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Dessert With the Neighbors

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Jan didn’t know Carol very well. Of course she had seen Carol around the neighborhood some, and they ran into each other at the grocery sometimes. But they really weren’t friends, just acquaintances. Jan had heard things about Carol and her husband Rob. One of the neighborhood rumors was that the couple went to some pretty wild parties, but Jan wasn’t sure she believed it. As far as she knew they were just another middle-aged couple.

That’s why Jan was surprised when she found Carol on her doorstep that morning.

“Hi,” Carol said. Sorry to bother you, but I just got a flat tire. I wonder if I could use your phone to call Triple A.”

“Sure,” Jan said, noticing the car in front of their house which seemed to be listing to one side. It was pouring down rain, and Jan understood why Carol hadn’t walked the two blocks to her own house to call. “Come on in and get dry. There’s a phone in the kitchen you can use.”

“Thanks. I don’t want to get your carpet all wet, though.”

“No problem, just take off your shoes and you’ll be okay.”

While Carol was calling, Jan went and got a towel for Carol to dry off with.

“Thanks, Carol said when she got off the phone. “They can’t get here for at least an hour. Maybe I’ll try to get home and come back.”

“Don’t go out there,” Jan told her. “I’ve got some fresh coffee. Just sit down and wait here.”

“I don’t want to be a bother.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve been cleaning all morning and was looking for an excuse to sit down awhile myself. Make yourself comfortable.”

The two women sat and talked about neighborhood stuff for a while. Jan was pleasantly surprised at how they had so many interests in common. They were both crafters and both did a lot of sewing. It turned out they had plenty to talk about. Then Carol mentioned how her husband Rob worked a lot of nights. He had a janitorial service that cleaned offices in the evenings. Carol said that Rob wasn’t working that night because they were going to a party. This immediately stirred up Jan’s interest.

“And, before you ask,” Carol said, “it really is ‘that kind’ of party. I know there are rumors going around about our lifestyle – and they’re pretty much true.” Carol was so matter of fact about it, Jan didn’t even think to be offended or shocked.

“So,” Jan asked shyly, “this is a wife swapping party you’re going to?”

“Well, we don’t call it that. We call it ‘swinging’ or ‘the lifestyle.’ But yes, it is that kind of party.”

Carol went on the explain that they had been swinging for several years, and having sex with others was an important part of their own sex lives together. “Does that shock you,” she asked.

“Actually it doesn’t,” Jan said. “We tried it ourselves a few times, but that was years ago. Well, really 20 years ago.”

“Why did you stop? Jealousy?” Carol asked.

“Not really. I wasn’t jealous – in fact I liked seeing Mike enjoying himself. I was really more afraid of how much I liked it. Mike is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I got worried that I liked the intimacy with other men too much. I guess the bottom line is that I didn’t trust myself, not Mike.”

“So you liked fucking other guys?” Carol bluntly asked.

“Oh yeah. Way too much. I wasn’t worried about Mike because after every experience he’d fuck my brains out. He just couldn’t seem to get enough of me. That’s why I was so worried that he might be jealous, or have a good reason to be.

“We have always had a great sex life. Hell, I love doing just about anything he wants, and usually end up wanting it as much or more than he does. I even love the taste of his semen, although I know it turns a lot of women off. Damn, I got him good this morning,” she said. “I snuck up on him before he put his pants on. No foreplay or anything. I just grabbed him and started sucking. He wasn’t even hard. He tasted so good,” she said, remembering again how surprised he had been. “Three minutes – four tops – he was shooting cum down my throat. What a kick.” Jan had no idea why she shared that. It just seemed so natural, talking to Carol.

“Yeah, I did Rob this morning too,” Carol said. “It took him a little longer though. Probably because he fucked me twice last night. Amazing how something as simple as a blow job in the morning keeps a guy eating out of your hand, isn’t it? And don’t you just love the feeling of power it gives you?” she added.

“Oh yes. Of course when you have one of his most prized possessions between your teeth, and two others cradled in your hand, you’re bound to have complete control.” Jan thought a moment, then asked in a more serious vein, “Have you done a lot of guys?”

“Quite a few,” Carol answered.

