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Mrs. Jones Serves Dessert

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Kevin was grateful when his boss invited him home for dinner one Friday night. He had only been at the accounting firm for three months. He was fresh out of college and trying to fit in. George Jones, his boss, had built the company into one of the biggest firms in their town. Kevin was lucky to have landed there. He wasn’t very social in college but in accounting that was okay. He minded his own business at work which was easy because of natural shyness and the general environment at the office.

But he was happy when Mr. Jones’ secretary called and told him to be available Friday for dinner at the house. Around 5:30, Mr. Jones stopped by Kevin’s cubicle and said gruffly, “ready to go?”

He then started walking while Kevin had to quickly grab all his stuff and follow. He caught up finally and Mr. Jones said “you’ll come with me.”

George Jones was a big man. He was probably twice Kevin’s size, although Kevin was shorter than average and slight. The one man looked gruff and tough while the other almost tiny beside him. But George Jones was not really mean. He was nice but a man of few words who didn’t smile much. He liked the new kid in the office. Kevin seemed like a hard worker and George liked hard work. He just never thought of saying anything if his wife didn’t remind him to invite the new employee home. Kevin on the other hand was very grateful. Being invited to the boss’s house seemed like a sure sign he had passed his probationary period.

They didn’t talk much on the short drive except a few work questions. Kevin followed George into the house and heard George say “this is my wife, this is Kevin.” As George disappeared, Mrs. Jones smiled and came over. Linda Jones was a couple years younger than George but still in her late 50s although she looked a few years younger. She wasn’t as tall as George but in her heels she was much taller than Kevin.

She was pretty and very maternal looking. Something about her and her pleasing smile made you feel warm. But in addition to that warmth was a very soft sensuality that was hard to put your finger on. Her clothes were sensible, her skirts longer than the office women at George’s firm, and nothing particularly low cut. But they were nice clothes and she had a magnetic personality.

Immediately, she made Kevin feel right at home. “Don’t mind George, dear. He’s not grumpy, he just can’t help himself. I’m Linda Jones and we’re both very excited to have you with us. George told me what a nice job you do for him at the company.”

Her smile made Kevin feel at ease just as she intended. He told her, “Thank you very much, Mrs. Jones. It is very kind of you to invite me for dinner. I hope it isn’t too much trouble, Ma’am.”

Mrs. Jones immediately liked him. He called her Ma’am not by her first name. She liked that. She liked this young man a lot. “Aren’t you, sweet? Somebody’s mommy must have raised him right. Come over here and let me hug you.” With that, she grabbed him and pulled him tight into her. He was so much shorter that his head nestled in the space between her soft and warm breasts, cradled between them. He didn’t expect it but she did. Linda liked the feel of cradling him that way and she could see he liked it too. In fact, she could feel that it was making him hard. She liked causing that reaction in a younger man, especially a nice, polite, shy young man.

She released him and moved back to the kitchen. He wasn’t sure what to do but he followed her. It was few minutes before George came back downstairs. He had changed out of his coat and tie but didn’t look much different. Kevin was still dressed for work and ready to help in the kitchen. Kevin remembered the bottle of wine in his briefcase and went and got it and presented it to his hostess. That was the right thing to do.

She was happy that he was thoughtful; she appreciated the little things, and handed the bottle to George to open. “George be a dear and pour us some wine.”

George grumbled but he opened the wine and poured his wife a glass. “I’m having a beer. What’s your poison, Kevin?” Kevin didn’t get a chance to react before Mrs. Jones did it for him. “Don’t be silly George; Kevin will have some of the wine he brought. He wouldn’t want me to drink alone.”

That settled it for George and Mrs. Jones knew it. “George, why don’t you relax in your den before dinner? I have Kevin to help and I’m sure he wants his boss nice and relaxed. I’ll call you when we’re done.”

George was only too happy to leave the kitchen. He hated the kitchen and cooking. When he brought an employee home, they could damn well help cook for him, after all they worked for him. He knew his wife didn’t care if he helped. In fact, she liked to meet knew people and have their help so it was good for both of them.

As he left, Linda Jones sized up the small but helpful young man with her. Then she turned around. “Kevin, be a good boy and help me out. Did you ever help your mommy with her dress when you were living at home? I need a hand with the zipper. I want to be careful and not get flour on me while we’re cooking.”

