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Buggered to Bermuda

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The Wrightsville yacht harbor dipped beneath the horizon off the stern of the big sloop. As its hull neatly parted the waves, the rigging beneath the taut sail hummed while the breeze of the yacht’s passage gave relief from the muggy July heat of the North Carolina coast. Brenda watched the coast disappear for a few minutes and then turned to the woman sitting beside her.

“I had no idea the Promiscuous Miss was so big! When you invited us out to sail to Bermuda I have visions of being kind of cramped below decks but this is posh. It must have cost you guys a fortune.”

Sally-Ann grinned over her Tom Collins. “With a busy website and a half dozen mall outlets, the Glistening Cucumber has been good to us. And since Hal works so hard at making it go when he suggested we get a boat for when we do have time to relax, I told him to go for it. After all, it’s his only real hobby. The rest of his life is the business.”

There was a lady-like snort from Sally-Ann’s other side. “That’s presuming you think having a lingerie and adult toy emporium isn’t fun in its own right.” Melissa took another pull on her Mojito. “And since this trip is supposed to degenerate into an orgy fairly soon, I’m presuming we’ll be testing some new products? So Hal can legitimately write off some of the expenses as a business trip?”

Sally-Ann smiled benignly, “Well, naturally. Glistening Cucumber owns the Promiscuous Miss, after all, and she is listed as a product research lab on the books so of course most of this trip will come off the corporate taxes. I mean, we didn’t write the law and if the government doesn’t want us taking any advantage, they would change it, right?”

Brenda giggled. She looked down into her glass and was surprised that it was still half full. Her Bobby was in charge of the bar and she suspected he’d made the drinks pretty strong if she was starting to feel silly this soon. “So when do we all get naked?”

Sally-Ann wrinkled her freckled nose and nodded to her right. “Oh, about the time this one has finished her third drink. It takes a while for Melissa to loosen up.”

“Hey!” Melissa protested, “It’s not easy overcoming the inhibitions twelve years of Catholic school pounded into me. I just consider myself lucky that the nuns didn’t convince to shower fully dressed.” She held out her glass for a refill as Bobby came by with a tray. He managed to mix her a new one and hand it back without spilling it all over the women’s sailing togs before heading off to carry beer to the rest of the group.

Brenda looked down at the tote bag between her knees. Sally-Ann had handed everyone brand new Glistening Cucumber totes when they boarded and now the youngest woman in the group decided to explore the contents. She rummaged through several bottles of skin flavorings, different scents and consistencies of lubricant and from the bottom pulled out a wrapped box. Turning it one way and then the other, she gave it a shake, shrugged and tore off the wrapping to unveil a sky blue leather harness that matched her eyes and an impressive silicone dildo that matched her pale skin.

“Whoa! What’s going on here? What am I supposed to do with this? Are you all into girly play? I’m supposed to bugger Bobby? You know he’ll never let me do that.”

Melissa hiccupped gently. “Will, too. You just wait. Gloria will strip down right in front of him, pull off his pants and give him a full contact lap dance. Then, before he can cum, she’ll coax him up onto his hands and knees and introduce him to the delights of prostate massage. While he’s cooing and humming over that, our hostess here will strap herself in, grease her bad boy up and before Bobby-boy knows it she’ll be fucking him half blue. They ganged up on Gary like that last trip and I got butt-fucked all the way to Bermuda. I’d be sitting quietly and the skipper would ring a bell. I’d have to get up, drop my drawers (if I had any on!) take my tube of KY to the capstan and bend over. Everyone, and I mean everyone would line up and fuck me. Pussy or ass, it was up to them. All I could do was stand there and cum over and over until they’d had enough. Then on the way back it was Gary’s turn. Fun? Man!”

Brenda put the box on her lap. “Hang on. Everyone lined up and sodomized Gary? I didn’t know he was bi.”

Sally-Ann winked. “Except for Marco, I don’t think any of the guys here are, at least not very much. But men in prison aren’t either, usually. I’ve never seen any of them kiss each other or give blow jobs but with enough encouragement they’ll do each other’s butt, at least out here at sea where no one else knows.”

Brenda’s eyes were like headlights. “I—I never realized. When you said this trip would be wild, I had no idea. Sally, I’ve never let Bobby fuck me up the ass before. I was always afraid it would hurt. I mean, he’s pretty big . . .”

Sally-Ann grinned in response. “Is he, now? That’s good news. I mean, I’m not a size queen or anything like that but I do enjoy being well stuffed. You just send him up to the master stateroom some time. Tell him I’ve got something he’ll like.”

“Hey, Bobby’s in good shape but if this trip is the way you describe, he may need to sleep at night.”

Melissa snorted again. “Honey, this boat is full of all kinds of aids. Believe me, the men manage. I not only got sodomized every day but come night time I’d be lying there in the dark knowing some stud was headed my way with a cock full of cum just waiting to shoot his load into my pussy. And I never found out who it was until the first light the next morning. By the time I got home, I had to take another three days vacation time to recover so I didn’t walk bow-legged into the office.”

Brenda was dumbfounded. “Really? Seven times up the ass and once in the pussy every day for nine days out and nine days back? Wait a minute. How long will we be in Bermuda? Twelve days, no? I mean this trip is a month long isn’t it?”

“That’s right, but I only got buggered every day to Bermuda, remember? While we were there and on the way home I only got laid two or three times a day, unless you count the latent lesbian, here.” She elbowed Sally-Ann.

“Am not,” Sally-Ann stuck her tongue out. “I was just filling in the time while my next lover recharged and you jiggle so well when you’re getting pounded I couldn’t resist. Besides, it got Gary all charged up so he kept on you for two weeks after you got back, you said.”

Melissa blushed and hiccupped again. “He did. ‘Sa good thing my coil was still workin’ or I’d have to skip this trip takin’ care of a kid. Way he’s talkin’ this may be our last. ‘Mean, we’ve got the house, his practice is boomin’ . . . ’bout time to start a family, he thinks.”

