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Blind Girl Goes To Movies

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I’d lived alone for 5 years now in this ground floor apartment after deciding to face the challenges of managing my own place although I did work towards it slowly. Being blind wasn’t easy but we all need to feel that we are in control of our own destiny and have the independence that all young people eventually yearn for in life.

Here I was, a young woman at 29 years old now, still single but reasonably happy and doing productive work in society at the bookshop which also catered to blind people. I didn’t have a full time boyfriend but I had been on the odd date to a restaurant or the cinema.

Funny, but most people think that a cinema would be the last place for a blind person but I seem to grasp what’s happening by the tone of the music and the spoken words. If I’m wrong, then it can get rather funny as sometimes my date will describe some part of the movie and I’m way off what I thought. When I describe what I was thinking, it can be hilarious. Of course I’m not exactly a virgin, I have been laid with a few good men mainly because I liked them and sometimes just a way of repaying them for a very nice evening. I know full well that some men expect to have sex at the end of the evening, if not the first date then maybe the second, and if not the third then its unlikely you will ever meet them again. Still just because I’m blind doesn’t mean that I’m not a woman as I have learnt what is needed to please a man.

I recently met a guy that was a casual customer at the bookstore who said that he loved the cinema and offered to take me to a matinee on Saturday afternoon after I had told him how it could be hilarious for me and my date sometimes. Being summertime I dressed lightly but I still wore a thin coat in case it rained and held his arm as we walked. I appreciated men that were punctual or even slightly early like he had arrived, so mentally he had already scored a few brownie points. He didn’t exactly tell me where we were going he said it would be a surprise so I was kept in suspense, but pretty soon he was escorting me through the big doors and into the cinema.

It was fairly quiet for a cinema and the only things I could hear were seats being lifted or pushed down and the occasional footsteps. Then the movie started and my date moved a little closer and took my hand as I envisioned what was happening in the first scene. It became fairly obvious after ten or fifteen minutes that this was a hot romantic movie as the couple on the screen who appeared to be about to make love for the last time before he went to Iraq with his unit the next morning. There was some kissing and lots of ‘I love you’ repeated many times. Then the urgency of heavy breathing and possibly clothes being frenziedly tugged off. Then the unmistakable sounds of penetration accompanied by the loud sighs and moans of a passionate fire being lit deep inside each person and then the inevitable orgasms.

I could feel the sweat and minute vibrations on my date’s hand and sensed he was moving his knees apart as his knee was pressing so much firmer against mine.

“Oh god, oh yes Catherine, keep going. Oh fuck yes baby, suck me harder.” The guy on the movie screen was saying.

Now what would you make of that? I figured that Catherine was giving the departing soldier a blowjob and I was right, as my date leaned closer and said that she was sucking his big cock. The whole scenario was kind of making me wet between my legs and I lightly stroked my breast.

“My god Catherine, that’s incredible baby, almost, almost, nearly.” The soldier said.

My date’s hand took mine and slipped it under my coat, which was draped over his lap. Suddenly I was holding his fully erect cock, which was already out of his pants and he had swiftly put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I’m a slim woman so it was close enough that he could cup my breast, all of this was completed in mere seconds. Severe moaning was coming from the screen as the soldier must have ejaculated and I gathered that she was taking it all in her mouth with the way he continued sighing. My date whispered in my ear that she had swallowed every drop and now he was going down on her.

My date kept me fully briefed on every single move the soldier was making along with an adequate description of her pussy and the size of her clit. Unconsciously I had already started to stroke my date’s cock and he had already got my nipple begging for more. He kept up his version of what was happening on screen as the soldier was pushing his tongue deep inside her and then lapping it up and down between her wet lips and over her clit and back inside her vagina. My god, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and readjusted my legs as I stroked him a little faster while he reached further around me to get at my other breast. He was starting to thrust upwards into my hand and I thought that we are going to have a mess right here under my coat in a few minutes.

