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Mom’s Friend Margie

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I’ve known Margie White and her family since I was 4, she has been my mother’s best friend forever it seems. I had a crush on her that wouldn’t end, she has great big tits and a large ass, and it doesn’t even bother me that her belly bulged out. She always had a smile for me and on open ear to listen to anything I had to say. I would go over to her house to visit her son Neil even though he was 2 years older than me.

There aren’t a lot of kids here in the country to choose to play with. Neil is like a big brother to me, taking up for me if some punk picks on me and takes me to town with him when he goes.

Neil joined the NAVY after he graduated High School, wanting to see the World and all that crap. So here I am, 18 and no one to visit, except, Miss Margie. I don’t know who misses Neil more, her or me! I went over one afternoon about 2 and she was sitting at the table, Crying. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I went over and put my arm around her trying to comfort her, asking what was wrong.

“Oh, I just miss Neil so much, He was all I had, Mr. White is always gone working, and I’m lonely I guess.” Then with a forced smile she said, “Want something to drink?”

I declined her offer, since I was drinking in the view of her large tits showing in her dress while she was bent over!

“I need to get the clothes off the line outside, I’ll be right back!” she told me.

As she went out I ran to the bathroom, I just had to jack off at the sight of her tits. I sat on the toilet seat and began jacking off furiously trying to hurry so I wouldn’t get caught. I must have took a little longer than I thought, because the next thing I knew Miss Margie had entered the bathroom to put up some towels. OH SHIT! My eyes grew large as her tits when I saw her standing there in the doorway, looking at me with my dick in my hand! I froze mid-stroke, not knowing what to do! I will never forget her compassion as she smiled at me sweetly and excused herself. I didn’t finish! I just pulled my pants up sitting there feeling stupid.

Now what, I thought. I am going to die when I see her from embarrassment. Well, I couldn’t stay in the bathroom, so I walked into the kitchen where she was sitting, apologizing, telling her how sorry I was looking at the floor ashamed to look in her face. Big tears in my eyes, I was looking pitiful.

She just smiled at me got up and gave me a hug,

“It’s OK, I know boy’s have urges that you sometimes can’t control. I have even caught Neil a few times doing that.”

I felt a little better but still was embarrassed at getting caught.

As she held me close to her breasts all I could do was inhale her sweet perfume and enjoy the feeling of her tits pressed tightly against my face. Oh NO! My dick was getting hard again, Jeez, I can’t hide it in here! She must have felt it on her leg, because she asked me,

“Oh My, is that what I think it is?”

I could only shake my head up and down, Afraid to look at her.

“Well, it looks like you need to go take care of that then! We can’t have you running around here with that poking out all day, can we?”

I almost fell over, Miss Margie was telling me to go ahead and jack off.

“I don’t think I should, it isn’t right.”

She got a questioning look in her eyes,

“And why not? There is nothing wrong with relieving your self that way, Masturbation is a healthy outlet when it is called for!”

“ I don’t have a problem with jacking off, but to do it here with her knowing I was doing it would be kind of strange.”

Her eyes sparkled with her laughter as she said.

“It wasn’t too strange a place a few minutes ago was it!”

She had sure made me feel better about everything. I told her I would just wait and do it later, when she shocked me saying,

“NO, I want you to do it now, for Me!”

I was at a loss for words and actions when she said that to me. I sat there dumbstruck. Miss Margie got up and grabbed me by the hand and took me to the living room then undid my pants pulling them to the floor.

“Now, let me see it again, do it for me this time, let me watch!”

Shit, all I could do was wrap my hand around it and start jacking off. I watched her face as she watched when my dick started getting hard. She got a far away look in them, and licked her lips. I started going faster when she told me

“No, go slow, I want it to last a long time, Please, go slow for me!”

So I slowed down my pace, as she watched a drop of pre-cum form on my dick head. She reached over and touched it, watching it cling to my pee hole and her fingertip, as she pulled it away.

Then she stuck it to her lips, lightly licking it off, she even moaned when she tasted its salty flavor. I started to jack off faster when I saw that sexy sight, she almost screamed out

‘No, slow I want it to go SLOW!”

Then she took my hand away and she grabbed it and slowly jacked me off. I had never had any body’s hand on my dick but mine before, this was fucking GREAT! She was so tender and loving as she jacked me off, wiping the head clean of my pre-cum every time it formed on its end. Then licking it off sexily with her sweet full lips. I was getting close to Cumming and I leaned back closing my eyes as I told her so. Suddenly I felt something wet and warm surrounding my dick, Her MOUTH!!!!

