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My Cheerleader

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She was 5’5″ in sneakers and had legs for miles. Creamy white skin dotted with freckles stretched over a small frame and topped with flaming red hair, she was every boy’s wet dream. And on Fridays, when she wore that cheerleader’s uniform, she was half the girls’ wet dream, too.

Oh sure, most folks would never look at us and say we would ever be friends, much less do some of the things we’ve done together. But then, looks are deceiving, aren’t they? And when the game was over on Friday nights, she didn’t go home and study like everyone thought she did. And she didn’t go out and celebrate like her parents thought she did. Nope. She met me in the storage shed down by the old softball field. That’s where little Miss Perfect turned into little Miss Lesbian.

There were a few things I’d always done well at. Turns out, fucking chicks is one of them. Oh yeah, I’m a stereotype. I played softball, hated wearing dresses, and talked really lewdly. But that also meant I had strong arms, looked good in jeans, and had a mouth meant for doing dirty shit. And if you think you’re surprised she wanted me, imagine how I felt when she approached me for the first time!

I’d been tasked with putting away the softball gear, again, in the rain. Cursing a storm and drenched, I threw open the door to the storage shed and damn near pissed myself when I saw her inside, “What the fuck?” I took a step inside and eyed her suspiciously, “What the hell are you doing in here?”

She arched an eyebrow, crossed an arm in front of her and puffed the cigarette she held in her other hand, “None of your damn business.”

“Oh, watch out,” I mocked her, “Jesus doesn’t like it when good girls cuss.”

“As if I give one fuck about Jesus and what He wants.”

Putting the bats and bags down with a huff, I reached out my hand, “Can I have a drag?”

She looked me up and down, “I don’t know. Don’t you have cooties or something?”

“Why?” I smirked, “You jealous you didn’t get a taste of me first?”

“If I wanted a taste of you, I’d get a taste of you,” she quipped, passing me the cigarette.

“You think so, huh?” I took a long drag and handed it back to her, “Thanks.” I took a minute to look her over. She was damn pretty. I started thinking of all the things I could do to her. All the things I’d make her do to me. I must have been staring because she ended up punching me on the shoulder, “What?”

“You were staring at me so hard I thought my clothes were going to melt off.”

Too tough to be caught off guard, I shot back, “If I have to melt your clothes off, you don’t want me bad enough.” I turned to stack the baskets of softballs when she gave me chills with her reply.

“I never said you’d have to, I just said you were. All you’d really have to do is ask.”

I don’t think the word “shocked” quite fits the feeling that came over me. Like little scenes of a movie, a porno to be exact, I saw her in every conceivable position I could get her in… naked and begging me not to stop. Slowly, I turned to her, “Just ask, huh?”

She eyed me and flicked the cigarette butt out the door and into the rain, “Yeah. I bet you’ve never fucked a cheerleader.”

That’s when I felt it. That burn in my gut she created simmered there for the first time and I haven’t been able to put it out since, “Not yet.” I looked her up and down, licking my lips, and asked, “So, are you hoping to be my first?”

“Do you promise to call me a slut and not stop ’til I’m screaming?” When I hesitated, she scoffed, “We’re both eighteen and of age. Neither of us is jail bait.”

Honesty has always been a policy of mine, so I gave her an honest answer, “I’ll call you whatever the fuck you want me to call you as long as you let me do what I want with you.” I took a step toward her, thinking she’d move away but she didn’t. Instead, she put her hands on her hips and smiled.

“Then it looks like you’re gonna get to fuck your first cheerleader.”

The distance between us was cleared with another step from me and then her lips, soft and tasting like nicotine, were on mine. She kissed me like she’d never kissed another human being and when I slipped my tongue into her mouth, she sucked it hard, making me wet faster than anyone I’d ever known.

I pushed her against the wall of the shed as her hands pulled my tank top off. Using my body against her, I pinned her and slid my hands around both breasts. When I squeezed gently, she moaned and I could feel her nipples pressing against the fabric. I reached around her and unzipped the top to peel it off. Once it was gone, I realized she didn’t have a bra on. Her breasts were perfect. I couldn’t get enough of them. Her nipples reached for me and fuck, I ate them up. She moaned and groaned, buried her hands in my hair, and hissed, “Bite them.” That’s when I realized she didn’t want me to gentle with her. She wanted me to leave a mark on more than her memory.

Her ass, round, soft, and perfect, was a magnet to my hands. I reached around her and grabbed it firmly, pulling her hard against me. Then I slid my hands into the bloomers she was required to wear under that flirty little skirt and found that she had no underwear on, “Oh you’re a nasty little bitch.” I couldn’t help but smile, “Do you always wear nothing under here?”

Nodding and gasping she answered me, “Every Friday.”

