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Soccer Practice

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There were only minutes left in the game and the score was tied – 3 to 3. Antonio knew that they’d have to keep the ball and then score in those final moments, for if the other team got the ball, they’d score quickly and Antonio’s team – the PS Thunder – would lose this semi-final match. Antonio noticed Jose on the other side of the field, and signaled that he was open.

Suddenly, there was a streak of black and white as the soccer ball came sailing across the field from Jose. He glanced up at the clock, saw that he only had a few seconds, and rushed down the field, keeping the ball from the other players. He was just a few yards away from being able to kick the ball to the goal. “Five, four, three…” Antonio kicked the ball. “Two, One… GO-O-OAL!!!!” The spectators cheered through the final seconds, and Antonio knew the game was won. But he also felt something … else. He slipped on the grass and fell. But his thigh felt wrong. And it was hurting.

The rest of the team came over, cheering, as Antonio rose to his feet. He was soaring on the endorphins of having won the game, but he was concerned about the way his leg felt. He knew he’d have to get it checked out. And he was not a fan of doctors.

After some celebrations on the field – and a few in the shower and locker room – Antonio stopped by to see the team doctor. Mark suggested that Antonio make an appointment to see another doctor he knew, but he specialized in sports injuries involving the legs. But Mark told him that it wasn’t probably anything too serious – just a pulled muscle, probably. He made the appointment for a few days later and then went out to celebrate with the rest of the team.

The bar was crowded, unusually so for a Sunday evening. But there had been a lot of people in town for the game, so it could explain the crowds. He was enjoying the time out with his teammates, still all high from their recent win. More than a few times, he’d had a shot of … something … put in front of him … bought by one of his mates or from one of the team’s well-wishers. The few hours he spent out where nearly a blur of drinks, congratulatory back slaps and handshakes.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Antonio spotted the tall redhead. He had a ‘thing’ for guys with red hair. He’d heard all the rumors – of how red heads had big dicks and balls and were just so hot in bed, but he’d yet had any chance to see if the rumor was true. He’d heard all sorts of rumors about all sorts of men and found some of them to be true and many, well, to be patently false. Not all Latin men were excellent lovers, not all black men had monster cocks, and that not all Asians had tiny dicks. He’d learned early on in his gay life and having sex with men that he should never judge a book by the cover. Each man was as different and unique as the next.

The redhead was tall – at least 6’2″ – and fairly solidly built. At least from what Antonio could see in the bar. He had a full beard and moustache, and it was neatly trimmed. He was wearing a t-shirt with a deep neck scoop under a sleeveless button up shirt, and there was a bit of fur sticking out the top. “Hmmm…” Antonio thought, “A big, beefy red head with fur. Damn, he looks great!”

Seconds later, however, the red head slipped from his sight, lost in the crowd. Another second later, and Antonio could see him outside the bar’s windows, walking towards the parking area. And out of his life, of course!

Later on, when Antonio was home, alone in bed, he was remembering the red head from the bar. He remembered what his face looked like and thought about how the beard would feel rubbing against his cheek and if he’d feel it ticking his balls if the redhead was sucking his cock. With a few quick tugs on his uncut cock, Antonio’s abs were sprayed with his hot juice. He quickly cleaned up and went to sleep.

A few days later, he was at the doctor’s office for his appointment. He’d never been to this doctor before, so he didn’t know what to expect. But the sign read “Michael Kirkpatrick – MD” and then “Sports Medicine” directly below. He checked in with the receptionist. A few minutes later, they led him back to an exam room, told him to strip down to his underwear and lay face down on the table, with his head on the pillow. The room was not your typical exam room – with soft colors, some comfortable chairs, low lighting and music playing. The exam table was a combination massage and exam table, and covered in a soft material that looked inviting.

He did as he was told and lay face down on the table, his face looking through the horseshoe shaped pillow. There was a picture inlaid in the tile floor – a small mosaic of an ocean – soothing, relaxing and quite beautiful. He felt a bit exposed, however, as he was wearing only a jock strap for underwear and his ass was exposed. At least the room wasn’t too cold and he didn’t feel chilled.

After a few moments, Antonio could hear the door open and a deep, soft voice said “Good evening, Mr. Vidalia. I see you have some soreness in your right thigh. Let’s just take a look at that.” Antonio tried to raise and turn his head, but the voice said “Please relax and keep your head on the pillow.” He did as he was instructed.