“Oh Cynthia, please, bend over here baby and finish me off in your mouth, please.” My date said.

Wow I thought, so I bent over sideways as he lifted the coat and I found his lap and sunk my lips over his hard throbbing cock then I felt the coat come down over my head. His hand pressed down on my head and barely let me bob up and down, but he was also thrusted upwards at an ever-increasing pace. Then I felt the tremors in his body as he pushed my head down hard and I felt his semen hit the back of my throat. In a split second he had both hands gripping tightly on either side of my head as he effortlessly moved my head up and down like a toy until he had stopped oozing. The coat had slipped away onto the floor but slowly he released his grip on my head and stroked my hair as he also reached under me and held my breast.

After a few moments he lifted my head and thanked me for a terrific blowjob as I settled back into my seat with his hand sliding up my leg and under my dress. His hand was now between my legs as it settled over my panties and caressed the wet area until I started to respond. He whispered in my ear to take them off and he would pleasure me as he tugged at the elastic. I lifted my bum off the seat and eased them down and he did the rest in taking them off, I think he put them in his pocket. Then he slid out of his seat and onto the floor then resurfaced between my legs as he opened them, then he lifted each of my legs over the arms of the seat. My legs were wide open and that’s when I felt his mouth come down on my pussy and his wet lips closing over my hot juicy lips. By now I was so wet and horny that I completely gave in to his licking and sucking and I barely tried to muffle the cries that usually accompany my orgasms. It was a wild and hot orgasm and must have ranked very highly on my chart of best orgasms as I held his head in a death like grip when I cum while he lapped up my juices.

After a short while he stood and people around us clapped as he lifted my legs down and picked up the coat then helped me up out of the seat and guided me out of the cinema.

I figured that we were walking straight home but after a few minutes of walking we stopped down the street at a small café and he picked up two drinks to go. Further down the street we sat down on a park bench for a few minutes and sipped our drinks.

“That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” He said.

I wanted to be careful what I said and not alarm him as deep down I felt betrayed and used like a cheap slut. But maybe I thought that I shouldn’t have allowed things to spiral out of control so quickly, maybe I should have told him that the movie was inappropriate. Maybe once I knew he had put my hand on his hard cock I should have taken action and demanded to leave. But I didn’t so I was just as bad as he was.

“That was a really nice orgasm for me too.” I replied.

“What are you doing tonight?” he asked and I made up a lie and said I was going out with some friends to their place and it was already arranged.

“Oh, that’s too bad, I thought maybe we could fuck all night.” He said and he snapped a nerve in me so I replied in a tone that was unusual for me, I raised my voice.

“Listen buddy, you have already pushed the boundary too far already. Where did you get the idea that you could take me to some sleazy place like that cheap movie house.” I said.

“Well it worked didn’t it, you took your panties off and you orgasmed didn’t you. I don’t believe in wasting time with niceties.” He said cunningly.

“I think its time for you to guide me home.” I said as I controlled my anger.

“I will, if you let me fuck you when I get there.” He said.

“No way, what do you think I am.” I said.

“Well guide yourself home then, you slut.” He said and I realized that he was standing, moments later he walked away.

My god what a callous man, I thought as I tried to get my bearings. I felt in my coat pocket for my fold up white stick but it must have fallen out at the cinema. Damn, I thought what do I do now?

I was still sat on the park bench and I heard people walking closer from the opposite direction to where I came from.

“Excuse me, can you help me.” I said and someone spoke up.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” A woman said.

“I’m blind, can you tell me which way you are going and if there is a name on this coffee cup?”

“Towards Steven Street, it looks like Robin’s Café on the cup, I think that’s on Steven Street also.” She said.

“I wondered, can I walk with you, I have lost my fold up white cane and the person I was with left in a huff. We last stopped at that café.” I said.