“Do they all taste alike? Their semen, I mean.”

“No, not really,” Carol said. “But I think that’s more because of what their diet is composed of, what kind of spices and all. It seems like food makes a lot of difference in how a man’s cum tastes.”

“Yeah, I suppose so. I’ve noticed a difference myself if Mike’s been eating a lot of citrus fruits. His cum definitely tastes different, more tart and acidy.”

About that time they heard the service truck honking out front. Carol bundled up again and started out to get her car. As she was leaving, she said to Jan, “We’ll have to get together with you guys sometime for dinner.” Then,noticing the look on Jan’s face, added, “We do have what we call ‘vanilla’ friends too. Just for dinner sometime, okay?”

“Sure,” Jan said. “Call me.”

Over the next few weeks Jan and Carol talked on the phone and went to craft shops together. While Jan never said anything to Mike about their conversation, he did remark that she and Carol were getting to be pretty good friends. He never commented about the rumors he had heard, but he did seem awfully interested in what she and Carol were doing together.

Jan and Carol didn’t talk about the lifestyle again, although Jan thought about it a lot. She had to admit, she was excited by the thought of watching Mike with another woman – while she was having another man.

Then one Friday Carol called and asked the two of them over for a cookout Saturday. “Just for fun,” she told Jan. “No strings attached.”

“Sure,” Jan had responded, “it sounds like fun.” Jan wondered to herself what kind of ‘fun’ she was wanting to have with Carol, and more especially with Stan.

That Saturday afternoon Jan and Mike were getting ready to go out. Jan took a long shower, then Mike had his turn. While Mike was showering, Jan went into the bedroom and laid down on the bed. When Mike walked in the first thing he saw was his wife laid out naked, her legs dangling off the edge of the bed, her hands rubbing her pussy. Mike stood a moment, watching his wife finger herself. Jan looked him directly in the eye and said, “See something you like, big guy?”

“Sure do,” Mike responded, dropping the towel. Jan was pleased to see that he was getting hard just watching her. Slowly she slid two fingers into herself and let out a soft moan. With her other hand she squeezed her right tit and pinched her nipple.

“Come over here and help yourself then.” Mike walked over and dropped to his knees between her legs. Holding her lips apart for him, Jan instructed, “Lick it. Lick that pussy.” Mike dipped his head and flicked his tongue over her exposed clit. “Oh yeah, that’s the spot,” she sighed. “You know what I like.”

Mike continued teasing her with the tip of his tongue, alternating between rubbing it on her clit and dipping it between her lips. Jan could feel the moisture leaking from her, and also could feel Mike licking it up. “Oh baby,” she moaned. “You eat me so good – so good!” Jan could feel herself moving closer and closer to the edge. “Put your fingers in me. Shove ’em in my cunt” As Mike complied she started rocking and bucking, pressing her crotch against Mike’s face. “Aaiiee,” she hollered. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Don’t stop, don’t stop!” A major orgasm swept over her as she held her husband’s head hard against her sex and squeezed him with her thighs.

As her climax started to subside, Mike removed his hand and licked at the pussy juice seeping out of her. Jan held his head up so she could look him in the eye again. “Baby, that was so good. You eat my cunt so good. Come here and kiss me.” Mike then dipped his head down and began kissing her clit. Forcibly raising his head again, she laughed and said, “Not there, silly. Come up here and kiss me on the mouth. I want to taste myself on your face. Mike moved up until he was laying on top of her and and Jan shoved her tongue into his mouth. After frenching him a few minutes, Jan began licking Mike’s lips. “I don’t know why, but I love tasting myself on your face. God, what a turn on,” she said, returning to kissing and tonguing his lips and cheeks.

Mike’s hard cock pressed against his wife’s thigh. Together they scooted higher on the bed, and she spread her legs for him. As she felt the head of his cock rubbing her pussy lips, she asked, “Want something, big guy? Tell me what you want.”

“I want to fuck you, baby. I want some of that pussy of yours.”

“Then do it,” she ordered throatily. In one motion, Mike buried his cock deep inside her. “That’s it, babe. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt.”