Kevin wasn’t sure he heard her at first and he was confused but she was the boss or at least the boss’s wife and he couldn’t resist her anyway. “Yes, ma’am. Anything you say.” So he unzipped her dress. His hands even trembled a little.

As he helped her out of it, he could tell she had another dress underneath. Actually it was a slip. It was an old fashioned slip. He was surprised. It didn’t show much at all and it reminded him a little of an aunt when he was little but for some reason it made Mrs. Jones seem real sexy to Kevin.

She could read his reaction in his eyes and knew she had this young man hooked. He was so innocent. He was small and just reeked of innocence. She loved that and wanted to cradle him again but couldn’t think of a reason yet. She loved the idea of partially undressing in front of him and acting like it was perfectly natural. She decided he would be easy to tease.

“Thank you, Kevin darling. Now hang my dress on the hanger on the back of the dining room door. It’s new and I don’t want to make a mess. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable. I’m sure you’ve seen your girlfriend in something much more revealing than a nice slip, haven’t you?”

As she asked him the question, she was putting on an apron and asking him to help her tie it in back. “Tie it nice and tight right above my panty line. I’m sure you can see the outline of my very dark panties through my thin white slip, can’t you?”

Kevin was in heaven but tried to play it cool. “I don’t actually have a girlfriend right now, Mrs. Jones. I’ve been busy settling into the city and with the new job I haven’t had a lot of time for girlfriends with or without slips.” Kevin concentrated on tying the apron. He found the sight of her panties through the slip very attractive and it made him feel a little guilty.

He hadn’t spent a lot of time with women and sometimes they made him nervous. In fact, Mrs. Jones made him very nervous. Part of it was because he was attracted to her and he knew he shouldn’t be. She was a lot older and married and his boss’s wife. He knew he was probably completely over reacting to everything and was ashamed of himself for being so horny.

But he knew this was an unusual situation and wondered what his boss might think. So he asked, “uh, Mrs. Jones, are you sure this is okay? I mean, should we be doing this?”

Mrs. Jones knew just how nervous he was and loved it. A small man in need of mothering was what she thought Kevin was. And she thought she knew just how to play with him. “Kevin, I don’t know what you mean. We’re cooking in the kitchen and your boss, my husband, is in the next room. Why, this slip covers up every bit as much of me as my dress did.”

She looked down and ran her hands over her slip and her full breasts and then turned and looked at him. “I’m sure you don’t want me to ruin a nice dress and neither would George. You must not see very many slips. I guess when you undress your dates, these young things don’t have slips on do they or you’d know more about how a real woman dresses.”

Kevin got embarrassed that he had upset her. “Gosh, no. I mean I don’t undress women. And no, I thought. I’m so sorry, Ma’am. I didn’t mean to be rude. I was just trying to be polite. Please don’t be mad at me, I’m sorry.” He was really scared that he had made her mad and also she was his boss’s wife and he had just implied something rude.

She smiled at how that had turned out. “Come here, you sweet young man, of course I’m not mad.” Then she pulled him against her and squeezed him again knowing that the silk of her slip would be even more for him to handle than being smashed against her breasts again.

She held him longer because there really wasn’t any cooking left. “Now, let’s cook. Oh by the way, you like my slip don’t you? I mean it looks okay? It’s nice to have a layer of silk under your dress. Go ahead and touch it and you’ll see how nice it feels.” She then grabbed Kevin’s hand and rubbed it on her hip up and down her side and even around the back a little. By the time she let go, he was so hard in pants that it was obvious which made her happy and Kevin nervous.

She made him hold things, move other dishes, pour her more wine but all she was doing was getting the dinner already made ready for plates. Finally, done teasing and brushing against him, she said they were ready. “Here, be a darling and help me back into my dress for dinner.” Then she turned and let him zip her up, pleased that his hands still shook.

The phone rang and she said “Oh, it’s our daughter. Run along and get George for dinner while I take this.” Kevin got George and when they got to the living room, the boss said “where the hell’s Linda?”

Linda Jones walked in at that moment. “Don’t be impatient, grumpy man,” she laughed. “That was our daughter. She’s going shopping and we talked about things she could buy you for your birthday next week. She is going to text me from the store.” George was devoted to his daughter and smiled.

Mrs. Jones turned to Kevin and said “my daughter was over earlier but she lives an hour away and is going to a store near her and I need her help on something. Your boss is an old softie and would do anything for her, no matter how mean he seems at work.”