Son of a Bitch, this was the best, she sucked it all the way down. Her hot mouth was so soft as her rough tongue ran around my dick, she was moaning as her head began to bounce up and down then I Came. All I could do was hold her hair as she swallowed my pent up spunk in her mouth, my hips jerking and legs trembled down to my toes as I shot my load in her hot mouth. I had never come that hard or that much I don’t think and she never slowed down her suction on me.

“Oh Miss Margie, that was great, uh I think I Love You!”

She just smiled as she wiped her lips, “I love you to honey!”

I lay back resting, thinking how unreal this had all been and that I would wake up to smell breakfast cooking soon. But it wasn’t a dream, as she held my dick in her soft hand, slowing jacking it off to watch as more of the left over cum oozed out, she would then bend over and lick it off me. My dick never going soft on her, I hugged her when she sat up.

“I loved that Miss Margie, I never had that before!”

“I loved it too and I hope you aren’t too upset with me for doing that to you.”

“Heck No, you can do that anytime you want to!”

She asked me what had gotten me to go jack off in the first place, I could only tell her it was because I had looked down her front and saw her big titties. With that she opened her dress up exposing her breasts to the world and my eyes.

“Oh these little things?” she asked as her nipples stood up, the dark areola’s contrasting against her white breasts, as they hung low from the sheer weight of them.

My eyes bugged out as she asked me.

“Do you want to touch them?”

I reached out slowly as if in a dream, I touched the warm orbs feeling the nipples as they hardened in my palms, my dick bouncing as my heart pounded against my chest threatening to burst at any given moment.

She lay back telling me,

“Oh sweetie, that feels so good, no one has touched them in months but me. Kiss them for me honey, suck them for me!”

I put her huge nipple in my mouth and sucked like a newborn baby going after its first meal. While my other hand, felt her nipple on the other tit. Now, I know I was in love with her! I didn’t care if she was 47 and I was only 18, I loved her. OK, OK, it was lust, but at 18 you don’t think in those terms!

As I sucked her beautiful huge tit, her hand pulled her dress up over her hips and she began to touch her crotch, rubbing it with her palm. I looked down and I saw her panties start getting a wet spot on them as she rubbed it. I put my hand on top of hers, she then removed her hand and put hers on top of mine pressing it hard on her pussy. I was amazed at its heat as I rubbed it. Miss Margie then removed her panties, and I saw my very first pussy in real life, I never knew they were so hairy. Hers sure was and it felt wonderful as I ran my fingers through it.

She gasped when my fingertip touched her clit me not knowing what it was, I just saw it and touched it, her hips bucked towards my hand.

“Oh, Honey yes rub that, Ohhhhh, rub it harder, pull it with your fingers, uhhhhuhuh!”

Her head rolled side to side as she humped my hand, her holding my wrist tightly as she did. I nibbled on her thick nipple while I rubbed her wet pussy. I then moved my finger to her slit and wiggled it inside her.

“Finger fuck me baby, rub my clit with your thumb and finger fuck my pussy honey!”

I did all that as I sucked her nipple, holding her big tit to my mouth, when she had her orgasm. She held my hand tighter as she pushed it in as deep as I could go, her moans were like an aphrodisiac to me. She was bucking and calling my name telling me how good I made her feel as she continued thrashing against my finger. As her orgasm subsided I looked at her gaping pussy, and bent my face down. I inhaled her fragrance, so musky, and exciting, I had to taste her. I gingerly kissed her pussy’s gash, as she held my head telling me to lick it for her.

I stuck my tongue out and tasted her thick juice, then slid my tongue up her slit forcing her pussy lips open. I held them open with my fingers looking at the pink insides of it. Then fucked her with my face, she moved my head up to her clit a few minutes later telling me to suck it and bite it for her, as I did she went wild, thrashing around so much I could hardly keep my face there and wouldn’t have been able to if she had not held it in place.

She then pulled my face up kissing me all over my pussy juice soaked face and with a pleading look on her face asked me to fuck her. She got on her back on the floor and raised her knees, opening her legs as she held her pussy open for me. I stuck my dick in her hot wet pussy, falling on her chest as I grabbed her by the shoulders and started pumping into her, as only a 18 year old virgin can! I didn’t last long but then I didn’t have to because Miss Margie was Cumming as she rubbed her clit between her fingers. I cried out,

“I’m going to cum Miss Margie, Oh Yes, Now, I’m doing it nowwww!”

And she held me close to her chest as I spewed my hot cum in her slick pussy. I stayed laying on her as my orgasm left me with a slow easy pulsing. Her kissing my face and neck, telling how good it had been, and she even thanked me!

I was still in my post orgasmic spasms when I thanked her also, for making me a man! Well, I always heard you were a man when you got your first piece of pussy anyways. That beautiful day was 14 years ago and I’m married to a good woman, but I still go see my mom’s best friend as often as I can!

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