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Yardwork Ch. 2

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If you missed chapter 1, the Fireside Community Welcoming Committee had arrived to ensure that I was installed comfortably within their midst and Rachelle, Beth and I had fallen asleep after making love to each other.

We awoke the next morning wrapped in each other’s arms. I had a set of firm breasts pressing on each side of me. The sun was shining on our bodies through the window. As I lay there awake but surely dreaming, I saw another person looking down at me.

I opened my eyes, and shit, there was Myra with her arms crossed under her breasts and a look I didn’t understand on her face. I shook both girls to wake them and their hands immediately starting walking across my chest and belly moving toward my crotch.

“Umm, we have a visitor,” I whispered.

Both girls opened their eyes, “Hi Momma, he is good!” And if anything they snuggled closer, being content to lay cuddled next to me and enjoy the morning sunshine. Well, in spite of myself, I had woken up with a morning hard on and it wasn’t going down having two naked women as blankets, no matter that it was their mother looking at us.

Myra said, “Girls get up, the poor man has overslept, you ruined his dinner, he didn’t even get to eat last night.” I know I must have been grinning, but Beth said, “He ate all right! He devoured poor Rachelle’s pussy and sucked a gallon of juice from it. And he fed us both his hot salty juices and fucked both our little pussies too.”

I couldn’t believe that Beth was telling her mother all this, but it was having an arousing effect on Myra. She was rubbing her nipples through her dress with one hand and unbuttoning it with the other. It didn’t take me long to tell that this was one hot-bodied Momma! When her dress was unbuttoned to her waist she pushed it off her shoulders and it fell around her hips. Beth dropped her hand down to make sure I stayed hard but I could have driven nails with my cock right now.

Rachelle was running her nails across my chest and nipples and bathing my ear as I watched Myra remove her bra, slide her dress off her hips and remove a very sexy pair of french-cut panties down her legs. When she was naked she started walking toward the bed and crawling up with us. Neither one of her girls moved far. They moved just enough to give her room to slide her big, hard nippled breasts around my dick and Beth moved my cock back and forth and around her nipples. After a minute or so of this beautiful treatment I had wet her breasts wherever I had touched.

Myra leaned her chin down and licked around my cockhead making it even wetter, “Beth hold him up, it is time he had some good pussy.” Beth pouted a bit and looked just like her nieces had the night before, but she stood me straight up and Myra danced over my cockhead, kissing it with her lower lips and running it up and down her slit. When she got the head poised in her slot she inched down, back up, down farther and back up, driving me crazy. She was using my head to spread her big juicy lips and tease her clit but I wanted to have my entire cock in this sensuous woman.

When I didn’t think I could take any more torture, Beth moved her hand and Myra just sucked me deep inside of her. It was like a wet hot furnace and she began massaging me from top to bottom and bottom to top with her inner muscles. I couldn’t believe the control she had or the feelings I was receiving. Both girls leaned up and started nursing on her breasts and she cupped a hand around their heads and cooed. God, it sounded so sexy and the things she was doing to my cock were unbelievable and she wasn’t moving her hips at all. I reached down and got my hands on her hips as they started moving, up, down, back and forth, squeezing, loosening and then starting all over again.

When Rachelle bent forward over my stomach and started tonguing her clitoris, we both started losing it. I tried to hump her as well as she was humping me and we started fucking hard. We were rutting against each other, my dick hitting the back of her tunnel and her clit banging against my pubic bone. Rachelle got a hold of her clit for just a second and sucked hard and that is when her orgasm hit. The way her pussy was chewing me up made me start cumming and we were both trying to turn each other inside out. When she leaned over and kissed and hugged me, I finally came out of her magnificently talented pussy and Rachelle was right there with Beth close behind helping to clean up. They were being very soft and tender knowing we were both sensitive, but they didn’t miss anything either. Myra lifted up framing her breast above my face, “Bill, you are good. But we have lots to do today and this is getting nothing done, even if it is so enjoyable. Now up everybody and get showered and ready for breakfast.” I didn’t move as fast as Rachelle and Beth did, but I did get up to do her bidding.

