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More Cooling Off at the Lake

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Shari awakened later with a feeling of laziness. There she was on a boat with Tony and Mychelle still naked from the thrashing she took earlier. As she started to head towards the rear of the boat, she saw Mychelle on her knees before her. Shari saw her wrists bound in thick leather cuffs that were attached together by clips.

Mychelle was still naked as was Tony. Her blond hair was tied behind her in a ponytail as she bobbed her head into Tony’s pelvis.

Shari was spellbound. She remained where she was because she was fearful that she would miss the beautiful sight before her. Shari watched as Tony’s hands soon found Mychelle’ ponytail. He pulled on her head gently to push his cock deeper into her mouth to encourage her. While she watched, Shari allowed a finger to slide down between her naked pussy lips. It seemed to Shari that as Mychelle kept inhaling Tony’s skin flute, her voice seemed to grow in volume. Shari was thinking about what that could have been when Tony yelled for her to come forward.

Shari did as she was instructed. She walked slowly to the rear of the ship where the action was taking place still mesmerized by the erotic sight before her. Tony told her to help Mychelle. Shari knelt down next to Mychelle and slowly attempted to slide her fingers into Mychelle’s pussy. Even with Tony’s member in her mouth, Mychelle screamed as her pussy clenched Shari’s fingers. Shari could feel her juices dripping on her hand. Shari sat there hypnotized until Tony told Shari to lick it.

Shari began to lick it off of her fingers slowly. Her fingers found their way into her mouth and Shari sucked slowly. She kept a good demonstration before Tony until he told her to lick Mychelle’s pussy. Mychelle rose up higher on her knees as Shari lay on the ground and slipped underneath Mychelle. Shari’s mouth opened and her tongue snaked out and slowly slipped it between her swollen lips. It didn’t take long for Mychelle to climax on Shari’s lips. Tony then had Shari kiss him on the lips. He could taste how sweet Mychelle was and was surprised how open Shari was already turning out to be.

He then commanded Shari to kneel next to Mychelle again before he then pulled out his dick from Mychelle’s mouth. As Shari took over sucking him off, he had Mychelle stand and kiss him to share the bounty his guest brought. Tony pulled out of her mouth and told both ladies to open their mouths. Tony then began to furiously stroke his dick until the first salvo erupted. It landed on Mychelle’s left cheek as the next few rounds flew forth to hit varied targets along the girls’ faces, necks and chests. Shari then flew into action as she began to lick the various sights on Mychelle’s face that were dotted with Tony’s seed.

Mychelle then collapsed next to Shari with her hands still secured behind her. Tony fell back into the bench behind him with his eyes closed. Soon, the night was quiet with the soundtrack of the married couple’s snores occasionally interrupting the quiet movement of the waves against the anchored vessel. Shari slowly disconnected the leather cuffs still adorning Mychelle’s wrists before she found a couple of blankets to cover both of the naked bodies resting. Shari then quietly went to where Mychelle’s duffel bag sat and noticed her rubber facsimile of Tony’s member sitting on top of some towels. Shari’s perverted mind began to race a bit as she took it into her hands and moved to the benches in the front of the boat where she awakened from earlier.

Shari sat in the front of the boat looking up at the stars while her friends slept. As she heard Mychelle’s snoring, she began to recall all the fun she had the previous week after meeting her new friends. She could feel Tony’s dick penetrating her again for the first time and she remembered how liberating it was to be taken in the front of the vessel she was sitting on while her hands were cuffed to the rail before her. The feeling of Mychelle securing her began to moisten the engorged lips of her labia. Shari started rubbing it lightly before she took the dildo into her hands and began to rub just the head along her pussy lips. She could feel her pussy lubricating the latex as an inch slowly penetrated her. Her own momentum was staring to slide more and more of the tool inside her until her naughty mind began to imagine a better place to use it.

As she slowly allowed the length of the shaft to penetrate her, she stifled the moan that was aching to escape the recesses of her soul. She loved the feeling of Tony’s faux shaft sliding into her, savoring the first moments he did the same with his human counterpart. She sat there pushing and pulling it slowly as she watched her hosts sleep. When she felt like it was suitably lubed, she slowly withdrew the dildo all the way out of her pussy. She could immediately feel the emptiness inside her as her labia allowed the substitute to be released.

She took a finger and slid it inside herself before she leaned to one side and slowly began to tease her eager rosebud. She knew in her mind that a tool as big as Tony’s would need more assistance if it was going to be allowed to penetrate her in her intended fashion. One finger became two as she felt her juices coating her rear entrance. Before she could drive herself to insanity, she allowed the tip of the dildo to penetrate her. The pain was sudden. In her mind, she reasoned that it had been too long since anything had attempted entry in that particular entrance.

She screamed out loud as the pain hit her. She could sense an audience as she realized her outburst awakened the sleeping host and hostess. Tony stood over her as she looked up at him embarrassed. Soon, Mychelle stood along side him as Shari tried to quietly apologize. There were a few moments of silence as Shari sat there with only the head of the rubber toy inside her and both of her boat mates looking at her. Shari was unsure of what would be next.

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