before.

She had finished rubbing the cum into her tits, and with such fastidiousness that you might have thought that it had some restorative quality, except that she desired no such false hope of rejuvenation. She was like some courtesan of yesteryear refusing to leave the field of her conquests; a once high class whore, past her sell by date, but not quite yet going cheap in the sales. She loved what she was: I could see it as I admired her. I loved it too, and I don’t need to ask my cock what it loves either.

Her hand reached down and her fingertips ran over the lips of her pussy and with her first and third fingers she peeled open her lips and slid her middle finger into her hole and began slowly to masturbate herself. Then finishing her cigarette, she said

‘I would love to have you fuck me again, but my husband will be home in an hour or so, and I don’t want to insult him quite that much.’

I sat for a few more seconds admiring her and thought to myself that she was my greatest adventure so far.

‘You will come and see me again,’ she said.

‘I will.’

‘My husband will be away for the weekend. Come on Sunday afternoon at three. We will have all of the rest of the day, and the night too.’

I went to the bathroom, with the intention of washing, but decided not to. I wanted to have her remain on me. I returned to the living room and still she had not moved. I dressed and walked over and kissed her goodbye.

‘I want you to take this image of me with you,’ she said, as I was making for the door.

I decided to walk and I was home within an hour. I ran a bath and stripped off. Her image had stayed with me and before bathing I lit a cigarette and my mind became filled completely with that picture of her. My cock stood up and I wanked myself off. I came, and cum again shot from my cock, though less than with her; and it fell onto my stomach and chest, but it was unable even to suggest the sordid delight I had felt as I had watched as my cum splashed her face and tits, and then stared as she had smoked and rubbed the cock cream into her tits.

As I lay in the bath I thought of her and of all of my other adventures. They were mostly with older women. Younger women were girlfriends. Erotic adventures are a stepping out from the everyday and I have stepped in many directions, but I mostly towards older ladies when I can; or they have stepped towards me. And there is always the advantage of this particular delectation that a woman who knows she is beginning to leave behind her prime is often highly susceptible to the allure of the attentions of a man ten or fifteen years younger than herself. It reminds her more than anything else could that she remains a desirable woman, when she has come, at moments, to doubt it.

This lady, though, was twice my age and my oldest fuck, I thought to myself, and she has been my best, and I have only yet been given a brief taste of her.

But I was going to be given more.

Suddenly I thought to myself that I did not know her name! She had not told me and I had not asked. And she did not know mine. I began to think and I searched my mind for a name that would suit her and our afternoon, and even one that would suit my own tastes. It came to me and I decided that she was ‘My Lady Grotesque.’ It was right, for it captured everything; about her and about me and about what we had been together for an afternoon, and would be for more.

Once out of the bath, I took my dictionary from the bookshelf.

‘Grotesque: strangely or fantastically distorted; bizarre; bizarrely attractive; incongruous.’ Yes, it was perfect.

On Sunday at three I rang her doorbell. She answered and smiled and invited me in and I followed her through to the living room. I sat and she offered me wine. I chose red and she went to the cabinet to pour each of us a glass.

‘I always prefer red,’ she said.

Her peroxide blonde hair was scraped back and tied, though a little less tightly than at our first meeting. Her make up had been applied again as Van Gogh applied paint to his canvases, and an image of having her kneel down while I stood before her, making smears and prints in it with my cock came into my mind as she poured the wine.

She looked at me and asked

‘Did you think of me and have a nice wank when you got home last time?’

‘Yes,’ I said.

‘Good. I’m worth it,’ was her reply, and it was true.

I studied every detail of her clothes and those parts of her flesh that were exposed. She wore a black and very tight boobtube, out of which her tits seemed to be at every moment about to fall; black leggings that reached down to a place on each leg a little above her ankle, and hugged every inch of her thighs, and her legs and her arse. Her ears, neck, wrists, fingers and left ankle were adorned again with the same gaudy and expensive jewellery, and I could see from the poking of her nipples against her top and the mound at her crotch that she wore no underwear. But it was her anklet that caught my attention. It was gold and had little red hearts dangling from it, all the way round. She noticed my eye lingering on it and said

‘You like my anklet,’ and as she said it, a look in her eyes suggested to me that an idea had formed in her mind.

I was sitting in the same chair in which I had sat last time, and she sat on the leopard skin covered sofa. We drank wine and it was a good bottle, and we chatted. I wanted to know more about her, but not too much; not yet at least, and I did not want to ask her. I wanted to see what she would volunteer and I knew that she would know exactly the right amount to tell me for now. I was curious about her husband.

