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Masked Stranger

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It is a Saturday just like any other for Isabella. She lies in bed listening to the familiar ticking of the clock as dawn creeps towards daylight. It is 4 a.m. and she resists the urge to toss and turn in this familiar state of early waking that has become her newest habit. She will not give into the frustration of it.

She has just heard Rob’s key in the door, signaling his departure for the airport. She has the whole house and the whole weekend to herself.

Isabella reaches through the semi-darkness towards her night table drawer. “This might help get me back to sleep.” She thinks, pulling out her bullet vibe, its long cord caught in the purple gel dildo as she withdraws it from her toy box. She decides to heed the tangle and make use of both toys…”Oh and why not throw in some anal beads too?” she thinks, her hand deftly searching in the darkness for the familiar latex string.

A bottle of lube glows on the night table and she reaches for it, spraying its scented silkiness on each toy. She lifts the satin sheet and notices the paleness of her taut leg in the advancing light. She spreads her butt cheeks and slowly works the anal beads inside. one, two…four…eight….ten, gasping as they nestle in snugly to the last bead before the pull ring. Her sex is tingling from the sensation of her anal canal being so full. She is definitely turned on.

Next she guides the gel dildo into her now wet pussy, angling it upward towards her G-spot. She will turn the control for vibration later. Now the familiar humming of the bullet vibe fills the room as she slides it into the soft peachy folds of her moistness, right next to her hardening clit…”There,” she thinks aloud to herself. “All filled now.” She lies back on the pillows and gives in to the soft hum of the bullet on her love button. “Mmmm…” she purrs softly and turns up the control on the dildo, feeling it pulse deep against her cervix and G-spot.

Her mind plays with the fantasy that is forever beckoning to her: lying in bed in the dark, a masked stranger enters the room, taking her completely. He is dressed in black, with a thin ski mask over his face, his body firmly athletic as he lowers himself onto the bed, onto her. She can smell him, his musky scent. He is scrubbed and fresh but for the manly smell of pheromones releasing into the soft summer air of her upstairs bedroom.

The slow hum of the vibe plays on her clit, dancing and gently strumming the chords of her sensuality. Her hand pulls at the end of the dildo, gliding it in and out of her gaping, wet pussy in a rhythmic motion, deeply withdrawing it and then quickly pushing it back inside. Her hips are writhing as her hand moves to the pull ring at the top of the anal beads, pulling just enough to feel a resistance against her tight sphincter muscle. She won’t quite pull it out for that would change the sensation of fullness. That she will save for the climax.

She imagines this masked stranger now deep inside her, as though his throbbing member is the gel dildo pushing in and out of her aching pussy. She imagines his fingers probing deeply where the anal beads are nestled. She visualizes the fingers of his other hand on her hard clit, massing the side just next to the fold of her glistening lips. Low, guttural moans escape from her chest. Isabella is quivering on the bed, sweating now as her sex is filled with toys and her mind with fantasy.

A masculine voice cuts through her reverie. Isabella catches her breath: “You know you want me!” a low tone, unfamiliar to her ears seduces, “Where do you want me, Isa?”

She shakes her head and dares not open her eyes. This is only a fantasy after all. Her lips whisper, “I want all of you inside me, deep…fill me up.” And with that she opens her hips wider, he legs spreading now as she kicks the satin sheet off for better access.

A weight bears down upon her…she feels it first on her chest, then near her wet sex. Strong masculine hands push her legs open further. Isabella’s moist pussy is aching with a desire that is only partially filled by the dildo. She feels something hard ram in next to the dildo, filling her up completely now. She still dares not open her eyes lest she ruin this mind-blowing fantasy.

Her hips begin to gyrate and buck against the firmness of the king mattress. She is enjoying this wild frenzy of stimulation on all parts of her womanhood. Her head spins with a delirium filled by sexual wanting. She is hot and sweating now, her nipples taut and her body quivering from so many sensations pulling at it. Her back arches under the weight that heaves against her.

A tightness in her pussy has her mind reeling. She cannot believe how it has seemingly tightened around the dildo, making it seem more full. Her back arches more as she still feels this weight on her.

“Isa…cum for me…now.” The strangely low voice croons softly in her ear. “Do it sexy, gush for me, gush on me….” Isabella can hear a voice resonating. Such a potent fantasy! She can almost envision this masked man.

Suddenly feeling very impaled, Isabella realizes the line between fantasy and real life is blurred; it is not play anymore. The heaviness on her chest is real and palpable. She gasps and lets her eyes open only slightly, her lids heavy. The weight on her body, pressing on her, is dressed all in black: jeans, turtleneck, complemented by a thin black ski mask! She notices his zipper is open to reveal a thickness, a hardness that is working her pussy alongside the dildo. It pulls out and then forcefully pushes back in.

“You want me…tell me that you do, Isa.”. Isabelle is scared now. This was supposed to be her fantasy and she has somehow gotten caught in a real life play in which she is the leading lady…with this strange leading man. Oh, but so sensual and sexy this is, even Isabella must admit! She decides to ride with it; this masked stranger obviously wants to please her. “I want you. Who are you?” Isabella hears the small voice caught in her own throat contradicting itself. Lips crush onto hers through the ski mask. She can taste the sweetness of his breath against her lips as he bites and nibbles her top and bottom lips alternatively. “Mmm, Isa….you taste soooo good, so hot.” His raspy voice coos against her searching mouth.

The vibrating sex toys suddenly clatter to the floor, ripped from her wetness. Hands are working the loop on the anal beads now, pulling them back and forth, pushing them deeper into her anal canal. Her head reels from this pulling sensation that sends quivers up and down her spine and tingles throughout her hot, wet sex…She is still being ridden, rammed and deeply impaled by the hard shaft of this masked stranger.

“Mmmmm…” she is aware of the low moans in her throat as his fingers probe the softness of her pussy lips, gliding back and forth between them and her hard clit. Isabella is close now, close to cumming in his hand while he rides her hard.

“I am fucking you hard, Isa…and you like it…you want it. Cum for me NOW, babe.” Isabella’s head spins at these words, her tingling giving way to the rise of a crest that crashes in a wave. The wave rolls over her mound, through her pelvis and clit, down her slit and around the opening of her pussy. Her pussy contracts, clamping and clenching the stranger inside deeper and tighter. Her thighs hold his jean-clad ones tightly; she feels her sweat on them.

The beads are suddenly pulled from within her anus as she climaxes for a second and more intense time. “Arghhhhh!” a deeper moan escapes her throat. She is caught off guard by the sensation. Her body shudders as a final intensely long wave rolls through it.

She licks her lips, now dry and searches for the face of the masked stranger. She feels a lightness once again and reaches down between her legs to feel the pool of hot liquid puddling from her pussy and onto her thighs. She takes a finger and plays in it absentmindedly. It is his cum, still warm. The air is permeated with the smell of raw sex. “Hmmmm…” she voices aloud to herself, now daring to open her eyes and as all her senses awaken to the brightness of the morning sun streaming across the pillows.

The smell of breakfast cooking catches her by surprise. That is usually the Saturday morning routine she shares with Rob, her darling Rob who is away on business this weekend.

Pulling on her robe, she finds the last strength in her legs and creeps down the stairs to the kitchen. It is now well after 8 am; Rob had left at 4! Isabella feels a trickle of cum running down her leg and catches it in the fold of her soft pink terry robe as she rounds the corner into the kitchen.

“Oh, hi babe, my trip was cancelled. You looked so good in that bed, I didn’t want to disturb you.” Rob winks as he flips the crepes.

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