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Making Amends

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“Are you out of your goddamn mind?” Mark asked, trying not to lose his temper or yell too loud.

“No. I want to meet her.”

Mark stared at Codi, incredulous. His mistress was out of her mind. What woman in her right mind would want to meet the wife of the man she’d been fucking for the last eighteen months?

He looked at the nearly-naked young woman who was reclining on the bed. She was still the most adorable, scrumptious, fuckable little thing he’d seen in – well, EVER. When she’d walked into his drama class two years prior, he could barely keep his eyes off of her. She was sweet, charming, talented, with the barest wisp of a voice. Boys were panting after her, small wonder.

EVERYTHING about Codi screamed “Sex Kitten”. She had hair that was streaked blonde, a bit from sunlight, a bit from a bottle, but it suited her. Sexy, bedroom brown eyes. Round, perfect breasts that were always showcased, be it in a tight sweater, a halter or in a low-cut blouse. She always wore heels, not runners like so many of the other kids. Nor did she wear jeans nowadays, always short skirts or tight, white pants. That was partly his doing. One day, Mark had told her how pretty she looked in her outfit, and from that day on, the jeans vanished. If the pretty young girl ever wore panties, he couldn’t see a panty-line. She wasn’t tall, but she was extremely cuddly.

Despite all of this, she was smart, articulate, possessed of a quick wit. She was daring on stage, accepting challenges. In a short time, Codi became Mark’s favorite student. He also developed a small crush on the pretty eighteen-year old. It soon became apparent to him that crush was mutual.

Inwardly, Mark let out a long sigh. He shouldn’t have, but his marriage to Linn had grown so stale at that time. He loved his wife, Linn was everything Mark had ever wanted in a wife. Smart. Sensual. Classy and intelligent, devoted, good at her job.

Which was precisely the problem. He and Linn had been together for over ten years, there were no more surprises. The sex was – good, but it was predictable. He began fantasizing about Codi, wondering what the sexy, 18-year old teenager might be like in the bedroom.

She had graduated nineteen months prior to the beginning of their affair. Codi came back to visit him, just past her 20th birthday. She didn’t hide her attraction to her older teacher any longer, Codi flirted outrageously. Mark, flattered by her attentions, flirted right back. They went out for coffee. The follwing time, they had dinner. When Mark suggested room service in a fancy hotel, half-kidding, Codi accepted his offer.

He had never considered cheating on Linn. Never. But from the moment Mark took the passionate teen in his arms, the second his lips fused to Codi’s soft, full lips, he was lost. She was tearing the clothes from his body, buttons popping everywhere, red fingernails raking across his hot flesh.

Oh, the sex. Linn was all sensual, seductive, soft. Codi was wild, vivacious, insatiable. Codi sucked cock like it was the best thing in the world. She rode his cock with her tight pussy, those tits he’d fantasized about for months jiggling, he sucked on the strawberry-pink nipples, seeing them turn into hard little pegs.

“Oh Mark, it’s even better than I thought it would be. Fuck me teach, FUCK ME, FUCK the hell out of me!”

Mark complied with that. She rode him, squirming, hips rolling, hunching back and forth and taking all of him. Her hair whipping about, her little whimpers arousing him more than he’d been in years. He kissed the little butterfly tattoo above her pussy, noticed his name in tiny letters underneath it. He looked into her soft brown eyes.

“I’ve had a crush on you for months” she told him. It was entirely true, with his salt & pepper hair, steel-grey eyes, strong voice and commanding personality, Codi didn’t even care he was 25 years her senior. He just turned her on.

Kissing him again, Codi turned over. Mark fucked her doggie-style, his still-hard prick thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow. For hours, they coupled, neither wanted it to end. They ordered room service, ate hamburgers and promised they’d do this again.

“Again” became a twice-weekly thing, then three times, then finally, nearly every day. Linn always worked late at her Photography Studio, leaving him alone much of the time. Mark made sure he was always home in time to greet her. In the daytime, Mark lived for Codi’s cocksucking lips, the little gasps of pleasure she emitted when he fucked her from behind, cleaning each other in the shower afterwards. Mark also knew full well it couldn’t last. It was one of those “too good to be true” arrangements.

Mark tried to feel guilty about it, but couldn’t. Linn remained loving, but there seemed to be a part of her that was gone. It bothered him, like she was slipping away. He turned more to Codi, who was more than happy to give him the vibrant passions he truly needed.

