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Rude Awakening

Category: Incest
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Caution: Contains violence against men, incest, and abuse of a very small penis. If this offends or does not interest you, please do not read.


My wife had gone away for a weekend naturists convention, but I refused to ever attend them because although at 38 years old, 5’5″ and 132 pounds I am not in horrible shape, I am lacking and very very self conscious in one area. Flaccid, my poor pink penis stands at only ¾ of an inch and has the circumference of a Vienna Sausage. I was constantly taunted in gym class as I was growing up, so I vowed never to be naked in public again.

Donna, my beautiful 18 year old daughter begged and pleaded for her equally gorgeous classmate Susan to sleep over, so I caved in and said yes. Eleven PM turned into midnight and the giggling and rap music blasting from her bedroom didn’t allow me to sleep. Finally I was able to doze off around 3:00 a.m. after inserting some plastic earplugs.

I normally don’t sleep past 7:00 on weekends, but at ten o’clock I was jolted awake, and when I tried to bolt upright I found that my shoulders and arms were securely pinned to the mattress.

Sitting on top of me, dressed in her sheer blue baby doll nighie was my 5’4″ 128 pound daughter. She had my upper body totally immobilized as she smiled down at me and said “Time to get up Daddy. Susan and I are famished.”

“Oh Honey, just go eat some cereal. Daddy’s tired.”

Still holding me firmly, she began to tickle my sides causing me to laugh until I nearly lost my breath. Finally she agreed to stop her attack after I told her I would get up and fix eggs and bacon.

She got a gleam in her eyes and said, “Remember when we used to wrestle, and I told you that I was going to beat you someday? I bet you can’t get away from me now.”

Both Donna and Susan played every sport offered by their high school and not only did they have beautiful shapely bodies, but the taut sexy “aerobicized” musculature just added their healthy girl next door good looks. As I looked at the firm shapely arms holding me down, I was beginning to doubt that I actually could escape, so I tried to play it off without trying and said, “OK, you win. Now release me so I can fix breakfast.”

“Daddy, You’re not trying! Now REALLY try.”

As she repositioned her self and firmed up the grip on me I could see her beautiful 36C breasts sway provocatively under the transparent material. It looked like there was no way out, and I figured I could still beat her even though she was in perfect condition, because I was a male and also had an inch on her in height and outweighed her by four pounds.

I silently counted to three and was going to explode with power, throwing her off of me in a lightening move. I pushed up, throwing everything I had into it with a huge grunt, but I remained motionless below her and pinned to the bed.

“Is that it? Wow, I thought I might be able to beat you now, but I didn’t think I could do it that easily.”

“I just woke up Baby, and I only gave it half an effort,” I lied.

“Okay Daddy, try again this time for real.”

I counted to three once again, took a deep breath, and once again strained and struggled to unseat her, but came up with the same results. I was totally pinned and my little girl was under complete control.

She had a huge smile on her face and she turned her head to the opened door and yelled, “Susan, come here quick.”

Before I could react, Susan came rushing in yelling, “What’s wrong Donna?”

“Nothing’s wrong. This is just so awesome and cool. I just proved that I am stronger than my Dad, and beat him at wrestling.”

I scoffed, telling her that I could escape at any time, but she was dead set on proving to both me and to a wide-eyed Susan that she actually was physically stronger than I was.

“Watch this Suze,” and my young tormenter spread my arms above my head into a “Y” and captured my legs and spread them into a painful grapevine hold. I cried out my submission almost instantly as I thought she would tear my crotch in two.

“That is sooooo cool Donna. Can I try?”

“Sure Suze.” She slowly rose to pin my shoulders under her knees once again, then as Susan reached the side of the bed, she rolled off and released me.

I thought that would be my chance to escape so I lurched up into a sitting position, but Susan was on my in a flash, my struggles short lived as I was once again under total control of this young teen. Susan even pinned me quicker than Donna because she was 5’7″ and 143 pounds of feminine muscle.

Donna did a happy dance and shouted, “And the World Champions are the tag team of Dynamite Donna and Make ‘Em Sore Suze.”

Susan laughed and flexed her impressive biceps as she looked down at me and smiled.

