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Meeting Christina

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My heart seems to falter when she walks in the bar. I vaguely hear my friend Samantha, who reluctantly dragged me out tonight, yell at me from a few feet away. I don’t make any movement though. I am staring at what, until this moment, was only a dream. My friend finally fights her way over to me, muttering something about me being deaf and all I do is nod forward.

A beautiful platinum blonde creature is making her way through a crowd with what seems to be the grace of a cat. I tense as she makes her way quickly past, settling at a bar stool about 15 feet away, before quickly motioning for the bartender.

I can’t think, instinct kicks in and all I know is that I need to lessen that space between us, and before I know it we are an arm’s length apart. I realize I have no idea what to say. She smiles and looks up from the drink that was just placed in front of her; it is almost as if she expected me to say something. I trip over my simple, “He-ello.”

I see her bright blue eyes light up as I hear a slight giggle.

“Hello,” she says, extending just another smile and an arm toward the bar stool next to her. I jump almost immediately, like a well-behaved puppy.

“I’m Christina, would you like a drink?” She points to the bartender who seems to be waiting. I nod.

“Anything particular or are you an ‘anything goes kind of woman’?” I think surely that was not as dirty as that sounded, I mean why would she hit on me? I am not bad looking: 5’4″ brunette, green eyes -but she could, and probably has done better.

As I begin to smile, I point to her drink. “What are you having?” Asking, because while I may like to come out, truth be told I am a light weight and know that two drinks is enough to do me in.

“Vodka and Cranberry Juice.” I notice that the color almost matches her dark lips and smile before looking away from her mouth. “Sure, my name is Nicole, nice to meet you.”

I lean out for a hand shake which she almost all too well turns down and instead leans into me before sliding her hand over the top of mine, causing me to almost shiver, and pushing it onto the top of the bar. She waves the bartender over and makes quick work of ordering. I falter in my thoughts, trying to figure out what to say aside from ‘Come here often?’ which she must sense because she quickly breaks my thought, “Anything to do in this town besides drink at the bar?”

I laugh a little before gliding my hand over to my drink when it arrives and turning to look around the room. “Not really actually, I see most of the same people here every time I come, which is not often.” Christina smiles as I draw my attention back to her. “I am sure I stand out then?”

I reply, “You do…but in a good way. Are you here just for the cheap drinks?”

She takes a sip and pulls her ruby lips off the rim of the glass before shaking her head, “I am not much of a drinker actually, but it seemed like the only place open this late.” She scans the room as if to make sure it is open, the crowd has started to trickle out and neither of us had noticed.

“Well it seems that may be changing soon,” I say nodding to the twenty odd people who have lingered around the small bar. She smiles in agreement before pushing her drink away and I hesitantly decide to finish mine.

The second my glass hits the bar she, seemingly concerned, touches the back of my hand, “Do you have a ride home?” I quickly look around for my friend. I scan two or three times before looking back to her and sighing back down into my chair.

“I did have one,” I murmur, “but I believe she found someone else to drive home.”

Christina smiles, her lips parting and her eyes seemingly getting brighter, “Well, not to sound odd, but if you live nearby I would not mind giving you a ride home.”

I hesitate and notice that she is waiting, “I would hate to put you out like that and I really can call someone else, it is not a big deal,” I say, rolling the glass on the bar before standing up off the stool.

She stands up next to me, she must be at least 5 inches shorter, “Really it is no problem, besides I would hate for you to have to call and interrupt your friend’s good times.”

She laughs before locking her hand onto my arm and taking a step towards the door. I take the step with her and we make our way to the door, “I suppose I will have to owe you the next round or ride home,” I say, smiling as we exit into the dark parking lot. She escorts me to the door of a blue sedan and crosses to the driver’s side.

As I open the door and get in I start to thank her again; she seemingly brushes it off and assures me it is not a big deal. I realize that while I only live a few minutes away that this might be an awkward ride, it had been ages since I had been alone with a woman I just met, let alone one of this caliber. As she pulls out of the lot she asks, “So where are we heading?”