‘I expect I’m not your first ripe old lady,’ she said.

‘No, but you are the oldest.’

‘And the ripest?’


‘Good. There are men I have met and spent time with who just do it for the easy sex, and that’s fine. At my age I take what I can get, but what I like most is meeting a young man like you, who is with me because he desires mature women. I only invite the ones like you back for a second time. Guys like you are worth getting to know; as long as you fuck well. The others are just one time encounters. Do you have a girlfriend?’

‘Yes,’ I said.

‘And she is your age?’

‘Yes. Two years younger in fact.’

‘And attractive?’


And you have nice sex together?’


‘Why would a man of your age who has an attractive young woman for his girlfriend, and with whom you have nice sex, want to spend time with a woman like me? That is the question that many people would ask. You and I know the answer, and it has been the great discovery of my advanced years that there are some young men who desire above all else a woman like me. I don’t try to understand why; it is enough for me that they do. I love sex and I love having sex with young men.’

She had raised her eyebrows momentarily when she said ‘nice sex.’

‘I have always liked older women,’ I said.

‘Don’t tell me too much about yourself yet, and don’t tell me about your girlfriend. I don’t want to know anything about the young woman we are betraying, and I will only tell you a little of my husband; as we are betraying him too, though it is different with him, as I will explain later.’ She paused and then said ‘but, if we were not together now, we would be betraying ourselves.’

It was just as I saw it. It makes me a deceiver and a cheat, but my conscience is never troubled by my infidelities. When I step out, I step beyond the usual accountability; so does she and we both make ourselves accountable to Eros only.

‘My husband knows what I do, but he does not want to have it waved under his nose. He is older than me and is no longer interested in sex. When we were younger we were swingers and he enjoyed watching me with other men. Now he does not, but he is generous enough to allow me to indulge myself, and I repay his generosity by not insulting him by leaving evidence of my entertainments, which he might find. And as you can see,’ she added ‘he is generous in many ways.’ She looked around the trashy, though expensively decorated room as she said it.

‘Yes,’ I said.

‘Would you like more wine?’ she asked.

I said that I would and she went to the cabinet again and poured us another glass each and returned to the sofa. Putting her own glass down on the small table that was beside her leg and in front of the sofa, and still holding my glass of wine in her hand, she said

‘Come and sit next to me.’

I stood and went to the sofa and sat down.

‘How often do you do this?’

‘As often as I can,’ she replied, ‘but I will tell you about that another time.’

As she said it, she reached across to my crotch, unzipped my trousers, slid her fingers into my open fly, fished for my cock and pulled it out. It was already hard.

‘I have been looking forward to seeing him again,’ she said and gazed for a moment at my tool.

Her fingers gently stroked my helmet and I looked into her eyes, and she looked back into mine. She sipped her wine and then put it down and took a cigarette and gestured to me to light it for her. I took my lighter from my pocket and lit her cigarette.

‘Thank you,’ she said with a grin, ‘you are a gentleman. And I am a dirty and very demanding old slut.’

She pulled on her cigarette and I felt a dark thrill pass through me as I heard her call herself a ‘dirty and demanding old slut.’

She stopped caressing my cock and took up her glass of wine and brought it to within a half inch of the erect knob. She put her cigarette into her mouth and holding it between her lips, dipped two fingers and her thumb into the wine and then wiped the wine around my helmet. She repeated this little ritual three times, gently rubbing more wine over the purple bulb and down my shaft. Then she took a gulp and put the glass down, swallowed the wine, pulled on her cigarette, and as she exhaled the blue, grey smoke, her head descended towards my cock and a cloud of smoke hung and slowly began to billow around him, and I felt her lips slipping over my helmet and down my shaft. She took four inches of my cock into her warm, wet wine drenched and smoky mouth and pulled in her cheeks and sucked, and her tongue ran slowly up and down its underside.

She came up and released my cock from her mouth and pulled on her cigarette again and this time took him back into her mouth, though without allowing him to touch her at all and breathed out. I watched as her smoke drifted slowly from her mouth and tumbled about my cock and balls and then slowly began to rise. She withdrew again and sighed

‘Good wine, cigarettes and cock; life’s pleasures.’

