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Kiss From a Rose

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Katie’s POV:

I was numb, completely and utterly numb. I could no longer feel my body, my mind or my heart. The man I’d been seeing for almost three years broke up with me two days before Christmas. I thought he was ‘the one.’

What was there to not like about him? He was sexy as all get out. He was tall and lean with muscles to make any woman cum just looking at his body. His hands were strong, yet gentle and loving; his lips were full and warm, meshing perfectly with my hot, yearning lips; even his grunts when he came were urgent, like that of an Angel playing a violin in my ear when we’d make love.

But after almost four years together and hearing “It’s been a good run,” it was hard to take. I wanted to explore my sexuality. I wanted to know what else was out there. He was my Dom and didn’t want to share me. I was missing something, but he had his claws dug too deep into my back. When I told him what I wanted and needed, he broke it off.

“Good riddance, mother fucker!” I screamed to an empty room.

My eyes started to burn again, but I knew I didn’t have any more tears left to fall from my red, swollen eyes. There would be more to come, no doubt, with every morning’s sunlight trying to brighten my dreary world. My heart would never love again.

The effects of the alcohol in my third egg nog was beginning to take effect, and the painful numbness turned enjoyable. Oh, I still hurt inside, but I didn’t care. I pushed myself off of the couch, turned off the lights in the living room and trudged into the foyer to lock the door. Locking the door — locking Steve out. Final, it was all so final.

Sighing deeply, I pulled my favorite afghan that my Granny made around my shoulders and turned for the stairs when the doorbell rang. God, I sure didn’t need or want to see anyone. But if it was Rose, I wouldn’t have minded if she could stay with me, just for tonight, just to keep me company so I wouldn’t feel so lost and alone.

I went to the door but just stood there, dreading it was Steve. I didn’t want to open it. I didn’t even peak through the peep hole to see if it was him. The doorbell rang again, shaking me from my heart broken, morbid thoughts.

When I finally gained the courage to open the door, all of my fears were pushed aside. It was Rose. She was my one friend that knew when I was hurting. She forced a smile as she looked over my red-splotched face and swollen eyes.

I started to laugh, though I don’t know why. It was so loud I heard my echo bounce off the trees surrounding the house. What came back at me was the laughter of a mad woman, and I was expecting someone else to jump out from behind the woman and attack me. But it was only my hysterical self, trying to hold onto reality. That made me laugh even harder.

“Oh, honey,” Rose whispered, her smile fading. “I heard what happened from Steve’s sister. Are you okay?” I could only shake my head. “I’ve brought the makings for margaritas and my night clothes, if you’d like me to stay.”

“I’d love for you to stay, but I’m already buzzing pretty good,” I replied as I opened the door wider to let her in.

I went to the couch and threw myself down hard, clutching my knees close to my chest. A minute later Rose sat down beside me, and I immediately fell into her arms and burst into tears. She began to softly whisper words I couldn’t understand as she ran her fingers through my hair.

She did that for I don’t know how long before I understood her say, “Girl, what’s that smell?” A second later she said, “Oh, it’s you. Come on. You need a bath.”

“No, no. I’ll take a shower later,” I protested.

“Would you just hush?” she said as she stood and grabbed my hand.

I let her pull my body up then toward to the bathroom, scuttling my feet as we went to the bathroom. She set me on the closed toilet seat lid, and I watched her as she turned the spigots on, occasionally checking the temperature by running her fingers under the stream of water.

When she seemed somewhat satisfied with the temperature she placed the stopper over the drain and turned to face me before getting on her knees in front of me. I stared back at her blankly. Without a word our eyes locked in an almost cat-like stare before she leaned forward, her hands on my knees, slowly running her hands up my jeans.

“Rose, what are you doing?” I mumbled.

“I hardly think you have the strength to undress yourself. Am I right?” she asked, her hands briefly stopping before they reached my hips.

Yeah, she was right. The tips of her fingers slid under my night shirt I’d had on from the night before. I felt myself tremble when her cold fingers brushed against my waist. Being surprisingly disappointed when she removed them, I soon realized she had begun to undo the very bottom button, and I couldn’t even find the energy to stop her.

