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Mother in laws come in many shapes and sizes, and mine [ of some 3 months standing ] had a very voluptuous shape, a good nature, a sense of fun, was tall, slim, and in her early forties. My wife had hinted as to her having a roving eye and perhaps some affairs & not without the knowledge of her dad. He was Ron, a senior civil servant who was often away from their home in London.

On this particular spring half-term break Jude & Hazel [ my wife and mother-in-law ] had planned to go for a weekends shopping in Paris whilst father in law and I were to stay in town.

When we arrived on the Thursday evening – the plans had already gone awry with Hazel recovering from a heavy bout of ‘flu and feeling too lousy to shoot off to Paris. Why waste the tickets? Mother in law suggested that Jude and I should go instead , but as I’d already arranged to meet friends who were travelling down to London on Friday evening to see me, I had to refuse. So Jude and her dad left early on the Friday morning, with Ron joking that I would end up chauffeuring for Hazel, who couldn’t drive.

After they had left I took her breakfast up to their bedroom. Hazel was propped up on her pillows looking better than she had the previous day and with the bedclothes just about covering the nipples on her ample and well shaped breasts. She smiled as she caught me looking but made no attempt to cover herself further. I put it down and after telling her I was off out to get a paper, left the room.

When I got back in – she was drifting around the kitchen with a cup of coffee, wearing a loose fitting kimono which kept opening above and below the belt as she moved. ‘Your friends phoned whilst you were out’, she said. ‘They wanted me to give you their apologies but their baby was sick so they are having to cry off’. She looked at me and added that she could see I was as disappointed.

‘Never mind, tonight why don’t we go out for a drink and get to know each other better’, she suggested. She also went on to say that as part of her own recovery therapy she would shortly be off out to do some shopping and afterwards would be off to visit a friend.

She added,

‘ I’ll ring about 7pm & tell you where to meet – it will probably be a pub in Rickmansworth that’s where she lives. It’s about a forty minute drive up the A1 through North London and as I’ll be drinking I won’t be taking the car, so don’t forget or fall asleep’, she demanded.

It was nearer 8pm when I got the call from Toni her friend, to come out to the Green Man ‘pub in Rickmansworth. She also warned me that if I was babysitting my mother in law I should not take too take too long as there were a couple of guys chatting them up. As she had to leave straight away she didn’t want Hazel to be on her own too long. At 8.45pm I drove into the pubs car park. Dusk was falling and although spring, there was a chill in the air. Consequently the Green Man’s beer garden which ran down to some trees and a river, was deserted. The tree lined river bank had already sunk into a light blue haze and I knew that the evening would soon pass into darkness as I found a path which led in through the rear exit.

Gaining entry I found myself in a long corridor between the pubs inner lounge door and the one I’d entered through. Off the corridor to my right lay the ladies and gents toilets and it was my need for a pee that took me into to the men’s. As I entered I heard Hazels voice talking in a tipsy slur. I was soon able to observe her through the half open door. She swept past in the company of two middle age black guys, one of whom had a hand on her ass whilst the other led her by the hand . It was clear to me she wasn’t objecting.

I gave them a few moments and cautiously followed them outside. The three were disappearing towards the trees by the river. So as to be none too obvious and being somewhat in a quandary as to what I should do, I decided to follow by a more circuitous route. Consequently it took me some three or four minutes to get into the trees and close enough to see them.

What I saw took my breath away. One of the men was standing in front of her. Her skirt and top were already on the ground and his right hand was already buried deep in her knickers. The other man stood behind her and she was leaning back to kiss him whilst each of his hands were curled around her pale breasts. I heard her give a little moan as one or more of the fingers in her knickers found her hole and entered. I remained riveted as she parted her legs to in order to give them better access. Leaning further back onto her second paramour she soon started to moan until within a minute or two she was gasping for breath as an orgasm started to take hold of her taut frame. I couldn’t believe it! There was my mother-in-law, her knickers by now taut below her fanny, legs apart, a black guy rhythmically pushing at least a couple of fingers in and out of her twat, whilst another behind her was mauling both tits. As I watched her body grew taut, rigid and then I heard her orgasm rise as a long, low moan, which continued for at least a couple of minutes.

Once this was over she quickly stopped the action. She stood up straight and disentangled herself. I heard Hazel say,

‘ Don’t worry guys I’m not a prick tease.

Quickly her knickers came off and leaning back against a tree trunk she opened her legs and asked whether or not they would like to shove their black dicks up some white cunt? If they would perhaps they would like to show her what they could offer?

This behaviour both excited & fascinated me but the language shocked me as she was usually so middle class in its usage and after all she was my mother in law! Her finger stroking paramour was first to drop his pants and he revealed a good 9″ weapon with a wicked downward curl. I was impressed , if she was – she didn’t say so as his companion was holding his out for her inspection. This was a long thin pencil of a least a fourteen inches and I’d never seen one that big!

She smiled, ‘ thin first, on your back baby’, I heard her say.

