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Mindy’s First Time at Truth or Dare

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Hi, my name is Mindy and I’m a sophomore college student. Although you won’t believe it after reading this, I must say that generally I am somewhat reserved. I was brought up in a conservative household and didn’t date much in high school.

About a month ago something crazy happened to me. It was my roommate Ashley’s birthday and she had planned a night out with her friend Gina and me.

It was Friday night and she had invited Gina over to our dorm. I hadn’t met Gina before that night but immediately liked her. Gina was a little shy but had a great sense of humor. Gina seemed to know Ashley from high school.

While we were hanging out, Ashley told us she wanted to have lots of fun on her birthday and that she was feeling a little wild since she was turning 21. On that note we decided to have a couple beers before we did anything and we spent about an hour talking and laughing while listening to music.

The first thing we had to do that night was to go out to dinner with Ashley’s parents. It looked like Gina was dressed to go out partying because she had on a cute skirt, tank top, and 3-inch heels. Ashley and I quickly put on skirts as well with me wearing a sexy white blouse and Ashley a paisley halter top. We all touched up our makeup and then headed out.

I hadn’t met Ashley’s parents before and had only known Ashley for about 3 months, so I wasn’t sure what to expect of them. Ashley’s parents turned out to be very cool. We had dinner at a nice restaurant and Ashley’s parents paid for Gina and me after lots of protesting.

After the dinner we went back to her parent’s house for awhile. It took about an hour before Ashley found a way to excuse us and we headed out. When we were back in Gina’s car, Ashley told us she wanted to go to see some guy friends from school. Apparently Gina knew the guys also and they had told them we could come over after dinner with Ashley’s parents. It was about 11:00pm and we headed over.

There were three guys at the house. Dave, Matt, and Todd all looked like jocks, but seemed much more educated than the few jocks I had met before. I don’t think they actually played any sports at the university, but they were all very athletic looking and cute!

When we got there the guys brought us to the living/family room and we all sat down. Todd brought us all some sort of alcoholic punch and we began to talk while Matt turned on some music. The guys were very well behaved and I was really enjoying myself. I hadn’t met any of them before, but Ashley and Gina seemed to know them pretty well which made me comfortable. While we were talking, one of the guys named Dave brought out some weed and we probably smoked and drank for at least 90 minutes.

At some point Ashley blurted out, “I want to do something wild and fun! It’s my birthday!” which made us all about fall over. We were all a little stoned and I wasn’t sure any of us could drive. Matt then suggested we could play some poker. Gina suggested we could go out to a club, but that got shot down quickly since half of us were still under 21 and it was already about 1 AM. Dave suggested we watch a DVD. All these ideas seemed to bore Ashley. Then Todd suggested we could play Truth or Dare. Ashley got a devilish grin and said, “Yes! That could be fun.”

I wasn’t so sure about that, but everybody else seemed to join in at once and got excited about playing. I had never played before, and Ashley immediately saw the reluctance on my face.

“It will be fun Mindy. Oh, come on … We can quit if you don’t like it.”

“OK,” I said as I nodded my head and decided I better play since everybody was into it and I didn’t want to spoil Ashley’s birthday.

Todd left the room and then came back with a box and some cards. Apparently the guys had played this before because he explained that we were to draw cards and either answer the truth or perform the dare, whichever it was.

“OK, we have to sit in a circle on the floor, alternating girl and guy.” Todd said. As we all took our places, Todd added, “And if any of us fails to answer the question or perform the dare, there will be serious consequences!”

Everybody laughed at Todd’s instruction and it seemed like I was the only one wondering what these consequences would be. I brushed it off since nobody challenged this idea and I got settled into my spot.

Dave brought us all another round of drinks and then we got started. Ashley pulled the first card. It was a dare. The card read, “Remove one piece of clothing.” At the bottom it said that both shoes and socks count as one piece of clothing.” Everybody made whistling noises, and Ashley then removed her sandals. I couldn’t believe I was doing this!

Todd went next and was asked a truth. The card read, “Have you ever had oral sex with someone from the same sex? If not, would you like to try it?” Everybody laughed and waited for Todd’s answer which was “No! and No!.”

It was my turn next. I pulled the same dare card as Ashley and I removed my sandals.