Mark knew he wasn’t being fair to Codi, but she just brushed him off. “I know what I’m getting into, lover!” she’d purr and begin going down on him. His cock would stiffen, within minutes he’d forget about everything and lose himself in her wanton embraces.

Finally, Mark went home to Linn. He told her everything, calmly and truthfully. Then came a revelation that shocked him to the core.

Linn had been having an affair of her own.

That was so unlike her. To think of his Linn with another man made him shake with rage. It was at that moment Mark realized despite everything, he was still deeply in love with Linn.

Mark wanted to know who the other man was, he was ready to kill the bastard, but Linn calmly refused to tell him anything. She hugged her husband tearfully. Mark suggested marriage counselling, to which Linn agreed.

After that, things began to get better. Linn began cutting back at work, Mark tried to break it off with Codi. “I love my wife dearly Codi, this isn’t right!” he implored the pretty blonde.

Try as he might, Codi was in his blood. He cut back on their fling, but he couldn’t give her up, not entirely. One day, she agreed to cut him loose if they could spend one last day of passion together. He agreed and it had been magic, until she had dropped this bombshell on him.

“Okay, why the hell do you want to meet her?”

“I dunno. Curiosity? I want to see the woman I am losing you to. Remorse, I certainly should give her some kind of apology. Whatever, I think I owe it to her – and to myself – to meet her and try and sort things out, to make amends of a sort.”

Mark sighed, he knew better than to argue with the pretty teen when she’d made up her mind. “Okay, I’ll set it up. When?”

“Day after tomorrow, that’ll give me time to get ready. In the meantime, who says this afternoon is over?”

Codi moved her blonde head towards Mark’s growing cock.

Codi, despite the self-assured front she had put on in front of Mark, was nervous and terribly upset. She had promised herself not to fall in love with him, it was just a fling, but she’d failed miserably in that attempt. Mark was all she had ever wanted. She was terrified of meeting Linn, she didn’t have a clue what she would say to the woman. Still, Codi steeled herself and rang the doorbell. She adjusted the pink sweater and short, white skirt she’d worn and smiled as Mark opened the door.

He had this grim look on his face, so Codi impulsively kissed him on the nose. “Smile hon, it’s not going to be that bad. She and I will likely talk and it will all be over.” A small look of sadness crossed her pretty features.

Mark felt rotten. He had hurt this sweet creature, who he adored. His marriage was extremely important to him, but so was his adorable Codi. Why this was so awkward, why things couldn’t have been different? Every bit of this situation drove him insane.

When Mark’s wife descended the staircase, Codi let out an audible gasp. She saw the most stunning woman she had ever seen in her life.

Linn’s auburn hair was up, her makeup tastefully done. She was dressed in a black satin sheath that hugged her like a second skin. Diamond teardrop earrings hung from her lobes. Her face was beautiful, exquisite, like a painting. Her skin was tanned, but her eyes had a slight Asian look to them. Mark had told Codi one time that his wife was half-black, half-Filipino, it made for a remarkable combination. Codi was nearly breathless as Linn approached her and held out her hand.

“Hello Codi, I’m Linn, Mark’s wife.” There didn’t seem to be any animosity in her tone, so Codi took her hand. Linn gripped hers gently. “Would you like a drink? Mark, be a dear and bring us some Chablis.”

Meekly, which was somewhat uncharacteristic of her, Codi followed the stunning woman into the living room. Invitingly, Linn patted the divan and asked Codi to sit beside her. Codi felt mildly uncomfortable in the presence of her lover’s wife, Linn’s eerie calmness about everything unnerved her a bit.

Mark returned with their drinks and went to sit down across from the two women. Linn frowned and Codi sensed something was coming. Her butterflies grew larger, then Linn spoke to her husband.

“Mark – I think we two women have a lot to talk about. Why don’t you go to the bar down the road and have a few drinks? I think the two of us should speak privately.”

Mark went to say something, but there was a look in Linn’s eyes that seemed to tell him to remain silent. He got up, put on his coat and left. Codi felt the tension mounting.

Codi turned to Linn and said “I think I –” but Linn put up her hand and motioned for her to stop.

“It’s all right, Codi dear. You don’t need to apologize. I’m not mad – not about any of it.”

“You’re not?”

Linn shook her head, her eyes still dancing. “No. I love my husband, I can see why you’re attracted to him.” Linn could certainly see why Mark adored Codi, she was so exquisitely sexy and cuddly.

“As a matter of fact, I told Mark that he didn’t have to stop seeing you.”

