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Daddy’s Puppy

Category: Fetish
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I want Daddy to sit in his chair, with the paper, reading. I want him to look up, and see me on my hands and knees, my tail butt-plug deep in my ass, brushing my thighs. A cute pair of ears on my head, and the collar and tag around my neck… and nothing else on. I settle at your feet, and rest my nose against your thigh.

You reach down absently, and stroke my cheek and ears. You hear me whimper, and you put your paper down, frowning slightly. “What’s wrong, baby?”

I whimper again, and you sigh. “Do you want to play, baby?” I bark softly, which you shush, and tap my nose lightly. “No barking inside.” You stand up, and show me the command to sit. And I obey. Then you give me the down command. Again, I respond. A quick twist of your fingers, and im on my belly. You kneel, and stroke my belly and tits, feeling me squirm under your fingers. You see the wetness around my pussy, the tail hanging down to the floor. You drag your fingers down, lightly stroking my hairless pussy lips, not letting them part, not trying to probe deeper or rub it. “Good little girl! Good little bitch! Are you all wet, baby? Do you want to be mounted by Daddy?” I ruffle softly. “Really, love? Well, let me think about it.” I whine as you stand up and go to the kitchen. I follow, trundling on hands and knees. You put a little water in my dish, and I obediently drink, my tongue darting out to lap. My ass wiggles, and I know you’re watching me. I feel your toe rest against the base of my tail, and you push it in deeper. I start, and growl. You swat my ass, and I desist. “Bad girl! No growling at me! Are you sure you want Daddy to fuck you? I only fuck good little bitches.” I whine again, and move in closer to you. My wet mouth and nose against your ankles, down to your toes. I lick, and suck, begging for your affection. You reach down, and stroke my hair and back. I see your cock hardening in your slacks. I want it! That’s the treat I need!

You stand straight, and I’m forced to follow you to the couch, again. I whimper, and try to crawl into your lap. You let me get my paws on your knees, and I nuzzle your cock. All the while, you stroke and pet. Your fingers wrap around my tail, and I feel you turn and twist it. I moan, a clearly un-canine sound. My teeth find your zipper, and I wrestle it down. Thick cock, almost hard, jabs my eye before it falls on my tongue. You moan, and I lick it. The head pulsing, I struggle to get it into my mouth and down my throat. It slips in, and I gag on you. The tightness of my throat excites you, and I feel the throb. My cheeks are turning pink, but I struggle to hold it down until spots start appearing. I release you, wet and slippery. The drool sliding down my chin before I suck you down, once more. Your fingers find my empty pussy. Wet, hot! Daddy’s fingers always feel good when he pets me down there. “Is my bitch in heat again? What a horny little bitch. So hungry for her Master’s cock. Keep eating it, baby. Daddy needs to feed his puppy bitch before he fucks her.” You feel my teeth slide along your cock, just the way you like. My paws massage your thighs, as you finger my pussy and around my tail. The juices from my pussy are starting to wet my thighs. You grab my mane and pull me back. “Good girl. I think you deserve cock, now. Down, girl!”

I get down from you. You shove my face down to the floor, my tail swinging between my spread legs, brushing my pussy. I whimper and bark, urging you to hurry! But you go slowly, unbuckling your belt, and sliding your pants down. I hear your shirt fall to the ground to my side, and I feel your fingers wrap around my hips. I try to raise my head, but you force it back down. My tail is pushed up to my back, and I feel your cock! Finally! I try to push back, but you tease my pussy, running your cock around my lips and clit, teasing my piercing back and forth. You trail it around my ass hole, stretched around the tail, making me moan and whine.

“Such a good bitch.” You whisper, and I feel your cock inside me! It feels so good, as you fill my pussy. You hold me down, as your fingers travel to my back. I feel your nails dig into flesh, my tail tickling us both. I feel more animal than human, my paws digging into your carpet as you thrust in, pushing at my womb. It feels so good! “My little bitch needed to be mated, didn’t she? She’s in heat, again. Like a good little slut-bitch. So well trained. So ready to be fucked by her Master.” Mating is so yummy! I howl at you, no words coming out of my throat. You lean over me and bite my neck and shoulders, and I cum for you.

My juices flow over your thighs, onto the floor. The plug holding my tail is forced deeper and deeper, bumping against your cock through my flesh. It makes my pussy tighter, wetter for you. All my senses are alive, and I smell you, taste your skin on the air. I try to push back, to give you pleasure back, but you pin me. Your claws dig into my flesh, and I feel pain and pleasure. One digit traces your name on my back, slowly. Such a counter-point to your hard and fast mating! I squirm and gasp, wanting more of you. You force my tail in and out, now. It feels like im cumming over and over! My tummy muscles and thighs are shaking as you keep fucking, loving fingers in my hair, down my back. Your jaws like steel as you bite down on my back.

Finally, as im cumming hard again, you give me your cum, too. You force me open, and hold your cock there, your groan of pleasure punctuated every time you twitch inside me. My cunt milks you, trying to squeeze your cock dry. I feel the dull throb inside myself, as your ragged breath tickles my neck and ear. It feels like forever. It doesn’t last long enough. You collapse over me, pinning me down to the floor.

My tail twitches with the throb of my insides. You reach down and slowly pull it out, and I moan deeply. You watch my ass hole gape wide for a few seconds, before closing back. The fur tickles my back, and you present it to my mouth for cleaning. So tasty! You’ve taught me to enjoy my own ass’s flavor, and I lick and suck it clean. Then, you pull out and get on your knees. I know what you need, and I wrap my lips around your softening cock. I suck you gently, tasting out cum mixed on you. Then I move to your balls and thighs. I clean you perfectly, getting all the juices off your body as you stroke my hair and ears.

Finally, you settle on the carpet with me. I curl into your arms, feeling like a woman again. My joints are fluid, as I press close to your chest, kissing and licking. “I love you, Daddy”. I don’t even realize I said the words. My eyes are closing already.

“I love you too, baby.” You whisper, finally letting tenderness slip into your voice again. You hold me close, our legs tangled together. You smooth the hair back from my face, and pull the ears off, making me a human girl again. I open my eyes again. You kiss my lips, finally, and we’re tangled as lovers and mates. But we’re tired, Daddy. So we close our eyes, and fall into content sleep. The way we’re supposed to.

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