She took his coat and threw it on the floor beckoning him to lay down. Once he had duly obliged she got down astride him and holding the tip of his knob guided it to the entrance to her hole. Once there she sank down on the first six inches and moved her ass back up to the tip again. Over the next five minutes on each trip her cunt took down that rod, it went a fraction lower – until she was hitting bottom and her ass cheeks were slapping on his thighs. After this achievement each stroke would take her to the very tip of his cock before she slammed down its shaft again with each piston like strokes bouncing the nipples of her tits onto his chest. She kept this up for a good 10 minutes before I saw him grab her ass at the bottom of a stroke and hold her there.

‘Wait’, he said. ‘It’s gotta long way to shoot up – it takes awhile’

From my vantage points I could see his balls moving and an almost dog knot shape travelled up his dick and she squealed as it must have squirted deep into womb. Over the next two or more minutes he held her still as this happened three more times – each delivery being followed by a squeal. When he let go she climbed off to be greeted by another mini spout from the end of his dick which caught Hazel on her ass. With her bent over I could see cum oozing in copious quantities from her hole. As she righted herself this was followed by a larger outflow down the inside of her long legs.

Giving it a few seconds to empty she wiped her inner thighs and fanny down with her knickers, strode over to the other man, grabbed him by the dick and led him to a fallen tree trunk. Letting go she bent over it and spread her legs presenting him with the rear of her cunt at just the right height for him to walk his prick onto! He did. It took him moments to set up a rhythm which saw his balls slapping her ass cheeks at the end of each stroke. From my vantage point it was a very erotic sight watching a black dick skewering her from tip to root though it was only a couple of minutes before he was ready to dump his load. Pulling out he told her to turn round as he wanted to cum in her tits. This she did and he got her laying flat down on her back, straight onto the leafy floor. Sitting astride her got her to cup her breasts together before inserting his dick between them. He then started ramming the tip of his cock in and out of this titty cunt until he came. For a good fifty seconds his strokes shot jism out through the top of her cleavage onto her mouth, chin and eyes whilst at the bottom it rivered down onto her belly. When he climbed off she looked at him and lay there rubbing his cum into her skin. All the time she had her legs open and spunk from her first fuck which was still seeping out – had formed a white ring in the fanny hairs around her hole.

Laying back she looked across to the first black guy and addressing him asked them both if they were up to a real fuck. He was across in a flash and had his dick up her quicker than a terrified rabbit dives down a hole. After couple of minutes of him banging her cunt she intimated he should pay some attention to her breasts, encouraging him to fuck & suck as she so nicely put it. For her part I could see she was enjoying this more and was obviously working her way towards a good orgasm. For his part her lover banged away at her cunt and sucked tit until he finally lifted her hips, skewered her fully on his cock, and held her still as he dumped inside her again. He must have held her rigid for ninety seconds or more before finally spent pulling his spent weapon out. Mother in law for her part rudely told his companion to come over and stuff his cock in her twat because she was only halfway there.

Once he was between her thighs he quickly rammed his dick up her with such enthusiasm that he was rewarded with an arc of white cum. This had been expelled from her cunt with such force that it shot up onto his belly. As he repeatedly rammed into her it dripped in white pearl like strings, back onto her skin. He kept up furious pace for a good five minutes and I could hear rather than see in the gloom that she was heading towards a massive orgasm. So despite wanting to stay I decided to head quietly back to the pub and be waiting for her there when she’d finished her little adventure.

I had been at the bar for a good twenty minutes, my mind excited and yet disconcerted by what I’d seen, when she came in. She looked like she’d been out for a stroll rather than having the ass fucked off her.

‘ Ah’, Terry she said, ‘ if the cars outside lets go’, and we quickly exited for the car park.

We spent the first five minutes of the forty minute drive back in silence. Then she looked at me and smiled.

‘ Saw it all, didn’t you? No need to deny it. I saw you in the doorway of the gents as we went out’.

I mumbled that I had.

‘You like my husband, I could see it straight away, the first time we met, I knew you were a watcher’ ‘He likes to watch me do it with other men and then do it to me afterwards, on our own’. ‘Where you excited?’

I didn’t reply, so she took my hand of the gear stick and held it between her legs whilst she moved her crutch down onto it. It was incredibly wet. Slowly she led my fingers between her knickerless legs to a slit which was warm and well lubricated. She pushed my fingers on until they reached her hole and I could feel it still leaking warm spunk onto the seat. It was incredible exciting.

‘ Less than 20 minutes ago there were two throbbing black knobs up there ramming their spunk into me, would you like to have some?’ Have you ever had sloppy seconds, Ron loves them?’

She reached over and felt for my dick, it was rock hard, and she laughed. ‘

I see you want to learn’, she murmured.

The only thing I managed to say in reply was the pathetic, ‘ Your staining the seat’.

She laughed again, ‘ Ron likes to clean it off the next morning’, she stated. ‘Right afterwards he likes to come upstairs and give me a good seeing to while I tell him all about it. He likes it even more if I’m still well lubricated with cum!’