Mike repeatedly rammed his cock into his wife. “Oh god yes,” she cried. “Do me hard.” As Jan bit at him with her pussy as he rammed in and out. She knew her second orgasm was near, then he stopped moving, lodged as deep in her cunt as he could get. Jan felt the first throbs of his orgasm and she barely had time to say, “Cum in me. Cum in me, Mike,” when she started cumming with him. She was aware of the repeated volleys of semen he was shooting into her as her own orgasm rocked her. They clung tightly together sharing the ecstasy of their passion.

As their orgasms finally passed, Mike collapsed across her. Jan could feel their combined juices leaking out around his softening dick. “Oh Mike,” she whispered in his ear. “You are the best – the very best.”

“You too, babe,” he responded. “Damn you’re good. You are so fucking good.”

Finally they untangled and got off the bed. “Shit,” Jan said, looking at the huge wet spot they’d created. Now I’m gonna have to take that bedspread to the cleaners. Mike put his arms around her from behind and squeezed her breasts. She laid her head back on his shoulder and added, “But it was worth it.” She could feel his cock getting hard again, pressed against her butt. Reaching behind her and playfully slapping him on the ass cheeks she said, “Hey. No time for seconds. We gotta get ready for dinner, remember?”

“I thought you were dinner,” he said playfully.

“I was the appetizer,” she responded. Turning around and kissing him, she added, “and if you’re a really good boy, there’ll be some dessert for you later.” Giving his dick a quick jerk, she pushed him away and started getting cleaned up again.

Walking over to the neighbors, Jan debated with herself if she had seduced Mike to satiate herself so she wouldn’t want to have sex with Carol’s husband that night – or so she wouldn’t feel as guilty about it if she did fuck Stan. “Well,” she rationalized to herself, “if I do end up having Stan for dessert, that means Mike gets Carol. And with their combined experience, we could both end up having some great sex. It can’t be all bad.”

When they got there, and she had a couple of glasses of wine in her, Jan stopped worrying about it. “What will happen will happen,” she thought philosophically. Soon Jan lost track of her internal debate entirely and just enjoyed the evening with a couple of good friends. Although she hadn’t met Stan before, she found him a very charming man. And he and Mike seemed to hit it off from the first.

Jan and Carol were sitting on the patio talking and watching as Stan grilled steaks. That’s when she noticed the hot tub partially hidden in a gazebo in the backyard. “Oh, I didn’t know you had a hot tub,” she commented to Carol.

“Yes, we like getting in there in the evening. It really relaxes us. Stan works so hard at his business that he needs something to relieve the stress of the day. Maybe we can all get in later.”

“But we didn’t bring any suits with us,” Jan said naively.

“We don’t allow suits in the tub,” Carol informed her.

“Oh,” Jan said hesitantly, realizing what Carol was getting at.

“Stan says that lint from cloth can clog up the filter. Personally, I think that’s bullshit. Just his excuse to get people naked. After all, there’s been a ton of semen spilled in that water, and it’s never clogged the filter.”

Jan laughed at this little joke, mainly to hide the shiver the thought of getting naked with the neighbors caused in her. “Are you excited,” she thought, “or scared? A little of both, I guess.”

Nothing else was said about the subject, and the four friends enjoyed a nice dinner together. Then, after eating and clearing the table, they sat visiting on the patio. Stan went inside to open another bottle of wine, was it the third or the fourth, Jan couldn’t keep track. That’s when Mike said, “Stan asked if we’d all like to get in the hot tub. What do you think, Jan?”

Without thinking, Jan responded, “Yeah. That’d be fun.” It was only then that it occurred to her that Stan may not have explained about the “no suit” rule to Mike.

“Where do we change,” Mike asked Carol.

“Guess he doesn’t know yet,” Jan thought.

“Oh, we usually undress in the house and wear robes out to the gazebo, but as dark as it is, I can turn out the yard lights and we can strip right here. There are towels out by the tub already.

Jan saw Mike’s jaw drop slightly as it dawned on him that they were going to get naked together. “What do you think, Jan?” he asked, obviously meaning about stripping in front of the neighbors.

