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Melissa & I Call on Chari

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Most of my lady friends are strictly heterosexual and really enjoy having me eat their pussies and whatever else we do. Most of them have also heard rumors that a woman can eat a pussy better than a man. There is a lot of truth to that; generally speaking, a lesbian or bi-sexual woman can eat a pussy better than a man, for various reasons that I am not going to go into just now. That is just generally speaking though.

Some gay or bi-sexual women are very inept at eating pussies and some men, such as I, are very good at it. It is an individual thing.

Sometimes someone will want to check out this rumor and she asks me to help her by bringing a woman to eat her pussy so she can find out for herself. I have two women friends, June and Melissa, who are bisexuals and I bring one of them with me. June is an old friend and I have been through a lot with her. Out of loyalty, I generally first ask her to accompany me because I know she enjoys it. If she can’t make it, I am secretly happy because, while the bisexual is eating the lady’s pussy, I am eating out the bisexual, because the lady friend does not usually reciprocate if she is just bi-curious. June has a very nice pussy and I like to eat it but Melissa is young and drop-dead gorgeous and her pussy is ambrosia. She likes me to eat her pussy and one of these days I would really love to spend all day with her just to see how many times she would cum in one day from my eating her.

A few days ago, Melissa and I went to see Chari, one of my lady friends who is single, and very bi-curious. She had expressed an interest in a complete lesbian experience, including having her pussy eaten by a beautiful woman, which is a very understated way to describe Melissa, who is about 20 years old, with very fair skin, clear blue eyes and long red hair. She is about five feet tall with large, natural, perfectly formed breasts and a gorgeously curvy ass. Her hair color is natural and her pussy is lightly covered with soft, fine hair of the same color. Melissa likes to eat a hairless pussy, but her own downy pubic hair actually makes for more enjoyable eating than a clean shaven pussy. Chari wanted the complete experience so she also intended to eat Melissa’s pussy, and Melissa is the best person I know of for Chari to learn from, even better than June.

Chari is a very attractive woman also, of Cuban and Salvadoran blood, five feet tall with long black ringlets and a pretty round face with a soft brown complexion and dark eyes. She has a very womanly figure, with large, firm breasts and wide hips. After I had described Chari and shown her picture, Melissa was anxious to come with me because she likes sex with beautiful women as much as she likes to have me eat her pussy. When I told Melissa that she would be Chari’s first woman-on-woman, she was extra happy and kissed me on the mouth because Melissa really loves being a teacher.

Chari opened the door and was surprised, as most women are, at the youth and beauty of Melissa. After introductions and hugging and kissing, we all removed our shoes and headed for the bedroom. Chari sat on the bed and waited for instructions. “The first thing”, Melissa told her, “is to undress each other”. Having said this, she unbuttoned Chari’s blouse, and Chari half turned so it could be removed. Then Chari turned back, took hold of Melissa’s T-shirt and lifted it over her head and off. Melissa shook her head to get her great mane of red hair back where it belonged and embraced Chari, reaching around her to unhook her bra. Chari felt what was happening and did the same, and the two women separated, removing one another’s bras, and in the process, exposing two gorgeous pairs of breasts.

“You sure have got some gorgeous boobies”, said Melissa, holding one of them in either hand. “Those nipples are as big as my thumbs and I’ll bet they’re really sensitive too.”

“I just wish they were half as pretty as yours are, Melissa. Yours are really gorgeous.” Both women were speaking the truth.

Melissa reached out and unbuttoned and unzipped Chari’s skirt, which fell to the floor while Chari was unfastening Melissa’s pants. She pulled the pants and panties down together, which was a mistake. Usually, when I undress Melissa, I pull her pants off separately so I can fondle her ass while I am taking off her panties. Melissa stepped out of her clothing into glorious nakedness and did not make the same mistake. When she pulled down Chari’s panties, she caressed her ass, hips and thighs. Both these beautiful women were now naked.

“Since it is your bed, you lie down first and I join you.” Chari lay down in the middle of the bed and Melissa lay beside her, took one of those beautiful titties in her hand and started licking the nipple. “If there were just the two of us, we would lick and suck and play with each other, and then probably 69, but that would mean George would have nothing to do except watch and jack off, so I will go down on you, while he does me, and then you can do the same for me.” She turned and looked at me, still fully dressed and ogling these two naked beauties. “Unless you’d rather just look and jack off.”