“Good,” I replied as my fingers slid into her pussy, “that means I can fuck you this easily every Friday.” She was wet. God almighty she was soaking fucking wet and as I pumped my fingers into her, it made the sexiest, sweetest smacking sound. She’d closed her eyes and let her head fall back. I kissed her throat and started talking to her, “Shit, baby. I thought you were a horny girl, but you’re just a little slut, aren’t you?” She grunted when I flicked her clit with my thumb. I smiled and kept talking, “I wonder what those boys would think of you if they saw you right now. Here you are, your legs spread open, topless, and getting fingered by another girl. Not to mention you’re fucking loving it! You’ve thought about this for a while, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” she answered. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me for a very long time. But you never looked at me.”

“Oh baby,” I smiled, “I looked. Trust me. I thought about bending you over several times.” She shivered and groaned, making me smile, “Oh you like that idea, huh?”

“Fuck yeah,” she whispered. “Where would you bend me over?”

My fingers were buried deep and she felt amazing. I could tell that the more I talked, the wetter she was getting. So I thought I’d give her a little more, “How about in the library? We could be discreet. You could bend over a table. Then I could come up behind you wearing a little strap I have at home.” I could feel her starting to throb and the powerful feeling that gave me was intoxicating, “I wouldn’t be able to move much so you’d have to work your pussy up and down on it. But I bet you’d do it, wouldn’t you?” She could only nod, “You’d fuck that fake cock really good, wouldn’t you?”

Grunting and grinding on my fingers, she’d finally managed to find enough of a voice to answer, “Fuck yeah. But you’d have to hold me down.”

That sent a little shiver through me, “Oh, and I would. I’d push your face down on the table and make you take the whole thing deep. Is that what you’d want me to do? Fuck you hard like a nasty whore?”

“Oh God, yes,” she moaned.

I could feel her starting to drip and knew she was close, “Come on, baby. You know what I want. Give it to me.”

Like the porn star of my wildest dreams she spit back, “Take it.”

With renewed vigor and a slight hint of anger, I bent my head and bit her nipple, making her gasp and her body clamped on my fingers. When I flicked my tongue over it, she sighed and ground harder against me. I bit again and then, holding the nipple in my teeth, flicked my tongue over the tip. The muscles in her body that had once milked and sucked on my fingers gripped them now like a vice. She was going to cum for me and I was going to enjoy every wet fucking minute of it. “That’s it, you little slut. Cum on my fingers.”

She shuddered, closed her eyes, and came so hard I didn’t know if her body would ever let my fingers go, “Shit. Fuck yes. Oh my God!” Her hands gripped my shoulders and her nipples drew up into pointed little peaks as her hips rolled around and around, slowing with each rotation, “God damn. Fuck.” Breathing heavily and thoroughly satisfied, she wiped her forehead and looked at me, “I needed that so damn bad.”

Letting my fingers fall away from her, I stepped back and smiled, “My pleasure.”

For a long moment, she stood there looking at me, then she motioned with one finger, “Come here.”

Not sure what she wanted, I hesitated, “Why?”

“Because I want some of you now,” I could have sworn she was almost pouting.

“Nah,” I brushed it off, “I’m just fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“Did I ask you if you were fine or not?” Her voice had gone back to the biting, irritated tone it’d had before, “No. I didn’t. Now come here.”

I leaned against the wall opposite her, “No. I said I’m fine.”

With a huff, she pushed herself off the wall and approached me. When she was within arm’s reach, she stared me straight in the face, “And I said I want some of you.” Before I knew it, she had my jeans unbuttoned and was pulling them down my legs.

No one had ever gotten me off without my help and I hadn’t wanted to frustrate her, but if she insisted, who was I to deny her the chance to prove everyone else wrong? I figured I’d let her try for a while and then let her off the hook by getting her worked up again.

When she finally got the jeans off me, she motioned to my sports bra, “Take that off.” I did as I was told and she got naked herself. She pressed her body against mine and kissed me deep. The girl could kiss, there was no denying that. And when she pinched my nipple, she got the response she wanted, a groan and stiff little nub to play with. Flicking my nipple with her finger, she kissed down my neck. If she was aiming to heat me up, she was doing a remarkable job.

But when she knelt down in front of me and looked up at me with those big eyes, I wasn’t prepared for the response my body gave her. And when she slipped a finger against my clit, she could feel the response, “Ooh,” she cooed, “looks like you could use a little help here.” With her hands on my hips, she guided me to sit on the trunk next to where I’d been leaning. She spread my legs and put my heels up on it, giving her all the access she needed.

Her little pink tongue slipped out of her lips and down my thigh and I thought this could be promising. I watched as she let her fingertips graze my wetness and then felt the pressure of her finger slipping into me. I admit now that it felt damn good. And when that little tongue darted out and flicked against my clit, I buried my hand in her hair and pushed her further into my pussy, “Yes, baby, suck me.”

Like an expert, she flicked and sucked my clit then rolled her tongue around it in circles. Working me up slowly, she pumped her finger a few times and then buried it to leave it in me while she sucked my clit again. This starting and stopping was driving me mad with lust, “Fuck me. Shit, please fuck me.”