I looked over her face as she moved upward slowly. She kept her eyes on her fingers trying to glimpse a peak of my skin. As the shirt became free of its last button over my breasts, I found myself holding my breath. She pushed the material away from my body, up and over my shoulders.

She stood up, towering over me, as she gently grabbed me by my forearms and pulled me forward. I shivered as her fingers trailed my skin while she tugged the blouse down, releasing my arms before tossing it onto the floor. My forehead brushed against her soft cotton blouse, and the contact was comforting, so I rested my head against it.

She softly brushed her hand over my bare shoulder, and I closed my eyes. The tip of her fingernails trailed down to the small of my back then up to my shoulder blades. The sensation gave me goose bumps as she helped me stand. I looked up into her face and was surprised at the expression on her face as she looked over mine. I don’t know if it was because I was in shock or there was something more to it.

I heard myself say, “I can get it from here.”

“Okay,” she said as she backed away and stood against the wall, watching every move I made.

Before I pulled down my sweats I wanted to make sure the water wasn’t too hot so I could make a quick escape into the tub. Once I was reassured, I quickly pulled them down and carefully slid into the hot, soothing water. I had to admit that it felt good. I sighed and leaned down so the water was barely over my shoulders and leaned against the end of the tub. It was just what I needed.

I closed my eyes and thought Rose had left until I heard, “Make some room in there for me.”

I sat up quickly from being startled at her voice in the silence I was trying to create for myself. I covered my chest with my arms and looked up at her speechless. She was standing there completely naked, and she had the most incredible body of a woman I had ever seen! Well, she was the first naked woman I had seen in person, anyway. She had a thin, shapely waist and her hips were full and round and with the combination of her chest, her body was a perfect hour-glass shape. Her breasts were … something to envy. They were round and firm, breasts every woman would kill to have.

“Rose, that’s not necessary,” I finally stuttered.

“To be honest, I wouldn’t mind bathing you.”

“No, Rose,” I told her, but she already had one foot in the tub.

What else could I do? I scooted up, my knees to my chest, my arms around me knees. She sat down behind me and forced her long, luscious legs on either side of me. Her cold legs against my now-warm body gave me chills, and I hoped she didn’t think it was because I excited. I sat frozen. I didn’t want to touch her for fear that I’d … I’d like it?

“Stay right there,” Rose said.

She grabbed the bar of soap from the tray and lathered it up with a washcloth. She dunked the washcloth in the water before she brought it to my back then proceeded to wash me slowly, agonizingly slow, but she had the most delicate touch. I thought she would have rubbed me like I was a crusty pan and the washcloth was a Brillo pad. But, no. She was gentle, and at times her fingernails scraped against my flesh, sending goose bumps all over my body.

When she finished cleaning my back she pulled me back to her. I rested in her arms — no, I was cradled in her arms — as she ran the soapy washcloth over my stomach and breasts.

“Rose, I—”

“Shh, girl,” she whispered in my ear.

Her arms slid under my armpits forcing me to lift my arms up, and somehow she pushed my head back onto her collarbone. With the hot water and the temperature of my body, her cold skin made me gasp, but I eventually relaxed against her, closing my eyes. She spent the next several minutes washing me and managed to run the cloth under the water over my crotch. I sure as hell didn’t think her arms were that long.

The next thing I know her fingers brushed against my entrance, but I was too enthralled with my body’s reaction to say anything to her.

When her finger pressed hard against my clit, I pushed back with my legs, but she was like a brick wall. I was surprised when I heard myself groan at her touch. There was absolutely no escape from her hand. And I didn’t have the willpower or strength to resist her.

I was so emotionally exhausted and drained that as Rose flicked my clit harder and faster, I came before I even knew it was coming. I pressed my body back into her and threw my head back, panting and trying to catch my breath. It was near impossible.

“No, no, oh, god,” I whined as Rose continued to expertly massage my clit until my legs started to shake; I could barely control it.

