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Misadventures in Mauve

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The muscle car jammed to a stop, pavement ripping into tires, making a shriek only slightly louder than, say, a 13-inch masonry blade tearing through highway concrete. Choking slightly as acrid smoke of burning rubber washed over me, I ran to the driver’s window and quickly negotiated a ride.

Even behind his opaque sunglasses, I could feel on my exposed skin the heat of his hungry gaze; it was sensation to which I’d become accustomed. His eyebrows arched upward as my slim, bare belly filled the frame of his window. I decided to chalk this up to couture shock.

I was dressed – if you could call it that – in yeoman’s beret and striped French sailor shirt. The top had shortie sleeves cut just below my shoulders and hem cropped just at my waist. Although low-slung bell bottom pants were fashionable back then, in the late-hippie early ’70s, my pale blue, light cotton pair evidently were designed for a clotheshorse with modesty of a boy-hustler. Cut outrageously low, a crescent of my pubic hair was exposed in front, and in back, the pants showed off at least an inch of buttcrack. There was no fly, only a single brass button that barely cinched the pants on my lower hips. The ensemble of short top and impossibly low-slung pants left bare an unnervingly wide swath of my lower torso all the way around — tawny, almost hairless skin punctuated only by the insouciant socket of my pronounced navel.

As we spun through the marina area, I quickly filled my new benefactor in on my predicament.

I’d come to California from comparatively repressed Arizona, where I’d been going to school in Tucson. In Marina del Rey, I started a busboy job at a bar near the docks; it was owned by a friend of mine.

After a few days, I accepted an offer of a regular at the bar for an afternoon on his boat. He told me he was a doctor in San Diego. A large man, he staggered a little when he walked and his black mustache was huge and bushy.

I noticed his eyes lapped at my body as he spoke. Skinny and tan in those days, I was described by an ex-girlfriend as just this side of feminine — not effeminate. I had fine features and high cheekbones; my naturally blond hair blended into my skin what little body hair I had.

Oddly excited by his attention, I accepted his invitation for sunbathing on deck. Once there, and enjoying the enticing effect I had on him, I methodically stripped down to T-shirt, then string bikini underwear, then nothing at all. He almost drooled staring at me as I lolled in the sun and sipped his expensive Riesling.

After falling asleep, I awakened in the late afternoon to him gently rubbing my bare shoulders. He began telling me how attractive was my suntan. He talked of something called a referred sensation, a feeling in one part of the body that registers in another. To illustrate, he pressed his finger in midway in the center of my back. As an almost electric bolt shot through me, I moaned involuntarily; it was as if his finger was sticking all the way through my body and out my abdomen. A little intrusively, he corkscrewed his fingertip mercilessly as I wiggled in unavoidable pleasure.

A little shaken I stumbled down to my cabin and took a shower. When I came out, my clothes were gone, and my abbreviated sailor suit was dumped in my arms by the good doctor and his beefy first mate. I was told I would spend some time as shanghaied cabin boy and drink waiter. Then, if I was cooperative, I’d be turned loose.

Just like that. I spent weeks on the boat, following orders, trying to avoid a very randy crew. And, when it suited the doctor, stripping down for a sunbath he’d watch closely. For most of the voyage, no one molested me. But I could feel the pressure mounting.

Particularly dreadful were the parties, when I’d be directed to circulate drink trays through the all-male crowd of his geezer friends, and my half-naked body would become the object of leering attention. Although they were banned from actual contact on pain of being thrown overboard, the gentlemen would mentally maul me; my nipples metaphorically would be squeezed as would my bare buttocks. Rarely, furtive fingers actually would poke into the crack of my bottom and stroke down as far as they could go into my pants. Fearing for the fate of these ballsy but foolish coots, I would gasp and keep quiet about such violations.

On restroom breaks, I’d study myself in the mirror, trying to see what my assailants saw. And… I had to admit, it was easy to see how my “uniform” would render anyone irresistible to horney attention. With my belly and bottom so bared and proffered, I was agonizingly aware of a bizarre, vulnerable feeling I’d never experienced before – a feeling that was as exciting as it was unfamiliar.

I noticed the hillocks of my butt had something of a sheen, a glow that foolishly resembled browned, buttered dinner rolls. It occurred to me that my geezer fans had groomed my bottom skin to almost high polish, or at least my mind amused itself going there. Aside from rubbing my butt, they left an occasional kiss of red circle on my moist flesh, evidence of excited but gentle pinches with which they pantingly assailed me.