Matt went next and pulled another dare card and removed his flip flops.

Gina followed by removing her sandals. Everybody was getting the same card.

Dave then got a truth card which read, “Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time?” Dave thought for a minute while we all laughed and listened carefully. He said, “I haven’t yet, but I wouldn’t mind trying it if it’s in the cards.”

More laughing followed Dave’s answer and then Ashley went next and got a dare card which asked her to remove a piece of clothing. She removed her top revealing a sexy low cut black bra that barely seemed to contain her D-cup breasts. They guys all whistled while I was a little embarrassed for Ashley. But looking at her, she seemed to be having as much fun as the guys!

Todd went next and removed his shirt since he wasn’t wearing shoes or socks. Todd had a strong hairless chest which I thought was very sexy. I also noticed that he had strong arms and abs. He must work out a lot.

It was then my turn. I drew a truth card which asked, “Have you ever had oral sex with someone from the same sex? If not, would you like to try it?” Everybody was staring at me. I said, “No.” I then paused and as Ashley stared at me intently for my second answer which she already knew. I then sheepishly said, “Maybe.”

This brought more whistles from the guys and laughter from Ashley before Matt then pulled a dare card to quiet the bunch. His card read, “Each player is to remove one piece of clothing.”

Well, now I was in trouble. I forgot that I wore a somewhat shear pink bra and panties. I didn’t have a choice though as each person stood up to remove their tops, except for Todd who was now down to his boxers and Ashley who now only had on a bra and panties. I removed my top quickly and put my arms in front of me to conceal my nipples, but Ashley called me out and said I had to show.

I slowly put my arms down to my side and turned red with embarrassment and was hoping my nipples didn’t show too much. Everybody was very nice and said my boobs looked awesome which made me a little more comfortable, but I was still very self conscious and beet red. I couldn’t believe I got myself into this!

Ashley had matching black bikini underwear and she looked fantastic as usual. She was always very tan and didn’t have an ounce of fat in the wrong place. Todd’s boxers seemed a little snug and we could see his thing poking a little at the fabric in front.

The next card drawn by Gina read the same thing. “Shit!” Everybody stood up again and I removed my skirt revealing my somewhat shear pink panties. I’m mostly shaved, but have a small “racing stripe” which was clearly visible. I quickly placed my hands in front of me to block the view.

Todd removed his boxers which got whistles from Gina and Ashley. His cock was pretty long and thick and it wasn’t even hard! He wasn’t embarrassed at all, and I guess he shouldn’t have been!

I then looked over at Ashley. She had removed her bra and looked amazing.

Gina was down to her bra and panties. She had worn a conservative pair that hid her well and she was gorgeous. I didn’t know Gina, but I have to admit I was a bit taken by her beauty. I’ve never been with a girl before, but if I had to, she was certainly very attractive.

Matt was down to his boxer briefs which clear showed a bulge in front, and Dave took off his shoes and socks.

After lots of commenting we finally settled down and returned to the game. Dave pulled the next card which said, “Choose a player of the opposite sex and remove a piece of their clothing and then kiss them passionately for 30 seconds.”

“Kissing!” I thought to myself. “I thought this was just about stripping!” Dave looked at the three of us and said that since Ashley was down to her panties, he wouldn’t choose her. He then looked at me and said, “OK Mindy. Let’s do it.”

“Fuck!” I thought. Dave was good looking, but I didn’t want to lose my clothing. We got up in the middle of the group and Dave reached behind me to remove my bra. He had a little trouble, but finally got it and my bra fell to the floor exposing my size B tits. I blushed again, but then Dave leaned forward and starting kissing me…..really well I might add. I placed a hand on his chest while he placed a hand on the side of my face and back. We kissed for what only seemed a few seconds before time was called by somebody. My heart was racing. Wow what a kisser Dave is! It was very hot all of the sudden! Remembering that I was now topless, I quickly covered up as much as I could and returned to my spot.

It was Ashley’s turn again. She drew a truth card which asked, “Have you ever brought someone of the opposite sex to orgasm through oral sex?” She replied “Yes, and it was hot!” We all made some sort of comment to have fun with it, but it was no surprise coming from Ashley!