“Of course, here hold my arm.” She said and I thanked her immensely. Pretty soon we were at the small café and she went inside to see if anyone had handed in my cane, shortly after she came out and said that no one had handed anything in like that.

“Darn, then it must be at the cinema.” I said.

“That cinema, right there?” She asked and then realized that I couldn’t see it anyway.

“It’s not very far from here, maybe 50 yards and it must be a cheap movie house that plays sex films I think. Believe me I didn’t choose to go to that place.” I said.

“Oh well it must be that one, we are not going that way, but I’ll walk you down there. Have you got money in your purse for a taxi?” She said and I felt in my purse.

“Yes, I still have my money, thank god.” I said as she walked me down to the cinema.

“Will you be okay here now, the doors are facing you and the ticket desk is straight ahead?” She told me and I thanked her very much.

I pushed through the big glass door and went straight ahead to the counter.

“Listen I think I left my fold up white cane inside, maybe the 4th row from the back.” I said out loud.

“Oh, sorry I can’t leave my post right now.” I heard this young male voice say.

“Can I go inside and look.” I said, realizing after I had said it that all I could do was feel.

“We don’t allow anyone in without a ticket while the movie is playing.”

“When does it finish then, the movie?” I said.

“It’s continuous until 7 o’clock tonight and then it’s changed.” He said and I felt at my watch, it was only 3:20pm.

“Damn, give me a ticket then.” I said and took out $10 from my purse, then scooped up the change.

I remembered that before, we had gone right from this point then through a door. Then we had gone down the aisle about 4 rows, then moved in towards the middle. I recognized the same movie either still playing or being replayed and bumped into a few people then said I was sorry as I found the 4th row. I shuffled slowly along the row trying to guess whereabouts we had been previously and even tried sitting in a few seats to try and gauge the distance and the angle the sound was coming from. Damn, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

“Oh, you are back again.” A strange manly voice said from behind.

“Yes, I think I lost my white cane here, I’m blind. Am I in the same area where I was sat before?” I called out as I brushed my feet around.

“Stay there, I’ll come and help you.” He said and moments later he was by my side.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Is it round?” he asked and I told him when it was folded it was about as big as a banana, but yes it was round and shouldn’t roll far as it was uneven.

“Is it this about this size?” he said as he took my hand and put it over his big hard cock, which was out of his pants.

“Jesus Christ, is everyone a pervert in here.” I said as I drew my hand away quickly.

“Pretty well dear, that’s why they come here to jerk off and play with their partner if they have one. I didn’t mean to offend you honestly, I just took it for granted that was why you were here. Again I’m really sorry, just sit back and enjoy the movie.” He said calmly.

“Look, I need to find my cane, that’s why I’m here again.” I said.

“Okay, I’ll help you and look around.” He said and I sensed he was moving along the row. Then he must have gone onto the next row and passed by me again as he whispered that he was going for a flashlight then he would continue looking.

I sat there wondering if I was wasting my time, and if I actually brought it with me. Of course I had, why was I second-guessing myself. Someone sat down beside me and I stupidly asked, “Is that you?” “Yes.” A voice whispered. “Did you find it?” I asked. “Yes. I have it here for you.” The voice whispered again. “Oh thank you, can I have it now I really need it.” I said “Yes.” He said a bit louder and I realized it wasn’t the same guy as he took my hand and placed it on his hard pecker. Oh my god, what kind of a place this is, I thought. Then someone sat at the other side of me and I was starting to feel penned in. The new person to the left of me took my other hand and it was on his hard cock before I knew what was happening.

Someone behind me said in my ear. “Just keep quiet and relax and you will be fine, then you won’t be hurt.” He said as a scented gag was held over my mouth. I tried to struggle but it was in vain as both my arms and my waist were held tightly.

“Everyone in here was very proud of you earlier, you did a real good job on that guy and he did a good job on you too. Now this is Part 2 so don’t be afraid, just enjoy what you are going to get and believe me you are going to get it so don’t fight it. Otherwise you could get your pretty throat cut with this sharp knife. Here, can you feel it, we aren’t joking?” He said and I realized that it was the guy who said he was going for a flashlight.

