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My Bear

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I hate camping; I think that it is the stupidest thing ever. Why would people want to go out into the wilderness and with no bathroom, no shower, and no electricity? But despite that my Dad would insist once a year that he and I went out to this obscure little clearing in the woods which wasn’t even a real campsite. We would go out pitch a tent; eat fish that he caught in the lake, and sleep on the cold hard ground. 

The summer before I went to college my Dad decided that we weren’t just going for the weekend but that we were going to go for a full week to have some last father son bonding. We drove out to the clearing; it was surrounded on three sides by trees and bordered on the lake on the fourth. There were little paths heading away from the clearing which lead to other little clearings and beaches. 

My Dad and I unloaded the car and started putting up the tent. “Chris, I’m going to go into town and get some stuff for the week you wanna come or hang around here?”

“I’ll stay here.”

“Alright, if you wander away make sure that you are back before dark.”

“Yes Dad.”

I watched as my Dad pulled away down the trail in the truck and disappeared from view. Fuck, I thought, what the hell am I gonna do now? The lake was clear and blue, so I decided to go down one of the trails that I remembered led to a beach about a mile away and have a swim. 

The path had grown over a little sense last year but I could still see it easily enough. Slowly I picked my way through the creepers and branches listening to my feet crunching leaves with every step. The sun cast dappled shadows on the ground and across the leaves like leopard spots. It took nearly twenty minutes to get to the beach; it was my favorite place in the woods. It was the one place that my Dad wouldn’t go and I could get away from his endless father son bonding. 

It wasn’t a big beach probably ten feet of rough white sand. It sloped lightly down to the water and slid down to the bottom of the lake at a slow slope. There were little guppies swimming in the around in the shallows with the sun glinting off of their scales. I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my shirt and pants dropping them on a fallen tree trunk. For a moment I stood looking at the water standing in just my white briefs looking out at the disserted lake. 

I pulled off my underpants too and left them in a heap on the beach and ran into the water, the guppies swimming away from my splashes as fast as they could. The water was cool in the warm air and I jumped up to dive into the water swimming through the shallows with my chest scraping on the sandy bottom. 

When I stood up again the water was up to my waist and I looked down at my reflection in the smooth water. I had played football in high school and I had gotten a scholarship to play for my university. Most of my summer so far had been spent working out to be in shape for preseason work outs when I got to school. My chest was large and broad and was reflected back to me in the water, the hair matted down with moisture. I ran a hand over my abs feeling the bumps of the muscles under the skin and hair. I was proud of my body and loved to show it off. In high school I had gotten suspended twice for streaking and that was just the times that they had caught me. 

I slipped back under the water and swam back to shore. Flopping down onto my back in the sand I closed my eyes listening to the birds and the wind and the lapping of the lake on the shore and fell asleep. I have no idea how long I was asleep I but I woke up there was a shadow across my face. When I opened my eyes I saw a large man standing over me. 

He was tall and broad and dressed in the green and kaki of a park ranger. His face was hard and square, and was staring down at me from behind my aviator sunglasses. 

“Son, do you know that you are lying naked in a national park?”

“Um….I,” I stammered. 

“It’s alright. I’m not on duty now anyway; the only problem is that you are in my spot.”


“Every day at three I come here to tan. But hey I won’t tell if you won’t. I really don’t think that the park wants its ranges to be lying around nude by the lake.”

I laughed nervously as he sat down on the sand a few feet away from me.

“You mind if I join you?” he asked.

“Um…no…I guess.”


He took off his hat and sunglasses, and began to unbutton his shirt. Now I have to say right now that I like girls, I had a girlfriend, I have one now, although granted not the same one. But for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as his shirt spread a little with each button revealing an incredibly hairy chest below. When his shirt came off I saw his massive pecks, and hard abs covered in hair. I had thought that I was hairy, and in school I had been the hairiest, but I was nothing compared to this man. He looked like some sort of wild animal. 

Next he took off his boots and socks, followed by his belt and lastly his shorts. He didn’t wear underpants and now he sat bare assed in the sand, with his knees bent hiding his cock from me. Seeing him there naked, only a few feet away from me, I felt my cock stir. It was something that had never happened to me before; a man had never caused my cock to get hard in my life. Yet somehow this time I felt the blood pouring into my young prick. 

“I’m Steve by the…” he said, and then noticing my cock said, “well I guess you like what you see then.”

“I don’t. I’m not…I’m not gay. This has never happened before.”

“Dude don’t worry about it, getting a woody is nothing to be ashamed of.”

