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Mardi Gras Party

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Maxwell Anderson Jr., or Max to most of his friends, had waited years to be allowed to attend his parent’s annual Mardi Gras party. It was considered by many in their social circles to be the grandest party of the season. Max’s mother, Edwina Anderson, was born and raised in New Orleans, and left when she married Maxwell Sr. so he could take a position that ultimately led to his running his own law firm. Edwina, like so many other wives of wealthy and successful husbands, was a ‘bored housewife’ who did charity work, worked out, and drank too much.

Max knew his parents’ marriage was more about appearances than anything else, but on some level, he believed they still loved each other in their own way. Max was the middle child, his older sister Rosaline was a legal intern at their father’s law office, and his younger brother Alexander was in college to become a doctor. Max had just graduated in Business Management and was working for a corporation run by Mr. Thornton Hudson, a friend of his parents.

Max, like his brother, was tall, with thick black hair and a muscular build. His sister had the same black hair but a more slender build. The key difference was he had green eyes, his sister had ice blue eyes, and his brother had gray eyes. Max was friends with the sons or daughters of most of the guests who would be coming to his parents’ party, and looked forward to seeing some of them, and their parents. The dress code was tuxedos for the men, evening gowns for the women, and everyone had to wear some form of a mask. Max had chosen a basic black tuxedo and a green mask that matched his eyes. The house was decorated with colorful beads and streamers, giving the whole ‘New Orleans’ feel to the party. Edwina hired a local jazz band to keep the party rolling and provide music for dancing. Though Max wasn’t much of a fan of jazz, he understood it was part of the party’s theme and enjoyed dancing.

The guests began to arrive about 5 pm, and it was clear they came dressed to impress. Most of the men were wearing basic black tuxedos and simple masks, but the women were in elegant evening gowns and wearing some of the most exquisite and ornate masks Max had ever seen. Every woman Max saw was wearing thousands of dollars of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or other precious stones with gold and silver, in form fitting gowns with varying levels of cleavage showing. To him, it seemed like the ladies were playing, ‘who could out-bling whom,’ a game he never understood. Max had brought his on-again, off-again girlfriend Suzette, who was wearing a short, sexy dress and matching mask. Max didn’t want to bring a date, but his parents did say he could bring someone, which meant they didn’t want him to be dateless. Suzette tried to guess who was who behind the masks, and Max found that annoying. He enjoyed the air of mystery that came with an event like this, even if some of the guests were more easily recognizable than others.

Soon the party was in full swing, the band played assorted jazz songs, and Max and Suzette danced a bit, but she complained her feet hurt and decided to sit down. Max spotted his boss, Mr. Hudson, talking with his dad and some other men. Mr. Hudson wasn’t hard to miss since he was such a burly man with graying brown hair. Mr. Hudson was also a notorious flirt with the ladies, especially the younger ones, and it was rumored that he was having an affair with his assistant who was Max’s age. Max decided he needed a drink, and asked Suzette, who politely declined. He walked to the bar and ordered himself a Martini. A petite blonde woman in a form-fitting strapless wine gown stepped up. Her dress showed off a lot of cleavage. Around her neck, she wore a simple diamond-drop pendant that sat elegantly on her chest, and her mask matched her dress with silver trim around the edges that covered her forehead and cheeks, but not her nose or full, luscious lips. He noticed she wasn’t going for the most ‘bling for your buck’ but rather went for a more simple elegance that he found sexy. Though he didn’t know who she was, there was an air of familiarity to her.

“What can I get you ma’am?” asked the bartender.

“Champagne please,” she said. Max found her voice soft and sexy.

“Coming right up,” said the bartender.

“Nice mask,” said Max.

The woman smiled and it seemed to light up her face. “Thanks. You too.”

Max’s eyes were drawn to this mysterious woman. Her blonde hair hung in curls over her bare shoulders and down her back. The amazing view of cleavage, unmarred by the necklace she wore, gave Max a naughty sexual shiver. “Did you match the dress to the mask, or the mask to the dress?”

“Actually, a friend of my son’s made the mask to match the dress.”

Max had an idea who the mask maker was when he asked, “Is your son here?”

“Somewhere, as is my daughter.”

Max nodded. He was sure he knew one or both of her children, but he decided he’d rather not know who she was, especially since the mystery added to the fun of the night. He sipped his Martini and said, “This is quite a party.”

“Your first time?”

“Yes. You?”

“No. My husband and I have been coming for years… and years,” she said with an air of sadness, then smiled, sipped her drink and continued. “But then, we usually hit all the major social events, though I must admit, I like this one the best.”

Max was sure the woman knew who he was and was trying to be polite, yet he was curious about her statement. “May I ask why?”

“Well, Mrs. Anderson does such a wonderful job with the decoration and to be honest, she’s kept to a specific theme or motif. So often everyone tries to do what’s ‘in’ if you will, but this is always Mardi Gras. Formal wear, elegant masks, a great local jazz band, and Cajun food. That’s why I like it. It has an air of familiarity. Have you ever been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras?”

“Couple of times. In fact, I went last year and had a wonderful time. You?”

“Sadly, never. My husband is a very busy man and has never seen the need to travel to Louisiana when Mrs. Anderson brings it here.”

“Well now, that’s a true crime!” exclaimed Max. “Everyone should experience Mardi Gras at least once in their lifetime.”

“Hmm, you think so?”

“I know so.”

The woman sipped her champagne then said, “Well, since my children are grown now, maybe I’ll go next year. It’s not like I’d miss this party since she holds it before the real one anyway.”

“There you go,” said Max finishing his drink. “Would you like to dance?”

The woman smiled and finished her drink. “Sure, thank you.”

Max took her hand and escorted her out to the dance floor. He noticed Suzette was busy flirting with some men near the buffet table and didn’t even notice he was dancing with this woman. He took the woman’s hand into his and they danced gracefully together, gliding across the floor. It was now that he saw her bright blue eyes behind the mask as he looked down at her. He also thoroughly enjoyed staring at her cleavage from behind his mask. “You’ve got beautiful eyes.”