Sally-Ann reached out and gently took the glass from Melissa’s hand. “Sounds like you’re ready honey. Shall we let the guys know it’s time?”

“Yep,” Melissa rose and pulled the hoodie off over her head followed by the bikini top underneath. Her soft handfuls bounced gently. She hooked her fingers inside her waistband and shoved Capri’s and thong do the deck, revealing a smooth, well-waxed sex. She winked at Brenda. “Well, you wanted to know when to get nekkid. ‘S time, time to go strut our stuff and get stuffed.”

The other two stripped down. Brenda started to shove her clothes into the tote bag but Sally-Ann stopped her, pulled out the harness set and handed it to her. “You keep this nearby.”

They swayed and jiggled back along the deck to the cockpit. Hal had put the computerized yacht on autopilot and he, along with Gary and Marco were watching Gloria slowly peel off her clothing piece by piece, swinging her hips slowly in front of Bobby’s goggling eyes.

Melissa bent to Brenda’s ear and whispered, “Tolja. You just watch. Won’t be long before you’re putting that new dong up his chute and he’ll thank you for it. Whole new load of fun for you two when you get back.”

By now Gloria was naked, her full, voluptuous figure glowing tan in the subtropical sun. “Well? Hyou know you wan’ me, macho. Let’s see that polla, Bobby, show me hwat you can to with it. I bet you can chinga a chica real good, no?”

She untied the string on his sweatpants, grabbed the legs and pulled it off under his butt and down to his knees. Bobby’s cock stood proud at attention. As Brenda had said, he was pretty big. Gloria settled down sideways on Bobby’s lap stroking his cock with one hand and his face with the other. The man responded by grabbing her by the buttcheek and boob.

To Brenda’s amazement, the scene unveiled just the way Melissa described and it wasn’t long before her husband was on his knees and elbows with closed eyes and a contented smile humming and moaning softly while Gloria’s gloved fingers worked magic up his butt and all over his prostate gland. With a knowing, self-satisfied smile, Sally-Ann pulled a well-used leather harness from her tote. It was cordovan red and went well with her dark hair. The dildo was big, black and ominous looking as it jutted aggressively from her crotch. Staring lustfully at Bobby’s buttocks, she slathered thick lubricant all over the dong and then fastidiously wiped her hands on a rag. She nodded at Gloria who gave Bobby a sharp spank and stepped to one side.

Completely unaware, Bob felt something much larger than Gloria’s fingers press on his anus. “Hey!” he exclaimed as the knob pushed through his sphincter muscles.

“Hey, yourself,” Sally-Ann growled with a slap on his ass, “Hold still, honey, you’ll be surprised how good this feels. Most men just love it.” She grasped a hip in each hand and thrust her pelvis forward running the big dildo all the way in.

“Ah?” Bobby’s eyes went wide with astonishment. The woman withdrew slowly and then thrust again bringing an appreciative moan. As she began to pump in and out her lover’s eyes closed and his jaw went slack. Underneath him Gloria kept up an expert hand job making sure he was hard and fully rampant. Then she whipped out a silicone cock ring, stretched wide and slipped it over his package, clear down at the base.

“There now, macho, you gon’ stay nice an’ hard while we make you feel sooo good. Then when I’m done wit’ you, you do me up the culo like I done you. Make me squeal, no?”

Melissa reached for Brenda’s harness box with a mischievous grin. She pulled out the flaps and removed the big, peach-colored dildo. Brenda blinked at the odd shape.

“Here,” Melissa chuckled and reached for a tube of wintergreen lubricant, “you put this big, fat end inside. That way when you push it catches your clit and G-spot and feels as good to you as it does to him. If you’ve got good enough muscle control you won’t even need the harness. I keep mine in the nightstand so I can surprise Gary with it. Go on, put it in.”

Blushing slightly, Brenda did as commanded. The cool wintergreen inside her snatch made her inhale. “Ooo, that feels good!” She strapped the harness over it and adjusted the straps while Melissa coated the business end with a bottle marked Sexy Heat.

Just as she finished Sally-Ann chirped and moaned and then pulled out. She leaned down next to Bobby’s ear. “Don’t you move, now, we’re not done with you yet, not even a little bit.”

Melissa put a hand on Brenda’s naked butt and gave her a push toward her husband. “Go get him, girl; peg ‘im a good one.”

Unsure of herself but game to try, Brenda stood behind her bent over man and put the tip of her dong on his glistening brown star. Copying Sally-Ann’s technique she grasped each of Bobby’s hips in a hand and pushed forward. The dildo went in half way but the squeeze on her own parts was a bit of a shock. Maybe this could be fun.

Gloria stood next to her, her own black harness and purple phallus at the ready. “Use hyou back, honey. Hyou got to learn to fuck like a guy. Do him just opposite the way when he fuck you. Si, tha’ss better. Ride him, chica.”

As she began to get the idea, Brenda looked up and saw Sally-Ann lay face down on a mat, spread her thighs and arch her back. Turning her head to one side with a smile she asked, “Well, who’s first?”

Marco knelt between her legs, a big squeeze bottle in one hand. He squirted oil all over her buttocks and rubbed it around before laying his stiff cock between her ass cheeks and sliding up and down. Sally-Ann lifted her butt in time with him for a while until he paused briefly, put the helmet against her anus and took her hard. She gasped and then grinned. “Fuck me, Marco,” she growled. Leaning down on his elbows, the man took a generous globe in each hand and with a slow, measured rhythm pounded against her ass.

Brenda was now in the groove. Not only did it just feel good but the sensations of power were amazing. Suddenly she was gripped by a set of unstoppable contractions that made her scream and left her breathless. She pulled away and stood still for a minute, blinking. Orgasms were nothing new but this one was different, one that she wanted to experience again.

Hal took her hand. “You just come on over here and kneel down next to Sally-Ann, Brenda. No, leave the harness on, it’s sexy and it’s your turn.”

“B—be careful. I’ve never been buggered before. Don’t hurt me?”

