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My Camping Trip

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I go bow hunting every year, not that I kill an animal each time but it’s my time to get away from the modern world. Prior to my hunts in September, I make a few “scouting” trips to see what signs I can find of the elk and deer. In Oregon you can hunt both at the same time with bow and arrow.

This past year there was one scouting trip that I’ll never forget. It was in the latter part of July. I normally scout at least once a month between June and the end of August just to get an idea where the animals are and their routines. They don’t always maintain their routines but it gives me an idea where to look for them.

I don’t go out in the woods unarmed at anytime. At least one cougar that I know of during my hunts has stalked me and it’s a sobering feeling knowing you could be someone’s lunch. I take a handgun during archery season, mostly for two-legged predators who like to claim the elk you just arrowed are theirs. I pack a rifle during my scouting trips in case I see a one of those sneaky cats.

The trip was at the end of a very hot July; I’d come out on a Thursday evening and set up my camp. I have a four-man tent I like to use; it gives me plenty of room to keep all my belongings inside and out of view of “tweakers”. They like to steal camping stuff and sell it for drug money and I like to do my part to keep them away from drugs. I don’t always camp in formal campgrounds and being inconspicuous while treading lightly is part of my philosophy.

When I finally got to the area I wanted to look over; I hadn’t noticed anyone one around and began to set up camp. After unpacking and putting my food away securely, I went for an evening hike. I got a few nice pictures of the sunset over the western hills on my digital camera. When I returned to camp, I saw another tent pitched not too far away. I didn’t think too much of it but wondered why someone, with hundreds of thousands acres of forest to camp in they would camp near me. Since this was a trailhead, I figured they must be hikers so I let it go at that.

I put my rifle and pistol away and started making dinner, looking over at the other camp from time to time just to see if I could catch a glimpse of my neighbor. Finally, around dusk, I heard voices, and from the timber, I saw two “granola crunching” young women emerge.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty open minded, even though I vote as an independent and support the second amendment. I just think some folks go to extremes to promote their causes; these two girls/young women could have been recruiting posters for ELF (Earth Liberation Front).

They wore their hair braided in ponytails, cut-off denim jeans and plaid shirts over their tees, hiking boots and walking sticks. From what I could see they were both nice looking and in good shape. I just hoped they weren’t here carrying a grudge against hunters.

I didn’t want to appear to be staring so I went back to making my dinner. I heard them talking, and just minded my own business, knowing my firearms were put away just to avoid a confrontation if they decided to visit.

I started my dinner of barbequed steak and baked beans; I got out my maps, GPS and a beer. I tried to figure out where a good place to scout this area in the morning. I’d heard some good stories from other hunters that this was an ideal for elk.

I get up before dawn and generally don’t come back to camp before dinner because I like to make good use of my time. Moreover, hiking around at six thousand feet helps keep me in shape just as much as hitting the gym. I noticed a few draws and possible watering holes that might have tracks I could follow. Since it had been so hot, I figured the animals would venture down and have a drink between feedings and then going back to a bedding area. I marked those prospects on my map and kept an eye on my steak.

I could hear the girls giggling and laughing as they got out their tiny backpack stoves and fixed their own dinner. I assumed they had some freeze-dried stuff and were trying it out before they went on a big trip. I like to do that when I go on these types of trips, just so when I do need the food it’s not something I wouldn’t enjoy eating. Freeze dried food doesn’t have the best flavor, so I normally carry a bottle or two of Tabasco just for that reason. However, this wasn’t a serious pre-backpack trip so I brought fresh food and plenty of it.

I could barely hear the girls as they sampled their cuisine, laughing and gagging as they each took turns trying their meals. I felt somewhat sorry for them. You really need a good meal at least once a day up here to keep your energy level up. It didn’t sound like they were enjoying their menu selections.

My steak was finally ready, I placed it on my plate and dumped the warmed up beans next to it. I had brought a salad and a few tiny bottles of salad dressing and tossed that in a bowl. I looked at my table and thought, not too bad for a single guy out in the middle of no-where.

I try to keep my camping meals simple yet filling when I’m hunting. I really don’t like coming back to camp after hiking all day and trying to cook something lavish when I’m tired and it’s dark. I continued looking over my maps as I ate, making notes and planning a route. After finishing my meal and cleaning up, I made and packed my lunch for the next day.