“Thank you,” she said, smiling. “Oh, and your eyes match your mask. How clever.”


“Yes, most men just go for the basic black or the occasional white. You actually thought about your mask. I like it.”

Max smiled, pleased she noticed something Suzette failed to do. “Well I thank you ma’am, I actually did pick it for the exact reason you mentioned.”

They danced together for a few songs, then decided to part for a few minutes as she needed the powder room, though he didn’t want to let her leave. Max noticed Suzette was now flirting with his boss and it upset him, since he didn’t need her screwing up his job. He’d only brought her because his mom didn’t want him to be alone, but he was pissed she was being such a flirt, especially since she was supposed to be his date. He thought about saying something to her, but decided against it because, truthfully, he really didn’t care. Now he could end things with her once and for all, and move on. He’d only started dating her because she let him fuck her on their first date, and she let him fuck her ass anytime he wanted. Though he enjoyed fucking her, they had little else in common, and it made for a difficult relationship. He knew there were rumors about her fucking every guy in their age group, and a few of their fathers.

A young man walked up and said, “Looks like Suzette moving on to her next target.”

Max turned to see his friend Christian Edwards, wearing a cobalt blue mask. “I just wish it wasn’t my boss,” said Max.

“Who was the lady you were dancing with?”

“Don’t know. I never asked her name.”

“Why not?”

“I enjoyed the air of mystery. I like the illusion that she’s a mysterious and exotic woman I could ultimately seduce and fuck.”

“Careful now Max, didn’t you go down that road before?”

“Yeah, and luckily for me her husband was a lousy shot.”

“True. But was she worth it?”

“If you mean the sex, then yes. Older women are such amazing fucks. And for the record, she wasn’t the only one. Just the only one I got caught with.”

“What if it was your mom?”

“You think she hasn’t fucked one of my friends by now… Christian?” Max gazed into Christian’s brown eyes with a knowing look.

Christian held a firm gaze before he dropped his head and said, “When did you find out?”

“I’d love to say just now, but I’ve known for a while. There were rumors of you and a MILF, and it didn’t take me long to figure out it was you and her. Look man, I don’t fucking care, you’re an adult and I know my old man’s been fucking around on my mom for years. Why did it end?”

“Honestly, it was mutual. Your mom’s a great lady and part of me wishes it hadn’t ended, but we’ve both moved on.”

“So now who are you fucking?”

“Honestly Max,” sighed Christian, “I was fucking Suzette.”

Max nodded. “No worries man, I knew she was a whore. I only brought her because I knew I could fuck her.”

“Suzette’s looking for a new sugar daddy. You think Mr. Hudson would–”

“Nope. He’s too cheap and lazy. He wouldn’t even fuck her if she was on top.”

The two men laughed and the mysterious woman in the wine gown reappeared. She smiled at Max and Christian then walked to the buffet table and fixed herself a small plate of food. “Who is she? She looks so familiar,” said Christian.

“I know. I feel the same way. However, I know who she’s not. She’s not my mom; she’s not Mrs. Cutler, and she’s not Mrs. Edwards.”

The two men laughed and decided to get some food. Max noticed his mystery lady sitting alone and picking at her food while he fixed himself a plate. He bade Christian goodbye and walked over to her.

“May I join you?”

She looked up and smiled, “Please.” She motioned for him to join her in the empty seat.

As Max sat down he asked, “Where’s your husband?”

She blew out a breath and said, “Doing what he does best, flirting with younger women.”

“You sound hurt.”

The woman took a drink from her champagne then said, “Not really anymore. But you’d just think after twenty plus years and two kids he’d treat me a bit better. You know, remember he’s here with me, and do his flirting when I wasn’t around.”

“You don’t look old enough to have two kids. You can’t be more than 25.”

She smiled. “You’re a wonderful liar, sweetie. I’d bet money I’m twice your age.”

“So what? Age is only a number. Besides, there is no way you’re that old.”

“My youngest child is 19.”

“Well, let me say that you don’t look old enough to have a child that old, so you must have been about five or six when he or she was born.”

“She, and no I wasn’t you shameless flirt.”

“So two girls?”

“No. I have one boy, he’s 22. I’m sure you know them.”

“I probably do, but I’m not interested in them.”

“Oh? Who are you interested in then?”

“Well to be fully honest… you.”

The woman choked on her champagne and her cheeks flushed. Max patted her back but no one seemed to notice. “Okay, who sent you?”

Max was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Oh come on,” she exclaimed. “You’re not the first one to hit on me. The problem is none of you boys can put your money where your mouth is. So, who sent you to hit on me? I know many of the ladies here enjoy the company of younger men like yourself and they’ve been badgering me for months to hook up with one.”

“Well now, that sounds like a challenge.”

“Are you up for it?” she asked, then laughed. “Oh who am I kidding. I turned 45 last November. I’m old, fat, and ugly, and I’ll be damned to become your latest MILF conquest.”

“You? Old, fat, and ugly? Well, speaking for myself, you’re not old, 45 is still very young. You’re only fat compared to a skinny-ass toothpick girl who is nothing but skin and bones with no tits and no ass, and for being ugly, though I can only see part of your face, what I can see is quite beautiful. And in regards to you being a ‘MILF conquest’, yes, I have enjoyed the company of an older, more mature woman, but by no means was she a ‘MILF conquest’, as you called it, and neither are you.”

The woman blushed and turned away. “You don’t mean that.”

Max reached over, cupped her chin in his hand to turn her face to his. “My dear lady, I have always found curves to be sexy, and I must say you’ve got the sexiest curves I’ve seen all night. In fact, I’d say you’re sexier than any other lady I’ve had the pleasure of sharing company with.”

She looked up at him and smiled. “Are you just saying this to fuck me?”

Max knew she was right, but on some level, it was a bit more because he did find her attractive. “Well, to be fully honest, I do want to fuck you so hard you’ll be begging me for more. I want to fuck that sweet mouth, that round ass, and that tight pussy. I want to eat you until you cum on my face, and then fuck you raw. But if you think I’m saying what I said just to fuck you, then no. I really meant every word.”

