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My Elegant Lady

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“Go piss off and walk your fucking dog!” My girlfriend shouted at me for coming home drunk late last night.

My girlfriend and I share a flat. A new place we recently moved into and a new neighbourhood for us. And as you have gathered, we have, well it’s my dog. I had slept most of the day and it was around six o’clock Friday evening. Yeah I know, lazy bastard. Well we both had a few days off work for the move. It was Friday, and we also had the weekend off. I was out with a few mates drinking, chatting, drinking, eyeing up girls, drinking… you know what young men get up to in their early twenties.

Girly was in a huff, but I tried to make conversation, “Are you coming with us?”

She didn’t even look at me and shouted out, “Fuck off!”

So after I had a cup of coffee I took my dog out for a walk.

It was early autumn and if I didn’t take him out soon it would have got dark. It wasn’t cold, so I didn’t bother with a jacket. I got the lead, tied it to his collar and walked off. As I was going out the door I said to my girlfriend, “Bye, see you a bit later?”

No response from her so Max and I we both walked out.

I thought I’d try a park we had passed a couple of days ago. As I mentioned, a new neighbourhood so thought I’d try and get familiar with the area.

The park was not that far, about ten minutes and we’d be there. The route took us past some big houses and then leads onto some nice bungalows, neatly kept gardens, clean and tidy streets. The park was opposite these bungalows.

There were a few other people I could see walking their dogs too. When I reached the park, I didn’t know if I could unleash Max. I saw two other walkers, but they had a lead on their dogs. So I kept mine on the lead and walked round.

Walking alone and coming in the opposite direction was a lady, looked like a mature lady and she was quite tall, over six foot, could have been six foot three inches tall. She walked by herself as she twirled a lead in her hand.

When we got closer to her she said, “Good evening,” and bent down to pat Max, and asked, “Aren’t you going to let him run around young man?”

I asked, “Is it okay, I see others with their dogs on a lead?”

The lady said, “Oh it’s fine; I let my Mindy loose every day in this park.”

She spoke in a very prim and proper manner, and I could tell she was a classy lady. She was very slim, held herself very upright. And her age, well I would have said between mid to late fifties. Her mannerisms all lead me to believe she was a very elegant looing, classy lady.

“Mindy?” I asked.

“Yes my one…my dog?” She said almost like she wondered who else she was talking about.

“O Mindy. Yes, your dog, of course.” I felt a bit stupid.

I tried to correct that and I said, “Max, this one, my dog, his name is Max.”

She still patted Max and said, “He looks very keen to be let loose, and I think he would like to run around.”

Then she talked to Max, in squeaky, but posh sort of voice, rubbing his head, “Yes, isn’t that right, Max would like to run around.”

I asked, “Where’s Mindy?”

The lady pointed towards the open field, “Oh, she’s over there, somewhere.”

She stood up, “Well are you letting Max loose?”

I was still staring at her, lost in her elegant beauty, wondering how this lady was talking to me, me being in the state I was. Maybe she was being polite, when I shook myself out of it, “Oh yes, yes.”

I undid Max’s lead and let him run off. He seemed to run straight off into the distance, towards the same bushes the lady had pointed to.

We got talking as we walked. She asked me if I lived nearby and how long I had been in the area and all the sort of small talk people who have just met ask each other.

I found out her name was Susanna, and she was retired and a widow of six years. She has a company which she started with her husband, and is now run by her son’s.

As I have mentioned, this lady, she was six foot three inches tall, her legs were long, body slim, her complexion was fair, and she had a very clear complexion. She looked as elegant in the face as she carried herself. She had shoulder length straight white hair, which I was sure was not a natural white. She had a fairly noticeable but not freaky long neck. She was wearing a white blouse and jeans. From the look of her breast, they were not big. I wasn’t sure she knew it or not, but her nipples were almost visible through her blouse. She had the sort of tits that did not require a bra to hold them up. They seemed to be pert and proud by themselves.

We walked towards where she thought Mindy was, and she asked if I was on my own in the new flat. I told her that I wasn’t and that my girlfriend and I had had a bit of a falling out.

She said she was sorry to hear that, and tried to comfort me and said, “My husband and I used to argue all the time, don’t worry. Things have a way of sorting themselves out in the end.”

It was getting late and the light was fading. Susanna tried several times to call out for Mindy.

I also thought I should get Max back and called out his name. We both got to some bushes, mainly because we could hear some rustling. Still we were both calling out for Max and Mindy. I reached down to clear a branch out of the way to see what was beyond. And there was Max lying next to another dog. And Susanna looked from just behind me and called out, “Mindy!”

Max and Mindy lay besides each other; Susanna knew instantly that it was Max from having seen him earlier. And as soon as they both saw us Max ran off and Susanna grabbed Mindy by the collar and put the leash on her.