“Since we both proved we could kick his butt, what do you say we have a little fun with him Donna?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, what if we stripped him and made him do things for us? Kinda like our own little slave.”

At the thought of being naked in front of the two teens I bucked and screamed, “That’s enough girls. Now lets stop this and get some breakfast.”

“Stop squirming Daddy. I like Susan’s idea,” and she proceeded to pull the sheet off me so I lay totally pinned in just my jockey shorts. Donna kneeled on the bed and grabbed the sides of my shorts with her two hands and in one smooth motion pulled them over my thighs and calves.

“Oh my Gawd”

“What Donna? What’s wrong?”

When she was finally able to stop laughing she took my member in between her two fingers and held it up straight for Susan to see and said, “This is what’s wrong. It is just wrong that this should be classified as a male sex organ.”

Susan gasped and said, “Wow, that IS amazing. Have you ever seen one that small before?”

“Never, and I have seen plenty at the Nudist events I go to with my Mom. It’s wrinkly too. I’ll bet he uses it a lot to masturbate with.”

I had never in my life been more mortified as it brought back painful memories of my gym class tauntings.

“Donna Jane Summers, you and Susan release me at this instant or you will be severely punished young lady.”

“Oh Daddy, don’t be silly. I think both of us have clearly proven that you are no match for us physically, so things will be a little different around here from now on.”

“What do you mean…different?”

“I mean you are going to allow me a lot more privileges around here, plus you will do all my wash, including my dirty panties…something I’m sure you won’t mind since I saw you sniffing them in the laundry room last week. In addition to the wash, you will clean my room once a week, and also service me sexually in anyway I demand.”

I screamed, “This is ludicrous! I won’t do it!”

Donna grabbed my balls causing a painful jolt to course through my body.

“Pl…Please” I stammered through ragged labored breathing. “Oh my God! Arrrrgh! Please let go…I can’t stand it. I’ll do whatever you ask?”

“Everything….for Susan too.”

“Ahhhhh…yes…everything….for Susan too.”

“Great then. I will be back in a minute.”

As she headed out the door, Susan stopped her by saying, “Donna..wait…wait. Would you mind if while you are gone, I gave your Dad a pre-breakfast snack?”

Donna chuckled, and said “You’re such a naughty little girl. Go for it,” and she proceeded out my door to the kitchen.”

Susan smiled at me and reached down to the ends of her skimpy nightie and drew it up over her head revealing her massive but firm young breasts. I had seen them previously under the confines of her bathing suit, but nothing prepared me for the vision before me, and I could feel my small penis start to stir.

Still holding my shoulders captive under her knees, she reached down and squirmed from side to side to remove her panties. Slowly she reversed her position and showed me what had to be the most beautiful ass I had ever seen as it was slowly lowered to my nose and lips. Her vagina was covered in a thick mass of dark curly hair, which was quite new to me since my wife kept hers completely shaved.

Susan had not had her morning shower, so the scent of her ass and pussy was overpowering, yet intoxicating, causing my cock to stiffen further to its full 3 inches.

“Looks like you are enjoying Susan’s snack Daddy. My goodness. Must be at least two and a half inches.”

I thought to myself, ‘Jesus Christ, couldn’t she even allow me my full three inches?’

“He’s slowly getting hungrier by the minute Donna. What you got there?”

“I have a pan of water, washcloth, shaving cream and razor…plus…this…”

While continue to rock on my fast enjoying my probing tongue, Susan exclaimed, “Oh my gosh. You can’t be serious. Nail polish?”

I tried to scream out “No!” but my pleas were muffled by Susan’s warm smooth ass and moist hairy pussy lips.

I felt Donna position herself facing my feet and grab my right ankle holding my foot stationary. Then I felt it… the small brush start with my smallest toe. Then the next, and next, until finally she reached my big toe and finished.

She sat back on my legs and said “What do you think Suze?”

‘They are gorgeous. I think pink is your color Mr. Summers,” and they both broke out in a fit of laughter.

She proceeded to polish the toes of my other foot as Susan continued to rock and moan as she rode my hard tongue. First she would make it slide into her tight puckered anus, then she would move back and nearly drown me with the flowing nectar of her hot pussy. She repeated this procedure so that on three occasions she had reached huge orgasm, tightening her legs against my head until I thought it would pop.

