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My First Time Bi

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He lay naked beside me on the bed. His chest, broad and muscular, heaved as he caught his breath after a rigorous marathon sexcapade with my wife, Cindy and I. Cindy was in the bathroom cleaning up and I was alone and still very horny on the bed with another man. I had never touched a man sexually but as I laid beside him my eyes were drawn to his flaccid cock. He was on the larger side of average with a thick shaft and a bulbous circumcised head.

He was a shower not a grower and he looked to be about five inches long in his flaccid state. When erect he had been at least an inch and a half longer and much thicker. 

“You can touch it,” he said when he saw me staring at his dick. I felt my cheeks flush with embarrassment at being caught looking but I didn’t look away. His cock was still slightly wet with their combined juices and I wondered what it would feel like in my hand. The scent of sex continued to linger on my flesh and in the room which added fuel to my excited state. “Go on, you know you want to.” His tone was playful yet soothing and he was right. I did want to. 

I had watched him fuck my wife as she sucked my dick less than an hour earlier but there had been to man to man contact during our threesome. I hadn’t even considered it then and I had no idea why I was thinking about it, but I was. 

I looked at his face and he smiled knowingly. He was a good looking guy with sharp chiseled features, a strong jaw and slate blue eyes. I could see why my wife had chosen him for our first threesome with another guy. The combination of his attractive face, taut muscular body and his big cock was everything she wanted and it didn’t hurt that he was a genuinely good guy to boot. We had talked several times on line, on the phone and over drinks before we finally invited his back to our house. 

Cindy had admitted her attraction to other women early on in our marriage and after 10 years we had our first threesome with another woman. It wasn’t her first time with another woman, that had come in college before we met, but it was our first time together and her first time with another woman since we had been married. It was an incredible experience for both of us and we had repeated the formula nearly a dozen times in the seven years since. Each time we had brought another woman into our bed it had been fantastic so when Cindy brought up the idea of having a threesome with a guy instead I was intrigued. I was initially worried that I would get jealous watching her fuck another guy. I knew it was hypocritical of me to be jealous since I had sex with several of the women we had hooked up with over the years. The more we discussed it though, the more I thought it would be a really exciting thing to try. 

“Go on Jeremy,” he said playfully. I was sure he could see the indecision on my face. I wanted to touch it but 43 years of religion and conforming societal norms was tough to overcome. I didn’t fight him when he took my hand and placed it on his spent cock. It was hot to the touch and still slick with the combination of cum and girl juice. I marveled at how soft the skin was and it seemed strange to me that if felt so much different than when I touched my own dick. 

“Feels good doesn’t it?” He asked softly. His eyes were penetrating and my hand trembled with nervous trepidation. I nodded my response, unable or afraid to speak, and slowly started to squeeze and stroke his dick. It grew quickly in my hand despite his recent climax and it was fully erect when Cindy walked back into the room. 

“That’s what I’m talking about,” my wife said excitedly when she saw me stroking his big hard cock. We had never discussed the idea of man on man contact and while she knew I was straight she was obviously thrilled by what she saw. My own dick had started to stir but I was only semi-erect as I focused all my attention on his hard throbbing cock. It felt alive in my hand. I could feel the blood pumping through the granite shaft and when Cindy coaxed me onto my knees and guided me between his splayed thighs I didn’t object. 

My face was just inches from his cock as I lay between his thick muscular legs. My wife turned me onto my side and started sucking my cock bring it back to a fully erect state. Her warm mouth was on my cock but her pretty green eyes were glued to my hand as it moved over his dick. I could see a drop of precum ooze from the tip. It slowly dripped down the head toward the shaft and I wondered…

“Give it a lick,” he said as though reading my mind. I had never dreamed I would touch another man’s dick much less lick cum from the head of one but I wanted to do just that and more. I wanted to, but I was struggling with indecision. For forty plus years I had considered myself totally straight. I had never had any desire to be with a man. I considered the female body to be a work of art and not just any one body type. I loved them all but men were hard and hairy while women were soft and smooth. He wasn’t hairy. He was shaved smooth but he was certainly hard and muscular. I found his body to be attractive in a different way than a woman’s but his cock was beautiful and very sexy and it was that paradox that had me reeling. 

