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My Colors are White and Gold

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Hot piss marches up my chest, over my chin, and into my eager mouth. Piss fills my mouth only to flow over my chin and down my chest, still warm. He’s thin and not very tall, which make’s his big cock look massive. I swallow and while his bladder is still emptying, lean forward and take his cock in my mouth.

I partly swallow and partly let his piss drain straight into my hunger gullet. When his stream tails off, I push the rest of his cock into my mouth and shake my head. Muttering surrounds me, coming from all sides and above.

My partner, Joe, is off to one side, careful not to get the video camera wet. We’ll post the video later and fuck as we watch the comments roll in. The dude I’m sucking feels like he’s getting close. His muttering has become more of a hiss. I let his cock fall from my mouth. He grabs his cock and smacks my cheek with it. His other hand presses against the back of my head, forcing my mouth toward his cock. His hand leaves his cock. He grips the sides of my head, holding it immobile. He fucks my mouth. I gag. Hot fluid, tasting of his piss, flows from the corners of my mouth. For such a skinny little fucker he’s strong.

I hear Joe remind him that if he doesn’t cum on my face he only gets half his pay. If the dude hears the warning he doesn’t acknowledge it. He just keeps pounding his deliciously large cock into the back of my throat. For whatever the reason, his own memory of the rules or Joe’s reminder, he pulls his hips back. One hand again moves to the back of my head, the other points his cock at my face. He doesn’t stroke it. He doesn’t need to. He erupts.

Gouts of his whitish cream fall in my mouth, on my face and chin. When he’s done, I take his cock back in my mouth. I caress it with my tongue as he grows soft, savoring the pungent taste of cum. When I release him, his cock is too soft to clean my face. He uses one index finger to wipe his cum off my face, feeding it to me, one swipe at a time. I suck at his finger greedily. He steps away, already pulling at his cock. He steps closer to one of the other men and begins to kiss him. His hand wraps around the other’s cock. That’s fine. As long as they’ve done their duty by me, they can do whatever they wish.

Another man turns sideways and squeezes past them. Our bathroom is large but not enormous. Besides Joe and I, there are six men in the room. The shower takes up most of the bathroom but even a shower designed for two gets cramped. The newcomer is stockier than the first. His cock is thicker, making it look shorter but I’m not fooled by this optical illusion. I’ll have trouble getting all that cock into my throat. He asks me to turn around.

Joe had explained to our companions that we don’t “do” safe words. If either of us says “no”, we mean it. I pause for a moment, giving my Joe an opportunity to interject. Hearing no objections, I turn around. I’m told to bend over. I bend over. I’m told to spread my cheeks. I spread my cheeks. I wait for the heat of his piss to flow over my back and into my crack but nothing happens. Then, fingers rub what I assume is spit over my asshole. I wait for Joe to remind the newcomer that there is no fucking or sucking until after I’ve been baptized with his piss. Joe is silent.

I feel the head of the newcomer’s cock press against my asshole. I’m forming the word “no” with my lips. This is against the rules but before I can speak, the newcomer lets go of his bladder. I moan, which, while not against the rules, is frowned upon. He pisses into my colon. I’ve never had a piss enema before. I’m clean. I always get fucked after business is completed and I want to be ready. I bite back another moan. He’s filling me with hot piss. My belly starts to ache and still he pisses. Water and booze are encouraged during the hour or so when we review the rules and get to know each other. They all have full bladders. The ones going last will be ready to burst. I feel some of his piss leak past his cockhead and run down the inside of my legs. He presses more firmly and the head of his cock slides deeper into my guts. He keeps pressing. I press back. I want his cock in my ass, despite the cramping in my guts, I want his cock inside me.