A bit embarassed, I quickly removed my clothing and joined the women on the bed. Melissa knew, of course, what my preference is. She was leaning over Chari and holding one of her succulent titties in one hand, licking the nipple with broad strokes of her tongue and massaging above her clit with the other hand, while leaving room for me to lie down and do the same for her. I lay on my back under Melissa and held one of her gorgeous globes in both hands and licked the nipple with short strokes of my tongue. Our techniques were different but the results would be the same.

Melissa switched back and forth, licking Chari’s beautiful mounds and I did the same to hers. No spoken explanation was necessary for this part, of course. I wrapped my lips around one of Melissa’s lovely mammaries and started sucking on it while my tongue was licking her nipple and tracing her areola. She pulled one of Chari’s delectable titties into her mouth and probably started doing the same thing. I had demonstrated it to Melissa a few days earler sucking and licking one of her gorgeous globes, and she had enjoyed it very much and said she would do the same thing. Of course, I had very much enjoyed the demonstration too. My mouth switched from one of Melissa’s twin beauties to the other and treated it the same, and I could feel the second nipple growing firmer in my mouth. Melissa was doing the same thing to Chari’s succulent globes and I could see she was enjoying the soft brown skin on her lips and the dark brown nipples under her tongue. We both switched back and forth on the luscious beauties we were licking and sucking, Melissa on Chari’s, and I on Melissa’s, until we detected the delightful aroma of fresh pussy juice. Both women were lubricating and it was time to move our attentions to their pussies.

“Generally speaking”, said Melissa, in her professorial way, “it is a good idea to lick and suck the girl’s boobs until her pussy starts lubricating, like yours and mine are. Then kiss and lick your way down to her pussy, like George is doing now.” She was right about what I was doing. I was kissing and licking my way down to Melissa’s downy-soft red pubic hair, and enjoying the journey. Since some moving around would be involved, I would not be able to start eating Melissa’s pussy until she started eating Chari’s, but I would enjoy the wait.

Melissa took a slightly different route to Chari’s pussy than I had taken to hers. She licked the channel between the beautiful twins, and then down to her pubic hair. Once we had reached those respective places, Chari mover over closer to the edge of the bed away from me, still lying on her back. Melissa joined her with her face buried in Chari’s pussy in what resembled a 69 position except her body extended beside Chari, rather than her legs straddling Chari’s face. I crawled under Melissa so my head was betwen her legs an my face was in her juicy pussy. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and spread her asscheeks with my hands so I was in a position to eat her lovely pussy. My cock was left unattended. The three of us formed the letter “N” on top of the bed.

Chari murmurred delightedly as Melissa sucked all the juices out of her pussy and started licking at the outer pussy lip. The licking started at the beginning of the lip, below Chari’s love hole and when Melissa reached the point where the outer and inner lips are close together, she probed in between them. and let her tongue caress both lips. She continued licking slowly, covering all the surface many times; past Chari’s clit hood and up to her mons. Then her tongue returned to the clit hood, and licked the top there, indirectly stimulating Charii’s adorable clit. Chari was purring happily, and her pussy was already fucking into Melissa’s face, as Melissa started on the other outer lip.

My tongue followed a different path on Melissa’s pussy, starting on the outer surface of one of her outer lips. This is not a really sensitive place but I really like the feel of the downy pubic hair on my tongue, so I used considerable pressure when I licked her there. My tongue licked all the way to her mons and then I started on the other outer pussy lip. I licked this one the same way, again stopping at Melissa’s mons. I could hear Melissa murmurring happily, partly from what I was doing to her pussy and partly from her enjoyment of Chari’s pussy. Her pussy was humping slowly into my face also. Neither woman was very close to cumming but Chari was closer than Melissa. That was fine, because she should cum first.

Chari was also really enjoying what Melissa was doing; she had licked between the other pair of inner and outer pussy lips to the mons again, thoroughly licking the surfaces of both lips. Then she had again licked the clit hood, and this time Melissa had curled her tongue under the clit hood and gently licked the precious love button that was hidden there. Licking that sweetest of sweet spots, had produced immediate results; Chari’s purring had turned to pleasurable moans and she was producing even more delicious pussy juices. Melissa sucked up all those juices and continued to caress Chari’s pussy with her tongue while Chari’s pussy was fucking Melissa’s face even more strongly.

