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My Fantasy Come True

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It was the first Wednesday of the month and I usually go to the properties I own to collect the rent. One of the tenants in one of the apartments is a single mother of Puerto Rican decent. She lives with her son who is 16 years old and has another daughter who lives and works across town. When I knocked on her door, an older man answered and said that Nora was out of town visiting some relatives up North. He said that she would be back next week. I said it was not a problem and that I would call again next Wednesday. If she gets back before that have her call me.

It was 3 hours later when I got home. There was a message on my answering machine from a woman saying to call. I returned the call and a nice voice answered saying she was Nora’s daughter and that she had the rent. We agreed to meet at the apartment at 6 p.m. the next day.

The rain was drizzling as I pulled up in the driveway. Another car was already there. Through the wet side window, I saw a figure get out and run to my car jumping in to the seat next to me. My heart skipped a beat. This was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She was small and thin. Her body was, I’m sure, a perfect 36-28-35. Her hair was pitch black and was in a short curl on top of her head. Her face was perfect with large eyes and a smile that spread across her face. She wore hip-hugger shorts and a tank top. The neck was cut low and her breasts hung low and were amply shown. The nipples were large and pushed against the front of the shirt. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She started talking as soon as she entered the car. She looked at me; stopped, and a slow smile came across her face. She waited till I looked up. I noticed the smile and blushed. “I’m sorry, it’s just I didn’t expect you to be so beautiful,” I said.

Another smile: “Thanks, I don’t usually get that kind of reaction from men, “she said. “How much is the rent?” she asks.

“$650,” I say. She takes out a pile of bill and starts counting them on her lap. She puts the pile together again and starts the count all over again.

“It seems to be a little short,” she says.

“How much short?” I ask.

“About $50,” she says.

“Didn’t your mother give you the right amount”?

“I think so, but I borrowed some but I’m sure I put it back.”

“So what is the answer?” I asked

“My mother will kill me if I mess this up.”

“Well what do we do now?” I asked.

She looks up at me with a shy look on her face and says; “maybe we can work something out.”

“What did you mean?”

“Well maybe you and I can get together.”

“What exactly do you have in mind?”

“You know something we can do to make up the difference.”

“Are you suggesting what I think you are?”

“I’ll do anything to get this right or my mother will never trust me again.”

“Do you think you are worth $50?”

“From the way you were looking at me, I think I am.”

I sat looking at her and thinking. Would she be willing to live out a fantasy I have had for a long time. I would give it a try. “Would you be willing to do whatever I say and so whatever I want you to?” I asked

“I don’t know.” “It sounds scary.” “What do I have to do?”

“I promise it will only involve you and me and I will not hurt you or cause you any pain.”

The drive to my house took only 15 minutes but it felt like hours. We did not talk at all during the whole trip. When we got to the house I pressed the remote and opened the garage door. I drove right in and closed the door. We entered directly into the great room and she stood and looked around.

“You have a nice place here,” she said.

“I like it a lot,” I replied and took her hand and let her into the master bedroom. I reached into the draw of the bed stand and pulled out a large bandana. I walked around her and started to tie the bandana over her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry! I just want your eyes covered. I want you to stand just where you are facing me. I do not want you to move. Stand perfectly still with your hands at your side. Do you think you can do that? I asked.

“I think so. What are you going to do?”

“It has been such a long time since I have seen or touched such a lovely body as yours I want to savor every minute as I strip your clothes and tenderly touch every inch of you. Do you mind if I do that?”

“No, as long as you don’t hurt me”

“I could never hurt you or mark any part of your beautiful body.” I began by slowly lifting her tank top from the waist up over her magnificent breasts. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra and raised it to join the tank top. Her breasts were full and firm and hung like glorious melons. The auroras were large dark brown ovals. The nipples stood out half an inch and were perfect. With the tips of my fingers, I traced the outline of each breast. From the top along the side, under, along the inside and back to the top. Then I worked my fingers out to the aurora and gently dragged just the tip of my fingers all around the nipple, then over the nipples in small circles. They began to grow and shivers went through her body and she moaned. I could see each of her nipples as they expanded to 3/4 of an inch, then larger. She started to move her hands and arms. “No! Do not move!”

I dropped down to one knee. My eyes were now even with the wonderful breasts. I moved my face closer and my tongue touched her navel. She jumped. I placed my hands on both her hips to steady her. Slowly and softly I ran my tongue up her chest, between her breasts, then over the right one, and down to the nipple. I flicked my tongue against her nipple and this made her moan softly. I liked the feeling of her nipple against my tongue. I took it in my mouth and sucked it running my tongue all around it. Her moaning grew louder. I released the right nipple and dragged my tongue across to her left breast. I repeated the same motions around the breast ending with that nipple in my hungry mouth, my tongue making those same circles and my teeth gently biting that wonderful tit. I took each breast in my hands and lifted them and kissed and sucked each nipple again and again. Squeezing each tit as if I was milking her.

I released her breasts and continued with my tongue back down to her navel. My hands found her belt and slowly undid it. I worked each button of her fly open and slowly pulled her shorts down over her hips and ass. I let them fall to her feet but did not take them off. My tongue continued its journey down over her panties, across her pubic mound to between her legs. I liked across the top of her left thigh then back again to the join of legs and body. Across the top of the right thigh and back again. Her body was now trembling and she continued her soft moaning.