My nipples protruded from the surface of my tight shirt, nubs sensitive and aching, practically begging to be teased. The smooth flesh of my abdomen seemed unnaturally long and appetizing in my revealing get-up. An inch or two below the hem of my cropped T-shirt, my belly made a gentle dip at its upper center into the oval of my vulnerably prominent navel. So brazenly exposed by my voyaging doctor, the enticing cavity was marked in its concave recess by a split kernel of flesh that seemed a tender knot set for undoing.

A surprising realization came to me that I enjoyed this ravenous attention, this adoration by men who’d give all the world to fuck me. I began to wonder what the sensation would be like. I’d always considered myself straight-as-they-come, and this was unexpected. For once, I was the passive treasure to be aroused by amorous labor and upon whom active, masculine attention would shower. In the past, I’d been aggressor in gentle but insistent love play was heterosexual sex. This scary, compelling new path afforded self-aggrandizing reverie of being a prize, the object of desire.

On what would be my last evening aboard, I found myself cleaning up empties in the doctor’s cabin. He emerged from the bathroom, wearing a terrycloth robe. “What are you looking at?” he growled. He told me to turn around, and I did so, facing a large mirror on the expansive dressing table. He came up behind me. “You know better than to say anything about this… eh?” He ran his finger under my chin in a cutting gesture.

He began to nuzzle the side of my neck, then kiss it. It was very warm wet, firm as his lips. Then he began to nibble and suck at my flesh. His arms came up under my own and began rubbing my chest, then settling in on my nipples. Even under the thin fabric of my top, his pinches and caresses began to arouse me. At times, he pushed the tips of his finger into the nipples, pressing them through the muscle sheet of my chest.

With a doctor’s knowlege of anatomy he began exploring that part of mine left bare by my scanty sailor suit. Holding his forefinger very stiffly, he pressed its tip into the sensitive hollow of my hip bone. I started a little. Then he ran his finger across my naked belly, along the rim of my low-slung trousers to the other bowl of torso and hip, and pressed there. Then back again.

Finally, he ended this course at the brass button of my fly and inserted his finger down into my pubis. We both trembled when he reached the trunk of my dick. He ran his finger along its length.

From there, he began plucking my body to full arousal. He stroked up the midline of my torso with sudden, slashes of his finger that brought little gasps from me as it bisected my belly from pubic hair to chest. This alternated with tantalizingly slow circuits from the same origin, spiraling up my writhing abdomen.

I couldn’t help becoming stimulated as his expert touch burrowed into my midsection as his other hand slid into the back of my pants and poked at the nubbin of my asshole. I gave little whimpers of arousal, which in turn excited him. I began to bow out my body, arching my back to meet this seductive assault, to afford him better access to me. He bit into the nape of my neck, pulling back my upper body. Watching all while, he continued stroking my belly. He enjoyed my writhing and sighs as his fingertip nastily plumbed my navel.

Suddenly, the door flew open and his mate stormed in, screaming in what I took to be Eastern European and barreling toward us. As the doctor screamed back and the two men began throwing punches, I ran out the door to the deck and jumped overboard. I swam to shore, relieved we’d tied up in California again after weeks bouncing along the Mexican coast.

After my salvation by the muscle car, I ran through most of this monologue to the driver, leaving out the physical, sensual parts. I didn’t want my rescuer to get the wrong idea. He advised we go to his house for awhile.

Overjoyed at my sudden rescue, I became more and more talkative, prattling on about the expanse of his home, his jacaranda trees, my life and dreams and desires. As we toured his patio and pool area, I exulted how fresh it all smelled, even with that slight chlorine odor of pool water. When he commented on my slight Southern accent, I grew reticent a moment, gulping more wine, until he added he found it charming.

It was about then I began to notice how big he was — dark and built like an NFL lineman. And I began to feel his all-too-familiar laser gaze heating me up.

Slightly drunk and still aroused by the doctor’s attentions, I began to faintly proffer my body to him, flexing it his way and subtly shifting into poses that emphasized my bare skin. As I had felt the guests’ collective gaping on the doctor’s boat, I now was aware of his, tingling my exposed flesh, hungrily skirting my arms and the hollows of my elbows. Behind his dark shades I felt him burning along the length of my smooth abdomen, slightly furrowed up the middle and so strongly pitted by sensuous basin of my navel, now, I knew, a delectable centrum of teasing gay enticement. I practically shuddered as I felt his hungry stare swirl in this enkindled dimpling, still pink and tender from the doctor’s impetuous fingertip. In an instant, I realized what was coming next.