Codi was stupefied at that comment, why was Linn being so kind?

Linn went on, trying to alleviate Codi’s nervousness. “I met Mark when we were in High School, we were very young when we got married. I loved him then and do now, but something was lacking. I assume Mark told you I also had an affair?”

Codi nodded, just listening to Linn was allaying her fears. “He told me that you wouldn’t tell him who the man was, either.”

Linn smiled, it lit up her whole face. Every time she looked at Codi, Codi’s heart raced a little bit. How could Mark EVER have cheated on her? Linn was strikingly beautiful.

“Who said I was having an affair with a man?” Linn said, almost demurely.

That little revelation hit Codi like a lightning bolt. This stunning, exquisite, beautiful creature was gay? Codi was about to speak, but again, Linn continued on with her story.

“I assume you know that I am a photographer by profession?”

Codi nodded, so Linn continued.

“In the last few years, I haven’t been getting as much work as I used to. Now Codi dear, you mustn’t tell Mark about what I’m about to tell you. Promise?”

Wordlessly, Codi agreed and Linn took her hand in appreciation. Once again, the petite blonde felt her pulse race. Linn had the softest, smoothest skin she’d ever felt!

“A little over a year ago, to help supplement our income, I started doing boudoir photography. I charge considerably more for it, and it’s been very lucrative. Unfortunately, it has kept me working later in the evenings, which in turn, kept me away from Mark.”

Codi put her hand to her mouth. “So that’s why you haven’t been coming home to Mark, which is how it began with the two of us.” She felt a bit guilty about all of this now.

Linn smiled at Codi, showing off a row of dazzling, perfect white teeth. “Yes. Well, partly.”

Linn continued her story. “A while back, I booked an appointment for a client. Her name is Aliyah. She sounded nice on the phone, a soft, throaty voice and a pleasant personality. Aliyah told me she wanted some nice, erotic pictures of herself as a gift to her lover. I told her I would be more than happy to help her out.”

Linn’s eyes misted over as she told the rest of the story ….

Aliyah showed up promptly at Seven, as she had promised. She rang the buzzer to Linn’s studio and was buzzed up.

When Linn saw Aliyah for the first time, she had her breath taken away.

Aliyah was — imposing, spectacular, sensual, voluptuous — the kind of woman that commanded attention. Linn felt herself irresistibly drawn to the gorgeous creature now occupying her studio.

Aliyah was tall, with a magnificent presence. She was full-breasted, with long, jet black hair and large, natural breasts. Her blouse was low-cut, her skirt hugged her hips and ass. This was a woman who was quite comfortable in her own skin, Linn knew instantly.

Linn talked to Aliyah for a few minutes, trying to make her feel comfortable about posing, as she did with many of her clients.

“Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m very comfortable being naked, I’ve been photographed before!” Aliyah said as she reached out and squeezed Linn’s hand. Linn could barely catch her breath. This magnificent creature was arousing her!

“Shall we start?” Aliyah asked, her voice a husky purr. Linn nodded and got Aliyah into place. She set up the lighting, Aliyah looked seductive, hot, as Linn backlit her beautiful frame. She began snapping picture after picture, Aliyah looked more beautiful in every one.

For the next set, Linn had Aliyah remove her skirt. She snapped a roll of film of the leggy brunette in stockings, heels and the scarlet top she had worn. Linn felt a bit hot, but she normally kept the studio cool, because of the overhead lights.

The top followed and Linn couldn’t help but let out a gasp. Underneath it, the sensual young woman wore a deep scarlet bustier, that came up under her breasts. And what breasts they were. Full, round, natural, with huge pink nipples. Linn smiled as Aliyah removed the thong she wore, which covered a totally shaved, pouty-lipped pussy. It was taking all of Linn’s composure to concentrate on her work as she snapped picture after picture of the stunning woman.

Aliyah went to change and came out in a silvery bustier, with black stockings and stiletto heels. No one on earth could have resisted her, Linn knew as she continued to photograph the woman. She simply exuded sex from every pore.

Finally, Linn was done. She showed Aliyah a few proofs, the woman seemed extremely pleased with the results. She was close, so close, Linn could see how stunning her blue eyes were, how sweet her perfume smelled.

“Are you all right?” Aliyah asked out of genuine concern. “You seem a bit flustered.”

“I-I’m fine” Linn stammered.

Aliyah smiled at the sensual photographer. “Am I having this effect on you?”