“Not a chance, pretty thing. I’ll be real careful with you. We don’t want you deciding you don’t ever want to get it like that again.”

Dropping to her knees, Brenda put her chest on the mat, turned her face to one side and closed her eyes. Warm oil dripped onto her ass like cake frosting and Hal rubbed it all over, taking particular care with her perineum and anus. Brenda trembled a little. To her surprise, instead of tickling as she expected it felt good, really good. Then a blunt shape pushed gently on her star and began to buzz. The frequency was slow and to her amazement her sphincter muscles relaxed. The thick vibrator slowly entered, past the first sphincters and then through the second. The vibrations radiated through her body reaching her G-spot and clit. She took a deep breath and let it out in a long, soft moan.

“Ah,” Hal chuckled, “Like that, do you? Good, because I’m gonna like what comes next.”

The vibrator slipped away to be replaced by the head of Hal’s stiff cock. He pushed. She gasped. He held still for a few moments and then started a series of short thrusts. With each one Brenda squeaked but she pushed back against him. Soon he was hilt-deep in her ass.

“Now, girl, this is what you’re here for. You’re the new one so you get the complete treatment, buggered all the way to Bermuda. Just. Like. This!”

His pelvis slapped against her buttocks as the rest of the crew cheered. Even Sally-Ann and Bobby, who were getting the same treatment whistled and hooted as Hal took Brenda through the squeaks to the whimpers to the moans, loud cries and finally to a scream as the most powerful orgasm of her life wracked her again and again and she collapsed, panting.

Brenda looked around. Sally-Ann had a very satisfied expression and Marco was cleaning off. Gary had tied his wife’s wrists to the railing and was sodomizing her enthusiastically just as Gloria pushed Bobby onto his back, straddled him and then sat hard on his manhood. As she predicted, the Cuban let out a squeal. “Macho, tan grande eres! Hyou stretch me, Bobby, hyou stretch me big time. Do it feel good when I do this? She rotated her hips and bounced up and down. Apparently it did.


The clear, Gulf Stream night was a riot of stars. But with no moon coming in through a porthole, Brenda’s stateroom was so dark she couldn’t see her hands. She shivered. Each woman had stuck her hand into a bowl and pulled out the number of a stateroom. When they were gone, the men had done the same but waited a while before following. Brenda figured it was to let her apprehension/anticipation build. Who would it be tonight? Or tomorrow night? There were only four men and eight nights to Bermuda. Sooner or later Bobby would be in bed with her but this time she was sure he wouldn’t take, “No!” for an answer when he reached for the tube of thick lubricant. Buggered all the way to Bermuda! And it won’t be just the guys, either. Melissa and Sally-Ann weren’t kidding, I bet. Hot cocks and bright dongs, I’m going to be so used.

A faint whisper of logic suggested that everyone was getting used. She wasn’t really getting any more shared than the other women or, for that matter, than the men. But it didn’t feel like that, down deep in her primal brain. Her man was letting his woman be the buttered bun in a sort of orgiastic bonding ritual with the other men, that’s what it felt like, and how did she feel? Kind of—of resigned, resigned and compliant. That’s what he wants from me. And I’m giving it. Not that I have a lot of choice. I mean this boat is seventy-one feet long and while that’s big it’s not big enough to get away from anyone. –And—and the strange thing is I don’t want to get away. There’s no place I’d rather be now than here and no time I’d rather be here than now. Lassitude spread out from her groin as she heard the cabin door open. Someone was coming for her.

A warm man-smelling body got up on the bunk with her and on her. As his lips pressed against hers and his tongue drove into her mouth, Brenda raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck. He stroked her face and ran his hand down her side to her hip, reached under and fondled her backside. With a quiet little murmur she went limply soft and willing.

“So, how do you want me tonight, lover?” Brenda whispered when her mouth was finally free of his burning kiss, “I’ve got lots of ways to make you feel good. Which one do you want to start with?”

The response was a wordless chuckle. The man began to kiss his way down her body starting with her earlobes and then working his way down her neck. He spent a goodly while on her nipples and aureoles, sucking and nibbling and then back and forth across her belly. She clutched his head with desperate hands when he reached her sex and started long, wiggling licks from the back of her labia to the clitoris and back again. After he had done this long enough to make her moan his tongue returned to her clit and began a vibrating dance. Brenda gasped. She would climax soon, she knew. What would he do then? Would he make her cum again and again until she begged for mercy and told him to do whatever he wanted? Was this how the other women became such willing catamites, how they surrendered their asses for the men’s’ pleasure?

The man smiled in the dark as he felt her tensing under his torment. She was hot now but she had no idea how hot he could make her. Before Brenda could climax the man pulled back, grasped her by the hip and rolled her over face down. She was about to protest when he spread her buttocks apart and began to run the tip of his tongue from her pussy back along her perineum and then round and round her anus. If she was hot and ready before, her desire was now a crying need. Oh please, fuck me, finger me, do something so I can cum! I can’t stand much more of this. Please?

Finally he stopped the ‘torture’ and she felt the bunk bounce slightly as he climbed between her knees. She heard the pop of a plastic bottle opening and then felt the warmth of the Hot Lube dribbling all over her butt. A blunt mass pressed on her brown star. Well, of course. That’s why he spent so much time driving me mad; he wants my ass, just like Hal did. There’s no question, now. Buggered to Bermuda, that’s what I’m getting. I’m the new girl and that’s what I get. The strange thing is, I want it!

Brenda’s needy body surrendered completely. The hot, stiff phallus drove deep into her compliant backside. Unconsciously she lifted her hips in response, pushing back to help him. Now the plundering began. In a slow march rhythm her anonymous lover thrust and withdrew, grunting with effort. Keeping time with him, Brenda moaned softly, breathily and whimpered. They sweated in the humid heat of the cabin, sweated in streams that ran down her sides and soaked the sheets beneath. It seemed as though dawn would come before he finally finished but at last with a groan and his own set of spasms and contractions the man was done. He rolled off and lay panting next to her.