He pushed me against a wall and plunged a stiff forefinger into this erotically sensitive cavity, and the startled, gasping moan from me was invitation for a moment or two of insolent fingertip exploration deep inside. I wiggled, spindled in my intimate hollow. I heard him grunt in delight at my anxious groans and felt my belly twitch in defenseless spasms around his probing digit. He’d sink the stalk deep into me and hold it there, straight as a bayonet, making small circular explorations, vibrating it, or rhythmically skewering to its tender root. He suddenly pulled his finger out of me with a pop like a wine cork. He shoved the finger into his own mouth and sucked it like a lollipop before drilling it into the small of my stomach in circling, insistent gouges. He pulled from me sighs within my broken exhales, then the finger spiraled back down to again skewer my navel.

He had me. Before I knew it, he’d torn off my clothes and hauled me to his bed.

He rolled on top of me and began kissing me full on the mouth, pushing apart my lips and plunging it inside my slowly surrendering mouth. My fear began to grow. I was shaking, so hard I knew he could feel it – and my tremors seemed to inflame him. This was different – almost as if from another cosmos – to what I had become accustomed to from women. His lips enveloped mine. As we continued pressing our lips together in a wet meld becoming ever warmer, his pressure became more forceful. He gradually enfolded me in a tight embrace. I felt his penis become hard, pressing against my own groin. At times, his trailed away down my chin and neck, licking and sucking my flesh with ever-increasing intensity.

I went limp and let him take the lead. I was incapable of action. As terrified as I was completely at the mercy of this giant, I knew I was reaching the point of no return. In a few moments, his strong embrace and sensuous mouth bled all resistance from my body, replaced by a desire for his full attention, a hunger to feel his touch on my bare skin. …Even a need for him to hurt me a little.

He pushed his tongue fully into my mouth. My shaking was uncontrollable now, and I knew it was obvious. I whimpered a little, realizing the beguiling effect his powerful mouth had on me. He slowly explored my mouth, lips and even stroked along the outside surface of my teeth, deep into my cheek. His tongue was long, insistent. Then his mouth moved down my chin to my neck. His tongue stabbed deeply into my flesh like a hot, wet dagger.

After kissing along my jaw line, he planted wet little caresses and sucking bites down my throat. Each place he kissed on my neck was tormented by his almost painful sucking and then soothed by his agile tongue. Pausing for a moment to swirl in the basin at the bottom of my neck, he revealed a new, charged erogenous zone, and I moaned loudly and unashamedly at the deep lapping. Then his hungry mouth moved down to trace the line of my collarbone, then to the center of my chest, where his lips and carnal tongue continued their feast in its center. He slowly worked down to the small of my stomach, then up my chest again, all the while leaving little red badges of lusty kisses on my skin.

He stopped for a moment, and for the first time in awhile, I opened my eyes to see what had interrupted this torrent of pleasure. His face was a few inches from mine, and he was smiling… knowingly. Then, I felt a moment of shame, realizing he was reading my mind, satisfied that I wanted him to continue. That I wanted him to take me anywhere he wanted to. I wanted him to fuck me.

Confused at his pause, my unease again overtook me and my body went rigid in his arms. Feeling the residual sensation of his powers of seduction on my skin reminded me that all of this – this deep, thick stream of unfamiliar stimulation – was real. It was happening. And it was happening to me.

Suddenly his face disappeared, and I felt what seemed a soft drop of lava cover one of my nipples. An almost painful heat jolted me, and I arched my torso into his, to feel him, to surrender to him. After licking the nipple to full erectness, his mouth closed over the sensitive flesh and began sucking. Powerful bolts of excitement shot through me. At first gentle and them with growing ferocity, he hungrily kissed and tongued and sucked me from nipple to mouth, to other nipple. …And back again. My belly quivered against him, and I let out another deep, honest moan.

After my nipples and chest had been fully tenderized and set aflame, he again frenched the small of my stomach, lifting my torso from the bed with the power of his sucking kiss, then letting me fall with a loud smack as his lips released my yielding body. Then, deliberately, with long strokes, his tongue followed the path of his fingertips earlier, tracing the ripples of my ribcage. Glancing up at the mirror above us, I saw that his attention had left my nipples soaking wet and flushed scarlet with arousal.

