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Meeting a Literotica Couple

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Like many Literotica contributors I get a number of personal feedback messages from readers — a few are full of bile; but most are constructive and positive. Some have ended up in me in corresponding with readers and other authors fairly regularly. This is a story of how correspondence led to more than that – an afternoon and evening of debauched sex.

It all started when I received feedback from a reader about “Maggies First Film” my story about a middle aged woman whom develops a thing for big dicks, makes contact with “Ten Inch Tim”, and is filmed sucking and fucking his magnificent member. The feedback was from a lady named Madeline (not her real name or handle).

As we corresponded I found out that Madeline was 35, bi-sexual and lived at Port Stephens in NSW with her husband. She was attracted to the story because she had a thing for big cocks too. She said that because she had a big pussy, an average sized cock just never got her off properly. Fortunately for her the man she married was very, very well endowed. We shared some photos (clothed) of each other and Madeline also included a couple of photos of her hubby Cameron. Madeline was a brunette and looked quite petite with a mischievous smile and glittering eyes, while Cameron looked slim, neat and pleasant. I also shared some clothed photos of myself.

We corresponded for about six months and in that time I heard a lot about Cameron’s big dick, and how they had seduced a woman they met at the local pub, and a couple in their mid-twenties who were in the region for a holiday. When I jokingly asked to see a picture of Cameron’s big dick, Madeline declined saying that her and Cameron always liked to keep it a surprise, but I could see it and more for myself if I wanted to come up and meet them for a weekend. I had fantasised about just such an encounter on a number of occasions, and even masturbated myself to climax just that week thinking about being seduced by this couple and feeling Cameron’s big cock filling my pussy.

It had been about three years since I had been with more than person, but I felt comfortable in corresponding with Madeline and was hotly curious at how big Cameron’s cock actually was. After thinking it over, I agreed to come up that weekend to meet with them. Madeline and Cameron booked a villa about an hour’s drive from where they lived. To say that I was excited by the thought of this erotic encounter was an understatement. I was as hot as hell all week. Bringing myself to climax at almost every opportunity. I drove north from Sydney on the Saturday morning which took an hour longer than it should have done due to traffic congestion and roadwork. It was summer so I wore a light blouse and a bra that accentuated my large breasts and a pair of short, but not overly short shorts. My clothes were not out of the ordinary for that time of the year.

It took me a little while to find that villa, but when I did, there were Madeline and Cameron lazing about on the front veranda. Although I was more than eager for the weekend, there was a level of anxiety. Would we all click? Would we all meet each other’s expectations? Both Madeline and Cameron came down to the car. The first thing that struck me was how short Madeline was, about five foot two I guessed. The second was that Cameron was slimmer and fitter than he looked in the photos I had seen. He had no hint of middle aged paunch, and I knew from our emailing that he worked out a bit, but not excessively according to Madeline.

I could feel both their eyes following me as I was shown around the villa and for my part I tried to sneak a glance at Cameron’s crotch to “size him up”, but his shorts were too baggy to provide any real indication as to the size of the contents. Madeline had prepared quite a tasty spread for lunch including a lovely cheese platter and a selection of fresh salads, all washed down with some local white wine. As we sat around the outdoor dining table, Cameron kept stealing glimpses at my cleavage. We chatted for ages about where we worked and current events, but the air of expectancy hung over our conversations, the intoxicating knowledge that we would all be soon be naked and intimate.

It was well and truly mid-afternoon by now, and I helped Madeline cleanup the lunch time dishes, while Cameron went and had a quick shower. He emerged a short time later bare chested, and wearing a sarong that extended to his calves. His chest was hairless and well toned, just how I like a man. We all knew it was time for the sex to begin.

As we finished the last of the tidying up, “let’s go into the bedroom,” Madeline suggested.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I replied, my pussy throbbing and tingling with expectation.

As I sat on the edge of the bed, Madeline followed with Cameron in tow. Without speaking, Madeline sat gently on my lap facing me, and slowly lowered her lips to mine. We kissed slowly, deeply and passionately, our tongues dancing lightly together as our hands roamed over each other’s backs. Madeline’s mouth grazed and nuzzled my ears.

“Do you want to meet my husband’s cock?” whispered Madeline.

“Fuck yes,” I replied unimaginatively.

Madeline broke off the sexy kiss, removed herself from my lap, and helped me out of my blouse and I wiggled out of shorts.

