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In the Dark

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Standing at the bar, she glances at her watch. ‘Maybe another hour,’ she thinks to herself. The music is loud and she can feel the beat all through her body, making her hips move slightly back and forth as she waits for her drink to arrive. Three men stand about ten feet away, talking and watching her as she stands there in her tall black boots and short skirt. She glances their way and they all smile, making no effort to hide what they’re thinking.

Her girlfriends had left just a few minutes before, and she’s now alone, torn between heading home while she’s still safe to drive and staying for a few more drinks… that’s what taxi’s are for.

The men have apparently had enough of merely observing. They sidle up to her, one in front of her and two on her right. The noise of the crowd and the music makes conversation all but impossible. After a few failed attempts at shouting to be understood, they give up and settle for just moving in closer to her. The bartender finally slides her shot in front of her, and she downs it quickly while signaling for another round. One of the men to her right pushes a twenty dollar bill across the counter, indicating to her with a nod and a wave of his hand that the drinks are on him. The bartender, sensing that the drink orders are now going to be coming faster, is suddenly all business and has her next shot there in no time flat. She downs it as quickly as she had the first, moving the shot glass back toward him and tapping the bar to let him know she needs another. She looks up and smiles at the man buying the drinks. He’s tall, well built, and dressed like a man used to success. They look at each other for a minute or two, somewhat oblivious to what is going on around them. Before she knows it, her next shot is sitting in front of her. He lifts the glass to her lips, a knowing look on his face. She gulps it down, a drop or two escaping the corner of her mouth. She licks the drops off, slowly, while looking him in the eye. He leans in to whisper something to her. She still can’t hear him, but the feel of his warm breath on her ear sends an involuntary shudder down her back. His two friends are now standing close enough that she can feel their body heat against her exposed skin. ‘Oh, boy,’ she thinks, a little bleary from the shots, ‘I think maybe I should have gone home earlier.’

Suddenly she feels a hand in her hair. Fingers fist in her curls and pull her head slightly back, firm but not enough to hurt her… yet. The men are all looking over her shoulder, taking a step back as they do. Their eyes are wide and they are instantly the picture of innocence. Over the music and the crowd she hears a male voice from behind her.


Just one word, and she knows. ‘Oh, shit,’ she thinks.

Straining to pull her head around, even the smallest bit, she manages one short glimpse before she is unceremoniously pulled away from the bar. Her boyfriend. Another time, she might have taken a moment to appreciate how hot he looked, but at the moment all she can do is concentrate on not falling down as he propels her forward, heading for the dark section at the back of the club, where almost no light penetrates and the bodies are hard to distinguish.

Before she can even formulate words to explain, she is maneuvered behind a divider and shoved up against it, the sill of coming to her stomach.

“So this is what you do when you’re out with you girlfriends, honey? Just a little harmless female bonding, right?” His words echo in her ear as he leans his body into hers from behind, pressing against her. He’s large and well muscled, dwarfing her and shielding her from anyone that might be behind them.

“No, baby, you d.. d.. don’t…” she starts to say, searching for the right words.

“What’s that, lover? I don’t what? If you were going to say ‘have to watch you get hit on by strange men’, you were absolutely right.” Suddenly his hand tightens in her hair, pulling her head back further. His other hand moves from where it had been holding her waist, now shoving her skirt up in the back and yanking her panties aside. Mortified at the thought of being seen, she frantically reaches back with one hand, trying to cover herself. He dips his head down and bites the back of her neck, hard. Against her will, she arches her back and gasps for breath. His hand moves down between them, and she is still trapped by his hand and his mouth, whimpering as she’s torn between pleasure and fear of what will come next.

In the next instant, she feels his rock hard cock shoved between her legs. It’s rubbing up against the lips of her pussy, insistent and hot. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” he asks harshly, while moving himself back and forth, torturing her while the people move all around them. “Smiling at them, letting them buy you drinks, letting them feel your skin.” His voice gets more and more agitated as he talks, and before she can even think of a way to stop him, he’s inside her.