She was visibly shocked by his outburst, as was Max. He had never been so honest with a woman before, and he blamed it on the fact he’d had four or five Martinis. Yet something about her sad blue eyes made him want to be fully honest with her. “Well, I will give you credit for your honesty. And you’re a hell of a dancer. To be honest, I haven’t danced with a man in a long time.”

“Would you like to dance again then?” he asked.

She smiled. “I’d love to.”

Max took her hand and led her to the dance floor. The band began to play a slow tune than allowed him to pull her close and rub his erection into her stomach. He could smell her perfume and enjoyed the view of her full, round breasts in the dress. One hand held hers tightly while the other rubbed her back and brushed her ass. He noticed her breathing became very labored and he was sure she was becoming aroused.

He leaned down and whispered, “My offer still stands.”

She blushed and whispered, “I’m not a slut.”

“I know. But you have needs now don’t you?”


“When was the last time someone met your needs?”

“It’s been a long while.”

“How about just some oral? Let me eat your pussy and in turn, you can give me a blowjob. Come on, even former presidents have enjoyed their share of oral.”

She giggled, and he could see by the look in her eyes that she was considering his proposal. “We’ll get caught.”

“No we won’t. I doubt we’ll even be missed. And I’ll bet you taste sweeter than honey,” purred Max.

“Oh, okay. But not in a bathroom. In a bedroom.”

Max smiled wickedly. “Come on, I know just where to go.”

Max took her hand and let her to the stairs. “What if someone sees us?”

“Look around, can you see anyone?”

She looked but saw no one. “If you don’t want to, it’s cool with me,” he lied, hoping she wouldn’t back out.

She sighed. “N-n-no, let’s do it.”

Max knew she was getting nervous and he didn’t want to miss his chance to enjoy this amazing woman, so he quickly led her upstairs and into his bedroom. Once the door was shut, he locked it and asked, “May I kiss you?”

The look of surprise in her eyes spoke volumes. “You’re asking to kiss me?”

He grinned sheepishly and said, “Well, yeah. I don’t want you to be scared.”

“What about my mask?”

“Keep it on please. It adds to the sexiness and I like the air of mystery.”

“Will you keep yours on?”

“Of course,” he said smiling wickedly, slowly moving toward her. “It adds to the fun.”

“So, do you want to know my name?”

“No,” he whispered, stepping up to her, touching the edge of her face with his finger just under her mask. “And to be fair, I won’t tell you mine either.”

He kissed her softly at first, then forced his tongue into her mouth. She resisted briefly then accepted his tongue while his hands began to caress her breasts. He pushed the top of her dress down, pulled her breasts out and fondled them. He could tell quickly they were real and she liked his touch. He tugged on her nipples, rolling them between his fingers. He kissed her cheeks, under her mask, nibbled her earlobes and whispered, “I knew your kisses would be amazing.”

“Thank you,” she whispered breathlessly.

Max kissed down her neck and down to her breasts. She gasped as he kissed the ripe flesh down to the left nipple. He noticed her nipples and areolas were smaller than the other older women he’d been with, and made him think of pink pebbles, while he sucked it into his mouth. The woman moaned softly and ran her fingers though his black hair, careful not to disturb his mask. He kissed across her breasts and suckled the right nipple, then kissed back up her chest to her mouth. She kissed him harder and with more passion than before. Her breathing became more ragged. Finally, she pushed him back and growled, “Give me your cock.”

Max was surprised with her response. “What?”

“I want your cock,” she said breathlessly. “Now.”

Max smiled, quickly unzipped his tuxedo trousers, pushed his cummerbund up, and pulled his cock out while she grabbed some pillows and threw them on the floor. She lifted up her dress slightly, knelt down before him on the pillows and grabbed his steel rod. She could see the black hair that led from his abdomen to his penis smelling the faint aroma of his arousal. The mushroom-cap tip was shiny with pre-cum, the veins were bulging from the sides, and his scrotum was drawn up, the skin was wrinkled and dark. She had never seen an uncircumcised male before outside of an anatomy textbook, and was intrigued by the foreskin. It made her think of a policeman’s billy club – long and hard enough to be a dangerous weapon. He moaned softly as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, pushing the foreskin down a bit, knowing she had to put this in her mouth and taste his youthfulness.

She looked up and asked, “Are you willing to trust me?”

“Would you be here if I didn’t?”

“Is your foreskin sensitive?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said, somewhat breathlessly. “There are a lot of nerves and blood vessels in it. I’m so glad my parents didn’t have me cut like most baby boys.”

She slowly pushed the skin on his cock’s shaft toward his abdomen, his foreskin flipped over his glans. “It’s interesting the way it slides over the head of your cock,” she observed, “like a little turtleneck that keeps the end of it warm.”

Max smiled. “I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but it feels good.”

She smiled and kissed the head of his cock, licked the fluid off, her hand still wrapped around the shaft, then slid it into her mouth. Max gasped, feeling the heat of her mouth surround his cock. He watched her head slide back and forth, taking more of his cock into her mouth until her chin hit his balls, her hand had freed his cock and he could feel the head in her throat.

“Sweet Jesus! Have you always sucked cock like this?”

“Mm-hmm,” she moaned on his cock and winked up at him.

“Does your husband know you suck cock like this?”

She slid back, removed his cock from her mouth, holding it with her hand, and said, “It’s why he married me, of course. But he hasn’t let me suck him off in years.”



She slid his cock back into her mouth and licked, sucked, occasionally let her teeth drag along the side, and gave him his first deep throat blowjob. He thought to himself, if he were married to her, he’d have her suck his cock at least once a day. She reached around and held his ass while Max held her head and began to fuck her mouth. He could feel her tongue play with his foreskin and it added to the sensations that were racing through is body.

“Oh fuck! Your mouth is so amazing! I’ve never fucked anyone’s mouth as incredible as yours. Oh, fuck lady! I’m going to cum soon!”