Todd was next. His card was a dare. It read, “Ask a member of the opposite sex to remove a piece of your clothing. If you are naked, choose another player of the opposite sex and remove a piece of their clothing. If all members of the opposite sex are naked, choose a player of any sex and briefly kiss both of their nipples.” Since Todd was already naked with that huge cock, he looked at Gina and noticed she had the most clothes on of us girls. She knew immediately and got up. Todd then removed her bra revealing a beautiful pair C-cup breasts with slightly hard pink nipples. Gina blushed and quickly sat down. Again I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was and I tried not to stare.

It was my turn now and I drew a dare card. “Remove an article of clothing from a member of the opposite sex. If all members of the opposite sex are naked, touch each person’s genitals for 30 seconds each.” “Oh my God!” I thought. At least they weren’t naked! I got Dave up and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. Looking up he almost poked me in the face with his semi hard thing poking through the opening in his boxers! I stumbled backward to get out of the way and everybody laughed hard for about two minutes.

At this point all of us girls were down to our panties, Todd was naked, and Matt and Dave were down to their boxers. After we settled down, Matt drew the next card which was a dare. The card read, “Ask a member of the opposite sex to remove a piece of your clothing. If you are naked, choose another player of the opposite sex and remove a piece of their clothing. If all members of the opposite sex are naked, choose a player of any sex and briefly kiss both of their nipples.”

Matt looked at the three of us, and then motioned to Ashley. He got up in the middle of us and Ashley crawled over on her knees and looked up at Matt who waited expectantly. He still had noticeable a bulge in his boxer briefs which were inches from Ashley’s face. She then reached for his waste and slid her fingers under the elastic and slowly slid them down as Matt swayed his hips sexily to the music playing in the background.

As Ashley pulled down on Matt’s underwear, his cock finally sprung free and bounced a little brushing her hair as she went down to his ankles. She then looked up at it for a moment, and then slowly backed away. I thought she was going to take him in her mouth right there! I couldn’t believe it! I must admit that Matt had a beautiful cock as well. It wasn’t as big as Todd’s, but definitely looked like it could please a woman.

Gina then drew a truth card. It said, “Have you ever had oral sex from someone of the same sex? If not, would you like to?” Gina thought for a few moments, and then said “no” very quietly.

Ashley then blurted out, “But would you want to?” Gina then looked very embarrassed and said very softly so that it was hard to hear her, “Yes,” and then buried her face in her hands.

The guys got a big kick out of that. Dave was up next. Only Ashley, me, Gina, and Dave had some clothes on at this point. The card said, “Remove an article of clothing from a member of the opposite sex. If all members of the opposite sex are naked, touch their genitals for 30 seconds.” All three of us girls were wearing panties, so Dave looked at Gina and picked her. She stood up and Dave kneeled before her and slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles. Gina was shaved completely! She stepped out of her panties and quickly moved back to her spot in the circle.

Ashley pulled the next card which was the same as Dave’s. Dave still had his shorts on, so he got up and Ashley crawled over to him. His cock head was still poking out a bit as Ashley pulled down his shorts to his ankles. She then looked up again like she did at Matt and patted it on top and said “good boy”. We all laughed except for Dave. He looked lustful at Ashley as his cock bounced a little and clearly started to stiffen. She backed away and it was now Todd’s turn.

Todd’s dare was a little more serious and I thought things were going a little far now. His card said, “If you are not naked, ask a member of the opposite sex to remove a piece of your clothing. If you are naked, ask all clothed members of the opposite sex to kiss your genitals for 30 seconds each. If they are also naked, choose a player to kiss your genitals for 30 seconds.” It then dawned on me. Ashley and I still had panties on, and Todd was naked!

Todd stood up and then asked Ashley and me to get busy. I was stunned as Ashley leaped forward and got on her knees before Todd’s huge member. She leaned forward and kissed the top of his cock as it hung between his legs. She then lightly kissed up and down and reached up with her right hand and cupped his balls as she continued to kiss him lightly. Todd was definitely enjoying this. Ashley then moved downward and I could see from my angle that she flicked her tongue at the head of his cock. Todd moaned a little and Ashley seemed to get hungrier. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked on it, running her tongue over and under the head. She was enjoying this! Todd’s cock stiffened significantly and was now pointing straight out. Ashley then took about a third of Todd’s cock in her mouth and slowly bobbed her head. Everybody was cheering Ashley, while Todd’s eyes were closed as he enjoyed Ashley’s “kiss”.