Meanwhile, I was caressing Melissa’s lovely pussy with my tongue. After I finished licking her outer lips, I greedily consumed all the delicious juices that had been produced by her pussy, then probed gently under her vagina, and then beside that sweet love hole. Melissa’s mouth was too busy to say anything but she showed her enjoyment by producing more delicious and fragrant juices and by jamming itself against my face. She was getting closer to cumming but this was still quite a while off.

Chari was a lot closer to cumming. Melissa’s skilled tongue had her moaning and thrashing around on the bed, and then she added her speciality. “This is something I like to do but George can’t” she told Chari, as she started to move up on her body. I knew what was going to be happening so I prepared to move so I could continue to eat Melissa’s pussy from what I knew would be a changed position. When Melissa was in place, she held one of her magnificent titties in one hand and peeled back Chari’s clit hood with the thunb and index finger of the other hand. Then she started rubbing her erect nipple against Chari’s exposed clit. Chari’s moans turned to whimpering and her pussy started fucking against Melissa’s titty, smearing her juices against that magnificent globe. After about a minute of this, Melissa started rubbing the other nipple against that sweet love button. When she finished with the second nipple, both of her lovely mounds were smeared with Chari’s pussy juices; Chari’s thighs had rotated out, presenting her pussy fully to whatever Melissa would do next, and her legs were opening and closing like a scissors. She was ready to cum, and she wanted to cum. Melissa could have brought Chari to a climax with her nipples but she prefers to do that with her tongue on the other woman’s clit.

While Melissa’s nipples had been active on Chari’s pussy, my tongue had been active on Melissa’s pussy. Contact between nipples and clit, as well as my tongue on her pussy, had produced more fresh juices in her pussy. After I licked them up, I started my tongue moving slowly along the inner surface of Melissa’s inner pussy lip, one of the most sensitive parts of her pussy. I licked until I was at the point where the lip forms the clit hood and I very gently brushed my tongue against the clit. I was rewarded by more fresh juices from her pussy, and by Melissa’s thighs rotating out. Her pussy, besides being fully available to my mouth, seemed to be trying to wrap itself around my face.

After licking all the fresh juices out of Chari’s pussy, Melissa wrapped her lips around the waiting clit and sucked on it. After less than a minute of this, Chari gave a howl of joy and started cumming. Her hands grabbed onto Melissa’s head and her thighs squeezed Melissa’s temples. Chari’s legs thrashed back and forth, holding Melissa and giving her a wild ride. For as long as Chari continued cumming, she kept a tight grip on Melissa’s head, holding her immobile, which was fine with all concerned because Melissa wanted to keep her lips tightly closed on Chari’s clit. When she climaxed, Chari abruptly opened her leg and, released her grip on Melissa’s head. Her pussy gave one last, strong thrust, which actually threw Melissa off, but not for long. Once again she wrapped her lips around Chari’s clit, but Chari had finished cumming. Melissa satisfied herself by devouring all the fresh cum juices.

When Chari started cumming, I had put my tongue in Melissa’s love hole and left it there, savoring its delightful taste and the delicious juices it was producing. Once Chari climaxed, I started massaging the top of the hole with ny tongue, stimulating the underside of Melissa’s clit. When I was satisfied that she was ready to cum, I sucked the clit into my mouth and clamped my lips on the base. While my tongue massaged the sides and top of that precious love button, my lips formed a seal and I sucked on the clit. I continued this for several minutes, until Melissa started cumming.

Her hips started grinding her pussy even harder into my face. While her feet were kicking the bed next to my head, her legs held my head tightly. I kept sucking and licking her clit for as long as she continued cumming. When Melissa climaxed, her back arched and her pussy gave one last thrust into my face, then she relaxed on top of me. I feasted on all the fresh cum juices and waited for the women to recover from their exertions. Chari had expressed a desire to eat Melissa’s pussy and I had given her a tough act to follow. I expected to eat Chari’s pussy also and Melissa had given me a tough act to follow.

“My God, Melissa. That was incredible. You ate my pussy as well as George does. I really liked what you did with your nipples. Can you show me how to do that?”

“Sure. Between George and me we will show you everything you need to know. He just got me off so I need to wait a few minutes and then you can start sucking on my boobies.”

Patience has always been one of my virtues. My cock was really looking forward to fucking Chari’s lovely pussy but my nose and mouth were hoping to eat it first. What I did next would be up to Chari but either way or both ways, I would be enjoying myself immensely.