Then her mouth encircled my cock and she began to suck me off. She was still dressed, but she lifted her leg so that her black covered crotch was exposed. By lifting myself forward a little I could see the outline of her cunt. A patch of her juice was forming there, making the black crotch of her tight leggings blacker, and it was as though her cunt was trying to burn its way through the material. My hand reached towards it and it was sweet torture that it could not quite reach. She stopped sucking my cock for a moment to say

‘Don’t worry, darling. I will give you all of it soon.’

Then my cock was in her old mouth again and enjoying all of the cock sucking expertise that her lips and tongue and even her teeth had acquired in her sixty two years. She sucked as much of my length into her mouth as she could take and I felt her tongue rolling around my shaft. Then her head moved slowly upwards and then down again, faster and faster and I thought that she was going to take me all the way, as she had the first time, the other day, but she stopped. She planted a kiss on the very tip and flicked her tongue over the pee hole.

She sat up and looked at me and asked

‘Do you enjoy porn?’

‘Of course,’ I replied.

She stood up and went over to the television and from the drawer of the cabinet on which the television stood, she took a cd. She switched on the television and put the cd into its slot and picking up the remote control, came back to me. She sat down and pressed the requisite buttons and the screen flickered into life. I should have guessed it. There she was on the screen.

She was wearing a see-through red mesh bra and red stockings and suspenders and no panties and her usual thick, thick layers of make up, and she looked about five or so years younger than she is now.

‘I made this with my husband,’ she said. ‘He was filming.’

She was sitting in a chair and she had a large black cock in each hand.

She grinned at me and said

‘Wait until you see what I had those two do to me.’

I watched as she began to rub the heads of those two great cocks together, just before her mouth, while her tongue darted over them. Then she took one of them into her mouth and smoothly wanked the other.

I felt her lips around my cock as she began sucking me off again, and between mouthfuls she asked

‘Have you ever watched a porno before whilst being sucked off by the star?’

I hadn’t, and somehow now I managed not to shoot into her mouth immediately. It was hard not to, but she seemed to know instinctively when to slow down a little to stop me from shooting. And she seemed to know in the same way what stage the action on screen had reached. She went on sucking and I went on watching; her and then the screen and then her, and I wanted to direct one eye towards the screen and one down to her face, so that I could enjoy both. She was alternating between those two big black cocks, sucking one and then the other into her lascivious old mouth, and all the time she was working my cock in and out between her thick crimson lips and licking it all over with the little snake of her tongue.

The two cocks on screen were getting ready to shoot their loads and she held them both in front of her face and pulled them with fast strokes, like she was rowing her way to victory in a boat race. The one to her left erupted first and its cum shot over her face and into her open mouth. She had not looked at the screen, but she seemed to know that she had just received her first dousing and she sucked my cock deep into her mouth and raised her head only halfway up the shaft this time and plunged down again. Her head bobbed up and down, faster and faster and I began to buck towards her to meet her sucking mouth. I closed my eyes as I felt the spunk race up the inside of my cock and spurt into her mouth. With the last twitch and pump I opened my eyes to see cum from the second black cock pasting her full, eager lips.

The film played on and I sat back and rested myself. She sat up and I saw my spunk smeared around her lips, and coating her teeth and tongue. She poked out her tongue and let a glob of spunk fall slowly onto her cleavage and dribble down onto her boobtube.

‘I’ve made myself dirty,’ she said. ‘I will have to take it off now.’

It was not her top that she took off first. She stood with her back to me and leaned forward a little and began to peel her leggings slowly over her curvy great Rubenesque arse. Little by little, more and more of her luscious arse cheeks appeared. When the leggings were clear of her cheeks she leaned forward a little further, until the lips of her pussy peeped at me from between her legs. I leaned forward and my tongue met her and tasted the sweet saltiness of her juicy labia.

She was sopping wet and I heard her sigh and a moment later I felt the sharpness of her fingernails on my tongue. She was fingering her pussy as I licked her. Licking her pussy this way, my nose was touching her sphincter and I could smell the musky odour of her arsehole. It was more than I could resist, and as she fingered herself more urgently, I moved up and touched her ring with the tip of my tongue. It tasted different from a young woman’s arse. It was acrid and bitter to the taste, as though it was nearer to something dark and real. But it was also delicious, because it was hers.

