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My Boss, My Friend, My Lover

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Ok, so here’s the deal. My name is Marissa Adams, I’m 18 years old and I am a maid at a hotel/casino in Las Vegas. I’m not complaining, pay’s good, my co-workers are great and I meet very interesting people and a few stars. Just last week Shaq was staying in the NBA Suite. But that’s no where near the best part of my perfect job.

My boss, C.J. Well, everybody’s boss you’d say. He runs the casino. I knew him before I started working here. My ex-affair introduced us in July of 2004. I was attracted to C.J. the moment I laid eyes on him. He’s my type down to a T. 6’3″, dark hair, hazel eyes, 250 lbs of pure muscle, a total sweetheart, good sense of humor, smart as hell, makes good conversation and treats me like a real person instead of a teenager.

I never liked being treated like a kid. I know my maturity goes beyond my age and I’ve always been told that. And C.J. is one of the few people who recognizes that and treats me the way I should be.

I’ve been trying to get him to go out with me for a year now. It seemed impossible to get him, so I gave up. Waited for him to make the first move. I’ve been working at the casino for three weeks now and everyday I learn more about him. His son just started 5th grade just about a month ago and he’s very proud of him. I also learned that he is currently single. A thought that brought a smile to my face.

I must say, my favorite part of the whole day is lunch time. He’s always there, sitting at the same table, with a few of the floor managers, making small talk. My first day of work, I saw him at lunch and stopped dead in my tracks, my friend Maria wondered what planet I was on until I explained that I know him and that I hadn’t seen him in a while.

“Well go say hi,” she softly commanded with her adorable spanish accent. No, I am not spanish if you are wondering. I am very much an american girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a few freckles across my nose and that city slickers accent you can only get from living in a big city your entire life. But a soft, sweet voice, nonetheless.

I obeyed her and walked up behind him, the floor managers looked up at me and I put my finger in front of my mouth, telling them to be quiet. Then I brought my hands forward and placed them over his eyes. “Guess who?” I asked playfully then giggled.

“Marissa.” Damn me. My laugh gave it away. I have an unmistakable laugh, so warm and welcoming and friendly, it could never be duplicated.

He turned and stood, towering over my 5’6″ figure and wrapped his arms around me. “Hi sweetie.” I about melted. Since then, we’ve been having lunch together everyday, I’ve even talked him into dinner and a movie. We went two nights ago. He let me pick a movie, the moron. I picked a horror movie, since we both love horror movies. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I was hoping it would be very scary like I’ve heard. It was. I found myself curled into him half way through the movie. And yes, I did it on purpose!

The next day at work he kept smiling at me at lunch when I’d look at one the floor managers who was saying something. I’ve lost my mind. Yes, that’s it. He’s not smiling at me, he’s smiling at the girl at the table behind me. Nope. Wall behind me. I had a hard time focusing on work rest of the day. How could I possibly think straight when he was smiling at me like that?

At 4:30 I went down to the basement to clock out, looked to my right at the other machines for clocking out, about 10-15 feet away and saw C.J. clocking out as well. “Get off early?” I asked. He doesn’t normally clock out until around 7pm. “Yep,” he answered as he finished up. “I’ll walk with you to the parking lot,” he offered.

Employee parking isn’t even on the property, it was behind it and to the East. About a 5 minute walk. “So, little miss Marissa,” he began.

“Yes, big mister C.J.” I playfully returned.

“Did that movie really scare you, or were you looking an excuse to practically sit on my lap?”

“Both.” I blushed. He knows damn well how attracted to him I am.

“Well, next time we can skip the movie and go right to the lap thing if you prefer,” he teased and winked at me then laughed and put an arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a little hug, kissing me on the top of the head, sweetly.

By the time we reached the parking lot, I thought for sure there was a wet spot on my pants from how crazy he was making me. How could he do this to me? He was barely doing anything. Now I’d have to go home and lock my bedroom door for a few hours to cure myself of what he’d done to me. My legs were burning to have him between them.

“This your car?” His question snapped me back to reality as I looked down at my blue 1971 Plymouth Valiant. I nodded and took my keys out of my pocket, ready to unlock the door. “Very nice.” I smiled at him, I love when people compliment my car. “May I asked about it?”

I grinned and walked to the front of the car, popping the hood and lifting it, showing him the 6 slide engine. So it’s not an 8 cylinder, who cares? That puppy can move.