“George, I have already cum bigtime from Melissa eating my pussy and I really want to eat hers, and I really, really want your cock in my pussy. Suppose I start sucking her boobies and when I start eating her pussy, you come up and fuck me from behind, doggy style? I’ve seen that in movies, and it looks like fun.”

Melissa was in favor of that and she was already lying on her back with her head on a pillow. My cock was really in favor of that because it was stiff and ready, but I was a little disapointed that I wouldn’t get to eat Chari’s pussy. However, I had eaten Milissa’s very delectable pussy and I could manage without eating another one.

Chari approached Melissa from the side and started tentatively licking her nipples. “George likes to use short, jabbing strokes with the tip of his tongue and I like to lick with my whole tongue. Whatever feels best for you and for me is the best way. Sometimes you might want to use both ways, or something else entirely.” These were Melissa’s first instructions to Chari, who was about to go down on another woman for the first time.

Chari held one luscious titty in both hands and started to use quick licks with her tongue like I do, then she changed to broad strokes, like Melissa favors. She went back to the first way and then changed to the second again, and then started licking the other nipple, alternating the same way. “Either way is fun”, she said. “I like the feel of your nipple on my whole tongue, but the tip is the most sensitive, and that feels good too. I think I will change back and forth.” Having said that, Chari proceded to do that, licking both of Melissa’s nipples using a variety of strokes of her tongue.

“Okay. That feels really good. Either way you can get me going. Now suck on it,” directed Melissa. Chari took one of the luscious globes in her mouth, and I could tell from the movements of her cheeks that she was sucking on it. “Don’t suck quite so hard. That’s better. Now, while you are sucking on it, tease the nipple with your tongue. Oooo, yeah. Like that. That feels great. Do whatever feels natural, because it’s all good.” Chari moved her mouth to the second of the beautiful twins. “Oooo, yeah. Yeah, that’s it. Keep doing that. Ooo, I love it. You’re really good.

Chari stopped what she was doing. “This is really fun, Melissa. I love sucking on your boobies. Do you think I might actually be gay?”

“Not when you like so much to have George eating your pussy and fucking you. You might be bi, like me, though. We’ll know after you are eating my pussy. I’ll tell you when to start there but for now, just keep sucking my boobies. I’m glad you like doing this because I really like it too.” Chari continued pleasuring herself and Melissa.

She was pleasuring me too. When Chari started going down on Melissa, I had moved out of the way, and behind Chari. Now, as she knelt on the bed, her beautiful, dripping wet pussy was up in the air, and I could have licked it if I had wanted to. Actually, I did want to lick it because I know it tastes as good as it looks, but I didn’t want to interfere with Chairi’s pussy-eating lesson.

The lesson was going quite well. Melissa’s pussy was wet enough to eat, from the really good job Chari was doing sucking and licking her titties. If I had been the one going down on Melissa, I would have started eating her pussy already but both the women were enjoying themselves so much that I didn’t want to interrupt them. However, Chari smelled the fresh juices being produced by Melissa’s pussy. She looked up and saw the involuntary squirming of her pussy, and asked “Melissa, is your pussy ready yet. I’m having a lot of fun here but if your pussy is ready, I want to move on. I’m really anxious to get started, after seeing how much you and George like it.”

“Yes. I think I’m about ready. Go ahead.”

This is where I contributed as assistant coach. “Sometimes it’s fun to lick between her titties like Melissa did on you, and rub them against your face. Whether you do or not, lick and kiss your way down to her pubic hair. With some women, you would stop there, then go around and start on her pussy because licking their pubic hair is like licking steel wool. With a woman who shaves, you could keep on licking all the way, and it all feels good. With Melissa, her hair is so soft and fine that it feels good to your tongue, even better than a shaven pussy.”

Chari elected to lick between Melissa’s twin beauties, and spent quite a lot of time there, even licking the lovely globes themselves, including the underside, where some of her own pussy juice was still shining. Then she proceeded to lick her way down Melissa’s belly, lightly kissing her occasionally and even wriggling her tongue into the navel, which made Melissa giggle. When she reached the red pubic hair, she stopped and looked up at me. “This is really a lot of fun, and her boobies tasted delicious.” Then she licked all of Melissa’s pubic hair, down to her mons.