Linn nodded, struck mute for a few seconds. “Y-yes. You’re so exquisitely beautiful, I can’t help myself, I — ”

Aliyah silenced the exotic black woman with a full kiss on the lips. Linn felt herself drawn into the kiss, it seemed right, yet so forbidden. She returned it and the two embraced for a few minutes, then drew apart.

“I’m very flattered that someone so beautiful thinks that I’m attractive.”

“Y-you think I’m beautiful?”

“Oh dear, don’t play the false modesty card with me. You know you’re beautiful, you’re a photographer. Have you ever photographed yourself?”

Shyly, Linn admitted that she had.


Again, Linn nodded.

“Let’s see them.” It was not a request.

Linn went to get the nudes, then joined the sensual brunette on the divan she’d photographed Aliyah reclining on. She showed Aliyah all of the nudes, the woman was the first to have seen them. Not even Mark had viewed them. Aliyah oohed and aahhed over every photo.

“See, silly girl?” Aliyah said, with a deep smile. “You’re beautiful. Anyone in their right mind would find you desirable. I certainly do.”

Aliyah’s second kiss was certainly more passionate than her first. Her tongue slid along Linn’s soft, full lips and demanded surrender. Linn felt herself drawn into a lesbian embrace ….

“You had sex with her?” Codi asked, as Linn related her story.

Linn’s eyes still had that far-away look. “Oh, yesss …. ” she sighed. “I know that I’ll never forget it …”

Aliyah was in full control of the situation. She got closer to Linn, the two continued their embrace on the divan. Aliyah reached out and cupped one of Linn’s silk-clad breasts, rubbing it through her blouse. She could feel Linn’s nipples hardening.

“You’re very responsive. Have you ever been with a woman?”

Linn nodded, shyly. “Once. In college. Even my husband doesn’t know about that. It was my only affair, we were married by that time. You?”

Aliyah smiled. “Almost constantly. My current lover is a woman. Her name is Sugar. It suits her, believe me.” Aliyah giggled a little at that, which seemed slightly out of character for her.

Linn felt a small pang of jealousy, but Aliyah would have none of that. Sensing the way the stunning photographer felt, she began kissing her neck, behind her ears, running her fingers through Linn’s dark hair. It was up for the moment, but Aliyah unpinned it and let it roll down in dark waves, curling loosely around Linn’s exotic face. She thought Linn was exquisite, with unrealized potential.

“Strip for me, beautiful” she told Linn, who felt herself flush. She was eager to do so, however, and begin wriggling out of the tight, black leather slacks she wore. Her blouse followed, she now only wore her heels. “Keep them on!” Aliyah told her. She crooked her finger at Linn, who rejoined her on the divan.

Aliyah kissed Linn again, who was now more ardently returning her kisses. Linn found herself fully succumbing to the lesbian seduction, she was curious to see where it would go next.

Gently, Aliyah pushed Linn back prone on the divan. She was surprised to see Linn wore no panties. “Slut” she giggled again, Linn joining her this time.

She ran her hands up and down Linn’s dark thighs, feeling the goosebumps she was raising on Linn’s soft skin. Aliyah had never felt skin this soft, she could have stroked the other girl forever, but she wanted to bring pleasure to the sexy photog. She moved in close to the desired object, Linn’s dark, velvety pussy.

It beckoned to Aliyah, “Come, Kiss Me, Eat Me”, and Aliyah began to do just that. She placed her full, soft lips squarely on the beautiful pussy and began to lick. She was slow at first, but the little whimpers she could hear Linn making encouraged her to pick up the pace. Soon, Aliyah was feasting on the most delectable snatch she had ever tasted.

Linn’s entire body arched upwards, eager for more licking. This was the most decadent, incredible feeling she’d ever known. Mark was a very giving lover, but Aliyah was both giving AND taking at the same time. She knew she was soaked, but Aliyah was taking it all and demanding more. She felt Aliyah’s slender digits sluicing in and out of her pussy, while her thumb strummed Linn’s clit.

“Like it, my little bitch? Like the way I’m treating your cunt?”

Usually, Linn didn’t like lewd words during sex, but coming from Aliyah, it seemed both natural and right. She threw all caution to the wind.

“Oh yes, you slut. Fingerfuck me Aliyah. Fuck my horny cunt. Oh, fucking Christ, I love the way you’re fucking my cunt!”

Linn’s loss on inhibition spurred Aliyah on. She swung her body around, moving on top of Linn’s seductive face. “I’m going to ride your face, you fucky bitch, and you’re going to eat my cunt! Understand?”