Opening another beer, I sat and enjoyed the solitude, until the sunset around ten o’clock. Well, not total solitude the exception being my neighbors giggling and laughing. I normally don’t stay up too late and with no one to talk to and an early wake up; I decided my sleeping bag was a good place to be. I brought my inflatable double bed and laid the bag out on it. I luckily had set the entrance of my tent so the girls couldn’t see me without actually coming over.

Lying there in my bag, I could hear them talking to each other but not able to make out what they were saying. As I lay gazing out the front entry at the stars, I thought of the few times my wife had joined me on these trips. I missed her; she would stay in camp and read as I hiked among trees. I had a feeling that she was probably looking down at me and reading my thoughts. I sighed deeply and began counting the brightest stars and trying to make out the different constellations as I began to fall asleep.

As I drifted off, I could have sworn the giggles turned into some other sound, almost like moans. I just smiled to myself and hoped the girls enjoyed their evening.


I awoke before dawn the next morning thanks to my trusty wind-up alarm clock, dressed in my camo clothes then grabbed a quick bite for breakfast and put my daypack on. The girls were sound asleep I figured, since I didn’t hear anything and it was still dark over there. Grabbing my rifle and holstering my pistol, I headed out to look around the areas I had marked the night before. Bow hunting teaches one patience and stealth if you want to kill anything. I crept out of camp trying not to make a sound and I’m quite sure the girls didn’t hear a thing.

I flicked on the tiny LED light I had attached to my ball cap and made my way down the trail, silently walking and taking in the clean crisp air. The feeling of being out here alone (almost) with my thoughts made me smile. I hiked a couple miles before turning off my headlamp. The sun had climbed high enough through the fir trees that I didn’t need it anymore. I could see the trail clearly and continued my slow pace taking in the various contours of the terrain. Even though I take maps and a GPS, I like to remember landmarks to help in navigation.

I hiked most of the morning, checking for deer and elk sign on the trail and among the trees. I’d pause every so often and hide among the smaller trees to see if any animals were around. Generally, they see you before you see them; pausing and hiding under trees and shrubs with camouflaged clothes on helps you remain unseen.

I had brought my 35mm film camera with me and was hoping to get some nice shots of the large animals in the area. I hadn’t seen any this morning and hoped I could use it later that day. Most of the activity occurs just after dawn or just before sunset. It’s those times that the lighting seems to be better too.

By noon, I had hiked to the farthest extent of the areas I wanted to see. Not having seen any fresh sigh or heard any animals I sat down on some rim rocks above a nice pool of water and ate lunch. The sun felt so nice beating down on me as I opened my pack and got out my trail mix. I set my camera off to the side and leaned back against my pack letting the sun warm my face as I ate. It felt so nice just sitting there alone, feeling like I was the only one at the top of the world. I took my time eating, savoring each moment and the solitude. From time to time, I’d have a bird swoop close over me or a chipmunk run up to me, discovering I was a living and breathing thing. They are cute but noisy little things that like to sound an alarm when an intruder is near.

I finished my lunch and closed my eyes for a quick nap. Scouting is something that doesn’t need to be rushed. I dozed off under the noonday sun, perhaps for twenty minutes or so. I returned to consciousness by the faint sound of splashing in the water below me.

Looking down from my perch among the rocks I slowly brought my camera to bear on the pond below. Glancing across it, I saw ripples spreading out across the murky water. I was hoping to see a large bull elk wallowing and kicking it up. Scanning further across the surface, past some tall fir trees that at first hindered my view of the source of the ripples, I spied the area of the origin of the waves. Now fully awake, focused my camera’s telephoto lens and heard the faint sounds of female laughter.

My neighbors had found the pond and had decided to take a dip. They were skinny dipping in the cool and murky waters. Watching them for a bit through the lens I noticed that they were actually nice looking and quite cute. Neither one had a tan line; they both did have lovely long dark hair down to their mid-backs. Perky full breasts and a hint of hair where I would have assumed she should have been bushy. One of them had what looked like a butterfly or fairy tattooed on her lower back. My telephoto is good but not that good.

I watched as they would splash and play for a bit, as one would dive under and surface next to her friend the other would take her turn and do the same thing. They each would surface and quickly kiss the other, teasingly. Personally, I wouldn’t have dove under the water but they didn’t seen to mind. They obviously didn’t mind either when as part of the game one friend surfaced and planted a big wet sloppy kiss on the waiting girl’s lips. They did that a few times teasing each other then finally one of them surfaced and took the other in her arms kissing her deeply. They stood there for quite some time kissing and fondling each other, completely unaware of my prying eyes.