Susanna said, “Don’t worry dear, she’s been doctored, and at least one of us was having a bit of fun nowadays.”

I wasn’t sure if Susanna was talking about me, so I questioned her, “One of us?”

Susanna looked at me almost expressionless and said, “Yes dear, Mindy and I.”

I dropped my head and again apologised, “Sorry I didn’t mean to…”

And Susanna interrupted me, “O don’t be…I’m an old lady now. And Mindy is still young. I’m glad she is still attracting the other half.”

I wanted to be admirable, I did not look at her but to the ground and I said, “I think you still look attractive and am sure not too old for…” and coughed because I didn’t want to finish my sentence.

Susanna placed a couple of fingers under my chin and raised my head, “Young man thank you, and you’ve made my day. And for that I would like to invite you in for a cup of coffee.”

I was already in trouble with my girlfriend so I tried to decline, “Thank you, but I, we, should be heading back home.”

Susanna pointed over to the row of bungalows we had walked past, “Nonsense dear boy, I live just over the road. The coffee is already on and it’s on your way back.”

I was thinking and did not say anything. Susanna grabbed my hand and said, “Come on young man.”

Max came running back and I put the lead back onto him. We had to cross the road and there was her place.

I was still hesitant and said, “I mustn’t be too long.”

Susanna lead the way, she opened the front door and invited me in. The place was very well decorated. Pictures hung up on the walls, vases that looked very expensive in the hallway and in the lounge. Carpets were lush to walk upon. And the air was scented with a fine aroma. Everything around the place said she was well off.

Susanna took her shoes off at the entrance, so I did the same. She then said, “Let Max out in the garden, that’s where I let Mindy go.”

We both came back into the kitchen and Susanna offered me a change of drink, “Young man, would you like the coffee or would you like to join me in a glass of wine?”

I not really knowing what I wanted I said, “I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

Then as she was getting the glasses from a cupboard she asked, “Young man, do you have a name?”

I thought I had mentioned my name, but obviously not. So I told her, “Sorry I thought I had told you, it’s Robert, but please call me Rob, Susanna.”

She placed the glasses onto the table and said, “In that case call me Sue; Susanna, sounds like you’re talking to your mum.”

She poured out the wine and invited me into the lounge. We chatted for a bit, about what I did for a living and about her and the business she had.

While we were talking the dogs were barking, not very loudly but just so we could hear them, but then after a while they went silent. We carried on chatting and laughing at some of the stories we told each other. And as the conversation went quite, Susanna said, “I’ll just check on the dogs.”

I sat there drinking my wine. Susanna had been gone for about four or five minutes. I wondered if something was wrong so got up and went to see.

I could see Susanna standing at the outside door as she looked out through the large pain of glass, but had not turned the light on. I was about to, when she without turning said, “Don’t turn the light on, it’s fine.”

I walked upto her and looked over her shoulder. Max chased Mindy round the garden; it was a large garden in which they could both run quite freely.

Susanna starred out the window and said, “Youth, it’s a wonderful thing. Max seems very keen on Mindy; he hasn’t left Mindy alone at all.”

I asked, “Do you want me to tie Max up?”

She never turned around; she stared out of the window at them running around and said, “I’m sure Mindy won’t appreciate it if we interrupt them. Let them have their fun.”

We watched them for other two or three minutes. Then Max and Mindy went off and sat a few feet away.

Susanna said, “Well at least Mindy is happy.”

Thoughts ran through my head. Susanna kept mentioning how happy Mindy was, I wondered if she herself was missing a companion, her husband having died six years ago or so.

I was standing just behind her when she turned round. I stepped back for her, she looked at me and said, “Come on Rob, let’s finish our wine.”

She took a step forward thinking that I would allow her to pass. But I don’t know what took over me. I grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her on the lips.

I then stepped back and felt like an idiot, “Sorry, so sorry, Susanna. I don’t know why I did that. Please…”

Susanna interrupted me by taking hold of my face and kissed me back she poked her tongue in, searched for mine.

The kiss lasted for a while before she released me, “Do you find me attractive Rob?”

I without hesitation said, “Yes, you’re a very attractive lady, Susanna.”

She placed a hand onto the side of my face and said, “I’m sixty one years old, you think you, almost a third of my age would like to do something with me, physically?”

I was sure she was thinking I would not be interested in her, I said, “I may be young but if you would allow me to make you happy, in the way I think you would like me to. Then age doesn’t come into it.”

I grabbed her face and this time I gave her a passionate kiss. She placed her hands onto my ass and pulled me into her. My cock grew and must have been obvious to her.

She squeezed my ass, broke away from the kiss and said, “If it’s not going to get you in even deeper trouble would you like to make an old lady happy? As happy as Mindy.”