Myra grabbed my hand, “We will shower in here” and led me to the master bath. It was a very enjoyable shower with a deep back and ass massage for both of us thrown in. I was at half-mast when she announced we had work to do and headed me out of the shower. She walked out to get us some towels and I noticed a little starburst tattoo right at the dimple of her lower back. When she returned she handed me a towel and we started trying to dry each other off. We didn’t get in each other’s way too often but it still took twice as long as it would have normally but much more enjoyable. We went to the bedroom to dress and I noticed someone had lain out clothes for me.

I picked up the underwear that was lying there, “Where did this come from?” Myra laughed, “Oh probably Heidi, she is a kinky little thing.” Heidi, her granddaughter and I started looking around? Myra let me know that they wouldn’t dare interrupt their Momma without permission. I wasn’t sure I understood that completely but I was getting a distinct feeling that this was a very close family and if I didn’t find a way to get help, they were going to fuck me to death.

As I tried to put the strange underwear on, I noticed it had a sleeve for my cock and it was satin, very soft and it made more blood head to my cock. There was also a pouch for my balls and Myra made sure I was tucked in properly. It looked like an altered jock strap. I finished dressing in a pair of running shorts and a T-shirt. I leaned down and slipped on some socks and walking shoes and saw Myra waiting at the door watching me. She smiled as I rose and starting walking toward her, “You are going to do just fine.”

As I headed for the kitchen, I thought I heard a lot of voices, but by the time Myra walked in, there was total silence except for the sizzling and general noises involved in cooking. Myra asked me how I took my coffee, “black” and she handed me a cup in my favorite mug and led me to the eastern porch to catch the morning sun. But before I turned to go, I noticed that there were at least a dozen women either in the kitchen or around it. Now, I was curious, “Myra, why are all those women here?”

“Bill, trust me, I told you The Firetop Community was going to help get you settled. Well, these are the ones that could be here today. You should feel quite good about the turnout, this many didn’t make it to our last annual bake sale.”

Just as I was ready for a second cup of coffee one of the twins showed up and filled my cup and Myra’s. “What excellent service, thank you ma’am, and which one of the twins are you, Heidi or Debbie?” Before answering she glanced at her grandmother and then turned on a dazzling smile showing the dimple in her left cheek and said, “I am Heidi and your wish is my command.” I then took a good look at this little nymph who was going to break a lot of hearts before she was grown and probably already had. She was wearing a light tan pullover shirt with a scooped neck and lace over the bodice that only emphasized a firm pair of braless breasts.

Her short shorts were molded to her juvenile curves and she had a pair of cute sandals over her dainty feet. Her fingers and toes were painted in a bright green that matched her big eyes. “Well, Heidi, thank you for the refill and I will consider what I think will be appropriate for me to wish for.” I could see she was rolling that over in her head and trying to see if that was good or not. She seemed to think maybe she needed to do something to convince me, but Myra cleared her throat and she was gone, saying “Your welcome, any time” over her shoulder. Myra laughed and said, “I told you she was a kinky one. I am surprised she didn’t ask if you had worn the underwear.”

Breakfast arrived, flapjacks, bacon, eggs and sausage, tomato juice and my morning paper. Rachelle and a lady I hadn’t met delivered it and Rachelle sat down opposite me and introduced me to Lisa. Lisa was a curly-haired dirty blonde with almost an identical build to Rachelle and probably the same age. I acknowledged our introduction and then realized nobody else was out here eating. “Isn’t anyone else having breakfast? Do I have to eat alone? There is lots of room out here and I have plenty of chairs for everybody, I think? I don’t really know how many are here.”

Myra laughed at that, “Girls come on out here Bill wants some company eating his breakfast and he wants his company to eat breakfast too. I could hear quite a few feet heading our way and tables and chairs pulled up. Before you could say Jack Flash, there were 15 women on the deck eating or drinking and talking quietly. Whispering very loudly, I leaned toward Myra, “I have never seen women this quiet, is it OK with you if I try to talk to them?” Again that beautiful lilting laugh, “Bill it’s your house, you can ask anyone anything you want.”