As his steaming mouth moved to my belly and began assaulting its tender skin with demanding, sucking kisses, I involuntarily murmured with pleasure and again arched my back to him. My yearning abdomen afforded him irresistible access to my sensitive navel. I shuddered, moaning deeply, when his powerful, slippery tongue speared deeply into the cavity. Ravenous with desire, he gave it a long, wet licking – warmly soothing the sweet ache left by all the burrowing forefinger – poking and tantalizing my central nub, building a fire in my very core.

As if eating the tastiest meal he ever had, he worked him mouth down my abdomen, loudly sucking and kissing the trembling flesh, biting the meat of my lower belly, before finally chewing along the border of my pubic hair. Resting on his elbow on the bed left open by my spread legs, he began his now-familiar oral caresses along the skin of my inner thighs, his sucking become more pronounced as he neared my genitals. He reached out and ran his finger along the tip of my penis, and I gave a little jerk. Slowly he guided its red fleshy head to his lips and slowly, agonizingly sucked it into his mouth. I could feel his tongue wipe the base of its circumcised cap. Then he began to work its entire length into his mouth. When he reached the base, he looked up at me, his attention drawn by my heavy breaths and whimpering sighs. Then he drew it out of his mouth until, again, his lips cupped its very tip. Repeating this circuit a few times, he began increasing the tempo of this engorgement cycle with deliberate, almost rhythmic pace.

Finally, he was hungrily swallowing my cock. As he did so, his hands squeezed along my inner thighs and massaged my belly and chest with firm strokes, teasing with his fingers the erotic points he’d just aroused with his tongue. I gasped at his attack, and I involuntarily wiggled to free myself. But he grabbed my hips and held me down tightly on the bed. His mouth furiously stroked my penis, up and down, from stinging tip to root. I thought I saw movement coming toward us and looked up to a mirror above the bed. The distraction that had caught my eye was my own heaving midsection as I reflexively responded to his stroking mouth, his fingers pushing my nipples deeply into the flesh of my chest and then plucking my belly. In the vision of reflected glass, the sinister black be emphasized my helpless nakedness. Then my head rolled away as waves of overwhelming pleasure overcame me.

It had long become clear from my undulating body and heavy moans that all reluctance I’d previously shown was gone now. He released my straining hips and ran his huge hands under my sweating buttocks cheeks, squeezing them, kneading them until I yelped.

Straining under the assault, I felt my arousal drain all my energy. I took perverse pleasure in the serpentine squirming on the bed that this sensuous overload forced me into. I caught his glance a few times, and I could tell the slow pulsations and wracking throbs that ran down my arms, down the writhing midline of my torso and finally into his mouth were exciting him to even more furious passion. My sighs curved upward at the end in little coos of encouragement. I couldn’t help it. I was his now.

As the floodgates began to open, I almost squealed in arousal. I exploded in orgasm, filling his mouth with my come. My head rolled back and I groaned in the release of the climax. He gave my withering cock one last long suck on the burning, sensitive tip. Then he rose from the bed and slipped off his robe. I was a little startled to recall that throughout this encounter, only I was naked.

For a moment, I lay on the bed uncertain what to do. A man had just stripped me naked and sucked me off. The passionate violence of my orgasm reversed its power, putting my desire in steep decline. I began to feel uncomfortable and self conscious. Out of embarrassment, I tried not to look at him.

I fell asleep. I awoke sometime later to find him laying next to me. Gently rubbing my chest and belly. He leaned over me, drawing himself close. He began kissing me again, warmly, moistly. On the mouth. Then kissing and sucking my neck, and back to my mouth. He began running the tip of his tongue over my reluctant lips — gradually forcing them open. Finally, he dipped his extended tongue to the back of my mouth and began to penetrate my throat.

He shifted and knelt beside my head; I felt the rough orbs of his knees rub against the side of my face as he squatted as near to me as he could. Then he gently cradled my head in his hands and guided his own cock to my mouth. It was one of the biggest dicks I’d ever seen — almost frighteningly long and slightly curved. I had never in my life expected to be in this situation. And yet I rolled over onto my side and took the massive member in my mouth without hesitation. I circled it with my tongue, teasing it into full erection. It was salty and slightly sticky as I pulled my mouth over it, taking almost all its length into me, eventually overcoming the gagging sensation as it drilled deep in my throat. I began to become excited by his own moans of pleasure as he leaned back, stroking his penis in and out of my mouth.