Ignoring his meaning, Jan said, “Oh, I think it’s dark enough we can take our clothes off here.” Mike’s jaw really did drop hearing his wife say that. Wasting no time, Carol immediately doused the lights. Jan pulled her top off over her head, exposing her breasts to the night air. Carol then doffed the shift she was wearing, revealing a complete lack of underwear.

Just then Stan returned. Looked at the two women, he said, “I think I got back just in time.” Jan was pleased to see that Stan’s eyes were glued to her naked tits. On the other hand, Mike couldn’t seem to look away from Carol’s nearly completely shaved crotch. Just a single strip of curly red hair remained above her bare pussy lips.

“Well that settles that,” Mike said. “You are a natural redhead.”

“How ’bout you, Jan? Are you a natural blond,” Stan asked.

With one motion, Jan stripped off her shorts and panties. Standing with legs apart she said, “Guess not,” as she ran her hands through her dark thatch of pubic hair. Turning to Mike, still staring at Carol’s pussy, she said, “Say honey. Think I should have shaved too?”

“Darlin,” he responded, finally looking at her, “your pussy is just perfect. But if you’d like to shave, I’ll help you tomorrow. I think it’s too late for tonight.”

“Hey guys,” Carol threw in. Enough talk about our pubes. Time to see yours.

The guys then took their shirts off, and when they pulled their shorts down it was Jan’s turn to have her jaw drop. Looking at Stan’s tool, all she could think was, “Damn, he’s fucking huge.” She knew Mike was big, bigger than average. But that thing was at least nine inches – still soft. “What does it do when it gets hard? I don’t know if I could even take that.” Then, after nearly drooling a moment, she added to herself, “But it would sure be fun to try.”

Carol seemed equally appreciative of Mike’s equipment, although he wasn’t anywhere near as big as her husband. After a minute of just ogling each other, Carol finally broke the mood by saying, “Let’s get in the water. Stan, would you take the lid off and start the bubbles?”

When Mike and Stan had gotten the tub open and running, they all climbed carefully into the hot water. Jan was somewhat relieved when Stan’s monster disappeared under the surface. If he had kept waving it around in the air the temptation to grab it might have been too much for her. But once in the water, they all settled down cuddled next to their spouses. Jan’s hand soon found her husband’s cock under the water. She wasn’t surprised to find that it was already hard. Slowly she ran her hand up and down it. “It’s not as big as Stan’s,” she thought, “but it’s still a wonderful tool.” She and Mike engaged in some serious kissing while she continued to stroke him. His hand was rubbing her pussy, and she knew she was releasing her own juice into the hot water. Glancing over, she saw that Carol was on her knees, kissing Stan and boldly jerking him off. The head of Stan’s dick was just poking out of the water, which made Jan even more excited.

Carol looked over at them and said, “If you two will excuse us, I’ve got to have this man.” Turning to Stan, she said, “Sit up on the side, lover, so I can get at that thing.” Stan immediately got up on the side of the tub while Carol knelt between his legs and rubbed his head against her lips.

“You too, Honey,” Jan said to Mike. She didn’t have to ask twice as jumped up and sat beside the other man. Jan took her husband into her mouth and ran her tongue around his head. Next to her she could see Carol slowly lowering her head onto Stan’s long dick. Jan was secretly pleased that Carol seemed to be only able to get about half of it in her mouth. “I really would feel inadequate if she could deep throat that thing,” she thought to herself. The women then began bobbing their heads up and down on their husbands dicks. Both men were moaning and squirming in pleasure. Jan looked up and saw that Mike’s eyes were focused on Carol’s mouth engulfing Stan’s dick. Looking at Stan, she saw that he was just as interested in watching what she was doing to Mike. Jan pressed her thighs together, stimulating herself in her excitement. “God,” she thought, “I’m so hot. I’m almost ready to cum myself.”

The two women kept on sucking, each one periodically taking the dick from her mouth and kissing her husband’s balls before returning to cocksucking. Mike was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, which Jan was eagerly drinking down. She assumed, from the way Carol was working her lips, that she was doing the same. While Jan loved the taste and feel of Mike, she couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to be sucking on Stan instead. She was just working up the nerve to suggest that they switch partners when Stan leaned back and let out a tremendous roar. Jan could see Carols’ cheeks puff out and then contract as Stan filled her mouth with his semen and she swallowed it. That sight obviously set Mike off too as he cried out loudly and Jan felt the first shot of cum hit the back of her mouth.