I stammered something about how embarrassing it was which he dismissed also adding, “A young buck like you, I would be suppressed if you weren’t hard all the fucking time.” He moved a little closer to me, scooting across the sand. “What’s your name kid?”


“And how old are you Chris?”

“I’m eighteen; I’ll be nineteen in two months.”

He moved closer still. Normally I would have been uncomfortable, but for some reason with this man, in the woods next to the lake I was perfectly at ease. It was as if nothing could harm me here so why would I be worried or uncomfortable. 

“So you got a girl back home Chris.”

“Yeah, her names Amanda. Blond hair, blue eyes, huge tits,” I laughed. And he smiled at me. 

“She put out?”

It seemed like a kinda odd question, but it didn’t seem to odd from him for some reason. “Sometimes, not a lot. I wish she did more.”

“Don’t we all.”


“I can help you out with that thing if you want.” 

I didn’t know what to say to him. I just kinda stared at him for what seemed like ages. He seemed to take my silence as consent because he reached over and took my cock in his big beefy hand. I gasped. His hand was rough and hard, it felt so different then my hand or my girlfriends. Different but good. Different but great in fact. 

Steve began to slowly pump my cock up and down. A grown slipped past my lips as his stroking picked up speed, and I felt my eyes rolling back and my lids closing. Then I felt something warm and wet encompass the head of my cock. I looked up and saw his mouth wrapped around my cock slowly swallowing the shaft right down to the balls. 

It was amazing. I had never gotten head like that before, my girlfriend never wanted to even try it and when she did it was lack luster at best. But this was amazing it felt like I was in heaven. I let out a long low moan, and Steve looked up at me his eyes smiling brightly. 

Slowly Steve moved around so that he was positioned between my legs spreading them apart. Suddenly he swallowed and I felt my cock slip past his tonsils and down his throat, I screamed I thought that my brain was going to explode with pleasure. Sensing that I was ready to blow he pulled off, letting my cock fall from my mouth. 

“You ever had you hole eaten out?”


“Good.” With that he grabbed my ankles and pushed them up and over my hips till my knees were resting on my chest and my ass was sticking up in the air. “Mmmm…look at this nice hair little hole.” He said with a laugh before he began to lick my tight virgin hole. His tongue swept past my hole, swirling the thick hair that grew there, twisting it around. I screamed and moaned louder than I ever had with my girlfriend. His tongue began to probe my hole; pressing against my sphincter trying to penetrate is previously unexplored depths. 

It took a long while for him to work his tongue past my protesting hole but when it did it was like nothing I had ever felt. Electricity shot through my body and my balls tightened up to my body and cum rocketed from my cock spewing all over my chest getting stuck in the hair. For a few moments he continued to lap at my hole and dig deeper and deeper with his tongue until my orgasm had subsided and then he let my feet fall to the ground on either side of him. 

“So how’d you like having something going in your ass instead of out?”

I couldn’t speak I just panted and stared at him. 

“I thought so. How long are you gonna be here kid?” “Ten…ten days.”

“Ten days, good. Be here tomorrow at the same time and you’ll get more than a tongue.”

With that he got up and got dressed. I just lay there watching him put his clothes on and then walk away into the trees in the opposite direction from my camp. For a long time I just lay there panting, cum drying on my chest. Then I noticed that the sun was getting low and I had to be back at camp before dark. I rushed to the water and cleaned off before pulling on my underpants, shorts, and shoes and sticking my shirt in my pocket and rushing off down the path to camp. 

The next day passed slower than any other day ever had. It felt as though the morning fishing with my Dad lasted for a year. All that I could think about was how it had felt to have Steve’s tongue slipping into my ass hole, going places that nothing else ever had. I spent the entire time trying to hide my constant erection from my Dad, and every chance I got I went into the woods to jerk off. It seemed as though there was no end to the amount of cum my nuts could make. 

It was nearly two when my Dad and I finally put into shore again with a cooler filled with fish. My Dad set to work gutting and cleaning them, I had never been good at either task so he thought nothing of it when I told him that I was going to go exploring in the woods for a couple of hours. 

Looking at my watch it was nearly two thirty when I got to the clearing. For a moment I thought about leaving, what I was doing was crazy. My Dad wasn’t that far away and I was having a rendezvous with another man. I must be going insane, I thought. But something in me made me stay. 

Perhaps it was the fact that each time I made to leave my cock would give a powerful throb and I would be over whelmed with lust for Steve. So after fifteen minutes of debate I stripped off my clothes and went for a swim. The water was a little warmer than yesterday and I swam out as far as I dared into its cool blue depths. All around me little fish flitted by and water birds meandered away from my splashing. Guessing that I must be nearly three I swam back to shore and flopped down on the sand as I had the day before and waited my cock becoming stiff as a board once again.