Linn nodded in assent. At this moment, she wanted nothing more than to please her new lover. She grabbed Aliyah’s broad hips and pulled the woman down on her face, plunging her tongue into the depths of Aliyah’s pussy. The beautiful brunette was highly responsive and her juice began to coat Linn’s licking tongue almost instantaneously. Linn found her new lover sweet, with a heady flavor. She wanted more and began feasting on Aliyah with all her passion.

Aliyah was far from idle herself. She continued to lick and dab at the tight pussy underneath her, fucking it with her fingers. She could feel every throb, every pulse, of Linn’s aroused puss. Linn was a true lez at heart, Aliyah knew. She loved the sensation of a woman in her arms, feasting on her cunt.

Aliyah had never herself been with a woman who MOVED like this during sex. She rubbed and squirmed all over Aliyah’s body, it was as if she put her entire body into the caresses. There was an unbridled sensuality to Linn that the voluptuous brunette found highly appealing, she wanted more.

Linn’s mind was awash in newfound sensations. She’d enjoyed her little lesbian tryst in college – ending it only out of guilt over Mark – but it was nothing compared to the wild feelings she felt while being manipulated by Aliyah. As the digits plunged deeper and deeper into her cunt, her own tongue swabbed over Aliyah’s pussy, she didn’t want this to end, ever!

Aliyah moved away from her, Linn let out a disappointed little whimper. Aliyah leaned over and kissed her on her cum-stained lips. “Hang on baby, the best part is cumming!”

She went to her purse and pulled out a large, fleshy dildo, which she strapped on to her magnificent body. She came back and showed it to Linn, who was momentarily shocked.

But only momentarily. Lewdly, the pretty photographer lay back on the divan and spread her legs wide open, in invitation. “C’mere and fuck me, baby!” she leered at Aliyah.

Aliyah was beyond words at how nicely Linn had taken to this kind of games. She got in between Linn’s legs and rammed the monstrous dildo into the woman’s cunt.

“Oh Christ, yeah, fuck, that’s good, fuck me, fuckmefuck, oh God, FUCK ME ‘TIL I DIE!” Linn howled as the monstrous rubber cock penetrated her. She almost couldn’t believe her own words, but this was good, too good to stop.

Encouraged even more by Linn’s responsiveness, Aliyah did exactly that. She drilled the pretty lady with all the skill of a practiced lesbian and felt her own climax approaching. The woman underneath her was near orgasm herself, once Linn came, Aliyah knew that would send her over the edge.

That was mere minutes away. “Oh God, YESSSSSS!!!” Linn screeched, as her orgasm took control of her body. The look on Linn’s beautiful face did, in fact, send Aliyah over the edge. She hunched against Linn, the pair of them having a few more mini-climaxes until they collapsed in exhaustion.

Codi sat there, wide-eyed at Linn’s confession. “And you’re still seeing her?”

Linn nodded, placing her hand on the girl’s bare knee. “Mmm-hmm. At least once a week. I’ve even been in a threeway with her and her other lover, Sugar.”

It was a lot for Codi to take in. This stunning woman didn’t look like a lesbian. Of course, that was silly. What did a lesbian look like, anyway? Some of her girlfriends were bi – or even Lez, Codi suspected – and they were pretty.

“What about Mark?”

Linn let out a gentle sigh. “Codi dear, I love my husband. He’s a wonderful man, we enjoy each other. He’s kind and gentle in bed, but he doesn’t fulfill all my needs. I prefer women, I know that now. And Mark just isn’t kinky, for another thing.”

Codi grinned. If Linn only knew.

“That’s why I didn’t object to his little fling. I don’t want you to stop seeing him. Do you love him?”

Codi’s eyes grew moist. “Yes. But I think he loves you more.”

Linn took the girl’s hand. “Well, I might have a solution. Will you hear me out?”

Codi nodded and then it happened. Linn leaned forward, cupped the girl’s sweet young face in her hand and kissed her, full on the mouth. It startled Codi, but only for the briefest of moments. “Wha —?” she managed to spout out.

Linn flashed that dazzling smile again, Codi felt nearly intoxicated. “For only the second time in my life, I find myself truly wanting to be with a woman. That woman is you, Codi dear. Would you be willing to let me make love to you, to show you the delights of another woman?”

Codi said “But, Mark — ”

” — won’t be home for a while, if I know my husband. Please Codi, I want to be with you, to prove to you how wonderful my kind of love can be. May I?”