Antonio felt the doctor’s hands begin to massage and work on his legs. He felt a little odd with just his jockstrap on, but the soothing music and lights, and the gentle kneading of the doctor’s hands made him forget that odd feeling of embarrassment.

“How does this feel, Mr. Vidalia?” the doctor asked. His hands were still working and massaging Antonio’s thighs and calves. “Does this hurt at all?”

“No. That feels wonderful.” He felt the doctor’s hands move up to his back and spine, pushing and pressing and rubbing away some of the stiffness he’d been feeling. However, those same pressing and kneading hands were having the opposite affect on his cock and that was stiffening in his jock. As the doctor’s hands moved over his back and lower to his hips, just inches above his bare ass, he could feel his dick get even harder and thicker and his balls tingle. This was not a good thing.

“Mr. Vidalia, I need to work a little lower on your back, but I need to remove your underwear first. Is that OK?”

OK? With Antonio’s current state of arousal, it would probably be a little embarrassing to have to roll over and take his jock off, but he mumbled his “OK” and started to get up. The doctor’s hands pressed on his back again. “Please, Mr. Vidalia, just relax. Just lift your hips up a bit and I’ll take it off for you.” Antonio did as he was told and felt the doctor’s hands pull down on the waistband of the jock and tug at the sides and slipped the jock off of Antonio’s hip and legs. His cock and balls slipped down and were lying between his thighs. He felt so exposed, but very comfortable and relaxed, too.

A few seconds later, the doctor’s hands returned to rubbing and massaging Antonio’s back and thighs. He felt the doctor’s thumbs press against the very top of his ass, right where the jock had been, and the rest of his fingers brushed against the sides of his hips and ass cheeks. Even in the downward pointing position, his cock still continued to swell and throb with some pleasure and heat.

The doctor rubbed his hands over Antonio’s ass, kneading and working the muscles and flesh, from thigh to back and down again. He’d press hard and deep at the top of the thigh, slowly massaging deep into the tissues and muscles. His hands slipped to the insides of the thighs, his fingertips brushing against Antonio’s cock and balls, sending a moan from his lips and a shudder through his body. The doctor’s hands paused just a second and then he continued massaging and squeezing his thighs, calves and butt.

“Excuse me for just a moment” the doctor said. Antonio was afraid that maybe the moan had been too much and now the doctor was revolted at touching a gay man. Even though gays were far more accepted today than during any other period, there were still some people that had issues. But what confused him even more was when the lights dimmed a bit more just a few moments later. He also heard the rustling of some fabric. But his thoughts were lost again when the doctor’s strong fingers began kneading and rubbing his thighs and ass again.

Antonio enjoyed the doctor’s touch – it was firm enough to be doing some good, and yet still soft enough that it showed some care. And it felt wonderful. The doctor continued to work on his thighs and ass. To Antonio, this seemed like heaven. Of course, what happened next blasted right through heaven to paradise.

The doctor’s thumb slipped into the crack of Antonio’s ass, and rubbed lightly inside, just above the hole. Antonio felt his cheeks tighten against the touch even though it thrilled him to his core. “Just relax, Antonio. It is OK for me to call you Antonio, right?” the doctor asked. Antonio mumbled his agreement, but it came out as nothing more than just a satisfied sigh and moan. He felt his dick get even harder, although it was still bent back and down.

The doctor may have sensed the odd angle of Antonio’s cock, for he lifted up on Antonio’s hips and told him to hold that position. Antonio felt the doctor’s hand slip from his hip and slowly push his cock upwards to a more comfortable position. Before pressing back down on his ass, it felt as though the doctor cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze, too.

The doctor’s hands slipped into a rhythm on Antonio’s body – rubbing the top of the thigh, then along the cheek, with a rub in the crack and then up the spine and back down. On the return trip, his fingers stayed a bit longer around his hole and the thumbs rubbed the sensitive skin between the thighs and behind the balls. Each trip of the doctor’s hands brought goose-bumps to Antonio’s skin, a sigh to his lips and some more pre-cum from his dick.