The whole drive seemed minutes and we were soon at home. Once inside she took me by the hand and undid my zip her hand quickly finding my hard on.

‘ Oh we still want to learn don’t we, it’s not hard to tell.’

Seconds later I was lying flat out & naked on their sofa. Hazel had her own clothes on the floor even quicker and was soon sat astride me with her hot, wet fanny hovering just above my groin.

‘ Imagine your Jude with her legs wide apart whilst a stranger is banging her with his dick. He’s doing it bareback, no rubber. You’re so close you can hear his dick plunging in and out. She’s grunting each time his shaft fucks right up her. She’s pushing her cunt down to meet each stroke. He bangs her for a good long time until she’s begging him to give her a baby, flood her cunt. You can see his balls bouncing off her, hear them slapping against her skin. You see them tighten whilst she’s begging for him to give it to her, and he does. She’s squeals like a stuck pig and he’s grunting the whole time he’s dumping his load. They fall silent. He climbs off and you can see that between her still parted legs – his white cum is starting to leak out. She gets up and comes over to you. His semen is running down her the inside of her thighs. You lay back as she climbs astride you. The tip of your dick is at the entrance to her hole and then she sinks down onto you. Inside she feels like this’.

With that my dick was fully up her! It was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Her cunt was warm, soft, velvety. As she started to move up and down on my pole it was as if my dick was in a warm honey pot. I look down. Her fanny hairs had white spunk beaten to a froth caught in them, her cunt was already sliding up and down my dick with a regular rhythm. I lost myself in it all. I’m holding her hips slamming her down the full length of me, next I’m cupping a breast , then sucking on an already gorged, cherry red nipple. She’s moaning and I cum wildly sucking a nipple whilst I pump the heaviest load I’ve ever experienced deep inside her. Unusually my dick does not grow small, it stays up feeling its own and others cum swirling around, softly coating the warm walls of her pussy. It’s like a glove. She climbs off and there is a soft plopping noise as my pole slips out. I look down and watch my own and others spunk as it flows down her inner thighs. I hear her murmur,

‘ … that is what’s most unromantically called sloppy seconds. But I’ve never met or spoken to a man who has experienced it, who doesn’t remember it fondly, and many find it addictive!’

I sat up and she arranged herself at the far end of the sofa facing me and lit a cigarette. She provocatively parted her legs and with her knees under her chin I found myself staring down at her leaking hole, it was a great sight.

‘ Viewing the damage?’, she asked. ‘ Most of it’s yours, that was a hell of a load’ and it took an age. ‘ Oh, and don’t mind the stain. Ron will be having extra cleaning duties and treats when he get back, he’ll be delighted. You might find this hard to believe but despite you being married to our daughter, he’ll be half getting his rocks of now by hoping you’re giving me one’.

Strangely enough I now didn’t find that hard to believe. I looked at the clock and was shocked that over half an hour had passed without any sense of time at all. I didn’t dare tell her that normally my ‘load’ was rather wimpy and my best duration was around ten minutes.

‘Now’, she said ‘You have to thank me by making me cum in my favourite style!’

Putting her cigarette out and getting me up she laid herself flat across the sofa on her side before beckoning me to lay next to her. As I climbed into place she told me not to worry about her Jude as she ‘ wouldn’t mind me giving her mum one, keeping it in the family as we were. As it happened I was not at all feeling guilty.

Keeping her legs together Hazel nonetheless parted her fanny lips revealing her red, enlarged clit. She instructed me to lay the tip of my dick above it at the top of her crack. When there she manipulated her fanny lips so they became a mini womb of about four inches.

‘All you have to do now’ she said, ‘is fuck me hard with short strokes and keep going whatever I say – until I go completely quiet.’ ‘When you’re ready to cum tell me, stop fucking and make sure your dick floods out all over my clit’

It took a few seconds of practice to get the stroke right but I quickly got going. Each mini stroke took the head of my dick over her clit and back. As I was laying alongside with my face next to her tits and with my hands free they also got a good mauling not to mention the fact she was soon possessing a pair of well sucked nipples.

Within minutes she’d started breathing heavily, and this soon became soft moans. Next came the jerky movements of her legs and hips as she ‘bumped’ my strokes with well timed little thrusts of her own. Before I felt myself close to an orgasm she had had several mini peaks, these marked by a murmuring wail each time. At the moment before my release I grabbed he ass cheeks and rammed her to me and pumped out straight onto her clit. At the first gush she both shuddered and emitted an eerie low pitch wail. Each of my succeeding three spurts also forced their way over it. For her part she gave a sob like groan, shuddered and laid still. I swear she didn’t take another breath for sixty seconds or more.

When she finally spoke it was to say she’d had enough. Later I spent the night in her bed enjoying her a couple of more times from the rear. Though I didn’t yet know it this was to be the start of a number of sexual adventures with her – but they are other tales I have yet to tell.

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