Cameron then walked over, bent down and kissed me on the lips, directing my hands to his crotch. Through the flimsy fabric of the sarong I felt his cock and gasped.

“That thing’s fucking huge,” I gestured.

“Time that you saw it then,” replied Cameron as he removed his lips from mine.

He stood in front of me with his legs either side of mine so that his crotch was at the height of my face and slowly undid his sarong and let it fall away, placing his hands behind his back as he did so. Only inches in front of me, was Cameron’s massive cock. I guessed it was nine inches, maybe a little bit more and it was thick and rock hard. Not only was his cock massive, but so were his shaven balls.

“I told you it was huge, you wait until you feel it inside you,” said Madeline.

My attention was unblinkingly focussed on the huge tower crowned with a bulbous purple head.

“Play with my cock and balls,” beckoned Cameron.

I reached a finger out and gently traced the length of Cameron’s colossal cock; it twitched when I first touched it. I then moved both hands up and stroked either side of it with the palm of my hands, then cupped the massive balls with one hand, while I bent the big cock down and directed it to my mouth. Deepthroating it was out of the question, but I encircled my lips around the mushroom head and kissed and nuzzled it, tasting the pre-cum that oozed from the vast shaft of flesh. At the same time I gently kneaded and tugged upon the pendulous balls.

“That’s the way, tug those balls and keep sucking my husband’s huge cock,” said Madeline lewdly.

Cameron started to whimper then a girly little squeal came from the corner of the room, where Madeline had reclined naked on a beanbag and was toying her pussy with a big pink toy, but her eyes were planted on her husband’s cock and my mouth. For a small woman she did have very big pussy lips and even from the angle where I was, I could see that her pussy had no problems swallowing the large toy. I watched as she withdrew it completely and wedged it back in fiercely which caused a squelchy sound.

“Fuck yeah,” she said; gasping feverishly each time the toy plunged in.

Meanwhile, I continued to use my lips and tongue passionately on Cameron’s cock. I slid my lips along the side of the cock, while I teased the head with my fingers, caressing it and squeezing it lightly in a pincer like motion. Cameron still with his hands clasped behind his back rocked his hips back and forward gently. Pre-cum was virtually bubbling out of the monster cock. The scent of sex now filled the room and I could feel that my flimsy panties were sodden.

Cameron finally moved his hands from behind his back and started to caress my boobs through my bra. I reluctantly let go of his cock and unclasped my bra, spilling my big boobs free from their constraints.

“Beautiful,” he said as fondled my now bare breasts before he bent over and started to lick and suck my nipples.

“Lay on the bed,” he said after a little while, lifting his face from my chest.

I did so and from where I was I could tilt my neck back and see Madeline’s legs spread wide and the toy rapidly driving in and out of what was indeed an extremely large vagina. Cameron then knelt on the bed and straddled my belly, before sliding his way up my torso. He bent his enormous cock down and held it between my tits. He reached around and poured a copious amount of lubricant on them and his pole and started to massage my boobs.

“Your boobs were made for my cock,” he said as he started to squeeze them and rap them around his rampant cock, occasionally tweaking my slick and oversensitive nipples.

He continued for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only fifteen minutes of massaging my boobs with his hands and cock. As he did so I watched Madeline bring herself to a shuddering climax, little girly whimpers of delight reached a crescendo of animal lust that nearly saw her slide right of the chair.

“It’s time for me to put my big cock into your pussy,” said Cameron as he extracted himself from me.

I lay back on the bed and took off my panties, exposing my engorged shaved cunt. Cameron spread my legs wide and started lapping and licking my pussy. His tongue probed my cunt and flicked across my clit all too briefly before he extracted his face from between my pussy and replaced them with his fingers. First one, then quickly two fingers were inserted into me and I was vigorously finger fucked at various speeds and rhythms. Cameron applied a flood of lube and sidled in a third and then a fourth finger as he thrust, churned and twisted his hand into my cunt. He would periodically apply immense pressure to my pussy walls as he tried to spread out his fingers inside me, before returning to a syncopated rhythm which then abruptly changed to him whipping his fingers out of me and then plunging them back in. Over and over he did this and I could feel my pussy stay open further and for longer as his fingers vacated me. He was readying my pussy for his divine cock.

Madeline had been watching all this. “Fuck her now will you,” she gestured to Cameron.

“Tell us how much you want it?” she said, as she moved closer to me.