I looked over at Gina and she looked mesmerized. She was just staring at what was happening, and then someone yelled time! Ashley reluctantly backed off and looked at me. Todd looked at me, and then as I looked around, everybody was looking at me! There was no getting out of this! I slowly crawled over in front of Todd as Ashley backed away and his cock was inches from my face. As he looked down at me almost begging with his eyes, I reached for the base of his cock and then leaned forward to take it in my mouth.

I have to admit I was getting horny with Todd’s beautiful huge cock staring at me. I initially rolled my tongue over his cock head as Ashley had done. Todd moaned and pushed forward a little. This seemed to be a signal to suck him, so I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took about half of him in. I then slowly sucked him in and out as I bobbed my head, taking a little more of him in as I got used to his size.

My hand slowly stroked the base of his cock while I continued to suck. Todd matched my bobbing head with thrusts of his own and we developed a rhythm. I forgot about the time and then someone yelled to stop. I pulled my head back and looked up again at Todd who seemed so disappointed that we had to stop, but was also grateful at the same time. He kissed me on the lips as I got up, and then we returned to our positions.

I couldn’t believe I did that! Especially in front of people! It was my turn now. The card was another dare! What happened to all the truth cards! It said, “If you are not naked, remove a piece of your clothing. Or, perform oral sex on another naked player for 2 minutes.” I still had my panties and didn’t really want to take them off. I looked around the room and saw Todd who I just sucked. I didn’t want to suck him anymore because he might lose control. Matt and Dave were sitting there looking hopeful. Ashley had a big grin on her face, and Gina was looking away. As I looked more closely at Gina I noticed her nipples were rock hard, and her hand was between her legs.

Ashley then blurted it out. “Choose Gina. Come on Mindy. You’ve told me you would like to try it also. Oh, come on!” she pleaded. Gina then looked up embarrassed, but I could tell she was secretly interested. I hadn’t been with a girl before either, but as Ashley said, I did have a curiosity.

I said “Gina, do you want to try it? I would like to try it at least once.” Gina looked around, and then softly said “Yes” with a look of embarrassment.

She crawled to the center of the circle and got on her back and parted her legs a little. I moved in between them and noticed I was shaking.

I then leaned forward and pushed her legs up more and she placed her feet on my back. I had never been this close to a woman before. She actually smelled great and I wasn’t sure if it was perfume or just her smell. I also noticed she was already sopping wet!

I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue and lightly licked her labia up and down. As I licked up and down and then from side to side, her lips opened more and exposed her clit. I flicked it with my tongue and she almost bounced from the floor. She loved it, and so did I. I continued to lick her, focusing more on her clit. She was bucking her hips a little and I noticed how good she tasted as I buried my tongue into her.

After what seemed like only a minute or so, Gina was moaning a lot and squeezing her knees against my head. Just then someone yelled time. Gina yelled, “No! Keep going! Please!”

I was enjoying it so much, so I continued licking her and reached one of my hands up to her breasts. “Oooh! She cooed, and her orgasm hit as I felt a flood from her soak my tongue and face as she tensed up. Gina was shrieking uncontrollably at the sensation as I continued licking her carefully through her orgasm, trying not to over stimulate her.

After she calmed down and slowed her breathing, I got up and backed away to my spot. And, as I wiped my face on a towel that was nearby I then realized that four people just watched me eat Gina! I couldn’t believe I did that! But, I sure loved it, and so did Gina.

After we settled down, Matt drew a card. His card read, “Remove an article of clothing from a member of the opposite sex. If all members of the opposite sex are naked, touch their genitals for 30 seconds.” Matt looked up and saw that only Ashley and I had panties left. Everybody else was naked. Thank God he motioned for Ashley, and she stood up in the center of the circle. Matt crawled over and slowly pulled down her panties. Ashley stepped out of them and revealed that she was very neatly trimmed as well with soft-looking blonde pubic hair. She did a little dance to everyone’s delight, and then sat back down.