I returned to my coaching role. “Now you are ready to start eating your first pussy. First, slide a pillow under Melissa’s ass to raise her pussy to the right height. She will spread her legs and you kneel between them like I do when I’m with you. Okay, now she has raised her legs, you put your shoulders against her thighs and wrap your arms around her thighs so your fingers come out by her pussy. I don’t usually touch a pussy with my fingers but sometimes you have to. Anyhow, leave your hands where you can do it.”

Chari followed all my instructions but before she started, she breathed deeply the delightful aroma of Melissa’s pussy. “Melissa, you smell really good. George, do I smell as good as Melissa?”

“Yes. All women smell like that if they are sexually active, keep themselves reasonably clean and don’t ruin it with perfume and other junk. Perfume defeats its own purpose by making women less attractive, at least when it’s on their pussies.”

Juices were running out of Melissa onto the bed. Chari took a tentative lick. Then she took another lick, a lot less tentative. Then she opened Melissa’s wet love hole with her fingers and sucked out all the juices that were there. “This is delicious. Melissa, your pussy tastes as good as it smells. I hope I can get some more of this.”

“You can”, I told her. “but you will have to lick her all over her pussy before you will get any. Melissa will tell you when you are doing it right and if you are doing anything wrong.”

Chari buried her face in Melissa’s beautiful pussy and started licking. The time had come for me to bury my cock in Chari’s beautiful pussy. I had my condom on and I was behind her but her pussy was so wet and beautiful that I had to take a few licks of it. It was as delicious as I knew it would be. I knelt on the bed behind her, put my hands on her ass, spread her open and put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I could see her cute rosebud winking at me but Chari makes her ass strictly off limits. With one little push, most of my cock was where it wanted to be. A second push and it was buried all the way in Charie’s lovely and accomodating pussy. She wiggled a bit to make it the most comfortable for herself and I started slowly fucking in and out. After the first few strokes Chari started fucking her pussy back to meet me.

Chari likes to fuck and she was enjoying my cock in her but she was more interested in discovering the joys of eating a pussy for the first time. I couldn’t see what was happening there but I could hear Melissa “Okay, that feels good. Keep licking me there, but take your time. Go over and over the whole area with your tongue. You won’t wear it out. Oooo, yeah. Ooo. That’s good. Really good. You’re getting the hang of it. Keep licking there.” In between instructions, when she could just enjoy Chari eating her pussy, Melissa was cooing happily, really loving what her pupil was doing.

I was also enjoying what Chari was doing but in my case, it waswhat she was doing to my cock with her pussy. To hold her steady, as I thrust my cock into her, my hands were on her hips. When Chari fucked her pussy back to meet me, I could hear her juices sloshing inside her, and I could see some leaking out and running down our legs. Between my cock and Melissa’s pussy, Chari was really enjoying herself as much as Melissa or I were but her mouth was too busy to say anything or make much noise.

Not so with Melissa or I. In between instructrions to Chari, which were fewer now than they had been, she was cooing her pleasure as Chari continued to eat her pussy. I was moaning in pleasure as my cock slowly surged in and out of Chari’s wet and wonderful pussy. Besides fucking back to meet me, she was gyrating her hips while kneeling on the bed, giving my cock a special treat, as the walls of her delightful love hole massaged my shaft. This was some of the best fucking I had ever had, and I was using a very slow stroke in order to prolong the pleasure and delay my climax until after Melissa’s and then Chari’s, hopefully in that order.

Chari turned to me, her face smeared with Melissa’s pussy juices. “Hold on, George. I’m going to go and use my nipples on her clit.” Then she ducked out from under Melissa’s legs, and we walked in tandem on our knees, my cock all the way in Chari’s pussy, until she was in position to apply her nipples. Using her fingers, Chari pushed back Melissa’s clit hood. and then, holding her lovely titty in the other hand, moved up and started rubbing her nipple on Melissa’s clit. I resumed slowly fucking her pussy, and Chari, her face full of Melissa’s pussy juices, her pussy full of my cock, and her nipples against Melissa’s clit, was pleasurably moaning. Melissa and I were moaning in pleasure also because all three of us were giving each other a truly wonderful time.

With Chari’s nipple rubbing against her clit, Melissa was fucking her pussy against Chari’s glorious globe, and smearing her pussy juices on it. When Chari started using her other nipple, that globe was fucked and smeared as well. Chari started to return to he first nipple when she felt Melissa’s juices on her titty. After she licked some of it off her fingers she realized that she had eaten some of her own juices earlier. Chari smiled, licked the rest off her fingers and bent forward to rub the clit again with her nipple and get some fresh juices.

