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My First Asian

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My name is Brian and at 27 years of age I consider myself to be bi-sexual. I love the ladies but I am not ready to make a long term commitment to one woman. I like to play the field and I love the art of seduction. Usually I am successful finding women to bed and I have found many a woman with the same objective when I am out clubbing. There are times however that I am not in the mood for the chase and I will seek out other methods of sex. 

I travel quite a bit in my job so I am often spending days even weeks in new cities or towns. There are days that are exhausting so rather than go out clubbing and chasing pussy, I will locate an adult video store and go there for a no hassle blow job. I spent two years in Paris when I was in the Army and I was no stranger to letting cute French guys suck my cock. Many of the French gays hung out at the bars that were near our post and it was easy pickings. I even fucked a couple of the very young cute ones. There was plenty of French pussy available but that was always on the weekends. It was very convenient at the end of the weekday to stop for drink and end up either fucking a cute gay guy or getting a blow job before returning to the base.

I am an active guy that plays tennis, golf, skis and scuba dives. I stay in shape using hotel fitness centers while traveling as well as my home gym. At 6’2″ I weigh 180 pounds and I am well toned. Mother Nature was good to me as well as I am blessed with a nice cock. It is not overly large but I am very satisfied with it being 8″ long and just over 5″ around. It is not too big or too imposing for anal sex which is my favorite. 

My recent assignment brought me to a major city on the east coast. The first few days were long and exhausting and I was in no mood to go out in the evening chasing women. When I first checked in the hotel I spotted one of the bellman checking me out. I had been that route before and although it had been a pleasant experience the first time I decided it was too soon to try it in this town. Maybe once I got to know the guy a little better I would try him out. I sat in my room and opened the phone book to locate an adult video store. The city was loaded with them and most of them were concentrated in one area. I decided to venture out and check out the action.


I made my way to the section of town where there were several adult video stores. The area was very seedy looking and the clientele in the stores were not very appealing. After trying my luck in several stores I decided to leave that section of town. As I was departing the last store that I visited the clerk spoke to me on the way out.

“You’re too classy for this part of town,” he whispered as I walked by.

“Pardon me,” I replied.

“These places around here don’t attract the kind of people you’re looking for. Here try this place. You have to pay attention to the address because there are no signs on the building. It is strictly a movie house, no novelties, books or mags,” the clerk told me as he jotted down the address.

He handed me the paper with the address on it and I put it my pocket. “Thanks!” I said and then I left the store. When I got back in my car I read the address on the paper and I realized that the place was even closer to the hotel I was staying at. I decided to check it out, after all what did I have to lose at this point. 

I drove over to the area and found a place to park then I walked the street checking the building numbers until I came to the address I was looking for. It was a plain one story building that looked like a private residence. I tried the front door and it was locked and then I noticed a door bell. I rang the bell and after a few seconds a buzzer sounded and I pushed the door open. I stepped in side and I could see that the clerk had a surveillance camera so that he could see who was at the door. 

“Ten dollars, please,” the clerk said.

I wasn’t used to places like this and at first I was reluctant to pay ten dollars before I walked around. However that was the admission fee so I paid it and then checked out the area. The upstairs had two video rooms and there were gay porn movies playing on each large screen. One room had soft chairs and sofas while the other room had individual folding chairs. Both rooms had guys in them and some of guys were kissing and playing with each other’s cock. Others were watching the movies and the action going on around them.

I kept walking around and then I ventured downstairs. The basement area was set up like a theater with rows of seats and there was a gay porn movie playing on a big screen. I stood in the back and let my eyes adjust to the dark room for several minutes. Then I noticed that there were quite a few people in the seats. Every once in awhile a couple of guys would get up and walk to another room. I watched as there seemed to be a regular pattern to the routine. Guys would sit together and watch the movie and play with each other. Then they would get up and head for the back room.

My curiosity got the best of me so I walked into the back area and I discovered rows of private booths. I watched as guys would go in and come out of the booths and it was obvious that they were having sex in them. Some guys stood by and open booth and nodded with their head in an invitation to join them. I declined the early invitations as I wanted to see what else the place had to offer. 

