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Michaela’s Lesson

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Michaela hadn’t been picked for the team to play in the hockey tournament that afternoon, she was bitterly disappointed, especially as it was her eighteenth birthday. Michaela was one of the sweetest girls at the school, always polite and ready to help her teacher’s and friends, and had a wicked sense of humour. She was, however, by no means the prettiest girl in the school and had never had a boyfriend or even been meaningfully kissed.

She wasn’t particularly ugly, but had been very slow in developing physically. She was only five feet tall and still rather flat chested; in fact, there were no noticeable curves anywhere on her body.

It was typical of her that she decided to turn up to the tournament to support her friends and team mates, as she knew that they had a good chance of winning. It was a scorching hot afternoon and she had turned out in her white training T-shirt and red hockey skirt.

She sat with her friends and Mr. Gray, the hockey coach, after they had narrowly won their first game by two goals to one. A large bowl of iced water had appeared on the scene and the girls were eagerly scooping cupfuls from it to try to cool off after their exertions. Inevitably, one or two cupfuls started to get thrown around, and Michaela couldn’t resist throwing one at her friend, Louise.

Feigning anger, Louise stood up, picked up the bowl and tipped the entire contents over Michaela’s head, drenching her from head to toe. Her long, dark brown hair clung to her back and her white T-shirt clung to her body. It had become almost transparent and the lacy bra that covered her small breasts was clearly visible. Everyone screamed with laughter, Michaela included.

“You’d better go back to the classroom to put something dry on,” Mr. Gray told her, “You’ll burn terribly in this sun.”

Michaela stood up and began to walk back to the classroom, the rest of the girls headed for the shade of a large tree, trying to keep reasonably cool before their next game. Mr. Gray watched Michaela disappear towards the school building, it was, officially, closed and everyone had gone home for the day. He had, however, arranged for the back door of his room to be left open, in case any of the girls needed to get their kit. He waited until Michaela had entered the building and then sprinted towards it himself, reaching it in no time.

Mr. Gray peered in through the glass pane of the exterior door, he had no problems about watching the girls change, he had stolen many a sly look and had seen some glorious sights. Michaela stood with her back to the door, she had removed her T-shirt and was drying herself with a towel, her wet hair still clinging to her bare back.

Slowly and silently, Mr. Gray opened the door, entered and clicked the lock. Michaela still had her back to him and had no idea of his approach. He sat down on the corner of one of the desks. “You really should take you bra off too, it’s soaking.” He said quietly, almost whispering. Michaela gasped and turned around, holding the towel over her front.

“I didn’t mean to startle you,” Mr. Gray said with a smile, “I just wanted to talk to you about something.

“It’s okay,” she answered, still clutching the towel to her chest, “what is it?”

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for not picking you for the team, today, especially as you train so hard.”

“It happens,” she sighed.

“Well, I thought that maybe I could give you something else to make you feel better.”

Michaela looked at him, rather suspiciously, “What?” She asked.

“I think you know, don’t you? You’ve never had a boyfriend, have you? Come here.”

Clive Gray was only in his mid-twenties himself and was a fitness fanatic. Although not particularly muscular, his body was well proportioned. He was looking at Michaela, smiling. She thought that she knew what he was talking about, but couldn’t believe it, nobody had spoken to her like that before, and besides, he was her teacher! She looked at him, and suddenly returned his smiled and walked slowly towards him.

He reached out and put his hands on her shoulders and began to run them through her dark, wet hair. Michaela didn’t know what to do with her own hands, but she was still clutching the towel. Slowly, her grip loosened and the towel fell to the floor. He looked in to her eyes and grinned, “Don’t worry,” he told her, “I’ll tell you exactly what to do.”

He took her hands in his and guided them to the back of his neck. Then, putting his arms behind her head, pulled her towards him and placed his lips on hers. Her mouth opened in response to his probing tongue, and he began to explore the inside of her mouth. As soon as he felt Michaela’s little tongue flick into his mouth, he sealed his lips around at and began sucking. Michaela gave a little sigh and pulled away.

“Are you sure we should be doing this, Mr. Gray?” She asked him.

“Oh yes,” he grinned, “damn sure! And, call me Clive,” he added.

He kissed her again and she was becoming more and more responsive to his actions. Her hands were still holding the back of his neck, but he began to move his down Michaela’s back and soon came across the strap of her still wet bra. He reached for the clasp and, with the minimum of fuss, unhooked her. He pulled the straps down off of her shoulders and then freed her tiny breasts.

Michaela took a step backwards, she hadn’t been sure how far this was going to go, but she was beginning to get an idea. She stood there, without saying a word, aware that her teacher was staring at her little titties. She looked down and saw the growing bulge in the front of his shorts. She decided there and then, that she was going to let him do it, all of her friends were always talking about their sexploits, this would beat any of them.

