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Midnight Visit

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Emmy had suggested we spent the evening watching a film, and I was happy to go along with her plan. I’m fairly open-minded in what I watch, and cope readily enough with most things she chooses. I might object if they were sappy romances time and again, but—to be fair to her—they’re no more common than any other genre, so it works out ok.

Lazily, we’d picked up a take-away for dinner, and, once we’d finished that, I rummaged around in her cupboards and found popping corn. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, if I’m watching a movie at home.

With an attractive girl on the sofa with me, my attention was easily distracted, you might argue; I’d claim that the plot started to drag around the halfway mark.

“Oi,” muttered Em, as she gently pushed my hand off her bust, “I’m trying to watch this.”

Undeterred, I stroked her arm for a couple of minutes, before edging back to caress her breast.

“Give over! Later.”

That was me told: I went back to trying to concentrate on the film. ‘Later’, however, was earlier than I reckoned, and about ten minutes later, Emmy’s hand wandered up my thigh, and lazily grazed over my crotch. Innocently, I shifted my hips slightly, and she giggled at me, before leaning over to kiss me.

I cupped the breast I had been dismissed from, and kissed her back. Her attention, though, was short-lived, and she turned back to the screen. A finger ran, slowly, along the stiffening length under my trousers, though: and my hand was not sent away. I tickled a finger where I knew her nipple must lurk. After a moment, it sprang to attention, just discernible beneath her top, and Em gave a little sigh.

Messing around with Em is a delightful experience. Half absorbed by the film (I maintain it warranted only this much attention), half distracted: the minutes flew past. I’d edged under Emmy’s t-shirt, hiking the hem up to get my hand up. I managed to slide my hand into her bra from the top, cupping a small, perfect tit, and slowly, deliciously, rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger.

The film segued into what promised to be a dialogue-rich scene, and Em shifted over, to sit straddling me. I was only briefly saddened to lose my handful of breast, though, as her groin pressed down on mine. Her mound rubbed on my caged cock, as she kissed me deeply, as my hands holding her waist.

When the characters stopped talking, I edged Emmy’s long auburn hair out of the way in order to sneak a glance at the screen. Em twisted round, still on my lap. I rested a hand on her crotch, feeling the heat of her through the fabric, as we silently watched.

Sadly—depending on how you look at it—the film improved from about that point, and the messing-around-on-the-sofa diminished. As the credits ran, and I tidied up our glasses, plates, and such in the kitchen, Em checked her phone.

“Mel’s delayed, but on her train: she reckons she’ll be back around midnight,” she called. I checked my watch: half-ten. I went back through.

“Long day for her. Do you want to wait up?”

“Nah, it’s not like she doesn’t have a key,” she rationalized, finishing her drink. “To bed!” she commanded, handing over her glass and unfolding herself from the sofa.

As I cleaned my teeth, my mind drifted back over events, and a tingle in my pelvis presaged a nascent erection. I went back into Em’s bedroom, my pyjama trousers beginning to tent.

Em, lying in bed and reading a magazine, glanced up as I made my way to my side of the bed, a small, knowing smile on her face. Nonchalantly, I got in to bed, and edged over to her, wrapping an arm over her stomach, and playing with her hair with my other hand.

“Hello,” she murmured, still looking at the article, “what do you want?”

“I thought we could pick up from where we were distracted, earlier?” I proposed, my fingers dancing down her midriff to drift lightly but meaningfully over her crotch.

“Did you?” Em smiled at me, but closed me off with a “How about in the morning?”

The weight in my groin would, I knew, be frustrating overnight: but—on the other hand—if Em was more enthusiastic in the morning, it would make a great start to my day. I’d take the delayed gratification, I decided, and not push my luck.

“Fair enough,” I concurred, “You reading for long?”

“Nope, just ’til you got to bed,” she said, leaning over to turn off her light. “Sleep well, love.”

On her side, Em wriggled back towards me. Frustrating? Awfully so, as my stiff cock was nestled by her buttocks pushing into my crotch. I didn’t help myself, by winding an arm around her to rest my hand in her cleavage, under the sheer silk of her cropped top.

It was going to be hard, I reckoned, to get to sleep.

I dozed off, eventually; I must have done, because I was woken by Mel getting home: I heard her coming in the door, and relocking it. Blearily, I peered over Em’s shoulder at the clock (about quarter past). Mel’s heels tapped past the ajar door, towards her room.

I lay in the gloom, and listened to Em’s slow, regular breathing for a few minutes. Through the thin stud walls, I listened to Mel’s shower start up, and rolled over to get back to sleep. I tried futilely to ignore the dull ache in my balls, as I heard Mel get out of her shower. Em stirred: she must have been disturbed by the noise, or my restlessness, and slipped from the bed. She padded, silently, to the en suite.