A few moments later, on one of the return trips, Antonio felt the doctor pause a bit longer at his hole and felt the tip of his thumb press against the tight muscle, rubbing the rim. His cock throbbed heavily under his pelvis as the doctor massaged his hole. Then the fingers were moving again, rubbing along the thigh and calf. Antonio was surprised at how relaxed and yet how aroused he felt right now. His legs and back and torso were nearly fully relaxed, but his cock and his hole were twitching with desire and lust and sexual urges and excitement. Each run of the doctor’s hands over his body drove Antonio closer to full fledged desire and the doctor’s hands showed no signs of slowing or relenting on their ministrations.

He could feel the doctor shift positions slightly, leaning more over his and the table. As the doctor worked his fingers up and down Antonio’s spine, he could feel the forearm and wrist rubbing in his crack. It was an intense sensation, with his butt flexing with each new sensation; feeling the fuzzy hair on his arms and the shape of the muscles beneath the soft and supple skin. The doctor’s flesh was warm and soft and firm – feeling like a huge cock, sliding up and down the crack of his ass. More moans welled up within him, but he didn’t let them out.

The doctor’s fingers paused again on the down trip at his hole, but this time, they began to spread the flesh around the hole, working back and forth and brushing against the tight muscle. Antonio shuddered at this ass play, wanting all the more for anything besides the doctor’s fingers to be there.

And he didn’t have long to wait. He felt a slight movement of air across his ass, and then the unmistakable tickle of whiskers rubbing on his cheeks. In a split second, he felt something warm, wet and pointed slip inside his cheeks and probe into his hole. He knew immediately that it was the doctor’s tongue and another orgasmic shudder coursed through him as a deep moan escaped his throat.

Antonio moved a bit, pushing his hips up, so that his ass was even more open to the doctor’s exploring. He felt the tongue move deeper into him, sending more pleasure through his system. He kept pushing up and up, but he kept his face buried into the table surface. The doctor continued to eat his hole, but reached through his legs and began to stroke his hard cock, dripping pre-cum onto the table. Antonio never thought a doctor’s visit could be this much fun. The doctor also seemed very much in tune with Antonio’s body and how it reacted. Many times, he felt the onset of an orgasm, only to have the doctor back down and take him away from the brink. Obviously, the doctor was enjoying this as much as Antonio was.

The doctor’s position changed again and Antonio felt the doctor’s touch coming from higher up on his side, and he could feel the doctor’s presence next to his shoulders. He was so relaxed with the doctor working over his skin and muscles, rubbing any soreness and aches he’d had.

“Mr. Vidalia, I’d like you turn your head to the side, your right side, please, so I can work on those muscles, as well.” The doctor instructed Antonio, and soon his hands would reach along his neck and jaw and his scalp. If this was the kind of treatment he’d get for a sore leg, he’d have to pull it more often.

The doctor continued to work on Antonio’s shoulders, back and arms, and on his neck and his exposed ear. The ear was always one of Antonio’s … spots. If he was making out with a guy and the guy started nibbling or nipping at his ear, Antonio would almost immediately melt with a feeling of desire and his cock would jump to full and hard in just seconds. Each time the doctor’s fingers brushed along the lobe of his ear, another wave of pleasure rippled through him.

After what seemed like hours, the doctor asked Antonio to turn his head the other way. When he did, Antonio was greeted with an image of the doctor’s white slacks, pulled tight, with the outline of a very hard cock showing through. It bulged and seemed to throb behind the thin material and danced before Antonio’s eyes. The doctor continued to rub Antonio’s body and each time he reached further across the back, that hard and thick cock came closer and closer to Antonio’s face and filled his vision. He wanted to reach out and touch that cock, with his fingers or even with his tongue, but he couldn’t move his hands and he was never quite close enough to it with his tongue.

“Is it getting warm in here, Mr. Vidalia?” the doctor asked. All Antonio could manage was a mumble and a slight nod. The doctor continued to massage Antonio’s back with one hand and used the other to un-tuck and un-button his shirt. He removed the shirt, arm by arm, swapping hands as he did.

Antonio stared with delight at what he was now seeing. The doctor’s abs were smooth and firm and a light coating of golden-red fur covered the skin. A slightly darker patch of hair grew from the beneath the belted slack. He could look further up the doctor’s body and saw the well shaped arms and chest as the doctor leaned, once again with both hands, across Antonio’s body. He could barely see the bottom of the doctor’s chin – covered with a goatee of golden red hair.

“Is this feeling good, Mr. Vidalia?” the doctor asked. Again, all Antonio could manage was a mumble and a slight nod. “That’s what I need to know, Antonio. It’s ok to call you Antonio, isn’t it?” Again, a slight nod and mumble was his reply.