“I want to see my husband’s big cock in your cunt, I want to see him bust your cunt,” she continued wildly.

“Yes, I want that fucking cock in my wet cunt, I want it now,” I replied, half whimpering with desire.

I was beckoned off the bed and Cameron laid down where I had been. He lifted his cock up and held it perpendicular to himself. Maybe it was my sexual haze, but it looked even bigger as it glistened. I straddled Cameron and lowered myself on to his cock and with Madeline’s assistance it plunged in with relative ease. I felt my eyes roll back slightly in my head and I gasped as my pussy was abruptly filled with dick. I slowly started to ride Cameron.

Madeline was behind me caressing my boobs squeezing my nipples, and nuzzling and whispering into my ear.

“Fuck my husband’s big dick, make him come inside you,” she said.

It didn’t take long for me to start to climax. I flailed uncontrollably as I slammed down on to Cameron’s cock. As my climax started to rise Cameron started to thrust deeply into me as he himself became overcome. He arched his body and I felt his cock pulsate inside me as a he released his sperm deep inside me. This accelerated my own climax and I shuddered and flopped forward as the waves of orgasmic contraction broke like a tsunami. I stayed impaled on Cameron’s cock, my body laying against him as we both caught our breath until his cock softened. As I got off him a torrent of sperm ran out of my cunt and covered his thigh but mostly the bed. His cock was sticky with his own sperm, my juices and the copious amount of lubricant.

“What a sticky mess, I’ll be back in a minute to deal with it,” proclaimed Madeline as she went and filled our wine glasses and also got us a jug of water and some glasses.

On her return Madeline quickly went to work on Cameron’s cock, cleaning up the slick spongy member that started to rise again from the ministrations, but did not reach its recent former glory just yet. After she had finished with Cameron she pushed me back down on to the bed and started to lick me clean. First her tongue cleaned up my vulva and inner thighs before she spread my labia and probed deeply into my cunt with her deft tongue. My pussy was still sensitive from the previous climax and I wriggled and squirmed at the stimulation. After a short period, Madeline got up from between my legs and kissed me on the lips. I could taste and smell the sex in her mouth; sweet, salty and acrid all at once. She then broke off the kiss.

“Jump off the bed for a little while will you, I need my husband,” invited Madeline.

“Cameron, get comfortable on the bed, you know what I want to do now,” she added.

Wordlessly, Cameron obliged and laid flat on his back in the middle of the bed. I watched as Madeline quickly hovered her pussy over his face before she lowering her sex on to his mouth and simply sat on her husband’s face. I watched as she he gripped his upper arms firmly, pinning him to the bed and rocked her hips back and forth across his mouth. She was facesitting — simply fucking his face.

“Suck my husband’s cock,” she demanded of me, her voice nearly overcome with lust.

I obliged willingly. I find it so arousing to suck a cock to erection, particularly a huge cock, and I could feel Madeline’s eyes follow my every effort. I started teasing the bulbous tip with my tongue and then sweeping it down the sides repeatedly. I lightly tickled his balls and also stroked his inner thighs with the points of my long nails. I could hear the occasional deep gasp from Cameron as a he stole a breath and the groaning of Madeline as she thrust back and forth across her husband’s face. It didn’t take long for her to whimper, squeal and then shudder as she started to orgasm. Madeline thrust harder, visibly pushing Cameron’s head deeper into the soft bed as she reached the height of her climax. I continued to suck Cameron’s cock as Madeline dismounted from her husband’s face.

With Cameron’s cock rock hard again I knew there would be some more action soon. I stopped sucking his cock and slid up the bed next to him and we embraced and started kissing. His towering cock pressed against my belly as we kissed deeply.

“Lay flat on the bed for me,” he whispered as his lips slid around my neck and ears.

I did so and Cameron partly spread my legs. He was precise with exactly where he wanted me to lay and exactly how far he wanted my legs open. He fingered my pussy again, slipping four fingers straight in and pushing against my enflamed clit with his broad thumb.

This was the start of the most amazing fuck I had ever had in the most amazing position, a position that I am sure only works when you have a massive dick and know how to use it. Cameron knelt with his back against me, his knees either side of my hips which stopped me opening my legs further and then with Madeline’s able assistance worked his big cock into my eager cunt. He was astride me and I had a perfect view of his toned ass and his big balls mashing against my clit. It was a visual and tactile delight as I clawed his toned cheeks. The tightness in my pussy was excruciatingly pleasurable.