I walked back into the theater area and watched the movie for a few minutes and checked out the audience. I noticed that there was a cute Asian guy who appeared to be there by himself. He was getting hit on a lot but he was not taking any offers. I started to leave the theater area and I noticed that the Asian’s head snapped around to follow me. I was curious to see where this might go so I walked back upstairs and went into the room with the folding chairs. Seconds later the Asian was in the same room. Again guys approached him and he just shook his head no. I stood up to leave and his head snapped around again. This time I caught his glance and he looked away shyly. I left the room and then went into the other room with sofas. I didn’t sit down but instead I stood with my back to the wall. 

Seconds later the cute Asian entered the room and looked around. He did not see me standing against the wall and I studied him as he looked around the room. I saw that he was a petite looking guy with a very nice ass. He had just the kind of ass that I liked to fuck, man or woman. He seemed confused as he looked around and I was sure that he was looking for me. I decided to go for it. I walked up behind him and grabbed his curvy ass as I whispered in his ear.

“Looking for me,” I whispered startling him.

He jumped at my touch and spun around. He was clearly flustered as he stammered a reply. “No, well yes,” his voice cracked.

“Do you want to go to one of the booths or sit down here?” I asked softly.

“Can we sit down here?” he answered.

We sat in one of the sofas and we watched the movie for a few minutes. The movie was okay and the scene we watched was pretty hot with a cute blonde guy getting fucked dog style in his bubble butt by a well endowed dark hair guy. The Asian moved his hand into my lap obviously checking out my package. My cock was rock hard and the outline was very prominent in my pants. I could tell the Asian liked what he found.

“I don’t like to have sex here in this place,” he whispered to me.

“Would you like to come back to my hotel room?” I asked him.

His face lit up and he nodded his acceptance. He was apparently thrilled that I had a hotel room and he was even more excited when he heard where I was staying. On the short drive to the hotel I learned that his name was Jimmy and that he was 24 years old. He told me that he had not been that openly gay for very long and he was still shy about picking up guys and having sex in public places. I made it very clear to Jimmy that I liked having my cock sucked and fucking nice asses but that I was not into cocks. He accepted my conditions and we went up to my room.

Jimmy wanted us to be completely naked so we both undressed and I noticed that he stared at my fit muscular body. Jimmy was cute and actually I would say pretty. He had long black hair that covered half of his ears and his neck. He had a petite frame with smooth hairless flawless skin but best of all he had a really nice ass. Jimmy stood next to me and ran his hands all over my naked body. He seemed to love rubbing my muscular frames particularly my washboard abs. I was rock hard and my cock was standing tall so I tried to guide Jimmy’s head to my cock. However he wanted me in bed.

I sat in bed with my back propped up against the pillows and headboard. Jimmy lay across the bed and rested his head on my belly. He stroked my cock and fondled my balls briefly before lowering his mouth onto my cock. Jimmy was in no hurry to have me cum as he toyed, kissed and tongued my cock. I looked over at his cute bubble butt sticking up from his body and I reached over and began to gently squeeze and fondle his buttocks. Jimmy loved the attention his ass was getting and he rose up slightly accentuating his curvy ass even more. I couldn’t wait to sink my cock into that beauty. 

Jimmy started bobbing his head up and down on my cock and fondling my balls at the same time. I told him that I was close but he continued sucking me as deep in his mouth as he could. I felt my balls tighten and then I fired six or seven rounds into Jimmy’s mouth. He swallowed quickly so that no cum escaped his mouth and I knew that he would have a belly full. I always produced big loads particularly the first one of the day. I was also very turned on that evening. Jimmy sucked my cock dry and I continued to play with his ass. I never went soft as Jimmy kept me hard with his mouth and I kept thinking about his ass.

“Brian I would love for you to fuck me. Would you like to fuck me?” Jimmy said in more of a request than a question. “I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me,” he said again.

“Yes, I want to fuck you. I’ve been thinking about your ass all evening,” I admitted.

“I’ll need some cream for my ass,” he said shyly.

I got out of bed and grabbed the lotion from the bathroom. Jimmy rolled over on all fours. “Take your time and prepare me for your cock and then fuck me in the ass like you would fuck a woman in her ass,” he said.

I knelt behind Jimmy and I begin to caress his beautiful ass his body was delicate, hairless and flawless. I couldn’t believe how much Jimmy looked like a girl from behind with his shapely curvy ass in the air. I put an ample amount of lotion in my hands and rubbed it all around Jimmy’s bung hole. Then I inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing him for my cock. I was no stranger to preparing assholes for my cock and as I sawed my fingers in and out of his anus I was getting turned on by the thought of burying my cock in his shapely ass. I moved closer to Jimmy and lined up the head of my cock with his anal opening and began to ease it into to him. 