They continued kissing until the girl who has risen up out of the water slipped her hand between the others legs and began massaging her. As she did, the other girl arched her head back delighting in her lover’s touch. After a few minutes of exploring they kissed deeply again and slowly waded ashore and laid down on a blanket.

I’m not a voyeur but they did look rather erotic curled up together on the blanket. I watched for a bit more, becoming slightly aroused doing so. I decided that sitting there watching them go at it wasn’t quite right so I quietly put my things back in my pack and slipped off my perch, hoping I remained out of view. Staying and watching in my present state of concealment was possible but I didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get if caught. My wife was probably smiling at me from above as I crept away since I was doing the right thing by leaving them alone. I still didn’t need to be talked to by the local county mountie about perving over two naked girls in the woods should they discover me and not like being ogled.

I finished off my hike that afternoon, exploring the areas on my map. I did manage to sneak up on a couple of large mule deer bucks that were feeding and got a picture of a nice 6 x 6 bull elk. I noted this sighting and the bucks on my map along with a waypoint on my GPS.

I sauntered back to camp in the early part of the evening. Altogether, it had been a good day, photography wise and hunting wise. The girls were had already returned to their camp and were sitting around laughing and sipping drinks.

I put my things away; hiding my rifle in the tent, I kept the pistol on my belt and laid my maps and notes on my table. Walking over to my cooler I grabbed a beer and began studying where I had been and noted what I’d seen. The cold beer tasted good as it went down. I couldn’t help but picture the girls in my mind again. They weren’t models, but they both had very lovely bodies. I hadn’t actually been celibate since my wife’s death but; two young forest nymphs would make any man yearn to “get back to nature”.

I finished my beer and wandered off away from camp to relieve myself, making sure I was far enough away to avoid detection. When I returned I plopped down in my lounge chair and opened up a book I’d brought along to read. My daughter had given it to me for Christmas. It wasn’t a self-help book, but one of various collected stories on different people and how they coped with the various situations with their families. I found it very interesting and related to a couple of the situations. My daughter thinks she needs to take over some of the duties of my late wife. Mostly keeping me from forgetting her mother and making sure, I eat right.

As I was finishing a chapter, I noticed out of the corner of my eye one of the girls approaching. I put down my book and stood up to greet her.

“Hi, I’m Sandy”, she smiled.

I smiled back, “Hello, I’m John nice to meet you.” I offered my hand and she gently shook it.

I looked her over; even with clothes on, she looked nice. She had been the one standing when her friend popped up out of the water; coaxing her back to the blanket. If I were thirty years younger, I’d be tempted to ask her and her friend out on the town. Since I am in my fifties and with them together, they would probably refuse the offer.

“Do you always wear guns when you camp?” as she pointed to my pistol.

“Well, Sandy I hunt these woods and have been stalked before by cougars. It’s better to be prepared than to become a kitty snack especially when you’re alone. Since cell phones are useless out here I figure it’s either him or me I’d prefer it to be him or her”

“Oh, ok but cougars are so cute” she smiled.

“I know, and I’d never shoot one unless I felt my life was in danger, they are very quiet and can surprise you”, I replied non-chalantly.

With that, she began to look a bit worried, “You’re serious aren’t you”.

“Yes, I am. You never know when one is watching and they like to hang out up in the tree limbs so they can pounce on an unsuspecting deer or elk. I’ve stumbled upon a few kills in my time. They like to cover them up to hide them from coyotes.”

She shivered a bit when she heard that and looked back at her friend who was pouring another glass of something to drink.

“Well, we were just wondering if you were out here hunting or what. Cherise, my friend and I, were figuring you were since you had all your camo clothing on.”

“I’m just scouting for later on when hunting season comes around. I hunt with a recurve bow and you have to get close. About twenty yards away from an animal to get a good clean shot at it. At least I do, I like to be sure of my shots. I don’t like wounding animals it’s not fair to them”, I was trying to be polite and waited for the anti-hunting tirade to begin. “Plus, I’m trying to get some good pictures of them; I enjoy photographing them as well”.

She just smiled and asked, “What kinds of camera do have?”

“I have two, both Nikons; One film camera an N-80 and the other a digital D-50. I’m new to them so I’m learning as I go. I used to use a Minolta that I got in Hong Kong back in 1976”.