What red blooded male could resist an offer like that; I didn’t care how old she was. She led me by the hand to her bedroom.

The room was dimly lit; on entering the room an amazing scent of perfume was the first thing that struck me, then the décor. Beautiful pictures donned the walls, a very expensive looking dressing table to one side, floor to ceiling wardrobes on the other side, another door to the side of the dresser. And the bed right in the middle. Was a very big bed, with what looked like black satin sheets?

“Come in Rob?” and she turned the light up, “I like the light up, is that okay?” She asked.

I nodded as I looked around.

I took another couple of steps in, still looked around, when she grabbed me again and began to kiss me. We fell onto the bed and while we kissed each other with small pecks, I kissed her lips, cheeks, forehead, around the ears and on that beautifully long elegant neck. We removed our clothes and in parts helped each other to remove each other’s. We were both naked, my cock rock hard.

Susanna’s body was even more amazing. Long slender legs, clean shaved pussy, really nice bubble ass, a really nice pair of pert tits with sweet pink nipples. She was freckled all over, which made her look even sexier, her stomach was as flat as a pancake. Her straight snowy white hair and she had blue eyes. And I have to mention her neck again, absolutely amazing, made her look like a queen.

We kissed and Susanna reached between us, I lifted my hips and Susanna grabbed my cock and started to squeeze and stroke it.

She commented, “Dear god, I’ve never felt a penis as big and as hot as this, it’s like you’ve got a fever. And it’s so hard.”

Then she moved apart slightly and requested, “Can I look at your penis Rob?”

I thought it to be an unusual request but why say no. So I moved away a bit more allowed her some room. She asked me to sit up and so I did so with my back to the headboard and my legs outstretched.

She came forward and touched my cock and said, “Dear boy, you have a nice penis.”

She stroked it up and down gently; she had a very tender touch. Not to be modest but, If I describe my cock. It is eight inches long, cut, quite thick, in Susanna’s hand she almost got her fingers to touch around it. I have a large bulbous head, and have a lot of thick veins. I did not think this to be unusual, but my girlfriend had told me it was.

Susanna commented, “This is a thick penis you have dear boy, and it is bigger than my husband used to have, god bless his soul.”

I was almost bursting to get relief when Susanna carried on, “I wouldn’t say I have seen a lot of penises in my sixty odd years but, you have the vainest, look at them, their amazing Rob. I like the head, may I put it in my mouth?”

Who was I to say no to any lady wanting to suck my cock? I shrugged my shoulders and nodded.

She went down onto my cock-head and started sucking on it, while stroking the shaft gently.

I felt I had to compliment her back so said, “You have a nice clean pussy for an older lady.”

She looked up at me and said, “I like to be clean, I have always been clean since I was sixteen.”

She then went back down to suck and stroke my cock.

I was getting concerned about how late it was and thought I should call my girlfriend.

I asked, “Sue, do you mind if I call my girlfriend to let her know I’ll be a bit late?”

She let my cock go and said, “Sure use the phone over there,” she pointed with her head to a phone on the bedside cabinet.

I said, “I’d better use mine otherwise she’ll wonder where I’m calling from.”

I got up and got my phone, Susanna said, “Come back onto the bed dear boy.”

I got back into the position I was in previously, sitting with my back against the head board, but with a pillow in-between. My cock was sticking straight up and was very wet from Susanna’s slobbering.

I called my girlfriend and to my surprise, Susanna got up and stood over me.

My girlfriend answered the phone and I said, “Hi Bet’s, Max has run off somewhere, I’m still looking for him.”

As I was talking Susanna lowered herself onto my cock. I looked at her with my eyes bulging, as if to say to her, ‘what are you doing.’

But she lowered and got my cock-head into her pussy, I saw her eye’s close. Then she lowered more.

I was still talking on the phone, “No, I can’t see him and it’s getting dark. I might be a little while. Are you okay?”

As Susanna got my whole cock into her, I sort of gasped, “Ahh.”

My girlfriend asked what the matter was and I replied, “It’s dark and I think I trod on something, it’s wet.”

Then Susanna started to move up and down slowly, she put her hands onto my chest. Rubbed my pecks a little and then placed them onto my shoulders.

My girlfriend was not happy at the other end. She said that she was going to her mother’s for the night, and I could take all the time I needed to find Max, then hung up.

I put the phone down and Susanna asked, “Well! What did she say about you being late?”

I placed my hands onto Susanna’s hips and said, “Yes… yes, she’s fine, she’s going to her mothers, she said that she’ll be back tomorrow.”

Susanna’s face lit up, “You mean I’ve got this penis for the whole night?” And she started to move a bit quicker.