I snap to and point, “Right at a stop light.”

She nods before asking, “You seem worried, roommate going to be upset?”

I smile and wave my hand, “I live alone actually.”

She giggles, “Does that mean you often get rides from strange women?”

I laugh trying to erase the nervousness from my voice, “Of course not, never really, but you seemed so persistent.”

“Well…” she starts, “what would you say if I just asked to take you home and you hadn’t been abandoned?”

I shudder, “I would say turn left two streets up.”

“So you would have accepted?”

I almost stutter again as she turns the car, “See, this is what I meant by persistent.” She turns and smiles another bright smile that makes me melt a little, “Persistence is the only way to get anything done.”

The confidence in her voice shatters any resistance that I may have felt and I feel myself breathe a bit harder as I murmur, “Third house on the right.” She starts to slow the car and I see the lights hit my driveway, before we start to turn into it and creep slowly to a stop.

As the car lunges I scramble to find words, “Thanks, you really didn’t have to but I am glad you did.”

I move to unbuckle my seatbelt and suddenly look up, “Actually if you had asked to come home with me I probably would have said nothing because I would have been in shock.”

I smile feeling rather pleased with myself and open the car door. I hear her seatbelt unclick and door open and then slam shut. I walk in front of the car slowly as she walks towards me.

She stops just short of me and looks me in the eyes before matter of factly stating, “I will give you a minute.”

I feel my eyebrows furrow, “A minute for what?”

She smiles, “The shock to subside of course.”

The words hit home, and as I take them in I feel her hand slide into mine as she leans in and kisses me softly on the lips, short and sweet. As she pulls away I feel my heart drop into my hand and I smile weakly. I squeeze her hand and kiss her back, with I am sure, more force than expected because she catches her balance by putting her other hand on the back of my head, sliding her hand into my hair. She lets my lips linger on hers for a moment and my mind dances as I realize how soft her hands and lips are.

I feel her hand loosen in my hair and I start to lean back hesitantly. I am instantly filled with concern that I may have overstepped some invisible line and she will bolt back to that car. She doesn’t. Instead she looks down at our hands laced together and then back to me.

“This is the moment when you ask me in for coffee,” she says. I notice that her bright red lips are slightly less crimson, but her cheeks are certainly a brighter hue. I smile and nod leading her to the front door. I sigh happily when I have no problem getting the key in and the door open.

As the door swings open I lead her in, flipping on the living room light and realizing I am not even sure where to go in my own house. I take a second and she squeezes my hand. I head up the stairs almost cautiously, flipping the corridor light on, making our way to the end of the hallway. I stop outside the bedroom door, slowly turning the handle with a sigh of relief before letting it slide open.

I turn and smile, “Wait, here one second, let me get a light.” I linger with her hand before going in for another quick peck on her lips then slink my way into the dark room, stumbling to a lamp not far from the bed.

As the light flips on I hear the door creak open and her perfect frame walks through. I feel my heart stop again, she slowly walks towards me, our toes meeting before I lean down to kiss her. I can’t stop myself from smiling as she glides her tongue from between her lips and lets it slide through mine. My hands fall to her perfect hips and slide casually to her ass as I pull her in tighter. She pulls her mouth away and I lean into her neck, kissing down her collarbone and back up to her ear and she almost throws me off balance as I feel her hands gently start to glide under my t-shirt.

I realize I am trying my best not to shudder and shiver so early. I slide my hands from behind her and ease my lips away from her body, my fingers running up over her hips and to her torso, gliding my fingers along the bottom of her top. She smiles, and I almost cautiously pull it over her head and let it drop to the floor. She wastes no time before grabbing at my hips and pulls me gently, turning my back towards the bed. I happily sit as she bends over me, reaching back under my t-shirt before slowly lifting it; I am struck with awe at her beautiful full C cup breasts that are now eye level with me. I catch my breath and she takes instant notice, lingering even longer in her slightly bent position before leaning into my ear to kiss down my neck. My hands almost sprint up her spine, fingernails gliding on either side, until I reach a bra clasp.