“Yes, I can feel the knife. What about my cane?” I said quickly as he released the gag for a moment.

“I have it, I found it for you, here, can you feel it.” He said and my right hand was allowed to hold my cane, so I put it in the inside pocket of my coat.

“Thank you.” I managed to say before he held the scented gag over my mouth again and then scooped up my purse. I heard it snap open and then several minutes later I heard it snap closed and then it was pushed down the side of me again.

“You don’t live very far away from here? On Stafford Crescent, right.” He said and I mumbled yes, but that I wasn’t sure where we were, as I felt a fraction drowsy.

“Maybe I will take you home, after you suck off both my friends.” He said but I was having difficulty holding my head up.

Moments later I vaguely remember going through a side door and stumbling along between two guys, as they bundled me into a van or a pickup. I just remember having to step up much higher than I would have to if I were getting into a car. But then things went really fuzzy for a while.

I think they must have waited until it was dark outside before they took me into my apartment because I kept hearing light switches being turned on as they checked the rooms and pulled all the curtains closed.

“You see, you haven’t been hurt so far and its not our intention to do so, just as long as you play ball. You should just relax and enjoy us, we are here to give you pleasure too. I’m sorry we had to bring you here this way but I don’t think you would have come quietly. Your coat is here with the cane and your purse, and that is exactly the way it was, nothing has been stolen. I’ll just turn on the radio for some background music and if you need to use the bathroom that’s fine. I’ll also make sure that each one of us gets washed and is spotlessly clean and ready for you.” Flashlight man said.

“What do you call playing ball? Taking me against my will, raping me?” I said.

“Well going along with our wishes and any you may have. I don’t look on it as rape, we aren’t going to hurt you, unless you resist and then it might get painful but it will be your own fault. Lots of girls have fantasies about having sex with several men, hopefully by the time we leave you will be happy and you will have enjoyed our time together. So please, just try to relax and let things go smoothly. I hope you like Pizza we brought some for you and for us too.” He said as I heard a box open and then he passed me a piece of pizza on a sheet of paper towel.

“What would you like to drink with that, tea, coffee, what do you usually have?” He asked and I said tea but I would like to make it.

“Okay, but please don’t do anything silly.” He said and I munched on the pizza as I found my way to the kitchen and filled the kettle then plugged it into the outlet. I reached for my favorite cup and the teabags and waited for the kettle, which gave me time to think.

This was an impossible situation, I just couldn’t win, no doubt I would be violated many times this evening so I better just relax and hope that when they are finished I will be in one piece. Survival is paramount and none of these guys sounded young so the more times that they cum the more tired they will get. When the kettle boiled I poured water into my cup and then ate the rest of my piece of pizza before I took my tea and went back for another piece.

“You see we are not jumping all over you like mad rapists. But now that you have eaten and had your tea, I would like you to have a shower. Each one of us will step in with you and it will be your job to wash each one of us down and of course I mean wash everything. We will make sure that you are washed down also.” He said.

Interesting I thought as I walked to the bathroom, maybe they are clean freaks or maybe they just like being in the shower with a girl, blind or not. Normally by touching a person I get a good mental image of them but this would be really pushing the limits of my mental drawing abilities. I adjusted the shower to my liking and then slowly undressed, I quickly realized that I had no panties on, as my date had stolen them. I wondered how many pair of eyes was feasting on my slim bare body and my partially shaved pussy before I stepped into the shower, but then I knew there was at least one pair of eyes as the curtain opened and closed.

“What shall I call you?” I asked. “Call me Tom.” He said.