Max began to pump his hips and thrust into her mouth until he felt his load shoot into her throat. She gagged briefly but he felt her swallow his seed until he was drained. He pulled his semi-hard cock out and she smiled asking, “Well?”

“Your husband’s a fucking idiot. Now, sit on the bed please. I’ve got to taste your pussy.”

He helped her up and sat her on his bed. He slid the pillows she was using for herself with his foot, pushed the skirt of her dress up and saw her sexy matching thong panties just above her thigh high stockings. He could see the dark stain telling him of her arousal. He knelt down on the pillows, reached up and traced his finger along the edge of her panties. She gasped; he pressed his nose against the material and said, “You smell amazing.”


He reached up, slid her panties down her legs, over her shoes, and into his pocket. He gazed at the curly blonde pubic hair that led to his favorite place. He could tell she kept it neatly trimmed, but not fully shaved and wondered if she did this for herself, or the neglectful husband who probably didn’t appreciate such care and maintenance.

“Would you mind keeping your shoes and stockings on?”

“Not at all,” she said.

Max took a deep breath; the scent of her arousal tickled his nostrils and made his cock thicken. In his mind, there was no greater aroma than that of a woman’s natural arousal, and something about hers seemed to please him like none before. Her labia glistened with moisture, making the pink flesh seem to glow as it darkened toward the center. Her clitoral hood seemed to be pushing out, like it was trying to peek at him. His attention was only broken by the aching, throbbing sensation of his hardening cock, adding to his desire and anticipation of hopefully fucking this beautiful, masked, mysterious woman. He smiled and kissed her labia gently. She moaned softly; he licked from the base of her vulva to her clit.

“Mmmmm, you taste even better.”

“Ooooohhh, thanks.”

He slid two fingers into her wet pussy and began to suck her clit. The hood retracted and he could tell she was enjoying the attention he was giving her. Her breathing became more labored and ragged. He slid a third finger into her and devoured her pussy like a starving man. She squirmed and moaned; he felt her pussy walls tighten around his fingers. He curled his fingers inside her, sucked her clit, and watched her squirm under his touch. Her pussy was so wet that he got the fingers of his other hand wet, and slid a finger into her anus. She squealed and groaned. He licked, sucked, nipped, and finger-fucked her pussy and anus. She wailed; his fingers worked that special spot inside her he knew would make her cum hard. It was at this moment she realized how much she’d missed a man’s erotic touch. It no longer mattered to her that his man was half her age, what mattered was how amazing he made her feel. She felt her body burn with desire, and her orgasm build.

“Oh fuck! Oh, shit! I-I-I… AAAAHHHHH!”

She screamed. Her orgasm raged through her body and her juices poured out of her pussy. Max drank up her juices greedily and wanted more than anything to fuck this amazing mystery woman.


Max smiled and looked up. “I take it you liked.”

“I want you to fuck me! NOW!”

Max stood up and flipped the mystery woman onto her stomach. Her dress was still bunched up around her hips. He pulled a lubed condom from his pocket that he intended to use with Suzette later, rolled it onto his rock-hard cock, spread her legs and slammed his penis into her pussy.

She cried out, “YES! YES! FUCK ME!”

“Gladly,” growled Max.

Max pounded her pussy like a jackhammer, slamming his cock deep into her pussy. It didn’t take long to realize that the lube on the condom was unnecessary, she was more than wet enough to fuck bareback. She moaned and screamed with every thrust; had the jazz band not been right below them, she would have been heard by the party guests, not that either one cared. His hands grabbed her hips, digging into her flesh, while he fucked her. Occasionally he’d smack her ass and she’d yelp, then moan louder. Soon she was having a second orgasm on his cock.

He leaned over and growled in her ear, “That’s it! Cum on my cock baby!”

Max couldn’t remember when he enjoyed fucking a woman more. He felt her pussy grab is cock and try to milk it for his seed. After she had a third and fourth orgasm, he knew she was his, at least for the time being. He smacked her ass, seeing the redness grow, and heard her yelp more from shock than pain.

“My pussy now!” he growled in her ear.

“Yes! Yours! All yours!”

“Your husband doesn’t know what he’s missing now does he?” he asked thrusting within her pussy on every word.


“He’s not meeting your needs is he?”


“But I am.”


“You like being my cum-slut MILF now don’t you?”


“Do you want me to fuck you again after tonight?”


“Whose pussy is this now?”


“And you’ll let me fuck that sweet mouth again?”


“And you’ll let me fuck that ass?”

“YES!” she screamed, though if she had thought about his words, and not be clouded by passion and desire, she might not have been so quick to agree.

“Are you my sexy MILF?”


“Will you fuck any other man?”


“What about your husband?”

“He’s… got… his… whores!”

“Are you one of his whores?”


“Are you my lover?”


“Do you like being my sexy MILF?”


Max smiled, even though he still didn’t know who this woman was. He enjoyed having this control over her and knew, even if it was just for the moment, it was his moment all the same. He felt his balls retract; he knew he was going to cum again and soon. He rammed his cock into her pussy, pounding her mercilessly while he slid one hand under her abdomen and played with her clit. With one final orgasm and thrust, he filled her pussy and the condom with his cum, and she had one last screaming orgasm.

She lay on his bed panting as he slid his cock out and said, “Thank you angel. I’d love to fuck you again soon.”

She panted and purred, but said nothing. Max carefully removed the used condom, fixed his tuxedo trousers, reset his cummerbund, kissed her cheek, grabbed another lubed condom from the container he stored them in, and quietly left the room. He made a quick stop at the restroom to dispose of his used condom and check his tuxedo before returning to the party. It was one thing to brag to his friends privately about fucking the mystery woman, but it was another to make a public announcement at his parents’ party by returning in a disheveled tuxedo.