I spat on my hand and rubbed my saliva all over my cock which made it very slick when combined with the lotion. My cock head cleared his sphincter and it slid right in without resistance. His ass chute was warm and tight as I went deep into him. I was all the way in Jimmy’s ass and I started a slow fucking motion. I continued to pump his ass with deep, long, deliberate thrusts as I caressed his smooth round ass. 

Jimmy asked me to fuck him harder and quicker. So I picked up the pace and I started pounding his ass faster and faster. My balls started bouncing off of his balls and Jimmy was moaning with each thrust of my cock. I could feel my climax building and I knew that any moment I would shoot my seed in his ass. I tried to make it last as long as possible but once Jimmy started to contract his anal muscles I lost it.

I fired a barrage of cum in his ass filling it to overflowing. As I continued to fuck him, my seed backed up in his rectum and began to ooze out flowing over his balls. Jimmy used his talented anal muscles to milk my cock and drain it of all my seed. I didn’t think that I would ever be soft again as I remained hard in his tight sheath. Jimmy’s milking action weakened me and I collapsed on top of his body. Jimmy flattened out on the bed with me on top and my cock still in his ass. I rolled off of him and my hard cock slipped from his ass. Jimmy rolled to his back and spread his legs lifting his knees to his chest.

“Fuck me again,” he asked.

I moved between his legs much like I would with a girl and lined up my still erect cock with his asshole. Jimmy was also as hard as a rock and his cute small young cock pointed toward his head. I pressed slightly forward and my cock moved into his hot ass. His ass actually pulled me inside and my cock went all the way in him and my balls rested on his ass.

“God, that feels so good, love me, fuck me,” Jimmy cried out.

His ass was in the air and my cock was fully embedded in it. I pulled back a little and pushed forward. He groaned as I began to slowly fuck him. Each time I would start taking longer strokes. My cock head was soon at the edge of his asshole before I pushed it back into him. My fucking was making a sucking sound. Each time my balls slammed against his ass, my body and his ass made a wet slapping sound. 

I was so fucking hot that I crammed my cock fully into him. He held my cock and he massaged it with his anal muscles; I knew I was not going to last very long. Jimmy humped up against me fucking me back as I fucked him. The room smelled of sex and sweat. I subconsciously reached down to stroke his cock but Jimmy grabbed my wrist.

“No, I want to cum just from you fucking me,” He said and pushed my hand away, “Just keep fucking me.”

I took slow long strokes in and out of his ass as Jimmy pushed up into me more and more. Soon he took control and just fucked my cock. I let him fuck me with his ass. His actions began more erratic and his thrusts shorter and more powerful. Jimmy was grunting as my cock slid in and out of his hot ass. Soon my cock was barely staying in his ass. Then Jimmy slowed down and let my cock just press against his prostate. He announced that he was cumming and he pulled me down to him and hugged me. I felt his cum shoot between our bodies covering our chests and our abs and then oozing out around our pubes. This set me off and I began to pound my cock in and out of his hole. I slammed my cock into his loose wet hole and I felt my balls tighten. I pressed deep into him and my seed filled his ass for a second time.

“Yes cum in my ass again. Oh I feel it I feel your hot spunk,” he groaned.

I pulled, pushed and cum spurted into him making his hole wetter and warmer as my cock easily slid in. I continued fucking him until my legs were weak and my spunk had stopped flowing. My cock slipped from his ass as we cuddled and Jimmy stroked my exhausted body. It was the first time that I had ever felt cum other than my own on my body.

“I loved fucking you. I loved your ass,” I whispered.

“Brian can I stay here tonight,” he asked sweetly.

“Sure, I don’t having any meetings tomorrow,” I told him.


I had already made up my mind to work out of the hotel the next morning so I called the office and told them I had some things to get done and that I would probably be in after lunch. I woke up before Jimmy and I headed for the shower. I was lathering myself with soap when Jimmy entered the shower. 

“Let’s wash each other,” he suggested.