As soon as it was fully hard, he pulled it out of my mouth. I caught myself feeling a touch of disappointment as he withdrew it from me. But he immediately rolled on top of me and began kissing again, nuzzling my neck with his nose and running his fingers through my hair. The situation was completely unfamiliar: A sexually ravenous man had me pinned down, the entire length of our naked bodies pressed together in passion. But the situation was completely irresistible, as well. My body pressed into his as he continued kissing me relentlessly.

I felt the throb of his enormous penis pulse against my belly.

He rose and grabbed a small bottle of massage oil from the night stand. Breathing heavily and kneeling between my legs, he applied oil to his dick. It must have been at least 10 inches long, maybe more. I knew what was coming.

He pushed an oiled finger into my anal opening and slowly drove it to the knuckle as I gasped in surprise and panic. But as he began fucking his finger in and out of me, I discovered with relief that the pain was not as severe as I’d expected. The finger’s ravishing friction gradually became pleasurable to me in a completely unfamiliar way, and I was immersed in sensation of delicious, forbidden vulnerability.

Holding me by the hips, he guided his dick to the end of me and pressed against the opening. At first I though he was simply too big to get inside me. I rose up on my elbows, but he put his hand in my chest and pushed me back on the bed. Then, with a lunge, he stuck the head of his huge dick just inside me. I squealed in pain; the agony was searing. He held it there for several moments and let the pain subside before gently pushing it in a little deeper. Surprisingly, as he methodically eased his penis deeper into me, the pain abated. A new, delectable sensation began to emanate from his hot dick into my insides.

After he had pushed into me about halfway, he began fucking me, almost pulling the dick out of my hole before pushing it back. Erotic warmth radiated in my belly, and I lifted my hips from the bed to meet his thrusts, to work him deeper into me.

After a few moments, he sank his dick into me up to the hilt. I shuddered and bucked as the long penis ran me through, thrusting deep into me, and I let out the same groaning sigh I would if a long sword had been plunged through my belly. He held me up on the bed by my asscheeks for what seemed like an eternity, bouncing the head of his dick against the root of my guts. Fully impaled, I gasped and shook, I whimpered and made indistinct pleading noises.

For moment we froze together, connected. I made tiny gasps as my body squirmed slightly to accommodate his long lance lodged so deep. I looked in the mirror again. My body seemed a heaving golden snake he’d spindled on his dark spit. The length of my smooth, quivering torso was punctured midway by the shadowed crater of my navel. At each movement from him, its recessed core showed itself a moment in the light, seeming to bulge slightly outward, evidence to the intrusive depth of his penetration. I could feel his dick throb in its depth, and it seemed he was about to pop through it.

Easing my body back on the bed, he began fucking me with the entire length of his shaft. Slowly at first, but with mounting frenzy, he drove his penis into my writhing body. I stretched out my arms on the bed, gripping the sheets. Involuntarily, I let out a soft, quivering moan each time the tip of his long dick punctured deep into my virgin center.

My head rolled back and forth, and occasionally I watched the intense penetration in the mirror over his bed, increasing the pleasure I was feeling with visual validation that the huge dick was skewering me through and through.

He spat on his palm and grabbed my penis, stroking me off with an expert hand job as he mercilessly stabbed his own dick deep in side my body. Occasionally, he rotated and screwed it after burying it in me as deep as it could go, as if looking for places inside me he hadn’t yet stimulated… hadn’t yet violated. The constant, stroking friction built up a volcanic heat in my rectum and abdomen, and I was thoroughly under control of his rhythmic energy.

Faster and faster he lanced into me, sometimes pulling his dick completely out with a pop before plunging its fully length back into me. At the delirious climax of each penetrating lunge, I felt his balls crush into the insides of my upper thighs. He ran his hands up and down my body, and sometimes he lay down on me, kissing and licking my mouth and chest, our bodies struggling desperately — all the while continuing to relentlessly fuck me.

Finally, holding my thighs wide apart, he speared me with his dick as deeply as he possibly could stab. My body arched in a spasm of pain and pleasure, and I felt his come explode inside me as my own dick erupted in his hand.

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