After Dave came back with more drinks, Gina drew the next card. It said, “If you are not naked, choose a player of the opposite sex to remove a piece of your clothing. If you are naked, choose a player of any sex and kiss their genitals for 60 seconds.” Since Gina was naked, she looked hesitantly around the room. Matt and Dave were looking so eager, so Gina sheepishly and quietly said she would kiss Matt’s genitals.

Matt leaped off the floor and stood in the middle as Gina got on her knees. She reached forward and took Matt’s cock in her hand and slowly petted it. She then reached around it more and tugged on it a little and then continued to slowly tug and pet it. Matt was clearly enjoying it and he was getting stiff from the attention. After about a minute, Gina looked like she was about done. Ashley blurted out, “You haven’t started yet! You have to kiss him for 60 seconds!”

“Oh! I forgot!” Gina said. Everybody laughed, while Gina then leaned forward and began kissing the underside of Matt’s cock. Matt was definitely aroused and I could see a little fluid at the tip of his cock. Gina then sat a little higher and ran her tongue over the head of Matt’s cock a few times and then took him inside her mouth. Gina then slowly sucked about half of him in while she stroked the base of his cock. Matt clearly loved this, and it seemed Gina was getting into it as well.

After about 45 seconds, Gina seemed to pick up the pace and Matt grabbed her head lightly and moved his hips to match her sucking. It looked like he was going to cum, but Ashley yelled, “Time!” and Gina quickly withdrew. Matt looked disappointed and sat back down to recover while the guys teased him.

Dave drew the next card which read, “Remove an article of clothing from a member of the opposite sex. If all members of the opposite sex are naked, touch their genitals for 60 seconds.”

Since I was the only one left with clothing, I stood up and Dave kneeled in front of me. I could tell I was a little red in the face. I was enjoying the fact that I had kept my panties on the longest, but I also knew I was a little wet from the excitement.

I kept my legs together as Dave leaned in so close so that I could feel his breath on my pubic area. He then he very slowly pulled my panties down. He was so close I felt his forehead brush my small patch of pubic hair as he went down with my panties. He then grabbed my left foot and pulled it up a little to free the panties and kissed the top of it. We all giggled at that, and then he repeated it for the other foot, but this time kissed my toes a little. Before I lost balance, I sat back down quickly, hoping nobody noticed me being wet.

It was Ashley’s turn next. Her card said, “If you are not naked, kiss another player’s genitals for 2 minutes. If you are naked, choose another player to kiss your genitals for two minutes.”

“Two minutes!” I thought. The times are going up? Since we were all naked, Ashley had to choose someone to kiss her. She looked around and then chose Dave.

As Ashley leaned back, Dave dove in and began kissing her inner thighs as she pulled her knees up. After a few moments, it was clear Dave found the right spot as Ashley yelped. I couldn’t see everything he was doing, but Ashley was definitely enjoying it. I don’t think it took very long at all before she cried out and almost squeezed the life out of Dave’s head with her legs and begged him to stop. Dave tried to keep licking, but she pushed him away with her feet and Dave got up. His face was soaked and he went for the towel to clean off.

As Ashley recovered, Todd drew the next card. “If you are not naked, ask a member of the opposite sex to remove a piece of your clothing. If you are naked, ask all members of the opposite sex to kiss your genitals for 2 minutes each.”

“What!” I thought. “That’s six minutes! There is no way he will last that long!” Before I could protest, Ashley leaped forward as Todd got up and she began sucking his cock. Todd’s cock wasn’t hard anymore, but it didn’t take long. Ashley sucked furiously like she was trying to end it in a minute! It was almost like she was deep throating him as she took most of his huge cock in her mouth. She jerked him with her right hand at the base on his cock and fingered the underside of his balls with her left.

The guys were cheering Todd and Ashley on while Gina and I looked stunned. I forgot to look at the clock right away and looked up to find the time. Ashley kept going and made loud sucking noises as she continued to drive Todd mad. Todd had some control though, and after two minutes I yelled, “Time!”