“Let it come, Katie,” she whispered in my ear. “Don’t think about anything. Feel your body. Let the stress flow out of you.”

“Rose, I—”

She placed her hand under my chin and pulled my face towards her face before her hand trailed over my cheek. “Shh.”

I looked over her face and couldn’t believe how soft it was now; she was quite beautiful. To be in the position I was in at the moment was not something I’d ever imagined I’d be in. But it felt so right, so good. “Kiss me, Rose.”

She scoffed before she smiled and bent her head towards mine. I kept my eyes open but that didn’t last long. When her lips brushed against mine, I was surprised at how soft they were; not as cold as I would have thought. But I didn’t care. I spread my lips wider as our lips explored the others, and it was an unbelievable kiss. I felt her tongue slip out between her lips and mine went after hers. Our tongues slowly circled the others, and I was becoming more excited than I thought I would have been. Hmm, what the hell had I been missing?

I groaned when her wet hand slid over my breast and gently squeezed my hard nipple with her fingers. Our lips were still meshed together, her finger was still on my sensitive clit, and her hand completely encased my breast. She must have felt my body’s reaction because all at once, her hands were doing things in perfect rhythm. I gasped for breath while our lips were still together, but she wouldn’t let me get any air. That only set me off further.

My hand rose up to her shoulder, and I dug my nails into her flesh. “Oh, yes, oh, hmmph,” I moaned into her mouth as another orgasm took over my body, and it was the most powerful one I’d ever had … well, I’d ever had with a woman.

After my body stopped convulsing a good five minutes later, I collapsed against her and started to cry.

“Oh, shit,” Rose snickered. “Let’s get you out.”

A minute later I was sitting on the covered toilet seat and Rose was drying me off. I was now so completely drained I couldn’t keep my head up, much less my eyes open. The next thing I know I’m being led to my bed, where Rose pulled down the covers and gently laid me down then covered me up.

“Rose,” I grumbled sleepily, closing my eyes.

“Yes, little girl.”

“Don’t leave me … alone.”

I felt the bed shake as she slipped on and lay down beside me, her warm flesh pressing against mine, my head cradled in her arm.

“I won’t, Katie. I’m here for you, always.”

I fell into a blissful, dreamless sleep.

Rose’s POV:

I lay in bed again beside Katie and watched her sleep. God, she was more beautiful than I gave her credit for. She was so receptive of me I wondered if … I brought my face to her cheek and swept mine against hers softly. Her skin felt like velvet and her hair like silk. She let out a sigh and tilted her head towards me. With my cheek or nose or lips, I always kept contact with her skin, closing my eyes to concentrate on what I was feeling. I liked the feel of our contact. It stirred something in me that started my embers burning.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. My lips went in search for hers, and she seemed to reciprocate almost immediately. Breaking our kiss, I followed the line of her chin with mine and let me tongue trail down her neck, lingering a bit to give it special attention. I kissed her harder to waken her further, and when she growled from the back of her throat I knew it was working.

“Katie, look at me, darlin’.” Her eyes slowly fluttered open, and she looked at me strange. “You know, you can’t lie in bed for the rest of your life.”

“Why not?” she grumbled. She rolled over on her stomach, her head facing away from me, her arms up over her head.

“Because … well, um … just because.”

She chuckled at that. “Rose, let me sleep.”

“Oh, come now,” I said, pulling the quilt down from the middle of her back. “Your life isn’t over just because … it may feel like it, but you have something to offer the world, Katie.”

“What, exactly?”

What an open-ended question. And I could find no answer. I had something else on my mind, anyway. Flipping the quilt down further, I ran my flat hand over her calf up to her outer upper thigh. “Rose, no, don’,” she mumbled, but her voice told me otherwise.

“What? I’m not doing anything.”

She didn’t move, so I slid my hand softly over her back. Her body tensed then relaxed. When my fingertips reached her shoulder blades, I flexed my fingers into her muscles. I grinned when I felt goose bumps erupt over her.

