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Man in the Middle

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My first time happened back in 1969. My wife, Cheryl, and I were living in Ndola, in Zambia, where I worked on a copper mine. There was no TV out there, and very little in the way of a social life, aside from the local recreational club, which nearly all the expatriate community belonged to.

We had a fine life out there: lots of sunshine, a good wage, and fresh air and sports to keep us healthy. But somehow that wasn’t quite enough to stave off the boredom. When you live on a mine you don’t get too many options about the route you drive to work, where you shop or the people that you socialize with. Somehow that routine just sucked up our energy like a vacuum and Cheryl and I hardly ever made love; it was just too much effort. It was not that Cheryl wasn’t an attractive woman; I was aware that most of the men on the mine thought me a lucky devil to have Cheryl as my wife.

At five foot ten she stood out amongst the other woman. But then, compared to my six foot four, she didn’t look that tall. He figure was in its prime then; big firm tits, long sun tanned legs and flat tummy. Add to this blonde hair, a pretty face, a sweet personality and a dazzling smile and you had the perfect package. But I didn’t just want a trophy wife; I wished we could get back to the sparkle and magic that we had once shared. When we had first married I couldn’t get enough of her but lately we had settled into a comfortable, but often sexless, marriage.

I had always had a large frame, and had drifted naturally into body building. Although I had no ambition to be a great big hulk, I did like the definition and muscle tone it gave me. I knew without discipline I would soon turn to lard. However, I didn’t want to get too big and trade in my agility on the tennis court for bulked up beef. I would have liked to think that if we had lived in a less closed society that perhaps one or two ladies might have found me pleasant on the eye. However, given the times and the place we lived in it seemed taboo to indulge in even the most innocent flirting with anyone other than your own partner as there probably was too much at stake. Without the support of family and old friends one needed to rub along nicely with ones work colleagues and the quickest way to cause disharmony would be to make a move on someone else’s spouse. So Cheryl and I endured the boredom and our sexless life.

One day we were at the club and noticed a new player on the tennis courts. He was just the smallest man I had seen in a long time. He must have stood no more than five foot five. He had a slender waist, I’d say no more than twenty eight inches, but seemed to have well muscled, and surprisingly hairy legs. He had long hair, down to his collar, and a very delicate bone structure. He had almost feminine features with high cheekbones and long, long eyelashes. What I mean to say is that he was pretty, instead of being handsome. And yet those strong, hairy legs were very masculine. I noticed Cheryl staring at him. In fact, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

‘You fancy him, don’t you?’ I said.

‘Don’t be ridiculous.’ she snapped.

Judging by how red she went, I knew I was right.

‘It’s alright.’ I said.’I don’t mind.’

‘Even if I do fancy him, so what?’ she said.

‘Have him.’ I replied.

Her eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t quite know what to make of my reply.

‘He seems to be alone.’ I said ‘See if you can seduce him.’

‘You’re not joking.’ she said.

‘No, I’m not.’ I replied. ‘Go on, admit it, we’ve been very bored lately. This might just spice things up. I know he doesn’t work here and he doesn’t appear to be with anyone so he might just be available. He might be one of those guys working for the government; I know they use the club sometimes.’

‘But don’t you mind?’ she persisted.

‘Not if I can watch.’ I replied.

She smiled as the truth dawned on her.

With a quick peck on my cheek she went off to talk to the stranger. I had to admit that the idea of watching Cheryl get off with another man got me really hot. And there was something about this dainty, pretty little man that appealed to me too. I tried denying the attraction, telling myself that it was only because he looked like a pretty young woman that I noticed him. But the more I thought about him and Cheryl, the more I realized that I wanted them both, together. Is this what boredom did to you, tip you over into bisexual territory? I can’t say that I had ever really fantasized about fucking a guy but when people talked about gay guys I guess you could say that I was more curious to know who did what to whom than being outraged, which seemed the reaction of most of my peers.

