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My name is Emma. I was born and grew up just outside of Buffalo New York. My father worked very hard in a plant thirteen hours a day that smelted iron ore that was brought in off of the great lakes. My mother had her hands full with my seven siblings and me. I was the eldest and had just turned eighteen in 1877 when the widowed butcher of our town that was in his late thirties asked for my hand in marriage.

As his eldest son was older than me I was mortified and spurned his proposal. My father was very angry. My mother was sympathetic but explained that I had reached an age where I needed to take stock of my options and make a decision of what I was going to do with my life. I helped her take care of the little ones and assisted my mother with the laundry that she took in to generate a little extra income, but I knew that I was a drain on the family resources.

I am no beauty but I am not ugly either just sort of plain I would guess you would say. I am tall for a girl at five foot six. I wear my brown hair long down to my waist. I have a full bust and fuller round hips that my mother’s friends said were perfect for birthing babies. I also am very smart and read every spare moment that I have in the day. I have read the bible eighteen times and made a pledge to myself to read it every year of my life anew. My girl friend Sarah says that I intimidated boys of my age. Older men on the other hand had been attracted to me for a few years because of my maturing rounded figure. I had gone to the minister of our church who after hearing of my thoughts and concerns had introduced me to the bishop who had suggested that I think about becoming a missionary. I found it an exciting prospect. I could have an adventure much like those that I read about in some of my books. The problem was that the missionary service only accepted married couples, single women were forbidden. Nonetheless I was taken into the program and then introduced to a young unmarried man in his mid twenties named Tom, who was also spouseless. Our introduction took place two weeks before I was due to leave. Tom was very religious and extremely plain to put it mildly. He had few social skills and could hardly mutter a sentence that was not somehow scripture oriented. If I wanted to go to my assigned posting in China I had no choice but to marry the young man. The bishop in a joint ceremony with five other couples married us on February 3rd 1878.

The first night of our betrothal under the covers of our bed Tom pulled up my nightdress mounted me and took my virginity with no foreplay or passion. It did not last very long, he hurt me and I bled. When he pulled out of me he knelt down by the bed and said a prayer thanking the Lord God for his blessings and begging his forgiveness for the sin that he had just committed. It was not an act that I hoped to repeat anytime soon.

A few days later our tallmasted ship left Boston Harbor. We traveled around the southern tip of South America through horrific seas that left everyone on board seasick. After more than a month and a half we reached the warm southern Pacific Ocean, which was very lovely, and our passage became an absolute pleasure. One fateful morning, however, the skies suddenly began to darken, the winds increased in intensity and the waves took on a menacing froth.

For four days our vessel, floundered in the middle of a terrible extremely strong typhoon. All of our lifeboats were swept away and our masts cracked, were broken and then lost overboard. There were more than two hundred frightened souls on board. Everyone, the crew, the families in transit to overseas postings and the single men on assignments or seeking their fortunes prayed constantly for the storm to abate and for salvation. On the second day of the storm Tom was lost overboard while trying to valiantly assist the crew in salvaging the last remaining mast. I was proud of him and I said a prayer for him. I felt badly because I did not feel like I had lost my husband. We had hardly known each other. Despite the valiant efforts of the crew the ship began taking on water and slowly sinking. After a desperate but gallant fight the ship finally sank.

I found myself clinging to a brace of the ship’s side in the water with a young man who was on a diplomatic posting to Siam. The young man’s name was Stephen and he was twenty-five years old. He had graduated from Harvard and after serving a short stint in Washington was headed for his first overseas assignment. I had seen him on the foredeck a number of times during the journey but the missionary couples on board did not interact with the other passengers, especially the single men, so we had not ever spoken before we were coupled together on the makeshift raft.