Closing my eyes once more, I tried to think calm, sleepy thoughts. I felt the duvet lift behind me, as Emmy got back into bed. Reversed from my position of earlier, her hand snaked round my waist; over a hip; to rummage in my crotch. I grunted, shifting my hips to move away, slightly: I needed no further tantalizing.

But then I came suddenly awake, for I heard the tap in Em’s bathroom run.

Rolling over, my suspicion was confirmed, for on the pillow beside mine was the little blonde head of Mel, her eyes shining.

“Hello,” she grinned at me, “Did you have a nice evening, just the two of you?”

“Yes, thanks,” I instinctively replied, before my brain caught up, “What’re on earth are you doing?”

Mel propped herself on one elbow as she casually explained herself.

“Coming to bed, obviously: surely there’s space, and I’d otherwise be all alone,” she purred.

“I can’t claim to be insulted that you think of us as a bedwarmer, but don’t you have a boyfriend? Tall, known me for years, admittedly not here,” I extemporised, “but you can’t possibly have forgotten him.”

“Andy knows what I’m up to, don’t worry,” she reassured me, as Emmy emerged from the bathroom.

“Smooth journey?” Em asked, climbing under the covers and pushing Mel further in, towards me. I knew, instantly, that—once again—I was an unknowing participant in one of her plots.

A small, detached part of me marvelled briefly, at Em’s reaction to finding me (unwitting, I swear, milady) in bed with another girl.

“Not bad,” confirmed Mel, ignoring me while apologising to Em, “Sorry it got late, things over-ran. Not too late, I hope, if you’re both awake?”

Ignoring me superficially, that is, as her hand crept, unseen, to trace the length of my rigid dick. I knew that, as Em said, Mel and she sometimes like to share. So why would I object?

“Not at all. Perfectly timed, in fact, ‘cos I think I wound Chris up a bit, and then put him off until the morning,” said Em, glancing at the clock, “Which it now is, technically.”

As if I needed another indication of Em’s forward planning.

“Perfect,” Mel grinned. She darted forward and planted her mouth on mine, kissing me hard. Almost before I could respond, she shoved her hand down my waistband, rapidly located my balls, and gave them a quick squeeze. I gasped, muffled by her mouth, and pulled my head back.

“You never muck around, do you,” I asked, almost plaintively. Em just chuckled; Mel had the grace to look slightly bashful.

“Nope,” she admitted, pulling out her hand, and straddling me with one leg as she climbed nimbly over me. I glanced down, as she passed, and saw a flash of dark clothes on pale skin, before she was hidden from sight again. Intrigued, I reached past her head to the switch, and flooded the room with light, and tugged down the duvet to examine her.

Mel’s a small girl: cooperatively, she stretched her slender length out for me to see, arms reaching above her to free her blonde hair. My gaze roved over her, displayed beautifully. Not as pale as Em, her skin was slightly flushed from the warmth of her shower, and contrasted with the sheer black of her lingerie. Mel’s breasts, no more than mounds, were as prominent as they could be, gently pushed up by a lace-edged bra, and I leant in to trail kisses cross their tops. I leaned back, and my eyes travelled over her narrow belly to the low cut filmy black triangle that covered her crotch, and the slender legs extending towards the edge of the bed. Mel gave a low chuckle at my obvious pleasure, which in turn made Em laugh silently, pressed behind me.

Em, too, had looked Mel over, and while I was distracted had reached her own hand round to my pyjamas. Loosening the tie, she pulled the waistband down, freeing my long-suffering cock. Wrapping a hand around the shaft, she slowly stroked.

I sank onto my back, and lifted my hips to allow me to discard the trousers, and then pulled Em to me. Her mouth melted under mine as she rubbed me, and I traced my fingertips down her sides. I laid one palm on her mound, and she pushed her hips forward, onto me, as my middle finger rested on her cleft. Never one to ignore a pretty girl, I reached the other way with my free hand, and located Mel, who had sidled closer to me. A second hand joined Em’s, and cupped my ball-sack, tugging them slightly: I knew it must be Mel’s. My hand found her pussy, smooth beneath the encasing fabric, and I nudged it aside to run a finger, delicately, across from her thigh and onto the lip.

Em broke off our embrace, and knelt aside me. Grabbing the hem of her short silky top, she pulled it over her head, her boobs jiggling slightly. I pounced one them, nipping the smooth surface gently between my teeth, before pulling on a taut pink nipple with my mouth. She gasped, and it was my turn to chuckle. One handed—lest I neglect Mel—I tugged on the shorts she wore, and forced them down to her knees. My hand was at her pussy immediately, as I kissed and licked her tits. Splaying her inner lips with my first and last finger, I could run the other two up from her hidden orifice, drawing wetness with me. I sought her clit in the fold at the top of her slit; finding it, she quivered slightly. Her hand returned to encircle my cock just as Mel abandoned me to pull off her own knickers, interrupting my handiwork only briefly.