I watched Cheryl flick her hair as she spoke to the little guy and I felt a slight pinprick of jealousy. I knew she was flirting when she did that and I couldn’t remember the last time she had done that with me. My jealousy was short-lived and quickly replaced by lustful thoughts of the little guy taking my, for him, Amazonian sized wife. I found myself wondering what his cock looked like and how big it would; the thought of her moaning and groaning as that cock stroked through her wet pussy was really turning me on like crazy. Cheryl brought Dave over to meet me. I felt a bolt of electricity as I took his small hand in my large paw. He had a strong, deep voice and a pleasant smile. I found him very easy to talk to and we were soon chatting like old friends. As Dave was only passing through I decided we had to act fast. When he went to the toilet I suggested to Cheryl that she invite him back for a meal.

Dave accepted our invitation, and I felt almost beside myself with excitement as we made our way home. I put some meat on the barbecue and opened a nice bottle of wine. We had a very pleasant time in the warm, late afternoon sun on the patio. If he thought this a strange time to have a meal he didn’t say so. I wondered if he knew that he was a lamb that had just strayed into the lion’s den. All of my worry about being straight just vanished; I didn’t care what anyone thought. I wanted this sexy little man to fuck my wife and I wanted to have him too. After we had eaten we went indoors; it was time to act.

Cheryl and I had decided that the best thing to do would be to come right out and ask him to fuck her. He would be leaving in two days time, so we felt we had nothing to lose. We had another glass of wine as Cheryl tried to pluck up the courage. I was getting so anxious that she wouldn’t have the nerve that I almost blurted out the invitation myself. But, as we relaxed she slowly brought the conversation around to things carnal and then she did me proud. I watched his face as Cheryl told Dave that she wanted to fuck him, and that I wanted to watch. He liked the idea for his face simply lit up!

‘I’d be happy to make love to you.’ he said to Cheryl. ‘But are you sure Alan won’t mind?’

‘I don’t mind, just so long as I can watch you two.’ I replied.

‘You can take pictures, for all I care.’ he said.

‘I wish I could, but there’s no way I could get them developed here.’ I pointed out.

At that point Cheryl pulled Dave into her arms and silenced him with a kiss. It was weird to see this small man being held by a larger woman. He kissed her back eagerly and his hands were already snaking their way into her blouse. If he found anything strange about the size disparity between them it certainly didn’t affect his performance. These were not lover’s kisses; they were the manifestation of desperate hunger of strangers attracted to each other. Cheryl matched him in the hunger stakes. She pulled his top out of his shorts and I was surprised to see all the thick fur on his belly. When he briefly broke off the kiss to remove his top I saw more fur swirling around his little pink nipples. I got an even bigger surprise when she lowered his tennis shorts and out popped a cock that easily put mine to shame.

It was slightly darker than his body, and tapered from base to tip, ending in an arrow shaped pink head. The base looked as thick around as a beer bottle. Below his big cock hung two large, brown balls in a smooth, hairless sac. His pubic hair was a thicket of black fur. Somehow, your eyes were just drawn to that primal sight. It just looked so…so sexual and I would challenge any man to look at that tangle of hair and enormous cock and not feel a stirring down below. It had almost nothing to do with being straight, or bi or gay, you just knew that you were in the presence of the perfect penis; the thing that all men secretly longed for. This was a cock that would do any man proud in the locker room. I felt a twinge of jealousy; from the way Cheryl was stroking his cock I knew she found it just as appealing.

Dave removed the rest of Cheryl’s clothes and got down on his knees to kiss her pussy. From the way she moaned I guessed that he was some kind of expert. I had never heard her make such noises before and I tried to reassure myself it was only because she knew that she would never see him again that she could let herself go like this. You should have seen the slutty look on my wife’s face! I don’t think I had ever loved her more than in that moment in time. Dave’s pink butt was up in the air and I could see more dark hair around his little pink bumhole. It looked so delicate and dainty, nestled in all that rude fur, and above those huge balls. I was suddenly overcome with lust and desire for this man. Without thinking about it further I pulled him away from Cheryl’s sweet pussy and lifted him up in to the air, above my head. I had one hand supporting his hairy chest and the other just above his knees. He looked very surprised. And so was I when I lowered his rampant big cock into my mouth. I tasted my first cock and it was just magic!

I will forever recall the taste of his precum as it slid over my tongue and the texture of his warm, spongy cockhead as it filled my mouth. The scent of his crotch sweat, deposited on the tennis court, now filled my nostrils and I was almost delirious with lust. I’d never even seen a picture of a man sucking another man’s cock but somehow, instinctively, I knew what to do and I was rewarded with Dave’s soft sighs. I figured that I must have been doing something right. My own cock throbbed in my shorts, desperate to get in on the action.