After rubbing both her nipples twice against Melissa’s clit, Chari was ready to resume eating Melissa’s pussy. While this was going on, I had continued slowly fucking Chari’s pussy and she had continued fucking back to meet me but she had stopped the gyrating motion. She looked back at me then we started backing up to get in our original position. With my cock all the way in her pussy, we moved backward until Melissa was able to get under Melissa’s legs again and bury her face in that wet pussy again. We resumed fucking, and Chari resumed the motions I had found so delightful. Although we were fucking with slow strokes, I could feel my climax building but it still had a long way to go.

From the looks of her, Melissa would be cumming soon. Her pussy was trying to fuck Chari in the face already, and her directions were on the order of “Oh, God, that’s good. Keep doing that. Eat my pussy. Eat my pussy.” When she wasn’t babbling, she was moaning. Her pussy was producing a lot of fresh juice and although Chari was probably trying to eat as much of it as she could, and they are delicious, a lot was dribbling out and soaking into the bed. I enjoyed their aroma but thought it a shame that they were being wasted like that.

“Chari”, I said, Melissa will be ready to cum soon, and when she starts, she will grab your head with her legs and her hands and jam her pussy into your face a lot like you do. Just keep your mouth on her clit and keep doing what you are doing when she starts, and hold on till she is done. You will get to eat her cum juices, and they are the best of all.” Chari, whose mouth was too busy to speak, gave me the OK sign with her thumb and index finger and kept her face in Melissa’s pussy.

“Oh, my God, Chari. You are so good. I’m ready to cum. Suck my clit. Suck my clit.” When she heard Melissa say that, Chari moved her face right up against Melissa’s pussy. A few minutes later, “Oooo. Oooo. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” As I had predicted, Melissa grabbed Chari’s head and jammed her pussy even harder against Chari’s face, while her legs clamped around her temples. Her heels were drumming on Chari’s back while she rocked back and forth, grinding her pussy into Chari’s face. This went on for about a minute and I continued to slowly fuck my cock into Chari’s pussy but she had stopped fucking back to meet me and her hips had stopped gyrating.

When Melissa climaxed, she arched her back and gave one last thrust of her pussy, then her hands fell away off Chari’s head and her legs relaxed and remained draped across her sholders. Chari continued at Melissa’s clit until she realized that Melissa was through cumming. Then she moved her mouth to devour all the fresh cum juices, raised her head, shrugged Melissa’s legs off her shoulders and looked at me. “That was really wonderful and delicious but I think I still like fucking best.”

Having said that, Chari increased her motions so she was fucking her pussy back at me, lifting her ass as she fucked back and gyrating her hips. By lifting her ass as my cock thrust into her pussy, she was increasing the contact betwen my cock and her clit. After a few minutes, while Melissa lay contentedly watching us fucking as we knelt between her legs, Chari interrupted her moaning and said “I’m ready to cum. Play with my clit.”

I increased the speed of my strokes into her pussy and reached around and began caressing her clit with my fingers. Chari matched my speed and her juices were flying as my pubic area smacked wetly into her on every stroke of my cock into her pussy. While my fingers were gently massaging her clit, I was pressing it more firmly against my thrusting cock so that at every stroke, we had the greatest contact possible between my cock and the underside of her clit. We were both moaning from the pleasure of our energetic fucking when Chari howled ecstatically and started cumming.

She sprawled forward with her face in Melissa’s pussy, and her legs spread out. Chari writhed on the bed, still thrusting her pussy back at me as I pounded my cock in and out of her, with my fingers still massaging her clit. Melissa enjoyed the feeling of Chari’s face rubbing back and forth in her pussy although there was nothing sexual about the contact. With a last jerk of her hips and last great thrust of her pussy at me, Chari climaxed. This pushed me over the edge and I ejaculated into my condom.

For a while the three of us lay in a contented heap, Melissa, cradling Chari’s face in her pussy, and me lying on top of Chari with my softening cock still in her pussy. Chari kissed Melissa’s pussy one last time and said “This has really been great, you guys. I loved eating Melissa’s pussy and I loved it when she ate mine and I loved George fucking me. I hope we can do it again. Lots of times.”

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