“Yes” Codi replied with a tremor in her voice.

Linn took the sweet, blonde young woman by the hand and led her upstairs to the Master bedroom. Like Linn herself, the room was sensual, a prelude to pleasure. Codi was standing there, on jelly legs, unsure of what to do next.

Linn broke the tension. “Please darling, don’t be nervous. Relax. I won’t do anything to you that you won’t want or enjoy. Would you like to undress?”

Codi shook her head, nervously. Linn smiled.

“Would you like for ME to undress YOU?” Codi nodded at that.

That pleased Linn. She’d been wanting to see this pretty girl naked since she walked in the door. What her husband saw in Codi was evident, now it was her turn to behold all of the girl’s charms. She patted the bed and beckoned for Codi to come and sit beside her.

Linn reached out and planted a gentle kiss on Codi’s cheek. She began to unbutton the pretty blonde’s pink sweater, delighted with what she found underneath. “Delectable” was the perfect word for Codi, she wore a lacy, sheer pink bra. Her dark, sexy nipples were already poking through, Linn brushed her hand gently across the girl’s breasts. Hearing a light gasp coming from Codi, she proceeded with undressing the sexy teen.

Linn said “Lift your tushie darling” and Codi complied, allowing Linn to remove her tiny white skirt. Linn had been correct in her assessment, the girl wore a pink thong that matched the bra.

“You’re so very adorable” Linn said, kissing Codi’s left nipple through the bra.

“I”M adorable?” Codi said, blushing slightly. “Linn, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Linn smiled. “Okay, so we’re both beautiful. That ought to make this evening even more magical.”

Summoning up some of the boldness that had endeared her to Mark, Codi smiled “Okay, if I’m naked, shouldn’t you be naked too?”

Linn nodded and stood up from the bed. She took the straps from the satin sheeth and lowered them, then did a little shimmy and the sheath dropped to the floor. She stood before the girl in expensive, lacy lingerie. It complimented everything about Linn, her skin tone, sleek legs and exotic looks. A cream in color, it added to Linn’s appeal in every way.

“Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.” Codi murmured.

Linn returned and sat beside her on the bed. She took Codi’s hands in her own and squeezed them gently. “Let me show you what a wonderful time two women can have, won’t you? Do you trust me?”

Codi leaned in to Linn’s face and kissed her, brushing her own full lips against those of the other woman. She pulled away from Linn and said “I think that should answer your question, darling.”

Still in the pink thong and bra, Codi moved upwards on the bed. She’d kept on her heels, she always thought it was sexy wearing her shoes when she fucked. Judging from Linn’s gentle caresses of her feet and thighs, Linn seemed to think along those same lines. Codi had pretty feet, her legs were nicely shaped and heels always accentuated that look.

Linn removed Codi’s bra, letting her natural, round tits spill free. “Yummy!” Linn said, kissing each one, fondling them, weighing them in her hands. Only Aliyah had aroused her this much, there was something so-very sexy about Codi. She seemed to invite playfulness, so Linn kissed down the girl’s flat tummy, towards her thong-covered pussy. She could see Codi shiver with delight at ever kiss and lick. She swirled her tongue around Codi’s pierced navel, thinking that too, was extremely sexy. It was then she saw Codi’s little butterfly tattoo, she realized how much Codi adored her husband. It gave Linn hope that her plan for them all was going to succeed.

Codi had never felt like this, she was certain her pussy was soaked, she was so turned on. Her mind wasn’t even on Mark, it was on his sensual wife, paying dutiful homage to her horny cunt. She felt Linn’s fingers pull her panties aside and when Linn’s tongue dabbed at her pussy, Codi went mad with pleasure.

Mark ate pussy well, but Linn was an artiste. She flattened her tongue against Codi’s needy pussy, she nuzzled the clit until it throbbed with want. Every inch of Codi’s nether regions were hot with desire.

Linn had learned her lessons in the lesbian arts well, now she passing them on to Codi. She stabbed at the girl’s sweet pussy, loving it with the same ardor she gave Aliyah. Scrumptious, that was the word for the young girl.

Codi was trying hard to stay still, but it was a losing battle. Linn’s licking was good, oh-so-good and she writhed under the beauty’s erotic attack. Her body hunched and arched and ached for more of Linn’s unique lovemaking.

Codi was panting now, chest heaving, breath coming in short spurts. She had never imagined another woman could make her feel this good, but Linn was putting her all into Codi’s pleasure. All of a sudden, Codi felt selfish.