So, to the group I asked everyone how they were this fine morning and I got a group of smiles. Except for two “just wonderful” from Rachelle and Beth and then a quiet laugh rang out amongst them all. “I guess from the sound of things there are not a lot of secrets among this group.” Stephanie looked at me, squared her shoulders, “We keep all of our secrets. No one is allowed to know Firetop Community business except the Firetop Community.” There was a consensus chorus of “Aye, no one is allowed to know Firetop Community business except the Firetop Community.”

Somehow the same thing happened with breakfast that had happened to those beers last night. It was gone and I didn’t remember eating it. I could tell as full as I was that I had just eaten twice what I usually did but I had used up a lot of energy the last few hours and I had missed dinner the night before. “OK ladies, I would say that according to what Myra said last night, you are here to ‘check on my needs’ am I correct?” Stephanie answered, “You are correct” and everyone else nodded her head.

“Good, right now my needs are to get unpacked. I would like to start unloading boxes, I believe that they are all in the correct rooms but they are all labeled if there are any questions. Let us have two or three of you in the kitchen and dining room. Let us start with four in the living room and parlor to move the furniture around. The rest can unload lamps and blankets, and stuff like that until we get the furniture where we all like it. How is that?” You would have thought I shot off a cannon, everyone took off for one place in the house or another and I was left to figure out what I was going to do.

I finished my coffee and decided to help move the furniture around in the parlor and living room first, but when I got there, the boxes were stacked in the center and the couches, chairs, tables and cabinets were set where I had planned on putting them, or close enough. And the women in here were now unpacking and placing things on the shelves and tables.

I did get to notice that all the women here were dressed very alluringly in crop tops and tube tops with shorts, leotards or sundresses. Shrugging my shoulders, I checked the next room and the next and the same productivity was going on everywhere. The only problem I could see was finding something after they were done, but the price at the moment seemed small. I headed out to the back to see what I could do with my combination woodshed workshop and skipping up beside me was the twins. “Hi, can we come with you? The women in the house say we are just in the way, since we have never decorated a house before and we are bored.”

I looked from side to side and saw two smiling freckled-face teenage girls wearing little crop top shirts and teeny tiny denim shorts with two sets of eyes of light green. I just smiled and said, “Why not, they have everything under control in there, let’s see what we can take care of out here.” Both girls jumped up and down and then grabbed an arm and we walked on to the shed.

Back at the house, Stephanie looked out the window in time to see her girls grab an arm and walk with Bill out toward the back. Frowning, she thought, those little hussies are going to get some of that before I do. It isn’t fair!

When we got to the shed, I opened the double doors and pushed them back out of the way to let in more light and air it out a bit. As I glanced around trying to decide what to do, Heidi asked, “Did you wear my present?” I know I had a blank look on my face and she said, “You know, your bat and ball bag.” Oh yes, I had forgotten that she was probably my benefactor in that area. “Yes I am and thank you for the present.” Looking down and lifting her eyes, rocking her knee back and forth with her arms behind her back, she whispered, “You’re welcome, may I see how they fit?”

This girl was just full of surprises and I suspected she possessed none of the innocence she tried to portray. I then felt a set of firm breasts poke into my back and a pair of hands grabbed my waist. “Yes, Bill, please let us see,” and Debbie started pulling down my shorts. As my shorts lowered slowly over my cock, Heidi’s eyes got bigger and when the elastic snapped past my cock she actually clapped her hands. “Oh goodie, I knew they would fit perfectly” and she stepped forward and wrapped her hand around me. Debbie was still pressed against my back and was running her hands over my chest and belly. They started walking me to the back of the shed. Debbie and Heidi although young had a wealth of experience working a man over together and their system just never seemed to fail. I had a small wagon for my tractor in the back with a tarp thrown in it and that is where they were leading me.

When Heidi got to it, she unsnapped and whipped off her little denim shorts and her soaked black thong. She also pulled her little shirt off. She was a sexy little thing and I thought about the second one just like her behind me. Heidi sat down reached back for her handle and pulled me closer. As she unwrapped her prize I reached forward and cupped her breasts and rolled her little pink nipples. Debbie had also gotten naked and was rubbing her belly against my ass and her hands were rubbing over my chest, shoulders and back. I felt her kissing my back and shoulders with little sucks a wet lick and then a light puff of air to dry it. She was doing this all over my back and now massaging and kissing my butt cheeks.