“Seriously, Rose. Stop, please.”

“What’s a massage amongst friends?”

I leaned back and looked her over. She still hadn’t moved. If she was so adamant about this, why hadn’t she moved? So, I thought I’d press my luck. I dug into her shoulder blades with the heel of my palm and, applying some pressure, rotated it first before sliding my hand down her spine to the small of her back in small circles.

She inhaled sharply. “You have five minutes,” she moaned.

I had her right where I wanted her. I straddled her closed legs at her thighs and rested myself on my bent knees.

“Hey, wait a …”

“Shh. I give a mean massage, so I’ve been told,” I huffed.

She growled and settled back down. I pressed the heels of my palms to her shoulder blades again and moved up, applying more pressure than before. Doing that a few more times, and feeling her body relax, I kneaded my fingers into her shoulders. With my thumbs, I rotated them at the base of her neck while grasping at the muscles in her shoulders. She was still rigid, and I was getting frustrated. “You are a tense one, little girl. Relax your shoulders.”

She finally did and turned her other cheek to the pillow, keeping her eyes closed. I massaged her shoulders and neck some more before I took my thumbs and went down the center of her spine. She moaned again when I got to the base of her spine. Leaning back a little, I worked her ass cheeks, and she squirmed a little. I didn’t know how to read that but I kept going.

I spent the next several minutes running my hands from her ankles to her calves then massaged the back of her thighs. With my palms firmly on them, I dug a nail right at the crease of the bottom of her cheeks. I heard a soft, guttural groan. Kneading her cheeks for a bit, I knelt down and kissed the small of her back.

She gasped, inhaling deeply. The little hairs she had there stood on end. With my wet tongue, I licked my way up to her neck, slowly, and with little circles that her response told me she liked. Nibbling on her neck with my lips, she moaned again.

“Roll over for me.” And as much as I wanted to just take her, I wanted her to have some kind of control. If she asked me to stop, I would have. But so far, it wasn’t happening.

I leaned forward to allow her to move her body, and my eyebrows rose at seeing her nipples standing at attention. She still had her eyes closed, and I wasn’t going to take that from her if she didn’t want watch me. Which, in a way, was a turn on for me. Her face was flushed, her cheeks even more red. Removing my shirt took all but two seconds, and I swore I heard them sigh at the release. I wasn’t wearing a bra. I rarely wore a bra. Bras were for wusses. I leaned down, placed my hands on either side of her head. With the difference in our heights, my breasts brushed just above her nipples. Getting myself in the right position, I circled my now hard nipples around hers. She sighed and threw her head back. A small smile slowly rose on her lips.

Bending down, I brushed my bottom lip against hers, and her tongue flicked out. I moved my mouth so she could lick my bottom lip while I licked her top lip. Suddenly, I felt her warm, smooth hands reach up just below the crook of my arms, skimming her nails over my skin. She opened her mouth wider and I took her tongue, sucking gently. Soon enough, we were in a hot and heavy, passionate kissing session, one that made my pussy tingle. Her hands moved forward to my breasts and I allowed her to explore them.

Her flat palm scraped my nipple, and I moaned as reinforcement. “Pinch them. They’re yours to have,” I told her, breaking our kissing temporarily before she lifted her head and dove back onto my lips. Taking her forefinger and thumb she tweaked each nipple, twisting ever so slightly.

“Harder,” I breathed into her mouth. And she did, with zest.

Breaking our kiss, I kissed, licked and nibbled her neck while she played with my breasts. Oh, was my body waking up! This little girl knew how to please a woman. Who would have thought?

“What do you want, Katie?” I asked into her ear.

She tilted her head a little and replied breathlessly, “I … make me cum … make me … forget.”

The pain in her voice killed me. Pushing myself back up, I kissed my way down her body, lingering a bit between her breasts. They were the perfect size. I could have spent hours working on them till she begged me to stop, but that wasn’t my current objective. I slipped off the bed, standing right beside it and took off my pants.

“Rose?” she muttered as she looked at me, and her eyes lit up.