The woman lay on his bed for several minutes before she rose and fixed her dress. She looked around the room and realized her panties were missing. She smiled to herself; once her dress was back on correctly, she slipped out of the room, and slid into the bathroom. She checked her hair and make-up, emptied her bladder, and cleaned the cum and lube off that was dripping down her legs. She smiled at herself in the mirror, knowing she had just enjoyed one of the best fucks she’d had in years from the son of one of her friends, and all she could think about was if she would ever see her mystery lover again. She stepped out of the restroom and started to make her way back to the stairs when Edwina Anderson startled her.

“May I help you?”

The woman smiled and said, “I was just using the restroom.”

“No one’s supposed to be up here… is that you Corinne?” she asked, her accent just barely audible.

“Yeah,” she said with a slight blush. “My champagne went straight through me and the downstairs bathroom was occupied. I’m sorry Edwina, I didn’t mean to disrespect your rules, I just needed to go so badly.”

Edwina smiled. “No, it’s fine. You’re practically family anyway. Have you seen Max or Rosaline tonight?”

“I don’t think so, why?”

“Oh, both are missing. Usually it’s Alexander, but he’s talking with your son. I thought maybe Max was hiding in his room but since his door is open I know that’s not the case.”

Corinne looked back at the room she had just exited. Whoever her mystery lover was, he must be a friend of Max’s she thought. “Well, except for you, I haven’t seen anyone up here.”

“Well, shall we join the rest of the party?”

“Sure,” sighed Corinne.

Corinne and Edwina walked down the stairs as Maxwell Anderson Sr. began to come up. “There you are! Oh Corinne, Thornton is looking for you.”

“Really? I highly doubt that,” said Corinne dryly.

“Hey, don’t shoot the messenger,” said Maxwell Sr. with his hands up in a defensive motion.

“Sorry about that Maxwell,” said Corinne. “It’s just been a long day.”

“It’s okay. How about I buy you lovely ladies a drink?”

Edwina giggled, she knew the drinks were already paid for and said, “I for one would love a Martini.”

“Champagne for me,” said Corinne.

Maxwell Sr. escorted the ladies to the bar while Maxwell Jr. wandered over to his boss who seemed to be looking for someone. “Lose someone Mr. Hudson?” he asked.

“Yes? Oh Maxwell my boy, have you by chance seen my wife?”

“Your wife?”

“Yes. She’s wearing a dark colored gown with matching mask, I think.”

“What color is her hair?”


Max gasped, then said, “I did see a blonde in a wine colored gown earlier at the bar.”

“Well, I’m sure she’s around. Thanks.”

Max was shocked to see his boss walk away in the direction opposite of the bar and begin talking to another young woman like Suzette. Christian walked up and asked, “Where did you disappear to?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.”

“I just fucked that MILF’s brains out.”

“BULLSHIT!” cried Christian.

“I’ve got her panties in my pocket.”

“You dog! The blonde from before? Who is she?”

“No fucking clue,” he lied. Max suspected he did know who she was. “But she was nothing short of amazing.”

“Does she know it was you?”

“Nope. We kept our masks on the whole fucking time.”

“Damn Max. Let’s go have a fucking drink to celebrate.”

Christian and Max walked to the bar and ordered a drink. Max noticed his mystery woman had returned and was talking with his parents. Was she Mrs. Hudson? She did have the right hair color and he knew Mrs. Hudson wasn’t very tall, but were there two petite women with blonde hair and dark gowns with matching masks. He watched his mystery lover work the room when Suzette stumbled up to him and said, “I’m bored.”

“You mean you’re drunk,” said Max dryly.

“Yeah, that too. Wanna fuck?”

Max looked at Suzette and thought she looked like quite a slut, but also knew that if he didn’t fuck her soon, someone else would, if they hadn’t already. Then he realized – someone already had. The condition of her dress and mask said it all. “Sure,” he sighed, “let’s do it while our driver takes you home.”

“Oh fuck yeah… I love fucking in the car,” she slurred.

Max rolled his eyes then began to escort her from the party, telling his dad he was taking her home (it was obvious from her drunken demeanor) when his eye caught his mystery woman. She was standing by Mr. Hudson who had his hand possessively on her shoulder, and it was clear, she was his wife. He smiled wickedly now that knew who she was. He stared at her while they waited for the limo when her eyes met his. He glanced around then motioned downward, reached into his pocket and pulled out her panties for only her to see. He saw her eyes widen and her mouth fall open. Max smiled, stuffed her panties back into his pocket, and escorted Suzette out to his dad’s limo.

Max was glad he had grabbed another condom from his room while he fucked Suzette all the way to her house. He wasn’t sure whom she had fucked at the party, but he didn’t care, this was his farewell fuck to her. He didn’t enjoy the sex nearly as much as he had with the mystery woman, no matter how much Suzette allowed him to control the situation, so he pretended Suzette was her. When they arrived at her house, he walked her to her door and told her he’d call her in a few days, knowing he wouldn’t. He returned home to see the guests leaving. He watched his mystery lover leave with his boss, confirming what he knew, that he had fucked his boss’s wife, and she liked it.

For the next couple of weeks, Max thought about his mystery lover, how amazing the sex was with her, and how badly he wanted to fuck her again. He couldn’t remember when a woman had filled his thoughts and dreams like she had, or when he’d longed for someone’s touch more. Mr. Hudson had Max perform his normal duties and he noticed that things for the most part were normal. He ignored Suzette’s calls and it didn’t take long before she got the hint, or she moved on to her next conquest, Max was never really sure, nor did he care. One day he was taking some forms for Mr. Hudson to sign and thinking about the woman from the Mardi Gras party when he literally walked into a petite blonde woman, knocking her to the ground.

“Shit!” he cursed a bit too loud.

Max looked down and saw Mrs. Corinne Hudson lying on the ground, looking up at him with those blue eyes he’d seen before hidden behind a wine and silver mask. “Mrs. Hudson?”

She looked up at him a bit confused, then said, “Max, right? You’re Edwina and Maxwell’s son, aren’t you?”

“Yes ma’am. Here, let me help you up.”

Max extended his hand to her and helped her to her feet. It was then he heard her gasp. “Oh my.”


“I don’t think I’ve ever noticed what exquisite green eyes you have.”

