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Melissa’s Story

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It had been a long drive to Southern California. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon. My hotel room was perfect with a queen size bed and a roomy bath and shower. I was feeling that special anticipation. It was almost time to leave for my rendezvous. Making a last check, room key, car keys, wallet, etc. I headed for the door.

After a short drive, I found the restaurant, a family kind of place. It was an independent and not a franchise.

Parking, I headed inside for that first in-person meeting. Looking at my watch, I was exactly on time. I was expecting to meet Melissa, a hot lady who liked it a little hard and a lot. We had been meeting online for several weeks and had decided to risk meeting.

Melissa should already be at the restaurant and alone. She did not want rumors of our rendezvous getting back to her fiancé. She loved him but he just was not a barbarian. She wanted to be ravished before she settled down to being a wife. She already knew that I was considerably her senior in age and that my hair was somewhat sparse. I knew she was somewhat generously proportioned. We had been open and honest as we got acquainted online. Nevertheless, I wondered whether there would be the same magic in person as on line.

Entering the dining area, I spotted her. It was early. The restaurant was not crowded. It was still early for the dinner crowd. Walking toward her, I held my breath. As I got close, I looked in her eyes and my nervousness faded immediately. Her eyes had a happy welcoming glint that immediately set me at ease. She was not having any doubts.

Melissa dark hair hung down around her face. It was a perfect length. I looked forward brushing it. She was wearing a light jacket over a soft blouse. I could just see the outline of her bra through the blouse. Her legs were still hidden under the table but I had a good idea that she was wearing a short skirt and no nylons. I wondered if she had dared to leave the panties off after I had teased her about it.

Bending down, I kissed her gently on the lips. Her mouth was sweet with the taste of the coke she had been sipping. Sliding into the booth next to her, our bodies touched. It was then I knew that the evening would go as we had planned.

We shared a menu and looked through the various options. Melissa snuggled against me. I teased that her passion was showing and she groped my crotch in a very suggestive way. We opted to order the Mexican platter for two, a medley of tacos, tamales, and other delights.

While we waited for our food to arrive, we made small talk. I asked about the soap opera of her family, her job and other such things while my fingers caresses her thigh and began exploring. Melissa’s legs parted in an inviting way. Melissa asked what I wanted to do with her and to her. The sexual tension was mounting.

The server brought our meal just then breaking the spell for the moment. The food was delicious but I was focused more on my plans for the evening. My knee kept sliding against hers; rubbing up and down. Melissa slipped off her sandal and rubbed her foot up and down my leg. We could not finish fast enough. Asking for a box, we packed the balance of our meal and headed for the hotel.

The drive was uneventful given the bucket seats of the car and my intense focus on keeping two hands on the steering wheel. Mentally, I counted down the miles and groaned with each red light and stop sign. Twenty minutes has only seemed longer in the dentist chair when I cracked a tooth and needed a crown.

Finally, we arrived. I opened Melissa’s door and helped her out. She carried a largess shoulder purse over her right shoulder and I walked on her left with an arm around her waist. Using my key, we entered through the side door and climbed to my second story room. In the privacy of the stairwell, my hand slid up under Melissa’s skirt and confirmed the absence of panties. Her ass was soft and smooth. My manhood was becoming animated with anticipation.

Once in the room, I tossed the remains of dinner into the small refrigerator. Then, I pulled Melissa to me in a grand embrace. My hands wander along her backside caressing her. I removed the jacket and tossed it aside. Melissa’s eyes were full of passion. Melissa could feel my arousal against her tummy.

Breaking away and leaning against a chair, Melissa flipped up her skirt exposing her bottom. She urged me to stick my tool into her pussy and shoot my load. With no hesitation, I stepped close behind her and opened my pants. My cock now rock hard had no problem finding its way into her wet love canal.

Pumping in and out of Melissa’s treasure, I rapidly lost myself to my passions. Melissa’s passion rapidly soared. The anticipation had done it work. Melissa came in a flood of wetness and hyperventilation. Her passion broke my control and I soon followed flooding her in turn with my seed. The ice was broken. The magic of our shared passion had not betrayed us. I just wanted to hold her and be with her. My manhood felt so good just sheathed in her body. The warm after glow was wonderful.

Melissa broke the spell. She snagged her purse and headed to the bathroom. For an instant, I was worried but she told me to get undress. She would only be a few minutes. The door closed as I wondered what she had planned. I had threatened to ravish her and ravish her if we got at chance to get together. It would be fun to see if I get it up that often.