Over and over the two men shot off into their wives’ mouths and the women swallowed all they were given. Stan continued to yell, although now not so loudly as the first time. Mike continued to moan as he emptied his balls down his wife’s throat. At long last they seemed to be spent. Carol took the shrinking member out of her mouth and said to Jan, “I should have warned you that Stan is a screamer. He’s been known to shatter mirrors when he’s cumming hard.”

“Doesn’t she say the sweetest things,” Stan commented facetiously. “Now ladies, it’s your turn. He and Mike stood up and the women took their places on the side of the tub. Before the men could get settled in, Jan impulsively said. “Mike’s already eaten this pussy once today. Why don’t we switch? Mike, does that look like dessert to you?”

“What the hell did I say that for,” she thought as the two men quickly switched places. “Am I crazy?”

As he was settling in between her knees, Stan commented, “I am going to warn you ahead of time. While I might be the screamer, Carol will give a running commentary. She usually talks all the time she’s having sex.”

Carol reached over and slapped Stan on the head. “Shut up,” she said, “and eat that pussy.” As Mike dropped his head to her lap, Carol lived up to Stan’s warning, saying, “That’s it, baby. Lick my clit. That feels so good, keep licking it.” Jan just moaned as she felt the flat of Stan’s tongue rubbing her own clit. Enjoying what Stan was doing to her, Jan watched as Mike ran his tongue over Carol’s shaved lips before dipping his tongue into her. Looking up, he said, “Baby, we are definitely going to shave you. This pussy feels so good.” He then shoved his tongue back into Carol..

“Oh yes Mike,” Carol whispered, “that’s it. Put your tongue in me, fuck me with your tongue. That feels so good.” Meanwhile, Stan had put his tongue in Jan’s pussy and was licking at the juice flowing out of her. Jan put her hand on the back of his head and pressed him harder against her cunt.

“Do it, Mike. Shove those fingers in me. Oh yeah, put your hand in that cunt. Fuck it, fuck it with your fingers.” Carol continued to give her commentary. “Eat that pussy, baby. Eat it good. There it is, lick it. God you make my clit feel so good. Lick it, Mike.”

Even though she equally appreciated the way Stan was licking her, all Jan could do was moan. She knew that she was about to cum as he worked two fingers in and out of her. Suddenly he hit her G-spot and Jan tightened her thighs around him and forced herself hard against his mouth.

“YesyesYESI’MCUMMING,” Carol yelled. That was enough to trigger Jan’s climax. She began cumming, rubbing herself all over Stan’s face. Losing herself completely in her own orgasm, Jan could hear Carol crying out, “FUCK YES! FUCKFUCKFUCK,” Carol screamed as her orgasm continued. “Here I cum again. Lick it Mike. Lick it hard.” Both women were cumming like crazy, and both men were drinking down all the juice that was flowing out of the women.

Even after her orgasm was over, Jan was still hot and ready for more sex.. Mike had pulled back from Carol, and Jan leaned over, kissing him on the lips. For the first time she tasted another woman’s pussy on Mike’s face. Surprisingly, it was even sexier than when she tasted herself. there. Jan forced her tongue into his mouth, reveling at the taste of Carol’s cum.

Leaning back, Jan pulled Stan up by his shoulders and started kissing him. Now she was tasting herself, but on a strange man’s face. She didn’t know what to think because it was turning her on so much. She reached down and took Stan’s cock in her hand. She was glad to find that it was already rock hard. Definitely 10 plus inches. “I need to be fucked.” Turning to Carol, she said, “Is it okay if Stan fucks me? I really need it.”

“Go for it girl,” Carol responded.

“I’m sure Mike would like to fuck you too, Carol. That’s right, isn’t it Mike. Wouldn’t you like to fuck Carol.” Mike could only nod dumbly, hardly recognizing the woman his wife had become.

“I think it’s time we went to the bedroom,” Carol said. “We’ll all be a lot more comfy there.”