She’s standing in a dim corner, elbows resting on the short wall that is all that stands between them and hundreds of milling bodies. His hand has never left her hair, and he repeatedly bites her, firmly enough to hold her still, from the neck to the edge of her shoulder. Her legs are shaking as he rams himself into her, filling her and making her want to scream. His balls slap against her inner thigh. She clamps down on her lower lip to keep from letting the scream fly. To be caught like this would be humiliating, but to be forced to cut it short due to being caught would almost be worse.

To an observer, they look like one body; they are so close together and so much in the shadows. The smell of sex is coming up from between her legs, making her even hotter and wetter as he slides into her.

His free hand travels around her and his fingers find her swollen clit. She is panting now, her legs trembling so hard that she knows that his cock inside her is the only thing keeping her standing. He growls low in his throat as he strokes and pinches her clit.

“Is this what you needed? A hard fucking, as fast as you could get it? Were you thinking one of those assholes could give it to you?” As he fires questions at her, he shifts his hips down so that when he delves into her, it feels as if she is going to be split in two. His fingers continue to pull at her clit, driving her out of her mind as she struggles to think of answers.

“There’s not one of those men you were talking to that knows what you need the way I do. Not one of them that would do you a goddamned bit of good, and you know it.” He stops moving all at once, making her groan. His fingers go still on the wet folds of skin between her legs. She tries to move her hips against him, needing release. He holds her firm. Slowly, so slowly she thinks she’ll die, he inches into her. She can feel his head push into her, barely moving. She whimpers, the wanting so intense it is almost painful.

“Say it,” he demands, nipping at her ear while restraining her from the frantic pace she is trying desperately to resume. “Tell me that you want my cock. ONLY my cock. Beg me for it.”

She holds her tongue, trying to hold on to some sense of her own will. She will not cave in and have him think he owns her and can handle her this way whenever he wants.

He shifts unexpectedly to one side and she can’t hold back a sharp cry as she feels a stinging slap land on her ass. In spite of herself, her hips push back, searching for him. A slap comes again. She sags against him, unable to hold herself up any longer. He lets go of her hair to put one arm around her waist, holding her immobile, while the other hand reaches through the side opening of her dress to find her small, taut breast. He gently circles it with his fingertips, then squeezes it, lightly raking his nails down the top. Finally, he pinches her nipple. Hard.

“Say it,” he says, the softness of his tone deceptive. He begins moving inside her once again, painfully slow. She almost weeps with the frustration of it. Finally, she can take it no more.

“Please, for the love of GOD, fuck me! I only want your cock. Please, baby, I can’t take it anymore.” She is past the point of caring if her dignity survives or not, and the idea of being owned no longer seems so bad. Anything to not have this painful, unfulfilled want driving her mad.

“That’s my good girl,” he whispered. “MINE.”

He lifts her a little higher and resumes fucking her with a vengeance. He pounds into her furiously, working her clit at the same time with his free hand. She is so wet that the inside of her thighs is slick with the juice running down from her cunt. She is stretched tight around the length and width of him, clenching around him as she feels her orgasm approaching. The way he moans, his face pressed into her hair, lets her know that he is also close to finishing. The thought of him shooting his cum into her is more than she can take. With no warning, she goes flying over the edge, turning her head to bite down on his shoulder as her orgasm rages through her. She bucks against him, helpless against her body’s convulsions.

The spasms of the walls of her cunt as she climaxes are all that he needs. He stiffens behind her and growls as he seizes the back of her neck with his teeth. In the blink of an eye, he is filling her with hot cum, his cock pulsing inside of her as it empties itself. He gently runs his finger over her clit one last time, smiling to himself as it makes her jerk up against him.

Silently, he slides from her and helps her regain her balance enough to stand on her own. He pulls her skirt down gently, back into its normal position. She turns around to face him, reaching down as she does to help get his pants zipped and into place. Looking up at him, she realizes that maybe she is owned… and maybe she likes it that way.

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