He fucks me. He grips my hips, much as the first dude of the evening had gripped my head. He fucks me and piss is forced from my colon. My legs are wet. I turn my head and look over my shoulder. Every time his thighs slap against the back of my leg a fan of droplets arches through air. He’s pounding his own piss out of me. I hear him ask Joe if he may cum in my ass. I want him to and I’m pleased when permission is given. He fucks me hard, grunting now. Unlike most men of my experience, he doesn’t shorten his strokes as he cums. He keeps pounding away. He’s already fucked most of the piss out of me. I can’t feel his cum but I do feel his cock swell and I know he’s emptying his cock into my ass. When he’s finished, he presses deep inside me. I can see Joe draw closer, focusing the camera on my ass. The newcomer slowly pulls his cock from my ass. I know this will be a close-up. I clamp my ass closed when his cock slips past my sphincter. I wait. I hold it. Joe doesn’t move. I relax and fresh warmth begins to run down my legs.

Joe steps back and immediately I feel heat on my back. The next man, 3, plays his piss over my ass and back as if he’s hosing off his car. I can’t see who has decided to be 3 tonight. I’m supporting myself against the shower wall and my head hangs between my arms. I need to catch my breath. Three pushes his cock inside me. He leans over me. His belly is flat and hard and now I know who it is. He reaches around me with his right arm and flicks the nipple clamp Joe had placed there before the fun started. A flash of pain and intense pleasure sings through my body. He does it again. And yet again, before turning his attention to my other nipple. Three doesn’t take long. They usually don’t, most are too excited and/or too young for much control. Everyone is over twenty-one but no one is over twenty-five, except my partner and I. Twenty-somethings rarely have the resources for this type of party and contrary to popular myths, orgies of eight don’t happen randomly.

Three remembers half his fee is tied up in the money shot. He pulls out and does not disappoint. I don’t know if he has been going through a dry spell or if he’s out of his mind with lust but he cums forever. My back feels like it is covered in his seed. His first few shots have arched over my shoulder and landed on the shower wall. I make sure I have Joe’s attention and then dip my head and lick the cum off the wall. Three tells me there is cum on the floor.

I turn. I get down on all fours and lap the cum from the floor. Like my ass and colon, I know the shower is spotless. We prepare these nights well in advance. I love my fun but I only want to give the impression of debasing myself not the reality. If I didn’t know the floor was spotless there’s no fucking way I’d put my tongue on it. I’m less sure about 3’s feet but the line of black hair running from the back of his big toe up the top of his foot is too sexy to pass up. I lick my way from the top of his foot to his dick. In regard to length, it’s the smallest cock so far tonight but it was immensely satisfying so I lavish attention on it.

When 3 steps away, I see that 1 is mostly hard again. He has switched his attention to 2. Three joins them. Once I’ve enjoyed their services they are free agents, free to leave, free to pair up or team up, or free to stay and watch both the uploaded video and Joe and I fucking. They all know the video will be uploaded. None of their faces will be visible. A couple of them have distinctive tattoos, which would worry me but apparently not them. They’ve signed releases drawn up by very good attorneys.

The man who will be number four steps forward. He’s a half-step ahead of the youngest of tonight’s sextet. The youngster, 21 I’ve dubbed him in homage to his age, wears a pinched expression. Any second I expect to see him scrunch his legs together and start doing the bouncy I-gotta-pee dance. Poor guy. I’ll have to see what I can do for him when it’s his turn.

Four is Mr. Average, except for the heat in his eyes. He asks me to sit on the floor. I comply. I look down. A puddle of cum and piss is forming around my ball sack. The change in my position allows more of 3’s donation to leak from my ass. Four is straightforward, no games for him. He pushes his cock down a bit and let’s fly. Despite the water and booze, his piss is the darkest yellow. He aims for my mouth. I don’t mind. I’m into piss and this is piss. Finished, he stands with a foot on either side of my thighs, squats and pushes his cock into my mouth. It’s an awkward position. He can’t do much. If he’s trying to dominate, he’s not doing a very good job of it. I’m amused but I like to imagine I’m basically a kind person, so despite my amusement, I begin to suck his cock. Even an average cock is a pleasure. I enjoy sucking him off but I’m distracted by his stance.