“Damn, girl,” he whispered in the dark, “Bobby was bragging about how good you were and he wasn’t just whistling Dixie. You are a great ride. I’ll have to tell the girls to keep those dildos greased and at hand; this is going to be a great trip!”


In the morning light, Brenda opened her eyes to see that her unknown lover was gone, already up and probably already on deck. She took her sweat-sticky body into the shower and ran it cool. The ever present tote bag revealed a big bottle of whole body moisturizer with a high SPF rating so she could spend a little while sunning herself, at least until someone dragged her off for more sex. Then she climbed the companionway into the summer heat, hoping for coffee.

Gloria sat looking very contented in a pleated cotton gauze overdress, her golden skin and dark nipples covered but well displayed. “Hola, Brenda. Hyou look very ‘appy this morning. Somehuan work you over good las’ night, no?”

“Someone worked me over good last night, yes! And I don’t even know who it was. He was gone when I woke up. Where’s the coffee?”

Gloria pointed to a nearby pump thermos and after Brenda filled a mug, she sat down and took a deep swallow. “Ah, that’s better. I’d better keep lots of liquid in me if I’m going to spend the trip sweating the way I did last night.”

Gloria sniggered naughtily. “Oh hyou will. The guapos will make sure of that. Did hyou get fucked or buggered las’ night or maybe both?”

Brenda squirmed on the cushion. “I got buggered last night and I’m getting the impression I’ll be getting buggered all the way to Bermuda. Did you on your first trip?”

“Oh, si! My culo got very educated that firs’ trip. At firs’ I wasn’ ‘appy about it but after a few days—well, le’s jus’ say now when Marco tell me he wan’ me, I jus’ pull up my dress an’ bend over. Wha’ he do after that is up to him.”

Just then Bobby came by with a small ice chest. He plopped it down and popped it open and handed out hard-boiled egg and deviled ham sandwiches with cold bottles of orange juice. “Here, ladies, happy breakfast.”

When the sandwich was gone, Brenda washed it down with o.j. and coffee then looked accusingly at her husband. “Hey, wise guy, just what did you tell the other dudes about me?”

A slow, sly smile crossed the man’s features. “I said you were a sexual enthusiast and that you could be counted on to give as good as you get. And the report last night is that you are, indeed, and that you did. I’m really looking forward to joining in the fun up your buns when I pull your cabin number, honey. You know you’ve turned me down for the last time.”

Brenda blushed and took a swing that Bobby caught and pulled, jerking her over onto his lap, butt up. He have her a swat and left a red handprint on her left cheek.

“Ow! Bobby!”

“Oh, baby, this fine ass is going to get such a workout . . . ”

Brenda stopped struggling. In a flat, level voice she said, “Let me up, Bobby.”

Bobby started. It was a tone Brenda rarely used but when she did, trouble was brewing. He lifted his hands off her back. Bren got off his lap and then turned around and sat on it again. There was a small, tight smile on her face but her brows were knit and her stare intense.

“Bobby, I knew this trip was going to be a big swinging party. I’m okay with that. It seems that I’m going to be the common sex toy all the way out and though that’s a little scary, after a couple of those high octane Singapore Slings of yours, I can deal with it. But I draw the line at daily gangbangs! Got it?”

Bobby, his eyes wide nodded agreement.

“Good,” Brenda’s glare turned coquettish, “Now you just make sure everyone understands—if someone wants me they can probably have me. But they have to ask first! And it’s one at a time, Bobby, no trios or quartets, just one at a time. I mean, it’s summer, the days are long and there are only seven of you . . . ”

“Everyone has to ask?”

“Don’t be silly, baby, all you have to do is invite me. It’s the others who have to ask. Now go spread the word.”

When Bobby headed aft Brenda turned to Gloria who was sitting in silent glee, a knowing, mischievous smirk on her pretty face. “Well?” Brenda asked, pointedly.

Gloria raised her chin and tilted her head to one side. She regarded the blonde from beneath thick eyelashes. The smirk relaxed into a leer and she reached down into her tote bag. “Bueno, Brenda, I’m gon’ ask. May I have hyou?” she purred pulling out the now-familiar black harness, “We take turn, no? Firs’ hyou eat me then I bugger hyou. We ‘av fun and anyone else come by, they get a show.”

The Latina stood up and stepped in front of Brenda. She undid the tie strings at her throat and let the gauze fall in billows at her bare feet. “How long since hyou been with another woman, Brenda, and don’ lie to me? I hear about that college hyou wen’ to. Any chica who don’ develop a taste for pussy, she don’ last long. Los machos ‘roun’ there sometime have a hard time finding a date ’cause all the girls are in each other pantalones.” She leaned down, slid her fingers clutching into Brenda’s long honey hair and pulled her face up for a deep, probing, hot kiss.

Brenda sighed around Gloria’s tongue. She was nearly right. Most of the women at Smith weren’t lesbian or even bi but there were so many that it was hard to not ‘experiment’ or ‘satisfy one’s bicuriosity’ without attracting attention. So Bren had and had enjoyed it a lot. There had been some bad emotional times when one or two of her lovers didn’t want to accept that she was only gay ’til graduation but it had been physically a lot of fun. When the kiss finally came to an end, Gloria repeated her question. “How long, Brenda?”

The answer came from under a wrinkled nose grin. “Oh, not long. My next-door neighbor and I figured each other out not long after she moved in. We get together in the afternoons when her kid is down for a nap. We’ve talked about putting a show for the hubbies but haven’t gotten to it, yet. After this trip I may push a little harder. Her guy is built.”

“Oho! Than hyou know what I wan’ now, don’ hyou? Down on hyou knees, Brenda!” Gloria spread her thighs, bent her knees against the bench and pulled Brenda’s face into her well-waxed snatch.