Almost jumping from the hot tub, Jan said, “Then let’s go.” Stan climbed out and Jan grabbed a towel and began drying him off. When she got to his crotch, she continued rubbing long after she got the water off. Mike and Carol were standing beside them, their wet, naked bodies pressed together as they kissed passionately. “Break it up, you two, and lead us to the bedroom. We’ve got some serious fuckin’ to do.” Jan vaguely wondered who was doing that talking through her mouth. It couldn’t be her. She was too prim and proper for that. But whoever it was, that strange, wild woman sure did want Stan’s big cock between her legs.

“Who is that woman?” Mike said to Stan. “And what did you do with my wife?” He couldn’t believe what a wonderful slut Jan had become. She seemed intent on crossing every boundary tonight. It was like a dream come true.

Jan grabbed Mike, pulled him against her and gave him a big kiss. “Come on, Honey,” she said. “Let’s go do the neighbors.” With that, they all headed inside.

When they got to the bedroom Jan saw that they had a king sized bed with a chenille bedspread on it. “We’d better pull this thing off,” she said. “I think we permanently stained one with our wet spot this afternoon.”

“Good plan,” Carol said. Together the women pulled the spread down and folded it in the corner.

“What about the sheets?” Jan asked.

“They have so many cum stains on them already, a few more won’t make any difference.”

With that, the two women got up on the bed and lay on their backs with the two men positioning themselves on top of them. Stan was poised over Jan, his face right in front of hers. As she leaned up and kissed him she could feel the head of his hard cock against her pussy lips. Slowly he entered her, sliding gently inside until she felt fuller than she ever had before. When she felt his balls against her ass she realized that she had the whole thing in her pussy. “That feels so good,” she whispered. Stan began moving in and out, taking her slowly and steadily. Jan shuddered with the pleasure.

Next to her, Carol was saying, ” Do it hard, Mike. Fuck me hard.” Jan could hear the slap of Mike’s hips against Carol’s thighs as he pounded in and out of her. Unexpectedly, Mike paused, leaned over and kissed on Jan’s nipple. It felt so good. Not just her tit, but the thought that even while he was having another woman Mike still wanted to play with her.

A moan came out of Jan as Stan started speeding up. Again and again he drove into her, his balls bouncing against her with every thrust. Jan tightened her pussy around him on each out-stroke, then relaxed when he slammed back in. Each stroke drove her closer and closer to what she knew was going to be her biggest orgasm of the night.

“Yes Mike,” Carol went on. “You make my cunt feel so good. I’m getting close, Mike. Fuck me harder.”

Seemingly inspired by his wife’s passionate words, Stan started slamming into Jan even harder. She was right on the edge of a huge explosion of lust when Stan suddenly stopped. He leaned back, forcing himself even deeper into her cunt. Jan tightener herself around him as it hit her. As she started cumming, Jan began wildly bucking and squirming under Stan’s weight. The feel of that giant cock inside had set her whole body on fire. Just as it started to ebb a little, Stan started moving in and out again, setting off another, bigger explosion. She knew her pussy was flooding him. Abruptly Stan stopped again. Throwing his head back, Stan let out a yell as loud as any she had ever heard from a man. That’s when a stick of dynamite went off inside her. Stan was cumming and it felt as if his cum was on fire. Then Mike joined in the screaming. Jan realized that Mike was shooting his own load into Carol’s cunt. Both the women thrashed about, seemingly pinned to the mattress by the squirting cocks inside them.

Just when Jan thought she might pass out from the excitement, it ended. Stan literally collapsed on top of her, his rapidly deflating dick still stuck inside. She realized that their combined cum was pouring out of her. “So much for these sheets,” she thought. Next to her, she saw that Mike had also collapsed and was lying halfway across Carol. He moved slightly until he was kissing Jan hard on the lips. They were both too weak even to extend their tongues, kissing just lip to lip.

Stan rolled off her while she and Mike ended their kiss. The four of them lay quietly next to each other, not even Carol speaking for a while. Finally, Carol could not contain herself any longer. “You two are so fucking hot. That was incredible.”

“Yes it was,” Jan responded. “It certainly was.” Turning to her husband, she said, “Mike, I love you so much. Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” he said. “Thank you for the best dessert I’ve ever had.”

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