“You like?”

“Oh, yes. I’ve always thought you are beautiful.”

“No. I’ve always been jealous of your shape.”

She smiled at my response so I slipped back on the bed between her legs, which I promptly parted. I inhaled deeply at smelling her sex — so enticing. I glanced back up at her and she now had her eyes closed, but the smile was still on her lips. Diverting my attention back to her pussy, she was completely shaven, allowing me better access to my ultimate goal.

As I got closer, I ran my hands over her outer thighs before I moved to the inside, which apparently she liked. I spread the skin around her clit and licked it slowly, taking in her taste before I looked down at her entrance. Her pussy was glistening with her juices. But I wanted her to beg for it. I started kissing the inside of her thighs, what a rush hearing her moan and seeing her squirm.

Then I worked on her clit. Seeing movement in front of my head, I looked up with my eyes, the tip of my tongue on her clit, and saw her hand clasping her breast and pinching her nipples. I went back to flicking my tongue in a rhythm that matched hers. She squirmed even more, whimpering and rolling her head back and forth. That alone made my clit pulse with excitement, and I was becoming more wet by the minute.

Wrapping my arms around her upper thighs for leverage, I dove back onto her clit and spent the next several minutes bringing her to where I wanted her — whimpering louder and crying and wriggling, struggling to free herself. I knew she was almost there when her right leg convulsed then tensed.

“Hmmph, plllease don’ stop.”

She was so wet now that I knew I wouldn’t have any problem getting a few fingers inside her, maybe more if she was big enough. There was only one way to find out. When my fingers and knuckles were wet enough, I inserted my middle finger into her. Bringing the heel of my palm up, I maneuvered my finger to the roof of her pussy and rubbed back and forth then up and down. I hoped I was hitting her G-spot.

Being thrilled when she screamed, she brought her legs up and arched her back; I knew I hit it. I reached out my free hand for hers and entwined my fingers around hers. Then I inserted my forefinger and repeated the motion then on until all four fingers were inside her. I pumped my hand inside her a few times, making her squirm and cry out again.

Oh, was she really loving it!

Slowly and carefully, I dug my thumb at the base of my fingers, turned my wrist vertically then gently pushed my hand inside, rotating gradually until my whole hand fit very comfortably. Finding a rhythm to my hand, I fucked her, occasionally twisting my hand so not to cause any burning for her. Every part of her body was convulsing and her whining was non-stop.

“Katie, are you ready to cum for me?” I asked, surprised at the excitement in my voice, as well as my own juices building up between my legs.

“I … yes, yes, please don’ stop,” she moaned.

Fucking her harder and faster, I released her hand and rubbed her clit, gently at first. When she gave me the reaction I was looking for, I pressed harder, moving back and forth increasing my speed. I smiled before I felt her tighten her PC muscles around my wrist and she held onto my hand harder. I knew what that meant. “Allow your body to let go. Cum for me, now!” I barked.

“I … yess, I’m … oh, holy mother of …!”

I felt her push my hand out when her orgasm tore through her body. As her body shook, I forced myself to keep my hand inside her as she arched her back and tensed more so. Her body was still shaking as the waves of the orgasm flowed through her.

“Katie, Katie,” I called, wanting to make sure she heard me. It was several seconds before she was able to breathe and answer me. “I’m going to remove my hand slowly.”

She nodded and held her breath while I carefully removed my hand. Her body shook once more before she completely collapsed against the mattress. Looking at my wet hand, I smelled my fingers before I licked her juices off my fingers and lay down beside her.

She reached her hand up to my forearm and said, “Gi … give me a … minute.”

“A minute for what, darlin’?” I asked curiously.

“I want you. I want … to touch you.”

Oh, I wanted her to touch me, but she was so exhausted she’d fallen asleep. As I brushed the hair from her brow, I whispered, “Merry Christmas, darling.'”


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This has been such a hit I will be continuing it, but after Christmas. I just wanted to get it out for the contest.

Thanks for the votes and comments!!

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