He reached out again, placing his hand on Michaela’s left tit, he was amazed at how big her nipples were in relation to the rest of the breast. They were also erect and, putting his middle finger on top of her tit and his thumb underneath, he began to flick his index finger over it. Michaela smiled and gave a little gasp of pleasure as feelings of pure ecstasy began to shoot through her body. He began to work on both nipples whilst kissing her deeply again. Michaela had never felt anything like this before; she closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her body.

Clive’s mouth began to tire of hers and he broke the kiss. He knelt down in front of her small frame and clamped his lips firmly over one of her beautiful nipples, if he had stretched, he felt that he could almost have got her whole tit in his mouth, but he was happy to concentrate on those lovely little cherries. As he sucked and circled his tongue around her nipples, Michaela was reaching a whole new level of pleasure; she began to feel light-headed and thought that she was going to pass out. She pushed him away and gasped “stop.”

“What’s up?” He asked.

“What’s happening to me, I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

“Don’t worry,” he reassured her, “It’s good isn’t it? And it’ll only get better.” He began to think what she be like when he started working on her clit.

He stood up and removed his T-shirt, before kneeling and resuming his position. Michaela couldn’t stop herself pulling his head hard into her chest; she didn’t want this to stop – ever. Clive’s hands, meanwhile had moved down to the waistband of her hockey skirt, he unbuttoned it, lowered the zip and let it fall to the ground, before gripping her buttocks through the cotton of her white panties.

Michaela let out a moan and blushed a little as she felt a slight dampness began to occur between her legs. Was that supposed to happen? She wasn’t sure.

“Oh, Clive, don’t stop,” she moaned.

But, with that, he did stop and he leaned back smiling at the redness in her face. He slowly moved his gaze down over those gloriously small titties to the front of her panties, which had pulled themselves slightly into her slit. He saw the small, but growing damp patch at the front.

“Now, that didn’t come from the bowl of water, did it?” He said with a smile.

Michaela blushed again and reached down to cover the patch with her hands.

“Hey, don’t worry – that’s good as well,” he told her. He reached out, putting one hand on each side of the white cotton, and slowly slid them down her outer thighs, bringing her panties with them. They soon reached the floor, and he pulled them out from under her feet, walked across the room and put them in his desk drawer. He sat down in his swivel chair and twitched his head in a signal for Michaela to come towards him. She shuffled across the room, suddenly feeling a little awkward at her nakedness, but she wanted those feelings to return, she wanted him to touch her.

She stood in front of him and, for the first time, Clive looked down at the dark, fluffy hair, which barely covered Michaela’s slightly swollen pussy. He looked at the way that the lips protruded and were slightly open. He pulled her gently towards him and sat her on his knee. His left hand moved to fondle her breasts, whilst his right hand began to slide up and down Michaela’s leg, each stroke taking him closer towards his ultimate goal. As his fingers began to brush through her pubic hair and run along her fanny lips, Michaela let out a sound that was somewhere between a squeal of delight and a moan of pleasure. She threw her head back, her hair tickling Clive’s bare chest.

By now, Clive’s dick was aching to be set free of its restraint, but he was determined to leave it a while longer before his student got her ultimate prize. Michaela could feel his hard penis pressing against her naked ass, but she still wasn’t sure what to do, so she just sat and continued to enjoy the feeling of her teacher’s hands on her body.

By now, Clive had inserted the tips of two fingers into Michaela’s slit, which made her gasp. He removed them and licked off her sweet tasting juices, also adding more lubrication. He returned them to her gash and it wasn’t long before he found her clit, he began to stroke it with the tip of his index finger and felt the whole of Michaela’s body shudder on his lap. Her juices began to flow readily onto his hand and Michaela was squirming furiously and moaning loudly, he knew that she was close to coming.

He stopped his action, looking at the flush all over Michaela’s body. He lifted her up and lay her across his desk, sending a pile of books sprawling on the floor. He positioned her so that her legs were dangling over the edge of the desk and began to run his tongue up her inner thighs.

By this time, Michaela was close to passing out, she had heard about orgasms, but never imagined in her wildest dreams that they could feel this good.

Clive’s tongue reached her pussy, and she felt it push inside her and he began to slurp away at her now sopping wet hole. The moment that his tongue touched her pussy, she squealed in delight. It felt as though a bolt of electricity had shot up her spine and back again. The light-headed feeling returned and she almost passed out as she experienced her first true orgasm.

Clive ran his hands over Michaela’s young body, allowing her to recover slightly, before picking her up and sitting her back on his lap. He turned her head to look at him; a wide smile was fixed on his face. “Was that good?” He asked, “Did you like it?”

Michaela looked at him, her eyes reminding him of a puppy’s. “Mmmmm,” she answered, “Did I have an orgasm?” She asked him quietly.

“You sure did, baby,” he smiled back, “you really are such a good girl.”

He kissed her, knowing that she would be able to taste her own sweetness. He guided her hand towards the front of his shorts and helped her to undo the button and zip. Ripping open the button of his boxers, his rock hard dick – all 9 inches of it – joyously sprang free. Michaela slid off of Clive’s lap and just stood staring at his manhood.

“Do you like it?” He asked her.

“Yes…But…I didn’t realise that they were so big.”