“Linn? Please honey, stop.”

Linn moved up from between Codi’s smooth thighs. “Why baby, aren’t you enjoying yourself?” she said, a disappointed look crossing her beautiful features.

“Oh goodness no, I haven’t felt like that – ever!” Codi beamed. “I’d just like to give you some pleasure too, if you’ll let me.”

Linn was ecstatic at hearing this. “Would you like me to show you?”

Meekly, Codi said “Yes, please.”

Linn instructed the young woman to change places with her. Linn removed her lingerie, then she reclined at the head of the bed and spread her long legs wide apart. “Just kiss my pussy baby, like it was a mouth. Lick it with your tongue, be gentle, you can’t do anything I won’t like.”

Codi was eager to please her newest lover. The young blonde hesitated, but only for the briefest of seconds. She tentatively reached out with her tongue and licked Linn’s pussy a few times. It was almost sweet to the taste. Codi stuck out her tongue again, it was almost like an electric shock. Now Codi went about her task with gusto, she began eating Linn’s cunt in earnest. Once Codi gave into her lesbian urges, she knew she’d never be able to go without a woman lover in her life – she hoped with all her heart that Linn would be one of them.

Linn looked down at the pretty blonde head between her thighs, with the greatest of affection. The girl was such a sweetheart and so eager to please. She seemed to be growing in skill with every swab of her seeking tongue across Linn’s pussy.

Linn let out a yelp of sheer joy, which made Codi ecstatically happy. She moved out from between Linn’s thighs, face shining with Linn’s spendings. “What next, coach?” she asked, grinning.

“I assume you know what sixty-nine is?” Codi nodded. “Good, baby. Why don’t you and I pleasure each other at the same time, I’m eager to taste you again.”

Despite their height difference, a sixty-nine was easily accomplished between the two new lovers. Having Linn respond to her while she shook under Linn’s caresses was even better. Linn was perhaps the most sensual lover she’d ever been with.

What had it been that Linn had said, though? She wanted Mark to be more kinky? A divine inspiration came over Codi. She moved from between Linn’s silky thighs and spoke.

“Linn? Do you have any sex toys?”

“A few baby, why? Do you want me to use them on you?”

“No darling, I want to use them on YOU.”

Linn smiled, this was going even better than she could have dreamed. She scampered off the bed, Codi watched her skin glistening under the light. She was so flattered the beautiful woman had chosen her as a lover, there was no way she was anywhere near Linn’s state of elegance and beauty, yet with Linn, she felt sexy and highly desirable.

Linn came back into the bedroom, a few toys in hand. Codi saw exactly what she’d been hoping for, right away. She took a shiny, silver vibe from Linn’s hands and turned it on. A light humming filled the room as Linn got back on the bed.

Codi decided now it was time to up the kink factor. “Okay bitch, are you ready to get your hot cunt fucked, but good?” she snarled.

This new side of Codi excited Linn tremendously. “Yes, you little slut, fuck me with that toy. Eat my cunt and fuck me with that vibe, make me cum, you little fuckslut!”

Codi ran the buzzing vibe all over Linn’s dark skin and nipples before she inserted it into Linn’s steaming pussy. Linn let out a lusty howl as the vibe and Codi’s probing fingers aroused her senses.

“Like that, don’t you, you magnificent bitch?” Codi hissed, seeing how her lewd talk was arousing Linn. “Like having that horny cunt of yours fucked with this sexy toy, right baby?”

“Goddammit, YESS!!” Linn screeched, as a climax overtook her. Codi felt incredibly happy that she’d made her lover cum, her first time with another woman. Linn was still twitching and moving as Codi took one of her dark nipples in her mouth and suckled it gently.

“H-how did you know?” Linn asked. “How did you know that’s the kind of loving I crave?”

Codi cupped one beautiful breast and nipped the nipple, gently. “You clued me in. Your signals were so obvious to a little kinkmeister like me.” Codi let out a small giggle.

Linn ran her hands over Codi’s soft skin. It was the shade of buttermilk and so soft to the touch. “Kinkmeister, huh?” Codi giggled again and nodded.

“Okay, Miss Kinky, so what do you crave?” Linn asked with a great deal of curiosity.

“W-ellll — ” Codi said, with a degree of hesitation ” — don’t get me wrong, your husband is a very kinky, wild, inventive lover —”

Linn blinked at that. “MY husband?”

