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My Barista: Happy Hour

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Cathy and I finally made it to the cabin where we noticed it was dark and empty even though Dave and my wife left before we did. Not letting that bother us, we brought in our luggage and Cathy gave me the grand tour. We ended up in the bedroom where Cathy proceeded to push me on the bed and straddle me, kissing me ferociously.

She made a sly comment about not wasting an opportunity before she proceeded to rise up and quickly take off her t-shirt, letting her breasts fly free. I took one of her erect nipples into my mouth and heard her moan an even louder moan that sounded more like a banshee shriek. She then hugged me close to her breast as I kept nibbling until she looked up suddenly. I turned my head to notice the worn out look of my wife watching us.

Before we had a chance to say a word, I noticed she was less than thrilled. Cathy dismounted me and went over to hug my wife as I rolled over. My wife then proceeded to explain how Dave was ok for about two minutes before he was exhausted and blacked out in his back seat. Not only was she deprived of a proper orgasm, but she had to get directions to drive Dave’s car to the cabin. I felt bad for her since Cathy and I had no problem coming back to where we were before.

Cathy meanwhile was lowering herself towards my wife’s breasts, kissing them thru the shirt she was wearing before my wife got the hint and slowly took it off. Cathy then proceeded to roll my wife’s nipple in her mouth as I walked over and kissed my wife on the lips before our tongues intertwined.

I felt Cathy rub my bulge inside my pants before I slowly undid my pants and let my manhood fall out. It was a brief moment before both ladies went to their knees and proceeded to team up on my cock as they use to do for me so many times. The sight of both pairs of eyes looking at me as their tongues in unison slid up and down my shaft made me want to cum in buckets on their faces. My wife felt my balls and knew it would happen soon, so she took me in her mouth and sucked until my seed filled her to overflowing. She then leaned over, her lips opening as Cathy’s tongue reached in to taste my fresh ejaculate inside her mouth. Watching them both kissing and sharing my cum was an instant aphrodisiac, my cock rising again until they both knew what I wanted to do next.

We spent most of that night reacquainting ourselves with each other forgetting about the new groom in the car until Cathy brought up the motive behind our visit that week. Cathy told us as we lay there naked and spent how Dave was never the lover she wanted and she thought he needed some help. She thought that my wife could encourage him at first, but was disappointed with his two minute encounter. It was decided that we were to train this new member the ways of pleasing a woman. After all, a sexual goddess such as Cathy deserved a tiger in bed, not a kitten.

The next morning, Cathy went out to the car and brought Dave in with the intention of having a nice breakfast. As we all ate, Dave asked if we had a problem with what happened the previous night. I explained that my wife was use to a little more stimulation and that he owed my wife an orgasm. Dave looked at me surprised, partly from being curious and partly from concern since we were talking about my wife. He asked if I was crazy. I told him how my wife and I were open and that it was mostly due to his new bride that we became so.

He confessed how he would catch Cathy with her vibe late at night after trying to screw and how inadequate he felt. I let him know that technique was the key to pleasuring a woman. I saw his eyes light up at the thought of that and knew we had to get to work soon.

I had everyone come into the bedroom before I told my wife to strip for Dave’s first lesson. My wife did so, revealing that she wore nothing under the shorts and t-shirt she was wearing. I had her lay on the bed as Dave watched wide eyed and surprised. Cathy sat on the side keeping her hands on her lap as she watched me show Dave the places he could kiss a woman to drive her crazy. I had both of us kiss my wife along her jaw line, on her neck and her ear lobes as she laid there moaning softly. I showed Dave how to slowly kiss her nipple as both of us worked on her driving her closer without even starting on her private area yet. As I showed him how sensitive her stomach was, we went down to her toes and both kissed them as she struggled to stay down. I had Cathy hold down her arms as both of us licked up her inseam towards her pleasure box. She spread her legs wide begging for one of us to relieve her.

I then showed Dave how she had different pleasure spots in her pussy and how wonderful each of them responded to our touches and kisses. I then had Dave proceed to kiss and suck my wife as Cathy held her down until she climaxed all over his face. The serene look on my wife’s face showed me that she was enjoying this teaching. I then had Cathy strip down and take my wife’s place while my wife held her down. Dave took great pleasure in sharing his newfound knowledge with his wife until she too had an earth shattering orgasm.

The following few days were spent teaching Dave the different things that Cathy loved when we did things. He had his first long blowjob from Cathy and my wife as well as his first threesome with both ladies while I watched. He was like a kid with new found money as Cathy shared at least one session with both of us as the wife slept to recover. She even enjoyed it when Dave and I both came on her breasts right before my wife woke up to lick them off.

The final session was the final night of the trip. Dave wanted to fuck my wife by himself as Cathy and I had one more night together. Cathy started to seduce me by licking all over my body erotically. I felt her tongue find all my sensitive spots again as I felt like coming quickly again. As she began to take my endowment into her mouth, there was a gentle knock at the door as my wife pulled Dave’s naked body behind her. She then proceeded to straddle my face as I felt Cathy begin to moan on my cock. I figured that Dave had entered his wife from behind as we were all connected at that one moment.

My wife’s pussy was enlarged a little as I sucked, tasting her wonderful juices on my tongue, remembering all the fun we had since these adventures started. As she rose up, I saw Cathy’s eyes and she smiled, letting me know how much she was enjoying this time together. She took my cock out her mouth and licked it one time from base to tip before telling Dave that she wanted to feel both of us. I felt Cathy’s wet pussy engulf me as she lowered herself on me. She grimaced slightly as Dave slowly entered her stretched sphincter from behind. Hearing her grunt on top in pleasure was making me feel more gratified than ever before. As I felt myself want to cum, I looked and saw the telltale signs of a woman fulfilled.

Cathy and my wife wanted Dave and I to cum all over their faces one last time before we cleaned up and left for home. Dave’s cock was inches from my wife’s face as we both pulled, their tongues out as the white spray exploded from both of us. As both of them cleaned us up and we fell onto the bed, I wondered what was next for our little group.

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