We soaped each other up with Jimmy focusing on my cock and me on his ass. I enjoyed fingering his asshole as he stroked my soapy cock. Jimmy turned and faced the shower wall and guided my cock to his ass. My soapy cock slid easily into to soapy asshole. Jimmy braced himself with both hands on the shower wall and arched his back accentuating his shapely ass. I ran my hands over his curvy ass as I fucked him methodically with long slow strokes. I pulled my cock almost out of his ass and then let it slide all the way back in. Jimmy looked so hot with my dick sliding in and out of glistening wet ass. In a matter of minutes my body stiffened and I filled his ass with my seed. Jimmy groaned as he jerked himself off and shot his wad onto the shower wall. It was another huge load that streamed out of his cock and bounced off the shower wall.

I love your beautiful cock Brian,” Jimmy said as he held my deflated organ in his hand stroking it tenderly.

We dried off and I got hard again when I fondled his shapely ass. We were both horny in spite of the sex in the shower. Jimmy wanted me to fuck him again and he got on all fours on the bed and tossed me the tube of lubricant. He wiggled his curvy ass in anticipation of my fingers. I got the lube out and poured an ample amount in his asshole. I took my time fingering Jimmy’s ass until he pleaded with me to stop teasing him and fuck him.

I knelt behind Jimmy and lined my cock up with his asshole and pressed forward pushing my cock head past his sphincter. Jimmy groaned as my large cock opened up his back door. He reached back and placed a hand on my thigh in an effort to slow the penetration. I took my time and worked my cock in slowly inch by inch until it was buried in Jimmy’s asshole. As I fucked Jimmy from behind, he really looked like many a girl that I had fucked with my cock in her ass. I could not see Jimmy’s testicles or his cock as I fucked him as his long dark hair fell along side his face.

Jimmy told me to fuck his ass and as I did, he stiffened as he came and shot his wad on the bed sheet. I felt Jimmy’s asshole contract around my cock as he shot his spunk and I picked up the pace and pounded his ass. I felt my own orgasm build up in my balls and then I felt my semen travel through my scrotum. I pressed into Jimmy’s ass and emptied my balls deep in his rectum. The semen shot into Jimmy’s rectum and gathered around my cock buried deep in his ass.

“Oh I feel it, cum in me, I feel you cumming in me!” Jimmy screamed and then added, “I love it shoot it in me.”

Jimmy clenched my cock with his anal muscles and then released it several times as he milked every drop of cum from my cock. I stayed hard and continued to fuck Jimmy’s ass as my semen backed out of his asshole and trickled down over his perineum.

“Are you going to keep fucking me?” Jimmy asked.

“If I can,” I replied surprised that my cock stayed hard.

“Oh yes please keep fucking me. Fuck me again and cum in me again,” he pleaded.

I continued to fuck Jimmy’s ass but I could not cum again and I finally collapsed on him exhausted. I pushed forward and Jimmy collapsed on the bed under my weight. I lay prone on top of him as my cock softened, deflated and slipped from his ass. Jimmy was pressed into his own semen on the bed under him until I lifted myself off of his sensuous body. Jimmy rolled over on his back and looked at me and smiled.

We decided to get dressed and go out for breakfast to the hotel espresso shop. Jimmy and I had a light breakfast and a couple of cappuccinos as we spent the morning together. I elected to tell Jimmy about my experiences in Paris during our second cup of coffee. Jimmy looked around to be sure no one was watching and then he stroked the outline of his cock in his pants. He was obviously in a renewed state of desire. He removed his hand quickly so as not to be detected but his message had been clear. I laughed at his gesture and then teasingly ran my hand over my own crotch.

I paid the check and headed back to the room. Jimmy rubbed his cock through his pants in the elevator. His youthful endurance was something else. We entered the hotel and Jimmy immediately stripped and jumped on the bed. “Hurry and get your clothes off. I have missed already your big cock,” Jimmy said excitedly.

I took my clothes off at a normal pace and by the time I dropped my under shorts my cock was rock hard. I walked over to Jimmy and he sat on the side of the bed and pulled me in toward him. Jimmy reached up with his hands resting on my thighs he caressed my muscles causing my cock to bob about in front of him. He slid one hand across my belly wrapping his soft fingers around my shaft and pressed my cock up against my belly. And then, at last, I felt his mouth on my cock. 