After showing him around the car, I got in it, ready to go home and take advantage of myself. That is until he leaned and rested his hands on the door. “Any plans tonight?” he asked.

Yeah, I gotta go home and fantasize about you for a while because of what you’ve done to me! “Nope.”

“Follow me.”

“Ok.” I started the car

I waited for him to get to his 1998 Jaguar SK8 and pull out of his parking space. We pulled out together and I followed him onto the 95 (Freeway) and drove to the other side of town practically and into a residential area. He pulled into the driveway of a lovely house and got out of his car then waited for me to park.

Before I knew it, I was sitting on his sofa being asked if I’d like anything to drink. He went and got me a soda and came back and sat next to me. Turning to face me, he said, “You know, I’ve noticed that you’ve really grown up since I met you.”

“I was grown up when you met me. I was just under 18 so you refused to believe it.”

He clucked. “You’re probably right.” He scooted closer to me. “I never noticed how smart and mature and wonderful you are.” I blushed and turned my head down. He placed a finger under my chin and made me look at him. “You are so beautiful.”

I smiled. “So are you.” He moved his hand to the back of my neck and placed his lips over mine softly. My lips quivered and my heart pounded at the feel of his soft lips over mine. If I were standing, I would have fallen over. He pulled away and it took me a few seconds to open my eyes. I smiled and leaned forward, placing my lips over his. He gently slipping his delicious tongue between my lips and turned the kiss passionate.

That was it. There was no way playing with myself could cure the burning wetness. I had to have him. I moved in my seat and brought a leg over. Within seconds I was straddling his lap, never breaking our kiss, my arms wrapped around him pulling his strong chest into my firm chest. His hands were at my lower back, pulling me closer.

My hands slid from his back to the front of his neck and began loosening his tie. He paused the kiss and looked up at me. “Are you trying to get into my pants?” he teased and chuckled.

“Of course.” I giggled and pulled his tie over his head. “You’ve been driving me bonkers since I met you. And don’t tell me to stop, I’ll die.”

“Never.” He began kissing my neck. Jesus Fucking Christ. I had no idea I could get that horny. He knew exactly what got me doing. I couldn’t resist, I let out a moan as he pulled my pelvis into his and continued kissing my neck. I could feel his rock hard rod pressing against my wetness.

My hands slid from his belly up to his chest then began unbuttoning his shirt. He did the same and went for my uniform top. The ugliest uniform you’ll ever see, I swear, and not a pretty color, either. If me in this ugly uniform can get him that hard, I could just imagine how he’d react to me once he got me in my bra and panties.

I got his shirt all the way unbuttoned and pulled it back over his shoulders. My mouth watered at the sight of his perfect chest. “You are so sexy,” slipped from my lips as I let my hands explore the chest I’ve longed to touch for so long. It wasn’t long before he had my shirt off, revealing my white lace bra for his eyes to devour. His hands went to my lower back and softly but firmly slid up my back, around my shoulders and down to my breasts.

He leaned forward and let his tongue and lips explore the exposed flesh. I was a feast laid before a starving man. He soaked up every inch he touched only wanting more. I wrapped my arms around his head, running my fingers through his short, dark hair, silently begging him to continue.

His mouth moved from my chest back to my mouth as his large hands slid down my sides, over my butt, my hips, down my legs and pulled my shoes off, letting them drop to the floor. As he did that, I pulled his belt off, throwing it on the floor ready to go for his zipper. He put his hand over mine and looked up at me. “Can I ask you something really quick?”

“Of course,” I replied, my fingers aching to undo his pants and free his penis from it’s ‘tent’.

“This isn’t you first time, is it?” he asked with curiosity and a little worry.

“Oh god no.”

“Have at it.” He sighed in relief as he lifted his hand off of mine, letting me do as I pleased. I wondered why he asked and why he seemed so relieved I’m not a virgin.

I found out when I undid his jeans and got my first look at it. It was fucking huge. My jaw dropped and I looked up at him. “You’re going to make the happiest woman ever.”

“Well I hope so.” He smiled and kissed me softly then let me go back to my business.

His hardness throbbed in my hands. I wanted him inside me more then ever. But I had to pace myself. I crawled off his lap and got on my knees. Pulling his shoes and socks off, I tossed them aside and slid my hands up his legs until I was at the right position to say hello to his southern friend. But instead, I stood up and pulled my pants down and kicked them off.