I had explained to the group, as had my Joe, that although I loved water sports, I am not a submissive. No one is calling me names or shoving me around. I’ll suck them and I’ll luxuriate in their water, steaming hot and fresh from deep inside them, but if from that they imagine I will let them manipulate me or humiliate me, real humiliation not pretend, well they’re fucking nuts. So, I let him squat awkwardly, thighs starting to tremble as I suck his cock. Poor, foolish 4. When, he straightens and unloads on my face I feel relief for him. I baby his cock with my mouth, wondering if I can transfer some of my own self-confidence and pride into him via my mouth through his cock. There’s no way to tell from his demeanor when he steps a way. I offer him half a smile and he seems confused. I’m certain he won’t be staying and he doesn’t. He nods at Joe and leaves the bathroom.

And then there are two. Twenty-one really is about to start dancing. His remaining compatriot looks horny as fuck. Twenty-one is beautiful. He’s a shade under six feet. He’s ripped without being bulky. His delts, biceps, abs, quads, all beautifully visible beneath his pale satiny skin. He’s hairless. His head is shaved. His chest, his belly, his legs, his cock; totally smooth. His cock hangs heavily between his legs, the tip of the crown peaking out of his foreskin, the only uncut cock tonight. High cheek bones, nose narrow without being sharp, strong chin and a hint of dimples when he smiles, complete the picture. What’s truly lovely is he appears to be unaware of how beautiful he is. He’s shy. I’m a bit surprised, to be frank, that he’s stuck it out this long. During the intro/welcome portion of the evening he had kept glancing over his shoulder, as if his mom might walk in. He is utterly engaging. I want him most of all.

I stand up and ask Joe to hand me a robe. He does so without comment. I hand it to 21, whisper for him to put it on, explaining I don’t want his bare back on the cold shower wall. I position him in the corner and motion to 6 to join us. I’m horny and want to quicken the pace. Six is as beautiful as the shy young man in front of me but in a different way. He’s solid, quiet. He hasn’t said a dozen words all evening. He’s hairy where 21 is smooth. He looks like the guy no one can believe is bi or gay. He’s only three years older than 21 but he looks older, feels older. It’s not just the hairy body. It’s the way he carries himself.

I kneel in front of the now plush-robed 21. He looks even prettier with the open robe framing his body. I nod for him to go ahead. It takes a moment. I can see him tense up. It’s not easy to pee, openly pee, in front of other people. I whisper encouragement. He sighs, defeat dances around the corners of his eyes. He squares his shoulders, holds his cock lightly between the thumb and forefinger…and succeeds. I’m proud of him.

His piss hits me hot and hard in the center of my chest. It’s white fire that blossoms in the air. I lower my head to catch his gift. I swallow convulsively. He’s pissing so fast, so hard, I can accept only half of his offering. Six is rubbing the back of my head and shoulders. He seems not to mind the splatters of piss. As his stream finally dies away, 21 appears stunned by what he has done. Before he freaks out, I wrap one hand around his cock and begin to tug at it.

As I do, I turn to face 6 and open my mouth. He surprises me by putting the fingers of one hand under my chin and gently closing my mouth. He motions for me to stand. I rise, curious. I continue to stroke my young companion’s cock. Six inclines his head, waiting for a response. I kiss him. His tongue pushes against my lips. I yield. He steps close, one of his legs going between my own. His thigh presses against the cock cage between my legs. His cock is pressed flat between our bellies. His tongue becomes more aggressive as he lets his water go. In the confined space between our bodies it rises to wet and warm our chests before escaping to run down our sides.