He caressed me with his tongue, moving from deep underneath my balls to the very tip of my cock in one lingering sweep. We both moaned as his tongue swirled around my swollen cock head, his hands caressing my shaft and balls. His fingers probed between my legs.

I moved as he looked up at me, easing my legs apart as he cradled my balls in one hand, my cock in the other. His fingers reached down to rub the hard taut skin between my balls and my ass. I moaned as I felt the hunger in his movements and I watched his tongue move across my cock. The air cooled the wet spots he left behind on my pubes. With a moan, Jimmy let my cock fall away from my body so that it was swaying in front of me again. It stood straight out from my body. He glanced up at me and then back at my cock before taking me deep into his mouth.

My legs felt like jelly as I felt his hot wet mouth around my cock. He sucked me hard and drew me in deep. His tongue lashed across my cock head and I felt his teeth gently slide down my shaft. My cock jerked in his mouth as he sucked hard. My cock bulged in his mouth as I thrust forward and began to fuck his mouth. I reached for Jimmy’s head, feeling his silky hair as I plunged my cock into his mouth. His sucking matched my thrusts.

I knew that I couldn’t last much longer and Jimmy sensed it as well, however we made no attempt to slow down. Jimmy needed my release almost as much as I did. I drove my cock into his wet and willing mouth, feeling his experienced tongue on me as I moved. Cum exploded from me without warning, pumping deep into Jimmy’s mouth. Jimmy grabbed me, his hands sliding from my hips around to my ass as he pulled me tighter to him, taking my pumping cock deep into his mouth as he sucked my cum from me.

I stumbled backward as my legs were weak from my release and my cock slipped from Jimmy’s mouth. I smiled at Jimmy who was still sat on the bed between my legs. He reached out to stroke my wilting cock and to run his hand over my chest and belly as I closed my eyes. I savored his touch for a few minutes as I caught my breath.

I then watched as Jimmy reached for the lube. I watched while he smeared some lube over me, moaning as his hands moved across my cock and balls. Within minutes he had me hard again. Then he knelt on the bed on all fours and looked at me over his shoulder. 

“Fuck me,” he quietly requested before dropping his head down onto the bed.

I moved quickly, moving behind him, by cock bobbing and swaying in front of me. I knelt up, towering over him with my cock reaching out to him. Seconds later, my cock was buried inside him as I thrust expertly into his waiting body. I heard Jimmy cry out as I drove my cock deep inside him. I could feel the heat in his ass around my cock.

“Fuck me,” he whispered again, his words distorted by his soft moans.

So I did, I fucked him hard, driving into his body as deep as I could, my balls slapped against him as he reached under himself for his own cock. I fucked him long and hard and deep. His body clung to my cock and sent powerful waves of pleasure through us as we moved together. I drove into him and he pushed back to meet my thrusts.

When I came again it was like a dam bursting. Our moans and groans filled the room as cum gushed into his body. I flooded his rectum and felt the warmth of my seed surround my shaft. As soon as the torrent of cum had subsided, Jimmy pulled away and then he took me into his mouth, sucking the last bit of cum from my cock devouring me. 

Both of us then lay down on the bed. Jimmy nuzzled into to me and pushed his shapely ass back into my groin. We stayed in the spoon position for awhile without speaking. Then my cock started to harden again. I was really horny. I guided my cock back into Jimmy’s ass and this time I gave him a reach around and jerked him off as I fucked him.

Jimmy came twice before I shot another load into his ass. It was the first time that I had ever touched Jimmy’s cock and he was thrilled that I did. It was odd feeling his cum travel through his cock and spew out the end. My hand still had traces of cum on it but Jimmy lifted my hand to his mouth and licked it clean. 

We almost lost track of time but I knew it was time to go to the office. Jimmy and I showered again and then dressed. I told him I would drop him off at his place on my way to the office. As we walked through the hotel lobby the bellman who had checked me out earlier gave me a knowing smile. I smiled back at him and then left the hotel with Jimmy. I dropped Jimmy off and he gave me his phone number to call him when I was back in town. Then I headed off to the office a very sexually sated young man.

I would spend several weeks in that city and over that time I managed to find some great pickup places for chicks. I also called Jimmy and we got together several times and I even sampled the bellman’s charms one time. He was a handsome blonde who loved having my cock in his nice round ass. I really enjoyed my time in that city and I would always be indebted to the clerk who sent me to the private movie house.

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