I took hold of the top of her panties with each hand and slowly rolled the waistband down. You can not believe the excitement I felt as each part of that beautiful pussy came into view. My mouth was dry and I had to lick my lips. Her hair was soft and her pussy was warm. It felt so good. I lowered her panties all the way down to her shorts. Then I took each leg, raised her foot and took off both shorts and panties. I moved her foot out as I put it back down so her legs were not spread apart. I removed the shorts and panties from the other foot. I then pressed the back of my hands inside each of her legs and slowly slid them up to her pussy. I stroked her pussy hair and ran my fingers through it. I rubbed her smooth thighs and across her tummy. The trembling continued through her body and her knees began to weaken. I slid my between the legs and rubbed her pussy lips. I could feel the wetness in her slit. She moaned as my fingers rubbed across her clit.

“Oh my God, What are you doing to me?” She cried.

“Am I hurting you in anyway?” I asked.

“No! You are driving me crazy.”

I continued with my inspection of her pussy. She was definitely juicy and I spread her pussy lips apart a little to expose her clit. I touched the clit with the tip of my finger and she moaned and moved her hips a little. Her pussy lips were big and puffy and flushed from all the handling they were getting. Her clit even poked out a little from between her lips. It was long with a fine hood over it. It was the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.

I moved my face in closer until my nose was an inch from this wonderful site. I took a deep breath and drew in the sweet aroma coming from her. I could not stand the waiting any longer. My cock was hard and pressing against my pants. I ran my tongue around her pussy hair, across her tummy and down each leg. Up between her legs to the bottom of her slit. I spread her lips apart and licked her wet, pink pussy. A cry came out from her. As I spread the lips further apart I marveled at the pink interior of her flesh. Her juices were glistening and began to seep down her thighs. I placed the tip of my tongue at the bottom of the slit and slowly licked up to the top stopping at her clit. Now down again stopping at the middle. I pushed my tongue into her hole and sucked out her juices. She screamed and began moving her head from side to side. Her breathing was now rushed and loud. She was so wet and I loved the taste of her. I found her clit and gently ran my tongue up and down and around. I tried to lift it with the tip and then pressed it hard.

“I can’t stand it any longer. You have to fuck me. I need to cum. I need you to fuck me.”

“Well we will just have to see about that,” I said. I then rose to my feet. I reached for my belt and let it loose. I then unzipped my pants and drop them to my feet. My cock was hard and sticking straight out. I don’t know how I lasted this long without coming in my pants. I now needed this girl very much. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her down to her knees. I leaned forward and ran my cock across her face and lips. She leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock for the first time. She licked the head then drew it into her warm, wet mouth. Now it was my turn to moan as she started to suck me. I pulled my cock out and she licked up one side and down the other. She rubbed her tongue over the tip of the head and I thought I was going to come, it felt so good.

“Can I use my hands now?” She asked.

“Just for a minute,” I said.

She reached up with both hands and began rubbing my stomach and chest with both the front and back of her hands. I could feel her heavy breathing on my pubic hair as she continued to suck. Her hands brushed the inside of my thighs and up to my balls. She gently took them in her left had and her right closed around my shaft. She licked the head a little as she stroked my cock and played with my balls. Now it was my turn to be on fire.

I reached down and pulled her up. Pushing her back till she laid on the bed. Her feet and legs dangled over the edge. I moved between her legs. I raised each leg and placed them over my shoulders. I moved in, grabbing my cock and placing it at the entrance to her wet cunt. As slowly as I could, I pushed the head through those puffy lips and into her warm hole. God, it was so hot, and wet and tight.

“Oh! that feels so good. Faster…Harder….fuck me. Please fuck me hard,” she screamed.

“Easy,” I said. “I want this to last as long as I can.” I started to pump a little faster. All the way in and then all the way out till just the tip was left in. I felt so hard that it hurt. I hurt so hard I thought I could never cum. So I continued to pump in her as hard as I could. She groaned and moved her body from side to side. She then drew her legs up till her knees almost touched her shoulders. I pushed my cock in as far as it would go and it was buried to my balls. I slammed into her cunt as far and as hard as I could. She begged for more. Faster…..harder…she screamed. I continued the assault on her cunt. Then she yelled.

“I’m coming…Oh my God …I’m coming….it’s wonderful…please don’t stop..ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

I grabbed her hips with both hands and pumped as fast as I could. Now I felt the burning in my balls as the sperm moved up into my cock and rushed to the tip. I exploded into her cunt with the biggest cum I have ever felt in my life. Spurt after spurt shot out till I thought it would never end.

I finally collapsed on top of her and rolled off. We were both totally drained and motionless. I reached over and removed the blindfold. She did not move. Her eyes were still closed and her breathing was beginning to slow down. She finally moved, turning on her side to face me.

“I have never felt like this in my entire life. What you have done to me was the most wonderful thing to ever happen,” she whispered.

“I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You were wonderful and you have a truly beautiful body. Now I think it is time I took you home.”

The ride back to her car was as silent as the trip to my house. As I pulled in the drive next to her car I said, “thank you for giving me a most wonderful time.”

She turned toward me, smiled, opened the car door and as she go out she said, “I don’t think the rent will be correct next month either.”

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