I was a bit glum over my girlfriend’s and my tiff. But thought what the hell, I was being fucked, by this amazingly elegant lady.

Susanna moved with an excitement to her, I was happy with that and matched her fucking enthusiasm.

Susanna closed her eyes and in a low tone moaned, “Ahh, Rob, I’m nearly there.”

Her face glowed, she looked amazing. And without opening her eye’s she said, “Your penis fills me up. I’ve never been stretched like this before. And your depth, you feel like a most welcome intruder. And I can feel every inch slithering in me. It’s an incredible feeling, it’s wonderful. You truly are blessed my boy.”

I grabbed her hips and pushed a bit deeper.

Susanna shuddered, her grasp on my shoulders tightened. Her pussy became increasingly wetter. And I was sure I felt a trickle of fluid running down my inner thighs. She sat on my cock, “Ahh, Rob, that was nice, I’ve been hoping for a long time to have such an orgasm as that.”

She stayed there for a minute and then opened her eyes, “I haven’t had a penis give me and orgasm for over ten years, thank you young man.”

I looked at her and asked, “I thought you said you had only been widowed for six years?”

“Yes, that’s right, dear boy. But my husband, in his last few years was not able to… well you know… do it.”

I was about to start pumping her again when she got off, sat beside me and said, “Let me lay down dear boy.”

I got up and Susanna placed another pillow down and rested her head onto them. She then asked, “You do watch porn, do you not, my dear boy?”

I was a bit surprised by her question but thought well, doesn’t everyone, so said, “Yes, why do you ask?

She held my hand and said, “Have you seen women squirting?”

I was again surprised, “Yes, I’ve seen that.”

Susanna smiled and said, “Well, what do you think of it, squirting, do you like seeing women squirt?”

I replied, “I’ve only seen women squirting on porn sites. I didn’t think that it happened in real life.”

Susanna smiled even more broadly and said, “Dear Rob, you seem so innocent. Would you like to see a woman squirt?”

I was so naive I asked, “Do you want to watch a porn movie?”

Susanna giggled, “Rob, dear boy. I’m not talking about a movie. Me, I’m talking about me. Dear boy would you like to see ME squirt. Would it turn you on?

I was not sure, I have watched porn with women squirting, I did not think it happened in real life. So I said, “Yes I would like to see it.”

She parted her legs and said, “Okay,” she winked and continued to say, “Start eating me out then.”

I knew how to do that. I went straight for her clit. I sucked on it and licked out her slit. She had pussy lips which I sucked on and pulled with my lip. I stuck two fingers into her and she let out a gasp, and started to breathe deeply. She got hold of my head and pushed it harder into herself.

I went back to sucking her clit; it seemed to be getting a little larger and harder. Then after a few minutes she pulled my head off her and said, “Get back and watch.”

She slumped down so that she was lying flatter. She rubbed her clit in slow circles then raised her hips and said, “Watch this dear boy.”

There she goes, Susanna started to squirt, a fountain about two foot high, clear in colour. She continued this for about five seconds, I watched amazed. Then she rubbed again, this time a bit more frantically and squirted again the same fountain for another five seconds or so. The fluid came down all over the place covered her body, her hips moved up and down in slow movements, as she let flow.

I looked on and said, “Sue, you’re one old, fuckin hot, fuckin sexy lady.”

When she finished her second squirt, I asked, “Can you do it again?”

She smiled a wicked smile and started rubbing her clit again. I brushed her hand away and rubbed for her, she asked, “Harder dear boy, harder.”

I continued with increased pressure, I could see her clit between my fingers a thick red bud.

I looked up towards her and her eyes were closed, her face glowed with a sweet smile. I continued to rub; I increased the pressure but slowed the speed.

Then she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away and flowed again. I put my hand in the flowing stream; it was warm, very warm. I rotated my hand in her fountain, covered my whole hand. I cupped my hand and captured some of it, and then I rubbed my cock and covered it with her juices. I was lost in her elegance and was enchanted by her.

She lay there trying to recover; my cock was bursting and harder than ever, her eyes closed. I got in-between her and mounted her. I stuck my cock into her pussy in one lunge I was in her. She gasped and I was in frenzy, I fucked her going to the hilt, I fucked her for all I was worth, I fucked her like she was the last woman on earth, I fucked her not giving a thought about her age, I fucked her for a long time. She had orgasm after orgasm.

I only slowed down when I heard Susanna shout out, “Rob, Oh my god, Rob.”

She slapped my face; and I came to my senses. I rolled off her and she came across on top of me, and let out a huge torrent of fluid across my whole body. She moved up onto my chest and grabbed hold of my face and said “Open up young man.”