As we talked, Cherise walked over holding her cup and one for Sandy. She smiled as she sipped from hers. She handed Sandy her cup, then slipped her arm around her waist. I took this to mean that Sandy was hers and for me to keep my paws off. She looked at me and I could tell she was staking her claim.

I thought both young women were nice looking from what I had seen so far but Cherise had the most amazing green eyes. They made a cute couple standing there sipping their plastic cups, Cherise’s arm around Sandy’s tiny waist.

“John, this is Cherise, Cherise, John”

“Nice to meet you Cherise, we were just discussing wildlife photography.” I casually mentioned.

“Oh cool, we’re here just to get away for the weekend, do some sight seeing and relax.” Cherise said.

She looked at the pistol in my holster and figuring Sandy wasn’t scared of it she wouldn’t be either.

“This place is perfect for that. I was kind of surprised you two camped so close to me, with the whole forest available.” I stated.

“Well there is a really nice pond about two miles down the trail and this is the trailhead,” Sandy stated.

“I figured the trailhead was the reason.” I confirmed.

I went to my cooler and got a beer. I drink very little and my micro brews are for flavor, not to get a cheap buzz. I offered them one but they declined politely.

I noticed Sandy’s nipples begin to grow as Cherise’s hand began to massage her lower back. If I had to guess, Sandy was new to same sex relationships. She did seem to enjoy Cherise’s attention yet, was embarrassed by her the public affection. I didn’t dwell on it or stare.

“Did you guys have a nice hike today?” I questioned hoping my grin wasn’t too obvious.

“Yes, we went down to the pond just after lunch and had a nice swim.” Cherise smiled as she pulled Sandy a bit closer and looked into her eyes.

Sandy blushed and nodded, “It was very refreshing”

As we stood there talking a pack of coyotes began their locating calls. The girls looked a bit worried as the coyotes let out different yips and yelps trying to locate each other for the evening hunt. I grinned knowing that those “song dogs” wouldn’t come close to us as long as they could scent us.

“Don’t worry about them, they’re looking for each other they won’t bother us here in camp” I told the girls trying to ease their fears.

They both nodded and took long sips from their cups. Cherise spoke first and took me by surprise when she asked what I was doing for dinner.

I told her I had chicken I had marinated and was just going to barbeque it tonight, along with some garlic squash and French bread.

Both their eyes lit up as Sandy confessed, “We just brought a bunch of dehydrated stuff and wine coolers.”

“Well, I always bring more than I can eat; you’re welcome to combine your stuff with mine”. I offered.

They both smiled and chimed in together, “If you’re sure.”

We all laughed at that and I told them I was. They looked so cute giggling together, the thoughts of them wrapped together earlier in the day flashed through my mind. I could almost picture myself between the two of them. I know I would be spent but it would be fun for me, and hopefully them too. However, that was just a thought. I’d never make a move on either of them after seeing how Cherise was so protective. Besides why have a fifty-one year old man when you can have a twenty-year-old sweet thing?

They ran to get their food and we prepared dinner together. Cherise was an animal behaviorist and Sandy was an artist. They had met when Cherise had taken her cats over to Sandy’s to have portraits made. I have a dog and he’s a great dog and I take many of pictures with him in them, but too actually pay someone to paint his portrait is a bit more than I can fathom.

The girls were great at helping with dinner; we combined a few of their freeze-dried things with my “real” food and had enough for the three of us. They continued drinking and since I get up early, I stopped after my second beer. I could tell they were having fun, there seemed to be quite a bit of touching and giggling going on while we cooked. I just grinned and kept my hands to myself.

I told them about my world and they seemed not to mind that I hunted with bow and arrow. They were at first reluctant to talk about that but I explained the odds of getting close enough to make a good shot were extremely high they relaxed. Of course letting them know I consume what I kill made it a bit more ethical.

After dinner, we cleaned what real dishes we had and started a campfire. They continued telling me of their lives and I mentioned my late wife and the battle with both endured until she finally pasted away.

They seemed genuinely sad at my story and hugged me after I told it. If I didn’t know any better I’d have sworn, Cherise hugged me just a bit longer than Sandy, which I thought odd due to her attitude when we first met. Maybe the wine coolers affected her in combination with my story.

After the sun went down about, nine-thirty we said, our good-byes and the girls went back to their camp. I could hear giggling as they walked back guided by a tiny flashlight they shared. I think Cherise stumbled at one point because of the cry of pain not too far away from my camp. I guess walking in the dark when you’ve been drinking isn’t a great idea.