“Please kneel down Tom, let me wash your hair first.” I said. After he knelt I gently felt his scalp, ears, and eyebrow’s and down his cheeks under his chin, then I let the water play on his head for a moment before I put some shampoo on his head and rubbed it in lightly. His hands were holding me around my ass as I continued washing his hair and down his shoulders. I purposely brought his head close to my pussy as I did the back of his neck and then let the shower water rinse him off.

“Please stand now Tom and turn your back to me.” I said and he stood. I took the shower gel and shook some on my hand then washed his back and over his butt cheeks. I let my hand slip through between his legs for a fleeting moment and then continued downwards to finish at his feet.

“Please turn around and face me Tom.” I said and he turned. Again I took the shower gel and shook some on my hand then washed his chest and under his arms, then his belly and down his thighs, then back up his inner thighs and gently under his balls. I nudged his hard cock a few times while I washing him until finally I took it in my hands and washed it very slowly and gently. He wasn’t circumcised so I was very gentle in moving his foreskin back before I put a little more gel on my hands and then stroked his hard cock. I could feel his legs trembling just before I made him squirt his juices all over my belly.

“Mmmm that’s a really nice cock Tom, how old are you?” I asked.

“I’m 54 years old Cynthia.” He said.

“I like an older man, they are so experienced and trustworthy.” I said as I finished stroking him and handed him the shower gel.

“Shall I wash your hair first.” He said.

“If you wish Tom.” I replied and he asked me kneel down.

I knelt and he took the shampoo and squeezed some onto my head. His cock was in my face so I took it in my mouth for a few moments while he lathered my hair. Then he quickly rinsed it off and asked me to stand with my back to him. He used the gel and washed down my back then spent more time on my butt cheeks before he went all the way down to my feet. Then he asked me to turn around and he started on my breasts. I could feel that he was hard again as it kept poking me when he moved close.

He kept the one hand on my breast and moved the other down my belly and between my legs so I lifted one leg and sat my foot on the side of the tub while he ran his hand all over between my legs. It was very stimulating but he stopped and rinsed me off and then knelt down to put his mouth to my pussy. I kept my one foot on the side of the tub and pushed into his face as his hand squeezed my butt cheeks. His tongue was running wild then his hand came down and his thumb pushed inside me but he kept his tongue lapping away at my clit and I just kept pushing into his face until I cum. When he stood I took hold of his hard cock and I turned around and bent over and he quickly got the message and fucked me doggie style. He was just cummin when a voice said: “Hey Tom, don’t take all day in there.” So I moved my butt back and forth rapidly to drain him.

“Damn that was fantastic Cynthia, thank you.” Tom said as he stepped out of the shower and someone else stepped in and I was ready to start the whole process all over with someone new.

“What shall I call you?” I asked. “Call me Reg.” He said.

“Please kneel down Reg, let me wash your hair first.” I said. After he knelt I gently felt his scalp, ears, and eyebrow’s and down his cheeks under his chin, then I let the water play on his head for a moment before I put some shampoo on his head and rubbed it in lightly. His hands were holding me around my ass as I continued washing his hair and down his shoulders. I brought his head close to my pussy as I did the back of his neck and then let the shower water rinse him off. Then he stood and I put gel on my hands and washed his chest with one hand and put the other hand lower as I washed closer and closer towards his cock and then I grasped it gently.

“Mmmm that’s a really nice cock Reg, how old are you?” I asked.

“I’m 59 years old, 60 next month, how about you?” He said.

“I’m 29 years old Reg and I hope to be living next month.” I told him as I slowly stroked his cock and reached behind him to wash his butt.

“Of course you will be Cynthia, we aren’t crazy killers. Just do a good job and enjoy things and we will get along fine.” He said as I stroked him with both hands, then his breathing increased and his legs trembled as I directed his throbbing penis towards my belly before he blasted his cum all over.

“Mmmm you shoot like a 20 year old. I like an older man that can shoot a lot of cum.” I said softly and when he had finished dribbling I handed him the shower gel and turned around.