I had my eyes open as she gushed her river into my mouth, I swallowed a bit of her offering but most of it ran out and it was sweet. I was astounded at the amount she still had to give. Susanna’s river turned into a drip. She fell onto me then rolled off to my side. We both panted heavily.

I said to Susanna, “I’m so sorry, I lost my head.”

She replied, “Don’t be sorry young man. It’s been too long; I needed a good seeing too.”

Susanna’s hand came across and held my still stiff wet cock and said, “I’m looking forward to this penis blowing off.”

I leant across and sucked on one of her nipples, while she stroked my cock. Her small petite, but perfectly formed tit’s just looked amazing for a sixty year old. They stood proud; nipples pointed out and not drooped. I moved from one to the other as I fondled her breast flesh.

I sucked on her nipples and she placed a hand on my head and stroked my hair back then she said, “Rob, you really are a little bastard; you’ve made me cum more times than I have ever cum in one evening. And you’re still hard.”

I lifted my head and said, “That’s cos I haven’t cum yet.”

Susanna commented, “O I know; I’m looking forward to that young man.”

I went back to her nipples and sucked on them for a while. Her chest still heaved. She talked about her husband, “My husband did have a nice penis, but he’s was only five inches he couldn’t last too long, so he never actually gave me an orgasm through coitus. He always sucked my clit. He too loved to see me squirt.”

I again lifted off and asked, “Do you think you can still squirt some more?”

Susanna looked into my eyes and said, “I have never squirted this much before, look at the bed. There’s only one way to find out if I can do it again.”

I moved to get into position to start fucking her again. Susanna stopped me and said, “Can you please do it from behind?”

I moved up and gave her a tongue kiss and then said, “Sue, I’ll do you any way you like.”

Susanna puffed up the two pillows and placed her hands onto them and stuck out her ass.

I moved behind her, as she spread her legs. I pushed down my cock and lined it up. I put the head in and Susanna gasped, “Ahh, that feels nice young man.”

I grabbed her ass and inched my cock into her. I went right up her till I could go no more. I stopped there and pushed her ass cheeks together. Susanna’s head went down and asked, “Do you mind if I swear a little young man?”

I wondered what she meant, so I asked her to repeat, “Sorry Sue, what do you mean?”

She turned her head back and said, “Would you think badly of me if I swear at you while you have your penis in me?”

I had never been asked that before, I said, “Sue, you can bad mouth me and say anything you like.”

I pulled out a bit and then started fucking her. Not at the furious haste of before, but a steadier pace, one I knew Susanna liked and I could keep up for a while. I sped up in short bursts, sometimes rammed hard and kept in deep for a second longer than she expected.

Susanna’s moans were a bit louder than before. She knew I had given her consent to shout out anything she liked.

Although the curtains were drawn the window was slightly open, and I suppose the dogs must have heard Susanna. I could see their shadows up against the window as they howled.

Susanna had another orgasm but not a squirting one. She cried out, “Fuck, fuck, oh my go..Ahh.”

I was surprised to hear Susanna use the F word. It seemed not in keeping with her charm.

She pulled on her hair and asked, “Keep going, fuck, keep going, ahh, yes, oh yes there it is again, fuck, ye…ahh.”

I slowed down not going so deep, Susanna not wanting that said, “No, keep going, I’m okay, fuck me, keep fucking me. I don’t want this to stop, ever.”

I continued to fuck her, I bent down and grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed. I rubbed and pinched her nipples. Susanna moaned as I started to hammer her pussy harder. She felt so nice, she wasn’t as tight as my girlfriend but she was so wet. Every time I rammed home there was a wet slap from our naked flesh.

Susanna asked, “Is my language upsetting you young man?”

I smiled to myself and said, “Not at all, you shout out whatever makes you happy.”

I was used to dirty language being used to excite a sexual experience. That’s why I was with my current girlfriend; she has the dirtiest, filthiest mouth I have ever heard on a woman.

I was amazed Susanna had the stamina and had kept fucking for so long. When all of a sudden Susanna fell forward and turned round onto her back. I stood upright on my knees and there it was, Susanna’s fountain again, beautiful. Again she shot a couple of foot in the air, a clear fluid and splashed all over her stomach and tit’s. She kept going for another five seconds again, then rested her hips back down onto the bed.

I looked at her and said, “Sue, you’re a fantastic woman, I could watch that all night long.”

She asked me to come closer and then she grabbed my cock. She pointed it to her pussy and I moved in closer still. She held my cock and rubbed her clit with my knob.

Her clit, it really looked swollen and it was redder than before. I placed my hands on her knees. She rubbed with a greater force.

She let my cock go and said, “Your face, young man, here.”

I went to lick her clit but then all of a sudden, she flooded my mouth with her juice. I swallowed some and removed my head to see her flow. I moved my cock into her stream, her juices splashed everywhere. My cock, my balls, my stomach, my thighs, all covered, fan-fuckin-tastic.