His hand moved to my head and he gently coaxed my face closer to his engorged dick. It was evident he had done it before. His words were soft and reassuring but they also ignited a flame inside me that made me want to do suck his cock, not just because he wanted it and not just because my wife wanted to see it but because I wanted to experience it. I wanted to touch, suck and taste his cock and the moment when I realized and accepted that was liberating. 

I stuck my tongue out and slowly lowered my mouth to his hard throbbing cock as my eyes moved from his dick to my pretty wife. Cindy continued to suck my dick. Her bright green eyes were focused intently on me as I slowly ran my tongue from his balls up his long shaft to the drooling bulbous head of his cock. I could taste sweat mixed with pussy juice and the unfamiliar but not unappealing flavor of his cum. 

My tongue moved of its own accord and scooped up a dollop of precum. I closed my eyes and savored the briny taste of his juices before opening my mouth wide and taking him into my mouth. I was new to giving head but I was no stranger to getting it so I tried to mimic what I liked to have done. My head bobbed slowly over his cock and I stuffed more of his big tool down my throat with each stroke. 

Cindy stopped sucking my dick and joined me between his legs for a better view. 

“You look so sexy baby,” she whispered encouragingly. She leaned forward and kissed my cheek and neck as her hands roamed over my body. Her touch was electric and it sent shivers through my body. Her lips moved to mine and she kissed the corner of my mouth with his shaft still inside it. Her tongue slithered over his shaft and along my lips making me moan softly. 

His cock popped out of my mouth and Cindy quickly replaced it with her long tongue as I stroked his shaft with my right hand. We kissed deeply and my heart raced. It was, without a doubt, the most intensely erotic passionate kiss of my life. 

Cindy moved her mouth over his hard cock and took him down her throat as I watched from an inch away. She thrust her mouth hard onto his dick for three strokes and then offered me some more of his man meat which I quickly accepted. I sucked noisily on his dick while my wife continued to kiss my face and his balls. 

“Your doing great baby,” she said softly. Her voice was thick and raspy with lust. “It feels good doesn’t it baby?” She asked. 

I nodded and looked into her pretty eyes. I felt more love for my beautiful wife at that moment than at anytime before. It was as if our souls were joined as one. It was a life changing epiphany. 

We worked his big cock together bringing him to the brink or orgasm over and over. His body was shaking and I knew he needed to cum. 

“Finish him off baby,” Cindy said softly. Her voice was melodic as though she was singing her request to me. 

I wrapped my fist around his hard shaft, wet and slick with my saliva, and sucked hard on the fat head of his delicious cock. I could feel his balls tighten and slack as though they were building to something great and meaningful. 

He groaned loudly and my body tensed in anticipation of my reward. His hands caressed my scalp and his cock expanded in my mouth before a torrent of hot thick cream filled me to the brink. I swallowed hard and felt several more big gobs of hot cum pump into my mouth. I swallowed again and again until my mouth was empty and only the salty flavor remained. 

His cock went soft in my mouth and Cindy pulled me off it. Our lips met and we kissed deeply, passionately. She rolled me onto my back and guided my hard prick into her molten core. I had never felt her so wet and the room filled with the wet squishy sounds of my hard cock pumping into her liquid cunt. 

Cindy’s body responded to my thrusting hips and she came quickly. Her thick curvaceous shook as the waves of a powerful climax washed over her like a tsunami. She slumped forward and my hard dick popped out of her sloppy well fucked cunt exposing it to the cool night air. 

He had moved between my thighs as I fucked my wife. His hungry mouth descended onto my slippery wet dick as my wife and I kissed deeply. He slurped noisily on my cock and I felt the early sensations of a climax approaching like a speeding train. 

My toes curled and my body tensed as I passed the point of no return. 

“I’m cumming,” I warned just before I released my seed into his hot ready mouth. He swallowed my cum and cleaned all of the remnants of white cream from my dick before slithering up the bed and laying beside Cindy and me as we caught our breath. 

I turned onto my side and snuggled behind my wife’s sexy round ass. “I love you baby,” I whispered as I drifted in and out of sleep beside them. I knew my life would never be the same. I had sucked cock and I knew I would do it again but I didn’t know how soon it would happen and I surely didn’t know how much more I would do that very night. 

“I love you too honey,” she replied softly.

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That was pretty hot . Hard cock in hand reading this. Thanks