The doctor again commented upon how hot it was and how wanted to be more comfortable. Antonio shivered again with pleasure as he saw the doctor slid one hand off Antonio’s back and that hand began to work at the buckle on his belt. Then slowly, he worked the button and lowered the zipper. Antonio’s eyes opened wider as the doctor’s hand slid the zipper down, revealing more flesh and some other fabric beneath the white pants.

The doctor used his free hand to slip the snug white pants from his hips, revealing a snug square cut pair of shorts. And, of course the fabric stretched to maintain the hard cock within. Antonio could see the outline of the head and the long cock with the slight curve. It was very appealing to Antonio, as were the thick and muscular legs that supported the shorts.

“Again, are you feeling good, Antonio?” Antonio again nodded, and he licked his lips as a moan escaped. “Good. There’s something else I think would relax you and help with your recovery. Are you willing to try a different method of relaxation?” Again, Antonio only nodded.

The doctor took both hands from Antonio’s body and stepped back, pulling his pants off completely and then removing the snug underwear. His cock pulled free of the fabric and was jutting only inches from Antonio’s face. His eyes were riveted to the cock, pulsing with each beat of the doctor’s heart. The cock was long – close to 8 inches – and very thick. The hair at the base was a reddish gold color, trimmed neatly and his balls were shaved clean. A drop of clear fluid emerged from the slit at the tip of the head, begging for Antonio’s tongue to wick it away. The doctor stepped forward and Antonio’s lips parted in anticipation.

“Now, Antonio, I want you to know that I’m no longer acting as your doctor here. But rather as an … admirer … of yours. And this certainly is not a method I use with all the patients; just the special ones – like you.” With that, the doctor took another step forward and slid his dick into Antonio’s waiting mouth.

Within seconds, the doctor and patient set up a rhythm of motions, with each slight thrust of the doctor’s hips into Antonio’s face coinciding with more pressure upon his back. Slowly, ever so slowly, each pass of the strong hands on his back slipped lower and lower, again to just about Antonio’s firm and round ass. “You do have a magnificent body, Antonio. I noticed that when I first saw you.”

After a few minutes, the doctor pulled his dick from Antonio’s lips and asked him to roll over onto his back. Antonio complied, grasping the doctor’s cock for balance as he rolled over. He finally got to look at the doctor’s face and was shocked to see it was the same man from the club the other night. He was quite pleasantly surprised with this turn of events.

The doctor must have noticed the look and said “I was there the other night, hanging out with Mark. He’s been a good friend for years and often refers injured players. But enough of that, where were we?” The doctor moved again to Antonio’s side and Antonio willingly took the hard cock across his lips. He felt the doctor’s hands roam across his chest, pausing at each nipple, lightly fingering them for reaction – they stiffened on command. More clear fluid dripped from Antonio’s cock, adding more to the pre-cum already spread across his abs and his cock head.

Slowly, the doctor’s hands worked across the chest and abs, circling around in the slick liquid of from his cock. His hand grasped the hard cock and slid up and down the shaft. Antonio moaned with the pleasure and his moans vibrated on the doctor’s cock, making him moan as well.

The doctor pulled on Antonio’s cock harder and faster, pulling more pre-cum from the head, slickening it better than any lube could. His breathing was becoming more rapid and he could feel the orgasm coursing through his body. He moaned long and hard on the doctor’s cock, and then convulsed once as the first wave of orgasm was released from his cock, churning the hot, white fluid from deep in his balls and up through the shaft to explode out the cock head and spray across his chest.

The doctor kept pumping on Antonio’s cock, pulling spurt after spurt of thick fluid from deep within and Antonio grunted with each shot flying from the head. But all the while, he also kept his lips locked on the doctor’s thick shaft, alternating sucking and breathing as his body was wracked with waves of pleasure and rocked with orgasms. The doctor released his grip on Antonio’s cock and ran his fingers through the pools of sticky white cum on his abs and chest. He brought his fingers to his lips and slid his tongue out and tasted the liquid on his fingers.

“That’s very good, Antonio. I wonder how much more I can get from you?” he winked with the last, slowly bending over and putting his own lips to Antonio’s cock. Even after having had such a great release, Antonio’s cock was still hard as the doctor’s lips and tongue slid around the cock.