George smiled and everyone was happy for different reasons. Linda Jones knew her daughter’s car was going to get a flat tire at the mall because she’d made arrangements earlier in the day. But no one else knew that.

They had a nice dinner and Kevin could tell he was a hit with his boss’s wife who kept talking to him and touching his arm and making sure he had enough and refilling his wine. Twice her foot brushed against his leg. He was sure it was an accident but it made him twitch.

Mr. Jones didn’t exactly say a lot but he was more talkative than Kevin had ever seen. George Jones was thinking that the kid was going to work out fine. He did a good job at work without making a pain of himself. In a better test, he was good at dinner with the family. Some work people spent the whole meal sucking up to George and he hated that. This kid was polite and his wife seemed okay with him. That was all good.

Just as they finished the main meal, Mrs. Jones heard a text alert and looked at her phone. She gasped, “Oh no! Donna has a flat tire. That’s terrible and her husband is out of town. George do we know any towing service way over there? I feel terrible for her. At least she’s at the mall and not stranded on the road but I don’t know what she’ll do on her own and helpless.”

Linda Jones knew her husband well enough that she knew how he’d react before he did. She also knew that she had made sure earlier that her daughter’s tire was low and would get lower. No need to tell George that she had told their daughter to check the tire when her daughter was driving to the mall. A low tire and a flat tire were close enough to the same thing.

George overreacted as he usually did about his daughter but inside he liked to be the protective dad. “I can’t believe her fool husband didn’t check the damn tires. I won’t have my daughter running around unprotected. Damn inconvenience but I’m going to take care of it personally. Linda, tell her to take it easy and shop or whatever and I’m on my way.”

Linda smiled. Her husband was predictable and very protective. But she acted concerned. “George, what about young Kevin here?” At this point Kevin was standing up. He wasn’t sure what to do but he knew he should help.

“Yes, Mr. Jones. I’m happy to help. If it would be easier for you, I can go take care of what needs to be done. I’m happy to be of assistance in any way I can,” Kevin said.

Just as Linda knew he would, George would have none of that. “Right thing and all, Kevin, but no. My daughter and I’m on top of this.’ Then he looked at his wife and felt guilty. “Besides, Linda went to all this trouble and someone should stay and help her with dessert. Right, dear? That work for everyone?”

Linda smiled and looked disappointed but not too much. She didn’t want to overact. “Yes, dear. I know it can’t be helped. It’s so disappointing that Donna gets into trouble but someone has to take care of her. I’m sure Kevin won’t be offended and I’ll give him dessert after all. We’ll come up with something to talk about while you’re gone. Now just go and I’ll call Donna and tell her that her daddy’s on his way to save her.”

George felt better. He got tired of these dinners a lot faster than some people. The car was a good excuse and his wife wouldn’t be mad because at least she had company and the kid seemed polite and all. On his way out the door, he said to Kevin, “sorry about all this, Kevin. Can’t be helped and all. Glad we got the chance to catch up though. I know your car’s back at the office but we’ll sort that out. I have to go. You take it easy and don’t worry.”

As George drove quickly away, Kevin sat back down and Mrs. Jones hung up from talking to her daughter. “Now, Kevin, be a dear and help me clean up before we have dessert. I want to get all of these things out of our way while I have a nice strong young man to help me.”

Kevin wasn’t used to anyone calling him a strong young man. He knew he wasn’t strong but Mrs. Jones was kind. He helped with all the dishes while she got them into the kitchen sink and just rinsed a few before getting dessert. Suddenly, she cried out, “Oh no, I can’t believe it. I knew I should have put my apron back on. I splashed and got something on my dress. Come here, Kevin. I need your help with the zipper again so I can get this off and treat it before the stain sets.”

Kevin was helpful again but his hands trembled even more than before. It made perfect sense to do this but it seemed a little bit like something they shouldn’t do. That was his imagination.

Mrs. Jones knew exactly how Kevin’s imagination would react to the process of unzipping her dress and to slowly undressing her. When he finished unzipping, she pulled the dress over her head. When it caught a little on her slip, the process lifted half way up and exposed her black panties under sheer pantyhose. By the time she turned around, it had fallen back into place but Kevin wasn’t breathing.