I set out my air mattress and sleeping bag and did my normal pre-bed routine. I could have sworn they were enjoying each other because of the sounds I heard intermittently in the wind. I settled into my sleeping bag and dozed out, eager to explore some new areas in the morning.

I think it must have been a few hours before dawn when I heard both the girls scream loudly. I jumping from my bag I grabbed my rifle from under my cot and shouted out to them. I slipped my boots over my feet, scooped up a flashlight, and walked briskly towards their tent. I called out to them and I drew closer. They didn’t respond right away and I could hear sobbing as I approached.

Sandy finally called out to me. I stood not too far from their tent while she told me the story. Apparently, they had been suddenly awoken by a strange sound just outside their tent. They had joked to each other that it was me trying to sneak a peek. When I didn’t answer and they heard a deep growl they panicked and screamed. I told them that they probably scared off whatever it was and I looked around. I discovered a set of paw prints that were quite large. It seems a cougar had decided it smelled something edible and decided to check it out.

I reassured the girls that they were safe and the cat was probably in the next county due to their screams. They managed a slight sigh of relief and thanked me for coming to see what was going on. I also discovered a ripped open ice chest. The girls admitted to having some boneless chicken breasts in it, which had probably attracted the cat. Since the cat had cleaned it out, I put things back together as best I could and told the girls goodnight.

As I began to walk away, I heard a bit of whispering and the zipper to the tent. I continued to leave when I heard Cherise call to me. I turned back around and shined the light in her general directing not wanting to blind her. Sandy stood by her side; they were both standing there in flip-flops and their panties. They looked extremely delicious in the faint glow of my light.

“John” Cherise spoke again, “We just wanted to say thanks again”

I swallowed hard not wanting to sound too surprised at their dress, “You’re welcome ladies, just be more careful next time with your ice chest”.

“We will”, Sandy, replied.

I wasn’t exactly sure what they were doing. They could have said their good-byes from inside the tent. Maybe they thought showing me how cute they looked would be my reward for rescuing them. I just told them good night and turned to leave.

Sandy asked me if I was going to be around later that day and I said I was. I wasn’t planning to leave until Monday.

They both told me good night again and that they would see me later on. I walked back to my camp and settled back into my cot until my alarm went off at what seemed like a couple of minutes later.


My day scouting wasn’t as scenic as the previous day. I went in a different direction and discovered a coupled of bedding areas for a group of elk that had a huge bull in it. I marked it on my GPS and continued looking through the rest of the day.

When I returned to camp Sandy and Cherise were over in theirs. I waved and smiled at them and received the same back. After putting my rifle and pack away, I sat down and relaxed with my micro brew. It had been a good day, finding that bedding area would give me an edge when bow season opened in September.

As I sat there thinking about my good fortune, my lovely young neighbors approached with arms full of goodies. Apparently, they hadn’t gone out hiking that day and had gone to town instead. Sandy held three bottles of wine and Cherise had what looked to be three filet mignons. My eyes widened at the presents they came bearing.

They noticed my ear-to-ear grin and smiled right back at me. What surprised me most thinking back was that I hadn’t actually noticed what they were wearing, or not wearing.

They had both put on some “Daisy Dukes”, snug t-shirts, and flip-flops. I could see bare firm breasts jiggling as they walked towards me with our dinner. I don’t remember if my smile was actually for the food or the idea of their breasts under those tops.

‘We wanted to thank you properly for being such a good neighbor last night John”, Cherise smiled as she showed off the main course.”

“Yea, you could have just let us freak out but you were a real gentleman.” Sandy added.

“Ladies, you are too sweet; I just did what anyone else would have done.” I must have blushed a bit saying that because I got a big awww in unison from them.

They sat the steaks down and Sandy opened the first bottle. I found three plastic glasses and she poured us each a bit.

Cherise offered the toast, “To good neighbors who come to your rescue”

We raised our cups and smiled as we all drank. I finished mine and got the barbeque fired up for the filets. They had bought a salad and we had fresh corn on the cob to go with them. We talked about wild creatures while getting the food together and cooked. The girls opened the second bottle of wine just as the steaks were cooked. Needless, to say we were in a very good mood by the time dinner was ready.

We ate and laughed as we shared stories of our experiences. I think Cherise was a bit tipsier than Sandy. Her hand would disappear under the table every now and Sandy’s face would become a bit flush with color. I can only imagine what might have been going on.