Heidi was stroking me slowly. At the same time I felt Debbie pulling my cheeks apart, Heidi descended on my cock and starting licking like a lollipop and making little cooing noises. I was rubbing and pulling on her tight little nipples and that is when they tried to make their mouths meet with me between them. Debbie was licking my ass and Heidi had swallowed my entire cock to the base. They both acted like they couldn’t wait to make me cum and I couldn’t hold back much longer either. I reached up to get a better hold of Heidi when I gasped and the orgasm that started surprised us both. Jets of semen shot down her throat and as she backed up to take the next shot Debbie slammed a wet finger right against my prostate and massaged it.

I came up on my toes slamming myself deep into Heidi’s throat and one hand went down to stroke her pussy while she swallowed me. I was deflating fast and Heidi was cleaning me up when Debbie came around to help. Their tongues dueled over my rod and flicked into each other’s mouth to give and take my offering. I had to lean on the wagon to keep from falling and that is when the shadow fell across the door. “Well, well, well, so you two little hussies just had to have a little fun did you? I am sure Momma will have something to say about that!” Both twins sat and listened to their mother but when their grandmother’s name came up they both got very big-eyed looks. “You see Bill, we don’t mind the girls having some fun, we were their age once. In fact, they were born when I was their age, but there are rules they are supposed to follow and I am sure Momma and the committee will dole out a just punishment for them. Now young ladies scoot.” They did both get up and grab their clothes but they both gave me a squeeze and a kiss before they sashayed out of the shed looking back over their shoulders.

Stephanie was standing sideways to me with her hands on her hips watching her little imps leave. She had a ‘what am I going to do with them look’ on her face. When she turned back to face me, I had sat down in the wagon trying to get my legs to work again and when our eyes met, she said, “Well, Bill, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that they got to taste that cock before I did. I am sure that Momma will find something at least tedious for them to do as punishment and maybe something a little more to teach them a lesson. Now, what are we going to do with you?”

Well, to say I didn’t have a clue would have been obvious, so I just sat there looking at her, “Stephanie, you are a very beautiful woman, would you please sit down with me for a minute till I recover from your daughters’ oral assault?” As she turned to sit I tried to slip my shorts back on, I had no idea what had happened to my ‘underwear’. Stephanie chuckled, “it looks like you are all worn out, did my family try to use you up in one day?” Since it wasn’t noon yet, I had had a lot of action in the last 18 hours or so. What was the rest of the day going to bring?

“I don’t know if I can handle going back among all those gorgeous women right now, why don’t you just sit here and protect me a while?”

“Aw, and what do you have to give in payment for my protection, Bill?” Now there was a good question, right now I didn’t think I would be getting an erection any time soon. Well, I may have to barter later, but right now, I am pooped.”

We sat and talked about many things for the next couple of hour or so. One of the things I found out was that both her father and husband had been killed in an accident five years ago and that was the time the Firetop Community Club had begun. It was a combination neighborhood watch and garden club for the women in the vicinity. They kept a watch on each other, shared work around each other’s places and from time to time shared other things as well. And that was all I could find out about that. I had definitely noticed that this beautiful lady had assets that even exceeded her mother or other sisters and she was very easy to talk with. I could feel that we were becoming friends and that was a good and unfamiliar feeling.

“Stephanie, I think I have hid out here long enough, it is time to go inside and see what they have done to my house.” Just as we rose to go inside, the twins came out carrying a load of empty boxes. “Momma said to put these out here in the loft if it is all right with you, Mr. Feinder.”

“Yes, that will be fine, girls, thank you.” Stephanie just took my hand and pulled me along behind her. When we had gotten a little ways away, “Momma probably has figured out a way to make them useful but keep them out of the way. I doubt you will see them slow down the rest of the day.” Then she laughed a lilting joyous laugh very similar to her mother’s.