I now had a pussy in each hand: both warm, and increasingly moist as their excitement grew.

“Lick me,” begged Em, and she pushed me back and straddled me, facing my feet. Inches above my face was the neat pink slit, with its tidy auburn patch on the mound. Her lips were flared, slightly, and the little nub protruded slightly. I wasted no time, but parted her labia with one hand, and ran my stiff tongue from the opening to her cunt forwards. A little moan came from above. I felt Mel shifting, as she, too, straddled me, facing Em. I felt the warmth of Mel’s pussy resting on my chest, as she embraced her room-mate.

“That’s not fair,” she teased, “I wanted to get eaten out.”

“Should’ve been quicker,” muttered Em, concentrating on the sensation of my lapping at her clit.

“Well, you can always help,” said Mel, slyly, and I felt her weight lift from me. As she moved, I felt her feet aside my chest, and then her hands came next to my hips. I knew what was coming, and lifted my hips to help. Sure enough, Mel stuffed a pillow under my butt, then took the head of my cock into her mouth. Running her tongue around the sensitive rim almost made me lose my rhythm on Em’s pussy. Sixty-nine always causes me delight in equal amounts with distraction: the sight, scent and touch of a quim in my face fighting the pleasure of the mouth on my cock. This, then, was greater delight and distraction, knowing that the pussy I serviced was not that of the girl swallowing my dick.

I was suddenly diverted by understanding what Mel had meant, and that she was mooning Em: her arse would be straight in front of Em’s face.

“Oh, alright,” sighed Em, “just this once.”

Several things happened at once, then. Em must have spread the cheeks of Mel’s butt, and plunged her tongue forward onto the naked cunny. In turn, the invasion of her cunt made Mel’s arms suddenly weaken, and she sank onto my cock. The combination of Mel’s tongue fluttering over my frenulum, and the knowledge of Em’s cunnilingual activity, almost made me come, and my cock throbbed.

Fortunately, Mel realised, and slowly regained control of herself; I did the same. I knew, from previous conversation, that this was out of the ordinary for both girls. Nonetheless, Em clearly knew what she was about, because Mel’s coordination was suffering. She whimpered slightly as she took my length deep into her, lips perfectly sealed around my shaft. Keen to prolong things, I distracting myself my concentrating on Em’s pussy. My hands above me on her hips, and with her tilting her pelvis perfectly, I had her cunt spread before me. I circled the delicate nub with the tip of my tongue, then laved from across the hood of her clit back between her minor lips. Thanks to the hands on her hips, I could stop her bearing down too heavily on my jaw, though she tried. I refocused on her clit, aiming to get her off before she crushed my face.

Mel’s moans were recognizable, now, for someone who’d heard her being eaten out. A two-tone ‘oh-oh’ was muffled by my shaft, but discernible all the same: she was close to a climax.

“My turn,” announced Em, “I don’t want to be the only girl here with her face full of pussy, Mel.”

Em lifted herself off me, and settled herself next to my head at the top of the bed. Spreading her knees, she presented her pussy perfectly to Mel as she came off my cock with a long last suck and turned round.

“Grand,” said Mel, flushed of face, as she examined her exposed friend. “It’ll be easier than last time; you’ve even less hair.”

(I knew I’d want to follow that particular revelation up later.)

Perching herself on one arm, Mel dropped her face to Emmy’s crotch: Em’s gaze followed, and latched on to the sight. Mel took a first, long, lick: right from Em’s taint, up over the wet entrance to her cunt, between the lips, to tickle her clit. A gasp broke from Em, as she bit her lip.

“Fuck…” she muttered, and dragged her attention to me, “Don’t just lay there, Chris,” she smiled. “Get on and give it to her. I want you to destroy her: she’s very demanding.”

Mel, her face buried between Em’s pale thighs, obviously acquiesced with Em’s suggestion. As I knelt behind her, she cocked her hips to spread her cheeks and show me her pussy. Her hand was already there, a finger working her clit furiously as she licked Em out.

The petite blonde’s slender frame didn’t give me much to grab, but I held her by the waist as I lined myself up. Under Emmy’s proficient mouth, Mel’s labia had flared, the introitus opened slightly, welcoming. Mel herself had slicked my shaft with her own saliva, and Em and her juices left her bare pussy wetly lubricated. Carefully, I nudged the tip of my cock to rest at the entrance to Mel’s passage. I took a moment to ready myself.

I drove into her cunt.