I was lying there for only a few moments before I heard someone else come into the clearing. Looking around I saw Steve entering from the same spot he had before dressed once again in his Park Ranger uniform. There was a big smile plastered across his face and a little bit of stubble growing across his cheeks.

“You came back.”

I nodded weakly, somehow being in his presence stole all of my words away and all I could do was stammer. 

“I knew that you would after how hard you cummed yesterday.”

And with that he took his hat and sunglasses off and started to unbutton his shirt exposing that amazing hairy chest which had so entranced me in the first place. Then came the boots and socks, then the belt and lastly the pants. 

For a moment he stood there in only his tidy whites looking down at me and then those two came off and I saw the one part of his body that I hadn’t seen yesterday, the part that I had spent all morning and most of the night imagining: his cock. 

It was more magnificent than anything that I could have imagined. Long and thick it hung like a massive sausage growing out of a forest of thick dark pubes. It was still soft and swayed like the pendulum of a cock as he walked towards me, its head bounding against his hairy thighs. His balls bounced lightly as he walked, slung low in their thick and hairy sack. There was nothing about his body that was not the epitome of manliness. It was as though he exuded testosterone, and my cock leaked for it. 

“Glad to see me again then kid,” he said in his deep ringing voice, “You think that you are ready for something a little bigger than a tongue?”

“Look,…I don’t normally do this. in fact I’ve never done anything like this before. But somehow I just can’t stop thinking about yesterday and…well…I…”

“Don’t worry about it kid. If you wanna stop at any point just let me know and we can stop. Ok?” “Yeah, sure.”

Through this whole exchange he had been walking closer and closer to me till now he stood right next to me, his cock swinging right above my face. Slowly he knelt down in the rough sand and turned his head towards my throbbing cock. Just as he had before he engulfed it with his mouth, swallowing every last inch of my dick in one go. I felt his stubble scrape my skin and he bobbed his head up and down, his hand rolling my balls around. 

He had kneeling in such a way that his cock knees were right next to my head and between his legs was his magnificent cock. I don’t know what made me do it, I still have no idea why I thought of it, but I shifted myself around so that I was not laying with my head between his knees and his cock dangling above my head. Slowly I lifted my head off of the ground and opened my mouth so that the head of his cock slipped past my lips and into my mouth. 

It was huge and tastes like nothing I had ever tasted before. It was strange, sweet but salty at the same time. As I breathed through my nose an aroma that I had only smelled after football practice flooded my nasal passages. It was a smell that only men can make, one that was so overwhelmingly masculine that it sent my mind spinning. He lowered his hips allowing my head to rest on the ground and keep is cock head in my mouth all the while his tongue was swirling over my cock. 

After a few minutes of tentative sucking on his head I reached up and grabbed the base with my left hand feeling his pubes surround my fist and began to slowly pump up and down his rapidly hardening cock. If I had thought that it was big before I had had no idea of what was to come. As I began to take his shaft into my wide stretched mouth I realized that I my hand was barely covering half of his massive tool and that so far only an inch and a half of the shaft, three if you count the head, was in my mouth. 

This is impossible, I thought to myself, there is no way on God’s green earth that I am going to be able to get that whole thing in my mouth. Just as I was thinking this Steve pulled off of my cock and said in a soothing voice that reminded me vaguely of a teacher explaining something to a rather confused student, “Take it slow kid, when you feel it hit the back of your throat swallow and just let it go down. The trick is to never bite down and don’t panic.” I took a deep breath through my nose and tried to take a little bit more of his cock into my mouth. 

For a moment Steve shifted away from me, pulling his cock out of my mouth for a moment while he grabbed my ankles pulling them up to my shoulders just like he had the day before. Then he slid his cock back into my mouth and began to lick at my ass while I tried to suck his cock. One more electricity began to shoot through my body as I felt his tongue slipping and sliding over my tight little pucker slicking down the hair around my hole as he went. 

Maybe it was the distraction of the attention that Steve was giving to my ass hole or the advice that he had given me but suddenly I felt his cock slid into my mouth, past my tonsils and into my throat. For a moment I couldn’t breathe and I thought that I was gonna suffocate, but then I remember what Steve had told me and took a big breath through my nose. 

As soon as Steve realized that his cock had slipped into my throat he redouble his efforts on my hole getting his tongue to slip deeper and deeper while he stroked my cock with one hand and started to slowly lift his hips up away from me and then lower them back down again. It was like he was fucking my face real slowly. 

Somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered how I had gotten here, laying underneath this big hairy Park Ranger with my ass in the air and is cock in my mouth, but then I found that I didn’t care why or how I just wanted it to never stop. Suddenly I felt something new happening, something different and strange. 

There was some sort of pressure on my hole, much more forceful than the tongue which was still flicking in and out of it. And then without any warning or anything it popped into my little virgin ass. A finger. He had put his finger in my butt. It took my brain a long time to comprehend what had just happened, and by that point Steve had his finger all the way in and had started to twist it about pulling at the walls of my ass. 

It didn’t hurt and that was what amazed me, it felt good and that was it. There was not pain not unpleasant burning, just pleasure. I began to suck on his cock harder and harder, as Steve began to put a little more force into his thrusts and his finger picked up speed.

“You ready for another?” I heard him ask from someplace far way. 

“God yes,” is what I tried to say but it was stifled by his cock which was now lodged deeply in my throat while I sucked on it like a plugged up straw his balls swinging just a little above my face. I reached up and put my hands on his ass holding his big hairy cheeks and pulling him down to my face. I felt his hair twist around my fingers as I squeezed the muscular globes. 

For a moment his finger left my hole leaving me feeling a little empty as though something important was missing but after just a few seconds it returned and a second one began to work its way in too. 

A jolt of fire shot through me as it wriggled past my sphincter I felt my toes curl and by back arch as my exit became an entrance. It was as though my body had frozen and I couldn’t move anything, for a long time I just lay there with Steve’s body above me his cock deep in my mouth and his fingers buried in my ass. Then he moved, and began to twist his fingers in all direction, pulling them out and slipping them back it loosening my ass just like I used to do to my girlfriend’s pussy.

My body began to steadily unfreeze and I began to suck on his cock again, my toes uncurled and my back lay flat on the sand again. Steve seemed to take that as his cue to add another finger to my ass sending my body back into the same shock it had just been in, yet this time something was different. I felt a swelling in my body, it was as if a volcano was erupting and without any warning at all my cock exploded cum all over my chest. I had never cum so much in my entire life. 

“You wanna keep going kid or are you done for the day?”

Done, why on earth would I wanna be done? I grabbed his ass cheeks harder and forced his hips down even closer to my mouth while I sucked on his cock harder than ever. 

“I was hoping you would say that. And well look, your cock hasn’t even gone down yet. Looks like my little jock boy likes getting his ass fingered.”

I had thought that three fingers was a lot but then I felt the forth working its way in. It was as though Steve was determined to make my hole so big and open that it would never shrink up again. Then after one hard thrust of his cock into my throat and his fingers into by ass he pulled out of both of my holes and climbed off of me. 

He laid down on the ground, his cock standing up like a flag pole right next to my head. I lowered my legs back to the ground, my ass feeling open and used like I had just taken a huge shit. 

“Well you’re all stretched out now so why don’t you have a seat on my cock.”

I have no idea what made me do it. I really don’t, perhaps if I hadn’t been so fucking horned up from all of the fingering and tonguing, or if I wasn’t still basking in the afterglow of my orgasm I would never have done it, but as it is I did. I stood up and squatted over his huge fat fuck stick. 

Slowly, very slowly I lowered myself down until I felt his spit lubed head pressing against my stretched out hole. Despite all of the fingering that Steve had did my ass was nowhere near open enough for his cock, and for a long moment I thought that it would never go in. 

Then all of the sudden something gave way and I felt it pop in. I screamed, my whole body shook, all of the pleasure that I had felt from the fingers was gone and was replaced by pure torturing pain. It felt as though my ass had been split in two and his cock was slowly tearing apart my ass. 

“Breath kid, don’t forget to breath.”

I took three rocky breaths and felt the pain abating a little bit. Steve put his hands on my hips and held me in place, helping to support my weight so that I didn’t slip and impale myself on his cock before I was ready. 

“Just keep breath and take more when you are ready. It’s big so take your time.”

After what seemed like ages I felt the pain going and taking one more deep breath I settled down a little bit more taking a few inches into my ass and the pain came rushing back, but not as bad this time. I felt a little bit less like my body was going to split in two and some where underneath the waves of pain was a little bit of pleasure. Again I started to breath, waiting for my ass to adjust to its new occupant. When it had I took a little bit more of his cock, and then a little bit more till the whole thing was nestled deep within my ass. 

For a long time I just sat there, my legs spread wide, my chest heaving and my eyes closed with Steve’s massive cock embedded in my ass and his pubes tickling my crack. Steve smiled at me, looking up and down my body as sweat poured down my body and my cock throbbed, oozing precum onto his chest. 