For two days we drifted in the ocean current and prayed for rescue. There was nothing we could do but talk. I got to know all about him and told him everything about myself. The weather calmed and the waves gradually became much gentler. Mercifully the cloud cover remained so that we were not subjected to the hot burning sun. On the morning of the third day we saw an island on the near horizon and began kicking to propel our flotsam toward the beach. As we got nearer we saw it was a small island with a single mountain and a beautiful white sand beach that disappeared into a forest of palms and pines. We also saw smoke coming from the island. We talked about it and convinced ourselves that the inhabitants would most certainly be our deliverance and rescue.

As we grew nearer we saw five men on the beach. Three of the men came into the surf and assisted us up onto the sand. As we recovered we learned that the three who had helped us were also survivors from the ship that we had been on. The other two men had been shipwrecked on the island for more than two years. I looked at the two men who had been on the island for so long and saw them looking at me with a raw hunger. My dress had been ravaged by the water and waves. I suddenly realized that my legs and feet were bare from my thighs down and that the tops of my breasts were also visible. I stood and moved closer to Stephen. The other men had no way of knowing my connection to Stephen and were certain to trek carefully while they calculated the synergy of the situation. Stephen had noticed the other men’s keen interest in me and put his arm around my shoulder in a possessive and comforting act.

We followed the five men off the beach and up a trail to where the two shipwrecked men had established there home over the months. They had built a rather large cabin and a couple of adjacent storage lean-tos in a clearing in the woods near a stream. All in all it was quite nice. The majestic palms and warm gentle breezes made for an ideal setting. They offered us food and fresh water. While we ate I grew very increasingly uncomfortable as every time I looked up I found the men’s smoldering eyes on me. Their names were Jake and Chad. The other three men from our ship were Chris, Adam and Samuel. Chris and Adam were sailors and Samuel was an older merchant who had been traveling to India.

During the rest of the day Jake and Chad told us about the island. There were no other inhabitants and they had had no ships come near during their lonely isolated months. I had a chance to observe the six men. They were all healthy, normal sized men in good shape. Chad was the exception as he was a huge man of more than six feet and weighing over two hundred pounds. He seemed to have the attitude and ability to kill any of the other men with his huge bare hands if he should so choose. Every few hours a couple of the men would go down onto the beach to search for other survivors or debris that may have washed ashore. Stephen stayed with me the entire time. I was extremely afraid to be left alone with Jake and Chad and he sensed that. No one else was found and we all knew that as time passed the chances for people living through the ocean ordeal was slim.

When the sun began to set Jack and Chad brought out distilled spirits that they had learned to make from the fruit that grew on the island. As the men drank their looks at me became more and more open and their talk began to focus on women and their hunger and need for female flesh. Things were getting out of control and Stephen took me into the cabin and had me make a bed a corner. Somewhere during the day he had acquired a knife and he promised to sit up and protect me as I slept. I felt that he was being very noble but I realized that at some point he was going to have to sleep and then I would be on my own and at the mercy of the other men. Inebriated, the men gradually came in and feel asleep in the cabin. When Jake and Chad came in they approached where I was trying to sleep. They saw the knife in Stephen’s hand and retired without a confrontation to their beds. There would be many days ahead and there was plenty of time. They knew that their opportunity to get me alone would be coming.

When morning came Stephen summoned everyone to the clearing. A daybreak search had revealed no other survivors. We knew that the seven of us were marooned on the island for the foreseeable future.

“It is obvious we have a problem here,” said Stephen as he took leadership of the meeting. “There appears to be enough food and water for us to survive forever. I suspect that someday that a ship will come this way and we will all be saved. It could be tomorrow or maybe in a dozen years or more.” He looked at the other five men and then at me before he spoke again. “What we do not have enough of are women.” The men mumbled and muttered in agreement. “There is no doubt in my mind that all six of us would like to have Emma in our beds at night and that every one of us is scheming of ways to make it happen.”

“I don’t need her in my bed at night,” laughed Jake “I just need to give her a good fucking.”