Before I could move, Gina leapt forward and took Ashley’s place. She wasn’t as eager as Ashley, but quickly took Todd in her mouth and began sucking him while she jerked him with her hand. Todd moaned and bucked his hips a little as she sucked. She then pulled out and went underneath to lick his balls! After a few moments, she went back to sucking his cock again and before I knew it, Ashley said it was my turn.

Gina backed away while I got in front of Todd. His cock must have been 8 inches, and it was wet with Gina’s saliva. I wasn’t as eager as the other two. I hadn’t had a man cum in my mouth before and I was a little afraid. I wanted to try it at some point, but it just hadn’t happened yet. And I wasn’t sure this was the right time either! “What if I choked on it or didn’t like the taste?” I thought. “How embarrassing would that be?”

I grabbed Todd’s cock with my hand and leaned forward to take the head in my mouth. I ran my tongue over his head to tease him a little and he just said “God that feels good!” I continued, and then took more of him in. I went much slower than Ashley to keep Todd in control. But as I moved my head forward and back and sucked and licked at the same time, Todd seemed just as worked up. He moaned and met my movement with thrusts of his own. He did have a nice cock, I have to admit, and I forgot about the time and just focused on sucking him.

After what seemed like two minutes had already passed, Todd began to breathe harder and I noticed his abdomen contracting as I moved my mouth up and down his shaft. He then moaned, “That feels so good….Oh God, you are going to make me cum.”

We had a rhythm going, and I was enjoying sucking him. I looked up and could see he was pleading me with his eyes not to stop. I looked back down and continued sucking and heard him say, “Oh yeah, that’s it. Just like that …” As I looked up again I could see his whole body was tense. His chest muscles were bulging. His nipples were rock hard, and he was breathing hard.

He then moaned loudly and I realized at that moment he was going to cum in my mouth and I wanted him to. I didn’t even know Todd, but I wanted to experience sucking a man off, and I wanted to taste Todd’s cum for some reason. I guess I was caught up in the moment.

Todd moaned again as I continued to suck him and I felt several spurts of hot fluid hit the back of my throat. I tried to swallow to keep from choking and was surprised at how hot and sweet tasting his cum was. As he continued to fill my mouth, some of it oozed out, but I kept sucking anyway until he began to soften a little.

I think Todd’s knees almost buckled and then he stepped back and went down on his knees. He looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you so much,” and kissed me lightly on the forehead. I had Todd’s cum running down the corners of my mouth and wiped it away with my hand, and then somebody threw me a towel as the group cheered loudly.

As I recovered from giving my first full blowjob, Ashley kicked my foot to get my attention and said it was my turn. I reached for a card and read it to the group: “If you are not naked, kiss another player’s genitals for 2 minutes. If you are naked, choose another player to kiss your genitals for 2 minutes.”

Since I was naked I looked around the group to see who I might want to lick me. It never occurred to me when we started that it would get to this, but here I was choosing who would eat me. Unbelievable! Todd was still recovering from the blowjob. Ashley was my roommate, so that wasn’t cool. I then looked at Gina and could tell she wanted to try it. I was a little curious myself having just licked her awhile ago.

When I said “Gina”, she got a big smile on her face and quickly positioned herself between my legs. I leaned back on my elbows and pulled my feet up close to my ass to give her access. She then began to very softly lick me up and down. At first it tickled a little, but then she swabbed her tongue from side to side, flicking across my clit, and it felt incredible. I was so wet and horny from all the activity thus far, it didn’t take long to get me worked up.

Gina kept licking me up and down, with occasional focus on my clit. She also tried to bury her tongue in me, and then I felt her bring her fingers up to my pussy. As she focused on my clit with her tongue, she inserted a couple fingers into me and that sent me over the edge. I couldn’t hold my whimpers any longer and she knew that she had me. She mashed her tongue to my clit and worked it back and forth as she fingered me and I came about as hard as ever.

As my orgasm began to subside, Gina lessened her attack on my clit and then moved up and gave me a kiss on the lips and thanked me. I tasted myself on her lips and it wasn’t bad. “Wow!” It felt so incredibly good!