‘That’s not fair.’ cried Cheryl, when she got over her surprise.

‘Do you want some?’ I asked, removing my mouth from that warm, beautiful cock.

‘Of course I do.’ she said, with a wink.

‘I held Dave over Cheryl and she sucked his cock too.

‘Man, this is wild.’ said Dave.

I’ll say it was wild. We had turned the little guy into our private sex toy, manipulating his dainty body for our pleasure. I still could hardly believe that here we were, husband and wife, united in the worship of a stranger’s big throbbing cock. My arms were beginning to tire so I carried Dave through to our bedroom and laid him down on the bed and greedily took his cock into my mouth once more. I slobbered, slavishly, over his juicy cock for a few minutes while Cheryl watched me with wide eyes as she played with her pussy. I don’t think she would have ever – not even in a million years – imagined that I would be the kind of man that would go crazy for another man’s cock. And that is exactly what I was: cock crazy and almost overdosing on lust. Then, remembering what I had seen earlier, I came off Dave big cock and started licking his big, smooth balls. They felt so incredibly smooth and soft under my tongue and the taste of them was another new sensation that I knew I was instantly addicted to. Licking further south to the sensitive skin behind his balls I pushed his knees up towards his ears and buried my face in his hairy crack. I snuffled around in the warm, musky crack and dipped my eager tongue into his wrinkled pink. He seemed to melt around my tongue. You should have heard his horny groan! I felt certain that they would be able to hear it right over in Rhodesia! My own cock was as hard as it had ever been. I felt Cheryl rubbing my balls through my shorts; the sensation just added to my delight and it felt as if I was being sexed clean out of my skin.

It was Cheryl’s turn now. She made me return the little guy to a more dignified position before feasting on Dave’s super hard prick. I quickly stripped off and started stroking my super hard dick as I watched my pretty wife work that stranger’s hog. I had never seen her so hungry for cock and to see her pretty mouth closed around his impressive man-tower was the only aphrodisiac any jaded husband would ever need. After ten minutes of blowing him she came off his cock and squatted down on him. In one fluid movement she was totally filled by his big sausage. He bucked up into her and groaned like a stag on the rut. He began to fuck her now, slowly and deeply and she responded to his swordsman skills by cooing softly as she lifted her large bosoms to her mouth and sucked on her erect nipples. Fuck! I had never seen her do that before. Where had that come from? This little guy was drawing out of us something primal and perhaps a little dangerous: we were on a path into the unknown but there was no turning back now.

I watched him stroke her belly and then tease down to her little nub. She groaned out loud and I felt a little left out until he called me to his side. I knelt there as he stroked my thighs, sending shivers of delight through me. Then he cupped a hand around my balls and pulled me to him. His mouth was warm, and expertly skilled. He had obviously done this before, he was just that good. I knelt there, gritting my teeth, trying to hold back. Fortunately he told me to sit on his face and I lost no time getting into position. Although shoving your arse in another man’s face seemed like the strangest thing in the world – I hadn’t ever even kissed Cheryl there – wild horses could not have kept me from his tongue. That first contact was like a zillion volts zapping through me, frazzling every nerve ending in my body. I looked at Cheryl, who was just inches away from me, and she was lost in her own little world, teasing her nipples as Dave stroked that big rod up into her dripping snatch. Little gasp and groans escaped her sexy lips as he worked his magic on her. I debated whether to kiss her but decided that we probably needed to be on our own separate journeys and I was just amazed at how he could make such delicious love to both of us at the same time.

His hands worked my muscular butt cheeks, while every now and then he’d sneak a finger into my loosening hole. It was as if my arsehole had taken on a life of its own and was engaged in its own little love affair with Dave’s fingers and tongue. How could I explain how easily his finger slid into my virginal hole? Not even I had ever done that. All too soon Cheryl started the whining that I knew signalled her orgasm. She thrashed around as she ground her pussy mound into her little jockey. She was like a spring winding ever tighter and her at last she reached the point of no return. When he gasps and groans turned to sobs I knew that she was getting it real good. At last her orgasm subsided and Dave pulled himself free. His cock glistened with Cheryl’s cunt juices. It was just the horniest sight in the world and I knew then that I wanted that cock, wanted it in a way that I could never have imagined that I would want a man’s cock. It seemed that Dave picked up on my desire because he now positioned me on my knees and pushed himself into my virgin hole. I let out an almighty roar at the pain of this invasion. I had no idea that it would hurt so bad!