Stephen glared at him before he went on. “Yes we have six healthy virile men and one attractive nineteen year old woman. You all know that that is a recipe for disaster. Either we’re gong to kill each other trying to take her for our own, or protect her from one another or we’re going to all get drunk one night and gang rape her and possibly kill her in the process.” He looked at me where I sat with my head down staring my bare toes on the ground. I had figured out what he was saying for myself lying awake over night and knew that every word was true. I felt myself shaking and trembling with the reality of what I was facing and the danger that I was in.

“Do I have no say-so in this discussion?” I asked.

“It sort of depends on what you are going to say,” Stephen replied.

“I’m young and have no experience but I know that you men have very strong physical needs that only a woman can satisfy. If you will be fair and gentle and compassionate with me,” I shuddered and stifled back a sob as tears began to stream down my checks, “then I will do what you decide you want from me. I just don’t want to be hurt.”

I looked around the group and saw the raw sexual fever burning among the men. If anything what I had just said had made them more agitated and almost frantic to take me. I suddenly knew what an antelope’s last moments must feel like when surrounded by ravenous lions seconds before they are torn apart. What they all wanted and needed was being willingly offered to them. Stephen seemed embarrassed but I could see the outline of his cock swelling in his britches and knew that he too wanted badly to fuck me. I hoped that he had a plan. It was obvious that we needed one quickly or things were going to go out of control and I was likely to be raped right there and then.

“Ok here’s the plan.’ he said. “I’ve considered all of the possibilities and options and there is only one solution. We agree to this and then each guarantee the plan. All of us against the one who cheats. The punishment is death. Agreed?” He asked.

“Let’s hear the plan first,” Jake sneered.

“We’re all anxious to screw Emma,” I looked up at him as he voiced what all six men were feeling and knew that it was about to happen. The coarseness of his speech and deeper tone of his voice hinted at the building level of his lustful fever for me. I suddenly felt a funny warmth in my groin and a wetness like I had peed. “There are six of us and seven days in the week. Each of us will have her for one day to enjoy. The seventh day she will have to herself and no one will bother her. We will determine our order by a drawing of numbers from this bowl.” He said holding up a bowl made from the husk of a coconut.

“To hell with your god damned drawing,” yelled Chad. “If I get a bad draw I’m not waiting a week to fuck the bitch.”

“If you’ll let me finish,” Stephen yelled back. “I know that’s a problem so after the drawing we’ll each get her for a couple of hours through today and then starting tomorrow we’ll take our regular days.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I knew that it was in fact the only solution. The men would never sit idly by for five or six days waiting their turn. I needed somehow to take the long pent up edge off their sexual hunger and then they might be satisfied to wait for their weekly day of pleasure with me.

The men all made guttural sounds of agreement and nodded. “Then it’s agreed?” Stephen asked. “If anyone violates the agreement it will be a capital offense and they will sacrifice their lives.” The men looked at each other gauging the potential trust possible. I didn’t think they trusted each other at all. Especially not Chad and Jake but they all wanted to take me and this was the only way they were going to get between my thighs without having to fight the other five for the right to do so. It was doubtful the agreement would hold up over time but for now it provided an equitable way for them to have me.

“This is a pact with each other and with Emma,” said Stephen in conclusion. “We will protect her, not harm her and respect her wishes. In return we will each have the rights that a husband would have to mate with her and sleep with her.” I looked around the circle of men that were trying to have a rational discussion about how to share me and fuck me. Outside of Stephan I did not believe that any one of them cared a bit about me, they just wanted to insure that I would be there for their pleasure when their time came. In a world turned upside down it was a reasonable solution to a dangerous problem.

I took a measure of then men who were going to become my husbands as Stephen called it. All of the men were fully bearded. Samuel who was the oldest had a few touches of gray in his dark beard. As they spoke they all looked at me with looks that I had never seen before. Their raw sexual yearning and hunger for me was so intense that I knew they were having a difficult time controlling their passions. I noticed that the men were fidgety and that they all seemed to occasionally rub their groins and adjust the way they were sitting. I felt dizzy and lightheaded. I couldn’t look at them anymore; my body was trembling and shaking with fear. I wrapped my arms around my knees and pulled them up to my chest. I knew that it exposed my legs and rear to a greater degree but at that point it no longer mattered.