When we walked into the kitchen it was empty of any trace of moving day. The boxes were all gone, the appliances were set out, and the dinnerware was put up. The floor had already been mopped and waxed and a lady in her early 40s was cooking at the stove, another was rolling dough out and another was making some type of beverage. I stopped and looked around amazed. “What happened to my kitchen? I can’t keep it like this, mess something up, so it will feel like I live here.”

Stephanie and I started to continue our tour, when I heard a small voice; “I can keep it like this for you.” But when I turned no one was looking at me, so I didn’t know who had spoken or if it was just my imagination. The same results had taken place all over the house. Some of the women were sitting, some were dusting but all of them seemed very pleased with themselves. When we finally arrived in the master bedroom, all of my clothes had been put away and the bed had been made. There was even a single yellow rose sitting on the pillows. I went into the bath and everything was clean and shiny in there also.

When I got back to the bedroom, Stephanie had stripped completely and was lying on the bed with the rose between her teeth. She had one leg cocked and I could just make out the lips of her pussy peeking between her legs. Her nipples were already hard and puffy and her areola a deep brown and perfectly shaped. Her red hair was draped over one shoulder and she was crooking a finger at me. “Come here, big fella, it is my turn to have some fun with you.”

I would have thought that I couldn’t have gotten another erection for days, but I was mistaken. I stopped a couple of steps from the bed, pulled off my shirt and threw it in the chair by the bed and sat down. I leaned over and untied and removed my shoes and socks and stood facing Stephanie. She had let her leg fall open and was stroking her lips slowly with one hand and lightly flicking a nipple with the other hand. But her eyes were watching me. I reached up and hooked my fingers in my waistband, pulled it out and dropped my shorts, stepping out of them. I stood watching her as she looked at me. It was like she was a magnet and I was a bar of iron, I started moving toward her. She was still lazily running a finger up and down her wet slit.

I reached for her thighs and spread them farther apart lying between her legs with my knees on the floor and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She was still stroking her own fires and had leaned her head in her hand and was on her elbow looking at me. I bent and began kissing her thighs, taking my time, making her wait and letting myself recuperate some more. I pursed my lips against her opening and slid my tongue out to spread her lips and gently sucked the moisture from her tunnel. A groan told me that was appreciated, but it did nothing to stop the moisture. I took my tongue and laved her outer lips up one side and down the other, avoiding her clitoris for now. She had laid her knees flat on the bed and placed her soft feet over my shoulders.

She was rubbing her ankles against my ears trying to get me to go deeper. I had had one explosive session after another since last night and I wanted to savor this one. This red-haired lady and I had gotten to know each other a little bit and that familiarity made me feel more of a need to please her. I was slowly tasting her juices and kissing the soft flesh at the juncture of her thighs. I was also using my hands to explore her outer and lower thighs. I was roaming from her knees to her ass, squeezing, kneading the flesh, and at the same time licking, sucking and kissing her womanly flesh.

My hands went up to her waist and massaged her lower stomach as I moved my tongue up to lick her clit softly. I reached up to rub her sides and to play with her tits, but her hands were already there. I pushed her hands away but she grabbed onto mine and squeezed them hard. I took this to mean she wanted her tits squeezed hard also. So I did. Starting at the base of her breasts I milked them toward the top. This made all the blood in her breasts go straight to her nipples and these I then squeezed between my thumbs and forefingers. I started pulling on them stretching them and releasing as I slowly licked her furrow. When her moaning was getting loud, I moved my mouth to her clit and sucked it hard in my mouth, pinching her breasts hard at the same time. Using the roughness of my tongue I whipped her clit back and forth. Grabbing my head, “OH Bill, don’t stop, I’m coming so hard.”

The rest of the noises were erotic moans and when her orgasm started to wind down, I moved up on the bed keeping her legs on my shoulders. I reached down and ran the head of my cock between her lips till I found the opening and pushed into her. I could feel that she was still coming, her pussy was convulsing and the juices were flowing out of her. I didn’t give her time to recover; I started driving in as far as I could, pulling out until just the head was in and then trying to drive my way past her cervix. My balls were slapping against her ass on each stroke, bouncing against her anus. My dick was enjoying being in this pussy that just kept massaging me.