Brenda could see that she was already getting aroused. Gloria’s labia were darkening and her generous clit was starting to protrude. The sight was exciting and Brenda’s own crotch started to tremble and heat up. She wrapped her hands around Gloria’s thighs, closed her eyes and ran her tongue slowly up the darker girl’s slit, reaching in as far as she could and pulling it up with excruciating slowness until she reached that wonderful clit. That got a long, sloppy suck. Then she did the whole thing again.

Soon Gloria was moaning gently, here belly twitching and jiggling as Bren worked her over. Slow lap—suck. Slow lap—suck. Gloria’s body heat melted into the heat of the day and the heat rising from the Gulf Stream beneath the hull. Brenda kept on licking and Gloria twitched and whimpered. Sweat trickled down Gloria’s belly to her sex and onto Brenda’s tongue and the taste of the woman’s arousal, the swelling of her labia and the almost phallic protrusion of her clit distracted the blond from her task. She felt her own juices start to run.

Deep on the back of Gloria’s mind her id was sniggering. So, Brenda think she can draw a line, do she? That putita is in for a big surprise. When I tol’ her to drop to her knees she didn’ even pause an’ I know a sub when I meet one. Before we get to Bermuda, that one is gon’ be gettin’ gangbanged ever day. Hyou jus’ watch!

At last Gloria jerked Brenda’s face into her belly and began to shudder uncontrollably. She cried out, her high yelps echoing off the bright-work and down the spine of the Promiscuous Miss.

Desperate for breath, Brenda pushed away and looked up with a grin at her gasping lover.

“Dios mio, Brenda. Hyou mus’ have been one popular girl at college, weren’ you? Hyou make me wan’ to come back for more, I think, but now for something differen’. Here,” she reached into her tote and pulled out the largest Feeldoe Brenda had ever seen, “hyou stick this inside me, no? And then I fuck hyou ’til hyou toes blow off.”

In wonder and anticipation, Brenda took the great tool. Rubbing the bulbous end against Gloria’s sopping pussy she slid it into the waiting love canal. The phallic end stood up proud and hard-at-the-ready. Brenda gulped. “You—you aren’t gonna bugger me with that, are you? It’s too big!”

“Oh, hyou betcha I am. An’ hyou gonna take it. Get up on hyou knees, Brenda, while I grease this monstro up. An’ when I stick it inside, hyou can jus’ scream and carry on but hyou is gon’ get stretch today, stretch good!”

Confused and alarmed, especially at her own obedience, Brenda turned around and knelt on the cockpit cushions. She gulped but leaned forward onto her elbows desperately commanding her body to relax. The slop of the waves on the hull weren’t loud enough to cover the pop of the KY tube being opened and she imagined Gloria smearing the slippery gel in a thick layer over the monumental tool. Fingers circled her anus, massaging, entering, spreading and, most important packing in more gel. When they went away, Brenda knew what to expect next. Even before Gloria took her stance behind her, Brenda started to push out.

A great knob pushed against her. Hands grasped her hip bones and the pressure increased. Brenda felt her muscles spread around the big silicone dong, spread wider, start to burn and then suddenly it was inside her. She squealed. Gloria laughed and slapped her on the butt. “That’s what we wan’ hear, Putita, hyou squeal now when I stretch hyou good and when the hombres do you up the culo it don’ feel bad at all, even when hyou do all four of them. An’ Brenda, don’ kid hyouself. Hyou gonna take all of them one after another an’ us, too, all the way to Bermuda.”

The burning sensation faded and Brenda sagged. Gloria pulled on the blonde’s hips again and the big dido went in further. Brenda gasped. It wasn’t the same diameter all the way but got bigger at the base. A whimper escaped her throat and she heard Gloria chuckle and felt the warmth of the woman’s pelvis on her own ass. “Now I fuck hyou, Putita, I fuck hyou good. Hyou jus’ go ahead and scream if hyou wan’ but I’m gonna take my time and enchoy hyou fine ass. Maybe later this afternoon, I do it again.”


Down in the salon, Bobby wiped his face. Sally-Ann was another screamer and his tongue had sent her up and down the scales until she pushed him away.

“That was right well done, Bobby,” Hal commented, “And now that you’ve got her ready to go you can help her into the harness. She told me you gave her a damned good ride yesterday so I think you ought to do it again. Get her dong good and greased up and then just lay back and spread. She’ll take it, or more correctly you, from there.”

Bobby started to do as ordered though he wondered why. He’d never had any problem with Brenda wanting to be on top but having women actually fuck his ass was weird. It did feel good so he wasn’t about to complain though taking the female role on his back was a little embarrassing, especially when her husband was watching!

Once the Feeldoe was in place and the harness tightened to Sally-Ann’s satisfaction, she tousled his hair and gave him a gentle push onto his back. “Knees up, Sweetie,” she commanded, “a little higher so Sally-Ann can stick this big ol’ thang where it belongs. There! I hope you’re ready for a long ride, honey, ’cause the best thing about silicone is it never goes down!”

Gary felt the dildo press on his ass and then when Sally-Ann gave a most un-feminine thrust with her hips, he gasped. “That—that’s b—bigger than the one you used yesterday!”

“And it’s smaller than the one I’ll use tomorrow, baby. You should see the one Gloria is buggering Brenda with. It’s nearly the size of your wife’s wrist. I know she told you she drew the line at daily gangbangs but believe me by the time we reach the islands she’ll be bringing out a big tube of hot lube and assuming the position. All you guys will do her, we three will do her and then we three will all do you, Mr. Hartly. You and your cute-assed little wife are the toys for this trip and you’re going to get played with a lot.”

She slid her wrists under his arms and reached and grabbed his, pinning him to the carpet. Never in his life had Gary felt so—subjected, so—used. He looked up and saw a flushed and happy looking Melissa looking down at him with a gleeful expression.

“Are we lining up, yet, Sally-Ann? Marco just did me and I need to get cleaned up but I’ll be back as soon as I’m done. How long do you think you’ll take?”

Sally-Ann looked down into Bobby’s eyes. “How long will I take? I dunno. Tell me Bobby dear, how long do you think I should take? Shall I just fuck you until I come or shall I wear you out and make you plead for mercy?”