“When you are ready try to push yourself back up and then slide back down. “

“So fuck myself on your cock,” I said my voice soft and shaky in an attempt at humor.


I felt him pulling me up by my hips, his cock retreating from my ass. He lifted me until only the head remained in my ass, letting me rest there for a moment before he began to push me back down at the same slow and gentle pace. For the first few times it still hurt like a mother fucker, fire flowing through my body, but slowly the pain began to give way and waves of pleasure began to crash against my brain with each fall back down his cock. Soon I was riding it up and down up and down, using my knees to life me up and down as he thrust his hips up into my hole. 

Low groans escaped his lips and I bounced myself on his cock. Looking down at his, his hairy chest heaving, his head tossed back and his arms controlling my bouncing I realized that this must be how my girlfriend had seen me when we fucked. Just the thought of my being in the same position as Amanda had been made a big drop of precum plop from my cock into Steve’s stomach hair. 

I was a woman in that moment, I was getting fucked in my pussy by a huge cock.

Without warning Steve pulled me all the way down his cock and then knocked me backwards so that I lay on my back not and he was on top of me with my legs spread out to the sides wider than I had ever thought they would. I really was a woman, my legs were spread wide like own and a massive cock was embedded deep within in my cunt. 

Steve began to fuck me harder and harder and the air was soon filled with soft whimpering moans which at first I didn’t realize were coming from me. His cock banged against my prostate sending pulses of joy through my body and his hairy chest scrapped against mine as he shifted back and forth. Then he did something that I had never expected him to do. He kissed me. 

His tongue probed deep into my mouth the taste of my ass still lingering on his lips. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his back holding him close to me while he continued to pound my ass to pieces. 

When he broke away from the kiss he said in a soft whisper in my ear, “When I pull out stand up. I’m gonna fuck you silly.”

Then suddenly his cock was gone, he had pulled it from my ass and I was left alone with an empty gaping hole where I longed for his cock to be. Steve stood up, and offered me his hand to pull me from the ground. When I was standing he pulled me close into my arms and backed me into a tree. 

The bark was rough against my skin, but that little bit of pain was worth it for what was about to happen. Steve grabbed my right leg and lifted it up as high as he could get it exposing my hole to him again. This time his cock slipped in easily and without protest, after just a second his cock was ball deep in my ass. Then he grabbed my other leg and lifted it up too so that both of my legs were wrapped around his waist and I was holding onto his shoulder for dear life. 

He pulled me away from the tree, leaning back to that I was held up in his arms with his cock stuffed deep in my ass. His hands held firmly to my ass and began to bounce me up and down on his cock each time slamming it back into me gravity forcing it up into me. I was screaming again, long wailing screams that shook through my entire body and exploded out of my mouth. 

That seemed to encourage Steve even more because he began to buck me higher and higher each time till I was afraid that his cock would slip from my ass or that I would fall to the ground. I hadn’t noticed that he was walking around while he was fucking me and that now my back was to a tree stump which had been cut off at just about waist height. So it was quite a surprise when I felt my ass brush against the wood as he sat me down and pulled out. 

No sooner had I settled onto the stump than he slid me off of it again and turned me around so that my back was pressed into his chest and his cock was again working its way into my hole. With one hand resting on my chest and the other stroking my still dripping cock he began to slam into my ass harder than he had yet. I could tell that he was getting close, it wouldn’t be long now. 

Then all of a sudden I felt his cock swell inside of my ass, his nuts tighten up and the ribbons of cum rocketing into my hole. He seemed to cum for hours, filling me up so much that I thought it would start to come out my mouth. That sent me over the edge too, and I began to launch my second load all over the sand in front of me.

When we had both stopped cuming he turned my head to his and kissed me with his now softening penis sill stuffed up my ass. Then he pulled out and let his cum ooze from my hole as he backed away.

Slowly he got dressed, and looked back at me. “I’ll be here tomorrow, and I understand if that was a lot for you and if you don’t come back again I won’t be offended or anything.”

With that he left. I stood for a long time looking down the trail after him with his cum dripping steadily from my battered ass hole. Then seeing that it was getting late I jumped in the lake real quick to wash the cum and sweat from my body and got dressed. 

When I got back my father had long sense finished with the fish and was now cooking them. We sat together that evening and talked about nothing and then went to bed. I did end up going back the next day and every day until we left. Steve had me taking his cock with just some spit by the time that my last day came around, and then we left. 

I never saw Steve again, nor do I really intend to. I have never been with another guy sense and it’s been nearly four years, but I do have a big thick dildo in my closet and every night when I jack off before bed I stuff it up my hole and ride it thinking of Steve and the beach and how I learned to ride a big man cock.

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