The moans and noises Stephanie was making were giving me additional energy to plow into her as hard as I could. When I felt her go limp against me, I slowed down to let her recover. I stroked slowly enjoying how hot, tight and wet she was. I put her legs around my waist and leaned forward to kiss her, holding her head in my hands, kissing the hollow of her throat, sucking the soft flesh there. I nipped on her ear lobes and licked them and sucked them gently. I got to her lips and licked the sweat from her upper lip. Finally, she raised her arms to hold me, raking her nails on my shoulder and kissing me back, softly at first and then with more passion. “Oh Bill, that was fantastic.” Then she noticed I was still hard and slowly stroking her. “Umm, not finished yet, I see. Well, let me see what I can do with that pleaser you have there. Hold on.”

With that, she rolled us over, her breasts in my face and her hot dripping pussy still holding on to my cock. She was doing the same trick that Myra had used on me, milking my dick without moving her ass a bit. “Do you like that, Bill?” All I could do was nod. Stephanie was slowly massaging me from head to root. I could tell I was going to last longer this time. “Bill, I think it is time for something different, don’t you? Why don’t I get on all fours and you get behind me and fuck my ass. Would you like that? Would you like to rip my poor little asshole to smithereens with your big gorgeous cock?”

I groaned and grunted and reached for her breast again, squeezing them, pulling them and twisting her nipples. I was now trying to keep from cumming before I got between her gorgeous cheeks “Yes, I want to fuck your beautiful ass. I want to feel my dick pushing up into your backdoor and feel those beautiful full ass cheeks against my thighs and I want to feel it NOW!” With that she and I both moved, her to turn around and present her ass to me, her rosebud winking at me. It was wet with her juices, but I dipped a finger into her pussy and got it coated with more juices and began to rub all around her anus, dipping in and opening it more.

I took a second finger and speared her with it, stroking in to the second knuckle. She was mewling, begging for my cock, thrusting back at me trying to get more of my fingers in her. I brought my other hand up under her and tweaked her clitoris and felt a minor spasm grab her and that is when I moved. Getting up on my knees I thrust into her pussy to get more lubrication and after two or three deep strokes pulled out lifted my cock up and pushed against her rosebud. The head sunk in easily and I stopped to get control. My god it was hot and tight. I tried to go slowly to ease her into it, but she was having none of it. “Bill, fuck me, fuck my hot little ass, I need it.”

With that I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to me as I thrust as hard as I could. Both of our moans echoed off the walls of the bedroom. The feeling was absolutely indescribable, so alike but different. Her sphincter was tightening against me. It felt like she was trying to pull the sperm from my body. I only rested a couple of seconds then pulled back a little ways and back in slowly. “Bill, damnit, I want you to fuck me hard, make my teeth rattle, fuck me HARD!” OK, if that is what she wants. I pulled out almost all the way and rammed back in, pulling back immediately and rammed her again. I was going as hard as I could and she was pushing back against me again and again. “Yes, that is what I want you big stud, fuck me hard and deeeep.”

Reaching under her, I grabbed one swinging breast and pulled and squeezed it while my other hand reached for her clit. Her hand was already there and I figured she knew more what she wanted so I used both breasts as handles pulling her back against me and pushing her forward. “Oh god yes, Bill, rip my tits off, fuck my ass, make me cum, make me cum.” It was then I felt my balls start to boil. I knew I was seconds away and my dick started swelling even more in her ass. I pumped hard a couple more strokes, “Stephanie, I am going to fill your ass with my cum, get ready to drown in it!”

I made one more full stroke and buried myself as deep as I could in her tight hot ass and erupted. I shot two jets of sperm in her and then she reached back and squeezed my balls and then it didn’t feel like I could stop cumming, one shot after another emptied into her and even when the flow stopped, I was still twitching. I was leaning with my hands on her ass, still feeling her ass contracting around me. The sweat was pouring off our bodies. Stephanie rose up on her knees and I wrapped my arms around her belly and laid us down together spooning, my spent but still semi-hard dick in her ass and we slept.

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