Only then I got back on my knees, with my mouth an inch away touching his rod. My eyes glanced up. “Tell me what you want.”

He grunted. “You.”

I smiled and placed my tongue on the tip of the head, with my eyes still connected with his. I let my tongue slide up and down his shaft, leaving a cool wet trail, the cold air in the house from the ac hit that wetness from my tongue and sent goose bumps up and down his arms.

I smiled again as I opened my mouth and slipped the head in. Suckling on him like a tootsie pop. Then lowering my head and taking more of him into my hot, wet mouth. He threw his head back and surrendered himself to me. He brought his hand up and softly ran his fingers through my hair as he moaned for more. My head bobbed and sucked and my hand stroked the area I couldn’t fit in my mouth. He never complained.

After several minutes, he placed his hands on my jaw and pulled my head off. “You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that.” I smiled at him. “Good.” He chuckled and got off the couch, kneeling in front of me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into another kiss. His right hand ventured up my back and unhooked my bra with the greatest of ease, and let it fall off my shoulders and to the floor.

He stopped the kiss and laid me on the floor, flat on my back. Kissing me again, he laid on me, gently pushing my legs open. The thin fabric of my white thong was the only thing keeping him out of me. I wanted it off so bad. “I want you now,” I said desperately.

He smiled at me. “Be patient. We have all the time in the world.” He kissed me softly then moved to my neck, my collar bone, my upper chest and stopped at my breasts. Licking, nibbling and sucking on my nipples. I swear he’s a psychic. He knows everything I like, down to the smallest things.

He left my breasts and kissed my flat little belly then moved down. I knew what he was planning. He pulled my thong off and I braced myself, I knew he would send me up a… “Oh my God!” shot from my lips the instant his warm tongue connected with my clit. After a few seconds he brought a hand up and slipped a finger inside of me. “God, Marissa, I had no idea you were this wet.”

“See what you do to me?” I moaned again as his tongue swirled around my clit and his finger inside me tweaked and played with my most sensitive spots.

He slipped a second finger in me and I came harder then ever. I called out and slammed my hands against the floor, trying to grab the carpet as my juices leaked over his hand and into his mouth. Three more of those and he stopped. I looked at him disappointed and he told me to stand up. I obeyed, with weak legs, of course. He stood with me and scooped me into his arms and began walking to the stairs.

“Where are we going?” I asked, curious.

“Bedroom. I’m not going to make love to you on a floor or couch.” I grinned and rested my head on his chest.

He carried me in his room and laid me on his big soft bed. I scooted up so my head was on the pillow and he laid to the left of me, on his side, facing me. He ran the back of his finger down my forehead and over my cheek, to my jaw. “So beautiful.”

I smiled softly as my cheeks turned pink. He brought his head down and softly kissed me, keeping his hand on my jaw. I turned to my side, with an arm around him, pulling myself closer. Closer to the joy his kisses were giving me, closer to the love he was about to give me… Closer. I’m still unsure of how I kept my sanity, but I did.

He rolled himself on top of me. I spread my legs around him. Waiting, yearning, longing for him to be inside of me.

“Are you sure you want this? Just say the word and I’ll stop. I don’t want you doing anything you’re unsure about.” He asked as the head softly pressed against my clit.

“I want this more then anything. Do you want this?”

“Yes.” He kissed me again and let his penis slide down until it was at my opening. I could feel it throbbing, feel it begging him to push it inside of me to temporarily cure him of the desire he feels for me. His chest pressed against mine, I could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Whether it was nervousness, excitement, eagerness or all three. I felt it and knew he wanted what I was so willing and able to offer him

The moment finally came when he pushed himself slowly in me. Inch by inch, moment by moment. My dreams and fantasies about him all came true in that single moment when the head hit the top of my uterus and he was all the way in.

Our breathing quickly got heavier, I even let out a moan. He paused for a moment. Looking into my eyes, he smiled and began. Waves of pleasure ran through me as he pulled in and out of me slowly. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt, I had never felt anything so remarkably intense and perfect.

My right leg wrapped itself around his lower back and pulled him deeper into me as my arms wrapped around his back, begging for more. What seemed like only a few seconds later, another thrilling orgasm filled me to the core. I called out his name and begged him not to stop. How could this be happening to me? I’m a truly that lucky? Guess so.