Codi nodded. “You two need to talk more. Yes, Mark is amazing, but he can be a little too wild at times. I’ve always wanted our sex to be slow, sensual, seductive at times. A girl likes a bit of romance.”

Linn was amazed at Codi’s words, but she took them in stride. “Slow and sensual, huh sweets? THAT I can provide.”

Linn cuddled Codi in her arms and kissed the girl, slowly. She let her lips and hands do all the work. She played Codi’s body like a fine instrument, letting Codi’s soft little sighs and purrs of pleasure let her know if she was doing things right.

Codi just lay there and luxuriated in Linn’s soft touches. She felt herself getting more aroused minute-by-minute, her nipples got stiff again and her pussy was soaked. Linn’s fingertips and fingernails just brushed across Codi’s body, but she couldn’t resist the impulse to squeal in delight. That little signal let Linn know she was doing just what was necessary to arouse her new playmate.

Linn kissed down Codi’s body, her touch feather-soft. She stroked everywhere on Codi’s cuddly form, wanting to torture the girl in a most exquisite style. She could see the small sheen of perspiration on Codi’s body, in the dim lighting of the room, it was quite alluring.

“Oooh, that’s it, yes Linn darling, that’s what I’ve been wanting!” Codi cooed. She wanted to touch Linn in the way she was being touched, but she knew Linn was intent on bringing pleasure to HER, so Codi relaxed and just let herself be swept away in the sensations. Linn was kissing up and down her thighs now, little electric tingles ran throughout Codi’s body. This time, Linn kissed her pussy slowly, she took time to adore the tasty pink morsel. She slowly licked, she nibbled a bit, she paid dutiful homage to Codi’s sweet, young pussy. She was rewarded with flowing, sweet juices from the font of Codi’s adorable pussy, she didn’t want the girl to ever stop cumming.

Codi didn’t think she’d ever stop her intense climax. She arched her body upwards, eager for more of Linn’s licking tongue. Wave upon wave of pleasure flowed throughout her being, she was nearly incoherent, babbling as her sensual partner brought her to new heights of bliss.

Linn wasn’t going to let up, not just yet. She wanted Codi to have an orgasm she’s remember for the rest of her days. She ovalled her tongue and slid it deep within the recesses of Codi’s dripping pussy. That was it. That gesture sent Codi over the edge, she screamed louder than ever before and came, thrashing and moaning. Linn felt herself having a little mini-cum, pleased she’d satisfied this sweet young thing she now adored.

Panting, eyes not quite focused, Codi looked over to see Linn smiling at her. She reached over, drew Linn’s beautiful face to her own, and Codi kissed her. Hard, with passion, loving this beautiful woman who had brought her such intense joy and pleasure.

“Is it my turn now?” she asked Linn, eagerly.

Linn looked over at the clock radio on the nightstand. She sighed. “I’m afraid not baby, Mark will be home soon.” She saw Codi’s face break into a pout, even that was adorable. “Oh, don’t worry baby, we’ll do this again, if you want to.”

Codi looked at her in mock shock. “IF I want to —?”

Linn laughed and hugged Codi tight. “Well, I have a plan, but baby, we’ll have to talk and get dressed quickly. The plan is —”

Mark returned home and found his wife and his mistress exactly where he’d left them, having wine and chatting. He was somewhat puzzled by this, there didn’t seem to be any anger or animosity. If anything, they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. He hung up his coat and went over to Linn, kissing her and indicating Codi.

“So, have you two talked everything through?” Mark asked.

Linn nodded, as did Codi. “We did. Mark, how could you even THINK of not seeing this lovely creature again? I won’t hear of it!”

Mark blinked, not sure he was hearing his wife correctly. “Say that again?”

Linn took her husband’s hand, then Codi’s. “Mark, Codi and I have come to – an understanding. You will continue to see Codi, on Mondays and Wednesdays.”

Mark wasn’t sure what to make of this, so Linn continued on.

“I will see her on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

Mark’s face registered his shock, but he tried to put on a stoic face. “What about Fridays?”

Codi giggled. “Well darling, I am still a student. I have to study SOMETIME.”

Linn laughed, then Mark asked his next question.

“What about Saturday?”

Linn and Codi both smiled, taking his hand. “I think the bed upstairs is big enough to hold three, don’t you?” Mark nodded, still not believing any of this.

Codi smiled. “And on Sundays, I rest.”

Linn thought to herself “I don’t know about that, Codi dear. I think Aliyah and you would look wonderful in a sixty-nine.”

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