Max smiled and whispered, “I have a mask that matches them.”

“You?” she whispered looking around. “That was you?”

Max smiled and nodded. “I can prove it you know.”


Max reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out her panties from that night, just enough for her to see them. “Give me those!” she hissed.

“Nope,” he said, stuffing the panties back into his jacket pocket. “They’re mine, just like your pussy.”

Corinne gasped. “Are you going to tell my husband?”

“Are you nuts? He’ll fire me. Oh no, my dear Mrs. Hudson, I’m not telling him a thing.”

“Then… what do you want?”

“You, my fair lady. I want you,” he said and ran his finger along the edge of her face.

“But your mom–”

“Has fucked several of my friends, and I really don’t give a shit. My dad’s no saint either. Do you really think I don’t know what they done? And do you think I don’t know about your husband?”

Corinne gasped. “What are you talking about?”

Max shook his head. “Don’t act like you don’t know. Even at the party, you were complaining about his shitty treatment of you. Look, I really enjoyed what we did, and I’d love nothing more than to do it again.”

“What about your girlfriend?”

“Who? Suzette? I haven’t seen her since the party, which is fine with me. She’s just a whore looking for her next sugar daddy.”

Corinne looked confused. “So, you really want to… with me… sober?”

Max smiled wickedly and whispered, “And without the masks. Though, I would love to give you a facial with it on, along with a pearl necklace.”

Corinne’s face flushed red.

They both turned when they heard a door open. Max had long suspected the young female assistant who came stumbling out of Mr. Hudson’s office had just been fucking him. Her dress was disheveled, her lipstick smeared, and her hair was mussed. She took no notice of Max or Corinne as she staggered her way toward the restroom giggling. Max saw the pain flash across Corinne’s face. The shame and humiliation of her husband’s infidelity was now on public display.

Max quickly took a step back and said loudly, “Please Mrs. Hudson, forgive me for being such a klutz. I never meant to knock you down.”

Corinne smiled, winked, and mouthed, “Thank you.” Then said, “It’s okay Max, I wasn’t paying attention either. No harm, no foul.”

Mr. Hudson appeared at the doorway and snapped, “Corinne! What are you doing here?”

“This came to the house by mistake,” she said, holding up the FedEx envelope in her hand. “I believe it’s from New York.”

“Damn it! I told those idiots to send it here. Give it to me. MAXWELL! What the hell am I paying you for?”

“Sorry Mr. Hudson, but legal asked that you sign these. I was on my way to your office when I ran into your lovely wife.”

“Oh, yes,” his tone changed quickly; he wondered how long they had been standing there and who or what they might have seen. “I’ve been expecting those. Well, what are you two waiting for?”

Max motioned for Corinne to move ahead. She handed her husband the envelope. “They had both addresses on it, and it seems FedEx decided to send it to the house.”

“Idiots! I swear they hire fucking idiots there. Anything else Corinne?” Mr. Hudson barked.

Max wanted to tell Mr. Hudson to stop being such a jerk to his wife, but bit his tongue. “No dear,” she whispered.

“Fine,” he growled. “I’m sure you’re late for some committee meeting or something.”

Max saw the hurt in Corinne’s face as she walked away. “Good day Mrs. Hudson, it was really nice seeing you,” said Max politely.

“Good day Max,” she replied with a smile. “It was good seeing you, too. Say hi to your mom for me.”

Corinne walked away and Max handed Mr. Hudson the forms. “Good deal boy. Now, I’m going to be in an important meeting all afternoon and I can’t be disturbed. Do you understand me?”

“Yes sir,” said Max, trying to hide the disdain in his voice.

Mr. Hudson signed the forms, handed them back, and motioned for Max to leave. “You’ll take care of these for me, right?”

“Yes sir, Mr. Hudson.”

As Max returned to his desk, angry with Mr. Hudson and his poor treatment of his wife, when he saw a note on his desk with a phone number written on it, and “Call Me, please.” He dialed the number and listened. After two rings, he heard Corinne Hudson’s voice say, “Ritz Savoy. Friday, after work. I’ll text you the room number.” CLICK.

Max smiled and slipped his phone into his pocket. He took the forms back to legal, and was asked to take them downtown and drop them off. On his way back, he picked up a box of condoms for Friday, just in case. On Friday, Mr. Hudson and the assistant Max and Corinne had seen stumbling from his office left for New York and wouldn’t be back until Monday. Max smiled as they left, knowing he was just hours away from his rendezvous at Ritz Savoy Hotel with Corinne Hudson. At 2:00 pm, he received a text that said, “1254” and nothing else. Even though he didn’t recognize the number, he knew who sent the message.

At 5 o’clock, he left the office, and went to the Ritz Savoy. He rode the elevator to the twelfth floor, and fidgeted nervously. His pockets were filled with condoms, and he was curious if this was going to be a one-time encounter, or the beginning of a long-term affair. Either way, he knew he was going to make the most of this evening. He walked down the hallway, making sure he was alone, until he found room 1254. He knocked and waited. After a moment, the door opened, and Corinne Hudson was standing there wearing a sheer wine colored negligée, trimmed with lace and fur, with matching crotchless panties, thigh high net stockings, high heels, and the mask she wore at the Mardi Gras party.

She smiled and said, “Next time lover, be sure to bring your mask.”

Max smiled big as he stepped into the room and took her into his arms, kissed her forcefully and shut the door behind him. “Yes ma’am.”

He pulled back and looked over her body in the negligée. He could see her nipples push though the material. He slipped his jacket off his shoulders and set it on a nearby chair. He reached up and took her breasts into his hands, rolling her nipples between his fingers. She moaned saying, “You really know how to turn me on, now don’t you.”

“Lady, you don’t know how much you’re turning me on,” he said, pulling her into him so she could feel his erection.

“Don’t call me lady here. I have no intention to be any kind of a lady here with you. Behind these doors, it’s Corinne. The hotels and room numbers may change from time to time, but when you’re here with me, you are to address me as Corinne.”