“Well I’m your man, I’ve always had a good supply.” He said, as he started washing my back. Within a minute he was washing my butt cheeks and he wasn’t bothered about my legs and feet, just my butt. He knelt down and then licked and kissed my cheeks so I lifted my leg and put my foot on the edge of the tub and hung onto the shower rail while he continued. Reg must have been a real arse man as he spent quite a while with his licking around my bum hole and then inserting his soapy fingers into my anus.

“Bend over a little.” He said and I think he poured gel on his cock and around my anus before he pushed slowly into my ass.

“Oh fuck yesss.” He cried excitedly as he slowly entered and then just let it sit there for several seconds then he pushed some more and it was getting easier. “Oh fuck you’re tight.” He moaned, as he started to thrust slowly at first until his ball sac was hitting my pussy. “Damn this is good.” He cried as he held my hips tight and thrusted deeper.

This was probably only the third time I had ever had anal sex and the first time was when I was 18 years old and my teacher was so hot to get into me but terrified of getting me pregnant. Then my very first date when I moved into the city and got this apartment, he wanted to have anal so I had obliged, I figured it was his loss so long as he didn’t hurt me. I wish now, that I had done it those times in the shower, as this seemed much better.

Reg had speeded up and I could tell by the way he was gripping me that he was close to cummin so I pushed back into him and moments later I felt his throbbing cock unloading. He held my arse tight against him as he let out deep sighs and told me how good it was, then I knew that he had enjoyed my ass. It wasn’t really unpleasant at all and I did derive some satisfaction from what he did. But when he withdrew I was quick to wash his cock and rinse it, then I washed it again before I gave him the shower gel as I stood facing him. He slowly washed my breasts and then sucked them while he washed between my legs and all the way through to my ass.

Reggie was done and he stepped out, as Flashlight man was ready to step in.

“Well finally I get to see you in the buff.” He said as he stroked my shoulders.

“Yes, where is your flashlight, did you bring it? What shall I call you anyway?” I asked.

“Call me Colin and take a feel of this its about the same size as the flashlight.” He said as he took my hand and put it on his cock.

“Damn, you are right, the other guys must be jealous. How old are you anyway?” I asked.

“You won’t believe me if I tell you, it may put you off me.” He said as he held my breasts. “Try me.” I said.

“I’m 66 years old.” He said as he tweaked my nipples.

“Well I do like older men especially when they have a nice handful like you. Listen why don’t you kneel down and let me wash your hair first.” I told him and then he knelt, as I thought about my first few experiences older men.

There had been a few but the oldest had been 63 years old and he had been like a father to me for many years from me being 19 and up to me leaving when I was 24 years old. I had rented a room from him for all those years and he had been a real sweetheart by ensuring that everything stayed in exactly the same place so that I had no problems getting around in his house. As the time had gotten closer to me leaving we both got somewhat emotional, he would be on his own after I left for the big city. He always had a little hug and a kiss for me before I went to bed and one night he had gone to a meeting and had missed his opportunity as I had already gone to bed. So he was dressed for bed in his boxer shorts when he tapped on my door and then entered which startled me and I sat straight up as he rounded the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and said he hadn’t hugged me tonight and couldn’t afford to miss any, as I would be gone in 3 days. I sensed the great sadness in his voice and reached out for him then we hugged much longer than normal. He lowered his head and then kissed me gently but more than ever before. It was a bit awkward with me sat up in bed and him sat on the edge so when he shuffled closer his erection caught my arm. He knew I had touched it and moved even closer so I let my hand fall onto his lap and suddenly it was in my hand. That’s when he kissed me fully on the lips and I stroked his cock but it was very uncomfortable so I told him to take off his boxers and get in bed. I stroked him almost to orgasm then finished him off in my mouth and later when he had recharged we fucked then slept, then next morning we did it again.

Back in the shower Colin was not only holding my ass while I washed his hair slowly but he was kneading and massaging my cheeks, which is something I really enjoy.