She knew to act like she’d been so she gave him directions. “I’ll just give this a quick pre-stain treatment. You turn on the coffee machine. It’s all ready. Then get the whipped cream out of the fridge. I’ll be right back.”

Kevin just stared as she walked away and only came back to reality when she turned the corner. Quickly he got everything done and ready. And in a minute or two, Mrs. Jones was back.

“Okay, sweetheart. The dress should be fine. But I’ll stay like this for now. Let’s give the coffee a minute. I have a nice pie with whipped cream. I’m sure you’ll like that won’t you? Good. Now bring the tray with cups and cream and sugar.”

Kevin took the tray and set it on the dining room table until Mrs. Jones stopped him. “No, no. Come along. In here. Coffee on the coffee table.” And she led him into the living room, bent down and cleared off the coffee table.

Kevin only stopped himself from staring at her bent over just in time to set the tray down. Mrs. Jones smiled and said, playfully, “caught you! I think you were staring at my bottom, weren’t you?”

Kevin almost died. He turned deep red and was scared that he did something wrong but couldn’t find words. She just slapped him on the ass and said “Don’t look so scared. Mrs. Jones is just teasing you.”

They got the coffee in a pitcher and sat in the living room to drink it with two slices of pie. Kevin poured coffee and Mrs. Jones looked at him and said very softly, “please give me some cream, Kevin.” He froze but obviously she meant coffee.

Mrs. Jones was thoroughly enjoying herself at this point. The shy young man was just ideal. He was in his twenties, at least thirty years younger than her. But he was so respectful and so nervous and so obviously inexperienced she couldn’t help toying with him. She handed him his pie and then spooned whipped cream onto her slice. Then she got some on her fingers and carefully licked each finger off while staring at Kevin.

If she kept this up, Kevin was going to explode in his pants. He needed to change the subject. “Do you think everything is okay with your daughter? Do you think Mr. Jones is done yet?”

She smiled at him. “You’re very sweet to think of them. But he won’t even be there yet. I’m sure they’ll be fine. No need to worry at all about them. It will be hours. Now tell me why you’re sitting way over there instead of on the couch with me? I don’t want to shout across the room.” With that she stood up, went to him, and pulled him over to the couch giving him another very cleavage intense hug before she sat him down.

He ate some pie nervously. She smiled at him and said, “Oh, I can’t believe I’m still wearing these!” The she stretched a leg out and removed her heels one at a time. “There, that’s cozier and they don’t really go with a slip do they?

Then she looked at him and said, “I can’t believe we didn’t give you a chance to get comfortable. Now let’s see what we can do.” She reached over and slowly unknotted his tie before tossing it across the room to the chair he’d been on. Then she said sweetly and a little bit seductively, just to confuse him, “now go ahead and take off your coat for me.”

As he did it she smiled at him. Then she reached across to hand him coffee and purposely spilled some on his pants. He stood quickly and reached for a napkin but it soaked in. She reached out and stopped him with one hand cupping his leg just over his knee. “It’s no good. I’m so clumsy and I’m sorry but they’ll have to come off.”

She reached out, his belt was close to her eye level. She unbuckled and he almost panicked. “Mrs. Jones, no! What are you doing?” She smiled and kept working. She undid the button on his pants.

“Kevin, don’t be silly. We have to get them off of you. They’re wet. Now just be still and do what you’re told.” Then she unzipped them.

He was scared and very excited too. He was nervous partly because he was so hard right that second. He didn’t know what she would think about that.

She lowered his pants and helped him step out of them, making sure to keep him standing right there in front of the couch. His hardness was barely contained by his white underwear. She just looked at it knowing that every second would drive him crazy. Then she reached out and stroked it like she was petting a puppy.

“Kevin, I think your penis is very hard right now isn’t it? You’re very naughty to have such a big hard penis right in front of your boss’s wife. But it’s very sweet.” With that she kissed it just once and pushed him back down.

He started to apologize. In his inexperience, he really did think she might be mad at him. “I’m so sorry, ma’am. Please forgive me. I couldn’t help myself. I promise I won’t…what are you doing?”

Linda Jones had stood up and facing Kevin pulled off her slip. She smiled at him and dragged her silky slip across him and hung it across the back of the couch and his shoulder. Then in a soft and rasping voice she said you have three seconds to take off your shirt and then help me off with my pantyhose.”