“Not all of them are, baby,” he laughed, “mine’s pretty special.

Michaela still stood, staring. She had no idea what to do with it. “Can I touch it?” she asked Clive.

“Sure you can, go on wrap those fingers around it.”

Michaela did as he said, it was so thick that her fingers could not get all around its girth. She gripped tightly, surprised at how hot it felt. Instinctively, she began to stroke her hand up and down Clive’s shaft, just a little at first, but soon going from top to base in slow, rhythmical movements. Clive threw his head back and moaned. He felt like he was going to come there and then, but was determined to hold it. That was for Michaela’s mouth, he didn’t want to waste a drop. Her nails began to dig into the flesh of his cock, and the pain only served to heighten his ecstasy.

“Go easy, babe,” he moaned, “suck it for me, please.”

Michaela looked at him, to see if he was serious, clearly seeing that he was, she removed her hand and slowly, nervously moved her head towards his shaft. She was terrified of doing something wrong, but there was something about the fact that he was her teacher that she found reassuring. Her lips reached the head of his monster and she licked the top of it, causing Clive to moan again. She began to slide her mouth down his shaft and stopped after 3 inches and began sucking, her head bobbing up and down.

Clive wanted more; he reached forward and grabbed the back of her head. Each time she went down, he gently coaxed a bit more of his dick down Michaela’s throat, until she had nearly seven inches. Her sucking was becoming more and more furious, and Clive knew that he could hold on no longer, making sure that he was still firmly holding his pupil’s head, he gave a loud moan and allowed his load to pump into her mouth. Michaela started gagging, as much in shock as anything.

“Swallow it,” Clive gasped as his orgasm took over his body.

He released his grip on her and felt Michaela pull her head away from his groin, he managed to look down at her and smiled as he saw a long string of his spunk hanging from the corner of her mouth. He reached forward and scooped it up with his finger, before pressing it back into her mouth.

“Don’t waste any,” he said with a smile.

Michaela looked at him, “I…I swallowed it.” She gasped.

“Yes, good girl,” Clive said, “I hoped you enjoyed it. I hope it tasted nice.”

“It was all salty,” Michaela told him, “but…yeah…kinda nice too!” She smiled.

Clive’s member was still rock hard and there was absolutely no doubt that it needed fanny. More than that, it needed Michaela’s tight, virgin fanny. This was the moment that he had really been waiting for. He lifted Michaela back onto his lap, this time facing him, with her legs spread across his. He guided her hands back to his dick and she began stroking him again. His fingers went to her gaping pussy. He was delighted to see how the flush came back to her face and chest as soon as her began to touch her again. Her moans brought another half inch out of him.

“I’m going to fuck you now, gorgeous,” he told her.

She looked down at his dick, “You won’t get it all in,” she whispered, “I must be far too small.”

“We’ll see, shall we?” he said as her placed his hands under her buttocks and positioned the head of his knob carefully at her entrance. He made sure that everything was perfectly set up so that his pupil could watch as her teacher’s massive dick slid into her body.

Michaela gasped as the first two inches slid in. She was already beginning to feel that she would burst. Clive continued to slide in, enjoying the extreme tightness of this young virgin, until he felt himself press against her hymen.

“This will hurt a bit,” he warned her, “but the pain won’t last long, I promise.”

He pushed hard, feeling her hymen rip apart. That was it, he had popped her cherry. Michaela screamed! It was a good job that there was no one around as they would definitely have been discovered, but they remained undisturbed.

“Sssshhhhhh, it’s OK, baby,” he comforted her, as he slid in another inch. “I’m sorry,” he added.

With six inches in, he felt the end of his dick reach the end of Michaela’s tight passage. There was no stopping now, with one final push, he rammed the final three inches into her. Again, she screamed as she felt his dick enter her womb. Now Clive began to rock, gently sliding his shaft in and out of her cunt. The tightness didn’t ease, which he was glad of, but she was sliding easier and easier all of the time.

Michaela felt the pain begin to ease and she started enjoying it again. The reality of what was happening began to sink in. She had lost her virginity and was being fucked by her teacher – and was loving every moment of it. It was a close run thing as to who was enjoying it the most. Clive was close to coming again and, whilst he wanted to make it last, he knew that Michaela wouldn’t be long either. He helped her to rock with him, so that they were working together and before he knew it, Michaela began to redden again and she screamed as a gut-wrenching orgasm shook her body. At the same moment, Clive unloaded his second load of the afternoon deep into Michaela’s fanny. They flung their arms around each other and kissed.

Having disentangled their bodies, Clive helped Michaela clean up and get dressed before putting his own clothes back on. He warned her that she might feel a little sore later and in the morning, but not to worry. They kissed one final long kiss before Michaela flicked the lock on the door open. Before she went to watch her team-mate’s next match, Clive called her back.

“By the way,” he said, “I think you’ll be in the team next time.”

They both smiled. As she walked off, Clive watched her red skirt sway.

“Happy Birthday!” He called after her.

Michaela carried on walked, but smiled to herself.

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