I heard the toilet flush and Melissa opened the door. She was bare except for a broad smile. In her hands she had a few toys. She was ready to be ravished. Looking closely, there was a smaller egg shaped vibrator with short cord attached, a normal rocket shaped vibrator and a tube of lubricating jelly. Melissa’s breasts bounced as she walked towards me. Her pussy was smooth and shaved.

Handing me the toys, Melissa snuggled up close to me on the bed without a word. She rubbed her hips against my leg. My hands started to caress her breast and pull on her nipples. Melissa moaned. She wanted more. One hand wandered south towards her treasures and began to rub. Her hips thrust towards the invader. Getting bolder I began to finger fuck her. My fingers rubbing her clit sent shivers through her body. I applied a generous squirt of lubricant to her slit and began to ravish her pussy. Three fingers slid in and out. Her body quaked as a second orgasm erupted. She moaned for more. She urged me on.

Taking the rocket vibrator, I began to rub it on her clit. Intermittently, I slipped it into her vagina. Melissa pulled her knees up to give me better access as I knelt between her legs. Her passion was contagious. My cock began to respond and harden. Melissa wanted my passion. She wanted to be ravished by a barbarian.

Melissa handed me the egg shape vibrator. Taking the hint, I turned it on and popped it into her pussy. The plastic cord hung out but the egg was fully inside. My thumb rubbed her clit and then I applied the rocket to her clit. Melissa shifted pulling her legs higher. The rosebud of her anus was exposed to my attentions. I looked in her eyes and she nodded.

I applied more lubrication to her tight rosebud and began to rub it with my fingers. Melissa urged me on. Her body was intent on having it all. She could see my erect cock and knew where she wanted it. My thumb popped into her dark hole invading her back door. She wiggled her bum taking it all in. I could feel the little egg at work. The rocket vibrator slid easily into her ass penetrating her. Her ass would be mine. In and out the vibrator moved. Melissa growled encouragement telling me to fuck her.

I handed her the rocket vibrator and rolled her to all fours. Behind her doggie style, I lined up my cock. I felt the vibrator close to my balls as she held it to her clit. Her body was rocked as passion swept over her again. The anticipation had sent her to a new level. My cock touched her lubricated asshole. Melissa demanded that I fuck her ass. That was all I needed to slide in hard and deep. My hips smacked against her bottom and I began to piston in and out. I was fucking her ass as hard as I fucked her pussy. I was lost to my passions. In and out I pumped. My loins tensed. My breathing got shorter. Panting I moaned out her name, Melissa. My balls erupted and flooded her back door.

We rolled down sideways with my dick still planted in Melissa’s ass. The egg vibrator was still purring inside her pussy. I was content. The afterglow was wonderful. I dozed off holding her.

A few hours later, I woke with a start to find Melissa sucking my erect cock. I had been dreaming Viking dreams. Suffice it to say that we spent the rest of the night cat napping and pleasing each other.

In the morning we had relations again; just a simple missionary position with me on top. It was gentle and wonderful. Melissa pussy was tender from all of the attention. Even so, she gamely urged me on. She told me to fuck her hard. My release was all the sweeter for having to work for it. We snuggled for a few minutes and I suggested we shower together.

I started the water and climbed in. Melissa climbed in after me. We washed each other everywhere. The fiery passion had been replaced with a simmering intimacy. I washed Melissa’s hair that had gotten splashed with me seed the night before. When I washed Melissa bottom, I fingered her anus gently. Melissa moaned. She confessed to having been an anal virgin the night before. She asked if I could do her ass once more when she was not so lost in passion. She wanted to feel the fire and burning.

I am almost ashamed to admit that her talking nasty like this aroused me. I pulled the lubrication out of my shaving kit and rubbed some into her ass. Melissa pushed back taking my fingers in. When she saw I was erect and hard, she told me to do it now. I fucked her ass with abandon right there in the shower. She growled and cried. She urged me not to stop. Fuck me she screamed. Her passion got me over the top for one last blast.

We dried each other off enjoying the intimacy but we both knew that we had shared our last passion. I brushed Melissa’s hair till it glowed. We shared some bagels and orange juice and Melissa left to go study. I collected myself to go to the opening session of my conference.

To this day, I can hardly believe how often Melissa aroused my passions nor how hard she wanted to be fucked. In the morning when she left to go study, we kissed tenderly knowing that this might be the one and only time for us; a secret for us alone.

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