I am a great lover of anal pleasures and I have fingered and licked and penetrated a great many ladies’ arses, but I had not known one that smelt and tasted so deliciously of the sweat and oil and shit of years. I licked it more fiercely and the bud of her sphincter slowly opened and my tongue wormed its way into Lady Grotesque’s arsehole. She moaned louder and her hands came round and took an arse cheek each and pulled them apart. She was giving me everything now and as her tight little ring stood up and poked rudely outwards, my tongue probed deeper.

‘Yes,’ she gasped, between moans. My hand reached between her legs and my fingers slipped all over her slippery pussy. I pushed a finger in and then another, and finger fucked her. I could feel that she was going to come, and I pushed my tongue as far into her bumhole as it would go, and worked my fingers faster, in and out of her thirsty cunt. She cried out and a stream of obscenities accompanied her cries. The filthy words suited the moment and her, perfectly.

She relaxed after the tensing up of orgasm and half sat and half fell onto the sofa beside me. I leaned over and kissed her and she sucked my tongue into her mouth and when she was done with that, she said

‘I can taste my arse on your tongue. It tastes divine.’

‘It’s time to get you fully undressed,’ I told her, as I began to pull her boobtube down over her pendulous tits. The nipple of the right tit was in my mouth the moment her tits tumbled over the top of her boobtube. I sucked her erect nipple lovingly and felt her fingers around my cock and her nails grazing my shaft as she ran them over it.

‘Suck momma’s titties,’ she said, ‘and play with her pussy.’

I stretched my arm down and my fingers came to rest on her waiting wet cunt. I sucked her nipples and played with her pussy as she wanked my foreskin up and down until she said

‘Come on baby, fuck your old lady now, stick your cock up her and fuck her.’

I got up and stood between her open legs and she lay back into the sofa. She spread her pussy lips wide open and I rubbed my helmet over them.

‘Come on baby, give me that lovely young cock. Come on, fuck your old lady’s juicy old cunt and make it young again.’

With those words for the overture to the soundtrack of our fucking, I fed my cock into her tight cunt; yes, she was so, so tight, despite the countless numbers of fingers and fists and tongues and cocks that had been up there, and I imagined them all as my cock glided towards her depths.

When my cock was all the way up her, I stopped and felt her pussy gently sucking on him. I looked down at her and was awed by her in all her voluptuousness. My eyes feasted on the large, soft, round udders of her tits and the gentle rolls of her torso and the small bulge of her stomach, and then roved down to her shaved and shiny mound and the beginning of her slit. My eyes rested for a while on her make up caked face, with the thick foundation and the rouge and the deep blue eye shadow around her dark brown eyes and her shocking crimson red lipstick that had been smudged by her cock sucking; and her great gold dangling earrings that hung as if in celebration of her hanging tits. I looked at her hands, with their tiny masses of lines and prominent veins and the rings on all of her fingers and the bracelets around her wrists; and her claw-like fingernails painted in the same colour as her lips, that were now vulgarly pursed as she thrilled to the sensation of my cock embedded in her cunt.

I pulled my cock slowly out of her and felt the soft friction of her pussy walls caressing him, and stopped where the helmet was held by her lips.

‘I want it hard and deep,’ she told me and I began to thrust in and out of her and her commentary began. She described every detail of what my cock was doing to her and how it felt and the filthy language that she used excited us even more. Each time my cock reached deep into her cunt she found some new profanity to scream out, and she told me how much her antique cunt loved my lovely young cock.

I fucked her for ten minutes this way and she fucked me back, and she gasped and cried as her climax drew near, and finally her juices ran down my cock and over my balls as she screamed out and came. I was going to come too, and I pulled out just as the spunk came spurting and oozing from my cock head and shot and dribbled over the glistening lips of her hungry cunt. Her hand shot down immediately she felt the warm cream pouring over her raw and strawberry red lips and rubbed it into them.

Never sated of her lust for young cock she turned and moved towards me, her mouth making for my cunt juice coated cock and took him between her lips and sucked herself off of him. Her sucking made him hard again and when she knew I was ready she stopped sucking and turned her back to me and leant forward and opened her arse cheeks and offered me entrance to her by her secret passage.

‘Not everyone gets this,’ she said.

This was the moment and I held my cock with the helmet boring against her sphincter and pushed slowly. The arse licking that I had treated her to earlier, and the slimy film of her cunt juice and spit that coated my cock were lubricant enough and my cock slid steadily up into her rectum.