A slight moan escapes her lips and sounds like an earthquake echoing through my ear. I hear the slight pop as the bra falls loose and escapes down her arms, she quickly lets it fall to our feet and I lean forward, wrapping her in my arms, pulling her hips towards my body. She straddles me and I can feel the heat in-between our chests. My heart races as that heat starts to drives me crazy, I try my best to avoid wiggling under her, just enduring the dampness between my thighs.

She locks eyes with me, her beautiful hair falling perfectly above her shoulders before she leans down over me, flicking her tongue along my lower lip before bringing it between my lips. I sigh into her mouth, letting her explore me with her tongue; I gently let my fingertips trace the outline of her breasts before I push my palm under them, sliding my fingers around her nipples. Her body quivers on top of me and I smile as she looks down, her blonde hair framing her pale cheeks. As she leans down for another kiss I pull her chest towards me and lean up to run my tongue slowly around her nipple. I flatten my tongue, pressing it gingerly over her nipple, it comes to life as I begin to close my mouth around it.

I delight in the softness of her breast. I glance up at her face to see that her mouth is starting to form a perfect O, but no sound is escaping. I start to quicken my pace and cradle her ass, letting, more like encouraging, her to rock into me. Finally, a moan escapes her lips and her legs shudder against my thighs. She glances down long enough to see my budding smile and slides her index finer under my chin, drawing me away from her chest, towards her lips.

As our mouths are about to meet she smiles and glides a hand onto my chest, eventually letting it settle between my breasts, then with some force she pushes me onto my back. She stays squarely seated on top of me, letting her eyes peruse me; I instantly get nervous, but once a devious smile starts to part her lips as she runs her hands around my breasts and stomach. I feel myself grow wet.

I wait anxiously, watching her eye me, hoping she is not reconsidering this moment, but she smiles and leans down for another kiss. I am instantly wrapped in the comforting smell of hairspray wrapping around my face and then the warmth of her mouth against my neck, she hesitates above my ear, then slowly flicks it with the edge of her tongue. My body strains underneath her before I give in, her tongue trailing down my neck to my collar bone. I shudder a few times in rapid succession and fail to notice that her hands have started to undo the top of my jeans. Her hair trails down my body and settles right above my breasts and my back almost instantly arches forward.

I hear a soft giggle escape her lips as she watches my body’s response and as I ache and strain more, she looks up at me. Without a word she cocks her head and her fingers swiftly enter my underwear, hesitating at the top of my shaved slit. I watch her delighting in the tease. The sensation of her fingers running around my pussy makes me quiver, and I drop my head back onto the bed, closing my eyes. I moan into a large arch before bucking my hips at her hand.

I hear a slight moan from above me and then a giggle, which was the only warning I had before she glides a finger into my wetness. I lunge forward not expecting how quickly she fills me. She settles, once her finger is fully inside me, and I feel her palm rest against me; she balances on me perfectly, letting that beautiful mouth descend upon my nipple. The second her mouth hits my chest her fingers start working slowly in and out of me. I hear her release a sigh as she hears the sound of my juices, before she looks down at the crevice between us. I sense a slight sense of fascination as she watches her fingers work their way in and out of me.

I reach my hand up her thigh and casually place it in between her legs; all I want is for her fingers to go further and her pussy to rest on my face. Slowly and nervously I push off the bed to meet her face to face, gliding my hand behind her back to keep her upright.

Leaning into her ear I wrap her up in my arms and gently ask, “Can I please eat you out?” I pull back to look into her blue eyes and I see her exhale slowly and nod. I push my lips to hers, drawing out the kiss for a few heart beats before releasing her and helping lift her off my lap.

The sight of her glistening fingers slowly coming up between us makes my blood pump. She gracefully arises, long enough for me to slip out from under her. She turns and wriggles her perfect frame up the bed, parting her legs and waiting for me to join her. I take my place, eagerly sliding my hands under her legs and running my cheek over her inner thigh, wanting to take all of her in visually. She moans as I push her skirt up and I realize she doesn’t have anything on underneath. I nuzzle my lips into a beautiful soft mound, starting to kiss over it before circling her with the tip of my tongue.