We finished our meal and the girls insisted on doing what remained of the dishes. We tossed our paper plates on the fire and only had the utensils and pots to clean. I sat back and watched as they cleaned it all up, teasing each other the whole time about who was the better dishwasher and cook.

It’s funny to listen to people when they have had a just a bit too much to drink and they lose their inhibitions. The girls teased each other constantly, flicking water back and forth, as they washed and rinsed. After setting them to dry, they grabbed the remaining wine and poured themselves the rest of the bottle.

We sat and talked more about our lives and I discovered that neither of them had been a true lesbian from birth. They had each kissed girls in high school when they were younger and hadn’t found the experience immoral or unpleasant. I smiled and commented that I agreed; kissing girls was one of my favorite things to do in high school too.

They got a bit of a laugh from that but I think it was the alcohol talking. We continued talking until the third bottle of wine was gone and I had trouble keeping my eyes open. They bid me a sweet goodnight and kissed me on the cheek; thanking me once more for coming to their rescue. I smiled and reassured them anyone else would have done the same. They just giggled and thanked me more as they walked in a very crooked path back to their tent. I hoped they didn’t have hangovers in the morning.

I made my bed rather hastily and climbed on top of my air mattress outside the tent. It was a very warm night and a sleeping bag made little sense. Having split part of the three bottles of wine with the girls, I had no trouble falling asleep. The warm night air and the soft sound of the wind in the trees combined with the alcohol to put me quickly into dreamland.

I remember dreaming of my two beautiful neighbors and their skimpy outfits when out of this deep sleep I was slowly disturbed sometime before dawn. Luckily, looking back I had left my gun inside the tent otherwise I may have reached for it and ruined what turned out to be the most spectacular night I had ever spent out in the woods.

The girls had regained a bit of sobriety and decided that they owed me more than dinner. At first, I thought some insect or some other woodland creature was either crawling on or licking my face. It was strange because both sides of my face had this sensation. I slowly opened my eyes, trying not to frighten whatever it was and discovered two forest nymphs. Still half asleep, I thought they were nymphs until I recognized Sandy and Cherise in the moonlight. They had each stripped down to nothing and were smiling at me as they softly planted angel kisses on my cheeks.

I started to question what they were doing as Sandy moved over me her thighs warm and soft against my chest. She slowly leaned in and softly pressed my lips shut with a kiss, her tongue hurriedly began to explore my mouth as Cherise; in the softest, most melodic voice I had heard told me to lay there and enjoy what was about to happen.

Cherise then slipped her hand under my tee shirt and down the waistband of my shorts. Her soft touch felt wonderful as Sandy kissed me deeper and grabbed the bottom of my tee shirt through her legs. She raised herself up as she kissed me inching the shirt over my chest until finally it was around my neck. I managed to lift my hands up over my head and she pulled my shirt off and tossed it into my tent.

Her lips tasted like sweet cherries freshly picked from a tree. I delighted in the softness of them in addition to her passion, which was just beginning boil. I lowered my arms and placed my hands between her thighs feeling her warm smooth skin under my palms; I grinned and accepted my fate. She broke our kiss and smiled down at me her hair dangling around her head. Her firm breasts stood out like beacons as she leaned back down and began kissing me once again; draping me in her soft locks.

Meanwhile, my hands slowly worked their way further up her inner thighs so that my thumbs could feel her mound. At least I assumed it was her mound since all I felt was bare skin. I began massaging and discovered her moist lips. Tenderly I let my thumbs work their way between them and noticed her kisses becoming more passionate as I did. The feel of her warm moist crotch on my chest and my thumbs in her sweet vagina heightened my desire for her.

I would have been more than happy with either of them; but to have both wanting me this way was something I may never understand. I’m just eternally grateful that they did.

I had almost forgotten about the lovely Cherise when she announced she had found what she was looking for, I almost laughed aloud through Sandy’s mouth as Cherise exclaimed her discovery.

“Oh my”, she exclaimed with a bit of enthusiasm in her voice. “You’re already solid as a rock”.

We all had to giggle with that comment; it had been sometime since my last intimate evening with a woman so my little friend hadn’t been getting as much exercise, as he really wanted and it obviously showed as Cherise discovered.

She proceeded to describe to Sandy how long and hard I was as she ran her long fingers up and down my little soldier who was definitely at attention. Sandy continued her exploring of my mouth and I continued massaging her increasingly wet pussy.