She almost roared her ‘yyyyyeeeeesssssss’ as my cock slid up into her arsehole. I was all the way her in now and I felt the tight knot of her sphincter gripping the base of my cock, and the caress of the soft, warm velvet skin of her rectal canal, as it hugged my helmet and shaft. I slid in and out of her, nice and steady and slow, but not too hard. When a lady has surrendered to you her arse, it must be enjoyed delicately. I looked down to see her tight ring pucker in and out as my cock shafted Lady Grotesque’s arsehole.

I wanted to have her lay on her back, so that I could see her face as I had her arse, so I pulled out and asked her to turn over. She smiled and said

‘Get one of my dildoes from the draw over there. I went to the cabinet she had pointed to. I opened the drawer and there were several of those plastic and wooden and glass cocks there.

‘The big, black one,’ she said.

The word ‘black’ made me remember her porn film. I looked at the screen and saw that now Lady was squatting over her big, black bumfucker, who was sitting in a chair and with his cock up her arse to the hilt, while his accomplice attacked her cunt from the front.

‘As you don’t have two cocks, I will take care of my pussy with my dildo, while you look after my arse,’ she said.

She laid back and I ran my hands under her heavy thighs and lifted her. At the same time, she opened her legs and pulled them up towards her torso. Her arsehole was fully dilated now and formed within the circle of her sphincter, a dark hole of three quarters of an inch or so in diameter, in the depths of which, I thought, great mysteries are solved.

The secret passage revealed and open, my cock was home in a second and as its tip reached the darker depths, I watched her peel open her pussy lips and position the dildo, before pushing it into herself.

I watched those two big, black cocks fucking her cunt and arse, and the dildo with which she fucked herself in her cunt, and my cock go in and out of her rectum, and I saw how she was, in her joy, beyond herself; she was 62 and 17, thousands of years old, and still waiting to be born.

‘Your arsehole is heaven,’ I told her.

‘No,’ she said, ‘it’s hell. Pure dark, delicious hell.’

‘Oh yes,’ I cried, ‘your arse is perfection. I’m fucking your arse.’

‘Fuck it well,’ she ordered.

Finally after minutes of this brutal and delicate fucking, those black cocks emptied themselves into her and she came, and her geriatric cunt juices ran down her dildo and onto her hand and around her pussy, and I thrust in as deep as I could go and then squirted my cum into her darkness.

With this incongruously and bizarrely beautiful old woman, whose erotic power lay in the very strangeness of her beauty, I had been taken somewhere I had never been before, and I wanted her to take me there again. But now, it is time to rest. We fell on each other exhausted and I embraced her. She was perfection. She put her head on my chest and I stroked her peroxide hair, looking for the grey roots below. My limp and cum slimy cock lay across the folds of her stomach with its head nestling in the little vale that leads down to her navel.

We lay thus entwined around each other for a while until she told me to lie back on the sofa. She sat at the opposite end and reached over me with her leg and began brushing her feet and toes, with their crimson red nails, over my cock. She continued this delightful footwork for a minute or more until, excelling himself and defying my expectation, my cock managed to harden again. Then she held her foot over him and let her anklet dangle over and swing and knock against the helmet. Then with great skill, she caused one of the little red hearts that hung decoratively from her anklet to come to rest, wedged slightly in my pee hole. The big toe of her other foot she ran gently up and down my shaft.

She looked at me to ensure that I was admiring her little stunt. My cock was twitching and she said

‘I told you, you like my anklet.’

She bent her leg towards herself and reached down, and unhooked her anklet and taking it between her fingers, sat up and leaned towards me. She held it over my cock and lowered her hand a little, allowing the tiny chain and its dangling hearts gently scrape over my helmet and brush down my shaft. It was perhaps more the idea than the thing itself, but it was an exquisite sensation.

Next she took the anklet between thumb and forefinger of each hand and wrapped it once around my cock. She stared at me with a cruel look in her eyes and as she pulled the little chain tight, she purred

‘Every woman is a sadist in her heart.’

The chain dug into the flesh of my shaft and the points at the bottoms of the little hearts pricked my cock. I was in ecstasy and one of those little hearts pierced the skin and I yelped in pain and pleasure. Lady Grotesque released the chain and it fell and hung around the base of my shaft. She leaned forward and licked away the little drop of blood that had oozed from the prick her little heart had made.

‘Now you are mine,’ she said.

We lay back and each of us fell silently into thought. As we drifted into sleep, I said to her

‘I don’t even know your name.’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I can tell you my name now. Call me Divina.’

Lazily, her foot gently stroked my cock. She will soon have him ready for her again.

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