“Yes Corinne,” he said, smiling wickedly.

“Good. Now, let me take care of this stiffness you’ve seemed to develop.”

She guided him to the bed and pushed him down. Max kicked his shoes off while she made short work of his belt and pushed down his slacks. Max crawled up the bed to allow her to join him. She smiled, grabbed the waistband of his boxers with her teeth, and pulled them off his body. His erection sprang free, standing at full attention. She kissed her way up his legs. Max propped himself up and watched her. She licked his balls, kissing them, and sucking them into her mouth. Max moaned; he enjoyed the feeling and the show. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to play with his foreskin.

“May I share a secret with you.”


“I’ve never had a man like you before.”

“You mean younger or uncircumcised.”

“Both actually,” she said, moving his foreskin over his cock.

She looked into Max’s young face and saw how this simple act was bringing him such pleasure. She kissed the head, slid her mouth over his penis, and pushed the foreskin down with her lips to play with his cock head. Max moaned louder while she took his cock fully into her mouth and just as before, deep throated his cock.

“Oh fuck!” moaned Max.

Corinne smiled and sucked his cock. She tasted the salty pre-cum, felt the veins and foreskin with her lips and tongue. She forgot how much she enjoyed sucking a man’s cock, hearing him moan from the pleasure she was providing. He ran his fingers through her hair, then pulled her up and said, “Please, don’t swallow me, let me cum on that mask.”

“Is that what you want?”

“More than anything at this moment.”

Corinne smiled wickedly. She had seen videos of men ejaculating on a woman’s face before. “What do you need me to do?”

Max grabbed a pillow and said, “Kneel on the floor.”

Corinne climbed off the bed and Max threw the pillow on the floor. She knelt down before him smiling. “Now what?”

Max looked down at her, a bit surprised with that statement. “Have you ever done this before?”


“Even without the mask?”

“Even without the mask.”

“Okay, I need you to suck me a bit more. When I’m ready to cum, I’ll tell you. I’ll pull out, and then I’ll take care of the rest. You might want to close your eyes, just in case.”

She smiled wickedly. “I’m ready when you are.”

Max stepped up, naked from the waist down, and stood before Corinne. He slid his cock back into her mouth and resumed fucking her mouth. It didn’t take long before she heard, “I’m cumming!”

He pulled his cock out and began to jack off. Corinne closed her eyes and kept her mouth open. Max moaned; ropes of hot, sticky cum shot out of his cock and covered her mask, her cheeks, and got into her hair. It looked like her mask had been whitewashed by the time he finished. Corinne licked the cum on her face and smiled.

“Fuck, you look sexy like that.”

Corinne giggled. “Really?”

“Really. Come, let’s clean you up so I can get you naked. Keep your eyes closed.”

Max helped Corinne to her feet and let her to the bathroom, grabbing his phone. He took a quick picture of her face, then removed the mask and wiped her face down. “There, that’s better now.”

She opened her eyes and smiled. “Are you going to show me the picture you took?”

“What picture?”

“Don’t waste my time with a lie.”

Max grinned sheepishly and showed her the picture. “Is that really me?”

“Yeah. I figured you might want to see.”

Corinne bit her lip. “Are you going to show this to your friends?”

“Fuck no! That might mean I’d have to share you.”

She looked him over and smiled. “You’re still half dressed.”

“You’re still dressed period.”

“Let’s clean off my mask before we resume.”


They carefully wiped down the mask, and left it to dry in the bathroom. Then Max scooped Corinne in his arms and carried her to the bed, kissing her the entire way. He set her on the bed and pulled the top of the negligée off.

“Victoria’s Secrets?” he asked.

“Lady Desiree,” she replied.

“Very sexy.”

“Yes, you are.”

Max removed his tie, and Corinne unbuttoned his shirt, throwing it to the floor. Max looked down her body, and Corinne covered her stomach with her arms.

“Hey!” exclaimed Max. “Don’t cover yourself up now.”

“Sorry. I forgot about my ugly stretch marks,” she said, blushing.

“I don’t think they’re ugly. It’s what makes you a perfect MILF. And yes Corinne, you are very much a hot, beautiful, perfect MILF,” said Max, while he brushed her hair out of her face


“Really,” he said. “Now, I think I’ll keep those panties on you for now as well as the stockings and shoes, but I want that ass later.”

A broad smile flashed across Corinne’s face. “Really?”

“What is it?”

“Um, nothing.”

“Corinne, don’t waste my time with lies.”

“I haven’t done anal in a long time.”

“I have lubed condoms, and if you’re really worried, I can get some extra.”

Corinne bit her lip. “Check the drawer.”

Max looked into the drawer and saw a tube of KY Jelly. He smiled wickedly. “For us?”

“For us.”

“I promise to be gentle.”

“I know. Oh, and you won’t need the condoms for my pussy, I had my tubes tied after my daughter was born so pregnancy is no longer an issue for me. Would you like a drink before we continue?”

Max hadn’t noticed the bottle champagne sitting in the ice bucket next to the bed. “No, I want you fully sober this time. How about a drink after I’ve made you scream.”

She smiled wickedly at this thought. Max climbed onto the bed and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He kissed his way down her breasts, licking and nipping her nipples, then down her tummy. He could smell her arousal, the closer he got to her pussy. The wine color of the crotchless panties enhanced the color of her labia. He pushed her legs apart, brushed his nose against her clit and heard her gasp. He kissed her labia and began to lick, nip, and suck. Corinne squirmed and moaned under his touch. He slid his fingers into her pussy, feeling for her g-spot, smiling as she squealed. He reached over and slipped a piece of ice into his hand, and into his mouth. He removed his fingers from her pussy, slid them into her ass, and put the fingers of his other hand into her pussy. Corinne moaned louder and Max knew it wouldn’t take long for her to cum. He moved the ice to his teeth and touched the cube to her clit. She nearly jumped off the bed when she felt the icy-cold sensation on her most sensitive part.

“Well aren’t you a naughty boy!” she exclaimed, after catching her breath.