I could see their silhouettes in the moonlight and as my eyes adjusted, I could make out their bodies. I had thought when I saw them at the pond that they were very lovely and earlier I had imagined them through what little they had worn, but actually feeling each of them with my hands and other parts of me, I knew they were divine.

Sandy came up for air and commented to Cherise at how eager I was to reciprocate the pleasure they were showing me. She purred like a kitten when my fingers replaced my thumbs between her legs. Sandy began describing to Cherise how nice my fingers felt as I traced her sweet lips up and down. Slowly, I teased her every few strokes by slipping one inside and then back out. She approved by moaning louder and louder with each session.

Cherise, after commenting on my swollen dick managed to grab the top of my shorts and slide them down my legs after raising my butt enough to help her get them off me. She then stood up and even though Sandy was trying her best to distract me, I saw up close that slim perfect form that I had only seen from a distance a few days before. She, well they both looked like goddesses to me because I felt I was in heaven. She maneuvered herself between my legs raised my penis to her lips and engulfed me. I nearly came right then which would have really messed things up. However, having some self-control I thought of anything I could unrelated to this particular moment.

My darling wife had given up blowjobs within a year of our wedding. I continued to please her orally as often as she’d let me; unfortunately she denied me the same pleasure. I really missed that sensation and sound of sucking and licking. Now I heard it and my pride and joy swelled to new heights.

Sandy, not wanting to miss what Cherise had discovered moved down from my face turning so that her sweet pussy was directly over my anxious mouth. She sighed a bit as my fingers reluctantly left her pussy.

The girls took turns kissing each other and sucking me as I tried desperately to concentrate on Sandy’s delicious labia. I was lost in a sea of female perfection as my tongue rounded Sandy’s inner lips looking for her spot. Not being as adept as the girls were at finding the clit, I fumbled around for a few moments until I discovered Sandy’s very special spot. My hands grasped her firm sweet ass completely and lovingly brought her down harder onto my face.

My tongue slipped inside deeper and my hands spread her cheeks wide. I slowly used one thumb to brush her rose bud as I licked and sucked to my hearts content. Sandy seemed to be getting more pleasure than Cherise and I but I don’t think anyone was keeping score. My poor straight white male tongue, which has had few chances to please a woman orally recently finally found its mark.

Her reaction was one of joy as she celebrated my discovery by yelling out to her maker and then cupping Cherise’s face, pressing her mouth to those sweet lips moments before were wrapped around my dick. Cherise enjoyed Sandy’s passionate kiss and then went back down on me. She would then alternately swallow my penis and kiss Sandy as she moaned with shear delight. We continued doing this for sometime until Cherise realized that I was about to cum. She changed her position slipping my aching dick between her delicious thighs and inside her. She kissed Sandy deeply as she lowered herself onto me moaning and almost complaining about how big I was inside her.

Personally, I think I’m about average but I wasn’t going to argue that with her right then. I just laid back and enjoyed my situation. It was all I could do not to explode immediately feeling her soaking wet vagina on my shaft was almost too much to handle. I thought again of hunting, baseball and numerous other non-sexual things, which is difficult with one lovely young woman sliding up and down on your rod, and another has her delicious pussy in your face, I could only hold out so long.

With Sandy’s delicious nectar running down my cheeks and Cherise bobbing up and down my swollen dick I had to cum. It wasn’t just any normal ejaculation; it was way over due. Cherise reacted as if something did actually blow up inside her. Her cries of fulfillment at what I had done in her made me as ecstatic as she was. I just wished we could have all climaxed at once, but that’s a later story.

Cherise came moments after I shot my wad with a bit of help from Sandy. Sandy managed to lean into Cherise and suckle her firm round breasts, once Cherise has stopped bobbing up and down on me. Sandy came just after Cherise while I was still semi-rigid and slowly leaving the friendly confines of Cherise’s sweet pussy.

The girls kissed each other deeply as I lay beneath them; my rock hard dick was slowly becoming a thing of the past. We slowly caught our collective breath as they slowly dismounted me and lay on either side to snuggle. I took turns kissing each of their cheeks and thanking them for such a delightful surprise.

We fell asleep there holding each other until the sun rose and the chilly morning air became too much for our naked bodies. It was then they sleepily suggested we move the air mattress inside my tent and “warm up”. What can I say; it was a unanimous vote and I know better than to argue when I’m out numbered.

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