“What happens when we impregnate her” Adam, one of the sailors asked. I shuddered and knew that I had begun to softly whimper. What he was saying was beyond doubt true. There was no way that I could have six men screwing me regularly and not end up with child in short order.

“My understanding,” Stephen said “Is that we can still fuck her when she is pregnant up until she gives birth and then depending on how much she tears a few days or weeks later we can enjoy her again.” The men looked at each other and nodded. I could not believe that I was sitting there listening to this conversation.

“Besides,” interjected Chad with a leer in my direction. There is more than one way to get pleasure your from a woman.” All the men laughed at my expense, as at that moment I did not know what they were talking about.

The drawing took place and Samuel got number one followed to my dismay by Chad who pulled the number two out of a bowl followed by Stephen with number three. I had been praying that Stephen would be number one. Adam was four; Jake five and Chris got the final number.

Chad stood up walked over to me and took me by the hand and started to lead me into the cabin. “I don’t give a shit about your stupid numbers game. I’ve been here the longest without some pussy and I’m going to fuck her first.”

The other men surrounded us. Stephen pulled the knife from his waist and confronted the much larger man. “If that is the way you’re going to be then we might as well get this over with right here and now.” Chad looked at the other men and knew that as big as he was he could not take five equally tough men at the same time.

“You’re a pretty bossy asshole,” he said as he let go of my hand and stepped nose to nose with Stephen. “I think you and I are going to need to have a private conversation at some point when your little friends aren’t around to protect you.” He turned back towards me and slapped me hard on the butt. “Enjoy your time with this old man,” he said nodding his head towards Samuel. “I’ll give you a real man cock and a proper fucking in a couple of hours.”

Stephen looked at me and something unspoken traveled between our eyes. I knew that our souls had connected on the raft and if circumstances were different that we might have made had something together. As odd as it was and in a strange way he was protecting me. “Emma use the word red,” he said as he looked directly at Chad. “If anyone hurts you or does anything that you want them to stop just start screaming the word red and the rest of us will come to your assistance. If we don’t hear that word we will assume anything we hear is consensual.”

“That’s bullshit,” Chad said. “I’ll fuck the bitch any way that I want to and she’ll get to like it. Cunts don’t know what they want, especially young twats like this one. They need to be trained.” He looked at the other men each in turn. “Don’t be surprised assholes if after she’s had me she won’t want any of you anymore.” He stepped up near Samuel. “I’ll be here in two hours old man. Make sure she’s ready for a real man’s cock.” He turned and walked away and down the beach.

Stephen watched him go and then took an hourglass that had washed ashore and turned it over. “Your two hours starts now,” he said as Samuel took me by my hand and led me into the cabin.

Inside the cabin there was a mattress on the floor that the men had made from straw and palm fronds. I stood next to it and trembled as Samuel took what was left of my dress off of me and then had me pull off all of my tattered undergarments. I did not know what to expect having had only the one painful unsatisfactory sexual experience with my husband. I anticipated that I was to be horribly tortured and hurt by the men over the course of the rest of the day as they took their pleasure and achieved their lustful release inside me.

Samuel looked at me in the soft filtered light of the room. “You are a lovely young woman,” he said as he pulled off his own clothes. I had seen my brothers nude but never a grown man naked. I had certainly never seen a man sporting a quickly swelling erection. He came up next to me and gently kissed me on the lips. I suddenly realized that a man had never properly kissed me. His lips felt wonderful on mine and I kissed him back enthusiastically. I felt his tongue and opened my lips to give him access. Samuel pulled me close and sandwiched his erection between our bellies. I could feel his hardness throb and an explicable growing excitement in my loins. His hands massaged my naked rear sending sparks racing around my body.