Before Bobby could respond she began to drill her big silicone tool in and out of his butt. The delicious sensations sent thrills through his body and his cock stiffened. Sally-Ann’s belly rubbed against it, increasing his pleasure while the tip of her dong touched his prostate with each thrust. She grinned down at him. “I’ll bet I can make you cum, Bobby-doll, make you cum all over us. And if I do and then Melissa does and then Gloria does you won’t be any fun tonight. We can’t let that happen, can we? Missy,” she called over her shoulder, “I’ll take my time here but if you’ll shower fast and bring up a cock ring? We mustn’t let Bobby here off to easily.”

“Right!” Melissa hurried for the companionway, “Prolonging the agony improves the ecstasy. Back in five.”

Sally-Ann pressed hungry lips on Bobby’s, forcing his mouth open and then driving her tongue in with each thrust of her hips. Was this what if felt like to be double penetrated? Vaguely he heard Hal stand up and drop his trousers to the deck. The Promiscuous Miss’s master stroked himself until he was stiff and ready. Reaching down for the lubricant bottle his wife had left open, he slathered a generous coat of the goo all over his manhood. He knelt behind Sally-Ann and she felt him spread her buttocks. She giggled.

“Whaddya know, Bobby,” she whispered, “Hal’s gonna bugger me while I bugger you. Won’t that be fun? Maybe on the way home he’ll do you without me between us. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Maybe when Melissa gets back he’ll do her the same way. Uh!”


That night in the dark, Brenda lay face down, a pillow rolled up under her hips. The cabin door clicked open and then shut as her night’s lover entered and dropped something on the floor next to the berth.. As he climbed in beside her she took a sniff and smiled.

“Hi, baby, you make up a full set.”

“Full set?” Bobby asked.

“Mm-hmm. All the other guys have had me today already so you’re the last of the set. What kept you?”

His hand ran softly down her back and circled her butt softly. His fingers slipped between her buttcheeks and felt the gel. Brenda was turning into a happy catamite Bobby thought with a smile. “Uh, I was a little busy. All the guys except me have had you already? Well, all the women except you have had me already. In fact, Melissa came back for seconds after Gloria used her huge thing on me.”

“Aw,” Brenda’s sympathy was ironic, “Did Bobby’s booty get abused? Does it feel abused?”

Bobby blushed in the dark. “Actually, it’s pretty happy. I’ve heard about guys getting pegged by their chicks but never thought it would be something I’d agree to. It seems I was wrong.”

Brenda started rotating her hips under her husband’s palm. “So was I, Sweetie. If fact, I’ve been dead wrong. What I said this morning? Forget it. Gloria made it very clear. I’m going to get gangbanged, spit roasted, cream-pied and tit fucked for the next seven days. And the interesting part, Bobby, is so will you. That’s the thing about silicone—it never goes down so you can expect to spend about half the day either eating pussy or getting pegged all the way there. Maybe even all the way back.”

Bobby started squeezing Brenda’s ass. She ran her hand down his chest. Yep, he was getting hard. She reached up onto the nightstand and fumbled around in the drawer until she found a cock ring. “Bobby,” she whispered seductively, “since I’m the only chick who hasn’t gotten into your butt today and you’re the only guy who hasn’t gotten into mine, I think we ought to take turns.” She snapped the ring tight around the base of his cock. “There, now you can’t come until I take that off. You get up here on the pillow first and when I’m done with you, do me.”

Chuckling, Bobby traded places with his wife, folded his hands under his cheek and closed his eyes. Brenda leered down at him in the dark. Rummaging around in her tote bag, her hands closed on the big peach colored Fun-do. I wonder. Supposedly if my Kegle muscles are strong enough, I can do this without a harness. Let’s just see if it works. She stuck the bulb in her mouth and covered it with spit then spread her pussy and slipped it in. Starlight through the porthole dimly lit her belly with the eight inches of silicone sticking up from her snatch. Mmmm—that’s a lot sexier than putting the harness on. I think I’ll just walk around with this tomorrow and give the guys the evil eye. I wonder how they’ll react. Hmpf, they’ll probably demand I take it off and put out for them. Either that or while I’m bonking one, two more will come up and spit roast me when I can’t get away.

Melissa had given her an assortment of LubeShooters. “It’s disposable, Bren, just toss it and get on with things. I don’t know why Sally-Ann doesn’t just get a case of them and put a bunch in each stateroom.” Brenda grinned. I’m gonna do it. I’ll put the dong in, grab a LubeShooter and walk right up to Marco and just stare him in the eye. But right now . . . She spread Bobby’s thighs with her knees and his buttocks with her left hand gave the LubeShooter a little squeeze to slick up the tip and pushed it up Bobby’s butt before pressing the plunger and withdrawing it. Now, there’s a good layer of gel inside him so it’s time for the fucking to begin.

Leaning over his back Brenda brushed her nipples across Bobby’s back, making him hum. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, Bobby-love, I’m gonna make you my bitch tonight. It won’t matter how many times you do me, from now on you’re my bitch and when I want your ass you’re gonna give it, just—like—now!”

Her hips slapped against Bobby’s butt as he gasped. Sinking her nails into his sides and her teeth into his shoulder she began to pump furiously. Sweat popped out on her forehead and trickled down her face. It dripped off her sides and trickled between her butt cheeks. She panted with the effort and felt the tension rise. It started in her crotch and spread out sending electric twinges through her body. Her shoulders started to itch and still she thrust, growling softly deep in her throat. Brenda’s face felt like a balloon ready to burst and stars lit up inside her eyelids. Power, power and need drove her and she ravaged her man mercilessly until the damn burst. With a shrill cry Brenda lost all control and the waves of orgasm washed over her. She convulsed and shuddered uncontrollably, going on and on longer than any climax she’d had before.

Finally, as the whimpers and twitches died away, she crawled off him and sat back on her heels. “Phew! Baby, if that’s what it feels like to you guys, no wonder you’re always on us for more pussy.”