For several minutes he slid himself in and out of me, keeping his pace as he groaned and sweat and moaned. As I finished with another orgasm, he wrapped his arms around my back and rolled me on top of him. This was my chance to prove my skills. I hoped to God I could please him the way he did me. I sat up and began moving my hips. The first time I lowered down, he moaned in utter pleasure. Yes! I have enough talent for him!

I moved up and down, back and forth and any other way that felt good. His hands rested on my hips, guiding me onto him with utter perfection. After a while he sat up, wrapping his arms around my back and kissing my chest, sucking a nipple into his mouth and moving his hips to meet my movements.

Two more mind blowing orgasms and he asked me to get off. I did as he commanded as he got off the bed and stood to the side of it. He gestured for me to ‘come here’ so I scooted over with my legs hanging over the side of the bed. I knew what he was doing, the bed was waist high to him. As I scooted to him, his beautiful manhood stood ready to keep going. I adored his ability to last.

He kissed me again and laid me on my back, then stood up straight and prepared for penetration once again. He slid into me quicker and harder then before. I didn’t moan, I screamed. An instant orgasm filled me and sent my head spinning in a million different directions at once. I felt like my body was about to pop. I could have died happy at that single moment.

He thrust in and out of my young body while holding onto my tiny waist, pulling me hard into him. He groaned louder and louder with each thrust. It seemed like he was ready to cum. But he wasn’t.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around him, moaning at the feel of his body and that special body part that was currently sliding in an out of me. I could feel every inch, every curve, every tiny bit of his large member as it hit my most sensitive spots and sent me into one mind blowing orgasm after another. I called out and held him tighter with each orgasm, sweating a little more, my vision blurring a little more, my body feeling more and more filled by this perfect man.

It was still far from over. He gently pulled out of me and I looked up at him disappointed again. I never wanted this to end. It was too perfect. He smiled at me covered in sweat, breathing as heavy as I was and got back on the bed, laying parallel to me, but higher up. “Scoot up here,” he said with a smile still on his face. I was his slave. He could have asked me to swing from the ceiling fan and have sex with him at the same time, in a Home Depot, during open hours… The busy time of day, I’d do it.

I scooted up next to him, facing him with my head propped up on my elbow. “What’s on your mind?” I asked playfully. He smiled and said, “You,” in the sweetest way as he leaned forward to kiss me again. I wanted more, I wanted all I could get from this man. His lips moved from mine to my neck again, then up to my earlobe and lightly tickled it. “Roll onto your other side,” he whispered.

I rolled over and he kissed my neck. His right arm wrapped over me and and lightly played with my breasts. He pulled me closer to him and took his hand away from my breasts, placing it behind him, positioning himself to enter again. What is it with spoon and making it harder to penetrate? He pressed gently at first, then a little harder and a little harder until it seemed to ‘pop’ inside of me. My vaginal muscles instantly clenched around him as an instant orgasm sent my voice box into chaotic ramblings for more.

“I never want this to end, Marissa.” He read my mind again as he paused his movements inside of me. God, he’s so perfect. “You feel…” He groaned as I pushed back into him. “Perfect.”

His hand went to my front side and rested on my clit and lightly rubbed it as he began sliding in and out of me again. So this is heaven? I knew it. His penis throbbed more and more with each perfect movement. Our moans only got louder as we continued our love-making marathon.

A few minutes later, he pulled out of me again. But he wasn’t out for more then 30 seconds. He rolled me onto my back and laid on top of me once again, spreading my legs around him, he slid in once again. He thrust in and out of me. Connecting his body with mine once again. My mind was spinning. I had no idea which way was up or down, where I ended and he began. All I knew was how perfect he felt.

A few minutes and a few orgasms later, he quickened his pace slightly. “I’m gonna cum.” I told him to cum in me, that I was on the pill. So he did. I could feel his hot seed filling me to the core as his penis throbbed inside of me, sending me into another orgasm.

He collapsed on top of me, kissing me once more then slowly regaining our breath. We laid in each others embrace for as long as possible, sharing little kisses and big kisses. Falling asleep together in one another’s arms, we woke the same way this morning. C.J… C.J… My boss, my friend, my lover.

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