Piled in: one long, merciless impalement. Forced forward by my cock bottoming out in her twat, Mel’s face was pushed into the pussy she was eating. With the finger already on her clitoris, my shaft jammed into her was enough, finally, to trip her over the edge of the abyss. A convulsive tattoo wrapped my shaft as her stretched vagina contracted on me as she came, and a drawn out moan drifted from Em’s groin.

The contractions; the heat; the wet grip on my erect cock; I savoured them for the moment I allowed Mel.

But Em’s command couldn’t be ignored. In control, now, of the pace, I knew I could take my time and enjoy the nailing I would give Mel. I pulled out, risking coming out of her entirely, and instantly rammed back in, balls-deep.


I set a steady pace, not yet frantic, but using the full length of my shaft to split her open; stretching her pussy as far as I could with every stroke.


Em, captivated, watched with her eyes half shut, a growing flush spreading across her smooth tits as she held Mel’s head close with one hand, and tweaked her own nipples with the other.


Another moan came from the sleek blonde head trapped at Em’s pussy, as I slowly, surely, steadily increased my rate. Holding her by the hips, I had complete control, and could keep Mel’s face up against its target, while ensuring I was ploughing her with my full length on every plunge. Even so, the concussion of me driving into her was rhythmically pushing her mouth and nose into Em.


Mel’s index finger was flying across the sensitized nub between her legs: no need to help her, I could focus on my plundering. Her moans broke into a long, drawn-out squeal as she came again, followed swiftly by a gasp from Emmy. A convulsive shudder went through her loins, she grabbed Mel’s head and arched her back as her orgasm overtook her.

I was torn between continuing to fuck Mel senseless, and a growing need to screw Em. I slowed my pace, slightly, without shortening the length of stroke. I guessed that in the same way, Em would want the stimulation of a filled cunt: as she’d said before, she does like a cock involved—although Mel’s mouth seemed to have been pretty good.

A tremor passed through Emmy, and she opened her eyes once more, and watched me with a small smile. I grinned back.

Mel came up for air, and rested her head on Em’s thigh, a little gasp coming from her every few strokes.

“Looks like Mel’s been well used: can I have a go?” asked Em, hungrily.

“Mm-hmm,” murmured the slender girl. I released my grip on her hips, and allowed her to slide off my shaft. She collapsed, almost, to one side, but with a finger slowly, delicately probing her flooded pussy. Em shuffled down the bed, and I quickly advanced towards her. She guided my stiff cock to her slippery opening, and her head went back with an ‘oh!’ as I slid, luxuriously, into her tight embrace.

A few long, slow strokes let my girth expand her cunt: Emmy wrapped her long, slim legs around my back, which helped lengthen the passage to accommodate me. Her pussy twitched as I slowly fucked her, the muscles in my legs bunching and relaxing as I revelled in the close fit of her tissue around me.

Wordlessly, I rocked to one side, so that we lay on our sides, Em’s legs still round me. With slightly more space, she wriggled one hand down to where we joined, and pressed her clitoris against my pubic bone. Em’s face buried in my neck, I felt Mel nestle behind me, the firm nipples on her almost flat tits pressing into my shoulder-blades. The knuckles of the hand buried in her pussy rubbed against the small of my back, as she slowly constructed another lazy orgasm.

Ever attentive to a naked girl in my bed, I reached back, over both our bodies, to Mel’s butt. My fingers traced over her taut buttocks, towards the juncture of her legs. Instantly, she raised one leg, gifting me access. My fingers groped forward, grazing her delicate anus, and finding the sopping entrance to her well-fucked cunt. I sank two fingers in, and softly gyrated them. A hiss broke from Mel, as her cunny clenched around me, and Em emitted an answering moan.

I rocked back and forth, my dick sunk deeply into Em, and deliciously sandwiched between their beautiful bodies. Mel pushed her crotch against me, insistently. The heaviness of my balls, and the increasing throb in my shaft couldn’t be staved off for any longer.

Holding Em tight to me with one arm, and clasping Mel behind, I dug my cock as far as it would go in Em’s loving cunt, and allowed the sharp release of my orgasm. As the waves of fluid spurted out into Em’s pussy, I could feel her muscles answer with a shudder, as she closed her eyes and surrendered in a final climax. As we juddered to a halt, one last groan came from Mel, her face buried in the back of my neck, and her hand jerked to a halt.

As I regained my breath, I contemplated.

“I’m glad you told me to wait ’til morning, now, Em.”

Came the throaty reply, “You should always do as I say,” she chuckled.

“Well trained,” murmured Mel, sleepily “Mind if I doze a while?”

Still buried in Em, and with a hand resting on Mel’s arse, I couldn’t think of a reason to object to staying between the two gorgeous women for as long as possible.

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