His mouth leaves mine. He extends an arm to 21 who hesitates a moment before stepping closer. Six turns slightly and helps 21 out of the robe. He hands it to Joe. Six and I each wrap an arm around 21’s back. Six nuzzles 21’s cheek. Twenty-one turns and they kiss. My cock, trapped in its cage aches. Reading my mind, 6 breaks his kiss and turns to look at me. His hand goes between my legs and he tugs at my balls. I moan.

Twenty-one asks if it hurts. I tell him it does. I tell him that tangled up with the pain is pleasure, intense pleasure, pleasure that must be earned. The pain is payment. Six kisses me then tells 21 he shouldn’t listen to my bullshit. He kisses me again. I let him. He has a point. I ask 21 if he would like to fuck me now. He asks if he can kiss me. Fuck, he’s a heartbreaker. We kiss and I feel him relax. Six presses his face against ours. We trade round-robin kisses, all the while Joe is moving around us with the camera, holding it above our heads, squatting to film our cocks, mine, purple and angry inside its cage. My aching cock urges me to get a move on. I pull away and drop to all fours.

21 doesn’t kneel. He squats behind me. Unlike 4, his thighs don’t tremble. I watch over my shoulder as he spits into his palm and lubes his cock. He spits on his fingers and rubs it over my asshole. He moves forward. I thrust my ass upwards. He enters me slowly and I sigh my pleasure as his pole makes its way inside me.

Six steps in front of me and cups my chin with his hand. I open my mouth and accept his gift. I deep throat him and begin to use my mouth, my tongue, and my hand to work his cock. Twenty-one pulls out, as slowly as he entered, then pushes forward. He picks up speed. I keep time, pushing back to meet his cock, then pushing forward to bury 6’s cock in my throat. I’m on a cock seesaw and I couldn’t be happier.

I pick up the pace, forcing 21 and 6 to do the same. Joe reminds them that when they are close, they should pull out and come on my face. 21 does so almost immediately. Six moves to stand beside him. I kneel before 21. I love the way his cock disappears under his foreskin.

I take his cock in my mouth and plunge my tongue under the foreskin and swirl it around the head. I feel his cock swelling in my mouth and pull back just in time. I don’t want him to lose half his pay just because I can’t keep my mouth off his dick. I only felt 4’s load; it seemed massive. Twenty-one’s doesn’t seem massive; it is massive. Thick white rope after thick white rope explodes from his cock as his hips jerk and he makes the most adorable whimpering sounds. Despite the randomness of his spray, my mouth fills quickly. I make sure Joe has a good shot of my mouth full of 21’s cum before I swallow. I open my mouth for the camera, showing that it is now empty and 21’s jizz is now sliding down my throat and into my eager stomach.

Twenty-one staggers over to lean against the vanity countertop. He’s panting. Six uses the head of his cock to wipe 21’s cum off my face and put it in my mouth. He can’t get the jizz off the eye mask. I’ll take care of that when the camera is off. After he cleans my face off with his cock, he uses one hand to tip my head back. Joe moves in for a close up. Six rests his cock on my outstretched tongue. He strokes his cock slowly, softly. When he cums, it’s straight into my mouth. I’m lucky tonight. Everyone is a big shooter. We always ask for heavy shooters and everyone always says they’re heavy shooters but tonight it would appear no one was lying. Remarkable really.

Joe gets another good shot of my open mouth brimming with cum and another of my empty mouth after I swallow.

Six and 21 are hugging and kissing by the vanity. I wonder if they will stay and watch. That’d be cool but right now I don’t care. I need my wife to fuck me as we watch the video of me taking six loads of piss and cum. I can practically taste her pussy.

Josephine gives me a smile and heads off to start uploading the video. With the camera off, I remove the eye mask, doubting that it makes me look like Zorro and not a dork, though Joe assures me it does. I lick the leather clean. I run my hands through my hair and lick them clean.

I take a moment to remind 6 and 21 they are welcome to stay. One through 3 have joined 4 and left. I hope 6 and 21 will stay but I don’t have time to offer encouragement. Joe and her strap-on are waiting for me.

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