Leaving my lips he began to softly kiss my neck. “You remind me of my wife on our wedding night. So sweet, so innocent and so tender. I must have you,” he said as he laid me down upon the roughly hewn mattress. His lips returned to mine and his hand began to massage my breasts and tease my hardening nipples. He dropped his head to my right breast kissing around the soft mound before taking the nipple into his mouth and beginning to suck. No man had ever sucked on my nipples much less kissed my breasts and I discovered I liked it greatly. I moaned in response to the sensations his suckle was generating within my body. Reaching up I rubbed the top of his shoulders gently with my fingers.

I felt his left hand begin to rub my thigh and then pull it towards him spreading me somewhat open and exposing my private area. His fingers began to massage the hairy section between my legs and then went lower into the folds of my pussy. When I had bathed I had touched myself there before and had found that it was an enjoyable experience. In the rare moments of privacy that I had had in our small house I had even experimented a little and had found that if I touched myself in certain spots that I sent a shiver through my body but I knew it was sinful and had always felt guilty afterwards.

I was very wet and slippery between my legs and Samuel used the slickness to tenderly rub the engorged exterior folds. I jerked when his fingers found a wonderfully sensitive spot at the top of my opening and began to massage the hard little nub that was there. I spread my legs further apart to give him greater access. “That feels wonderful,” I said. “Please don’t stop.”

What Samuel did next was something that I would never have expected and which shocked me. He rose up and moved over between my thighs. I braced myself for the intense pain, as I was certain that he was going to mount me and begin to fuck. Instead he leaned down and kissed my pussy and took the little nub that he had been teasing with his fingers between his lips and began to suck on it. I screamed from the unexpected pleasure and knew that the men waiting for their turns outside most certainly heard me. If anyone had asked me about a man placing his face and lips on my genitals I would have told them that this was totally disgusting and unacceptable. It was something I would never allow. But the reality of it was breathtaking. As the man nibbled on my bud and then began to lap and lick my juices I found myself going wild with yearning.

I reached down and grabbed his head and pushed him more firmly between my legs. I began to moan and instinctively moved my hips back and forth over his mouth. His tongue attacked me with great fervor and craving and I opened myself completely to his assault. Suddenly it dawned on me that I was no different then the men were and that I had a burning need and desire to be fucked just as they had a need to fuck me. “Please, please,” I begged. “Please take me, take me now. I desperately need to feel you inside of me.” I didn’t know what the other men outside were able to hear and how it would affect them. I really didn’t care if the sounds of my screams of passion excited them to an even greater passion to have me and use me. In the worst way I wanted to be used and I was going to be there on my back for them when they came for me. If they were all able to bring me this type of excitement and pleasure then they were welcome to take turns and fuck me around the clock.

Samuel climbed up my body and took one of my nipples back into his mouth and began to chew on it. I felt the head of his cock nestle into the folds of my cunt. My body had been spewing forth my slick lubricant for some time and I was ready to be bred. He slid easily into me. His need was great and he thrust himself deep until his pubic bone came snug up against mine. It was nothing at all like what I had felt when my husband had taken my virginity. That time I had only felt pain for a few short seconds. This time I felt exquisite pleasure and fullness from the swollen shaft of my new lover. Like the dogs I had seen on our farm in New York the man began to pull in and out of me as he began to hump and fuck my body. I lifted my hips to him and kissed him wantonly as he found my lips and began to suck on them.

I tasted myself on his lips and it was more than I could bear. Suddenly I felt every nerve in my body begin to tingle, a hotness sweep over me and then an explosion of intense spasms took control and I began to scream from the unimaginable pleasure he was bringing to me. I had never heard of an orgasm so when my first one claimed me I was unprepared. I did not know what was happening and could not believe that this intense joy was possible outside of heaven. I arched my back to bring him deeper into me and I felt my cunt begin to grab at Samuel’s pistoning shaft as my body shook and squirmed beneath him. He could not restrain himself any further and in a second his body began to move in a very different manner and I felt a hot flood spread through me as he began to spray his sperm into my willing vagina.