Within a few minutes, the doctor stood up and then pulled back from Antonio, pulling his cock from the willing mouth. Antonio leaned after the cock, wanting it still in his mouth, but it was too far and the doctor was telling him “Patience, patience.” He walked around to the end of the table, by Antonio’s feet. He bent over and fiddled with the table. With his other hand, he supported Antonio’s ankles as the end of the table folded down and away.

“There, this is good,” the doctor said as he grasped Antonio’s ankles with both hands and slowly pointed the feet at the ceiling. “We’re going to work on some stretches now. Are you ready?”

Antonio nodded his head and moaned “yes” between his lips, waiting for the next step in his treatment.

The doctor spread Antonio’s legs apart, resting the heel of each foot on one of his shoulders; his hands rubbing and kneading each calf and thigh, slowly working up and down each leg. Goose bumps of pleasure broke out across Antonio’s skin, and a shiver passed through his body.

About every minute, the doctor would lean forward, pressing his cock against Antonio’s ass and stretching out each leg and the lower back. Antonio again felt so relaxed and yet so full of energy and recharged. No matter what, the doctor surely knew how to work the body. His hands continued to work on Antonio’s legs, rubbing and pulling the muscles.

More and more, however, the doctor would stretch Antonio’s legs back against his body, leaning forward and allowing his hard cock to slide along Antonio’s ass crack or along his still hard cock. And each time, Antonio wished that cock was stuffed in his ass, fucking him with slow strokes while he stretched his body. Soon enough, however, his wish was granted, and he grunted as he felt the doctor’s cock press against his waiting hole. His cock twitched and tingled as the doctor pushed the head into the hole, again leaning forward and stretching Antonio’s legs. The doctor’s rhythm was slow and steady, each thrust moving with each stretch of his legs; his eyes bright with lust and passion. His eyes rolled upwards with each thrust and his pace quickened.

All the while, the doctor’s hands had been rubbing each of Antonio’s legs, but now he dropped one to his cock, stroking it in time with each thrust into his ass. Antonio felt more pre-cum slip from the cock, lubing the sensitive head even more. He knew it would only be a matter of moments before another orgasm wracked his body with ecstasy, but he wanted it so. And with each passing moment, the doctor’s thrusts became quicker and deeper and his breathing sped up.

The doctor groaned with pleasure and mumbled “Fuck! I’m close!” and Antonio nodded his head and groaned and grunted in reply. The doctor shoved his cock a few more times, deeper and deeper into Antonio’s willing ass and pulled quicker on his cock, pulling another load of pre-cum from his balls and churning more cum deep inside.

With a final thrust and then withdraw, the doctor pulled his cock out as the first wave of cum sprayed out, landing on Antonio’s cock and balls and the doctor’s own hand. With a grunt and a yell, Antonio’s own cock began to push cum out, where it mixed with the doctor’s cum on his abs. Wave after wave and shot after shot of cum sprayed out and landed on Antonio’s body, adding more cum to his previous load.

The doctor leaned forward again, against Antonio’s legs, and pressed his knees to his chest. There was a crack and a pop at Antonio’s spine stretched under the pressure and he let out another groan of pleasure. The doctor leaned forward and again swirled his fingers through the gobs of cum on Antonio’s stomach and chest. He pulled his fingers to his lips, tasting both of their juices, a look of ecstasy on his face. With his other hand, he swirled up another serving and put it to Antonio’s lips, and he swallowed it down eagerly.

After a few minutes, the doctor stood upright and lowered Antonio’s legs. He walked over to a sink in the corner and wet a cloth with warm water. He came across and slowly wiped Antonio’s body, cleaning him of their loads of cum. He leaned forward and kissed Antonio’s mouth and slipped his tongue between his lips. Antonio returned the kiss with fierceness and enjoyed the tastes he encountered. For moments, they stayed in this position, eagerly tasting each others lips and kissing with a fierce passion and desire.

The doctor slowly pulled away and then pulled Antonio upright. He lingered for a moment, again kissing his lips, and then pulled away.

“So, Mr. Vidalia, how do you feel now?”

Antonio could do nothing but smile. He’d not felt this good in a long time. Finally, he spoke “I’m feeling very good, doctor. But I may need to come back for another visit. The finals are coming up and I play much harder and could injure the leg again.”

“I can’t wait. And as for the next time, it may well be a house call.” A warm smile crossed his face and he handed Antonio his clothes.

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