When she finished squirting, I went straight down onto her and stuck my cock in, I tried not to lose it, I pumped fast but not furiously.

Susanna wrapped her legs around me and met my thrusts. I fucked her through another squirting orgasm, but I did not withdraw, I kept fucking her.

I felt her fingers as they dug into my back. I was close. I looked at her face and she had her eyes closed, a face that said she was in heaven and hell at the same time.

I said to her, “Sue, I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t say anything she just nodded. I thought that meant she wanted me to cum in her.

I placed both my hands under her ass and pulled her into me and stopped fully embedded and I released my first load. Her hands grabbed handfuls of skin on my back, as I withdrew and lunged back in and released my second load. I could feel her pussy on my cock as it pulsated when I blew a load.

Susanna cried out loud, “Oh yes, fuck, yes.”

Then she said something I though strange, she cried out, “Get out, hurry up?

I pulled out and she pushed me onto my back. Took hold of my cock and pumped it hard, making my cum shoot straight at het tits. She made me shoot cum three times like that. Then she rubbed some cum onto my shaft. She took a finger and rubbed it along the veins on my shaft. When she got to the cock-head she ran the finger across the top over the cum hole, making my cock twitch and a bit more cum trickled out.

She bent down and sucked on the cock-head softly, running her tongue over it, squeezing my cock in a throbbing action.

After she had finished she came and lay beside me as we both got our breath back. We were laying there for about five minutes when Susanna said, “Let’s get refreshed come on join me.”

She stepped into her en-suite and I followed her in. The warm water cascaded over our bodies. Susanna squirted some soap onto her hands and started rubbing it all over me. She washed me down, she got hold of my cock and soaped it up, stroked it and fondled my balls.

I also got some soap and started washing her, we did each other’s backs, legs, faces, and I washed her tits and pussy. She lathered up my cock getting it hard. We let the water wash away the soap and then I dived onto her tits and started sucking her nipples while she stroked my cock.

Susanna disappointingly let go of my cock, but fortunately said, “You recover very quickly young man, fuck me here!”

She turned around and rested her arms against the wall and stuck her ass out. I grabbed her hips, lined up my cock and pushed home. It felt incredible, fucking with the water falling over us. The squelching sound from my cock sliding in and out of her, I fucked her till she had an orgasm.

She then said, “Sorry dear boy, I have to lay down.”

At that point Susanna turned the water off and we dried ourselves off, she used the towel first then gave it to me. Susanna headed back into the bedroom. She went over to a music player and put some classical music on, she asked, “Do you like classical music young man? My husband and I always made love to it.”

As I was drying myself off, she had fetched the wine into the bedroom. She was drinking and talking on the phone. I suddenly stopped in my tracks as I walked in. She was lying on the bed. She saw me stood there at the door, and then she beckoned me over, lifted her knees up and parted them. I knew she wanted; I knew she loved to be licked out and eaten. Without hesitation I crawled towards my goal and planted my face between her legs and began to eat her out.

She had called one of her sons and started talking to him about how business went that day. Susanna was on occasions taking in gasps of air, she must have been asked by her son if everything was okay? Susanna’s reply was that Mindy was with her and being affectionate by licking and biting on her…’Hand.’

I licked her clit and those beautiful pussy lips and I could see her eyes close for brief moments. Then almost suddenly, she said to her son that she had to go and will speak to him tomorrow. She rang off and pushed my head out of the way. Her body slid down the bed so that she lay flat on her back. Her arm flopped to the side of the bed, and she released the phone, which dropped to the floor. She released her gorgeous fountain and flowed; I again gathered some in my hand and rubbed my ever so hard cock with it.

As she lay there I moved into position, my cock hard and ready. I placed my hands onto the bed, either side of her shoulders. I jabbed my cock at her pussy trying to find her entrance, when I felt Susanna’s hand grab my cock and she guided it in. As soon as I felt I was in, I rammed fully home and we started to fuck.

Susanna held my face and we kissed tender kisses as I tenderly slid my manhood in and out of her sweet wet pussy.

In-between the kisses Susanna nibbled on my ear and in a soft womanly voice said, “Rob, my cunt is giving me so many new sensations I never want this to end.”

I didn’t want it to end too quickly either, Susanna continued to say, “Your penis is so nice, it feels so hard.”

The music which played in the background made our fucking even better than it was earlier. I felt I could go for a while.

Susanna moved to my other ear and softly moaned, “My cunt is happy again Rob, I’m cumming.” Her grip tightened on my face as she nibbled my lobe.

When she had finished cumming, she asked, “Rob, fuck me hard and make me cum again.”