When he had emptied himself inside me he collapsed on me and began to kiss my lips and tell me how lovely, wonderful and satisfying I was. I thought that that would be the end of our intimate time together and started wondering what would happen to me when Chad’s turn came in short order. But less than ten minutes later he rose off of me and turned me over on my stomach. “Get on you hands and knees,” he said. When I did so he nuzzled up behind me, placed his hands on my ass, slid his cock back into my wet cunt and began to fuck me again. He had taken his edge off and as I howled and had one powerful orgasm after another he continued to hump me and take his satisfaction from the physical act. For more than a half an hour he fucked me, occasionally changing the angle of his thrust as he sank back into me. I never knew it would be like this and wondered how I was going to be able to physically handle six virile men if they were all like Samuel and the mating was to be this intense every time.

At long last he again emptied himself into me. He lay down next to me and took my sweat-covered body in his arms for a few minutes and gently rubbed his hand on my soft tummy where he had deposited his lively sperm. I was quickly learning that I did not know much about the act of human copulation but was reasonable certain that he had made a noble effort in impregnating me. Samuel kissed me on the forehead and then knowing that his time with me was soon up gathered up his clothes and left the cabin. I could hear the men outside whoop and holler as he emerged back into the daylight.

I laid naked on the mattress while my breathing and heartbeat returned closer to normal. I started to drift off into sleep when I heard something and looked up to find Chad standing over me. He had already discarded his clothing and was simply standing there stroking his cock that was bigger than anything that I believed was possible on a man.

“Looks to me like you need a good fucking baby. No way that old man gave you what you need,” He fell to his knees near my head. His enormous cock was just inches from my face. “Suck it bitch,” he said and placed the purple plum head against my soft lips.

“No” I said as I tried to push him away.

“I taught Jake to suck me good and with those sweet lips you’ll learn to do it too,” he said as he grabbed my hair in one hand and my jaw in another and pried open my lips. He rammed the rubbery head of his cock between my teeth and warned me that he would kill me if I bit him. My mouth was full of his manhood even though he was only about a third of the way in. “Suck it woman!” he said menacingly. To placate him I rubbed my tongue around that part of his rod that I could reach and heard him grunt as I hit sensitive nerve endings. With his right hand he maintained his hold on my wet hair while with his left hand he began to maul my tits and painfully pinch my nipples.

“You’re one fine piece of ass,” he said as he bucked his hips forward a little and forced his cock deeper into my mouth and partway down my throat. I suddenly realized that my protection was the word red and there was no way I was going to say anything with my mouth stuffed full of the big man’s cock. “I’ve been way, way too long without a pussy. Jake’s mouth and ass are just no substitute for the real thing. Those bastards have another thing coming if they think I’m going to share you with them. You’re going to be my cunt and only my cunt.” He began to rock on his knees and fuck my mouth effectively choking off my air.

Just when I felt like I was going to black out from a lack of oxygen he suddenly pulled his cock out and climbed between my thighs. As terrified as I was by Chad and what he had just done to me I had given my word to the men that I would go along with them and be their woman if they treated me right. Samuel certainly had pleased me and deep down inside I was, in a masochistic way, wondering what sex would be like when Chad began to fuck my pussy with his huge cock. I didn’t have long to find out. As wet and slippery as I was from my juices and the remnants of Samuels ejaculations seeping out from inside of me I felt like I was being split in two as Chad rammed his cock into my cunt. I screamed in pain and pleasure as he stretched me impossibly wide and sank deep until he rudely collided with my cervix. Where as Samuel had been tender Chad used me as though I wasn’t even there. The man weighed way over two hundred pounds and each time he thrust into me he did it with a force and fury that jarred me. My body was putty in his hands as he pounded his pole ruthlessly into my body. I heard myself screaming and the line between pleasure and pain was crossed so many times that I was uncertain which I was responding to.