‘Push back on me.’ he said.

I tried pushing back on him but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

‘Oh fuck, it’s no use. It hurts like buggery.’ I told him.

‘Hold on honey, I’ll get some Vaseline.’ Cheryl told me.

Dave eased his big cock out of me and took the Vaseline from my wife and worked a glob of the slippery stuff up my arsehole. I have to admit it felt pretty damn good. He worked his fingers about inside my hole while telling Cheryl how much my bum turned him on. It was surreal and I almost burst out laughing. Who would ever have guessed that big old macho man me was about to get my arse fucked by the biggest cock I’ve ever seen on a little guy. And now Dave tried again, sliding inch, after turgid inch, of his big cock into my lubed up slut-hole. It still hurt but not as bad as the last time.

He started to fuck me very slowly and gently and the pain eased a little. Cheryl came up and started rubbing my back, trying to make things better for her old man. Could any man have a more considerate wife? I knew then what I wanted and told her to lie down in front of me and when she was in position I lowered my face into her quim. As my tongue worked into her slick valley I could taste where Dave had been; amazingly he had shot his bolt and had not withered. I was really impressed with this little guy; imagine being able to cum twice in a row without losing your hardon and fucking a woman and her husband, to boot. I felt deliciously bohemian as I wondered what our friends and neighbours would make of this. The thought of their outrage only made me hornier; I was so sexed up I genuinely thought my cock might split in two. To relieve the pressure I started pounding my pudding.

It was just amazing: Dave’s big cock in my virgin ass, my own hand on my hard cock, and my tongue munching Cheryl’s cum sodden beaver all combined to deliver the most intense sexual sensation that I had ever had. Sadly, it was more than I could take and I shot my load onto the bed and collapsed into Cheryl. She ran her fingers through my hair as Dave fucked the breath out of me. He was really hitting his stride now and my arsehole had relaxed enough to allow him to take his pleasure as he pleased. He fucked deep and hard, now and then pulling that big wanger all the way out of my battered little hole before slamming in again. My brain was in a spin; listening to his horny grunts filled me with pride. My big, beefy bum was providing the little guy’s huge cock with a very delightful experience judging by the racket he was making. Cheryl was urging him on, telling him to drop a load in my guts and hearing her say those filthy things made me so fucking horny that I got another hard on. I couldn’t believe that I was behaving like I was eighteen again as I pushed my butt in the air and started stroking off again.

‘Oh fuck, you’re so hot!’ Dave moaned as my slick man-sleeve slid over his thrusting prick.

I looked down at Cheryl and she was working herself into knots at the sight of her big husband being so royally screwed. Her fingers of her right hand flicked and rubbed while with the left she was feeding herself her big nipples again. Where once Dave was our little fuck puppet we were now his porno zombies, jerking off in a daze of lust induced dementia. The only thing that mattered to me just then was that he spunk me up.

‘Oh, shoot your jizz in me!’ I growled.

I was close, so damn close but Cheryl beat me to it. Seeing her slither around the bed like a sexed up serpent tripped me over the edge. I could feel my arsehole clamping down on Dave’s cock as I started to spew for the second time. Although my orgasm was not as intense as the first one it was still way off the scale compared to what I usually experienced. Having a cock in my bumhole just seemed to plug me straight into the mains when it came to orgasmic pleasure. Dave was really bashing at my bum now and grunting like a wild boar. At last he reached the point of no return and flooded my guts with his scalding cum and then collapsed and lay panting on my back.

After another drink the three of us returned to bed for more love making. This time it was slow and gentle. We took time to really explore each other. I lay with Dave in one arm and Cheryl in the other. His big cock throbbed against my thigh, while Cheryl’s boobs mashed against my chest. I counted myself the luckiest man in the whole of Central Africa that night. Later I discovered the delights of Dave’s tight arsehole.

Cheryl and I only have to think about Dave to get us feeling all hot and bothered and the only way that we know to relieve that pressure is to have a hot fuck.

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