I began to pick up the pace, her hips came up to me and we thrashed together for several minutes. Her eyes opened wide, and she called out, “Fuck, ahh, oh my cunt, fuck my cunt, come on Rob, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuck YOUR cunt, you fucker.”

I was startled at her use of language it sounded even filthier coming from Susanna, my elegant lady.

Her eyes closed and she continually said, “Keep fucking your cunt.”

I felt she had squirted, it squelched and splatted as our bodies collided. I felt I was about to cum, I rammed my cock deep and blew a load as she grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper.

I pulled out and rammed back in as Susanna said, “Feed your cunt Rob, feed your cunt.”

I could only retract a short amount as Susanna was holding me in so tightly. I managed five or six loads and was shattered. We were both so exhausted. I released my final load and I slipped out. I slumped down next to her. We both panted hard to fight for breath, we both lay there as the music played to a crescendo and the dogs barked outside.

It was around two o’clock as we listened to another classical piece. The dogs had gone quite outside and we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in a daze, I felt a hand on my chest and my cock was tingling. For a second I had forgotten where I was, I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision and saw Susanna’s mass of white hair bobbing up and down. She was blowing my morning wood.

I gazed at the clock besides her bed, it was five, twenty. We had only been asleep for just over three hours. My head was in a bit of a spin from the wine Susanna had plied me with. I was only used to larger mostly.

It felt great, my cock felt amazingly hard. I placed a hand on Susanna’s head and stroked her hair.

She realised I was awake and Susanna looked up still sucking on my cock-head and stroked my shaft. She just took her mouth off for a couple of seconds to say, “Good morning dear.”

I was not sure how to respond so I said nothing. I just stroked her hair and blew her a kiss. She had gone back to sucking me off, but now she increased her suction and had a harder grip on my shaft as she stroked with vigour.

I asked her, “Sue, can I have your pussy up here?”

She said, “No!”

I thought ‘What!’ When she said, “You may have your cunt if you wish?”

I briefly closed my eyes and smiled to myself then patted her head and said, “Yes Sue, can I have my cunt up here?”

Susanna not letting my cock go span around and placed her pussy onto my mouth. My tongue located her clit straight away and I flicked it and nibbled on it, and my cock felt like exploding, but managed to somehow keep control. I licked her slit and poked my tongue into her hole. This was where I tasted my own cum for the first time.

We sucked each other off for a while. I had both my hands on her posh ass. And a thought ran through my head. I have sucked and licked my girlfriend out lots of times but she does not taste as good as Susanna. But then again I have never eaten my girlfriend with my cum dripping out of her.

The music still played in the back ground, sounded quite loud for this time of the morning. There was no sound from the dogs, just the slurping of our fondness for each other.

Then Susanna announced, “I’m going to squirt.”

She tried to move her hips away from my face but I pulled her back in. I kept licking her clit with a greater verve. She knew I was ready to accept her offering.

She released her torrent, I again swallowed a bit but most of it gushed out of my mouth and over my face. Susanna had stopped blowing me off. She held my cock in her hand and slapped the side of her face with it as her relief splattered over my face.

Susanna’s hips twitched and she said, “Oh my god that was nice.”

As Susanna gained some control over her hips, I stuck my tongue out to lick her again. But it was not what she wanted and she said, “No, leave me for a while.”

She lay there on top slowly rubbing my cock on her face. She seemed to be running her tongue very slowly along the veins on my cock.

Susanna said, “Your penis tastes very nice in the morning, I’m not sure how you can keep from blowing. I’m sucking so hard, my husband would cum almost instantly.”

Daylight was breaking outside and Susanna commented that the dogs were quite. She got up to have a look out of the window. She gazed left and said, “I can’t see them.”

Then she looked right, almost straining to see out of the corner of the window. She had to open a window to look further. She then said, “Ah, there they are!”

I asked, “They’re quite. Is Max, okay?”

Susanna walked back to the bed and got on top and straddled me. Guided my cock into her and sat down fully embedded my cock into her, she sat there and said, “They’re both fine.”

Susanna started to fuck me slowly she moved up and down. Impulsively I started to move with her. And she said, “Stay still let me do the work for a while.”

I laid back and placed my hands behind my head as Susanna fucked me at a pace that felt really nice on my cock. I could feel her move inch by inch up and inch by inch down, ‘fuck’ it was nice. Her pussy was an amazing fit over my cock; it gripped it just at the right pressure to make me think that I would cum if it was any tighter. Susanna knew how to keep my cock on the verge of cumming.

Susanna sat upright riding me. She combed her white hair back with her fingers and then ran her hands down her body. Starting at her long slender neck, gliding them down over her sweet pert tits, her nipples stuck out, pointed dangerously at me. Her hands rolled onto her flat stomach and across her thighs. She continued to fuck me at a steady pace for a while. I struggled the whole time to stay still and not ram my cock into her at a more dynamic rate.