“Yes I am. And to prove it, I’m going to fuck your pussy and ass until you beg me to stop.”

“Oh no, I’m going to fuck your cock until you can’t get it up any more.”

Thus, the challenge had been laid out. Max smiled. He never backed down from a challenge before. He sucked her clit into his mouth. His lips and tongue were still cold from the ice and she screamed. Her body shook while the orgasm raged through her body, soaking his fingers and his face with her juices. He smiled and thought, ‘game on,’ pulled her to the edge of the bed, slammed his steel rod into her wanting pussy, while setting her heels on his shoulders and folding her in half. He hadn’t enjoyed bareback sex with a woman in a long time, and forgot how much he enjoyed the sensation of feeling her vagina without the barrier of a condom.

After a few thrusts, Corinne set her hands on her lower abdomen, feeling the head of his cock bumping her womb, reminding her of how her children had kicked inside her when she was pregnant. The sensation was beyond description for her. Her breasts bounced with every thrust; her mind raced, and soon she felt her vaginal muscles tighten up, knowing she was close.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” she screamed.

“Me too!” cried Max.

Corinne’s mouth moved, but no sound emanated at first, then she screamed and he roared. He filled her with his second orgasm of the night. He collapsed on her and kissed her softly as he felt the final pulses of his climax. She panted and caught her breath, kissing his face. Max’s spent cock slid out and he smiled.

“What were you going to say?”

“So good. It’s just so fucking good.”

Max rolled off Corinne and grabbed the champagne, pouring them each a glass. She took a sip and said, “Ready for more?”

Max looked down at his spent cock and said, “I need a few minutes.”

“How about dinner then?”

“Now that’s sounds like an excellent idea.”

They ordered a room service dinner on Mr. Hudson’s credit card. Corinne insisted he order what he wanted, and didn’t flinch when he requested steak and lobster. They decided to take a quick shower while they waited for dinner. Corinne had to scrub the cum out of her hair from earlier, and they enjoyed a quick shower session with her pinned against the wall, and Max pounding her pussy. They dried and wore hotel robes when room service arrived. Max chose to hide in the bathroom so no one would know it was him, though Corinne didn’t care.

Dinner was better than they expected, and they shared another bottle of champagne. After they finished, Max looked deep into her eyes and said softly, “I really want your ass.”

Corinne smiled. “I think I’m ready.”

Max stood up and escorted her to the bed, removing her robe and setting her on the bed. He licked her pussy for several minutes. He took the pillows and stacked them so she could rest her body on them and not be forced to bear her weight alone. He rolled a condom onto his cock, and grabbed the tube of lube from the drawer. He squeezed some onto her anus, and pushed it in with his finger.

“Oooh! It’s cold!”

“Cold is better than pain.”


Max repeated this process until he was satisfied she was ready. He pressed the head of his cock against her anus. “Ready?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

Max pushed into her pucker slowly, watching the head of his cock disappear within her. She yelped out briefly, then cried, “Go slow!”

“I will,” he said.

With slow, gentle thrusts, he pushed his cock deeper into her anus. “Yes,” she gasped. “Fuck my ass!”

Max smiled wickedly, slid the rest of his cock into her anus, and she screamed. After a few thrusts, he was fully in her ass. He moved slowly, allowing her time to adjust, but quickly sped up and was soon pounding her. Corinne wailed and fisted the bedding underneath her. Max reached under her hips and began to fondle her clit. Her orgasms soaked his balls and with the second one, Max moaned and filled the condom with his cum. He kissed her back, his cock pulsed within her, until it slid out. He quickly disposed the condom while she set the pillows back onto the bed, and crawled under the sheets. He climbed in next to her, wrapped her in his arms, and they both fell asleep rather quickly.

Saturday morning, they woke entangled in each other’s arms. She felt the ache from her pussy and ass from the incredible sex and years of neglect. Max smiled as he woke with morning wood, and decided he didn’t want to waste it. He started to kiss her softly, then with more passion. Their tongues danced together for several minutes as he caressed her firm breasts. His hand slid down her side and between her legs where he discovered she was moist with arousal. He rubbed her clit gently as they kissed passionately. She reached down, stroked his cock, moving his foreskin and touching the head of his cock with her fingers. He climbed on top of her, slid his cock gently into her pussy and gasped softly. Unlike their earlier sessions, Max wanted to take his time, and make the sensation last as long as he could.

Max and Corinne kissed with each gentle thrust. She wrapped her arms around his back, holding him close to her body, and staring deep into his eyes. She didn’t want to forget for one moment, who was responsible for the amazing feelings she hadn’t experienced in years. Max held her face, brushing her hair out of her face, and kissed her passionately. Corinne wrapped her legs around his and held him close as her orgasm raged though. Max kissed her, forcing her to moan into his mouth, and when he felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on his cock, he lost his own battle and gave into his own climax. He lay on top of her for several minutes kissing while his cock pulsed, then fell out. The challenge from the night before had been forgotten, but neither cared.

After a hot, sex-filled shower for two, they shared a room service breakfast, and talked, planning their next rendezvous. They agreed that meeting when Mr. Hudson was out of town would be best, and since he flew out once or twice a month for business, they would take advantage of his absence. They also discussed the different kinky sex acts they wanted to try with each other, including things they had and had not done before.

Max admitted to the Mardi Gras encounter only to his friends (thanks in part to Christian), claiming he never learned who the woman was, but not the ongoing affair he and Corinne enjoyed. He never shared how they ‘happened’ to go to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras for many years to follow, or that she quickly become his only lover until he met his wife. When their affair finally ran its course, they parted as friends with one agreed annual meeting. Mr. Hudson never knew the young man who took over his company, flew to New Orleans annually for Mardi Gras. Max still carried a pair of lacy thong wine colored panties with him anytime he went into an important meeting; a gentle reminder that he could do anything he set his mind to. Mr. Hudson also never understood why every year, Corinne Hudson insisted on flying down to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras celebration, to meet ‘friends’ and stay a few days longer than necessary.

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