Then she looked up at me with the most innocent look she could muster and asked shyly, “Is that how you like it? Am I doing a good job?”

It’s important to note that one of my biggest turn-ons is having a reluctant nympho learn how to fuck by fucking me. So when she looked for all the world like the little virgin of my dreams, I knew this was going to be the best fuck of my life. I nodded, “Yes, baby. You’re doing just fine. Put another finger in me, though.” As she obeyed, I could feel the two fingers stretching me, “That’s a good girl. Now move them in and out.”

“Ooh,” she smiled at me, “you’re really wet now. Can I taste you again?” Her fingers were the perfect size to make me completely mute with pleasure so I could only nod. Her tongue, soft and wet, fluttered over my clit, sending shock waves through my body. She sucked a little and moaned, “You taste good.” Then she looked up at me again with those big eyes, “Am I fucking you good?”

“Oh yes, baby,” I encouraged her, “you’re fucking me just right.”

“Mmm,” she moaned, making me weak in the knees, “I like fucking you. You taste so good.” A few pumps of her fingers later, she asked as innocently as she could, “Can I stick my tongue in you now?”

My body reacted to this request by getting even wetter and I could barely whisper, “Yes. Pull your fingers out slow and kiss my pussy again.”

Doing just as she was told, she leaned in and softly kissed my clit. I thought I was gonna cum right then and there, but I managed to hold off, “Like this?” She leaned in again and kissed it, “I like kissing your clit. But I like licking it better.”

“Then lick it if you want to, honey. Lick it all over.”

That little tongue flicked out and licked my clit like it was the tip of a popsicle. I could feel the soles of my feet burning when she flicked her tongue back and forth on it. She asked softly, “Can I suck it, too?”

“Yes, baby, you can.” Making the sexiest “o” shape with her mouth, she sucked my clit between her lips and it was all I could do not to shove her face into my pussy, “Shit. Oh God, you’re doing such a good job.”

“Yay me,” she beamed. “I’m gonna stick my tongue in you now. Is that okay?”

I nodded and spread my lips open for her, “Go ahead and slide it in, baby.”

That beautiful, amazing little tongue slid into me and the whole world went white for a moment. She pushed it in and pulled it out then did it again, “Oh you taste so good!” Rapidly, she pistoned her tongue in and out of my pussy, making me tremble all over. She wrapped her arms around my thighs and pulled me closer to her, “I want more.”

She was making me feel things I’d never felt with anyone else. I couldn’t believe how close she had me without even trying. I closed my eyes and just let her tongue me. At some point, my hands ended up grasping her by the hair and pulling her mouth closer to me. My hips, with a mind of their own, ground against her pretty little face and I opened my eyes to watch as the school’s head cheerleader ate my pussy like a pro. When I got really close, she focused on my clit and shoved two fingers deep into me. I gasped, “Fuck me hard.”

Her face was covered with my juices and what wasn’t on her face was dripping off her fingers. But, to her credit, she never let up. She kept moaning as if she were enjoying every second. Once or twice she managed to say things to me. Once she said, “Fuck my face, bitch.” She sent chills all over me when she growled, “Cum on my face like I’m a little pussy-licking whore.” She had me so turned on, I couldn’t believe it. And then she started stroking my G-spot.

That’s when I lost my mind and just let everything go, “Fuck yes. Oh God. Fuck my pussy. Shit. Yes, baby. Fuck me. Eat my pussy. Don’t stop til I cum. God you eat pussy so good! Yes. Eat me. Fuck me faster. Shit. Ohh my god! Such a good little slut you are. Make me cum, you little bitch. Make me cum on those fingers. Fuck me. Oh shit, baby, fuck me.” The tightening reached a fever pitch and I knew she was going to be the first person to ever get me off without a single bit of help from me. And I was going to lay right where I was and let her suck it out of me, “I’m gonna cum. Holy shit, babe, I’m gonna cum.” My heartbeat and breathing stopped at the same time my back arched and my body erupted, “Fuuuuck! FUCK! Oh shit! Oh my GOD!” I shook and shivered. Chills broke out all over, my nipples got rock hard, my body gushed, and I was lightheaded. Never, ever in my life had I cum that hard before.

Breathing hard, but very proud of herself, she kissed my quivering thighs and gently stretched my legs out for me, resting my heels on the ground. Then she did something I didn’t expect her to do… she got up, put her clothes back on, and turned to me, “That was fun.” She wiped her chin, leaned down and kissed me deep, then turned to leave. Just before she walked through the door of the shed she turned, “I’ll meet you here every Friday after the game. And if you see me in the halls alone, feel free to check how wet I am. But if you ever tell a soul about this, I’ll deny it til I’m dead.” She turned but then added, “Oh,” she looked back over her shoulder, “next week, wear the strap. I want you to tie me up and fuck me from behind.”

I watched her walk away, slightly appalled, totally spent, and already planning how I’d get the strap to school and wear it all day without anyone knowing.

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