Bobby rolled over. “You bite too hard! I swear I don’t know whether it’s sweat or blood running down my back. Vampires are supposed to be sexy but sexy doesn’t mean you have to go vampire.”

“Mmmm, you’re still all hard. I like that in a man. Time to plunder me good, Bobby?”

“Time for something special, I think.” As she ‘assumed the position’ over the pillows, Bobby dug around in the tote on the floor then grabbed his wife’s wrists and fastened them together behind her back.


“Fur-lined cuffs, Bren. Comfy, aren’t they?”

Brenda had to admit that they were, indeed, a lot more comfortable than old nylons or neckties. He reached under he belly and clipped a chain around her and then snapped another cuff on each ankle.


He pulled up each ankle and tethered it to her belly chain. “I’m trussing you up, baby, nice, tight and helpless. And now,” he took off the cock ring, “we’ll see just who the bitch really is. I’m gonna fuck that pink little asshole of your for real tonight, baby, and that’s just tonight. That crack you made about not gettin’ gang banged? Forget it, Bren, tomorrow Hal’s got a special surprise for you, one we’re going to have fun with all the way to Bermuda.”

He’s right, she thought, I just thought I was in control. I’m not. I’m the sex toy and I should just relax and get used to being plundered. I wonder if they’ll invite ‘guests’ on board when we get there? How many men can I fuck in one day? “Oh!” Bobby hadn’t been the least gentle this time. It was probably revenge but he just put the lubricated helmet of his ‘pretty big’ cock at the opening of her anus and drove inside. It burned—but oddly enough, it was a good kind of burn, one that sort of put her in her place, that turned the tables on who was whose bitch.

Bobby lay full length on top of her. He reached around and clutched a breast in each hand and bit gently on her earlobe. With a growl of his own he pulled out and drove in again—and again—and again. Brenda moaned. She doubted that she had another orgasm in her tonight but there was something satisfying about being so used, so able to please her man. Tomorrow would bring the other men, wanting her, using her, enjoying her. Yes, I’m going to get buggered to Bermuda. Bring ’em on!


In the morning a look outside the porthole showed whitecaps and squall lines. It might be summer but the weather topsides didn’t look like anything she wanted to go naked in. Brenda slipped on a set of flannel sweats after her shower, brushed her hair and refreshed her makeup. So Hal had a surprise for her that would make everyone, or at least everyone else, very happy? Squaring her shoulders, Brenda strode down the corridor to the main salon—to find something being assembled.

“What in the world?” she asked around the raised chocolate donut, fresh from the deep fryer.

Sally-Ann smirked. “Its the first of our new line. Hal has decided to branch out into ‘furniture’, and I use the term loosely. It’s a sort of marriage between a bondage frame and a pillory. You just kneel down on this nice soft pad, put your head and hands in these openings and we close the top down on you. See, there’s this platform for someone to stand on who wants head and your bottom is open and ready for any sort of fun and games from that end. Oh, and the closure had a timer and an emergency switch. After an hour it opens automatically and if you get really uncomfortable, all you have to do is flick this switch with a toe and, bingo, you’re released. Cool, huh?”

Brenda looked at it, all polished wood and fine leather. She walked around it, stroked the pads where knees and elbows would rest. She closed the top, then flicked the toe switch. Sure enough the top popped up. “Will an hour be long enough?”

“Sure, honey. After all, the guys will be doing you two at a time. Heck, after they’re done there ought to be enough time for us to take you on, too. I can hardly wait to feel that cute little tongue working my pussy all up and down. Gloria says you really know how to make a chick scream.”

Brenda swallowed the last of the donut and reached for another, her other hand out for the cup of coffee Gary offered. “Don’t—don’t I at least get turned on before everyone jumps me?”

Marco chuckled. “Brendita, don’ you go through the Glistening Cucumber catalog? Oh, yeah, you gon’ be turned on—like a searchlight!”

“Well, of course I do,” she replied a bit petulantly, “but I admit it’s mostly to look at the lingerie. I’ve got the entire set of cotton chiffon nighties.”

Bobby snorted. “That’s when she isn’t drooling over the model in the black leatherwear.”

Sally-Ann laughed. “Isn’t he gorgeous? If you want I can set you up on a date with him. He’d love to take you dancing at the Maroon Raccoon.”

“The Maroon—oh. I suppose I should have known. He’s gay.”

“Yup, but he does love to dance. You couldn’t ask for a safer date next time Bobby’s away on business.”

Brenda looked at her husband with a raised eyebrow. “I might just do that. And who knows? Maybe he’s only mostly gay.”

Hal turned from the helm. “You all better sit down. Holding on might not be a bad idea, either. We’re about to hit a squall. Radar shows it’s not too big so we should be through it in less than an hour but for now forget about the frame. And anyone who goes topsides? Life jacket and safety lines will be worn, folks. It’s going to be a bit rough.”


When the storm ended, the sea calmed down enough for everyone to eat lunch and the heat returned. An hour later, though, it wasn’t the Gulf Stream’s heat that was on Brenda’s mind but the heat at the base of her thighs. She starred wonderingly at the little digital box on the seat next to her and the wires running down to patches on her ankles. Who would have thought that a few volts running from one to the other could have such an effect on her crotch? And that stuff in the squeeze bottle Sally-Ann shot up her nose, the PL-6983? No one had so much as kissed her but now, fifteen minutes later, she was just as Marco had said, turned on like a search light. The ElectroSex switched itself off so she reached down, undid the electrodes, stood up and walked over to the pillory bench.

“Okay, I—I guess I’m ready.”