Matt drew the next card which was the same as mine and he asked for Ashley. Ashley was more than eager and moved to the center of the group. Matt decided to lie on the floor, and Ashley moved so that her feet were near Matt’s head and she got down on her side and pulled Matt toward her mouth. As she began to lick Matt’s penis, she pulled him closer to her mouth so that Matt was almost on his side. She had him hard in no time and Matt was clearly enjoying what she was doing.

She pulled him toward her again to get him deeper into her mouth and Matt rotated. He was now lying completely on his side, and Ashley was on her side.

Matt fingered her a little and Ashley spread her legs with acceptance. Ashley then rotated a little so that she was more on her back and pulled Matt’s thigh so that he rotated with her. He was now almost lying on her face. His cock was completely buried in her mouth while she sucked him. To keep from falling and crushing her, Matt then placed is leg over to Ashley’s other side so that his knees were on either side of her head. They were now in a 69 position with Matt on top.

As I watched I couldn’t help but notice how sexy they were together. Matt began to lick Ashley and she wrapped her feet around his neck to pull him in. She was like a girl in heat. As she sucked Matt I could hear her whimper and moan. Matt had her going in an instant, it seemed. It wasn’t long and Ashley orgasmed with a half whimper and scream. Matt kept licking her while she recovered, and then she said “OK, OK”, and Matt stopped.

Ashley then went back to sucking Matt and he was clearly close himself. He sat up a little so that it looked like he was feeding his cock to her. He pushed it in and out to make it easier on her neck and she just sucked him as he began fucking her mouth. Just then Gina yelled “Time!” There was no response from either Ashley or Matt. Matt kept fucking her face and telling her how great it felt. He was also grunting a little and I could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Ashley’s hands were around Matt’s ass, pulling him in as he thrust in and out of her mouth. After about another minute Matt couldn’t take it anymore. He grunted loudly and began to shake as he filled her mouth with his cum. Ashley moaned as she swallowed like a pro and ate every drop. When Matt pulled out you couldn’t see any evidence that he had just cum in her mouth. Matt kissed Ashley on the lips as they returned to their spots in the circle.

Before Gina pulled her card I noticed Dave stroking himself lightly. He saw me and looked embarrassed. “I can’t help it,” he said.

Gina pulled her card which said, “If you are not naked, choose a player of the opposite sex to remove a piece of your clothing. If you are naked, choose a player of any sex and kiss their genitals for 2 minutes. Since Gina was naked, she had to choose a player to kiss. She looked at all of us and said we had all cum, except for Dave. She then went to the middle of the group and got on her knees as Dave stood there still stroking his hard cock.

Gina began to lick Dave up and down his shaft and then his balls. He moaned as she did this, and then she took him in her mouth and began to bob her head. As she sucked him, she tickled the underneath side of his balls which got a strong reaction of pleasure from Dave. He was definitely not far off from cuming as she sucked him. Gina then pulled back and began to jack him off with her hand, occasionally leaning forward to lick the head of his dick.

Ashley yelled “Time!” and Gina looked back at Ashley, wondering if she should stop. As Gina turned around, Dave continued where she left off and was jacking off in front of her. She looked up into his eyes and we could hear the fluid in his cock as he jerked. “I want to cum on your tits,” he said.

“OK,” she said. She got up a little higher on her knees and watched intently as he continued to stroke himself. Her face was very close to his dick and I thought he hit her nose with it a couple times, but she didn’t flinch.

After a few moments more Dave grunted, “I’m going to cum.”

Gina looked up into his eyes with her lips parted slightly and Dave began to spray her. The first jet hit her on the upper lip and teeth, and then he aimed lower and sprayed her neck and then her tits. Dave had a lot of cum built up because it seemed he completely soaked her chest.

When Dave finally finished, Gina got up and gave Dave a hug and smeared his cum all over his belly and chest. Everybody got a big laugh out of that and somebody threw each of them a towel.

“Game over,” Ashley said. “This was so much fun! It has to be my best birthday party ever!”

Everyone had a satisfied look on their face, as well they should have! We cleaned up afterwards in the shower, and then chilled out a little longer before we left.

A month later I still cannot believe I let myself go like that. I have to admit it was a lot of fun at the time, but I doubt I would do anything like that again. It must have been the pot and booze that got to me because there is no way I would have done anything like that. I’ll have to be extra careful the next time I go out with Ashley and Gina!

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