Kevin worked fast and enjoyed pulling down the waistband of her pantyhose across the panties and then down each leg. When he was done, he was leaning forward a little in his seat and his face was even with the front of her panties. They were full black satin panties but the smell was wonderful. He had never been that close to a woman who was so aroused before so he didn’t know.

She grabbed his head and pulled him tight into her wet panties. Then she pulled him up until his head was in her cleavage again, his hard cock twitching against her thigh held in by his underwear. She bent down a little and kissed him. This time it wasn’t a sweet motherly kiss but much more. He felt her tongue invading him like she was marking her territory and making his mouth belong to her.

The she pulled him back down to the couch and dragged him over. “Kevin, sweetheart, I want you to suckle me. Come here.” She cradled his head and pulled it close, lifting one large breast out of her bra and pulling him to the nipple.

He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. He was unable to believe what was happening but his lips were around his boss’s wife’s nipple and she was moaning with her head tilted back as she held him tight.

He felt one her hand slide into his underwear and grab his erection and squeeze him. That was all it took to send him over the edge. He quickly came in his shorts and all over her hand accidentally biting her nipple a little as he came.

Until that moment she was very maternal but that sent her somewhere and he heard her cry out, “Ohhhhh, fuccckkkk.” And shiver.

She looked down at him and her eyes were changed. They were wilder and eager. She pulled her hand out and took off his stained shorts quickly, tossing them onto the coffee table. Then she licked her hand while staring at him and using the other to coax his testicles to give him another erection. She didn’t have to worry, this was the most arousing moment of his life and better than most of his dreams.

She clawed at her own panties until she ripped them. Then she positioned herself on the couch and pulled him between her knees. She looked down and guided him, watching until he was positioned with the tip just ready. The she looked at him. “Kevin, honey, I want you inside me. I want you to shove your hard, dripping penis, inside me. You’ll do that for me won’t you?”

Kevin was stunned. He was about to do something he couldn’t believe. He felt her hands behind him on his cheeks pulling him. He pushed and pushed until he slid slowly inside her and listened to her moan still holding tight to him.

She was wiggling and encouraging him. “Slowly and deeply, darling.” And he pushed in long slow thrusts. Then faster so their bodies made slapping noises against each other. She was moaning and having trouble speaking but pulling on her own breasts.

Then she pulled him close, holding him tight to her, moans coming from her mouth just an inch from his ear. “Kevin, my sweet lover, I can’t have babies anymore so you can spray your seed deep inside me when….” She broke off speaking and was moaning more like an animal at that point.

Linda Jones wanted this so badly. This wonderful young man, she wanted him desperately and he was making her come. He was so good at doing whatever he was told. He was a plaything to own and use. She put her hand on the small of his back to slow him slightly and just started moaning loudly before suddenly grabbing him tight with both arms and squeezing her legs around him and screaming as her body climaxed.

Kevin was trying to hold back but when she said that about cumming deep inside he couldn’t hold back much longer. What was obviously her orgasm happened and caused him to spray himself deep into her. She held on and didn’t let go even when he stopped thrusting. She just held onto him closely.

They lay there for almost a half hour. He stood up and was about to talk when she touched his lips with her finger. “Shhhhhhhhh.”

She got herself dressed again and looked at him, holding his shorts. “You can’t wear these again. Good thing you have a briefcase. Put everything else on.” He put everything else on including his tie. She disappeared for a few minutes.

She returned completely dressed including her dress which didn’t have a stain. She said “I put your undies in a plastic bag and in your briefcase. I don’t want George to smell them when he drives you back to your car. I didn’t notice the last few text messages from them. He’ll be here in a couple minutes.”

She sat on the coffee table to put her shoes back on and then they heard a car. George was there in a minute saying “You wouldn’t believe the last hour! But everything worked out and our little lady is happy. Kevin, always keep the ladies happy. It’s the secret to life, right dear.”

Linda smiled indulgently at George. “Yes, George. And Kevin was very good to entertain me while you were gone. He’s a polite young man.”

George looked happy. “All right then. Let’s get you back to your car Kevin. Come along.”

Kevin grabbed his briefcase to hurry after but Mrs. Jones said loudly “Thanks for visiting us, dear.” Then she kissed him on the cheek and whispered “and now you’re not a virgin anymore.”

A red faced Kevin chased Mr. Jones and wondered how she knew that.

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