Donna rose from my legs and stood beside the bed just as Susan orgasmed for a fourth time.

“OK OK. You’ve had enough fun. Don’t wear him out until I can test drive him. You shave his crotch, while I ride him for awhile.”

“Great idea Donna. Enjoy the ride. He has a terrific tongue, even if he is a bit lacking in other areas.”

Susan slowly rose and left me spent and gasping for air. I felt like my whole face and body were crushed and as I gently turned my head to the side, I could see my lovely daughter slipping out of her nightie and panties. She was the equal of Susan in beauty though not quite as muscular.

The thought of having sex with my daughter was immoral and I pleaded with her, telling her how wrong it was.

“Daddy, this is the 21st Century. It’s done in families all the time,” and she proceeded to mount me in the same manner as Susan had. Her scents were just as exotic and intoxicating, though her vagina had a hint more of a salty taste, indicating that she had possibly just urinated. The taste of her bare nether lips was different, though not unpleasant in the least.

Susan placed the pan full of water on the bed and I heard her release the shaving cream from the can and slowly lather up the entire area of my crotch including my small ball sac.

As my daughter rocked back and forth over my aching sore face, I could feel the razor gliding over my sensitive skin. Susan moved my cock and balls from side to side and up and down, creating combination of pleasure mixed with pain, and I remained hard until she completed her task.

“What do you think Donna?”

Donna chuckled at my bald crotch and small cock standing at attention and said “I think he looks like an adorable little boy.”

“You’re right it is cute. Here, let me try something,” and she reached a finger underneath my buttocks, separated my cheeks and quickly inserted her index finger, shocking me and causing my cock to bounce up and down.

This brought more giggling from the young demons, so Susan continued her in and out motion, causing me jerk about twenty more times. I was so happy when she grew tired of her new form of torture and removed her finger.

“Mind if I suck him off Donna? Steve and I have been dating and having sex for over two years, but I’ve never been able to deep throat him since he is a huge nine inches. I’d love to take a cock completely in my mouth and throat, and your Dad’s is the perfect size.”

Donna had already reached two orgasms and continued to rock as I felt Susan’s warm wet lips wrap around my small member. It felt incredible and only made me lick Donna’s pussy and asshole deeper and faster.

Susan held my balls tightly, squeezing them firmly about every five seconds as she sucked hungrily up and down my small pink shaft. The feeling was incredible and the pain in my balls turned to pleasure as she sucked and then produced a steady pressure on my balls. Once again I felt her finger under my buttocks, but this time it was drawing slow sensual circles around my puckered open, driving me crazy. Every muscle in my body was tightening as I grabbed hold of Donna’s ass and drew her more firmly onto my face, now coated in her delicious juices.

Susan could sense that I was nearing my peak and continued to circle the rim of my anus as she sucked and sucked and nearly crushed my tiny balls in her hand. I was delirious with sensations I had never experienced in my life, yet was totally helpless and at the mercy of the two strong teens.

I began to moan uncontrollably and that was the signal Susan needed to gently insert two fingers into my anus. On the third thrust of her fingers my hips bucked and jerked and I shot a huge load of cum into Susan’s hot hungry mouth. She proceeded to drink every drop as I once again drove my tongue deeply into Donna’s pussy and brought her to another orgasm.

Both beautiful young women moved off me to the side of the bed and Donna said, “That was very good Daddy. Before the weekend is over, I want to try your teenie-weenie in my pussy. When Mom comes home, I want you to explain our new living arrangement. I’m sure she will understand and be all for it. Right now though, you have some wash to do, and some breakfast to fix. Up and at em.”

Slowly I moved to a sitting position and viewed my naked little boy cock for the first time, and my pink toenails. As I headed naked toward the kitchen, I knew that my only hope and salvation would be my wife putting an end to it. My wife unfortunately had a slightly kinky side, so something told me that she would either join in the “fun” or let the teen vixens have free reign of me. I shook my head dejectedly knowing that my freedom to choose my course in my life was now a thing of the past.

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