He pulled out of me and turned me over as Samuel had done. I heard a disturbance outside of the cabin but my mind was foggy and I had no idea what was going on. Instead of sliding his cock back in my cunt from behind I felt the huge head touch my asshole and begin to push. The slick juices covered my ass and allowed the head of his cock to pop through the tight muscles of my asshole. The pain was searing and unbearable and I madly screamed and shouted red over and over and over again. I am not certain what happened next as I was half unconscious. I heard cursing and then fighting all around me. Bodies seemed to be flying around me and on top of me. I heard screams and then something hit me in the head and I passed out.

When I awoke it was very dark and I was covered in a blanket. Stephen was holding me in his arms and gently rocking me while he stroked my brow. My vision was blurry but after a few moments I was able to see Adam and Samuel sitting across the cabin from us watching.

“Where is everyone?” I asked. I was most concerned about Chad dragging me off somewhere and picking up where he had left off.

“They’re dead,” Stephen said matter of factly. “When you were screaming I tried to get to you but the others held me back because of our pledge. They said that you had agreed and each of us was going to enjoy you how we wanted to as long as you went along. But when you started screaming red we all came in. Chad didn’t like it and attacked me and Jake sided with him. Together”, he said looking at Adam and Samuel “we were able to kill them.”

Where’s Chris?” I asked.

“We lost him in the fight. Chad killed him,” Samuel said.

I started to cry. “I’m so sorry,” I said sobbing. “It was all my fault. I just couldn’t take it even after I promised, he was just so big and it felt like he was killing me.”

Stephen hugged me and kissed me on the top of my head. “He would have killed you Emma. If we had not stopped him he would have split your ass open and you would certainly have certainly bled to death. There is nothing we could have done.”

I stopped my crying. “Are you alright Samuel?” I asked. He nodded.

I noticed that Adam had his arm in a sling and blood covered his shirt. “And you Adam? You look like you’ve been hurt.”

“I’m fine Emma, just a scratch” he responded.

I looked at the three of them and they sheepishly looked back at me. “I don’t think we can do this the way we had planned.” I said. The men seemed disappointed and concerned. “I’ve learned something about myself that was unexpected over the past few hours.”

“What was that?” Stephen asked.

I turned around, reached out and laid my hand on the front of his pants and began to caress his cock. “I like being a woman. I like the way I feel when a man takes me.” The blanket fell off of me and I was once again lying naked in front of the men. I felt Stephen’s cock growing in the palm of my hand. “Even with Chad there were times when I was excited and knew I was who and where I was meant to be.” Stephen shifted his body so that his cock, which had gotten bound up in his pants, could continue to swell. “If you men are comfortable with it I will be your woman anytime you want. You work it out amongst yourselves how you want this to work. As far as I am concerned from this moment on if you want me all you have to do is take me by the hand, undress me and enjoy me. Twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. You can take me individually or together. I really don’t care I just want to be made love to.”

Stephen looked over at Samuel and Adam. They both smiled and nodded. They understood that my now uninhibited nineteen-year-old body was theirs to enjoy. Stephen stood up and took off his clothes, as did the other two men. I looked at the three of them and saw my foreseeable future and three beautiful engorged cocks for me to enjoy.

They carried me back over to the mattress and Stephen climbed between my thighs, slid into my wet swollen pussy and began to hump in and out. I wrapped my long legs around him and pulled him tight against me as picked up speed and energy. Samuel motioned towards Adam who knelled down near my head. I opened my mouth and took him between my lips. I reached up and tenderly kneaded his balls with my fingertips while I caressed his rod with my tongue. As the two men began to fuck me Samuel leaned down and gently sucked on my nipples. I had come to the Far East to spread the word of God and had found paradise marooned on an isolated island. Heaven had come and found me. Adam grabbed my head and began to shoot his cum down my throat as Stephen thrust hard and sprayed his burning hot semen into my belly. I found myself praying that we would never be found.

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