“I could wash your hair all day.” I said. “I could rub your ass all day.” Colin said.

“Well that’s what I really mean, I can stand that all day.” I said as I sighed.

“Really, well maybe we can make a date to do that.” He said.

“That sounds like a plan.” I said.

“Do you really mean that you aren’t truly bothered about my age?” He said.

“Not at all, now you can stand up and turn your back to me.” I told him as I felt his face before he stood.

I took the shower gel and washed his back then down to his butt and pushed my hand through his legs to make him open them more. I washed his thighs and down to his feet and back up again.

“Turn around Colin.” I said as I added more shower gel to my hands and washed his big chest and played with his nipples. Then I moved my hand down to his belly and skirted around his cock to his inner thighs.

“Lift one leg Colin, this will require more attention.” I said as I put my soapy hand under his balls and with my other I took his cock and stroked it.

“Wow, you are good.” He said and I smiled for maybe the first time as I took him over the edge of no return and made his big thick cock spurt all his cum onto my belly.

“Geez, you cum like a young stud.” I told him as I continued stroking and squeezing until he finished oozing.

“Ok my turn.” He said as he reached for the gel and started on my back then pretty soon he was caressing my ass and I was really enjoying his touch.

“Wow, you are good too, don’t stop yet.” I said as he went right down to my feet and then back up to my ass.

“The night is young, turn around Cynthia.” He said and then he slowly washed my breasts and made my nipples go rock hard. “Oh yesss keep doing that.” I said softly.

Believe me there is no stigma attached to a 66 year old man doing things to excite a young woman’s body, pleasure is pleasure and this man knew what he was doing. He kept one hand on my breasts and let his other go further down and over my belly then slowly down the creases of my legs to my inner thighs. “Lift one leg Cynthia.” He said and then his hand did wonders over my pussy. I reached down and felt his hard thick cock and knew that I wanted it very soon but not until he had made me cum with his hand.

“Ooooooh god you know how to take advantage of a poor blind girl, don’t stop or I may kill you.” I cried as I quickly reached my climax. “Give it to me, give it to me now.” I said as I tugged on his hard thick cock and then bent over to almost touch my feet. He came in behind me and rubbed his cockhead between my legs before I reached under and guided it into my hot box. Then he humped me like a 21-year-old stud, hard and fast as he gripped my ass cheeks tightly.

“Yesss, yesss, yesss, oooooh, oooooh, mmmmm keep going you stud.” I cried and moments later I had reached another orgasm as he pumped his juices inside me.

“Oh my god, oooooh shit that was intense.” He said quietly as he continued to push slowly. “You can say that again Colin.” I told him as he withdrew and then I turned and kissed him. “Damn you are good.” I said, as we washed our parts again then turned the shower off.

He closed the bathroom door then kissed me more passionately and whispered in my ear that he wanted to see a lot more of me and he was sorry he had brought the other guys but he would try to get them to leave earlier and he would be back.

“I would love to see more of you, but tonight I’ll just have to please everyone.” I said as I returned his kisses. Then we dried off and after I had applied body lotion and put on a robe he presented me to his team of amateur rapists.

One of them was napping in a chair and the other was listening to the radio as I asked who wanted tea. No one replied so I made tea anyway and sat sipping it at the table as I quietly told them what I wanted. This had become my night and I intended to enjoy it to the max.

I should never have teased each one of them to cum twice in the shower because they were incapable of performing ALL my long list of various tasks so shortly after 1:30am they all left with an invitation to save all their sperm for a re-match next Saturday afternoon.

Approximately 40 minutes later Colin was back and he spent the rest of the night and the entire next day and night in my bed. By Sunday evening we were both exhausted and my hot box was getting sore. Since that time, Colin has been a regular visitor usually twice a week and I’ve found myself smiling a whole lot more, especially when I go to the movies on a Saturday afternoon.

The End

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