She inhales deeply and looks down, watching my every move. I watch her for a second before gliding my fingers between her slit, parting her and exposing a bright pink clit. I watch as she rocks her hips towards my mouth and I revel in her want. I lower my face close enough to feel the heat coming from her beautiful cunt before flicking my tongue across her clit.

My cheeks feel her thighs close in on them and I feel my own clit twitch wildly. I lap slowly up her clean crease and watch her body lunge eagerly towards my face. I grab her tightly, pulling her into me before burying my tongue further into her clit, her legs beginning to wrap even more closely around my face. As I bob my head eagerly, lashing my tongue across her, never removing my face from her, she begins to buck wildly. I dig my nails into her upper thighs, trying to keep my tongue pressed into her.

I begin to stroke her quicker before finally releasing her legs and sliding my tongue down her wet slit and pushing it into her. She groans in surprise and I lock eye contact with her, watching that perfect mouth finally start to lose control, the sighs start to lead to “yes”, “please”, and “Jesus Christ.” As her rocking begins to quicken and her back forms a beautiful arch, she looks seemingly lost in sensation.

I feel her tug the sheet into her palm and her body tightens against my mouth. I almost lose pace with her when her hands find themselves entangled into my thick hair, holding my head in place as she rides my mouth. As she pushes herself to orgasm I feel my body tighten and flex against her and the bed, my body throbbing for her release not mine.

She pulls my hair hard and brings me back to the task, I let her rock against my face and the second she moves up long enough I slide a finger into her. She lunges forward, pushing her pussy down my finger and I feel her grow tight around me. I feel my clit explode as it rocks against the sheet below me, and I give in, reaching down and sliding a finger over my soaked clit. I let her do all the work as I focus on my own clit. I realize quickly how wet I am, and watching her body puts me close to the edge. I stroke myself with two fingers humping my body into the bed and my face and other hand into her pussy.

I see her body tense up and I catch myself holding my breath, but not stopping the movement below my hips. The tension finally breaks loose and her whole body gives way to a body shuddering orgasm. I can barely hear her as she mumbles and moans, keeping her body bucking in a rhythm that gradually decreases. As soon as she begins to slow down I feel myself hit a blissful peak and get thrown into my own orgasm, my hips buried into the bed and my face into her thighs. As I ride out my orgasm, sounds muffled by her body and my state of delirium, I feel her legs wiggle underneath me and finally slide out from under me. My head hits the bed and for a second or two I do nothing and think nothing. I feel the weight of the bed transfer, and then feel a hand sliding into my hair.

The tingle of her lips on the back of my neck makes my body twitch, and I slowly start to push my hair out of the way, pulling myself up to rest on my elbows. She has one leg on either side of my head and is leaning between them, her elbows rested on her knees. I am again confronted with those beautiful eyes, and while I didn’t think it was possible her sexy hair looks even better on her. My mind comes back to me and I realize how horrible I must look, quickly trying to slide the hair out of my face and make my way off my elbows, but she catches me by the arm and we lock eyes again. “Hi,” she smiles, and I go weak again like the first time I saw her. “Hi,” I say back, and almost tear up, shocked and excited by everything that has happened. I pick myself up and lean back sitting up my knees in front of her.

“Thank you,” I mumble trying to put on my best smile.

She giggles so lightly it catches me off guard, “Thanks? You made it sound like I did all the work. Do you thank everyone you sleep with?” She leans up and kisses me deeply, rolling her tongue into my mouth and I can smell her all over me.

As she pulls away I shake my head, “No, I don’t…but I also don’t have such great nights or great women in my bedroom all the time.”

I blush at my own stupidity and realizing how awkward this could become, and then her voice snaps me back to real life.

“Then why end it now?” she shrugs and smiles. I smile back and slide over to her, leaning, gliding her back on her elbows, snuggling my body against hers. I settle my right cheek against her collarbone and feel her hand start to run through my hair.

“So, are you seeing anyone?” she says to me before leaning down to kiss the top of my head.

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