Approving murmurs responded and Sally-Ann stepped up to her. She took out a stretchy black velvet hood that slipped neatly over Brenda’s head covering everything but her nose and mouth and closed the Velcro beneath her chin. Brenda shivered in anticipation and then thumbs slid inside the waistband of her sweats at either hip and slowly, smoothly drew them down to her feet. Warm breath played over her naked buttocks and a warm, wet tongue ran down the cleft between them. Lips pressed against hers sucking urgently and a tongue played between them while unseen hands pulled down the zipper on her hoodie, pushed it off her shoulders and then kneaded her breasts. She sighed. The lips left hers and worked their way down her neck, kissing and licking her throat, her collarbones and then down to her nipples. It lingered, swirling around each one in turn before hungry lips seized each nipple and sucked hard while the hands squeezed them.

Brenda gasped. Another mouth was on her sex, also sucking and licking. She moaned, chirped and then nearly fell as the spasms shuddered through her.

“And now it’s our turn,” a voice whispered in her ear. Brenda was pulled to the bench, helped onto the kneeling pads and then pushed forward. Her elbows came to rest on another set of pads and more pads closed around her wrists. She lowered her head and felt the top click down on her neck, trapping her in position.

“Can you feel the toe switch? Melissa asked. Bren reached for it and felt someone move the emergency release to where she could just reach it but wouldn’t trip it accidentally.

“Good.” Gary commented. “Now our little toy is all trussed up ready for play and doesn’t she look inviting? Really, Bobby, your wife has the most delicious backside. Just look at it all round, smooth, and pink.” Beneath the hood Brenda dimpled at the praise and gave a little wiggle. She felt warm hands caress and fondle her buttocks and then someone stuck suction cups on her nipples. It felt like a small electric shock that ran down to her pussy, now wetter and more swollen than ever. Fingers ran up and down her puffy labia and swirled around her now-stiff clit. She whimpered and twitched.

Nipples tickled her back and hands reached around her and squeezed both hanging breasts. A tongue ran around the shell of her ear and a set of teeth gently squeezed her earlobe. Sally-Ann murmured in her ear, “So juicy, succulent and ripe for plucking! Twerk for the boys, Brenda, and lets the gang get this bang started.”

Brenda gulped, bounced her ass and rotated her hips as invitingly as she knew how. There was applause and then a warm, soft cock head brushed her lips. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, lapping it and felt it start to swell and stiffen. She sucked it in, taking it as far as she could without gagging and rubbed the underside with her tongue. It grew in her mouth and its owner began to thrust and withdraw gently.

At the same time something small and hard pushed into her ass. A LubeShooter! Someone’s greasing me up so they can fuck my butt. She sucked harder and began to bob her head while a large, warm mass eased its way up her anus. Here it comes. Ooo! It must be Bobby. None of the other guys are so big. Slowly the thing spread her sphincters but after yesterdays ‘abuse’, the burn was just a tingle. It actually felt good. The thrusting in her mouth sped up and two hands clutched her hair, holding her up so now the thrusts were going down her throat. The men matched their movements. I’m spit-roasted! They’re taking their time using me, making me give them as much pleasure as possible. I’m a sex object, just a sex object and—I love it! The onlookers began to clap in rhythm with the men’s thrusts and shouted out their encouragement, both to the men and to Brenda.

“Take it, girl, you know what you’re for!”

“Vayan, chingeros! Usen la putitia. Hagale dura. Marco, hyou mus’ get one of those. Then, some Friday night hyou lock me in have ever’body over and an’ do me like that. Maybe I try it out in Bermuda?”

“C’mon, Bobby, put your back in it. Make that booty bounce.”

The men started to speed up. It was getting hard to breathe between strokes and she felt Bobby’s hips slapping against her ass. Suddenly the man in her mouth gave a grunt and salty warm cum shot down her throat. She swallowed and sucked him dry and swallowed again. And then Bobby groaned, shooting his load up her butt. As Brenda knelt, panting, a mouth devoured hers, sucking and probing wetly and then broke off. A voice whispered, “Thanks, beautiful, you give great head.”

“So,” Sally-Ann’s voice rose over the chatter, “next two guys ready? Get up her and fuck.”

This time the cock in her mouth was already hard and eager and the one behind entered her ass like it was a wet pussy. The beat went on. The combination of the clapping, someone’s ringing finger cymbals and the men driving into her sent Brenda into a shallow trance. All thought faded leaving only sound, scent, taste and touch. Time drifted away until again her mouth and ass were filled. But there was no release.

Now the smell of aroused woman filled her nose and she heard Sally-Ann growl, “Eat this pussy, bitch. We’re not done with you, not by a long shot.”

Brenda again stuck out her tongue but this time felt engorged labia and a stiff aroused clitoris. She opened her mouth and sucked in as much of the woman’s sex as she could then began to lick furiously. Just then the familiar, slightly dreaded feel of Gloria’s super dong pressed against her pucker. Pushing out hard she felt herself open like a flower bud and the great tool slowly forced its way into her.

“Man, look at that!” Gary exclaimed, “she takes that thing like a champ. Whenever I see Gloria with that thing I go hide but Brenda just takes it in and keeps on sucking. What a trooper!”

His wife snorted. “Gary, you’re such a pussy. Wait ’til we break out the guy frame and strap you in. We’ll take turns using that on you until you admit you like it. Shoot, I’m going to order one myself and drill your butt every week once we get home. Don’t be such a poop.!

The sex in Brenda’s mouth started to shudder and twitch and Sally-Ann cried out in ecstasy. She dropped to her knees and kissed Brenda long, deep and hot. “Baby,” she whispered, “if I didn’t have to entertain one of the guys tonight, I’d be in your bed so fast—maybe I am a closet Lesbian.”

Gloria moaned behind her and withdrew. Brenda waited. “Well,” she asked faintly, “what will it be, Mel, heads or tails?”

There was a long pause and then two hands grabbed her face and pushed it against Melissa’s crotch. “Heads.”

Ten minutes later, the pillory was unlocked from Brenda’s head and wrists. Lime scented damp cloths wiped her face and helped her clean up. The hood came off and she looked around the salon at her friends. A mischievous smile turned up the corners of her mouth.

“Same thing tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yup,” Hal answered for the group, “and the day after that and the day after that. All the way to Bermuda!”

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