Susanna stopped moving with my cock fully engulfed, she placed her hands onto my chest, closed her eyes softly and shuddered. She shook her head as her body trembled. She had her umpteenth orgasm. I could feel my cock being quenched by her internal flow of juices. It trickled down over my balls and ass.

Susanna flopped onto me and lay there; my cock throbbed in ‘my cunt,’ as she would have it. Slowly she raised her head and said, “Every orgasm you’ve given me has made my body quiver with so much pleasure. I wish I were younger for you.”

I replied, “I definitely don’t want you to be younger, I love you as you are.”

Her head went back down and rested on my chest and I asked, “Do you want me to cum?”

Suddenly I was startled by the alarm clock beeping, it was seven o’clock.

Susanna lifted herself off and let my cock slip out and said, “I usually get up now and take Mindy out for a walk. Let me give the dogs some fresh water. Then I’ll be back. Just make sure that thing stays up!”

I watched her walk off in her amazingly tall, slim, elegant frame, her walk mesmerised me, the way each ass cheeks moved up and down.

She went into the kitchen and I could hear her as she opened the back door and then the sound of water filled a bowl.

I got up and went into the kitchen after her I could not wait. She had her back to me as I entered the kitchen. She had barley closed the door when I grabbed her and turned her to face a table in the middle of the kitchen. I placed a hand onto her back and made her bend forward. I rudely entered Susanna and fucked her at a furious pace. I grabbed her hips and pumped like there was no tomorrow. I had to blow off again.

Susanna turned her head and said, “I don’t mind this but if you keep at this pace, you’ll cum soon.”

I dug my fingers into her ass and said, “I know, I have to cum and I have to cum right now.”

Susanna looked forward and dropped her head. I grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her head up and fucked her with long deep thrusts. I withdrew so that my cock-head was just in and then plunged fully in, she was so wet and her tightness was perfect. My girlfriend’s pussy never felt this good in the mornings. For some reason I thought I should let Susanna know and said, “Fuck, Sue, this cunt is better than my girlfriends. You’ve got an amazing body.”

I tugged on her hair and our bodies smacked together, I was close to cumming.

Susanna turned her head again and said, “It’s your cunt, fill her up.”

I let Sue know, “I’m nearly there.”

There was no reaction from her so I kept pumping. My cock felt like it was getting bigger, my cock-head got hotter. I increased the haste of my pumping into ‘my cunt.’

Susanna moaned and said, “Ahh, fuck, I’m cumming, Rob, your cunts cumming again.”

I let go of her hair and her head fell forward into her hands, elbows on table. I grabbed her ass and pumped my seed into Susanna, fuck I had a lot of seed to pass into her. I felt her cumming, as I blew my loads. I felt drops as they landed on my feet and my balls were dripping with her juices.

I let her ass go and pulled out. Susanna turned around and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck my cock-head. While her hand squeezed the base of my shaft and moved up, teasing more cum from my cock.

I was absolutely fucked; my legs felt like jelly, I needed to sit down. I pulled out a chair from under the table and sat down to regain some strength and balance. Susanna stayed on her knees she sucked my cock clean and I said, “I should get going now. I don’t know when my girlfriend will be back.”

Susanna looked disappointed and asked, “Stay, a bit longer Rob, please. We can take the dog’s for their morning walk and then…Well you know…Fuck, just the once more, please?”

It was a very hard request not to accept. But I had to get back home just in case my girlfriend came back; I had no excuse not to be at home.

I helped Susanna up off the floor and we both stood face to face, holding each other’s hands. We looked into each other’s eyes. And I said, “You’re a very tempting woman Sue, just looking at you, I can feel the blood rushing to my cock. But I have to go.”

Susanna hugged me very tightly and said, “Okay, Rob, it’s okay, I understand.”

We both walked back to her bedroom, where I got dressed and Susanna kissed me and said, “Can you let yourself out? I’ll take a shower.”

I was sorry to be leaving so asked, “Yeah, sure I’ll let myself out. But can I see you again?”

As Susanna walked off for her shower she said, “I’d be tremendously disappointed if I did not see you again.”

I said, “Bye till later then.”

I heard the shower turn on and wished I was in there with her again.

I was at the kitchen door about to collect Max when my phone bleeped to let me know I had a message. It was my girlfriend, I opened the message which read, ‘I won’t be home till after the weekend. Don’t call me.’

I was over the moon; I had no intention of calling her. I returned back to the bedroom not able to take my clothes off quick enough. My cock regained stiffness to my surprise. I heard the shower still running so I sat on the bed and placed a sheet over my cock.

And I waited for my elegant cunt to come back in.

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