“Look at your pussy stretching,” said Madeline.

Cameron wasn’t able to fuck me as deeply as before from this position but the angle made his cock feel even bigger. I could feel my pussy bulge as Cameron’s cock danced inside me. Madeline stood in front of Cameron and she stared into his eyes and they kissed deeply and repeatedly while he fucked me. I could hear her whispering to him but the words weren’t audible.

Cameron’s fucking this time was perfect tempo rubato, infusing passion into the mechanical execution, speeding up and slowing down, tormenting my pussy. My orgasm built rapidly and simply flooded through me uncontrollably. I thrashed and bucked my hips against the weight of Cameron and convulsed against the vastness wedged in my vagina.

Cameron continued to fuck me as my orgasm subsided. Finally his rhythm and energy became frenzied and as he bucked down on me hard, I felt the pulsing injection of more sperm into my birth canal. Cameron wasted no time in extracting himself with an audible plop and I felt the stickiness bubble out of my reddened and well used pussy. Madeline again licked me clean with her tickling and probing tongue. Madeline however didn’t spend long licking my temporarily satiated pussy, as she wanted some attention herself from me.

“Lick my big cunt,” she said playfully as she sprawled out on the bed.

I started to lick and nuzzle her big pussy lips, and push my tongue into her big hole. I kissed her pussy deeply and glided my tongue into her as I would her mouth. Her fingers stroked and lightly grabbed my hair as she sought more pressure.

“Deeper, lick me deeper, taste me deeply,” she demanded, and I obliged.

I repeatedly forced my tongue as far as it would go, tasting the recesses of her vast vagina. Without warning Madeline pushed me gently aside and knelt on all fours on the bed.

“Put your whole hand in me, fill my fucking cunt your with fist and fuck me hard with it,” she commanded.

Cameron came around and held her asscheeks open as I applied lubricant to my whole hand and her pussy. I slid three fingers in straight away and quickly slid in a fourth and I jabbed them rapidly into her vagina.

“Get in deep and twist your fist around inside her,” advised Cameron, “she fucking loves that”.

“Yeah, stretch my cunt,” added Madeline.

With Cameron’s assistance I finally slipped my thumb in as well and after only a dozen or so more thrusts, my hand was totally enveloped in Madeline’s distended pussy. She moaned, screamed and pushed against my thrusts.

“I’ll look after her asshole,” volunteered Cameron chivalrously.

He spread lubricant on his wife’s bumhole and got one finger and then quickly a second and then a third finger into her anal tunnel as my fist drove into her more than accommodating pussy. We fucked her holes in unison until Cameron removed his fingers from his wife’s anus and without ceremony jammed in the vibrator she had used earlier and turned it on, I could feel the vibrations in my buried hand as well, as he fucked her bum with the toy. The twin assault of my fist in Madeline’s cunt and a vibrator in her bumhole quickly led her to a climax. Madeline screamed at the height of her orgasm, and her pussy contracted powerfully against my fist, before she simply just went limp, spent and panting.

Cameron removed the toy from her bum and I slid my slick fist from Madeline’s pussy, both her holes stayed momentarily open from exertions, pulsating in time with her deep gasps.

“How was that darling?” Cameron asked of his wife.

Madeline simply groaned wordlessly, but the answer was obvious.

We all needed an extended rest after this and we showered together before Madeline prepared a sumptuous meal and we imbibed more fantastic wine. That evening though and then the next morning the fucking continued. Without going into all the detail, I toyed myself silly on two occasions; the first when Cameron’s more than substantial fist slithered and probed its way into his wife’s distended pussy, the second was when that magnificent cock was wedged into his wife’s bumhole which was fucked and filled with oozing sperm. I got to sit on Cameron’s face and ride him like I had watched Madeline do, and gained an appreciation of why she enjoyed it so much. Later Cameron straddled my face and I licked his balls, and licked and stroked his cock before he sprayed my tits with a little cum. Madeline and I rubbed our pussies together in a scissor position until we both climaxed again. Finally and with considerable effort, Cameron with Madeline’s help managed to get that monster cock into my bumhole and my anus was stretched to the limit and I received a deep injection of sperm into my colon.

I went back home Sunday and I was in ecstasy, but sore in the pussy and bumhole department. It was a small price to pay for a wicked threesome.

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